SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Regulator - full transcript

The regulator (a traider) kidnaps Darwin after a visit to sea quest, the regulator wants to find the centre of the universe and tries to use Darwin to find it

It must be
100 degrees in here.


- Who designed this?
- I did, Commander.

- This was going to be the sauna.
- Yes, sir.

It's toast.

I used the last stock
on B-Deck two weeks ago.

We've been back ordered
on thermal chips for months.

- It costs 50 cents and it's not in stock?
- Yeah, that's the bottom line, sir.

How many crew members
bunk in this deck?

- Thirty.
- Shut it down.

They'll have to double bunk.

Please wait for full stop. A-Deck.
Thank you for riding Mag-Lev.

Whoa, hold it!

Ten hut.

You were military trained,
and you're gonna behave that way.

- I want a column of two's. Paktan.
- Sir.

- Hernandez, up front.
- Yes, sir!

Forward, hut.

Andriadous, Grayson

you're in with O'Neill.

Hey, 9W5,
make yourself at home.

Loeb, Crenshaw, step up.

Chief, my quarters are exempt
from the bunk crisis.

As supply officer, I'm responsible
for the provisions in here.

Perhaps you've got
a thermal chip in there?

Back ordered for months.
That's a gaffe at UEO.

- Loeb, Crenshaw.
- I'm responsible for these supplies.

Are you suggesting
Loeb and Crenshaw can't be trusted?

I'm saying that my quarters are
part of the supply system

and as such, require
security considerations.

You're absolutely right.
Mars, Olden, step forward.

These are my two top security men, Ben.
Your supplies have never been safer.

Loeb, Crenshaw, this way.

Great, just great.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Do you care that I'm trying to sleep?

If nothing else, you have to see
that I'm the superior officer in this room.

You made me lose count, sir.

Fine. Sorry.

Return to whatever
you were doing there, sailor.

Is the unit required
for your equipment in supply?

If not, has the proper form been encoded
and filed with Central Processing?

While waiting
for an Acquisitions representative

- Come in.
- ask yourself these questions

Captain, a minute?

Come in. Sit down.
This concerns you.

- I'm on hold with UEO Acquisitions.
- Oh.

- Why didn't you call me?
- Easy, easy.

A lot of us took in bunkmates last night
and a lot of us are tired. I let you sleep.

- Thanks. Who's bunking with you?
- Lucas.

That's nice.
A little father-son thing then?

- Beats Olden and Mars.
- Hello, be prompt, I'm busy.

Hello. My name is Nathan Bridger.
I'm Captain of the seaQuest.

Mr Nyeir, Acquisitions and Procurement.
What do you need?

Mr. Nyeir,
I can't see your face.

This is my face. Now forgive me
for not leaving it here.

I can't sit all day like this,
and they won't fix my vid-com.

- What do you want?
- We've run out of thermal chips.

- Unit number?
- TC154L58.

Where are your dashes?


- Authorization code?

- Excuse me. UEO-SQ-1.
- Your order is being processed.

This order is two months old.
How long must we wait?

I only confirm orders, not fulfill them.

- No, you don't do anything
- Wait, wait, wait. We need this now.

I confirm orders, I don't fulfill them.

- Who does?
- Fulfillment.

- Can you transfer me, please?
- No. Call back.

I've been on hold for half an hour.

- Procedure.
- I have a serious problem.

Everyone has problems.
Call Fulfillment.

Transfer me to your superior, please.

- Are they always this rude?
- Generally.

This is Supervisor Butch.
You got a problem, Cap?

Yes, we need a unit that's essential
to our boat's life support systems.

You're talking air conditioning.
I don't consider that essential.

- Some quarters are over 100 degrees.
- Units will be there within three weeks.

- If they're hot, let them sleep on deck.
- We're on a submarine!

Maybe there's a lesson in there for you.
Y'all have a good day.

If I wanted a nuclear warhead,
I'd have it within an hour.

It'll be a rough three weeks.

Well, I might be able
to remedy that for you, sir.

Really? How?

- Don't ask.
- Lieutenant.

- Salvage operators.
- Who?

- I tried them all before calling this one.
- A name, Lieutenant, please.

The Regulator.

- H's a thief.
- There's no proof.

A thief. Boats disappear, years later
he's selling off their spare parts.

- He's good at finding them.
- He finds them before they sink.

A thief.

Lieutenant, you're right,
I don't want to know anything about it.


- You cheated me.
- We had a deal.

I am at the forefront of technology

and you bring me
the rear end of software.

You're standing
in the way of progress.

It's research software.
It's all classified. I risked my neck.

Take your hands off me.

- It's worthless to me.
- This is exactly what we agreed on.

- What do you know about "exactly"?
- You still owe me the money.

- You've got all you're going to get.
- There are people above me.

Yes, and I'm one of them.

- You cheated me. You cheated me!
- No. No!

- You cheated me!
- No, no!

Dive back to your boat,
you bottom feeder.

I'll get that, Verne.

Why do I have to deal
with the 21st century equivalent

of the flat-Earth society?

Sit there and act tough.

What do you want?

Do you know
what's stored in here?

I'm Lt Ben Krieg, United Earth Oceans
Organization, we're aboard

Krieg, you're buying, selling or gone.
Speak to me.


TC-154-L-58, thermal chip.
We need it immediately.


4O degrees, 10 minutes east,
31 degrees, 6 minutes south.

- 500 UEO credits.
- 500?

Tank of nitro and 200 pounds
of bananas. We done?

500, just not
Wait, okay, 500.

I don't know if I can get
200 pounds of bananas.

Give me what you got.
We done?

- We're done.
- Blood.


Yeah, I know.

Regulator 1,
engage magnetic guidance.

- We ready with the nitro?
- Soon as he's docked.


- Wound up a little tight there, Ben?
- How often are you going to count that?

This is not a man you want to cheat.
Do you know his reputation?

He puts his pants on
just like the rest of us.

Well, you haven't seen
his pants, have you?

Docking procedure complete.
Caution, wet surfaces.

All visitors, please report
to UEO Customs

with inoculation papers
before proceeding.

All visitors, please report
to UEO Customs

with inoculation papers
before proceeding.

- Fuel him up.
- Aye, sir.

Welcome aboard the seaQuest.

500 UEO credits as your

And 138 pounds of bananas.
That's every banana we have on board.

This is Security Chief Crocker
and Lt Cmdr Hitchcock.

- This is The Regulator.
- Nice to meet you.

My pleasure, Commander.

Yes, well,
and the thermal chip?


I'd like to see your boat.

I'm sorry, partner, we got a lot of highly
classified material on board here.

- And no air conditioning.
- And no one available to conduct tours.

- Do I look like a tourist?
- Oh, no. I wouldn't say that.

That would be an insult to tourism.

Come on, now, Crocker.

Isn't there room on this ship
for just a little bit of human kindness?

It's Chief Crocker.

And you don't appear to have dressed to
board the good ship Lollipop.

Load up his bananas.


Hold it right there.

Do you ever think about
keeping it on a leash?

- Security.
- What are you doing?

If Bridger knows he's on board,
he'll go nuts.

- There!
- Verne!

- Great supply contact, Ben.
- I didn't know about his monkey.

Verne. Verne.


Ens. Filie, have you seen
anything unusual?

Is that a trick question, Chief?

Never mind, I'm sorry to bother you.
Go on about your duties.

He didn't come this way,
or Filie would have seen him.

Let's try down here.

- Ape.

- Boat.
- "Boat".

- Man.
- "Man".

Yeah. Very good.

- Dolphin.
- Darwin.

No. Dolphin.

I can't believe I've got to reprogram
an entire language base.

- Just be patient.
- He's teasing me.

Darwin, it's not you.
It's the computer. The heat fried it.

We've got to establish
a language base again.

- No.
- Yes.

- Man.
- "Man".

Man, Lucas.
Lucas, man. Man.

"Lucas, man".

Darwin, dolphin.

- Darwin, dolphin.
- That's it.

Darwin is dolphin,
Lucas is man.

That's right.
Darwin is dolphin and Lucas is man.

- Darwin is dolphin, Lucas is man.
- Turn it off.

- Excuse me, you shouldn't be here.
- That dolphin talked.

Who are you?

- He's fixing the air conditioning.
- Cool.

What you just saw
is a classified experiment.

You will respect that
and keep it secret.

I'm Lucas Wolenczak.

So it is, pioneer,
The Regulator.

You shouldn't hold creatures
against their will.

- Look who's talking.
- He's free. He goes out to feed.

You're on the edge of the future,

Don't let these uniforms
get in your way.

Excuse me, we've got some unfinished
business to take care of.

Absolutely superb.


Please wait for full stop. Bridge.
Thank you for riding Mag-Lev.

Excuse me?

Crocker, there's a monkey
in the Mag-Lev.

- Port or starboard, sir'?
- Starboard.

We're on our way.

Please wait for full stop. C-Deck.
Thank you for riding Mag-Lev.

- Boat.
- "Boat".

- Lion.
- "Lion".


- No, this is a cow.
- Ape. Ape.


Ape. Ape!

Security to C-Deck.

- On the double, grab your sticks.
- Lucas, don't move.

- Corning.
- Get around there. Be careful now.

- Back off!
- Put down the voltage disk.

They leave first.

- Hello, Bridger.
- Hello, Leslie.

- What are you doing on my boat?
- Air conditioning repair.

I've come to hard times.
Nobody wants second hand anymore.

You can go back to work.

Thermal chip?

I thought that was you,

You know, continued association
with this man reflects badly on you.

What else have you got?

I'm sorry, sir.

If we've settled up with Mr Ferina,
please escort him to his vessel.

And make sure that he leaves.
So long, Verne.

OK, you and your monkey, this way.

He's not a monkey,
he's an orangutan.

This way.


Son of a He stole my weapon.
Open the doors, don't let him go.

He's separating,
I can't stop him.

Get to a speeder quickly.

Tell the bridge
that we're in pursuit.

Give me your weapon.

Crocker is in emergency pursuit
of civilian vehicle, will advise.

Hey, hey, nice lift, Verne.

I wonder what this thing does.
"Stun safety."

That's a lot a bulk for a stun gun.
Must be worth something to someone, eh?

We got company, buddy, hang on.

- Go to starboard, cut him off.
- He's pulling away.

Leslie. Leslie, turn back.

- Can you hear me, Leslie?
- Not anymore, Crocker.

- Oh, nice guy.
- That's just a warning, buster.

- Crocker, what are you doing?
- He stole my disrupter, Sir.

- Let him go.
- But, Cap, I

The fuel costs more
than replacing it.

It's the price of dealing with him.

- Cap, I
- Chief, come home.

Aye, sir. Disengage.

Great having you, guys.
Stop by anytime, really. Thank you.

- Where are you going?
- Come on.

- Bridger wants to talk to you.
- Oh? About what?

- Got your room back, eh?
- Yeah.

- How did you know that guy?
- Impressed by him, weren't you?

- He's pretty outrageous.
- That's not always a good, Lucas.

Maybe I should put on a jumpsuit
and snap to every time you breathe.

- What did you say?
- I think I said, "Yes, sir."

You better call The Professor.

You all might want to hear this.

- I'm curious, too, Nathan.
- Of course, please.

Biography, Leslie Ferina.

Leslie Ferina was born
in New York City in 1975.

After college.

In 1992, he received
a PhD in Marine Geophysics

from the
University of Rhode Island.

- 17 years old.
- Correct, Mr Wolenczak.

He was a leading aquanaut
of the '90s.

- Do we have stored images?
- Yes.

Leslie Ferina studied experiments
conducted at Duke University

where mammals took
their first breath directly from liquid

a saline solution
saturated with oxygen.

Duke developed the hemosponge,

an artificial gill
that extracts air from water.

In 1999, Dr. Ferina was banished

by the scientific community
after trying to surgically adapt

a miniature hemosponge to a mammal

to advance his theory
of spherical evolution.

In 2002,
Dr Ferina designed Aqua Sphere 1

the first undersea colony,
commonly known as Trench Town

due to its failure
to attract colonists.

In 2003, his houseboat
burned to the waterline.

Subsequently, a suicide note
was received by The New York Times.

Not what I'd expected.

- Not dead, either.
- Might as well be.

A genius whose every effort failed.

And then he fakes a suicide
to escape the ridicule of his peers.

I can sympathize with that.

But you knew he wasn't dead?

Well, I bumped into him
about six years ago,

in a grocery store in Dominica.

I was running away from my own demons
at the time, so I was a bit more tolerant.

He developed this bizarre persona,

didn't have a friend in the world,
except for Verne.

What's spherical evolution?

He's searching for
the center of the universe.

- That's spectacular.
- Pick your pocket to get it.

Spherical evolution.

This from one of the most
promising scientists of his time.

Come on, boy. Come on.
Come on, boy. Come on.

All right.

Hang tight
a couple of minutes.

We'll get some air
and head on home.

No mind
is as advanced as yours.

Complex communication
cycling faster than I can blink.

Send and receive information
at the same time.

Process and respond to it before I can
even construct a valid question.

And I'm in the top one percentile
of intellectual development

based on any
standard of measurement.

Something your species

probably surpassed
45 million years ago.

But what really matters here
and now is that you can talk.

Speak to me, Darwin,
open my eyes.

I don't know what you're saying.
But you speak English.





Center, center.

You know what I'm saying.
Verne, get the tub.

Don't deny me.

You can help me comprehend.

I have fish.

You see? You see,
you understand.

You're toying with me.
I know I deserve it.

I'm only looking for the truth.

Tell me,
on the scale of evolution

that the truth
is beyond my grasp

and I can accept that.


- Darwin is missing.
- Since when?

12 hours ago.
Second shift let him out to feed.

- I've been calling him all morning.
- Could he have encountered a shark?

I've got my WSKRS out searching.
No sharks big enough to be a threat.

There's a tuna fleet to the north.
They say there's safe netting, but

How far have we gone
since he was let out to feed?

6O miles.

Keep calling him.

- I don't know what else to do.
- Aye, sir.

Well, that's it?

- You're just going to keep on working?
- Yes, Lucas, that's it.

- You might find this interesting.
- I'd rather find Darwin, OK?

Yes, well, listen anyway.

A sponge lives on microorganisms
in the seawater.

A single sponge can pump
600 gallons a clay of water

through its pores to extract
its daily nutrients.

It's a natural filtration system.
Here, hold this a minute.

Since the water in the moon pool,
and also in the corridor tubes,

are drawn from the sea,

we're considering the possibility
of using sponges

to provide a secondary filtering system
to help keep the water clean.

For Darwin.

Yes, but since Darwin's gone,
maybe I can use this to wash my car.

If I ever get a car.

- If I ever get off this whale.
- That's enough.

- Come with me.
- What?

- Bridger?
- Yes, Sir.

I want Krieg in the ward room
with his supply binder.

- Aye, sir.
- Come on.

- Come in.
- Sir.

- I need Leslie's phone number.
- Leslie?

The Regulator.

- Yes, sir.
- You think he can help us find Darwin?

- I think he took Darwin.
- Took him? No, he wouldn't do that.

You've just met him
and you can know that?

He said it was wrong
to keep creatures against their will.

- You saw how he was with Verne.
- It's the least he owes Verne.

- Speak to me.
- Speak to you?

I want my dolphin back, Leslie.

He's not your dolphin, Bridger,
or the UEO's.

You've no right
to experimenting on him.

I know that,
and more than you can imagine.

- I set him free.
- Leslie

The dolphin information
in the vocorder,

was that erased
when we blew the chip?

It wasn't erased,
it was scattered.

When it got too hot on B-Deck,
the program became unglued.

- So, it's in there somewhere, right?
- Yes, but it could be in single bytes.

But you'll find it for me anyway.

- Mr. O'Neill?
- Yes, sir.

I've just made a transmission.

I want you and Mr Ortiz
to isolate a frequency for me.

Is there a specific frequency
you want?

Yes, Darwin's.

He's not your dolphin, Bridger,
or the UEO's.

You have no right
experimenting on him.

There's not enough information
to match it to Darwin.

- Can't match what?
- The dolphin.

- There's a dolphin?
- It's faint, but it's there.

Let's check out
The Regulator's operation.

Wait a minute.
Why would he take Darwin?

- Spherical evolution.
- I want to go!

Of course you do. Come on.

Mars, earplugs.


What's the matter with you?

Tell me something, Lucas.

Are there times when you feel separated
from the rest of this crew?

- More an observer than a participant?
- Yes.

All the people
I'm with are adults

and I'm 16.

Yeah, a very normal 16.

- But there's another part of you.
- Now what?

Wait a minute

I was just saying
that the normal 16 part of you

hangs out with Krieg and Ortiz,

but the more imaginative part of you
hangs out with Westphalen.

I think you've got a neural drip
you can't shut off.

Some people see that
as a behavioral problem.

Probably why your dad
left you on the seaQuest.

And I'm wondering whether being here
contributes to the separation.

Captain, do you want me to leave?
Is that it'?

No. Did I say that?

I want you to listen.

I'm saying that who you are
and what you are

and where you are makes you
a very smart observer.

I don't know if you're lonely.

My father put me here,

so they didn't have
to deal with me.

Yes, maybe so.

But I think he was afraid
that without the discipline that comes

with working with people
who have to function well together

that you would become
some kind of a weird genius.

Too weird for your own good
or anyone else's.

Captain, we're coming up
on the air lock.

You mean
like The Regulator?

You got it.

We're about to dock, sir.

You know your likeness
is stamped in a Greek coin.

At the temple of Delphi,
the Greeks called Apollo Delphinios.

You sleep with one eye open.

You know things.

- Go away, Bridger.
- Open up, Leslie.

Leslie! Leslie's dead.
I heard it on the news.

Listen, Mr Regulator,
open up or we'll drill it open.

Watch, ell me the truth,
or that I'm wrong.

Verne, listen,
we've got bananas.

You'd turn on me
for bananas?

He's an orangutan,
what's the big surprise?


- You stole Darwin.
- We're talking.

- What's this? Spherical evolution?
- He tell you I was crazy, too?

He said you were searching
for the center of the universe.

- That's right.
- How can Darwin help you find it?

Harmony can only exist
in perfection.

Perfection can only
be found in the sphere.

The Earth is a sphere,
turning on its axis

revolving a perfect sphere

around the spherical sun
like all spherical planets.

That's incorrect, the planets turn
an elliptical path around the sun.

An illusion. The solar system
circles through the galaxy.

And the galaxy circles
through the universe

eventually ending its journey
where it began.

No beginning, no end.
A perfect circle.

And at the center of the circle,
the center of the universe

is harmony.

And so it is with man.

In order to evolve,
he must finish where he began.

That is spherical evolution.

I've got news for you, pal.

This guy here,
his name is Mars.

You bought the mainstream,
didn't you?

- I don't have to fake suicide to sleep at
night. - You're young, there's still time.

How do you justify
stealing my dolphin?

Spherical evolution.

If you believe that man came out
of the ocean a billion years ago,

to complete the circle,
he must return.

Dolphins did.
5O million years ago.

They walked on the land,
then they returned to the sea.

Darwin's ancestors leaped
up the ladder of evolution.

You think Darwin will tell you
where the center of the universe is?

- It stands to reason.
- He can't talk.

I heard him.

He doesn't speak English,
he speaks dolphin.

What is this, Bridger,
some kind of military project?

Tell the dolphin
where to put the bombs?

- That was you, Leslie.
- Not anymore. You're still involved.

- You'd sell those to anyone for the
right price. - You still involved.

I want you to open the doors
and let the dolphin go.

We're not finished. Back off.

Make him talk.

- No.
- Cover!

- What is that thing?
- It's a sonic stun gun.

It plays havoc
with your inner ear.

Unless, of course, you happen
to be wearing some of these.

- How's Verne?
- He's OK. Captain, look.

You tried to give him
artificial gills.

You still haven't learned to breathe
underwater, have you, Verne?

That's because
you're an orangutan.

Darwin's a dolphin,
he doesn't speak English.

You're trying to do
the same thing again?

I heard him talk,
it's classified.

Let it go, Leslie.
You have no idea what you heard.

You're wrong, Nathan.
I know exactly what I heard.

But like everything else in my life,
what I know doesn't seem to matter.

Go home, Darwin.

You think
I could end up like him some day?

He was 16 once.

Tell him about Darwin. Please.

Lucas wants you
to come back to the seaQuest.

There's someone there
he wants you to talk to.

Every step with
this program is total R&D.

Basically, I'm flying blind,
but it's self modifying.

- What's self modifying?
- It teaches itself.

Once the program has a base language
for translation it can instruct itself.

Lucas, let him try it.

- I don't know if it'll work.
- Failure is no stranger in this room.

All right.

- Darwin, this is
- Leslie Ferina.

Leslie Ferina.

- Leslie Ferina.
- Hello, Darwin.

- Can I ask him something?
- Sure, sure.

Darwin, do you
Do you have a sense of history?

Do you know why the dolphins
returned to the water?

Why did the dolphins
go back into the water?

- Dolphin.
- Yes.

- Swim.
- That okay, Leslie?

No, no, wait.

Darwin, help me find
the center of the universe.

I need to know what's there.

Darwin do you know
where the center of the universe is?

- Yes.
- See.

Where is it? Where is
the center of the universe?

Inside you.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard, from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

For several years now, scientists
have been experimenting in labs

with liquid breathing

by circulating an oxygen-rich fluid
in and out of the lungs.

One man has used liquid breathing
for 45 minutes.

Though the average depth
of the ocean is 12,000 feet,

the deepest a diver has ever been
is a little over 2,200 feet.

Join us on the next exciting adventure
of 'seaQuest DSV'.