SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 10 - SeaWest - full transcript

SeaQuest investigates an undersea mining facility after receiving a distress signal. Once they arrive, everything seems fine until they hear from one miner that it's not. The miner turns out to be the mine owner. The mine is not under UEO's jurisdiction, but they find they must help out even though doing so puts the crew in a dangerous situation.

Mining underwater.
I don't know.

- What do you do if there's a cave-in?
- You die.

Would make it a bit tough to send
a distress signal, wouldn't it?

We stick together.
Find out who's in charge.

See if they need
any assistance.

I got a detail prepped and ready back
on board seaQuest, just in case, Cap.

Welcome to Broken Ridge.

All arrivals please sign in
at the supervisor's office.

- I said I'd meet him over here.
- All right.

Must be the place
up there, huh?

Not your typical sounds of distress,
are they?

- Dad.
- I see them, Gibby.

Take these. Go on home.

Tell your morn
I'll be there as soon as I can. Go.

L don't think
they'll bite.

Let's ask around.

- Hi.
- What'll it be?

I'm looking for a Mr. Cobb.

I was told at the docking port
that he was in charge here.

Haven't seen him yet.
A little early for lunch.

Never too early for a drink,
which is all you'll get out of me.

No, I think
you might be right.

You wouldn't happen to know
anyone who might be trying to send out

a distress signal?

Take a look around, pal.
You see anyone who wouldn't?

Good point.
So, what are you doing here?

- We're the entertainment.
- We're singers.

How did you end up
getting booked into Broken Ridge?

- We're not very good.
- Oh, but they don't care.

And it's a good place
to be bad.

- Practice and polish your act.
- Good luck to you.

Excuse me, gents.

We picked up a distress signal
coming across the Ceylon Plain.

- Oh, yeah?
- It's pretty weak.

Disappeared before we could
pinpoint it, but we think from here.

Can't help you.
Only person in distress here is me.

Wait. I'll take that back.

False alarm.

I heard what you said
about my wife.

Don't leave.
Please help us.

Welcome to Broken Ridge.
Frank Cobb's the name.

Something I can do for you?

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Duke. We're just a small town.

We're more a family, really.

With the good fortune
to be sitting on a mountain of gold.

That makes us
nervous around strangers.

- "Don't leave." What did you mean?
- Especially when they wear uniforms.

Right, Lenny?
Oh, almost forgot.

I've sent a couple of my men
over to your place.

I thought we'd let
your wife know not to worry.

At least until I decide
what to do with you.

Joan. Lovely woman.

And your boy, Gibby?
What's he now, seven?


Family's important down here.

A man who has one
does what he has to to protect it.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Far as I'm concerned,
the matter's closed.

You're free
to go back to your ship.

We still don't know
who sent the signal.

I told you, if there'd been a signal,
I'd have heard about it.

You guys are unbelievable.

For years we scratched away
at this rock

trying to get enough
out of her to stay alive.

And where were you?

Now all that miserable,
hard work is paying off.

We're getting somewhere, ahead.

All of a sudden, the mighty UEO
shows up wanting to help.

Kind of makes a man wonder.

- You don't understand.
- You really care that much about us?

Or is your outfit just looking
for somebody new to tax?

We just heard a call for help.

Yeah, well,
your help's not needed.

Now, I think it better
if you and your men moved on.

We're sorry
you feel that way.

And we still have to find
that distress signal.

Well, good luck to you,

Is it my imagination, or were we just
told to get out of town by sundown?

That's a fair translation.

Captain, that man was asking for help.
Hitting me was just a cover-up.

Yes, but this isn't the place
to discuss it.

- We have to go back, Captain.
- Maybe, maybe not.

This is an open territory,
it's not UEO.

I don't think we can go back
without an invitation.

- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.

A stowaway.

"Please come back. Help us.
I don't want them to hurt my daddy."

I don't know, Captain,
but this sounds like an invitation to me.

Placer deposits
are like rivers of gold pushed off

the continental shelves by
glaciers during the great ice ages.

It wasn't until a few years ago
that it made sense

to mine underwater, though.

Broken Ridge is just one
of dozens of mining camps

formed off the coast of Australia during
the great oceanic land rush there.

- What do we know about it?
- It's legitimate.

The probe found gold
in the mineral samples.

Anything else?

The prospectors are wildcatters,
don't report to anyone.

If they keep records,
I haven't found any yet.

Well, keep digging.
Who's next?

I've set up a perimeter with Whiskers.
Haven't found anything unusual yet.

I'll run a communications sweep.
We may get lucky and hear something.

Aren't we ignoring
the obvious here?

We take a security detail down,

we find this kid or his dad
and we ask what's up.

We gotta be careful.
We're liable to hurt some people.

But you're right. It would be nice to
have someone there to ask questions.

I don't think Mr Cobb's very open
to strangers in his little town.

Maybe not strangers.

Krieg says there's a steady traffic
on the shuttle from Australia.

Singers, musicians, comedians...

They rotate
through Broken Ridge weekly.

You're a comedian.
We could send you.

Yes. Thank you, Sir.
But it's a spontaneous kind of thing.

I don't exactly have an act.
Not that you need an act.

I spoke to my buddy, Murray.
He books talent at small venues.

He told me that the miners
at Broken Ridge are mostly single men

who'll pay a lot for female
entertainers, no matter how bad.

I can be bad.

What? I can sing.

I'm not a pro, but I can sing
well enough for Broken Ridge.

Katie, you sang in the shower.

Yes, are you saying you want me
to shower for them?

No, I don't think
you should go in there unprotected.

Cobb's a tough man.
We don't want her putting herself at risk.

Somebody has to.

Look, I can't be a part of asking someone
to do something I'm not willing to do.

Commander, you feel
confident about this?

Yes, sir, I do.

OK, let's get some musical charts
for our lounge act here

and tell Murray to book her
into Broken Ridge immediately.

Nice to see you, girls.

Come on in.
Nice of you to come.

Welcome to Broken Ridge,

Can I help you
with your bag?

- Thank you, mister...
- Frank Cobb.

Mr. Cobb.
Yes, that would be nice.

Should I be impressed?

There isn't a man here
who has the same or more.

If I let you leave this table,
more than one of them will try

to convince you to spend
the rest of your life with him.

The thing is,
I want you here with me.

Can slow things down a little?

When it comes to beautiful women,
second chances are pretty rare here.

I'm not the only woman
who just got off the boat.

- Why me?
- Your eyes.

They're stunning.
But they're hiding something.

- And that intrigues me.
- What do you think they're hiding?

I haven't figured that out yet.
Is it fear?

You're not afraid of me,
are you?

Should I be?

My mother had eyes like yours.

Ma. She just kept doing

what needed to be done.

I see that same look
in your eyes.

I'm afraid I didn't come here
to get married.

Entertainer, eh?

So, how about
you entertaining me?

You want a song? That's a cover
charge and a two-drink minimum.

If you'll excuse me,
I'll find out where I'm staying.

Hi, there.

What're you drawing?

Listen, maybe
you can help me.

I have some friends,
and they found this dog.

I told them I'd try to find out
who he belongs to.

He seems like a great dog.

I know if he were mine,
I'd sure hate to give him up.

His name's Banjo.

It wasn't easy to find.

They keep mapping and remapping
the ocean floor.

What was part of one confederation
is now part of another.

- But you found it?
- Yeah, I found it.

"Department of Oceans,
Fisheries, and Wildlife.

"New Ausland Confederation."

- That's him.
- Who?

Commander Ford's sparring partner.
His name is Sutter, Lenny Sutter.

Must be his dad. Harry.

They own all mineral rights
at Broken Ridge.

Grabbed them in the oceanic land rush
of 2013.

Doesn't that mean everyone
at the mine works for the Sutters?

I guess so, yeah. Records don't show
any change of ownership.

That doesn't make sense.

- Unless
- Unless there was a mutiny?


It all comes down to greed.

Cobb was just a hired hand
until he convinced

the others they'd get a bigger cut
if he was running things.

- He convinced all the miners?
- Enough of them.

He can be pretty persuasive.

You have to remember that this was
almost five years ago.

It was a much smaller
operation then.

All the men brought in since
have been Cobb's.

But there's gotta be
something you can do.


I can't fight him.

Cobb says...

if I try anything, Joan and Gibby
will be the ones that pay for it.

I know my son must think
I'm a coward sometimes

but I've already lost my father to Cobb.
I can't lose anybody else.

Why does Cobb keep you around?
Just to torture you?

No, we're alive
on a technicality.

The folks who started the land rush,
weren't interested in speculators.

They wanted to settle
the ocean.

In order to claim the land,
you had to agree to work it

for five years.

The deed's
in the Sutter name

so no gold can be sold
without our signature.

Drives Cobb crazy.

- Five years, that
- Yeah.

Time's about up.

And Cobb won't be
needing us anymore.

We gotta get your family
out of here.

Is there someplace we can go
where this will work?


This shaft's pretty much
mined out.

Doesn't get much traffic.

I come down here as often as it's safe
to send out a distress signal.

I'm gonna call my captain.
Would you mind keeping a lookout?

There you are.
I've been looking for you.

- What do you want?
- I heard you had company today.

One of the new ladies in town.

That's not like you, Lenny.
Family man and all.

She likes kids.

We saw her talking to Gibby.

She visited for a bit.
Had coffee. That's all.

- What did you talk about?
- Nothing. Gibby.

I want to know
what she's doing here.

Come on, Cobb.
Why you think she's doing here?

She's like most women
who come to Broken Ridge.

- She's looking for a husband.
- I've met her, Lenny.

She's not at all like most women.
Believe you and me.

Not by a long shot.

Please, Lenny.
I need to know who she is.

She's nobody.

I'm not going away, Lenny.

Now tell me.
Who is she?

She's nobody.

One more time, Lenny.
Tell me who she is.

I told you. She's nobody.

I'd hate to have this conversation
with your wife.

- Closed caves.
- Tunnels?

- Mine shafts.
- Hitchcock was right. Mr Ortiz?

I have a Whisker
on Darwin's mark now.

Thanks, buddy. We gotta take care
of Katie, don't we?

I owe you one.

What do you think?
Some sort of back door?

Well, a complex
as large as Broken Ridge

would have
at least a dozen mine shafts.

I bet every one
had a docking bay.

Makes sense.
They can clear away the waste

without hauling it
through the main facility.

If so, why can't we bring out Hitchcock
and the Sutters the same way?

And avoid the main
docking bay entirely?

I'll get a launch
ready now.

- We got to go. Now.
- How? Where?

The seaQuest is sending a launch
for us in half an hour.

Will they come in firing?

That's the only way Cobb
will let us near the docking bay.

They're not coming there.

They'll come in at Mine Shaft 7.
Can you get there?

You better believe we can.

What if Cobb's watching us?

He can't keep an eye on you
if he's got them both on me.

- Fourteen's here.
- Clean that and replace it.

- Let's get loaded, Chief.
- 20 minutes to rendezvous.

Right behind you,

I told you if Ford needed someone
he'd take them from Security.

None of them have been
down there. I have.

I know my way around.

Look, please.

Had I not opened my big mouth,
Katie wouldn't be down there right now.

I know she can take care
of herself,

but if something happens,
and I'm not there...

OK, but be damn sure she doesn't
have to take care of you, as well.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

What happened to your head?

It was a little accident
in the mine.

Maybe some company would
take away the pain.

Some other time. I've got a lot of
paperwork to take care of.

That's just too bad.

I was thinking I may forget about

that two-drink minimum
and cover charge tonight.

- Locked and ready, Commander.
- In and out. Let's be invisible.

I hope she's got them ready.

Excuse me, I'm gonna
go use the ladies' room.

You think I don't know
what you're up to?

You're trying to sneak away
without singing for me.

Patience, Frank.
Some things are worth the wait.

I've waited long enough.
You sing, now.

I mean that's what you're here for,
isn't it?


I never tell my left hand

what my right hand is doing

I never know which old road

that I should be pursuing

That is why

it's so plain to see

- They're not here.
- Don't worry. They're coming.

And when I should
close my eyes

I always end up waiting

That is why

it's so plain to see

That is why


Thank God
you made it.

- Where's Katie?
- I think she's with Cobb.

- Commander?
- Chief, get them back to the launch.

Aye, sir. You folks
come with me, please.

Ben, be careful.

I'm gonna stay here
in case she shows up, OK?

Got it.

I never

fool nobody but me

I came, I saw

Well, I don't know
why I should zig

or when
I should be zagging

Even when
my head's held high

my tail keeps
right on dragging

That is why

It's so plain to see

That is why

I never, never

fool nobody but me

l never

fool nobody but me

Oh, I never

Fool nobody but me

Duke, they're getting away!

Better hurry.
This wasn't exactly a clean getaway.

Right behind you.

I wanna make sure
they can't get through.

So many shafts crisscrossing,

Kind of like a giant maze,
eh, Commander?

- Let's fire this thing up.
- Right away.

Where's Commander Ford?


You ran away before I could tell you
how much I enjoyed your song.

It really was very nice.

Can I persuade you to bring
the Sutters back for an encore?

Sorry. I'm retiring.

Well then,

we'll just have to
see if this fellow can sing for us.

- Let him go, Cobb.
- Trade. Your man for the Sutters.

This isn't a negotiation.

Get out of here, Commander!
That's an order!

Well, what's it gonna be?

You heard the Commander.
Let's get back to the seaQuest.

So, I either return the Sutters
or Cobb does what he wants with Ford.

- You believe he might kill him?
- Yes, I do.

What do you propose to do?

What is it, Nathan?

You've exceeded
a good response time.

That's because
I'm not comfortable. I'm angry.

Cobb doesn't care
what damage he does.

The town is cowed
into doing what he wants.

It makes you angry,
that his values differ from your own?

No, that's not
what makes me angry.

What makes me angry is he wants a
fight. And I wanna give him one.

There's no shame in fighting
for a cause, providing it's just.

But I want to hurt him badly,
and that makes me no better than him.

Can Frank Cobb
match the firepower of seaQuest?

- No.
- So where does he get his power?

- The town.
- And why do they support him?

Why do they give him
the power?

Captain, we're on Broken Ridge
approach. Docking bay is open.

Thank you.

Ease up, Lenny.
It's gonna be all right.

Commander Ford risked his life
for my family, Captain.

He didn't even know us.
I can't ease up.

Not until this is over.

Not until we have Cobb
and Mr Ford is safe.

I owe him that.

I can't guarantee that.

Joan and Gibby are safe.

That's all the guarantee
we need.

Welcome to Broken Ridge.

Chief, no weapons.

But the odds aren't
exactly in our favour out there.

Guns aren't going to change that.
Leave them.

I'm sorry to put you
in this position, Captain.

Where's my commander?

Go get him.

Officer, eh'?
Can't say I'm surprised.

Tell me something.
Did you like me just a little?

How's your head?

Well, this is all very embarrassing.

You brought back Lenny
in such good shape.

- We want him now.
- First I get Lenny.

- And then what?
- And then? Well, you leave.

And we all get back
down to business as usual.

No more business as usual.

There will be no business in Broken
Ridge at all anymore. Period.

Broken Ridge has no ties
with the UEO.

Like it or not, you have no
authorization over what we do here.

That's right.

So you can dig all the gold
you want out of this ridge.

But what will you do with it?

- Sell it and get rich, mate.
- Who will you sell it to?

I've contacted the mineral dealers
in Melbourne.

They tell me that they're
responsible for 100%

of the gold bought in this part
of the world, yours included.

This is a free-enterprise zone.

The UEO isn't authorized
to interfere...

Unlike Mr Cobb, the people I spoke to
are very happy with the UEO.

The new peace and our presence
here is very good for business.

- This is blackmail.
- No, not blackmail. A boycott.

It's very simple. You have no one
to sell your gold to.

- Mister? Mister!
- You won't rich with Mr Cobb around.

No, don't listen to him.
He's lying.

It's the truth.
And you know it.

Well, then, the Captain will just have

to find someone else to buy our gold.

Right, Captain?


That time I wasn't aiming.
Next time I will be.

- Cobb!
- Can we get out of here?

If there's a transport
at a mine shaft.

Let's go.

I know these shafts better than you.
I've spent more time in them.

You've won, Lenny.
Broken Ridge is yours.

I just want out. That's all.

No, it's not that easy.

Not after
what you put my family through.

I've beat you more than once.
You let me pass, or I'll do it again.

Not this time.
This time I'm fighting back.

All right, Lenny.

Where do you want it?
You choose.

This is my fight, Captain.

Yes, and you want it to
be a fair one, don't you?

My father's dead
because of you.

No more.

No more.


There you are.
We've been looking all over for you.

- Wow.
- Yeah. His name's Darwin.

- I'll bet he'll talk to you.
- He can't talk.

Yeah, sure he can.

- Can not.
- Can, too.

Can not.

Yes, Darwin talk.

- He won't want to go home.
- Yeah, sure he will.

It'll be a different place
without Cobb. I think he knows it.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Take care of that
little boy of yours.

It's your town again.
Take care of it.

- I don't know how to thank you.
- It's our job, Lenny.

Well, I guess we better go.

- Gibby, come on.
- Do I have to?

Darwin was gonna tell me
how he holds his breath so long.

Well, tell him to hurry.

They got such imaginations
at that age.

I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

As we enters the next century,

we'll rely upon the ocean
for more of our mineral resources.

Before we begin to mine
the hidden treasures of our planet

care must be taken to protect
the creatures that live there.

The deep sea, until recently, has been
untouched by the human hand,

but its future preservation
is now at risk.

The challenge of our generation
is to overcome self-interest

and work together
in a spirit of cooperation

to resolve our differences
using reason

instead of force, so that we
can pass on to the next generation

an ocean habitat we all can enjoy.

Join us for the next exciting episode
of seaQuest DSV.