SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 2 - Treasure of the Mind - full transcript

When a preserved annexe of the Great Library of Alexandria is discovered, many nations send their fleets to lay claim to its treasures. The UEO orders Bridger to mediate the dispute and sends a team of ESP parapsychologists to help the negotiations.

Careful as you come up. Keep it level.
Loosen your grip on the starboard side.

Two people can pass off that thing.
Easy now. Three feet, two feet

Secure on top, sir.

This is completely remarkable.

What do you say we find out
what's really down there?

Still swinging into position.
This hose is a lot heavier than it looks.

I need a few more minutes
before we start blowing away the sand.

Just keep me informed.

- Dr. Hassan? - Yes.
- What do you think?

This is 5th century B.C., Phoenician.
The inscription could be Punic.

Now that glass perfume jar
looks 1st century A.D. Roman.

- And here we have
- A clay tablet.

Just like the clay tablets of Moses.
Only these are probably Sumerian.

They were the first to write in cuneiform.
Remarkable, isn't it?

A menorah from ancient Judea.

And here,
thousands of years before Christianity.

Isis, the goddess who promised
an afterlife richer than this one.

- She was the patron of sailors, too.
- Leave it to a sailor to know that.

However, all these cross
too many centuries,

too many cultures.

It's unlikely that this is just the
spilled guts of an ancient trading ship.

Either of you care to take a guess?

In position, Captain.


- We're good to go. - Let's see
how this contraption of yours works.

Cmdr. Ford?

Give me more, Katie,
give me more.

Switch to your WSKRS view.

My God! It's

But this was presumed to have been
completely destroyed.

Is that what we think it is?

It's the song of my ancestors
singing out across the centuries.

That's the Great Library
of Alexandria.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest and its crew,
we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

The Great Library
was a series of structures

each with a specialized function.

This was their receiving facility,
their customs office.

Even antiquity
had its red tape.

In 47 B.C.,
while Cleopatra ruled the Nile,

Julius Caesar, mad with conquest,
besieged our city

and set fire to the library.

But it was rebuilt and flourished
for another 200 years.

Then in 151 A.D.,
a gigantic earthquake shook the area.

Could a quake put an entire building
3O feet beneath the sea? Intact?

Liquefaction. A cataclysmic event can
momentarily turn sand into quicksand.

And nothing we've recovered
carbon-dates beyond that time?

Though the main library was actually
intact for another 150 years,

until it was destroyed
by my own people in a civil war,

this time capsule has been patiently
awaiting our arrival.

And when word gets out, Egyptologists
will descend from all over the globe.

They're already here,
claiming artifacts for their museums.

Ships from Italy, Greece,
Syria arrived this morning.

At least
7 other nations are on their way.

- How did they find out so fast?
- We're looking into that.

Think of the great
excavations of our time.

Pompeii, Chichén ltzá,
the great buildings at Baalbek.

Each deals with one era,
one civilization.

- They are but slices of history.
- Your point, Doctor?

This discovery
encompasses history.

Use your ship to preserve it.
Chase away the looting hordes.

But your government
gave these ships passage.

Politicians would carve this
treasure for so many hungry mouths.

These are the children
of artists, of poets.

Don't orphan them again.

Put stingers and speeders
on 24-hour alert.

- No unauthorized visitors.
- Thank you.

- Admiral Noyce on the line.
- May I take this in private, please?

- And you thought I would bore him.
- He was just being polite.

How are things
in the eye of the hurricane?

We can't find the leak. I don't know
how the information got off the boat.

Every confederation knew
seaQuest was going to Alexandria.

You might as well issue orders
by press conference.

We've screened everybody aboard twice.

All right. We'll run another check
at headquarters.

Egypt has agreed to host
a conference on the library.

- You're to remain and mediate.
- I know nothing about that.

I'm sending
a specialized negotiations team.

- Good. Who are they?
- Gifted assets. Trust their judgment.

So what does that mean?

You're not going to like it, but they've
proven their worth many times over.

- So who are they?
- Parapsychologists. ESP.

- Seaman, what are you doing?
- I don't want my mind read, sir.

You don't have a thing to worry about.
Now go back to work on your duty.

Z-launch MR7 arriving.
Docking Bay 3.

Mr. Rossovich, Chief Crocker,
nice to have you aboard, sir.

- Miss Rossovich, my pleasure.
- Hey, stop pushing.

- Are you all right, sir?
- I'm just taking a break, is all.

- I'm happy with my weight, so get off
my back! - Did I say anything?

- You didn't have to.
- Can I give you a hand, sir'?

You read my mind.

The seaQuest is over 1,000 feet long.
We support around 220 crew members.

- Hey, Papa, look.
- Yes, ma'am, that's Darwin.

The talking dolphin.
We've been fully briefed before boarding.

- I know many classified secrets.
- Of course, sir.

- Why don't we cut through here
to the - The Ward Room?

Yes, the Ward Room.
This way.

While on board, you have total access
to all of our facilities. This is our gym.

And over here is the officers' mess
where you'll have full privileges also.

Naked Hitchcock?

Tell me I'm seeing this.

Look at these columns.
Everything is so well-preserved.

- What's that over there?
- What? Where?

I think I saw it, too.

- Here. Back up a little.
- It's a crack in the wall.

- What is that?
- Air.

The dome has formed an air pocket.

It's possible the room upstairs
is preserved.

I can't get a clear image. My lenses are
only designed to see through water.

Sir, request permission to
Unless you'd prefer to be the first one.

I'd like to, but I've got
to greet our friends from the UEO.

Why don't you take
Dr. Westphalen?

Follow archaeological procedures.

Treat this
as a wreck dive for safety purposes.

Glad to see the boy
so excited about exploration.

A Lebanese warship just arrived
claiming all Phoenician artifacts.

- It's like a parking lot up there.
- Do the best you can.

This is a no-anchorage zone.

Please stay in formation
to the ship in front of you.

Everyone's blindly staking claims

to archaeological treasures
based on archaic ties.

Greece wants what's Macedonian,

Tunisia wants what's Carthaginian,
Algeria Numibian

Excuse me, we are not here
for a history lesson.

- I need to know the politics.
- These are the politics.

You know very well that national pride
is not an ingredient in compromise.

- That's why I accepted your help.
- You did not seem to have a choice.

Do I look like a man
without choices?

You know that your presence
creates uneasiness.

We are not a parlor act. Our discipline
takes too much effort to waste.

And even then, it's part luck.

Can I do something
to make your people comfortable?

A quiet place to prepare. We've been
traveling since yesterday morning.

Chief Crocker will show you
to your quarters.

- Savannah?
- I'll be right along, Papa.

This is where she apologizes
for her father's behavior.

Gentlemen, this way.

I would say he's usually not so rude,

- but I'd be lying.
- I'll try and cut him some slack.

I suppose you still encounter some fear
around your special abilities.

Some people think we're going
to steal their minds.

Usually, we don't say anything
at all about the psi factor.

That's our word for ESP.

Anything beyond the five senses.

- Do we make you nervous? I can't tell
- I don't get nervous anymore.

- Do you believe in what we do?
- I'm not sure what you do.

Well, won't you be surprised.

- The air is stale, but breathable.
- After two millennia.

We could pump fresh oxygen in.

Slowly. Everything could deteriorate
if we don't stabilize for humidity.

- What's in all these pots'?
- Books.

That's how they stored
their scrolls for transport.

I've never discovered anything before.

Well, you certainly started at the top.

Be careful.

I'm on the verge
of losing my executive officer.

- You gave him to me.
- As a loan, not as a gift. - It's a pity.

The brainwashing's almost complete.
He's forgotten he's in the military.

He thinks he's Jacques Cousteau.

Look at this.
A 2,000-year-old library book.

I expect we'll find a papyrus scroll
inside, written with vegetable-dye ink.

It could be anything, from an early version
of the Bible to a treatise by Aristotle.

Some of these
must go to the conference.

Don't they have to be treated first?

Anything that's been in seawater
needs to be desalinated.

But these things were taken from
the dome, they were never wet.

They are fragile, but they could travel.

Why don't we prepare a sample
of what we have?

- Miss Rossovich, have you met
Ens. Darwin? - Not officially.

- And it's Savannah.
- "Savannah", like Georgia?

My father was born in Soviet Georgia.
He liked the symmetry.

- Hello, Darwin.
- Melon lady.

Would that be cantaloupe or honeydew?

The melon is what we call
this part of a dolphin's head.

It's a very sensitive transmitting station.
You and he just made a connection.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.

- Did you call him down here?
- No, he comes when he wants to.

It seemed like
you were expecting him.

He always finds me
when I'm in the water.

He either hears me
or picks me up on his sonar.

- Can't you just ask him? - Our thought
processes are a little different.

The words are there, but sometimes
the meaning is elusive.

- Bridger, rub.
- And sometimes it isn't.

- Darwin, wanna go for a swim outside?
- Exploring? Alone?

Maybe I could catch on
with an excavation detail.

Kind of go under their supervision.

Asking permission
would be a good idea.

You may be surprised
and get what you want.

- May I go to the library, please?
- Yes. - Thanks.

What can we expect from your team
at the conference today?

We're not mind readers.
We have extrasensory perception.

It's like really good intuition.
We'll offer insights and feelings,

sometimes best guesses.

You'll be surprised
how often we're right.

What happens
when you're wrong?

Ladies and gentlemen, please.

The purpose of negotiation
is to discuss what's fair for everyone.

Then return
my forefathers' possessions.

Mr. Kaakos, I promise you that no one
will leave here empty-handed.

Don't offer me tokens when Egypt
has a major tourist attraction on her soil.

We said we'll split the profits.
Please don't make this about money.

It is about imperialism how Egypt raped
our flourishing culture of its art.

Read your history. it was the Romans
who homogenized the region.

- That's ancient. Let's focus on today.
- That's a good idea.

If we can't get a consensus from the
moderates we may as well go home now.

The Italians are only interested
in scientific access.

All I get from the Algerian
is a sense of traveling over and over.

Traveling collection. It's how museums
spread their wealth.

- Something bothering you?
- Is anyone else hot?

The Moroccan. He just got married.

He'll agree to anything
as long as he gets to go home.

Whenever you're finished.

Let's try to keep
this informal but progressive.

What business does UEO
have here anyway?

The books in that library
come from our ancestors.

This is a heritage that can be passed on
to the whole planet.

What about Libya's heritage?

How do we
pass on what is in Egyptian hands?

Nothing is going to be confiscated.

Qualified scholars from all nations
will be accredited to the site.

I'll second that.

We should also try to reach a consensus
about the traveling museum collections.

I agree.

The Greeks know much of what's found
will be theirs.

- They'll demand restitution.
- Same with the Israelis.

We should also be open to the possibility
of paying for artifacts left on display.

- I feel a little omnipotent.
- Caution, we're not infallible.

- Any word on the Tunisian?
- Blind hatred.

If he can't have the library for himself,
he'd rather see it destroyed.

We have not received a thing,
I'm tired of your meddling.

Sit down!

There's more history
buried at the bottom of the ocean

than in all the museums
of the world combined.

We've got to realize
that we can either be nurtured by it

or cannibalize it.

Transparent conspiracy.

Why do you continue demanding
that the library be broken up?

- We're so close to agreement.
- No, we are nowhere near agreement.

You hammer out details
till I want to vomit,

but you don't deal with my problems.

We tried,
but you weren't willing to compromise.

Who said compromise is the solution?

The consensus
is to hold the library together.

Art should be for everyone.

Trust us. We'll take care of this
as if it were our own.

I thank Egypt for preserving my people's
treasures under their seabed

but we would
have them returned.

Either that, or you may
continue without me.

He's bluffing.

He's got me convinced
he's gonna walk.

The artifacts in this library have
been together since before Christianity.

It doesn't make any sense
to break them up now.

Well, I do not recognize
your authority in this matter.

My country will take whatever action
is necessary to recover what is ours.

Good day!

Alert Cmdr. Ford. Have him double
our surveillance.


You cannot go to Bridger.

You knew the Libyan would leave
the tent. Why did you lie?

- I won't be around forever.
- Don't give me a life lesson now.

- Answer my question.
- I'm trying to.

When your mother and I fled
the old SU before you were born

circumstances forced us
into desperate action.

- I have reached such a point
in my life again. - Why did

It's for your own good
that I do not tell you.

Bridger will know that you lied to him.

He has a strong psi factor.
I've seen him use it.

But he doesn't know he has it.
So it doesn't exist.

Forget about the conference.

on what we were sent here to do.

You've got to get inside Bridger's mind
and you've got to do it tonight.

I saw you in my sleep.
What are you doing in my head?

You know your ability can scare
the hell out of people.

Used this way, it's a violation
of human dignity.

Sometimes, it is as you describe.

You can't rummage around
in a person's soul.

This morality didn't disturb you
at the conference.

Yes, it did. But I let myself believe
it was a means to an end.

- As it is.
- No, it isn't. It's an intrusion.

You think I haven't been wrestling
a lifetime with the virtue of what I do?

It's only an intrusion
if you know we're there.

Without your strong psi factor

Savannah would have come
and gone without you being aware.

The others had no idea.

- The representatives at the conference?
- And the officers on your ship.

Your submarine has a leak
much more dangerous

than the kind that lets water in.

So Noyce sent you to find out
who's giving away our location.

My authorization comes
from much higher ethan Adm. Noyce.

So who is it? Who's the leak?

Your crew checks out clean.
We'll have to do another scan.

- No. You'll be off my boat within an hour.
- What about the conference?

- What about the conference?
- You killed that off yesterday.

I gave you the best information I had.

tell your father

that I know that he knows
that I know he's lying.

- I wanted to apologize.
- In a bathing suit?

The UEO jet-copter comes for us
in a few hours.

I hoped to see the library
before I left.

I'm embarrassed to say
I was just following orders.

But they told us it was important
to find that leak.

I don't doubt your motives.

I've debated the morality of it
with myself so many times

- I know all the arguments by heart.
- But you go right on doing it.

One morning, a few years ago

they woke me up and took me
to a plane in my nightgown.

A man had kidnapped
a young boy in Wyoming.

When he went to pick up the ransom

he was critically wounded
in a shootout with the police.

Even in a coma his mind was so tortured,

it hurt to come into contact with him.

But the police said that without my help
that little boy would've died

Chained to a bed
in a remote mountain cabin.

I know it's a violation
to enter someone's thoughts

but I have to weigh
the good against the evil,

and make choices.

If you still like,
I'll take you to the library.

- Do you know who this is?
- No, I don't.

Gelon, ruler of Siracusa.

This sculptor's maquette proves
that Dr. Anna McCann was right.

The Riace Bronzes did come from Sicily,
possibly headed for Rome.

- Rome'? - Yes. - I draw the line
at negotiating with the Pope.

This single building will clear up
so many mysteries.

History, art, religion.

It's a treasure trove time capsule.
Beyond priceless.

- We're doing everything we can
to preserve it. - Thank you.

The cork stoppers rotted away if there
wasn't enough pine pitch to protect them.

Take a look at this.

It's in Greek.

Dr. Hassan said that this may
actually be Homer's handwriting.

- Is it The Iliad or The Odyssey?
- It's a first edition.

- Really.
- Captain!

I checked the other rooms.

The structure is basically sound.
We can seal and pump it dry.

If they let us.

Mr. Ortiz?

The French and Israeli ships
just collided overhead.

You better turn your volume down.

I tried to pick up a sound in the water.

- What kind of sound?
- I think divers.

Let's hope they're just treasure hunters.

Turn your volume back up,
Mr. Ortiz. Find them.

Having you inside my head
was intriguing, but

In all the years I've been doing this
you're the first person who ever knew.

- That deserves to be explored.
- I'd rather not be explored.

I have enough
trouble processing what I'm thinking.

I'm not joking.
You could come back with us.

The UEO has an amazing research facility.

And what would I do there?

Learn how to isolate
the functions of your brain.

You know what happens
if I over-analyze this statue?

I get to see that it's made of
earth molecules, water molecules, dyes.

But then I don't get to see that it's
something quite beautiful in itself.

Something to be appreciated
for more than the sum of its parts.

- You can't say I didn't try.
- Thanks.

Nature did not intend me
to be analyzed into little bits.

- Before I go, will you do me a favor?
- Sure.

Will you open yourself to me?

Don't resist.

Just let it happen.


- It's incredible, isn't it?
- Hard to describe.

- What?
- That's extraordinary.

- A feeling? - Yes.
- That's what it's like.

What was the feeling?


- Where's everyone else?
- They all left.


We see it, Captain. The Libyans
slipped a diving team through security.

Crocker caught them drilling
a hole for a dynamite charge.

- They're gonna blast their way in.
- They punched a hole in our air pocket.

- Do you need assistance?
- No, but we've got to plug up this hole.

- It's gonna destroy everything down here.
- Commander!

The Libyan ship has launched
an attack on seaQuest.

Depth charge, sir.

Depth charge? Lucas, take cover!

Darwin, stay in the boat.
Seal outer doors. Rig for collision.

- All hands, brace for collision.
- Jump-seat navigation now!

Plot target solution on the Libyan.
Mr. O'Neill?

- No response. They're ignoring us.
- Captain?

We're okay. Take care of business.

- Another depth charge on the way.
- Firing solution confirmed.

- Speeders accounted for, sir.
- Two seconds.

Flood Tube 1. Firing solution on screen.

Fire 1.

On target. Five seconds.

Mr. O'Neill, please translate.

Libyan surface vessel, please be advised
the next one will be armed.

They're underway, sir.
Retreating from the area.

Hi Janet. I'm sorry.

- I'm awake. - Time to get up.
You're going to have a big day.

- What time is it?
- I want everyone back at the conference.

- Including the Libyans.
- I'll get my people to twist some arms.

We found the leak.

- Not on my command.
- Yes and no.

Dr. Westphalen's been sending
a continuous stream of data

back to her research university.

It's all UEO-sanctioned
on a secure sat-link.

So what's going on?

Somebody at the university's been selling
your location to a military magazine.

So much for security clearance.

We wouldn't have gotten here so fast

if Dimitri and his group
hadn't cleared your people first.

On behalf of my crew,
I accept your apology.

I'll get back to you
when the conference is set.

I thought you'd be pleased
that your staff is exonerated.

I am, but I don't feel any better
about the way it was done.

I'm not gonna go to this conference
without knowing everything.

That's why your departure's been delayed.
I want the truth.

I want you to know that Savannah
could not predict my sabotage.

She cannot read my mind
unless I allow her to.

I lied to you about the Libyan.
I knew he would leave the table.

We goaded them, but we never thought
they'd do anything to threaten your lives.

- We were just
- Ruining the peace. Why?

I'm embarrassed to say,
for selfish reasons.

I came to America for freedom.

But there hasn't been a single day
that they have not demanded my help.

It's been almost 30 years.

If the UEO thinks we're no longer reliable

maybe they won't call us again.

Now let me understand this.

You destroyed a conference
to insure your retirement?

- How else can I say no?
- No is a powerful word.

- They come to the door anyway.
- But they always knock, don't they?

The UEO is not a fascist regime.

Freedom is a muscle. You have
to exercise it. Turn and face them.

What can I say to you?

The older we get, the harder it is to
know so much about so many things.

I'm like the old horse that needs pasture.

I cannot pull the wagon another day.

Papa, why didn't you tell me?

Because you still believe.
I see the look in your eyes.

And I remember what it is like to wake up
knowing you can help someone.

I could not take that away from you.
I'm sorry.

We just want to sit on a beach
where there are no other people

and read a book.

Having a gift shouldn't
make us slaves to society.

Why scuttle the whole conference?
Why didn't you come to me for help?

You are the captain
of the UEO's flagship.

I don't have to read your mind
to know what your reaction would be.

My mind doesn't make those decisions.

My heart does.

You would do that for us?

Pick a country.
I'll make sure you disappear.

Now, about the library

Don't make it harder.
Please, take a seat.

Dr. Hassan, what's the holdup?

The Libyans refuse to sit.
It's their way of not playing ball.

Would the Libyan delegation
take their seats, please?

We're not staying long.
Give us what we want, or we're gone.

This is a Phoenician amphora,
dated 1,000 B.C.

There's a scroll inside which represents
the problem that we face today.

3O centuries ago,

the Phoenicians colonized cities
all over the Mediterranean.

Carthage in Tunisia,
Palermo in Italy, Cadiz in Spain,

Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan.

All of you would like to have
this scroll for your library or museums.

So what do we do?
Do we litigate for decades,

split up the spoils, thus ruining
the library for future generations,

or perhaps go to war,

maybe killing thousands of innocent
people for a piece of parchment?

Go ahead, help yourself.
There's plenty for everyone.

The library at Alexandria
is under UEO jurisdiction.

And in this tent, I am the UEO.

Mr. Crocker! Alert Cmdr. Ford.
Ready torpedo tubes.

Cmdr. Ford? Ready torpedo tubes.

I would rather return the library
to what it was

than sacrifice one human life.

Libyan, 1st century A.D.

Would you pass this down, please?

Your country, Mr. Kaakos.
Excellent workmanship.

It's exquisite.

Oh, my God! It's beautiful.

Look at the pictograph.

I'm told it shows your people
having a peace ceremony.

When you're through,
would you please pass it back?

Or if you prefer,
smash it yourself.

Now let us begin to discuss

how this archaeological
miracle can benefit all mankind.

It is not often that I misjudge a man
so completely.

- Will this cause trouble
with your superiors? - Of course.

I hope you find the peace
you're looking for.

And thank you
for your efforts on our behalf.

My pleasure.

Your beauty will dazzle the Spanish coast.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

But don't make a practice
of running away. I speak from experience.

Papa says a month will be enough.
It'll show the UEO we're serious.

He thinks they'll let us have
more control over our lives

- rather than to risk losing us.
- I think he's right.

Maybe someday I can help you explore
your psychic potential.


But after everything we've been through,
I don't know if there's anything left.

There is, Captain. Believe me.
There is

I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute.

Over the years,
I've discovered shipwrecks

from ancient Rome to the Titanic.

What amazes me is their high state
of preservation.

The deep sea is like a giant refrigerator
that preserves our past.

Soon, we'll be exploring
the waters off China

in search of some
of the oldest shipwrecks in the world.

Discoveries which could greatly alter
our understanding of human history.

Join me on the next adventure
of seaQuest DSV.