SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 18 - The Last Lap at Luxury - full transcript

While attending a conference at an underwater resort, several leaders including Lucas are kidnapped. The kidnapping is used as an excuse for a coup d'état by the head of the UEO.

Tonight on seaQuest:

The man behind one of seaQuest's
proudest accomplishments:

Lucas Wolenczak.

It's time.

I don't think we're connected
to the ventilation system anymore.

I have eight Confederation
heads missing.

And one 16-year-old boy.

The whole room
is filling up with water.

Hey, Bill, do I come into your house
and mess around with your stuff?

SeaQuest isn't your house,

Magnificent obsession maybe,
but it's not your house.

It's not a parade float, either.

Look, Secretary Dre wants
to go to a summit meeting. Fine.

Why do we have
to be the escort?

Why don't they use that billion-dollar
supersonic sky wagon?

The one with the
motion picture theater in it.

They can watch "Lawrence of Arabia",
get there before intermission.

- Dre is Lawrence of Arabia.
- Dre is a politician.

Secretary General Dre
is the head of UEO.

In other words, our boss.

- I thought you liked Dre.
- I do. Like I like opera.

I like to listen to it,
I don't like to watch it.

You're driving me nuts.

What did you get this one for?
Advanced attitude training?

Do you know what the operational costs
are for a trip like this?

Sure, I know what they cost.
So does Secretary Dre.

Dre signs the checks.

It's an unnecessary expenditure,
and it comes out of my research budget.

It's a flag-waving contest to see
who gets to draw the map of the world.

Or drill for oil in
some godforsaken desert.

- Do you know why I hate deserts?
- No, why?

They used to be oceans.

You know, this is the first
UEO summit in two years.

We're supposed
to have one every six months.

But it took the UEO
that long to decide on a location.

- Do you mind?
- Oh, sorry, Nathan.

These are the same guys who used
to hand out baseball franchises.

SeaQuest is the pride
of UEO.

Dre wants to make an entrance,
and we're part of that.

I'm not going to have to sing
the national anthem, am I?

You may.

You know,
I have known Dre since

Please, I've heard
this story 100 times.

The day you skipped summer school
and went to Woodstock.

Dre picked you up
while you were hitchhiking

you went to
the concert together.

the last great rock concert.

I don't know.
I was only eight.

And when it came
to rock'n'roll, I was a U2 man, anyway.

A derivative rock band, at best.
They couldn't pack The Who's lunch.

Oh, give me a break.

- How are we doing?
- It's going well.

I don't want to hear that it's going well.
I want to know if it works.

I built this whole resort
just to host the UEO Summit.

- I am activating in three.
- We should clear the men first, Alan.

Not if it works. And three.

- Everybody okay around here?
- I'm all right.

It didn't work.

I suggest you fix it.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest and its crew,
we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Man's struggle
for cultural identity

has bloodied
the global landscape for millennia.

Nations rise and fall
shattered by tribalism.

Borders expand and contract

by the dictates of military power
and ancestral piety.

The fight for land rages on

but now the oceans have become
the last unclaimed territories.

Man's race into the seas to harvest
its riches of foods and minerals

brings new conflict, and a new alliance
of nations to deal with it.

But old power does not give way
easily to new order

and the mandate of the
United Earth Oceans Organization

to maintain peace is
about to be tested at its highest level.

Glide path shift.
We're docking level three.

Retract float panels
port and starboard.

Switch to visual for final entry.

Admiral on deck!

- Launch is docked, sir.
- Thank you.

Look at me, Charlie Tuna,
chauffeur of the seas.

Would you relax,
Dre likes you.

Detail, ten-hut!

Isn't anybody in this place
going to offer me a cup of coffee?

Detail, parade, hut!

- Hello, Andrea.
- Billy.

- Good to see you.
- So good to see you.

Graduating first in class pays off,
doesn't it, Cmdr. Ford?

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, ma'am.

you look gorgeous.

I see they've got you wearing
shoes again. I'm glad.

- Thank you, Madam Secretary.
- And thank you for giving me a lift.

We've been looking
forward to it, Andrea.

Now, what'll it take
to get us there in time for dinner?

About $2 million,
Madam Secretary.

Relax. I'll charge it off
to the space program.

- Commander, what's our ETA?
- 1700 hours, sir.

Amazing, that's nearly
200 miles an hour.

And to think, I lobbied
against this project in the first place.

I remember,
Madam Secretary.

But Nathan, it was
your presentation that turned me around.

Eight hours to
the Middle Americas, that is fantastic.

And it'll give you plenty of time
to show me around the ship.

Wouldn't you just rather
rest before the summit?

Don't be silly.

You see, this summit is taking place
in an undersea resort.

We're part
of the grand opening.

If we didn't have to set world policy,
I would've brought my scuba gear.

Now, Nathan, I want you to show me
what you've been spending

all that UEO
research money on.

Is that working, Doctor?

Of course.

- Wait till you see this.
- I am.

Maybe you should show me another
of the seaQuest's accomplishments?

No, no, no. Let's wait.
It's worth it.

I assure you.

Here he comes.

It's up! It's good!
Dolphins win!

Am I missing something here?

Yes. Darwin.

I'll get him.

- Who is that?
- Stowaway.

Darwin, Lucas play football.

That's unbelievable.
That is unbelievable!

You can explain this?

Yeah, we were in sudden death overtime,

I see. Beat it.

Darwin represents
the first real breakthrough

in inter-species communication.

He sort of falls in that gray area between
God and science. Wouldn't you say?

Can I take Darwin
with me to the summit?

Yes, Darwin go.

Well, he has
a peculiar personality.

A different kind
of beneficence.

- We don't want to put him on parade to
- To further our own political needs?

- In so many words, yes.
- I couldn't agree more.


I would like you to speak
to the Confederation about your work.

Actually, I'm not responsible
for Darwin's speech.

Well then,
who is responsible?


- Lucas, I'd like you
- Captain,

let's just keep
this informal, shall we?

So, you're a musician, too?

Kind of more
of a scientist.

Well, that music you were playing
was very different. Is it original?

No, I've just made a computer search
of the best rock 'n' roll samples

of the last 5O years
and listed them in digital sequence.

The computer here selects
a sound byte,

then transmits it
to the synthesizer,

then makes the best choice
for the next needed piece of music.

Randomly composing
a never-heard-before rock song

but played by all the greats.
It's pretty cool. I've got

Les Paul playing with the Stones
and the Spin Doctors.

Even some DMZ "Out of Saigon".

What about the viral sweep of the
mainframe you were working on?

I'm working on it.

Would you play something
for me right now?

It's still
a little experimental.

Oh, come on,
I was at Woodstock.

That was the turning point
of the Vietnam War, wasn't it?

Lucas, just play
the lady a song.


- It's still a little experimental.
- It's all right.

You know,
failure breeds solution.

I'm Andrea Dre, and you,
Lucas, are an impressive young man.

Secretary General

Andrea Dre.
I didn't know you were on board.

I'd like you to come
with me to the UEO summit.

- The what? - The confederations
are having a summit meeting

to discuss world policy.

You don't wanna come?

Well, it kind of sounds like going
shopping with your parents.

Well, maybe you'd rather be doing
that viral sweep of the mainframe?

Give me five minutes
and I'll pack.

- They are arriving.
Are we ready, Richard? - Yes.

Put security on alert.

Universe home for world.

We are universe.

Well, that was Darwin.

And now to tell you more
about this phenomenon,

the man behind one of seaQuest's
proudest accomplishments:

Lucas Wolenczak.

Guess you'll have
to say something.

Oh, great.

Inter-species communication
is clearly a new frontier.

Well, when I began
working on this project.

Sorry about that.

- Let me figure this out.
- I need to talk to you.

I'm here
to talk about dolphins.

What language is this?

Just a second.


Can someone
turn this thing off?

Some of the unaffiliated regions
have gone on military alert.

- What?
- I got a call from a northwestern outpost

just before
the summit started.

I didn't want to say anything
until we verified it.

Why would they
go on alert?

Possibly to disrupt
the summit.

It's time.

We found that the tendencies in working
with higher life forms is to be a bit


Attaching human characteristics
to the behavior

of animals.

What's that?

- Oh, my God!
- Where did they go?

I don't know.

Let's have some security
for the Secretary around all her rooms

- and on the floors above and below.
All right? - Yes, sir.

- What happened?
- Good question.

Get me a vid-link
to the seaQuest.

- Where's Lucas?
- That's another good question.

- Mr. Lamm, was there an earthquake?
- What's happening? - What's going on?

As with any new facility

these incidents, although unfortunate,
have to be expected.

The Mondial Resort
is a state-of-the-art complex.

Sometimes you don't know if the toaster
oven works until you plug it in.

So this has nothing
to do with the UEO Summit?

- Of course not.
- Mr. Lamm,

does terrorism
present a concern?

Could this have been an attempt
to disrupt the summit?

It was a malfunction of our
environmental control systems.

- So sabotage isn't a consideration?
- No.

But your rooms might be a bit warm
until we get the air conditioning back on.

Ladies and gentlemen, please,
security isn't a concern.

I assure you, the summit
will continue as scheduled.

We've heard a number
of unaffiliated confederations

have gone on military alert.

I'm a business man.

You'll have to ask Secretary Dre.
Excuse me, please.

- Mr. Lamm? Capt. Bridger.
- Yes, sir.

- Do you have any idea what's
happening here? - I wish I knew.

But this is your resort.

People are disappearing
from your conference rooms.

That much I know,

This is hardly
the kind of incident I want associated

with the grand opening
of $1 billion resort.

Well, I'm sure it isn't,
but we have to find them.

Now, I'd like to see the blueprints
for this entire complex.

I can't do that.

My complex is based on revolutionary
principles in undersea architecture.

- It is not for public review.
- I see.

Well, either I see the blueprints or
we'll have to investigate you personally.

And I don't think that's
something you want to read

in the travel section
of the Sunday paper.

Make the call, Mr. Lamm.

- Yes, sir.
- Get Capt. Bridger the blueprints

and leak it to the press
that the UEO leadership is missing.

I've put the UEO military
on global alert.

Isn't that a bit premature,
Madam Secretary?

Nathan, Andrea's already told us
that some of the unaffiliated regions

have already gone
on military maneuvers.

I understand that,
but if the UEO goes into a crisis mode

it only encourages them
to increase their activity.

Our satellites have observed
at least two more unaffiliated regions

military maneuvers.

But how do they know
what's going on here?

I'm the head of the UEO.

And my responsibilities
are to keep world peace.

I'm not going
to cover this up.

But we don't know what's going on
here. We don't have the bigger picture.

I'm going to take whatever steps
necessary to ensure world order.

Order is not going
to be served

by telling everybody that we've
misplaced the world leadership.

- I won't debate this.
- Andrea,

Capt. Bridger just wants you
to explain your strategy.

I have no strategy.

I have eight Confederation
heads missing.

And one 16-year-old boy.

I'm sure you are all confused
and somewhat frightened.

But let me assure you
that you are safe

for now.

At the appropriate time,
each of you will sign

an amended UEO Constitution

detailing trade agreements
and free enterprise.

The confederations
will be realigned

to support the former world
economic opportunities

allowing industry to function

without current UEO restraint.

And if we don't?

Then you can stay down there,
President Chi.

No one knows where you are.

All readings are normal, sir.
We can't find anything.

- They seem to have just disappeared.
- Thank you.

I want everyone out of this room. You
can post some guards at the entrance.

Yes, sir.

We're done here,
everyone out. Smith, Williams,

- place a guard unit at the door.
- Right away, sir.

Vid-link is operational, sir.
And there is a channel secured.

I want the entire
resort complex searched

within a 50 mile radius,
above and below the surface.

Doctor, try to determine if the geology
had anything to do with the explosion.


- What's going on, sir?
- We seem to be in the process

of manufacturing an international crisis.

Stage 5 alert.
Activate laser and infrared sensors

at standard HL norms.
All sonar systems operational.

Spec range 50 miles.

What are we looking for,

- We're looking for Lucas.
- Aye, sir.

Do you see that?

Look at that.
That's condensation.

It forms in a closed environment
from the moisture in our systems

when we exhale.

You know, kind of like when a car
windows fog up during the winter.

What are you trying to say?

I don't think we're connected
to the ventilation system anymore.

Take a look at this.

- What on.
- Oh, my God.

What does this mean?

- Where are we?
- Oh, God.

I think we're somewhere
under the resort.

- No comment.
- One statement.

An official statement,
that's all we need.

Rumors are running
through the press

that the Confederation's
leadership is missing.

There's a press conference
scheduled in two hours.

If we can't
produce them by then

I've gotta prepare
a statement.

- Call Washington, notify the President.
- Yes, Madam Secretary.

- You want in on this?
- No, no, that's your job

and the boss's.

You're doing the best you can, Nathan.

So far it ain't enough, is it?

Hello, General.

We have
no information to support

any unaffiliated regions
going on alert, Admiral.

Fact is, the only regions
going on alert

are in response
to what's happening at the summit.

- How bad is it?
- It's getting critical.

I don't know who let
this fly out of the jar.

But we've got red lights
flashing everywhere.

How are
the UEO confederations?

As confused as the rest of us.

But they'll stay in place
a lot longer than the unaffiliates.

But you have
to find their leaders.

The confederations
aren't going to stay rudderless for long.

Thank you, General.

- Nobody disappeared from here.
- What?

This is a different room.

- How could that be?
- Remember Lucas' gum?

He put it under the podium
before he started to speak.


The gum isn't there.
This is a different room.

Are you saying that this gum
is some kind of a clue?

Lucas put it there.
Now it's gone.

It's a different table.
It's a different room.

Are you crazy?

I can't announce
that to the world.

Nathan, the press is lurking
outside the door like jackals.

They want to see
the leadership.

I have to tell
the world community

that no matter what tragedy
has occurred here

reasonable people
are still in control.

We're moving too fast.

Fast is all we have.

I'm not gonna sit on my hands while
the UEO goes to hell in a hand basket.

But no matter what you tell them,
it's just throwing oil on the fire.

Why do you have
to say anything?

Can't you buy us some time?

All right. All right,
I'll do my best to stall.

There's a press conference
scheduled in less than two hours.

I'll give you that time.

But if you don't have
this thing figured out by then

I'm gonna have to speak to them.

Ladies and gentlemen,
everything is fine, I promise you.

We shouldn't be worrying
about the press.

We should be worrying
about what caused this.

Something that Secretary Dre
doesn't seem to be interested in.

I'm not sure
that we ought to do this.

Fine words
and a proud appearance

are seldom associated
with true virtue.

Confucius said that.

It seems appropriate now,
doesn't it?

Guys like that are never happy
if they're not arguing about something.

You making a compass?

Yeah, I need to know
which way is east.


The seaQuest is to the east.

I'm gonna send them a signal.

You think the seaQuest
will hear us?

They should.


I need a power source.

The vid-link is the only one in the room.

Be my guest.


is there any geological explanation
for that explosion?

No. There's zero evidence
of a natural disturbance.

Whatever it was, was probably
generated from within the hotel.

But WSKRS have sent back sonar,
indicating a substantial subsurface

man-made tunnel.

I bet that's not
in the original blueprints.

Chief, send out Darwin.

Tell him to listen to the mountain.
Use just those words.

- Listen to the mountain.
- "Listen to the mountain." Aye, Captain.

we've got a time problem here.

These people are holding
a press conference in two hours.

- Mr. O'Neill.
- Yes, sir.

I want you to be very good,
and very quick at computer imaging.

I understand, sir.

- The vid-link's down.
- It was fine an hour ago.

They're trying to communicate
with the outside world.

Can they do that?

They're middle-aged,
second tier bureaucrats.

They haven't opened a door
for themselves in a decade.

Let's rock.

Got him.

There's another
confederation president.

That's everybody
except Lucas.



I'm going to open
the uplink to the satellite.

Uplink is five seconds away,
O'Neill, let's go.

- I'm not ready yet!
- We don't have a choice!

Nathan, I can't vamp
any longer. I have to talk to the press.

- I think we can buy some more time.
- There's no more time to buy.

But in moments,
we might be able to buy hours.

I'd like that as much as you.

- Please.
- Billy.

As of this moment,
the UEO is under martial law.


- Ready.
- Do it, Commander.

What's going on?

The world leaders aren't missing.
They're aboard the seaQuest.

They've taken time out from their
deliberations to tour the flagship.

- But how the hell did they get there?
- Computer imaging.

And it's a
direct satellite link to Earthcast News.

You've put me in
an untenable position, Nathan.

How's that?

Of course, you're right.
You're right!

This buys us lots of time,
doesn't it?

It's ingenious.
Good job, Nathan.

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for your patience.

I'll make
a statement shortly.

Distress where
there should be relief.

Billy, I think she may be a traitor.

Got to be Dre leaking all this.

The press conference, all of it.

She tells them
the world leaders are missing

and then institutes new policy.

But whose policy?

Hers or her cronies'.

This guy, Lamm, multi-billionaire.

Made all his money
profiteering before the UEO peace.

I think he wants
those days back again.

Excuse me,
but how does Dre fit into all this?

That, you have to ask the Admiral.


I suppose she's
a political dinosaur.

A leftover from
when the world was run by

money launderers,

If she is involved,
she's been involved for a long time.

Lamm built this resort
to hold the summit.

The grand opening,
the disappearing room, everything.

Grand opening, my foot.

She appears to be the calm one
and rewrites the constitution.

Bill, you've always known
she was a politician.

If we prove this,
the UEO will impeach her.

- Do you think they're still alive?
- I hope so.

But why would she want Lucas?

Well, with Lucas,
she's got leverage over the seaQuest.

We have to purge
the leadership.

They should
wash up on shore.

They've got to be seen dead.
Not marching around on the seaQuest.

We've got to go public
with a leadership vacuum

that'll shake the UEO to its core.

We're prepared for that option.
Dial up the schematic.

Captain, we've been canvassing
a maximum scan in all directions.

Life forms with HL norms
have all been negative.

Can you get any closer
to the resort?

Not until we make
a complete sweep.

The entire area
has been heavily mined.

Metallically activated,
hydrogen tonnage.

It would take us days.

Have Crocker bring over
some security immediately.

ETA five minutes, Captain.

just try and stay calm.

Lucas music.

Nathan, Darwin came back.
He said, "Lucas music," that's all.

"Lucas music."

Put all sonar on sound scan

and program our WSKRS
to the high end frequency.

- What are we listening for, sir?
- Rock'n'roll, Commander.

Announce an emergency
press conference immediately.

When returning
from the seaQuest, the launch sank.

The leaders of the confederations
were tragically lost at sea.

- I've got something!
- What is it?

Jimi Hendrix's opening riff
to "Electric Ladyland".

- Give me an exact
sound trail. - Aye, sir.

- We found them, sir.
- Where are they?

Right underneath you.
The room's been dropped down a shaft

and replaced with an identical one.

- That's the one you're in.
- How do I get there?

If we can get to it, through the
ventilation system would be the only way.

But it's an undersea complex,
so it's very intricate.

What do I have to do?

You'll need a compass
and some climbing gear.

Take the main ventilation duct

from where you are and go due west.

Then south to a "T" in the unit,

then right and I think
you'll be at the top of the room.

Thank you.

- Get me some climbing gear.
- Aye, Cap.

I'm afraid we have
some tragic news.

Try and keep your head
above the water.

Please, please.

All right,
you keep an eye on Mr. Lamm.

And if I don't get back, promise me
that that Woodstock pal of yours

- is gonna spend her old age in prison.
- I will, Nathan.

Be careful, Cap.

This unfortunate accident occurred

while the leaders were returning
from a UEO tour of the seaQuest.

An explosion

apparently caused
by a subsurface hydrogen mine

sank the launch.

Therefore, in accordance
with the UEO Constitution

and my power
as General Secretary

I am instituting
emergency measures

to insure world stability.

- The original UEO Charter
- Where's the Captain?

I don't know,
maybe he didn't make it.

Somebody help!



- Lucas, are you there?
- Captain, it's me.

- Are you all right?
- No.

The whole room
is filling up with water.

Hang on.

Stand back now.

Get back everybody.

These people are going to be singing
your song for a long time, Lucas.

Go on up.

In a world of potential crisis

we must be prepared
to protect ourselves and our allies

to stand united
against tyranny and invasion.

Our Constitution allows us
to take certain steps

when hostile regions
pose global threats.

I now feel justified
in declaring martial law.

I don't think so, Andrea.

- It's within my powers, Bill.
- No, it isn't.

This is treason, Andrea.

Don't be ridiculous,
what are you talking about?

No, it is not.

You're way out of line, Bill.

No, he's not

and these people
will back him up.

They're a little wet,
but they're alive.

Secretary Dre,
you're under arrest.

- What are the charges?
- What are the charges?

Care to elaborate?

Let's just say
she disappointed him.

I'm sorry this is gonna
out into your golf time

but the President said,
"it's an order."

But I don't want
to be head of the UEO.

They voted you in,
in an emergency session.

You're the acting head of the UEO
until the scheduled elections in October.

But it's a civilian position.
I'm a military man.

Well, at least I won't
have to salute you anymore.

You haven't saluted me
in 20 years.

Now, now. I'm just trying
to ease your pain, Mr. Secretary.

Come on, you may even
like some of this new rock'n'roll.

Look, whatever happened
to The Dave Clark Five?

Do you remember Dave?
A tall guy, dark hair.

Looked like one of The Beatles,
but he wasn't.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

In the old days, nations claimed
the sea and the land beneath it

out to a distance
of three miles.

That's as far as a cannon ball
could be fired from shore.

Now nations have claimed
200 miles from their shores

as the riches of the sea
become more important to their future.

Clearly the frontiers of the ocean will
take on an even greater importance

as we move into the 21st century,
the seaQuest century.

Join us for the next exciting
adventure of seaQuest DSV.