SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 17 - Hide and Seek - full transcript

The crew dreams of Darwin including an evil dictator named Tezlof (Shatner). Tezlof comes aboard to get help for his son from Darwin.

Tonight on seaQuest.

The nightmare that is Milos Tezlof.

What is he doing out here
in the middle of the Atlantic?

I want your dolphin
and your vocorder.

- I want to heal my son.
- This guy is a nightmare

we should not be near.
He's just too evil.

We're flooding the boat!
Darwin, keep him safe.

I'm gonna go get some help.

Darwin, what are you
trying to do to me?



Thanks. I really dipped below
the surface there for a second.

Were you dreaming?
You looked like you were really out of it.

Yeah, I was. I was dreaming.

You were dreaming about him.

- Not the same thing as you.
- Yeah, the same thing.

- You were having the same dream
- Bull!

Look, I've had it for a week,
and now you've started.

- It's not the same thing.
- You weren't dreaming of Darwin?

- No, I
- Who was with him?

- I don't wanna talk about - Come on!
- I don't wanna talk about it anymore.

Where is Darwin?

- UEO emergency communique
broadcasting - Communique coming in.

- Undoubtedly urgent.
- Yeah, Secretary Noyce's

grandson probably lost his canoe.

This is a security alert.
Highest priority, for seaQuest.

Milos Tezlof has escaped
UEO Security Forces.

Tezlof is convicted of multiple war
crimes by the UEO and his countrymen.

This is to be considered an extremely
lethal and dangerous situation.

He is believed to be traveling in one
of two fugitive helicopters attempting

to elude identification using
extreme and evasive tactics.

Their destination is unknown.
Repeat. Destination unknown.

We are ordering seaQuest
to intercept and incarcerate.

UEO intelligence suggests they may
be trying to reach a destination

on or near the eastern coast
of the United States.

- I repeat.
- There they are. I think that's them.

I'll alert the Captain.

They're pulling me.

It really feels like these dolphins

are pulling me through the water.

Quite a ride, isn't it?

I'm gonna blend in the music score.

I don't believe this.

I really think that I'm swimming
with the dolphins.

Virtual reality.

Skin to fin without ever leaving your bed.

This is only the beginning
of what I've got to show you.

I don't know what it's meant to be,
but it's wonderful.

- What is going on?
- That's machine-gun fire.

- Who is it?
- Had trouble with my neighbors lately.

Oh, my God.
That's Milos Tezlof, the dictator.

They've seen us.

If I'm gonna be shot,
I'd like to be standing up.

Oh, Malcolm.

This is wrong.

This is not the place I dreamed of.

No kidding.

I need to announce my entrances.

Need to know if someone is there.

Someone waiting for me.
Someone who could return the fire.

- Is there someone in the house?
- No.

Keep them here.

We are in deep, deep trouble.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface lies the future.



Chance. Fate.
They are all the same, aren't they?

I have accepted that.
I have accepted my ability to act, to kill.

If not me, it would be someone else.

If you kill me, so what?

I have killed millions of you.

My religion is despair.

That is where I worship.

You only have to close your eyes to
understand what is going to happen.

Dream dreams.

No matter how bewilderingly
futile they may be.



All right, shut it off. That's enough.

Hypnotic, isn't he?

Let me show you something else.

The nightmare that is Milos Tezlof.

What is he doing out here
in the middle of the Atlantic?

He's been on the run since his escape
from the UEO security forces.

Serbia, Croatia.
They've been at this for centuries.

Killing each other off.
Muslims, Catholics, Communists

and with the rise of Tezlof and
his followers, anarchists. One big soup.

When does it stop?

Well, that's why the UEO took Tezlof
in custody in the firs place, Captain.

Unfortunately, rumor has it
that his escape was aided

by certain factions within the UEO.

- Everybody's got an opinion on this one.
- Yeah, and since his escape,

the Eastern European Alliance
have finally agreed on something:

their singular hatred for this guy.
Their plan is to execute him.

He's been scrambling
from continent to continent.

His plan seems to be to stay free
long enough to marshal an army

to retaliate against those
hunting him down.


- What is it?
- It's his policy of ethnic cleansing.

The color of your skin as a birthright.

And what if we meet up
with him and he resists?

I'd like to see him
come after the seaQuest.

- That's not an answer.
- The UEO should have finished the job

when they had him in custody.

This stretch of water between
Albania and Italy is crucial to me.

It is my enemies' stronghold.

The Strait of Otranto
between Albany and Italy.

I shall put a spur on the boot of Italy.

I shall control the straits
with your dolphins.

- I shall return to power.
- That's insane.

Of course I'm not telling you
anything you haven't heard before.

The dolphins will guard the straits.

Nothing shall pass through
without my permission.

You can't train dolphins to do that.

In the war between
the USA and Vietnam

dolphins were trained
to hunt, to kill, to help the slaughter.

A dart gun with a C02 cartridge

strapped to the head of a dolphin
plunged into the body of a human,

then ignited.

A very painful death by asphyxiation.

Your dolphins
will be trained to do this and more.

Bloodshed follows me
like a wedding train.

This is not where I should be.

If you do not help, you will be killed.

I'm sorry. I don't think I can do this.


Oh, my little boy.

His name is Caesar.

My son. My heir.

My heir and my curse.

He's not a curse! He's a small child.

He's terrified.

A son to rule after me.

To keep the peace.

Then my curse came in a dream.

I'm in a place I've never been before.

A dolphin is swimming toward me
carrying somebody, something.

I can't tell what it is,
but it feels like a chimera.

A harbinger of disaster.

Don't touch him.

Let him come to me.

Did he say something?

We could fight your curse.

We could help you understand it.

He speaks only in his sleep.

If you could understand your son
if you could reach him

would that make a difference?

All the difference in the world.

We can make a deal.

You spare this man's life
and I'll help your son.

It's a trade.

I am sorry, Nathan.
I had no choice but to make this call.

What's wrong?


It seems simple to me.
He's playing right into the UEO's hands.

I gave him my word. I guaranteed
him safe passage in exchange

- for Westphalen and Lansdowne.
- So what?

Tell that to
the millions of homeless in his land.

Tell that to the orphans to the doctors
struggling for vital medicines.

Terrorism is terrorism, Nathan.
You can't reason with it.

The UEO embargo didn't work.
And then the UEO let him go.

Nathan, we are the UEO.

You don't think
you can teach him something?

When he comes on board,
you'll turn him over to us.

- We'll have a launch waiting
directly above you. - I can't do that.

Damn it, Nathan! Follow orders for once.

What else is going on, Nathan?

I'm asking you as a friend.
What else?

Bill, I don't know yet.

I'm sorry.

We know Darwin
doesn't have a linear language.

He doesn't talk in sentences.
He doesn't have words.

The software in the vocorder just
makes it seem that way but, in reality,

Darwin is talking in concepts, images.

We think we've found a way
to receive those images.

When Darwin moves through the water,
when he's trying to communicate

he's sending not only sound
waves, but electricity.

There possibly could be images
being sent through the water.

You little rascals
certainly sound convincing.

The fatty tissue in his head
focuses his sound waves

but the rest of his activity can generate
enough electricity to communicate.

How do you know you're not gonna
electrocute him? Those wires will be hot.

They're only from
the wall to the hologram.

- They're nowhere near the water.
- Yeah, this is gonna work the same way

the Professor's hologram
works in your quarters.

Only this way,
Darwin is sending the image.

- What image? - Electronic disturbances
in the water. The thrashing of his tail

creates a disturbance and
created in that disturbance is an image.

- Sort of like a connect-the-dots drawing.
- How does Darwin feel about this?

It's just conjecture, isn't it?

Yeah. Sure, it's just theory.

- What are you gonna ask him?
- Well, if it works,

- he'll be able to tell us stories.
- He could tell us everything.

You see, Captain, what we're
looking for is that one breakthrough

that single blue light into
inter-species communication.

It would be like discovering
why dolphins can enter our dreams.

- Captain, can I ask you something?
- Sure.

Have you dreamed of Darwin this week?

Yes, I have.

- Last night?
- You too?

- Yeah.
- He was carrying something.

Bringing something.

The shuttle from Mr. Lansdowne's landing
should be arriving soon.

I'll be there. Thank you.

Come in.

Permission to address the Captain on
the record to be entered into his log.

At ease, Commander.

Is this a mutiny?

As second in command,
I'd like to voice our opinion

on the impending arrival
of Milos Tezlof

recently deposed head of state
of the Serbo-Croatian Alliance.

Go ahead.

You're putting the boat into
the middle of this conflict

without the slightest attempt to negotiate.

With no plan beyond him
arriving in our midst.

How can I negotiate with a man
who holds Westphalen hostage?

As you well know, sir, there
is always room to negotiate.

To bring someone like this
on board is a soulless choice.

It's like inviting
the albatross of the Ancient Mariner.

You're afraid of this man.

Call it an instinct, a premonition.

This guy is a nightmare
we should not be near. He's just too evil.

We can't handle him?

"Unnecessary risk"
is the phrase I'd choose.

All right, Commander.
I will enter all of this into the log.

But before you go,
I'd like to read you something.

"He prayeth best, who loveth best

all things both great and small.

For the dear God who loveth us

he made and loveth all."

- That's - Yes, it is.
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner."

Shuttle MR-3,
maintain alert status until final docking.

- I'll take that.
- I think not.

Thank you.

This place.

I've dreamed of this place.

- His son. Of course.
- The boy won't talk.

He's suffering some kind of trauma.

No human being can live
as terrified as he is.

Terrified of what?
Where's his mother?

Attention all hands.
Level 7 security guest in transit.

- Please take precautions.
- You're okay? - Yes, yes.

But there's something
peculiar about all this.

- You been dreaming about Darwin?
- Yes.

Have you?


Is there anyone aboard this boat who
hasn't been dreaming about Darwin?

From one UEO prison to another.

Well, we need to know
where you are all the time.


Are you going to turn me
over to the UEO?

Not yet.

There never has been a multi-ethnic
country, has there, Captain?

It's the way of the world.

Despite the mythological
dreams of the UEO.

It's as old as Earth itself.

For some strange reason or other, you
and I have been having the same dream.

Some images in that dream
I don't understand. I think you do.

I need you to tell me what they mean.

Your dolphin

has put

things in my head.

Maybe so, Mr. Tezlof.

But why?



I suppose you're worried about
having this guy aboard the boat, too.

No. It was my idea.

Look, are you upset with me?

Damn it. Why did you have to
go to Malcolm's in the first place?

What? I can go wherever I want.

- You can go where you want.
- It was my time off.

I'm not saying it's not your time.
There isn't enough for you to do here?

- If you don't want me working with him
- I didn't say that. Did I say that?

Nathan if you don't want me seeing him

maybe we should talk about it.

- He's a little crazy. You know?
- Yeah. He's a friend of yours.

I think you're jealous.

This will collect baseline data.

Swimming with Darwin will help you relax.

It will eliminate fear.
This is a neurological imaging system.

Malcolm and I have been perfecting it.

It's really just a 41 -channel
electroencephalographic preamplifier.

A breakthrough in this area
could be mind-boggling.

It would teach us about healing,
about developing immunities.

In a nutshell, Nathan,
it would prove that dolphin

can communicate directly
into one's neurological system.

- In our dreams.
- That's kid stuff, but sure.

What did they use to say?
In the future, everybody's gonna be wired.

Play, Play'

It talks.

Look at this. He's calm. He's happy.

I would not let anyone
drive a car after this.

- What's it saying?
- The beta activity is as calm as possible.

You know, swimming with Darwin
is significantly changing

the boy's neurological state.
He's ecstatic.

In my dream,
it was he who was carrying.

Look at me, I'm just a crazy kid
with a crush on your medical officer.

- Don't think you're going to stay aboard.
- I didn't say anything.

I've got the oppressor of Eastern Europe
swimming with my dolphin.

- How do you talk me into these things?
- Don't ask me. I'm just working here.

Yeah, I know.

- What the hell was that?
- I'm not sure, sir.

- What's going on?
- Tezlof's enemies have found you.

- They want you to give him up
for execution. - How'd they find us?

The communication superhighway
has got lots of hitchhikers.


- What is it? - Any number of crafts
directly above us, sir.

They range from gun boats, to small
recons vessels, to fishing trawlers.

They used some primitive jamming
system on our communications buoy.

Well, who's doing it?

Captain, they've apparently
lowered what looks to be a wrecking ball.

- Wrecking ball? - Check that, sir.
It's not a wrecking ball.

It's a nuclear warhead.

Get us out of here.

For the reckless use of
the treasures of the people

Yugoslavian Court of Serfs condemns you

Milos Tezlof, to death.

For the murder of 5,000
in the city of Split

you, Milos Tezlof

are condemned to death.

For the firebombing of the city of Tuzla

Yugoslavian Court of Serfs
condemns you, Milos Tezlof

to death.

- Who are these people?
- My enemies. They have found me.

- What should I say, sir'?
- Tell them we need more time.

- Tell them to go ahead.
- Tell them we need more time!

- What? - They say
they're going to give us 12 hours, sir.

Tell them that the man
they're looking for on this boat is a guest

and we don't intend to give him up.

- What did she say?
- Five hours.

Get me Noyce.

A nuclear warhead on a chain, a yo-yo.

- You think they can detonate this thing?
- That's hard to say, Cap.

You know, since the ban
on nuclear weapons

the black market's gone crazy
with this sort of thing.

I'll say this much, though.
If they can't detonate,

it's still one damn fine bluff.

Darwin, do you understand
what we're trying to do here?

- Yes.
- Are we on the right track?

Apparently not.

Well, perception fuels consciousness.

You mean we've got an interesting
theory, but it's not gonna work.

I mean we all make it up as we go along.

- That, sometimes, is the truth.
- That's always the truth.

I wonder what Darwin will tell us.
I mean, his inner thoughts

- are what we're really talking about.
- I think he'd complain about

how the monkeys messed everything up.

When you first tried this,
what do you mean, he just said "no"?

That's it. "No.".

Yeah. His version of "get lost."

- Not exactly.
- What?

You guys have been dreaming about him.

Haven't you?

- The same dream. - Then O'Neill started
to have the same one.

No, I didn't.


Yeah. Maybe Darwin
just wants to leave it at that.

I can tell you one thing.

If he chooses to use this machine
and put an image up there

I would really like to see it.

- They say we're running out of time.
- Sir, this is more than we should manage.

We should turn Tezlof over.
It's not our fight anymore.

- They have every right to him.
- Not yet.

How far do we have to go down,
Mr. Ortiz?

They're a little more sophisticated than
most. I'd recommend deep submergence.

Okay, Commander, let's take
her down below 20,000 feet.

Roger that. Chief Crocker, gather
everyone into the center of the boat

- and notify me when you're done.
- Aye, Commander. Lt. Krieg.

Sound deep submergence alarm.
Everyone to their appointed stations.

Ortiz, if you can give me a schematic
on that I can check the progress.

I do not want to die for this man.

Let's go down 5,000 more, right now.

Diving, sir.

I'll go see what's going on, Ok?
Stay right there.

Regrouping nearly complete.
Ready to flood the seaQuest

to match outside pressure in
less than 5 minutes.

Close the moon pools.

All crew to secure quarters.
Main passageways will be flooding

- in 30 seconds.
- We're flooding the boat.

You better come with me, all right?

Darwin, keep him safe.
I'm gonna go get some help.

Everyone present and accounted for.
Ready to flood the outer compartments.

Captain, the boy is gone.
Caesar's gone.

It was an accident. The door on
the moon pool closed on him and Darwin.

They may be in a flooded area.
We'll have to go to the surface.

Commander, stop the flooding
and let's take us up.

Ortiz, cancel deep submergence.

- Let's check all hatch seals.
- All right, let's evacuate.

Break off. You take B-Deck.
Aft and propulsion.

We'll circle around to meet you.

- Secure that hatch. - 30 seconds.
Let's get these cleared, quick!

Attention! Tezlof has left secure quarters.
Go to Level 8 alert.


I'll check the manifold room.

He understands you?

I want your dolphin

and your vocorder.

I want to heal my son.

I have a solution for you.

I will give up claims to my country.

In return, you will give me
the vocorder and the dolphin

and safe passage from this boat.

I can't do that.

Millions of lives are
less important than your pet?

I don't trust you.

It takes a strong man to kill.

An even stronger one to stop.

There's no deal.

In the chaos of the search for my son

there were so many things
I could have done to your boat.

The thing you have to keep asking
yourself, Captain is how much time

did I have during the search?
How much time do you have now?

You're bluffing.
Am I?

I'm a direct descendant
of Vlad the Impaler, King of Romania.

They tell a story of an Arab messenger
who came to court.

The messenger was asked to
remove his turban. He refused.

Vlad nailed the turban to his skull.

Oh, yes.

In the confusion

I found things.

- I need proof.
- All that is required

in a bluff is some validation
of what I'm claiming to be true.

I can destroy your boat, Captain.

And I will do so

unless you make my son whole.

- I can't do that.
- Then ask your dolphin.

Ask him yourself.

Take us back down, now.
Dive! Dive!

Get us away from that bomb.
Get us out of here.

- All hands to deep dive alert status.
- Code 4. Battle stations.

- What's she saying?
- She's going so fast.

They want Tezlof immediately.

- They say they're going to attack.
- Tell them to check their passive radar.

They know we're locked on.
They know we've got them in our sights.

Tell her this:
He who strikes first, strikes last.

SeaQuest will interpret any
movement of yours as provocative.

We will respond forcibly.

We will give you Tezlof
at our discretion.

Don't think that Darwin and the vocorder
are gonna be a quick cure.

And what of the son I have now?

What happens without the vocorder?
What is his end? A life in hell?

All right.
Then who or what is the dolphin carrying?

What are you hiding from me?

Too late.

I would like to spend time
with my boy and the dolphin.

All right.

I would like to ask you a question.

My dear mammal

can you heal my son?



Momma. Momma.


Yes. You talked.

In my escape from my enemies

Caesar was cut off from his mother.

I had to choose between
my boy and his mother.

I had to sacrifice his mother.

I left his mother.

They killed her. I'm sorry.

Forgive me. I'm sorry.

My boy. My Caesar.

We'll take care of him.

I have the strength to make
amends for his mother to save my son.

Tell my enemies up above
lam coming to them.

I surrender.

That's why you came to us.

It's what the dream was about.

Milos Tezlof has surrendered.
We're handing Tezlof over to you now.

When you receive him, you are to vacate
the waters above us immediately.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I don't know about you,
but I could use a nap.


That's your response to all this?

Well, what should be my response?

I mean, Nathan's got this guy in hand.

- Everything is gonna be fine.
- Oh, and that's it?


- Here's what I am thinking.
- I am not leaving this boat.

- What?
- But I think that you and the boy should.

- What?
- Malcolm, take the boy with you.

You have the time.
You have the dolphins.

Lucas could adapt
a vocorder program for you.

- What?
- Oh, Malcolm.

You are

You are as charming as
the day is long but maybe

that's not enough.

My work's here.

I'd last about 2 months on your island.

You use that charm to raise a child.

- Couldn't sleep?
- I wasn't really anxious to.

- What is that, chocolate?
- Yeah.

Looks good.

You all finished with your work
at Malcolm's now?

I'm not sure.

Not sure?

Well, I really enjoy
being with him, but there.

There has to be more to my life.

Something else you need on the boat?

I don't know. I'll have to check.

What does that mean?

It may take a little while

but I'm checking. I'm checking.

"He prayeth best, who loveth best

all things both great and small.

For the dear God who loveth us

he made and loveth all."

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Recent research dealing with the
interaction between dolphins and humans

has led to innovative new ways to
communicate with these mammals.

Research by the Aqua Thought
Foundation suggests

that close contact with dolphins may
actually alter human brain wave activity.

Continued research should provide us
with a better understanding

of these intelligent creatures.

Join us on the next exciting
adventure of seaQuest DSV.