Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 3 - Strange Encounters of a Scooby Kind - full transcript

Aliens kidnap Scooby, Scrappy, and Shaggy. / The gang encounters vampires on a rainy evening. / The dogs use their "noodles" to catch a thief.

- Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.



Let me at him. Let me at him!

Let me at him. Let me at him!


Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?



Car 23 reporting.

Hot on the tail of the suspect
in the nuclear laboratory theft.

Don't lose him, Harris.

He's got radioactive
metals worth billions.

No chance. He's
as good as captured.

Car 23, out.

Ha, ha! Those fools
can never stop me now.

Or ever. Ha-ha-ha.

Boy, there's nothing like a hike in
the country, is there, Uncle Scooby?

Uncle Scooby?

What do you say we
rest a minute, Scrappy?

Rest? Doggies don't rest.

We're strong and tough, and we
don't get tired, do we, Uncle Scoob?


After all, we've only been
hiking for five minutes.

Like, that's five
minutes without food.

- Food?
- I can fix that, Shaggy.

Just leave it to me. Puppies come
prepared because we're tough.

What's he gonna do?

Rub two sticks together
and fry up some wild berries?


Okay, how do you
like your steaks?

- Steaks?
- Steaks?

A Scooby scout
is always prepared.

Right, Uncle Scooby? I mean, we
are prepared, Uncle Scoob, aren't we?


Hey, our dinner.

I don't believe it.
It's a flying saucer.

- I'm getting out of here. OFFICER:
Harris, what's going on out there?

Harris? Harris, what is it?

Bow-wow. Do you see what I see?

Are you cold, Uncle Scooby?

Like, let's get
back to the cabin.

This is no place for cowards.

Scooby scouts are
not afraid, Shaggy.

I wasn't talking
about you, Scrappy.

We sure were lucky to
get these cabins, Mr. Moss.

Lucky nothing. You're
the only ones here.

But it's the height of the camping
season. Where are all the people?

They come by, but
they don't stay long.

Enjoy your stay.

Cheery sort, isn't he?

Like, gangway,
we're coming through!

Help! Help!

Shaggy, Scooby, what is it?

- Wait for me.
- Ha, ha.

We gotta pack and get out of
here before the rest of them land.

The rest of what land?

What's going on, Scrappy?

It was really neat, Velma.

We saw this creature from another planet
get onto a flying saucer and fly off.

Heh. You're joking.

Do you hear me laughing?
It's no joke, Daphne.

It was a monster. Monster
from outer space, all right...

with bulging eyes and
scales, oh, ho, ho...

and glowing like crazy.

Come on, we'll take you
there, and we'll get them.

Puppy power!

- Scrappy?
- We're gonna catch us a monster, unc.

A monster?

Honest, Fred, the
saucer was right here.

Well, after it began to
lift off, what happened?

The only logical thing.

- I ran.
- Me too.

Aw, you were just trying to
protect me, right, Uncle Scooby?

Yeah. Sure. Ha, ha.

Hey, guys, look at this.

The car is full of
glowing handprints.

We should see if anybody
else reported the saucer, Velma.

Let's check the police reports.

Wait. What about us?

You stay here
and look for clues.

What kind of clues?

Martian fingerprints? Travel
brochures from Jupiter?

Jumping doggy fleas.

Shaggy, Uncle Scooby,
look what I found.

If it's the creature, it's
every man for himself.

Somebody's building something.

Yeah? Well, unless it's a
top-security pizza parlor...

they can't count on my business.

Okay, it wasn't a
terrific joke, but...


"Earthlings," did you say?

No, we just stopped by on our
way from Venus. Right, guys?

Right. Venus.

Like, Earth's a nice place to visit,
but we wouldn't wanna live here.

Come on, pick on somebody
from your own planet. Ruff!

And double ruff, ruff!


I bet you wouldn't treat
Luke Skywalker this way.

We'll meet again.

Jinkies, a billion dollars'
worth of radioactive metals?

The biggest theft on record.

Here are those photos from the
nuclear theft. Weird, man. Real weird.

I've been waiting for these.
- Jinkies.

That's hard to believe.

And we left Shaggy and
the dogs out there with that?

Zoinks, the Mystery
Machine isn't back yet.

Oh, no.

Quick, in here.
We'll build a fortress.

What are you doing, Shaggy?

Huh? Oh. Ha, ha.

Uh, we're spring cleaning.


That'll keep those aliens out.

Aliens? Oh, good.

I'll splat them when they
come in the back door.

- Back door?
- Back door?


Back door. Back
door. Ha. ha. Zoinks!

- We gotta barricade that one too, Scoob.
- Right.


This Scrappy trap will take care of
any creatures that come in this way.

It's the aliens. - Yikes!

Help! DAPHNE: Hey!

I did it.

- I got me some space creepies.
- Uh-oh.

Look again, Scrappy.

You wouldn't send a doggy back to the
kennel for an honest mistake, would you?

Of course not, Scrappy.

It's the aliens.

Puppy power!

What's going on out there?

I got you now.

My Uncle Scooby is fearless
and ferocious, and so am I.

- Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!
- He's got something.

always gets his man...

or alien or creature or beast.

Or boot.

Huh? Okay, come
out with your hands up.

Hey, let go!

What's going on in there?
And who took my boot?

- Oh, you're gonna play that way, huh?
- We're sorry for the noise, Mr. Moss.

But there have been some weird
things happening around here tonight.

- You mean the saucers?
- Like, you've seen them too.

Lots of folks have.

Take my advice, kids, and
get out while you still can.

Wait, Mr. Moss.

- Mr. Moss.
- He disappeared.

And, like, I think we
should follow his example.

Me too.

Don't be letting that
Moss feller scare you off.

He don't know what
he's talking about.

- Who are you?
- The name's Tessie.

This here's Mule. He's a mule.

And I gotta tell you, I don't trust
Moss as far as I can heave a pine tree.

Do you know something
about flying saucers?

Wow, a real mule.


All this talk of creatures and
saucers is just foolishness.

- What's that, Uncle Scooby?
- I don't know.

If you're interested in getting
to the bottom of this mystery...

Hey. Hey, guys,
look what we found.

That's my Geiger counter.

Like, doesn't that have
something to do with radioactivity?

Right you are, and it's
coming from inside there.

It's Mr. Moss' office.

But what could be
radioactive in there?

Hmm. I hope it's
not what I'm thinking.

One old-timer told me he saw one
of them saucers land right near here.

Can you show us where?

Well, I guess so.

I think he was a little touched,
but he said it landed right here.

Well, if UFOs are like lightning, they
never strike in the same place twice.

Oh, boy, so much
for that theory.


It's a flying saucer. - No!

- Tessie!
- Tessie!

Help! It's got me!

Like, zoinks, we're next, Scoob.

Goners for sure. Ha, ha.


Shaggy! Scooby!

Uncle Scooby, what are
you doing down there?

You're missing all the action.


Not really, Scrappy.

You'd be surprised how
much action we're not missing.


Here, Shaggy. Grab hold.

Like, you're a
real lifesaver, Fred.

Yeah. Lifesaver.

Scooby. Scoob.

Hey. Cut it out. Watch it.

So that's the way
it is, eh, Scoob?

Every dog for himself.

- Look, the saucer.
- Not another one.

Hey, it's gone.

And so is Tessie.

And her mule.

I think I see something.

Poor Tessie.

Like, she's probably on
some Planet X right now...

at the mercy of green,
scaly, glowing beasties.

Hmm. I wonder what this is.

I'll bet it's some space-type
weapon the saucer dropped.

Like, what do you
say we get out of here?

Good idea, Shaggy.

Huh? You liked that idea?

We've got to get to a
phone and report this.

But which way are the cabins?

Just follow me. I'll
get us there in no time.

- Here we are. DAPHNE:
Oh, I don't know, Scrappy.

These won't be
cabins for months yet.

Well, at least I was close.

It doesn't look like any work's
been done here for quite a while.

Yeah, like, the flying saucers
probably scared them off too.

Ouch! That's hot.

That's strange.

I think we've got some
more investigating to do.

Mr. Moss?

- Mr. Moss? DAPHNE: I
don't think he's there, Fred.

I bet you the monster from
outer space got him too.

Zoinks, Scrappy's right.

We might be the only
human beings left on Earth.

And dogs too.

Like, right, Scoob.
And dogs too.

He locked the door, but we've
got to get inside to the phone.

And we've got to
pack, for real this time.

I'm with you.

Well, maybe he hid a
spare key around here.

It's okay, Daphne. It's open.


Who let us in?

I did, but you gotta
help me down.

Now I better go see if I
could help my Uncle Scooby.

Oh, come on, why are we packing up
before we've splattered the monster?

It's hard to explain, Scrappy.

It has a little to do with timing,
a little to do with planning...

and a lot to do with panic.

Sometimes Shaggy
really confuses me.

Hey, another one.

Like, another what, Scrappy?

Zoinks, another space weapon.

Don't touch it, Scrappy. You'll
blow us from here to China.

Aw, what could
one little button do?

Oh, no. Oh, no.

He set off a whole space war.

It's okay. Come on out.

It's okay?

How about that?

Space weapons can
turn the television on too.

Oh, no. The phone's locked.

We can't call out.

We might not have to,
Fred. Look what I found.

This clock was
on the windowsill.

Is that important?

I think so, Daphne. Watch.

Hmm. I see what you mean, Velma.

Come with me. I just
might have a plan.

What gives, Velma?

What does an alarm clock and a
space weapon that turns on a television...

and an abandoned construction
site have to do with anything?

Almost everything, Shaggy.

All we need to wrap up this
mystery now are some volunteers.


Like, who would be so dumb?

Yeah. Ha, ha.

Hey. Hey, if you
want bait, get a worm.

Who volunteered us?

Well, you didn't wanna
miss all the action, did you?

- Yes.
- Take it easy, Shaggy.

- We'll be right here.
- Ready to spring.

Yes. I just hope you can spring
before the alien does. Zoinks!


Hey, how lucky can you get?

Like, not very.

That's incredible.

Okay, guys, follow me.


Puppy power!

- Scrappy!
- Okay, alien...

you're dealing with Scrappy-Doo
now and I'm gonna splat you.

It'll be awful.


Hi, Uncle Scooby.


I am about to make
a close encounter.

Yeah, like, it's gonna have to be a
close encounter of the chicken kind...

because we're
getting out of here.

Oh, no.

We're trapped. Doomed.

- Ouch.
- Yikes.

We're taking off.

We're too late.


Let us out!


Somebody, help!

No one can hear you
shouting like that in deep space.

You're right, Scrappy.
We'll have to shout louder.

- Help!
- Help!

Zoinks. Like, we've
landed on Planet X.

Now is our chance
to get that alien.

Puppy power!

- Scrappy.
- Scooby.

Okay, alien, this is Scrappy-Doo
giving you your final warning.

Get back in the saucer.
Like, it's our only chance.

Not until I get me an alien.

I'll buy you one when
we get back home.

Not so fast, my friends.


Forward march.


There's nowhere to run.

You're trapped here. Ha, ha.

"Nuclear Laboratories."

Like, they must
use this stuff for fuel.

We need a plan, Uncle Scooby.
We do need a plan, don't we?

I've got it.

I know you're in here, and
I'll find you sooner or later.

SHAGGY: Aha! A customer.

Right this way, and
welcome, welcome. Ha, ha.

Take my word,
you're gonna love it.

Signor Scooby, serve the pizza.

One pizza, coming up.

SCRAPPY: And coming down now.

Good work, Uncle Scooby.

You Earthling.

I'll get you for this.

SHAGGY Like, you'll
have to catch us first.

This way, Scoob. Find a way
to close the door, Scooby, quick.

And I'll find the controls
to get us back to Earth.


Maybe that button works
something, Uncle Scooby.

Maybe so.

All right, the game is over.

I got him, Uncle
Scooby. I got him.

I think I got him. Oh, boy,
Shaggy found the controls.

Not me.

Zoinks, and I guess
not him, either.

Then who's flying the saucer?

Oh, this is a puzzle, then.



Even for Scrappy-Doo.

Get us out of here!


- Hang on, Shaggy.
- We're back on Earth.

You never left it, Shaggy.

Okay, Fred, bring it down.

I don't understand how
you kids figured it out.

It was easy, officer.

Our first clue was the
glowing handprints in the car...

which indicated someone was
using phosphorescent paint...

to give himself an alien look.

Paint which rubbed off
on the steering wheel.

That's great. What next?

The hot engine on the crane in
the abandoned construction area...

told us it wasn't abandoned.

The alien hid the saucer
under one of the cement pads...

and lifted it with the crane.

You mean Planet X was
just under a cement pad?

- I knew it all the time.
- You did?

This space weapon is actually
a remote control device...

used to operate the
saucer from the ground.

Operated by Tessie.

If the alien was a
fake, it had to be her.

She hid in the bushes when we were
blinded by the light from the saucer.

I thought it was Mr. Moss until
we found that clock in his window.

It was the clock's radium dial
that made it glow in the dark...

and made the
Geiger counter react.

So the whole alien disguise was
just to scare the police off her trail.

- Amazing.
- Exactly.

While they're off chasing UFOs,
she could sell the metals for a fortune.

Yeah, like, we knew
it all the time, all right.

It takes a lot to scare us.


Zoinks, it's the attack
of the monster head!

Nope. It's the attack
of Scrappy-Doo.