Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld - full transcript

Velma becomes Dr. Watson for a day when she assists a robotic Sherlock Holmes in a futuristic amusement park.

- Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi. I'm Scrappy-Doo.



Let me at him. Let me at him!

Let me at him. Let me at him!


Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?



Blimey, what a night.

The kind of night when
most anything could happen.

Who's here?

It's the Night Ghoul of London.

Welcome to Wonderworld...

where your fantasies
become reality.

You must be Velma.
I know your fantasy.

To solve a case with
Sherlock Holmes.


Come, let me introduce
you to the people...

or should I say, the
robots of Wonderworld.

They are all

and are incapable
of harming our guests.


Like, that monster doesn't
look incapable of anything.

Oh, a sneak attack, eh?

I gotta warn you, you're
dealing with Scrappy-Doo.

That's more like it. Ruff!

- Huh?
- Their electronic circuitry...

makes your visit
here completely safe.

Amazing. But what
about Velma's fantasy?

Well, that's handled
entirely by our computer...

which will keep it a
secret, even from me.

So only Sherlock Holmes
knows what the mystery is?

- That is correct.
- Heh, heh.

Mr. Kemper will take
you to Londonworld.

- See you in three days.
- Yikes!

Three days?

Like, that's a long time to be cooped
up with a bunch of robots. Ha, ha.

And there's no way out...

until your time is up.

Ahh! Like, who are you?

Allow me to introduce
Mr. Alexander Wodehouse...

a fellow traveler
to Londonworld.

I'm an antique collector who always
dreamed of visiting Victorian London.

Now's my chance.

Hang on. Here we go.

We're now passing
through Prehistoric World.

Wow, dinosaurs.

I bet you'd like to get your
paws on him, huh, Uncle Scooby?

You would, wouldn't
you, Uncle Scooby?

Oh, yeah. Sure.

This is Outlaw World.

Yippee! Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!

That's my kind of place. Can
we stop here, Uncle Scooby?

- Can we, huh? Can we?
- Sorry, Scrappy.

This is Velma's fantasy, and
we're going to Londonworld.

Last stop. King Albert Station.

Permit me to introduce myself.

I am Sherlock Holmes.

Jinkies. It's really him.

Not quite, Velma.

There. All ready to go.

You must be Velma.

My friend Watson is out of town,
so you will be my new assistant.

Oh, boy.

Be back in three days. Have fun.

Twopence, governor?

Like, that's a switch, buying real
flowers from an artificial girl. Ha, ha.

He looks right at home here.

So long, Mr. Wodehouse.
Maybe we'll see you around.

I'm sure you will.

221B Baker Street.

Where the most baffling mysteries
in the world have been solved.


And our current case is
perhaps the most puzzling of all.

Not after we get through
with it, right, Uncle Scooby?


The theft of the crown
jewels of England.

Oh, no.

Who do you suspect?

The most fearsome criminal
ever to prowl these foggy streets.

Like, I don't like
the sound of that.

Me, neither.

The Night Ghoul of London.

Ha, ha. While you guys solve the mystery,
I think I'll wait for you someplace safe...

- like Pizzaworld.
- Me too.

And miss getting that
ugly Night Ghoul? Never.

We'll give him a left
and a right and a left.

Won't we, Uncle Scooby? We
will, won't we? Yeah, we will.

The crown jewels were on display in the
tower of London when they disappeared.

Our next stop.

Come, Velma, the game's afoot.

Mr. Holmes, sir.

Like, what's he?

A guard for the Tower
of London, Shaggy.

They're called beefeaters.

Beefeaters? Mm. Yum, yum, yum.


I think Scoob and I will
look for clues out here.


Oh, Uncle Scooby.
You'll miss all the fun.

Like, I hope so. - Ha-ha-ha.

So this is where the
jewels were on display.

Suddenly, the lights failed,
and when they come back on...

the jewels were gone.

Don't worry. We'll
find them. Ha, ha. Ruff!

Were you standing guard
outside the room at the time?

Yes. No one came
in, and no one left.

Was there a guard
in the room as well?

Of course. But it was too
dark for him to see anything.

Well, there's nothing in there.

I'd like to talk to that
other guard. Where is he?

He's at the drawbridge.

Lucky us, Scoob, with that
beefeater guard around...

- the Night Ghoul won't come near us.
- Shaggy.

Good idea, Scoob.

If he's a beefeater, he's gotta keep his
hamburgers around here somewhere.

Let's try that door.

Untie me. I'm the guard.

Like, if he's the guard,
then that other guy must be...

The Night Ghoul.

- You took the words right out of my mouth!
- Yikes!

This way, Scoob!

Stop. I'll get you.

Hey, Scoob, like, what
are we running for?

Our lives.

But that Night
Ghoul is only a robot.

He's not allowed to hurt us.

Oh, yeah.


Ha, ha. I think I'm gonna
like this place after all.

You should have seen us take care of
that creepy Night Ghoul, right, Scoob?

Night Ghoul?

His guard disguise
didn't fool us for a minute.

But if the guard was
really the Night Ghoul...

And no one left the
room after the crime...

Then the jewels are
still here. Wait a minute.

- I've got it.
- Amazing.

The crown jewels
were there all along.

I get it. With the jewels supposedly gone,
there'd be no reason to guard the room.

So the Night Ghoul could come back
later and make off with them for real.

Good show, chaps.

But, Velma, how did you
know about the two cases?

Elementary, my dear Holmes.

The picture shows the display
case coming up only waist high...

to the suit of armor...

but when we came in, the
case was up to his chest.

There had to be
something underneath.

You've applied my
methods, Velma.

Brilliant piece of deduction.

Gee, I'm only sorry the
mystery's over so soon.

Over so soon?

That's what you think. - Hey!

- Let us out of here!
- Hey, let me at him!

Puppy power!

Fools. The crown
jewels are mine.

Oh, yeah? Put them up. Ruff!

And double ruff, ruff!


Will you let me
out of this thing?

Jeepers! The Night Ghoul's
stolen the jewels again.

Let's go get him. We can get him,
can't we? Yeah, we can get him.


He can't hurt anybody.

Ahem. Just leave
the Night Ghoul to us.

Yeah. Let's go.

There he is. Let's splat him.


He just missed me.

Realistic, huh?

Zoinks, ha, ha,
this is too realistic.

Like, I think
something's gone wrong.

- Uh-oh.
- Yikes!

Okay. Okay.

You listen up and listen
tight, Night Ghoul. That does it.

I've had it. And
you're getting it. Ruff!

We saw what happened.
Are you guys all right?

That robot's malfunctioning
and dangerous.

And he's got the jewels.

Where to now, Mr. Holmes?

Well, the Night Ghoul was last
seen in the Blackchapel district...

in the shadow of Big Ben.

There's a lot of ground to
cover. We'd better split up.

Shaggy, you take Scooby
and Scrappy that way.

Like, that Night Ghoul
could be anywhere.

- I'll look high while you look low.
- Low?


Stop horsing around, Scoob.

We've gotta find
that Night Ghoul.

- Scrappy!
- He found us, Uncle Scooby.

Like, I think he
found us. Ha, ha.

This time I'll put an
end to your meddling.

Let's get out of here!

Let me at him. Ruff!

He can't scare me. He
can't scare me, can he?

Nah. He can't scare me.

Sorry, Scrappy. We took a
vote and the cowards win. Ha, ha.

- I think we lost him, guys.
- Yeah, lucky him.

Shaggy? Where are you?

Scrappy? Shaggy? Where are you?


Excuse me. Yikes!


Uncle Scooby, you did it.

- I did? SHAGGY: Like,
the Night Ghoul has had it.

Shaggy? Scooby?

You've captured the blackguard.

He's completely shorted out.

That's strange, the
jewels aren't here.

Ah, there you are, Velma.

And how is your
fantasy progressing?

Oh, Mr. Marino, the Night
Ghoul robot went haywire.

Oh, my, my, my.

I must apologize for
his malfunction, Velma.

He'll have to go
back to the shop.

Naturally, since it took you such a short
time to solve the crown jewel mystery...

you'll all receive a
refund for the extra days.

You may leave right
away, if you wish.

- Like, we're already packed.
- But we're not leaving...

because I haven't
solved the mystery.

The crown jewels are still
missing and I intend to find them...

with the help of Mr. Holmes.

Well, if you insist...

but I'd better give Sherlock a quick check
to make sure he's still working properly.

Seems to be working fine.

Well, I wish you good luck.

Enjoy the rest of your
stay in Londonworld.

Now you're onto
something, Scoob.

"Blackchapel Fish 'N Chips."

- The food here is delicious.
- Ha, ha.

Now there's a man
after my own stomach.

These fish and chips
are sure authentic.

They're even served
in newspapers.

Like, all the fish that's
fit to print, huh? Ha, ha.


Hmm. Another article about
the missing crown jewels.

Hmm. There's something
strange about this.

Where to, Mr. Holmes?

Well, I think...

I am warning you,
the jewels are mine.

Leave Londonworld or else.

Come on, Uncle
Scooby. He's only a robot.

I'll pull his plug for good.

No, Scrappy. The robot Night
Ghoul's in the scrapyard...

so that's gotta be...

You're right. This
guy's no robot.

- He's...
- The real Night Ghoul.

For your own good,
leave this place.

The Night Ghoul is getting away.

Ha, ha. Like, I wish we were.

He went into the bookstore.

Now I've got you.

Puppy power!

Mr. Wodehouse.

What's the meaning of this?

Hey, I'm just a doggy and...
And I'm allowed a few mistakes.

- Did you see the Night Ghoul?
- I haven't seen anyone.

Hey. Look at this.

A book about the Night Ghoul.

"He puzzled Londoners
by calling his hiding place...

'The Four Faces of Time."'

Whatever that means.

Jinkies. I'll bet that means
the four clock faces of Big Ben.

I'm sorry to disagree, Velma...

but it undoubtedly refers to the
four walls of Westminster Abbey.

They have stood for
a much longer time.

Well, if you think so, let's go.

You three check out Big
Ben anyway, just in case.

Right now, there's no safer place
in Londonworld than Big Ben, huh?

Next time, we're picking
a world with elevators.

See? There's nothing
up here, Uncle Scooby.

Let's go find the others.

Uh, Uncle Scooby? Uncle Scooby?

A secret room, Scoob.

Right above the clock face.
- Shaggy, look.

The crown jewels. Ha, ha!

Like, ha, ha.

- Help!
- Help!

That's Uncle Scooby.
Scrappy-Dappy-Doo coming through.


Like, let's get out of here.
- Arg!

Now I've got you.

We've got him
surrounded, Uncle Scoob.

Oh, boy. Like, that
was a close one.


- Help!
- Help! Help!

Come on and take your medicine
like a villain, you old night meanie, you.

Let go. Let go.

Ha, ha. Come on, Scoob.


How's it going, Shaggy?

Just hold on, Scrappy.

Like, I hope this works.

Oh, tick-tock. Time sure
flies when you're having fun.

Way to go, Scrappy.

Hey, Scoob. I just reset Big
Ben to 12 midnight. Ha, ha.

That's what I call
a hard day's night.

Jinkies. It's 2 in the morning,
but Big Ben just struck 12.

That's impossible. There
must be something wrong.

Nonsense, my good man.

Big Ben is striking midnight...

because somewhere in
the world, it is midnight.

Possibly Hong Kong.

Elementary, my dear Velma...

He's blown a fuse.

Elementary, my dear...

Elementary, my dear...

That's it. I've
solved the mystery.

We've got to get
over to Big Ben.

Puppy power!


Nice work, Uncle Scoob.

I'll help you wear
him out even faster.

Are you guys all right?

Everything went like
clockwork, right, Scoob?


But, officer, why is Scotland Yard
interested in these Wonderworld fakes?

Those aren't fakes, Shaggy.

- Those are the real crown jewels.
- The what?

I'll take these. Velma's
right. They're the real thing.

The clue was that picture
of the Tower of London...

Shaggy's fish and
chips were wrapped in.

The article describes the same crime,
but there's a TV antenna in the picture.

Since there isn't one at
the Londonworld Tower...

it had to be the real
Tower of London.

Then the article describes
not Velma's fantasy mystery...

but a real crime.

The criminal hid the jewels
where no one would think to look.

In plain sight, at Wonderworld.

But when the computer
came up with Velma's fantasy...

his plans went down the drain.

Right. The robot Night Ghoul malfunctioned,
stole the real jewels and hid them.

So the criminal, disguised
as the Night Ghoul,

tried to scare us off
and find them himself.

Remember, no one was supposed to
know what mystery the computer picked.

Mr. Marino.

I don't believe it.

When we saw him in Londonworld,
he specifically mentioned...

the theft of the crown jewels.

Then he pretended to examine
Holmes, but really short-circuited him...

so he'd be of no
use as a detective.

Let's go.

Like, I guess that wraps
up the case, eh, Scoob?


Will you be having your tea
and biscuits now, Mr. Holmes?

Don't do it, Uncle
Scooby. It's robot food.

- Scooby-Dooby-Doo!
- Ha-ha-ha.