Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 17 - The Eyes Have It - full transcript

A list of Lee's contacts, engraved on a pair of contact lenses, is in the wind as he is treated in hospital following a car accident.

Come on, Moss. I am getting
damn tired of playing games.

Where's the list?

I know you've got it.

You know how I know?

Spaulding told me
just before he died.

I wish I knew what
you were talking about.

You're gonna be making a lot
of wishes if you don't start talking.

Where is Barnstorm?


Well, well, well, Gunther...

say good night.

We apologize for the
inconvenience, Mr. Stetson...

- but, uh, you understand...
- Thank you.

These searches are
conducted purely at random.

No harm done. Believe
me. So au revoir, huh?

You absolutely
sure he was clean?

- We searched him most thoroughly.
- Are you sure?

- Neumann speaking.
- Stetson got to me.

- He has the list.
- That's impossible.

We had him searched
before he got on the plane.

The list is on a pair
of contact lenses.

He's probably wearing them.

You've got to stop him.

Telephone Washington and arrange
for someone to meet me at the airport.

- I'll deal with Stetson there.
- Yeah.

Taking care of Lee's paperwork?

- Yep.
- Good.

- Copy everything to Billy.
- Okeydoke. I'm already doing that.

- Francine?
- Mm-hm?

When did you say Lee
would be back from...

where did you say it was?

I didn't say anything.
I don't know.

- Yes, Amanda?
- Yes, sir.

Uh, sir, it's about Lee.

Sir, you know, I know better
than to ask any questions, sir.

Normally, I wouldn't because, normally I
would be able to just keep my ears open...

and I'd pretty well be able to
pick up on what's going on...

but not this time, sir, it's been
three days and I haven't got a clue.

Something occurred
out of the country.

Lee barely had time to pack a
bag, let alone fill us in with the details.

It happens all the
time. He's all right.

- He made his status checks.
- Thank you, sir.

It's just not Lee
to drop out of sight.


Just came in on a coded relay.

It's all right.

All right, well, Lee is on Flight 445.
He's coming in from Sainte-Marie...

- he's requested a pickup.
- What's his status?

No problem, A-7.

He's going to be at the South
Terminal, Level Three, at 4:00.

- Shall I send somebody to pick him up?
- I'd be happy to go, sir.

You sure it's no trouble?

No problem, sir.
No trouble at all.

I would probably be heading
out that way this afternoon.

See you later.

Walk straight
ahead, Mr. Stetson.

Nice and easy.

Nice and...

Hold him still, Crowe.

I want his eyes.

Get out!



Requesting a backup...

and an ambulance.
Third and Gilmore.

- You all right?
- Take it easy. Yes, I'm all right.

I have an injured
federal agent here.

I need to get him to the
nearest trauma center.

Call the number on the back
of this and say these words...

"Eagle One, there's a bird in
the nest." Do you understand?

- Yes, ma'am.
- You have a first aid kit?

- Sure.
- Let me have that. Thank you.

Just hold on. It's
gonna be okay.

- Amanda?
- Yeah.

- Contact Billy.
- I know, they're gonna contact Billy.

Don't worry. It's
gonna be all right.

- I need a phone patch, top priority.
- Go ahead.

I have a federal agent here, he's
injured. I've gotta notify his superiors.

- Lee, just hang on. Hang on.
- Unh.

It's gonna be all right.

We have a federal agent
coming in, Dr. Goldberg.

- Okay, are we ready?
- This is the profile. We're sealing ER.

N.E.S.T. has been
alerted and the helipad is lit.

- What's the ETA?
- Right now.

Okay, fine.

Ma'am, you've got to let go.

Put the OR on standby...

and get me a stereo Water's
view of this eye from x-ray.

- Where's N.E.S.T.?
- They are coming in now.

Security to ER.

Doctor, here are the
charts and tests you wanted.

Patient's being
prepped right now.

We'll take care
of him. I promise.

- Amanda, are you all right?
- Yes, sir.

N.E.S.T. is the national
emergency surgical team.

They know what to
do in this situation...

- better than anybody in the country.
- Right.

All right, come on.
Let's go sit down.


His BP was 94 over 60
when they brought him in.

We started him on Lactated Ringer's
and continued him on O2 at four liters.

His profile says
he's 36 years old...

good physical condition, has
anaphylactic reaction to penicillin...

blood type O positive, and we've
got 12 pints if you need them.

You run a tight ship, doctor.

- N.E.S.T. could use a good trauma man.
- I'm happy where I am.

Excuse me, doctor.

What have we got, Barbara?

Head injury and
knife laceration.

- CAT scanner warmed up?
- I'll alert them.

Amanda, this is important.

Did Lee say anything
to you, anything at all?

No, sir. Well, just
said, "Contact Billy."

Think, maybe he said
something, anything off-the-cuff...

- it might've been code.
- Francine, really.

All he said was, "Contact
Billy." He didn't say anything else.

You did everything correctly.

You executed emergency
procedure perfectly.

Thank you, sir.

Dr. Goldberg? GOLDBERG: Yes.

What's going on with our man?

The N.E.S.T. team is still going over him.
When I left him, he was still unconscious.

- How serious is it?
- He has a very serious head injury.

We won't know anything until
after a CAT scan. So, uh, excuse me.

- Thank you.
- Of course.

Why don't you go home?

- We can't do anything here.
- No, sir, I think I'll wait.

It'll be hours before
anybody has any information.

I know, Francine.

- But I'll wait for the CAT scan.
- All right.

We'll contact your family
and tell them where you are.

- Thank you, sir. BILLY:
With a friend who's in trouble.

That's the truth.

- Francine?
- See you later.

Excuse me, uh, wonder
if I could see Lee Stetson.

Oh, no, I don't think we
have anyone by that name.

You sure?

I'm positive they said, uh...

Parker General. Could
you check, please?

Maybe Administration
has something.

Um... Never mind, uh...

It's okay. Thank you.


Well, well, look
at you, Scarecrow.

You sure look better
than you did last night.

If this is the hangover, don't tell
me what the party was like, okay?

What's Amanda doing here?

You do have some memory
loss, they said to expect that.

She saved your butt. I knew
better than to try to send her home.

From what she says,
you were outnumbered.

Yeah, it was the
Germans, Neumann.

Why would Kurt Neumann and
his watchdog jump you at Dulles?

Sketch me in with the background,
Scarecrow. What's he want?

- It's the lenses.
- What lenses?

Lenses. Where are they, unh?

Where are they?
Where are they, Billy?

Lee, you're awake. LEE: Oh.

Amanda, did I give them to you?

Uh, you didn't even
have a camera with you.

No, no.

Contact lenses. AMANDA: No.

- Contact? LEE: I
know I'm a little foggy...

but I'm sure Neumann didn't
get them, he didn't have a chance.

They were still in my
eyes when I blacked out.

Contact lenses?

Since when did you
develop an eye problem?

- I've gotta go.
- No, you've gotta stay in bed.

- No.
- Come on.

Billy says you
saved my skin, huh?

No, I... No.

And I didn't say anything
to you about contact lenses?

- No, you said, "Contact Billy."
- Uh...

Then we're losing time.

We're losing time. How long has it
been? How long have I been here?

Shh. Fifteen hours.

- Fifteen hours.
- What's this all about?

It's the Barnstorm list.

- They were encoded on the lenses.
- What's Barnstorm?

It's a string of non-pros,
civilian eyes and ears...

I gathered over
the last 10 years.

Billy, one of the family
double-crossed us...

and sold the list to an East
German by the name of Moss.

Now, he either got remorse, religion
or something, but he killed himself.

Was it the complete list?
- I don't know.

We've gotta get
the lenses together...

and put them under a
comparative microscope to find out.

Who looked in my eyes
when they checked me in here?

I don't know a lot of people,
the doctors and nurses...

Then we've gotta get a
list of all the possibilities.

- We gotta cover all our bases!
- What are you doing?

Moss got them as
far as Sante-Maire.

If Neumann got them
back, I've gotta go after him.

- He'll wipe out the whole family.
- I know, I know, I know.

Scarecrow, just
let us handle this.

I'll have a team trace your
route until we find them.

You just stay in the bed.

You wouldn't be any good to
anybody if you killed yourself.

What is it?

It's a contact lens. I took it
off an agent named Stetson.

His chart said he had 20/20
vision, so I became suspicious.

Have a look at it in the sun.

It's covered with some sort of list applied
to the plastic with a photo process.

- I can't read it.
- You need a microscope.

I had a quick look. It says
something about Barnstorm.


Very good, doctor.

I told you one day something I
could use would fall into your lap.

You're a good
judge of character.

Not necessarily.
I just try harder...

until I find the right person
and the right weak spot.

You and yours were perfect.

Worth the papers you
borrowed from my clinic?

Possibly, if it really
is Barnstorm...

then the DEA will never
have to hear about all those...

nasty prescriptions you wrote.

Well, sir, thank you very much for
the lift. I certainly do appreciate it.

How long do you think
they'll have to keep my car?

- A few days.
- Hmm.

You can stay at home
and out of trouble.

Yes, sir. What about Lee?

He'll be fine, Amanda. All he
needs now is rest and lots of it.

- Yes. But you know he won't stay put.
- Why don't you stay with him?

I'll hold you responsible
for keeping him there.

Yes, sir. I'll do that
if you'd like for me to.

Thank you, sir.



- Hello, Leatherneck.
- Hi, Mrs. King.

- How are you?
- Mr. Melrose said you could fix me up...

with a loaner car while
mine's being repaired.

What did you do, drive
that wagon through a house?

No, it went through a bus thing.

- I was close.
- Yeah.

I was gonna ask you, when
did you get your door blown off?

The door was last year.

How did you know? I didn't
even bring it here to be fixed.

Your car told me.

I see.

I can run my hand over a car...

and tell you just what it's
been through, all the pain...

bullet wounds, flame
throwers, you name it.

Here we got you one, right
over here. If I can get the key.

- You like the color?
- Not much.

It's kind of like a purple
heart, but all over.

But I'll tell you something...

this baby's got more fiberglass in it
than your partner's fancy sports car.

- Mm-hm.
- Here you go.

Let me find the key here.

Here you go.

- Oh, I'm gonna need that, huh?
- Yeah.



You gotta get its attention.

- Thank you.
- Bye.


Except for the word "barnstorm,"
everything else is in code, Goldberg.

Are you being cute with me?

You need the other lens.

You put them together,
you got a completed image.

Oh, the other lens. Funny
you didn't mention that before.

I'm not holding out on you,
Brody, I'm just keeping you honest.

You'll get the other lens
when I get what I need.

You don't play
with me, Goldberg.

You don't hold me up.

The deal will go through. I'm
just worried about your skin.

- Save your threats.
- Not me, Stetson.

He's not a rookie player.

He'll hurt you when he
finds out who took his lenses.

Besides, when I make this sale,
I wanna guarantee the goods.

I don't want Stetson on my tail.

- Is that clear?
- No.

- Kill him or no deal.
- Brody?


Hmm, I thought you were gonna take a
nap. You were at that hospital all night.

Well, I know, Mother, but I
dozed on and off. I'm all right.

How is Mr. Simpson?
You haven't said.

Well, he's okay. He
has a concussion. But

he's not critical,
he's a little bit groggy.


He had a head injury, huh. That
means you're gonna sleep all day.

I know, but I thought I'd
just take him some books...

and things so he'd have
something to do when he wakes up.

Listen, I'm gonna tell you something.
You have got to take care of yourself.

I've been through enough
hospital vigils to know.

- They can just run you ragged.
- I know, Mother, but he's such a nice man.

Hmm, well, could be.

But when are the boys
and I gonna see you?

- Just going to the hospital.
- Hm?

Yesterday, you were
just going to the airport...

and you came home with
your car in a thousand pieces.

Can I have that one? You can't
get it into your mouth anyway.

- Trade you.
- Mm.

Dr. Leon to Obstetrics.

Dr. Leon to Obstetrics.

Will Mrs. Morgan please
return to her room?

Mrs. Morgan, please
return to your room.

- Mm...
- Shh, shh.

No fuss or you will set
off the watchdog outside.

Sally, how did you
know I was here?

An old proverb says, "Moles with
bad eyes must have very good ears."


And what have those
ears of yours picked up?

Bad vibes, Lee. Bad.

The word in the
Barnstorm network...

is one of the chickens
is really a chicken hawk.


There's a list with all of our names
on it and the Germans have it.

You surprise me, Sally,
you're usually right on the mark.

Correction on two points.

The list may not have all your names,
and the Germans may not have it.

How nice you can
be so particular.

How did anyone get such a list?

Someone in our
family's gone bad.

- It happens.
- Yeah.

Perhaps I should
play it safe and get out.

That happens too, you
know. Sources dry up.

That'd be the worst
thing you could do.

You'd draw attention to
yourself. But don't worry.

I'll let you know if it looks
like the roof is gonna fall in.

And in the meantime, you let
me know if you hear anything.

- Okay?
- Trust you?

Heh, why stop now?

Nurses station. May I help you?

Dr. Kelly? Dr. Kelly?
Telephone please.

Telephone for Dr. Kelly.

Telephone for Dr. Kelly.

Ahem, yeah, nurses
station, five-L, please.

- Five-L.
- Uh, this is Melrose...

with the agency
project Broken Wing.

I wanna talk to the
agent guarding room 517.

Okay, I'll get him.

We have to talk.

I want those lenses.

- Well, I don't have them.
- I want them.

Neumann never had the lenses, Billy.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have come after me.

Agreed. But where are they?

How about the parking garage?

No, no, we had two dozen
men there for 12 hours.

They vacuumed the
place and the vehicles.

All they could come up with
was gum wrappers and lint.

I'm gonna have to
write off your network.

No, you can't do that.
We're tightening the noose.

It has gotta be here.

Well, you know the agency rules.

A hint of compromise
and we shut the door...

and your contacts
have to swim alone.

Well, then you have to give
me some time, 24 hours at least.

They trust me. I
can't let them down.

Let me at least
check with them, huh?

It's their job to
hear things, right?

Okay, 24 hours on one condition.

The minute you're through
talking to your contacts...

- I want you to get off your feet.
- No, I can't sit this one out.

We'll set something
up in your apartment...

so you can stay on
top of things, okay?



He looks terrible.

Nurses station, please.

Of course, my government is
very interested in your information.

I've been authorized
to offer you $1 million...

American, for
the Barnstorm list.

Ambassador Filikov, I
believe we have a deal.

Good. Expect the transfer
of funds in 48 hours.

Fine. I'll call you then
to arrange delivery.

Brody, your information has
always been good in the past.

I trust Barnstorm
is worth the price.

Ambassador, you
won't be disappointed.

Amanda, what are you
doing here in that thing?

Don't even ask
me about this thing.

It's the best Mr. Melrose could do.
He gave it to me out of the motor pool...

and it's the least of my
worries, I went to the hospital...

and you weren't there. I was worried
sick, Mr. Melrose was worried too.

I called him and he told
me you'd come here...

because you'd gotten a
call from the masseuse.

Lana or Lulu or Lolo...

- or whatever her name is.
- Lana. She's one of the family.

Anyway, please, don't complain because
he told me to stick to you like glue.

I'm not complaining.

I just wanna say thanks
for caring enough to come.


- I'm sorry. I'm a little rattled.
- I know.

Here's your medication.
You left it at the hospital.

- You probably ought to take it.
- No, it's probably half sedative.

Well, that's because your
body needs to rest so it can heal.

Well, my body is gonna have
to take a number and get in line.

Now, this is my network, Amanda.

- Well...
- These are not hardened professionals.

They're clerks,
secretaries, janitors...

people who help us because
they believe in what we're doing.

- I know...
- I owe these people, Amanda.

I owe them with my
life if it comes to that.

I'd do the same for you. And
you'd do the same for me, right?

- Yeah.
- Come on. Lana's waiting.

I rub the Bulgarian Ambassador
the right way and he forgets I'm there.

This time I heard him make a
deal to buy the Barnstorm list.

Is that the list of
the family, Lee?

I wish it wasn't
true, but, yeah, it is.

- How many names were on the list?
- I never got a good look at it.

It's probably complete.

Now, did you hear who
Filikov was talking to?

A guy named Brody.

- Brody? You're sure it was Brody?
- I'm positive.

Look, I have been here too
long already. I have to leave.

Who's Brody?

They call him the Death Broker
because that's what he deals in.

He's arranged assassinations,
arms deals, coups.

A professional middleman open
to anything if the price is right.

How does he do it?

Simple. He either buys or
blackmails the people he needs.

People with position,
contacts, power.

Well, if you know it's Brody,
why don't you bring him in?

Even if we could find him, which
is doubtful, we couldn't hold him...

more than 30 seconds with
the hearsay that we've got.

No, we need more
on Brody, a lot more.

Mr. Melrose probably has
everything set up at your place by now.

We ought to get you back there.

You're not gonna do anybody
any good if you fall on your face.

- Yeah.
- Come on.

Well, keep looking, damn it.

And call Butera over at Langley, he
may have something that we don't.

Well, wake him up.

You know, you really
have to get some rest.

- Oh, not now, Amanda.
- Yes, now.

- Please.
- Ugh.

Not on the couch, in the bedroom
where you belong. Come on.

- I don't have time to rest.
- Don't argue with me.

There are things that
need to be done here.

Shh, come on.

You're gonna be
much more comfortable.

And this is really
where you belong.

- All right, get your feet up. Come on.
- I am. Unh...

I think you probably ought
to take this medication.

Here you go.

There you go. Now,
I'll pour you some water.


- Okay?
- Mm-hm.

All right.

- There, now, are you satisfied, huh?
- Yeah. Satisfied.

That's really a bump.

- Well, isn't this cozy?
- Oh, please, Francine, not now.

What did you find in
those hospital files?

- First they went over your medical chart.
- Let me take a look at that.

Then I made a list of everybody you
came in contact with at the hospital...

all the way up to and
including Goldberg...

who's the head of the trauma
unit and the N.E.S.T. doctors.

Okay, good.

I'll take the doctors' bios...

you take the nurses, and
Amanda, you take the orderlies.

- Yeah, okay.
- Anything on Brody?

Uh, there's no medication
prescribed for you.

- What?
- There's no medication prescribed for you.

There's nothing here.

- What about those pills? AMANDA:
Don't know what those pills are...

but there is no medication
anywhere prescribed for you.

- I think we ought to call a hospital.
- Wait. Wait. Hold it.

- Heh, I didn't take the pills.
- Wha...?

- You didn't take them.
- Who gave you those pills?

I don't know. They
were just there...

in the hospital room
on the nightstand.

I'm gonna take them to
the agency for analysis.

Okay, good. If you find
anything, let us know, huh?



Gonna get some sleep now?

Amanda, I've gotta...

Look, I appreciate
everything that you are doing...

but I do not need to
be mothered, okay?

Okay. Sorry. And I understand.

- No.
- I'll just go over these files...

- and leave you alone.
- No.

- What's the matter?
- Stay for a minute.

- I'll sit with you for a minute.
- Hm.

- Just try to go to sleep.
- Yeah.

Your folks, huh.

Mom and Dad. Did I ever
tell you my mother was British?

Yeah, I think you did.

My dad was in Army Intelligence.

They met when the NATO
pact was signed in '49.

I was five years old
when they were killed.

Yeah, I know.


Try to get some sleep, huh?

I'll try.

If you need anything,
I'll be right outside.

I'm right outside if you
need anything, all right?

- Where's Lee?
- Shh.

He's asleep, finally.

Not anymore.

What did the lab report show?

Lee, those capsules
were pure fenzobarbital.

It's an experimental barbiturate
made by Diller Pharmaceuticals.

- It's not approved by the FDA yet.
- A very neat murder weapon.

Once it's in the blood
stream, it's impossible to trace.

Wait a minute.

Did you say Diller

Yeah, why?

I remember reading that
name somewhere in these files.


See. Here.

I think we just
found our pill pusher.

Dr. Philips, 1129.
Dr. Philips, 1129.

Hey, I want to talk to you two.

You shouldn't be on your feet.

Yeah, I wouldn't be had
I taken this fenzobarbital.

Fenzobarbital? There's
gotta be a mistake.

You're telling me? Which one
of you two planted it in my room?

Neither one of us would
have written a script for fenzo...

or anything else for
post-concussion treatment.

Damn it, I haven't got time
for excuses. Now, you... Oh.

- What's the matter?
- Oh, my head.

What's the matter?
- Oh, my head.

- Get a gurney, stat.
- Has he been having headaches?


Oh, let me see.

Pupils fixed and dilated.

- Hematoma?
- Probably subdural.

We've gotta get in there
and relieve the pressure.

- Let's go. I'll assist.
- I'm gonna need the help.

Maintenance to
nurses station two north.

Pulse is down to
45, respiration slow.

BP is 100 over 60 and dropping.

Give another 12.5 grams
of mannitol, IV bolus.

I came as soon as I
heard. How's he doing?

- Not good.
- I never should've let him get out of bed.

You can't blame
yourself, Amanda.

BP dropping fast.
I'm not getting a pulse.

- Damn.
- What's the matter? What's wrong?

He's in ventricular fibrillation. His
heart can't maintain a steady beat.

I'm not getting a pulse.

Let's shock him.
Give me 300 joules.


- Nothing.
- Push it up to 360.


We're losing him.

No. NURSE: Flatline.

Five CC's of epi stat.

No effect.

An amp of bicarb.
And cut that speaker.



Mr. Brody... I have
good news for you.

Dr. Rose, 1122.

Thank you, doctor. I
knew I could count on you.

Why are we doing this here?

Quite frankly, a precaution.

You've been a bit difficult
to predict recently...

and I didn't think you'd be too
bold right here in your own backyard.

You don't have to worry
about me or Stetson.

- Is that for me?
- Certainly.

And congratulations. Everything
is going according to plan.

Yeah, your plan.

I wish I would've never
gotten involved with you.

I should've taken my chances
with Medical Licensing Board.

Now, you've got the other lens. Get
out of my life and out of my hospital.

I think we can arrange that.

You boys look like
you've just seen a ghost.

I'll have to compliment the
surgical team on their acting.

You move and I blow him away.

Then I start firing at
random. Drop the gun.

Drop the gun.


- Is there any other exit?
- There's only that one way.

Give it up. Just give it up, Brody.
You're not going out of here alive.


Come on. AMANDA: Be careful.

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.


- Barnstorm is alive and well.
- Yeah.

Same old story. Brody
dug into Goldberg's life...

came up with some
mistakes. Held him for ransom.

And those lenses
were the final payment.

Heh, real sweet guy.

How did you make the
connection between Goldberg...

and Diller Pharmaceuticals?

Well, there was this footnote
in Goldberg's dossier...

about some research work
that he'd done for Diller.

It kind of stuck with me.

You know how I am about
reading the small print.

Oh, speaking of small print...

here's some that I don't
think you read it all yet.

It's your prescription
from Dr. Scardelli.

- What?
- Mm-hm.

Bed rest and total
relaxation for five days?

Five days. Uh-huh.

- There's nothing wrong... I'm fine.
- That's right.


I got a thousand
things to do. I can't...

I second that prescription,
Scarecrow. And that's an order.

- Mrs. King, I have an assignment for you.
- Yes, sir. What is it?

- Him.
- Oh.

I'm giving you a temporary AOS-16
status so that he will get that rest.

- Yes, Sir. I won't let you down.
- AOS-16?

- Higher than you. That's right.
- One level higher.

Step right this way, please.

- Amanda, I am not sick.
- Uh-huh. You are sick.

I am not sick.

You are sick. I don't
wanna argue about it.

- All right.
- Do you like chicken soup...

- or vegetable soup?
- Homemade or canned?


- Something just occurred to me.
- What's that?

Of all the people
that I work with...

there's only one that helps me the
most and she's not on Barnstorm list.

- That's a terrible oversight.
- Ah, no, it's not.

Welcome aboard.

The pleasure's mine.

No, it's not.