Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 15 - The Pharoah's Engineer - full transcript

Lee and Amanda deal with several disappearances at an Agency retirement home that may be linked to an old, highly classified mission.

You will only get 15
seconds, gentlemen.

The air conditioning automatically seals.
You've got to get the gas into the ducts.

Miss by one second
and we all end up dead.

I'm paying you to kill
them, not get killed yourself.

Let's do it again.

Remember, gentlemen, our
objective is Level F, the main A.C. plant.

Regardless of where we break
in, you will have only 15 seconds.

Questions? Let's do it.

All right, you heard
Mr. Durran. Let's reload.

Full clips, dummy
gas, everything.

Position one, 15 minutes.

All right, let's move!


Let me take care of that
one. You get the other one.

All right, get them reloaded.

The driver tried to
outrun the D.C. police...

after being stopped for
a minor traffic violation.

He was DOA at the George
Washington University Hospital.

Chemical warfare agents,
G-S gas to be exact.

Phew, nasty stuff.

Yeah, also plastiques and blueprints,
that's pretty interesting cargo.

It sounds like someone's
getting ready for a break-in.

So, what do you do with
a vanload of G-S gas?

Almost anything you want.

Question is, where?

The lab people are gonna
be able to help us on that.

Here's a piece of the blueprint
that was in the back of the van.

What's a Seaforth 900?

Security system made
exclusively for government offices.

Look, I'll run a check on it
and find out who's got one.

Lee, see what you can dig up
on the street. Be careful, be quick.

Blueprints, chemical
weapons, mercenaries.

Whatever it all means,
we've got to stop it.

Did you know your
fern has scales?

I don't have time to
worry about my fern.

- Out, out, out.
- Sorry.

I gotta clear my calendar
and get out in the field.

- Here, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, thank you.

- Okay. Let me help you with it.
- Yeah.

All right. Let's see.

What today?

Today you have, uh,
Polish Embassy at 10:00.

- That's a dance lesson, I can skip that.
- Skipped.

- Uh, lunch with Kelso at noon.
- Uh, forget that, he won't show.

- I'll call him just to be polite.
- He won't show. He was deported last week.

- Skip that one.
- Yeah.

- You have Birchwood at 1:00.
- Oh, yeah.

No, I've gotta go there.
I missed last week.

What's Birchwood?

That's the future,
Amanda, if we're lucky.

Yep. There are over
300 retirees out here.

All of them from the intelligence
community, most from the agency.


- It's a real special place.
- I can see that.

It's written all over your face.
- Yeah? Heh.

I get a kick out of
coming out here to visit.

You know, there's something
about it, about the people.

Something about them
makes me feel very good.


- Lee! LEE: Oh,
it's the Mendlesons.

Hi, Lois. Hi Glynnis.

Lois makes the best
banana bread in D.C...

and Glynnis is the captain
of the volleyball team.

- You're kidding.
- No.

- Lee Stetson.
- Ladies.

- You didn't come last week, it shows.
- Oh.

You look like you've been
working too hard again.

- Well, I guess I have, heh.
- I've been baking all week.

Oh, look at this.

Good thing, he's wasting
away. Where have you been?

I'm sorry, I got all tied up
last week. Business, you know.

Say no more. You aren't
going to tell us anyway.

Not only has he lost weight,
but he's forgotten his manners.

Oh, I'm sorry, ladies.
This is Amanda King.

Hello. LOIS: Hi.

- Uh, she's with us.
- Oh, you're a niece.

- I, uh...
- Oh, I'm a nephew.

- Oh?
- And I am an uncle.

Hello, Rupert.

- Lee, I need to talk to you, son.
- Uh, certainly, sir.

Um, oh, I'd like you
to meet Amanda King.

Amanda, this is Rupert Simpson.

- She's my partner, Rupert.
- Hello.

Nice to meet you. It's
serious this time, Lee.

Yes, I know,
Rupert. It always is.

Hold on, Rupert.
He's visiting us now.

He's gonna get his bread.

- I got to have a talk...
- Uh, hold on, Rupert.

You're gonna start a war here.

I'll tell you what, you
get started with Amanda...

I'll visit with Lois and Glynnis
and I'll catch up to you later, okay?

- I can't stay very long anyway.
- Oh, we could have guessed.

- I'm a pretty good listener.
- Watch it, Amanda.

Rupert is our resident lothario.

He has eyes for
anything that wears a skirt.

No, this is business,
Lee. I'm not kidding.

I told you, Rupert,
she's my partner.

Well, all right. Come on.
- Thank you.

Ladies, shall we? Ha, ha.
- Yeah.

Oh, look at all these goodies.

Oh, Lois, what did you bake for me? Look
at this. Look at this chocolate-covered...

- Well?
- You ever seen...

- the Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
- Uh, no.

Well, we got a live
performance of it out here.

Somebody's taking people
away in the middle of the night.

Then they bring them back.

Now, I talked to some of the
people who got taken away.

They can't remember a thing.

Mr. Simpson, I really don't
think I understand all of this.

Well, of course you
don't. Neither do I, not yet.

You give me your phone
number and keep in touch.

Yes, sir. Uh...

Happy to do that.

Amanda, believe me...

Lois makes banana bread,
Glynnis makes peach brandy...

- and Rupert fabricates stories.
- But you won't even listen to the story.

- I've heard 100 of them.
- Hear one more.


Look, the last time he told me Jimmy Hoffa
was hiding in the bungalow next to him.

The guy turned out to be an
ex-FBI undercover plumber...

from East Jersey City.

He could be telling
the truth this time.

- He just might be telling the truth.
- Yeah, yeah.

Amanda? AMANDA: Yeah?

Have some bread. AMANDA: Oh.

All right. LEE: Thank you.

T.P., you're plugged in.
What's the scuttlebutt?

Food for thought. An overworked
and undervalued little phrase...

but so delightfully succinct
and so perfectly right.

There's nothing like a potpourri of
gastronomic delights from the East...

to clear out the mental cobwebs.
Uh, marinated sea anemone?

T.P., I'm here to talk about
mercenaries, not sea anemone.

- Now, what's going on stateside, huh?
- It's interesting you should ask.

It seems that, uh, Mr. Murder for
Money himself is in town. Frank Durran.

Durran's in D.C.?

It does display a
certain élan, doesn't it?

Ace agent gone wrong, suddenly returns
to his old stomping ground. Very romantic.

- Why is he here?
- It's hard to say.

But he's engaged in some
highly selective recruiting...

and he's paying top dollar.

Oh, and something called
Pyramid's been mentioned.

- A code name, I suppose. Mean anything?
- No.


No, but I'll get on it.
Is there anything else?

Mm, nothing at the moment but I'll
continue to sift through the tea leaves.

Oh, along the
same subject, Lee...

there's a Turkish coffee
house I frequent this time of day.

Uh, my man Ishmal brews a
remarkably stimulating concoction.

He calls it coffee but
it's so very much more.

- Perhaps I could interest you?
- Oh, no.

Thank you, I'm
still on the clock.

But, uh, go easy on
Ishmal's brew, huh?

I may still need you.


- Hello? RUPERT:
Amanda, it's Rupert.

- Hi, Rupert. RUPERT: You
gotta get out here right away.

Uh, Rupert, slow
down a little bit, please.

I can't slow down. The
night pirates are here.

- What are you talking about?
- What do you mean?

You were here this
afternoon. What did Lee say?

Well, um, Lee told me a story
about a plumber from East Jersey.

He didn't believe me.

It's not that he didn't
believe you. It's just that...

I think he thinks you have kind
of an active imagination. That's all.

You think this old man is imagining
what I'm looking at right now.

- No, I'm sure you're not. RUPERT:
You don't have to humor me.

I wouldn't do that.

Then prove me a liar
and get out here right now.

- I'm on my way.
- Good.

- Rupert.
- Shh.

I sure could go for a
cup of hot tea right now.

You still don't believe me, huh?

This ain't your
normal night crew.

They're using the same
modus operandi as the last time.

This time, they got
Lois Mendleson.

Maybe it's some kind
of standard procedure.

Nothing standard
about any of this.

Lois likes her sack
time, believe me.

People are being doped with
sleeping pills that they're handing out...

and then hustled off in
the middle of the night.

And you're a witness.

- I think it's time to call Lee.
- Now you're talking.

Mr. Simpson, I'm
sorry. I just can't do that.

Howard, I pay your meal ticket.

Now, stop screwing around
and open up that bungalow.

Mr. Simpson, you've already got me
in enough trouble this month already.

- Please go to bed.
- Howard, I'll take full responsibility.

Heh, ma'am, you're not
even supposed to be here.

Look, here comes Mr. Stetson.

He can straighten this whole thing
out and I know he'll be anxious to.

- Hello, Lee. Thanks so much for coming.
- Amanda, it is after midnight.

Now, what is going on here?

- They're hauling people out in vans.
- They took Lois Mendleson.

Lois? Where? AMANDA: Yes.

Nowhere. I've
been here all night.

If a van would've went
by, I would've seen it.

You were probably sound asleep.

Now, give me the keys
and open up the bungalow.



Look, uh, Howard...

I know this is very unusual,
but will you humor us?

Please let us see the bungalow.

- All right.
- Oh, good. Thank you so much.

Oh, this is really
the right thing to do.

With Durran in town, I'm bumping
this to an Alpha Two alert immediately.

- You think he's connected to that van?
- And the G-S gas.

He's planning a hit,
probably in D.C., but where?

I sent a fax to Seaforth
Alarms this morning.

Well, good news and bad.

They say it looks like
their system, but said...

he installed nearly 200
similar systems here in D.C.

- Two hundred?
- Yeah.

- He couldn't be more specific?
- He's trying to make a match of it now.

Stay on top of it.

Right now, Code
Pyramid is our best bet.

I want you to pull every
file that might give us a clue.

Start cross-referencing
with State, Interpol, NSA.

Somebody's gotta know
something about this.

- Yeah. BILLY:
Progress reports at noon.

All right.

I'm asking for a
timetable, that's all.

- We finish when we finish, Leo.

- Heh.
- It's like panning for gold.

Who knows when you're
gonna find the nugget?

- You haven't been able to find it yet.
- That's my problem.

You just sit still and shut up.

Now, you listen to me.

They can track those
names through my policy lists.

- I'm the one who's exposed.
- Right up to your little eyeballs, pal.

You sold your soul,
Leo, for a lot of money.

Now you gotta learn
to live with the devil.

Yeah, not me. But sometimes
I think you might enjoy it.

- Uh, maybe you never had a soul.
- Maybe you're right.

You just remember
one thing, little buddy.

The people you work for don't put
escape clauses in their contracts.


Okay. Look, I'll start.

I'm sorry about what happened
at Birchwood last night.

- But I really think that maybe...
- Stop right there.

I am up to my ears here.
I've got a top-priority scramble.

Let's discuss Rupert's
delusions later, okay?

Neither one of us are having
delusions. We both saw the van.

Okay, okay, you
both saw the van.

You don't believe
me. But, look...

I took the names of all the people
Rupert said had been abducted...

ran them through the
computer. Know what?

- What?
- They all worked for the agency.

Now, first of all, no one
was abducted at Birchwood.

And a lot of people at the
home worked at the agency.

Yes, that's true.

But every single one of them was working
on the same project at the same time...

in the early '60s,
including Rupert.

- On the same project?
- Something called, um, uh, Code Pyramid.

Now, do you know
what the odds are...

of all those people working on
that project that many years ago...

being in the same
retirement home now?

- About a million-to-1.
- The computer said three-million-to-1.

Rupert gave me the sleeping pills
they're giving to some people at Birchwood.

- So I took them to the lab...
- Under whose authorization?

Yours. I initialed the forms
for you, you were so busy.

But, look, the results
are pretty interesting.


BZ? In sleeping pills?

What is BZ?

That stuff could bring
an elephant to its knees.

This is good work,
Amanda, really good work.

The question is, what
the heck is Code Pyramid?

All right. Code Pyramid was an
intra-agency project from 1962 to 1963.

But the file is all wiped clean, except
for a roster of all the team members.

According to Rupert's file, he
worked in the Fabrication Unit.

Now, it had something to do
with him being an engineer.

Does any of that help?

Uh, it's hard to say but all
I can tell from this is that...

all the team members are
retired, except for Ray Packer.

He's still working
for us in Acquisitions.

But, sir, I'm not authorized to discuss
classified information with anyone.

I appreciate your
position, Packer.

But this is a Delta Green priority
and it's getting hotter by the minute.

But Code Pyramid was strictly
conducted on a need-to-know basis.

If we had time to push this through proper
clearance channels we would, but we don't.

Come on, man,
this is a Delta Green.

If I tell you anything
about this project,

I'd be violating my
national security oath.

I'd be breaking the law.

Ray, this is a matter
crucial to national security.

It's imperative that we know
what Pyramid is all about.

I can't say anything.

But during the period
between 1962 and 1963...

I often wrote these
words on an order form.

Thanks, Ray, thanks a lot.

If anyone in this office tries to connect
me with the information on that paper...

I'll deny it.

I normally write
left-handed, sir.

From March of 1962
through July of 1963...

I personally ordered 27,000
feet of fluorescent tubes...

signed with an X.

Code Pyramid was a top-secret
operation to order overhead lighting?

No, obviously this project
was compartmentalized.

Everybody worked
independently of each other...

so no one knew what the
overall project was about.

I can't believe it. Top secret,
need-to-know clearance to order lighting.


- Uh, Rupert Simpson.
- Just a moment.

If anybody knows
anything, it's...

- Simpson here. Mm-hm.
- Hello, Rupert?

- Yeah, it's Lee Stetson.
- Hello, Lee.

Um, Rupert, could you tell me...

if you know anything
about a Code Pyramid?

Why are you asking me that?

Rupert, maybe it might have something
to do with, uh, your night pirates.

I'm sorry, Lee.

Pyramid was a
need-to-know project.

Come on, Rupert. We already
know about the fluorescent lighting.

Uh-oh. Someone cracked.

Not me though. Mm-mm.

Nope, I'm sorry.

He hung up on me.

Get out there and deal
with him face-to-face.

Tell him that our need to know
is a hell of a lot bigger than his.

And take Amanda with you, in
case he doesn't wanna talk to you.

Lee, look. That's the van
Rupert and I saw last night.

Well, then let's see where
it's going tonight, huh?

Ah, it doesn't look like
there's an easy way in.

Get on the phone to Billy.
Fill him in on what we've seen.

- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna try to get a peek inside.

- Be careful.
- Mm-hm.

IFF, may I help you?

Amanda King, special clearance.

Could you patch me
through to Mr. Melrose?

- Hold for clearance, please.
- I'll wait while you check.

- Melrose here.
- Hello, sir, it's Amanda.

I'm sorry, sir, did
I wake you up?

Uh, yes, Amanda, you woke
me up but it's not the first time.

- What's going on?
- Well, sir...

when Lee and I
got to Birchwood...

we saw the van that
Mr. Simpson and I saw last night.

And so we followed it to a
place called Blue Star Insurance.

We think the night pirates
have kidnapped somebody else.

- Night pirates?
- Yes, sir.

That's what Simpson calls
them. What should we do?

Follow procedure.

A situation report, please, now.

Are you sure someone
has been kidnapped?

- No, sir.
- Well, is anyone's life in jeopardy?

I don't know, sir.

Is this clearly a matter
of national security?

- Not clearly, sir. No, sir.
- Then don't do anything, Amanda.

No, sir? BILLY: No.

Take some casing pictures,
snoop around a little bit...

but don't tip your hand.

- I'll meet you at the agency.
- Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Sorry I woke you up, sir.


Oh, Rupert, what
are you into now?

The time is 1962.

You are working for the agency.
- Yeah.

On a project code-named Pyramid.

Pyramid, secret
project... classified.

Yes, that's true,
Mr. Simpson, then.

But it has long since
been declassified.

Matter of fact, I've obtained
much of what I know...

from the Freedom
of Information Act.

For instance, I know you were
very important to the project.

I want you to tell me.

I was the project
construction coordinator.

Put the whole thing together,
did a damn good job too.

He's the one we've
been waiting for.

Details, Mr. Simpson,
I need details.

Tell me how you built Pyramid.

Concept came from the
Pyramid of Giza, see...

and we were like the
pharaoh's engineers.

Made the place strong
as a pyramid from the front.

And then when the
work was done...

we snuck out the back
door just like they did.

Clever, huh? Ha, ha.

Yes, very clever,
Mr. Simpson, very clever.

Now, what is the back door?

Well, the last wall we
built, couldn't fortify it...

so we had to be real
careful about hiding it.

But you know where it is.
- Of course I do.

I built it. Yeah.


Yeah, that's right, I agree. I'll get
back to you if anything develops.

What do we do?

We sit tight and keep
an eye on things here.

Billy's at the agency, pulling
everything he can on Blue Star.

What about Rupert?

No one who's been
kidnapped has been hurt, right?

- Right.
- So we gotta go with the odds on this one.


No telling what might
happen if we make a move.

- I hate just sitting here.
- I know.

I know how you feel but...

Well, Rupert will be a lot
safer if we don't provoke them.

- Hmm? Okay.
- Okay.

- Can you see anything?
- Nah.

Let me have a look.

- I can't see a thing.
- Heh.

This old man has just found
the needle in our haystack, Atkins.

The weak wall is on Level F.

It has taken me 20 years
to figure out this Pyramid.

Thank you, Rupert Simpson.

I don't like it.

- What if he remembers something?
- No, he's harmless.

He worked for them.

What if he tipped someone
over there, mentioned Pyramid?

Broke his oath of secrecy? Wouldn't
have made him pharaoh's engineer...

- if he was prone.
- What are you gonna do?

This little booster is gonna make
Mr. Simpson so addle-brained...

he won't be able to string together two
coherent sentences for the next week.

It's cleaner than murder,
and just as effective.

All right.

Get him out.

Now, come on, loosen up,
mate, the fun's about to begin.

Fun? My God, what
a curious word to use.

Hey, I've paid you
for the full ride, Atkins.

It's too late for second
thoughts, way too late.

I wish I'd used my head...

before I got involved
with the agency.

In a little less
than 10 hours...

the agency will cease to
be a problem for anyone.


Rupert, wake up.

What's wrong? Did
I miss breakfast?

Oh, I always sleep
in my uniform...

so as to be the first one in
the latrine and the mess hall.

Rotten food, but
there sure is lots of it.

- Rupert, are you all right?
- Oh, of course.

Fit as a fiddle.
Slept like a log.

Do I know you?

Where the devil am I?

Oh, ho, ho, I'm in
the wrong barracks.

Right, left, left, right, left.
- Rupert.

- Left, left...
- Rupert! Rupert!

How is he?

Let's skip the exotic
psychological gibberish.

Most of us exist in
three dimensions.

Right now, Mr. Simpson's
drifting in and out of four or five.

What did they do to him?

Blood analysis indicates substantial
traces of trimethylechlorodihydrate.

But you... More
gibberish, sorry.

It's a, uh, psychoactive
drug administered as a gas...

that does a terrific and non-lethal
job of scrambling the brain.

Lasts for about a week, give or
take a day, but no lingering effects.

- There's no antidote?
- No, just time.

Can we get any
information from him?

You can talk to him all you want, he'd
love it. He'll probably drive you nuts.



I left orders to tape
every word Rupert mutters.

He could babble for a week
without saying anything.

Got a feeling we don't
have that much time.

You're right.

Back to Birchwood, pick their
brains about Code Pyramid.

We don't need information
about fluorescent bulbs.

Yes, sir.

Get on the horn to
that clown at Seaforth...

and have him here at the
agency ASAP with some answers.

I've got a team waiting for
us over at Blue Star Insurance.

We'll blow the lid off that place.
- All right.

Come on, move it.

I wanna be through
that wall by shift change.

Jackson, the side door.

Smith, Allen, seal the
back. Nobody in or out.

Let's move it, people.

We understand that your
company provided health insurance...

for an agency project in 1962.

Yes. Well, it's been a while...

and we handle numerous
government contracts...

but I'm sure Mr. Atkins
could fill you in.

He's our senior
account executive.

He probably handled
those contracts.

He did most of them in the '60s.

Well, his office is that way.

Right this way.

I can assure you that
everything is in order.

Blue Star has always stood...

for the highest degree of
professionalism and integrity.


Mrs. Dell, just try to be calm.

Everyone in position.

All right, gentlemen,
it is now 4:50.

I wanna be inside
precisely at 5:50. Let's go.

Shake a leg, Scarecrow.

I told Mrs. Dell to have
the metro Homicide boys...

send their preliminary
reports straight to your office.

We'll have to give
them some official oil...

about why we left the scene and
about why we copped some evidence.

Protocol is the
least of our worries.

We can't hang around here. Finding
Atkins' killer is not gonna help us either.

I saw Atkins with Durran.

So at least we know how Durran
got his list of the Pyramid team.

What kind of lead is 550?

Is it a number, a code, a
time? And how do we find out?

The only way to find the open sesame
is to crack Rupert or one of the others.

- This case is aptly named, you know that?
- Yeah.

- What's the riddle about the Pyramids?
- Uh, you're thinking of the Sphinx.

Uh, what walks on four legs when
it's young, two when it's grown...?

And three when it's old?

You got it.

I supervised a menu for
a 24-hour work cycle...

nonstop, go, go, go.

Okay, Miss
Mendleson, I have that.

Protein, energy food, that's
the main thing. No junk.

You can't expect people to give
you their best on potato chips.

Miss Mendleson, do you know
where they used your menus?

We don't need to know.
That's the agency way.

That's right.

Well, thank you very
much for your help.

I hope maybe someday I can come
back and tell you what this is all about.

- But in the meantime...
- Mum's the word.

Don't worry, dear.
We know all about it.

- Keep trying, Amanda.
- Yes, sir.

Um, Rupert, Rupert.

Mr. Izenstein supervised
the formulation...

of a high fiber content
weave for a new carpet...

and they produced 11 square
acres of it in South Carolina.

Yeah, the carpeting, Rupert.

Tell us what you were
going to use the carpet for.

Question was whether
to use carpet at all.

Uh, I had to fight
that one, I can tell you.

I'm sure you did and
you had good reason.

- Couldn't make them see that.
- Who, Rupert?

The bigwigs, the
stuffed shirts...

the pencil sharpeners,
uh, the guys in the suits.

Uh... What was the question?

What else? Something else
you found out might grab him.

- All right, Rupert.
- Huh.

Um, Mr. Olney designed
the ventilation system...

and he based it on
an aircraft carrier...

with the inflow and
outflow and residual...


- Rupert. The air conditioning.
- Rupert.

This is the design for the
Pyramid. Do you recognize it?

Air conditioning? What do I
know about air conditioning?

That was Olney's baby. Ask him.

More, Amanda, come on, come on.
- Yes, sir.

Rupert, did you know that
Washington sits on an alluvial plain...

above a granite base...

called the Appalachian Spar?

- Ah!
- Uh-huh.

Hmm... Good rock.

We had to blast the
dickens out of that stuff.

Boy, do you get a nice
hole in the ground, solid.

- Digging.
- Basements.

The White House war room, the
new facility was built in the '60s.



We put a G model in there.

- You ID'd the blueprint?
- We were up all night.

Doug Lewis from Seaforth
Alarms. He just got in on a flight.

Studied all the Seaforth 900s in
the country, '63 to the present...

Model A to the latest, the T.

It's not there.

- No match.
- Wait, it's gotta be.

It said Seaforth 900
as plain as can be.

Best damn alarm money can buy.

More transistors
than Carter has pills.

The beauty.

Oh, I'm sure it is, Rupert.
Why don't you tell us about it?

Eleven levels of sensors...

closed-loop system,

Oh, cost six
million to develop...

- Six million?
- But I said it's worth it.

You don't go to all this trouble
to hide things and not be secure.

Oh, you sure don't.

But why did it cost so
much money, Rupert?

It was the prototype,
the first one.

Yeah. Serial number 0-0-0.

My God, the prototype.

I never thought
of the prototype.

Who would? I only looked
for the production series.

Think, man, where is it?

You're standing on it.

Pyramid is the agency?

All personnel,
this is not a drill.

Evacuate to the
street immediately.

Where is Durran going to hit
us? How's he gonna get in here?

No way in unless you're invited.

Just like a pyramid.

Bedrock walls,
sealed ventilation...

low energy lighting,
lasers in the elevator shafts.

We got it all.

Durran knows a way in.

I don't see how.

It's my secret.

Yeah, I was the last one out
the day we buttoned her up.

We needed some way
to take out the heavy gear.

The only weak spot,
a little bolt hole...

just like the pharaoh's
engineers did.

Yeah, that's me, pharaoh's
engineer for the whole damn place.

The only one who knows.

Not anymore, my friend.

Atropine, it's the only
antidote for chemical attack.

- For G-S?
- No, not specifically...

for Soviet T-series
nerve toxins.

But it's similar. It
might work, it might not.

Rupert, please, this
is very, very important.

Please, try to remember
where the weak spot is.

I can't remem... Oh,
yeah, yeah, I know.

Level F, Sector 17.

Lets you out right into the
Wisconsin Avenue public garage.

Cute, huh? Ha, ha.

Everybody, get
out to the street.

- That's not for G-S.
- It's all we've got.

Go on, move it!

Attention all personnel...

Let me have your weapon, please.

Come on, let's get out of here.
- Hurry.

Go, go, go. MAN 1: Come on.


Hurry up!

- Durran's down.
- Leave him.

Go! Leave him!

Get them up. MAN 4:
Move away from the vehicles.

Up! MAN 4: Place your
weapon on the ground.

- Oh.
- Ha, ha.

Don't remember seeing
that in the original plans.

Would've vetoed it if I had.

Never liked gadgets.

Hmm, everything in this place
was the best money could buy...

from Ray Packer's lights right
down to Izzy Izenstein's fancy carpet.

- Nothing much changed, huh?
- No, of course not.

Buildings are like
people, the good ones last.

I'd say they do, sir.
They certainly do.

Happy birthday, Rupert.

Great guns, you were
behind this, niece?

- Well, a little bit.
- Uh-huh.

If I were a couple of years younger,
we'd go dancing, stay out late too.

Oh, that's sweet.

That's just plain good
sense, right, Lee?

Right, Rupert.

Hey, give me a hand, you two.

I don't have as much
hot air as I used to have.

Let's make a wish we
could all agree on, hmm?

Okay. Go.