Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 14 - Playing for Keeps - full transcript

A tennis playing rich girl with an attitude problem has to be protected from communists trying to hurt her father.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Ahem, Parker
Thomerson, age 63, on the

board of eight
international corporations...

and CEO of Thomerson Industries.

A real big-wig in
international business.

Right now, he's in Malawi, conducting
top-secret trade negotiations...

that would open up that country
to the West for the first time.

Sounds like a good way for those
people to get their economy going.

The local communists
have different idea about that.

- They've already threatened Thomerson.
- Ah.

And the White House has asked
for a big, thick security blanket...

to be thrown over
Thomerson and his family.

- The White House?
- Yeah, the president and Thomerson...

go back 30 years. They played
football together in college.

Wait a second. Malawi is,
what, 8000 miles from here.

What's the connection?

Thomerson's daughter, Tina...

is competing in a tennis tournament
at the Shenandoah Country Club.

And because of the
threats to her dad...

we have to keep an eye on her
for the duration of his conference.

Francine already has the list of
the guests that we've cleared...

You hold it, hold it. Hold
it right there, Billy Melrose.

I know all about Tina Thomerson.
She is an 18-carat spoiled brat...

and she damn near ruined the careers
of the last five agents assigned to her.

That's right. I think the most
recent one was Agent Potter.

- Potter.
- The running of the bulls in Pamplona...

Tina had him picked up
on a phony morals charge.

Then they found
him two days later...

on a gypsy caravan in the
middle of the Zaragoza Desert.

Billy, you can't do this to me.

Yes, you can.

All right, but I'm gonna
need help on this one.

Absolutely right.

Help is what he needs and you
know what, I just happen to be, uh...

shall we say, au courant
on the tennis scene.

If you were any more au courant,
they'd put your name on a tennis racket.

No, the cover we need here
has to be of a lower profile.

Don't tell me.

See if you can get Amanda
to help you with this.


Now, the trick is to
work Tina separately.

So if she burns one of
you, we're still in the game.

She's not gonna burn me.

Exactly what Potter said.

Tell Grandma to wake up
Mom. Her breakfast is ready.

Grandma, could you wake up Mom?

- What in the world have you got here?
- We fixed her breakfast.

Breakfast, aw, sweetheart, that's
very nice, but she has a bad cold.

And when you don't feel well, it's better
to have something bland like tea, toast.

- Ew, that's what you think.
- Yeah.

When we have a cold, this is what
we want, so we're gonna give it to Mom.

- It's the only reason we even get sick.
- That and a lot of TV.

Hmm... Well, um, ask
her when she wakes up.

- All right?
- Okay.

Hello? LEE: Mrs. West?

Hello, Mr. Simpson.

- Is Amanda in?
- Yeah, she's here...

but she has a very bad
cold and she's sound asleep.

Amanda, you sound terrible.

Oh, uh...

Look, I was gonna ask you if you
could help me with this case, but...

I just have a
little sore throat.

I could probably come
in, if you want me to.

No, no, no, don't
be stupid, you rest.

I'll get Francine. Don't
worry about it, ha, ha.

It's not office work, anyway.

It's an overnighter,
out of town.

Overnight, out of town
with Francine, huh?

Uh, I know, I know, I feel the same
way, Amanda, but, hey, it can't be helped.

Hmm... Well, uh,
where are you going?

Hey, uh, you're not
gonna miss anything.

- It's gonna be a lot of work, believe me.
- Where are you going?

Well, where we're going, uh, is
the Shenandoah Country Club...

the tennis pro-am.
Amanda, believe me...

you're not gonna miss
anything, it's gonna be televised.

Well, you have a good time.


Ladies and Gentlemen...

the exhibition matches
scheduled for this afternoon...

have been moved up one hour.

The matches will began on Center Court
Number 1 and run continuously until...

- Polyester, hmm, what a nice suit.
- It's part of the cover, thank you.

Well, well, well, here
comes Tina Thomerson.

Excuse us. Miss
Thomerson is very busy.

All right, I'll take
the first shot.

The watchword here
is "improvisation."

Because you spotted her bodyguard,
Donna Clayton, the redhead?


Former military flier,
weapons expert, black belt.

Your type, actually.

Well, you just watch this.

Tina Thomerson, Lee Stanton,
Pro-Line sports management.

Am I supposed to know you?

Well, my office
didn't contact you?

Wow, is my face red or what?

Well, you know all about
Pro-Line sports management.

We are management, marketing,
videos, the whole ball of wax, really...

- I believe that we...
- 6'2", neat as a pin...

uncomfortable playing
a sleazeball manager.

- Sleazeball?
- Look like Uncle Sam's boys in blue.

- Uncle Sam's...
- Get rid of this bozo.


Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me. Excuse me...

but didn't I see you come
in in a silver sports car?

- What?
- Because I think...

somebody hit your bumper.
Your car alarm is going off.

Oh... Oh.

Yes, thank you. Thank you very
much. Uh, look, maybe we can talk later.

- I doubt it.
- Maybe drinks, uh, lunch maybe?

Well, I'll see you
courtside, okay? Courtside.

Tina, I'm really sorry, but I've
been seeing Mr. Motion hit up...

every female player that
has come through that lobby.

- Thanks. Have we met?
- No, I'm just an avid fan.

- Francine Dutton.
- Nice to meet you. Oh, do you play?

Uh, off the courts only.

I'd love to watch you
practice, if I could.

I could probably
pick up a few things.

- Oh, feel free.
- Thank you.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

- How'd you do?
- Not bad at all.

- She said I could watch her practice.
- Oh?

Mm-hm. How'd you
like the car alarm bit?

Oh, what gave
you that idea, huh?

It's been a long time since I've seen you
in the field, but, uh, I could be wrong...

it looked to me like you were
tripping over your own cover story.

Oh, you wish.

Ooh, touchy, touchy.

Guess Amanda doesn't
point these things out to you.

The point is, she
bought your cover, right?


You can keep an eye on her
while I get the registration list...

and sweep her room.

- Go on.
- Mm-hm.

Show off.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Exhibition matches scheduled for this
afternoon have been moved up one hour.

Thank you.

Operator, may I help you?

Uh, yeah, this is
Henderson at the front desk.

Could I have Central
Accounting, please?

- One moment.
- Thank you.

Accounting, Mr. Tisher
speaking, may I help you?

Yeah, Tisher, Bernie Gold, I got a
$700 room-service charge on my account.

Somebody screwed up. I
want you to straighten it out.

Oh, uh, normally a problem with your
bill should be taken to the manager.

Well, I got your jerk of a manger
right here with me. Get down here.

Oh, I see. Well,
all right if you insist.

I insist.

I'll be right there.

Thank you, Mr. Tisher.

Okay, let's see about
a printout, shall we?

Oh... Uh...

- Can I help you?
- No. No problem. No problem.

Just running a check.

It's one of the perks in the maintenance
contract that we sold you, heh.

Um, this computer was
installed by my brother...

and he does all the
maintenance on it.

So I suggest you tell
me what you're up to...

or I'm afraid I'm going
to have to call Security.

Listen. Pal, can we talk, huh?

I mean, man-to-man.

Listen, I'm up to my keester in alligators
with this gal that I'm staying with.

And well, you know, we had
just gotten to rock and rolling...

and she started to get worried that
her boyfriend was gonna find out...

that we were staying
here at the lodge.

All that I was doing was trying
to take our names off the registry.

Know what I'm saying?


- Why did you need the printout?
- Proof?

Believe it or not.

She wants to see it before
she lets me into the room.

- How much?
- Fifty dollars.

Fifty bucks?

Fifty bucks?

Pal, in Monte Carlo
I can get the list...

and a complimentary
bottle of champagne for 30.

- Fifty bucks.
- Fifty bucks.

Yeah, you sell a
lot of these, do you?

Some days are
better than others.

- Like today?
- Yeah.

The last guy only
gave me 40 bucks.

May I have your
attention, please?

The exhibition match
between Jackson and Prince...

has been rescheduled
to 4:00 on Court 3.

There will also be
a buffet served...

from 12 noon to 7:00 in
the Barnstorm Room Grill.

Music and dancing will be
provided by the Guy Hamilton Band.

For more information...

see a tournament host
at the registration booth.

Thank you.

How about a hand for Mary Dexter
and Tina Thomerson? Remember...

Uh, if you don't mind,
that's my ice water.

Sorry. It was an honest mistake.

I doubt it.

Why would I drink
your water anyway?

I told you it wasn't good to drink
ice water while you're playing.

I like things cold, okay?


Could you make it out to
"Steve"? That'd be great.

- Thank you.
- Lee.

Lee Gorvandelcheck. It's Tracy.

Tracy Austin!

Hungarian Invitational,
1979? The dancing?

Oh, Miss Tracy.
How nice, how nice.

- Your English has really improved.
- Well, English is not my hat. Ha, ha.

Last time I saw you, you shoved
the Italian ambassador into a car.

There was all the smoke,
people were shouting.

Oh, yes, yes.

I never found out
what that was all about.

My wife, heh.

Nice to see you.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Oh, man!

- What's wrong with her?
- I don't know. She looks real pale.

Told her I'd quit, but
she won't leave the court.

Let's play.


Your attention, please.

Will players and judges
scheduled for the 2 p.m. matches...

please report to
Court 6 immediately.

Come up with anything?

Judges and players...

Looks like I'm not the only
one interested in the guest list.

I found this bug in Tina's room.
It was hanging in the curtain.

And I ran the list of newly
registered guests through the agency.

Two very interesting names popped
up: Dieter Gerhardt and Tony Maskell.

Now, look all the
way to your right.

See the two guys down
by the end of the bleachers?

One standing is Gerhardt,
the other's Maskell.

Now, Gerhardt is still
on the tour and has an

interesting habit of
competing in cities...

just before some
political turmoil.

Maskell has an ax to
grind with Tina's father.

Seems the old man accused him of
being a court hustler and womanizer...

then he about lost
all of his sponsors.

- Court physician...
- Somebody call a doctor!

Court physician, report
to Court 2 immediately.

- Ambulance ready.
- Okay, let's go.

She's comatose and running a
high fever. There's no diagnosis yet.

It couldn't have been
the tennis. It's not hot.

She's in good shape and
she wasn't playing that hard.

While they were drawing
Mary's blood for pathology...

I lifted this off
the nurse's tray.

They won't miss a little,
but I want the agency boys...

to take a look at it, okay?

I know exactly
what you're thinking.

There's any foul play involved, it
could've been meant for Tina, not Marry.

Mm-hm. Speaking of Tina, why
don't you go back to the pool...

and keep an eye on her?

I'll get back to you as
soon as I check in with Billy.

Hey, could I have
a word with you?

Yeah, of course.

What happened? Did Tina change
her mind about talking to me?

Cut the garbage.

I've been Tina's bodyguard
long enough to know...

that if she suspects someone of being a
government guardian, she's usually right.

Government guardian?

Come on, I manage
athletes, that's all.

Come on, cowboy, I
don't have much time.

There's a Tony Maskell that's
been sneaking around our suite...

following us wherever we go.

I don't like the looks of it. I
think we should work together.

- You and me work together?
- That's right.

I'll tell you what.

You get her to sign with
me and I'll make sure...

that you win the washer-dryer
combo at the big press raffle.

What do you think about
that? It's a sure thing. Huh?

I've never seen Heming play so
well. Nobody could have kept up.

Francine Dutton. How are you?

It's Tracy Austin. This
feels like Old Home Week.

I saw Lee Gorvandelcheck
down on the court.

Lee Gorvandelcheck?
Do I know him?

You remember, Budapest. You
got your dress caught in the door.

You had to run till
they got rid of that guy.

That's right. What
was that all about?

Lee just told me. He's married.

He is? Why, that sneak.
I've gotta tell Chrissy.

I just spoke to our
people in Malawi.

The communists have
surrounded our security. Thank you.

They suspect that
Thomerson's in their country...

and now they wanna
prove it to the world.

Billy, what's that do to
us? BILLY Maybe nothing...

but it's vital to
our foreign policy...

that Thomerson's conference
stays under wraps and succeeds.

And if they hit Tina,
that's the end of that.

Look, Billy, this
place is a mess...

of spectators and TV
technicians running around.

Why don't we just pull
her out of the tournament?

No, she's a private citizen and we
can't go in there and take her out...

- unless she wants to go.
- Well, call her dad.

I'll try, but they've got him
out in the boonies someplace...

and they specifically do
not want communication.

All right.

I'll have to have a talk
with her myself, then.

Maybe I can change her mind.

Look, send me latest
alert status on the data line.

But there's nothing
I can do right now.

Look, would you get off my
back? I'm doing what I can.

No, no, no, I'm warning you. I'm
not taking any more of your pressure.

All right. But you're gonna
have to give me a little more time.

Don't worry about it. You
and your sick little friends...

will be the first
to get the news.

No, no. You let me handle
Tina. I'll take care of her.

Why are you following me?

Don't get your hopes up,
buddy. I was just getting some ice.

I saw you with Tina. I
know what you're up to.

If you're smart, you'll stay away from
me. You'll know everything when it's time.

- Where's Tina?
- What? Oh, great.

- "Oh, great" what?
- She was right over there.

She was asleep. I swear
to you. I left for a reason.

Tony Maskell was here.
He was over on the phones.

I overheard him. He was spying
on her and he said something...

- He said he'd take care of her.
- You heard him say that?

Yes, it was out of context,
but I took it as a threat...

and so I followed him,
but when I followed him...

All right, all right.
Just calm down.

We'll check her room and if she's not
there, then we'll go check the courts...

and if she's not there...
We'll call up the Marines.

Oh, no. I hope this isn't
one of her practical jokes.

He's got her. That's
him, Tony Maskell.

- Lee!
- I should've known...

you two are working tandem.
The old bait-and-switch routine.

- Just tell us what's happening.
- Maskell was snooping around.

I was gonna tell him to
keep his face away from her.

Next thing I know, he's got
Tina in the car and they're gone.

Okay. Follow us.

It's a pleasure to see I don't have to
give you another ticket, Miss Thomerson.

Officer, there's a man
following us and he's got a gun.

Lee, look out.

- Look, Officer...
- All right. Let's hold it right there.

Officer, I'm with the
Federal Government.

Now, inside my jacket
pocket I have an ID.

Officer, we're following that red
Mercedes that was right in front of us.

Yeah, the woman passenger may
have been taken against her will.

He's been taking her against
her will for the past three nights.

Down by the creek.

Wait! Lee, there's a car.

What the...?

- And you didn't know they were married?
- It's news to me.

We've been trying to keep it a secret
until we could tell my father about it.

When you were following me, I
thought that you were a reporter...

with this gossip sheet that somehow
got a hold of our marriage license.

I'd just talked them in to giving
us a little more time with the story.

And that's why he
needed to see me alone.

We wanted to tell Daddy about it
before he read it in that awful paper.

Does he object to the marriage?

All Daddy knows about Tony is
what he's read about him in the paper.

My dad's a real super dad.

He's really protective and
he wants what's best for me.

And that's what Tony is.

My dad never really had a
chance to get to know him.

He's gonna love him
just as much as I do.

I know he will.

First time the agency sent us
a woman. You were real good.

Heh, thank you. But you know
the reason Lee and I are here...

is to make sure you're safe.

And because of the
recent events in Malawi...

there's a good chance
that you're in a lot of danger.

I think it would be smart if you
dropped out of the tournament.

Just in case.

Look, I appreciate your concern,
but I've been through this before.

I mean, Daddy gets worried...

and he sends out the
militia and nothing happens.

But this could be more
than nothing this time.

Are you sure? You
said there's a chance.

No, we're not sure. Not yet.

Look, I'll make you a deal.

I keep playing and if you guys
come up with something concrete...

just give me the word
and I'm history. Deal?

The poison has been
identified as dexatrimine.

The computer spit out three
names who've used the stuff before.

One's dead, one's in jail
and one, N. L. Steckler...

a professional saboteur,
entered the country 48 hours ago.

All right, I've got
the complete alert.

Billy, I say we
yank her right now.

Lee, we've been
through this before.

You cannot force her.

Just try to get her to see it
our way and watch your step.

Yeah, I will. I'll
talk to you later.

All right. It's been confirmed
that Mary Dexter was poisoned.

She's gonna make it, but
she'll be laid up for a while.

It's also another thing.

There's a contract
killer in the country who

makes this particular
poison his trademark.

Now, this could've
been meant for you.

That's why we wanted you
to drop out of the tournament.

Ugh, okay.

But you're not gonna salt me
away in a mine somewhere.

We just want you to be safe.

Then assign someone to me here.

That way, if things clear
up, I can still play tomorrow.

What do you say?


I told you not to come up here.

We might have a problem.

What are you talking about?

The agency's involved. They
know you're in the country.

They got a pretty good idea
that you poisoned Mary Dexter.

They've convinced Tina
to leave the tournament.

You've assured me that
she would never drop out.

I know what I said,
but things change.

The agency put
two people on her.

They're good. They've
gotten through to her.

I have a contract.

You might have to cancel it.

Our employers assured me
that you were a professional.


Don't worry about
me. I'll handle my end.

Good, because you are going to have
to get those agents out of the lodge...

and bring them down here.

Here? Why?

Why? Because I call the shots
and I eliminate the problems.

No, Amanda. I don't
know what they're playing.

Do you wanna hear
the rest of this or not?

You said this was gonna
be a lot of hard work.

At the moment, they're having one of
those annoying cocktail party things.

You know what I'm talking about, the
name tags and watered-down drinks.

Frankly, I'm bushed,
dead on my feet.

What's the matter?
Too many tangos?

No, too much Tina.

At least she's decided to
drop out of the tournament...

if we can tie her into the
Mary Dexter poisoning.

- I ju...
- What do you...?

- I ju...
- Hold on.

I wanna tell her
I'm sorry she's sick.

- All right.
- Okay.

Just a minute, huh?

Uh, where was I?

Oh, anyway, Amanda,
Francine wants to say hello.

Make it short, huh?

- Amanda.
- Hello, Francine.

Oh, are you gonna hate
yourself for missing this one.

This place is to die for.

Everybody is here.

The food is fabulous and
Lee and I have been dancing.

I don't remember when I ever
enjoyed anything so much as this.

You're blowing my whole gig.

Lee knows how to dance
well, I couldn't believe it.

I'm really sorry
you're sick and...

Ah, here comes Donna Clayton.

Look, if you have any
other ideas, call me later.

Excuse me.

I got word that Mr. Thomerson
made contact with his lawyer...

- who's flown in to speak with you.
- He's here?

Mr. Jefferies wants to
meet with the two of you...

out by the groundskeeper's barn.

What sense does that make? That's
halfway back to the main highway.

He says it's for security, but you'd
know more about that than I would.

Thomerson wants a complete
report on the threat to his daughter...

but he doesn't want Tina
to see you with his lawyer.

Don't worry, I'll
keep an eye on Tina.

I don't like coming
all the way out here.

It just doesn't feel right.

I don't like the look of this.

Come on.

Anyone home?

Hello, Mr. Jefferies?
Anyone here?

What the hell are
you two doing here?

I got a call from Donna. She said
to come out here and meet you.

Get down, everybody! Get down!

Francine, get them out of here.

- Come on.
- And stay down.



- You okay?
- Yeah.


Right. Thank you.

Okay, bye-bye.

Well, we can all rest easy.

I just got confirmation that Donna is
on the flight from Dulles to Honolulu.

She'll be taken into custody
the minute they arrive.

A hundred thousand that was
credited to Donna's account...

has been traced back to the
communists who threatened Thomerson.

Mm-hm. Lee, this is no time to look
like somebody just stole your bicycle.

Steckler is dead. Donna's gonna
be picked up in a couple of hours...

and Tina's back
in the tournament.

I don't like it. It's
all too convenient.

I spent half the night
talking to anyone anywhere...

who'd ever dealt with Steckler,
met him, investigated one of his hits.

- Any help? LEE: But
one thing is certain.

Steckler was a consummate pro.

He always did his job and
always got big headlines.

Headlines seemed to
be very important to him.

You're right. I
remember in Geneva...

he assassinated an ambassador that
was being honored at a public concert.

In Hong Kong, he used a
bomb on a British emissary...

in the middle of a
press conference.

So, what's the point? He's dead.

Another thing. The police
recovered his rifle at the barn.

Now, a pro like Steckler would either
use the rifle or the bomb, but not both.

So if Steckler was set
up, this thing's not over.

We still have 20 guards
on the tennis courts...

and we have spotters
on all the perimeters.

We better make sure
everyone stays awake, huh?

Come on. We better get back.

So coming up live...

from the beautiful Shenandoah Pro-Am
Tennis Tournament semifinal competition.

You may already know...

the Tina Thomerson-Mary Dexter
grudge match was canceled...

because of Mary's illness.

Tina Thomerson
then became heir...

to an unchallenged
placement in the semifinals.

So in a matter of minutes...

audiences around the world
are going to have an opportunity...

Look at me. I'm shaking. I'm
like this before every match.

Don't worry, you'll be great.
You'll ace the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals? I'm in the
semis. I got bumped up.

Let's go, Tina. You're on
court in about five minutes.

- Good luck. TINA:
Thanks. Come on.

I may be paranoid,
but this thing isn't over.

You keep an eye on them,
I'm gonna check the grounds.

- Go on.
- All right.

Telephone call for Lee Stanton.

Lee Stanton, please
pick up house phone.

- Yeah, Lee Stanton.
- Lee, it's me.

I've been watching everything
and everyone on the television set.

I think I got the whole
thing figured out.

Slow down, slow down.

What is it you're trying to say?

Okay. Look, it's
really very simple...

but it's not so simple when you
take everything into consideration.

Uh-huh, okay. Now,
what are you talking about?

The point is, I think Tina's still
the target, and I think I know why.

What promises to be a most exciting
match for the women's championship...

is about to get underway...

between Tina Thomerson
and Tracy Austin...

on center court.

Both players have worked their
way into the final after a week's...

Right, there he is.


We gotta get Tina off
the court, clear the stands.

Why, what do you have?

Mary Dexter was poisoned...

because she was the only
one who could eliminate Tina...

from the quarterfinals.

Think about it.

The minute Mary dropped out,
Tina was bumped up to the semifinals.

Which, at the moment, are
being fed into 140 TV stations.

Sounds like Steckler's
MO. But he's dead.

Yeah. And I'm betting
Donna Clayton killed him.

Look, anyone could be
using her tickets, right?

- She could still be here now.
- And about to catch us napping.

Francine, we'll have
to contact Carmichael...

and tell him to take his
canines to the courts.

I'll meet him there and I'll
coordinate a bomb check.

- Billy, you got that .30-06 in the car?
- It's in the trunk.

Francine, also, alert
the security forces...

and then go to the announcer's booth
and tell them to start clearing the stands.

Okay, got it.

We just had an aerial sighting
in the southern perimeter.

Tell me where Tina finished
in her last tournament.

First, by a mile.

- Miss, we're working.
- Sir, this is the...

Would someone ask this lady
to leave the announcer's area?

This is a government emergency.
Somebody is trying to kill Tina Thomerson.

Get on the PA and
clear these stands now.

All right, lady.
Give me the phone.

Hello, get me Security, please.

I've got something
at 12 o'clock.

It's an ultralight.

Lee, it's got rocket
launchers on the struts.

Okay, wait till he's in
range. Don't scare him off.

- There is nothing wrong with my seat.
- Excuse me.

Ladies and gentleman,
I'm terribly sorry...

but the Fire Department has
requested that we clear the stands.

What are you
waiting for? Take him.

- Very good. Thank you. Thank you.
- What's going on? Why the panic?

Let's get out of here. I'll
explain everything later.

Well, shoot.

Who is it?

It's Donna, Tina's bodyguard.

Good news. Your father caught
the shuttle out of Malawi this morning.

He'll beat you and
Tony home by an hour.

I'm so nervous about
talking to Daddy.

Every time I think about
it, I get terrible butterflies.

He's just gonna
have to face facts.

Wait a minute. I've got an idea.

Why don't you play a couple
of sets of tennis with him...

- before you talk to him?
- No. Daddy hates to lose at tennis.

He'd be in a terrible mood.

All right. Well, Tony will just
make sure he doesn't lose.

- Not bad.
- You've been great.

- Thanks for everything.
- Oh, it's nothing.

Yeah, you guys
are really fantastic.

- Aw, take care.
- Thank you.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

Well, that's that. Just like old days,
you and me, out in the field again?

- Yeah. Yeah.
- This calls for a celebration.

I'd really like to but, you
know, I've gotta get back to D.C.

- I've got some things to wrap up.
- Wrap up?

What could be so important?

We're here. We finally have
a chance to relax a little bit...

you know, enjoy the club, and
pile up an expense account, heh.


Lee, what's going on?

I'm sorry, Amanda. It was just
a little trouble over my bill, heh.

Now, what was I saying?

You were telling me about
why they were still after Tina.

They're terrorists who
wanted to make a statement.

Tina was the most
visible way of doing it.

You really have been
working hard, haven't you?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, the point is it was
just, um... It was different.

- How was it different?
- Well, you know.

I mean, you get used to
working with one person.

You get to know their
habits, their rhythms...

you know, the whole
potpourri of personality.

I missed you too.