Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 12 - Fast Food for Thought - full transcript

Lee and Amanda go undercover as a brother and sister working in a fast food company about to be hit with a poison threat.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

We developed the negatives
he left for you in the tank...

and came up with
pictures of a chemist's lab.

- What's it mean?
- What's the colossus?

That's what I'm
trying to figure out.

Eddie Le Grande was
never easy to figure out.

He was a flake, that's
why we retired him.

Apparently, he was a better hamburger
salesman than he was an agent.

It says here, when he left D.C.,
he bought a Marvin's stand in Boise.

He was franchisee
of the year, twice...

and promoted to regional sales
manager. That is a pretty big cheeseburger.


About a month
ago, out of the blue...

Eddie started calling
me asking for a meeting.

I had a hundred things to do, so I
put him on the bottom of the pile.

Yesterday afternoon, he left this
message on my machine at home.

Scarecrow, it's Eddie.

It's about 6 p.m. and I'm tired
of leaving messages at work.

Listen carefully.

Red Robin's on the wing, old buddy,
and he's a real colossus, this one.

Got a big trip ahead of him,
thousands of miles maybe...

and it could be bad for
his health, fatal, maybe.

I think someone should
clip his wings. Call me.

The Foxrun Motel, Reston.

What's he talking about?

It's a code we had worked up between
us. Red Robin translates as red alert...

and thousands of miles
means thousands of people.

- And what about colossus?
- I don't know.

Whoever or whatever it is
could kill thousands of people.

Eddie is lying in a hospital,
in a coma because of it.

The police report
says it was an accident.

They trashed his hotel room, Billy, and
tried to shove a radiator down his throat.

Now, he was onto something
and someone was onto him.

Yes, Scarecrow, but
who? What? Why?

All right.

Thousands of miles, maybe...

and it could be bad for
his health. Fatal, maybe.

He was in D.C. on a weekend
seminar for prospective Marvin's buyers.

I wanna know what's
going on from the inside.

Okay, but you'll need backup.

I've got just the person.

Excuse me.

I'm home.

Did you get the
Marvelous Marvin's?

Yes, are you starving?

Philip, for you, the Double
Wham-O with double cheese...

pickles and mustard, jumbo onion
rings, and the Choco-Blocko shake.

- All right.
- Jamie, you've got the Torpedo burger...

with extra sauce, jumbo fabulous
fries and the mega mug of cola, no ice.

Mother, fish burger
for you, no tartar sauce.

For me, a fish burger
with tartar sauce.

I'll get you a glass of milk.

Uh, a glass of milk
for mother right here.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I just heard you with the
kids. You know your burgers.

- I'm a mother, I have to.
- Ah.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I was in the neighborhood,
thought I'd skulk by and say hi.

- Very funny.
- Ha, ha.

Actually, I'm looking for a
business partner. You interested?

I guess. What kind of business?

- Does it matter?
- No.

It's right up your alley.

Double Wham-Os, Torpedoes,
Choco-Blocko shakes...

- Mega mug of cola, no ice.
- Right.

You know, now...

there are a few things we ought to
talk about before we get checked in.

- Yeah.
- We don't have any problems now...

but we're out here in the parking lot,
and we wouldn't want any problems later.

- So if we could get things straight now...
- Amanda, this isn't necessary.

I know it isn't, but
just indulge me, okay?

Oh, all right.

Well, in the first place, I like to take
my shower first thing in the morning.

- Uh-huh.
- There are men that go to the bathroom...

lock the door, go in with the newspaper
and they shave and they read the paper.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- They take over an hour.

I just hope that you're not one
of those kind of guys, you know?

- Well, I do...
- Anyway, even if you are...

maybe we can figure out a compromise
that's comfortable for both of us.

Now, the other thing is,
when I sleep at night...

I like to leave the window
cracked just about this much:

- Mm-hm.
- Just enough for a little fresh air.

I hope that will be
all right with you. If

it won't, I'll crack it
just about that much:

- Amanda.
- Yeah.

We're registered
as brother and sister.

- You and me?
- Yes, we've got our own room...

- bathroom, bedroom, the whole works.
- Well, that will make things much easier.

- Yeah.
- We don't look a thing alike.

Hi, there.

I'm Carla, your Marvin's hostess
for this weekend. And you're...?

- I'm Lee Stemson. This is my sister.
- Amanda Keen.

Married once, cured forever.

Yep, here we are, last ones
on the list. Lee and Amanda.

Ooh, all the way
from Bangor, Maine.

- Yes.
- Right.

How did you find out
about the weekend?

- Friends.
- Newspaper.

- She's right, newspaper.
- Actually...

Well, we did have an
ad in the Bangor Bulletin.

Maybe you had a friend
who read about it and told you.

- Absolutely.
- That's how it happened.

It was our friend Pearl
at the coffee shop.

Yes, Pearl.

Ha, ha, well, however you
heard about it, welcome.

Now, uh, these are
your information packets.

It's got everything
you need to know.

We're gonna start the fun with a little
get-together in the multi-purpose room...

over at corporate
headquarters, 7:00, sharp.

- Ah.
- Now, let's see...

two t-shirts, hats, two buttons.

There you go.

Now you're really part of
the Marvin's family, ha, ha.

- See you at 7.
- All right, 7.

Corporate headquarters.

That might give us a chance
to get inside the offices.


You see those two
checking in over there?

They signed up at
the very last second...

- after those sudden cancellations.
- Stop being so paranoid.

They said they heard
about the seminar...

- from an ad in the Bangor Bulletin.
- Yeah, so?

We never ran an ad in Maine.

- Big deal. They made a mistake.
- No.

They don't look like
patty-slappers to me.

Find out what you
can about them.


Let's see, 202 and 205. - 202.

All right.

Here we are.

Think they ought to allow brothers
and sisters on the same floor?

We're lucky we got in the same hotel.
This place is packed. How does it look?

Great view of the parking lot.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Let's go to Marvin's
And bite into a smile

We know you love burgers
So we go that extra mile

With juicy double patties
Cheese, tomatoes, onions too

Served any way you like them
'Cause we make them just for you

So let's go to Marvin's
They go that extra mile

Let's go to Marvin's
And bite into a smile

Here, here. - Great job.

Great, great, thank you.

And now, ladies and
gentlemen, the man who knows...

what America wants to
find between two buns...

and the founder of a movement sweeping
this great land, marvelous Marvin Metz.

Ha, ha! It's Marvelous Marvin.

So good to see you all.

Let's go to Marvin's
and bite into a smile

We know you love burgers
So we go that extra mile

This's gonna last another half hour.
I'm gonna disappear, see what I can find.

- I better come with.
- No, you won't.

- You need a lookout.
- Ugh, all right.

We make them just for you

So let's go to Marvin's

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- Uh-uh, wait out here.
- Right.

Look out.

Never mind.

Amanda... I need a hand here.

Check that filing cabinet
while I work on the desk.


What am I looking for?

I don't know.


I got a safe here.

- Can you get it open?
- Yeah, I think so. I need that light.

Here we go, let's
see what happens.

Wait a sec.

I don't believe this, I got it.

Shh. Shh.

Amanda. AMANDA: What is it?

It's Colossus.

What's Colossus?

Colossus is a hamburger.



And we're gonna
keep on growing...

until Marvin's burgers take their rightful
place next to Mother and Old Glory...

as the three things
that represent...

the best of everything about
this great country of ours.

Let's go to Marvin's
And bite into a smile

We know you love burgers
So we go that extra mile

With juicy double patties
Cheese, tomatoes, onions too

Served any way you like them
'Cause we make them just for you

A head chemist? Oh,
that sounds so important.

The most important job, to be
totally and immodestly honest.


What is it exactly
that you do, Cecil?

I invented the secret sauce...

the goo that makes Marvin
Metz a quadzillionaire.

I'm the man behind the man, an
unsung hero, living in the shadows.

Oh, poor Cecil. That
doesn't sound fair at all.

It's not, it's not fair at all.

But little Cecil B. might just turn
the tables on Marvelous Marvin.

Real soon.

What is going on?

You've got me. It's the first time I've
been on the trail of a double cheeseburger.

Did I hear someone mention
double cheeseburger?

Two of the tastiest words
in the English language.

Name's Marvin Metz,
friends call me Marvelous.

- And who am I to say they're liars?
- Ha, ha.

I see you're wearing the company emblem.
- We are.

You at the seminar?

- Yes.
- We were.

Uh, Mr. and Mrs.?

- Lee Stemson. My sister Amanda.
- No, Amanda Keen. Brother and sister.

- Fine, a brother and sister.
- Yes, that's right.

Well, I like that family spirit.

Come, let me, uh,
treat you to a nightcap.

Well, thank you very much.
- Well, thank you.

Look, uh, you handle Marvelous
Marv. I'm gonna talk to Francine.


Ah. Come.

Well... Yes, we
eat well, ha, ha.

I don't think there's a prettier sight
than a full moon over the Marvin's plant.

- Silhouettes just takes your breath away.
- Well, I bet it does.

I don't like her talking
to your father, Barry.

- She's fishing.
- Everything's cool.

It was a false alarm in the office. I
checked them out. They're clean.

Look, Eddie is the only one who
knew anything and he's not talking.

Eddie used to be an agent, Barry.
All he had to do is make one call.

We know that worm, Bendix, has developed
a conscience to go with his drinking habit.

Shh. Bendix is fine. We're gonna
ship that sauce right on schedule.

And then we lose him.

How about breakfast tomorrow?

- About 8?
- It's a date.

Good. I'll send my driver.

- See you then.
- All right. Nice to meet you.

Yes, my pleasure.

- Any luck?
- Yeah, a little, uh.

Billy gave me a list of Marvin's honchos.
So far I've run into the, uh, controller...

the senior VP of marketing and our
friend at the piano bar, the head chemist.

- He looks promising.
- He looks innocuous.

Maybe, maybe not.

Anyway, his name's Cecil Bendix. He's
been with the company since the start.

Uh, he's got a big axe to grind. He's
already singing, "My Day Will Come."


- Very interesting. Keep him talking, huh?
- Are you kidding? I can't shut him up.

Goodbye, darling.

Okay, fine then,
we'll talk to you later.


This is a perfect
chance to work Metz.

Get inside his head,
see what makes him tick.

Hold on.

- Oh, come on in.
- Hi.


Isn't this a cozy little
place you two have here?

My room is down
the hall, Francine.

Well, how times have
changed, Scarecrow.

What have you got on Bendix?

Oh, Gobs. Seems he
developed the prototype...

for that secret sauce that
made Marvin's burgers famous.


But according to him, Marvelous Marvin
stiffed him, no glory, no money, zip.

So now, he's muttering
something about revenge.

- What kind of revenge?
- I don't know. He fell asleep...

at the piano bar, singing
"Moon River" off key.

- I'll pick up where I left off tomorrow.
- Good work.

- That is what they pay me for.
- Hmm.

I have to go hassle
somebody about my room.

Seems they lost my reservation.

Well, now, you two sleep tight
and don't let the bedbugs bite.

- Goodnight, Francine.
- Goodnight, Amanda.

Well, I guess I actually ought
to call Mother. It's getting late.

Uh, yeah, you've got an early breakfast
and I've gotta get Billy started on Bendix.

- Right.
- Let me walk you to your room.

Across the hall?

Well, yeah, you can't
be too careful, you know.

- It's good thinking.
- Mm-hm, second nature. Field experience.

- What kind of field experience?
- You know.

- Not necessarily.
- Hey...

Well, I could ask you in for a
cup of coffee, if you like instant.

Well, I found my room.

I think the night
manager liked me, ha, ha.

- Oh, here it is, 204.
- Uh... Ahem.

What's, uh, happening?

- Nothing.
- Nothing, nothing...

- we're just closing down for the night.
- Yeah.

Oh, fine. I'm gonna be
up at the crack of dawn.

- So I'll knock on both your doors.
- Oh, good.

- Yeah.
- Good night.

Good night.

Ahem. Well, I guess I'm gonna
have to take a rain check on the coffee.

Yeah, okay.

See you in the morning.

- Yeah, good night.
- Good night.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Uh. Uh...
- Good night.
- Good night.

- I - don't care what you think.

We've gone too far to stop now.

How could we...? We don't have
to actually do it. We could bluff it.

No, we're proceeding
exactly as we planned.

But if anything goes wrong,
innocent people could be...

Nothing is gonna go wrong.

I want it ready tomorrow.
No delays, no excuses.

- Do you understand?
- All right.

Come on.

Well, my boys are gonna
be very impressed...

when I tell them that I had
breakfast with Marvin Metz.

Heck, I do it every morning of
my life. Nothing special about it.

Well, you must be awfully proud of
all the things you've accomplished.


I, uh, worked most
of my life for this.

And now that I have it, I guess
I miss sharing it with someone.

So you're alone then, are you?

Except for my son, Barry. Some
son, laziest person I've ever known.

Thirty years old and he still expects
the world to be handed to him.

Oh, gee, that's too bad.

Kid's impossible.

I have him working here but it's like
trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

That's the story
of my life, lately.

- It was the same with Carla.
- Carla?

Oh, ha, ha. It's not like
me to run on like this.

Oh, no. You don't have
to talk if you don't want to.

Actually, it, uh,
feels pretty good.

Carla's my executive assistant.

She and I got involved
about two years ago.

I was lonely and she was
working as my secretary.

Same old story, except
it meant something to me.

I found out that she was cheating on
me with one of our regional managers.

That must have been
very difficult for you.

Broke my heart.

But I...

I'm thinking of making some
changes around here, anyway.

So, uh, maybe it's time
for this old buzzard...

to kick Carla and Barry out of the nest
and see if they can fly by themselves.

They've had plenty of
time to learn the business.

We've gotta move now.

We start tightening the noose around
that old man's neck, and the Stemsons too.

We've come too far to let
them get in the way now.

Well, he's a nice man,
but he sure isn't very happy.

We may be the best thing
that ever came into his life.

He said Carla was involved
with one of his regional managers.

You think it was the guy
who used to be an agent?

That's my guess. Eddie stumbled
into whatever they're up to.

Carla tried to have him killed and
I'm betting she had some help too.

She and Barry had an argument last night
with Cecil Bendix, out in the parking lot.

- They did?
- Yeah.

- What were they fighting about?
- I'm not sure.

Bendix was backpedaling
on something real big.

Meanwhile, Billy came up
with some unsettling info.

What's that?

Bendix served four
years at Fort Detrick...

the U.S. Army's R & D
chemical warfare center.

Well, you don't think this has
anything to do with chemical warfare?

Let's hope not. Come on.

All the food and
material necessary...

to run and operate a Marvin's
franchise is prepared here.

Every patty, every bun, every ounce
of secret sauce is produced here...

and then shipped out, almost daily, to
nearly 1800 locations in the 50 states.

It's a big operation
and it's costly.

But it allows us to control
both quality and consistency...

so that wherever one of our
customers orders a Marvin's burger...

he gets exactly what he expects.

These freezer compartments are one of the
secrets to Marvin's continued dominance...

All right. Uh, cover
me if you can.

A few years ago, um, we were
pioneers in the area of flash freezing...

which is a technique that allows
us to freeze our food products...

minutes after they've been prepared.
For example, once activated...

these units can freeze up
to 14 tons of beef patties...

rock solid in less
than 20 minutes.

If you just step over here, we'll
take a look at our processing unit.

This is a very busy area, so
please stay behind the yellow lines...

Now, the next area we're gonna
cover is the patty-pressing machinery.

Oh, would you excuse
me just a moment?

Oh, I'm so sorry.
Did that hurt you?

Oh, my God.

- What happened, Amanda?
- I leaned up against the boxes and...

- I knocked them over.
- Here, let me help you with this.


- That was very good work, really it was.
- Come on.

It was just spur of
the moment stuff.

- It was natural, spontaneous.
- I'm glad you got out.

- Well...
- What is that stuff?

I don't know. Eddie
was a real pro.

- His pictures led me right to it.
- Hmm.

The lab boys will have it
analyzed in a matter of hours.

Amanda, get out of here!

You have to get packed.
Someone's starting to play hardball.

That's when you pick
up your mitt and go home.

Yeah. FRANCINE: Lee.

Billy red-lined that
vial through analysis.

And he just called with the results.
- Yeah?

It contains scion...

one of the most potent
poisons the guys have ever seen.

And it was developed by
the Army at Fort Detrick.

- Bendix was stationed at Fort Detrick.
- Yeah, he sure was.

Let's find out why he's
mixing up a batch here.

It's Bendix, he's dead.

That ransom note was
delivered this morning.

It's five million dollars or they
poison all the sauce on the Colossus.

Which we are introducing
all over the country tomorrow.

It says here that 20
outlets are going to be hit.

Look, we all know that Carla
and Barry are behind this.

I mean, she handles all the food processing
and he's in charge of distribution.

Let's arrest them, make them talk.
- We can't do that, Marvin.

All we've got is
circumstantial evidence.

I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to
pull the plug on the Colossus campaign.

Of course.

I don't wanna jeopardize
even one of my customers.

When the press gets hold of this... And it
will... it's gonna be the end of Marvin's.


What's the latest we
can stop the campaign?

Nine, tonight.

All right, the drop's at
four and the location is set.

We call in a team.
We cover that area.

Carla and Barry show
up, we grab them.

- How about that?
- Then we pinpoint the 20 locations.

Wait, that is if we can
sell the plan to Billy.

- Oh, yeah, Billy.
- Hmm.

He's calling a meeting
for 1:00. We better go.

Amanda. AMANDA: Yeah.

- You stay with Marvin.
- Right.

It looks good on paper but
it's too risky on the downside.

We can be ready to move
the second the call comes in.

He's right. All I need
is a little bit of time.

I can start putting a
team together right now.

All we need to know
is the location, that's it.

And what if the
phone call is late?

What, if by waiting, we miss one
location that's been targeted, just one?

All right, we'll
give it an hour.

If we're not moving, we
shut the company down.

Get your teams organized...

get back to headquarters
and get Amanda out.

If the bullets start to fly, I
don't want her in the way.

- You hang next to the phone.
- You got it.


Just one hour. No exceptions.

I'm sure this is gonna work out.

Funny, how you appreciate something
when it looks like you're gonna lose it.


MAN: Four o'clock.

Delaware Hill Road.

The entrance to
Thompkins Camp Ground.

Bring the cash.


Let me just call Lee.

Marvin, where are you going?

Amanda, I can't just sit here
and watch them steal my life.

Wait for Lee to
answer the phone...

Marvin, let me just
call Lee. Marv... Oh.

Why does this
always happen to me?


You're not getting
away with this, Carla.

- What's wrong?
- What are you talking about, pop?

I'm talking about threatening to
kill thousands of innocent people.

You're gonna hang for
this, both of you. It's over.

You're wrong, Marvin.
It's just beginning.

Come in, close the door.

Well, this isn't exactly
the way we planned it...

but I'm willing to improvise.

Why don't you get the money now?
- He doesn't have it.

Well, I... You know, it's a lot
of money, five million dollars.

Just exactly who are you?

I'm a housewife from Maine.
- Right.

And I'm Princess Di.

I thought you were
gonna be a problem...

but I see a way to make
you part of the solution.

And you...

You get to be our
messenger boy, Marvin.

- Freeze!
- Francine, she's has a gun.

Pointed right at Mrs. Keen.

Your move.

Well, the plot is
thickening considerably.

Tell me, is there anybody
who's not working with you?

Okay, I've got it, Marvin. You do
exactly what they said to do, huh?

And we will be there.

You hear anything about Amanda,
you let me know right away.

- Problems?
- Yeah, a bad one.

It's Barry and Carla, they got Amanda.
They're holding her for insurance.

Now, how did that happen?
Never mind, I don't wanna know.

- What time is the drop?
- Four o'clock.

Once they've got the money,
they'll phone us with the list.

When they're safe, that's when
they'll tell us where Amanda is.

What about Francine?

Well, Marvin did see her
car but he didn't see her.

And wherever they're
holding Amanda, Billy...

they told Marvin we've
got until 4:45 to find her.

All right. We'll
proceed as planned.

Let's hope there's no problem...

because if there is...

you and I both know where
our responsibilities have to lie.

Well, this should keep
you comfy for a little while.

Set the timer for 4:30.

Let's just lock them up.
What's the point of the freezer?

Use your head, Barry.

They're witnesses. If anything
goes wrong, I want them dead.

Now set the timer.

Come on.

- Anything?
- Nothing. This place is airtight.

- Now what?
- Now what, what?

Now, what, what, what?
Don't you have an idea?

Yes, I do, Amanda.

If we get out, my idea is
you go home and stay there.

Francine, look, I don't wanna be...
I'm sorry, we shouldn't be arguing.

We're stuck here together,
and we gotta think like a team.

- A team?
- A team.

You and me, a team,
ha, ha? That's real cute.

Francine, it's a fact.

You know what a fact is?

I rely on one person,
and that is me.

This is the real world here.

Don't expect Lee to come charging
in on a white horse, because he won't.

People are not always
there when you need them.

You cannot count on
them because people leave.

Stuffy in here.


Now that you mention it, it is.

Airtight, we're
using up the air.

I could hold my breath.

- Ten more minutes, Marvin. You all right?
- Yeah.

Okay, now you're the
key, remember that.

Just stand there.

When they show up, you
hand them this briefcase...

we'll handle the rest.

There's a homing device
inside so we can follow them.

I also have a chopper standing
by, everything's gonna be all right.

They're greedy, selfish
criminals, Mr. Stetson.

Barry is blood, but it's true.

They're bad people. We can't
let them get away with this.

We're not gonna let
them get away with it.

And you let us
handle it, all right?

All right.


It's clear, but that
doesn't mean anything.

It's five of, you better
get ready to ride.

Francine, do you feel funny?

I feel like I've had
too much champagne.

Light-headed, it's
not enough oxygen.

You know, Francine, I'm really
sorry if I was ever rude to you.

I never meant to be rude to you.

I think maybe sometimes...

I just didn't understand
you as well as I should have.

And, you know, it's just
sometimes you're such a witch.

- A what?
- Oh, I'm sorry. Really, that was stupid.

That's a great
apology, I'm really sorry.

- Amanda...
- Sorry, I'll never do it again...

Amanda, will you please shut up? I
would rather have air than apologies.

You're right, I'm sorry, I'm a
motormouth, I talk when I get scared.

You know what I do
when I get scared?

- I eat chocolates.
- You?

Truffles, bonbons, éclairs, Kisses,
anything I can get my hands on.

I love chocolate.


I like this place. In a place like this,
you cannot score an éclair anywhere.

I like hot fudge sundaes
with the extra hot fudge.

Oh, yeah, chocolate
dipped strawberries.

Chocolate cheesecake.

- Double-chocolate brownies.
- Chocolate-covered raisins.

Oh, chocolate Easter bunnies.

Chocolate Easter bunnies
with marshmallow on the inside.

- This isn't funny.
- We're in a lot of trouble.

It's 4:05, they're late.

Everybody stay on your toes.

- I'll meet you at the airport, 20 minutes.
- Right.

And, Barry...

once you've got the
money, take him out.

Take him out? My father?

He'll be the last witness, once
the women die in that freezer.

- You're not telling them where they are?
- This is the big leagues, Barry.

We're playing for
keeps. Get going.

A motorcycle. Damn it!

He's gonna snatch
the case and run.

- Give me the money, pop.
- Never.

You haven't got the guts.

Okay, okay. Look, okay, okay.

Don't shoot. I'll tell
you what you want.

- The poison, where was it sent?
- Carla's got all the information.

She's probably on her way...

- to the airport.
- I'll get the chopper.

Yeah, get up.

All right, now, Amanda and
Francine. Where are they?

In a flash-freezing compartment
at the plant, number four.

It's set to go on at 4:30. Once
it does, you've got ten minutes.

You... Take care of him.

The timer.

Amanda. AMANDA: Yes.

Come on.

- Oh.
- Come here.


- Hi, Francine.
- Amanda, I wanna talk to you.

- It's about you and me in the freezer.
- It was nice.

I don't think we've ever
talked to each other before.

Yeah, uh, you know, there's a very strict
code of confidentiality at the agency.

- Yeah.
- All right.

None of that ever happened.

- None of it happened?
- None of it, understand?

What am I gonna do about these?

- That's chocolates.
- Yes.

If none of it happened you
wouldn't have told me you love these.

- I wouldn't have bought...
- Some of it happened.

- A little bit happened...
- You want these?

- Amanda.
- You can have it.

Yes, sir.

- We have some good news.
- Yes?

Carla started talking, we were able
to recover every ounce of poison.

- Oh, good, sir.
- Yeah, yeah.

And I just got a call from the
hospital. Eddie's out of his coma.

- Oh.
- DeVaronna Chocolates.

- Uh...
- Expensive.

- Yeah.
- Who's the secret admirer?

Uh, that's, uh, secret
information, sir. Excuse me.

I think it's really nice that
someone likes Francine.

- Well, how are you feeling?
- Oh, I'm all right.

When I think about it, I
can still get a little cold.

- Ah, well, you know something?
- What?

- I've got just the cure for that.
- You do, do you?

Yeah, it's gonna take
some time, and dinner...

- Oh.
- And a very special bottle of wine.

Sounds great.

By the way...

did you buy those
chocolates for Francine?

Once on the lips,
forever on the hips.