Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 11 - The Wrong Way Home - full transcript

Amanda's ex husband and the father of her sons Joe King is accused of murdering the Estocian Prime Minister and Lee has to investigate him.

The prime minister is dead!

- Amanda, where are the keys?
- I got them right here. Right here.

- Are you sure you don't need the car?
- No. You can just drop me off.

I hope I don't have to
parallel park. I'm only good...

- when I can fit in those little slots.
- Ha, ha.

- I'll get it. Hello?
- Amanda.

- Joe?
- I hope I didn't startled you.

- No, you sound close.
- Yeah, I'm here. I'm here in D.C.

- Well, that's great.
- Now, Amanda. Just listen to me, please.

I'm in trouble.

Now, you'll be getting calls,
and I think you should tell them...

Just tell them you don't know
where I am, because you don't.

- I think it's best that way.
- Joe?

Joe, your cab's here.

Joe, if you're in trouble,
please tell me, let me help.

No, it's too dangerous.

I'm sorry, Amanda. I wish
I knew what else to do.

But I've gotta stay away
from you and the kids.

I've gotta go.

Now, I'm okay,
so try not to worry.

Joe, wait don't...

Joe King is the fugitive's name?
Joseph King with the E.A.O.?

That's him. They want him
back before the funeral...

or all hell's gonna break loose.

They closed the airport but they
think he's already back in the States.

How long have we got to find him?
- I'd guess 4 8 hours.

The Estoccian government
is bracing for revolution.

They're sending one of
their cops to supervise.

How good is their case?

His prints are on the
gun that killed the guard.

There are rumors about theft
engineered by the dead man and Joe King.

Well, give us reports
for as long as you can.

- Get out when the roof starts falling in.
- Yes, sir.

If they think an American
killed their prime minister...

they'll want his
head on a platter.

What is it, Scarecrow?


I thought the name sounded familiar. I
checked with the GSA central registry.

Joe King is Amanda's ex-husband.

I'll be damned.

I want this case, Billy.

You got it.

This is just too
bizarre to be made up.

Amanda's ex is an
international killer?

International suspect, Francine.

No playing favorites
on this one, Scarecrow.

If you have to use
Amanda to find him, use her.

Mrs. King, sorry
to keep you waiting.

- Darrell Prescott, Field Counsel.
- How do you do?

Let's walk. You
know, you and I, uh...

We met once about five years ago
right after we stole Joe from EPA.

- Oh, is that right?
- Yeah.

I thought he might contact you. I
am kind of surprised that he hasn't.

Mr. Prescott, would you mind
telling me what this is all about?

Joe's in a little
trouble, Mrs. King.

The night before last,
there was an incident.

Civil disturbance in the
country he's currently posted to.


Yes, I know. He writes. Uh...

What sort of an incident?

I was hoping he'd get in touch with you
and you'd persuade him to come back...

so I could ask
him that question.

No, I'm afraid he hasn't. Quite
frankly, I'm a little bit confused.

Mr. Prescott, Joe's a lawyer.

Hi, guys. You hungry?
- Starving.

There's hot apple pie if
you want it. It's on the table.

Great, thanks, Grandma.

Oh, boys, what
about these bikes?

You sure it's this street?
- What?

Maybe you just don't
recognize the house.

So much has changed.

- Uh, take me back to Georgetown.
- Okay.

Amanda, come in.

Thank you, sir.

- You heard about your ex-husband?
- Yes, sir. From a Mr. Prescott at E.A.O.

Sir, you know, it's absolutely
ridiculous. Joe couldn't kill anybody.

Well, Estoccia is a
very dangerous place.

- We don't know for sure...
- Makes no difference.

It's not his habit to pick
up and disappear, is it?

No, sir.

Well, we've thrown
out all the nets for him...

along with the CIA,
FBI, Security Task Force.

We'll do everything
we can to get the truth.

Yes, sir. Does Lee know?

Already have him on special
assignment, very high level.

Yes, sir. Thank you.


- May all your wives be pregnant.
- What did you say?

Oh, uh...

A, uh, traditional
greeting at home.

It's totally out of
date, of course.

We have too many
people as it is. Ha, ha.

Ahem, Mrs. Marston, I'd like
to introduce Asam Ali Shamba.

Inspector general of the
Royal Estoccian Police Force.

He's gonna be with us for a
few days, special assignment.

Well, it's nice to have you
with us. Yes. Here you are.

Ah, yeah, you put that
up on your lapel there.

- After you.
- There you are, Mr. Stetson.

Thank you.

Oh, inspector,
agency's downstairs.

Thank you.

- Uh, Mr. Stetson.
- Yes?

This is my office, not your
closet. Your luggage, please.

- Oh, I'm sorry. Heh.
- Yeah.

- I'm sorry about that. Unh.
- That's all right.

- I don't do this normally.
- Thank you.


Unh. SHAMBA: Ooh.

Hold it, ace. That's not our
stuff. Don't be dumping that on us.

Right this way, inspector.
Leatherneck here will fix you up...

with everything you're going to
need to chase the bad guys in America.

- Ha, ha. Chewing gum.
- Five flavors.

One makes you see
double and think backwards.

Yeah, well, Leatherneck, be sure
to, uh, include everything, huh?

Gotcha, the whole works.

Lee, what about the
zebras? Lee? Lee?

Well, inspector, let's
just get you westernized.

Let's see here.

Don't mess with that. Excuse me.

See what we got here.

All right.

Here we go. Here's 1000
bucks, used American.

Um, credit cards, Orioles
cap, restaurant tips...

book of American
slang, and chewing gum.

Let's see.

Step right over here and I'll
get your picture for your ID card.

Sorry, a superstition.

Heh, oh, yeah, that old deal about
the camera stealing your soul, right?

Yes. But just because it's a
superstition doesn't mean it isn't true.


Wanna step in
there for me, please?

Take your hat off, please.

There you go, thank you.

Amanda's waiting for you
upstairs in the Q-Bureau.

- What does she know?
- Nothing more than we do.

- How's our guest from Estoccia?
- Ah, a little too good to be true.


Meaning, he'd like us to think
he'd rather be at Disneyland.

I'm going under the assumption
that he's a lot shiftier than he looks.

- See you later.
- Yeah.

Hmm. AMANDA: Hmm?

- Oh, nothing.
- No, no, really, what?

Uh, just work on that list,
Amanda, and be specific.

You know, uh, doctors,
cleaners, old apartments...

- as far back as you can remember.
- Yeah, I'm getting them.

I'm comparing your ES-12s.

His account of the divorce
isn't exactly the same as yours.

- Let me see.
- Here, this is yours.

No, I don't want to see
mine. Let me see his.

- All right.
- Thank you.


- What?
- Nothing.

- Oh, heh.
- What?

Well, just some of this stuff is a
little misleading. It's the legal talk.

It says I'm resistant to
change. That can't be me.

I was never a stubborn person.
I'm just not a stubborn person.

You sure know how
to get what you want.

I'm not stubborn. Am I?

- Ha, ha.
- All right, I'm a little bit stubborn.

Oh, look...

we just didn't
agree on everything.

- Care to elaborate on that?
- No. I really don't.

- Amanda.
- Yeah?

For the first time since
we met, you're my case.

Now, I need to know
the truth, even if it's tough.


Here's your list.

Okay. Joe and I were
married in, uh, '72.

Joe started law school in
1973, and I had Philip in 1973.

And then Joe graduated
in '75 and Jamie came...

I can read, Amanda.

Tell me what isn't
in the file, okay?

- What went wrong?
- With my marriage?


- Amanda.
- No, really, I mean, why?

I don't know. Uh, call it criminal
psychology or something like that.

Look, I am trying to put
the pieces together here.

Joe is wanted for murder.

Everything you've
told me about the guy...

leads me to believe that he's just a
happy-go-lucky, mild-mannered lawyer.

He is a great guy. He really is.

And I feel a little
uncomfortable in this situation.

- Hello.
- Oh, no.

- Saved by the bell.
- We don't know each other.


Ah, inspector, come on in.

Inspector Asam Ali
Shamba, this is Amanda King.

She's the ex-wife of
the man we're after.

She's been very
cooperative and, uh...

she's also given us a
couple of good leads.

- Hello.
- Hello.


- Good hat.
- Thank you.

Mr. Foster, we didn't expect
Joe King to get this far.

You may have to
offer to speak with him.

It may be the only way
to get him to come back in.

Sir? Sir?

He does trust you and he did call
from Estoccia when he suspected.

Luckily for us. But, now, we don't
know what kind of proof he got out.

If I offer to speak with
him, we're connected.

It'll be impossible... Well,
at least difficult, to kill him.

You know, he...

He wasn't meant to get out
of Estoccia in the first place.

At least this manhunt
works in our favor.

Attention is focused
on the murder, not us.

You know, I think I'm right
about staying out of the office.

If he comes there,
you can deal with him.

Suppose he decides
to come out here?

Oh, I doubt he'll find it.
My address isn't public.

But if so...

we can claim that
he attacked me.

Your friend did a very
nice job over there.

How did he manage the
fingerprints on the gun?

Used an inside man.

Switched a handgrip
from a gun Joe King used...

- and put it on the murder weapon.
- Fast thinking.

- Maybe he can help us here.
- No. No contact while he's over here.

As well.

Well, let's talk
about contingencies.

If King is arrested before we
get him, we'll need leverage.

Well, there's, uh, his family.

I agree. That's where he's
vulnerable. Can we get to them?

Well, his ex-wife works for a
government production house.

Uh, International Federal
Film. I'm having it checked out.

And, uh, her two
sons go to school.

His two sons.

Let's be ready to
move decisively.

Best thing would
be to kill him...

but we may have to
get more elaborate.

No, the first apartment was on
17th and J, and then before that...

Joe lived in a room in a big old, uh,
rooming house near the university...

and before that he lived with his
parents in Chevy Chase on Ellington.

He went to North High. Lee,
you know, I can go on forever.

Yeah, I know.

I doubt we'll need
before college.

It's unlikely he went
back 15 years for help.

- Right?
- Yeah.

It'd be a lot easier if he
lived in the U.S., though.

But he's got a bank account
here, a tax man, a broker...

and a secretary that
shuffles his mail at E.A.O.

In Estoccia, a running
man only run two ways...

away from something,
or toward something.

He's not running away.
He came straight to D.C.

He wants something here.

Perhaps, uh, at the
Emergency Aid Organization...

or maybe he's looking for
his superior, Byron Foster.

Well, I just came from the FBI.
- Hmm.

They drew a complete
blank on hotels and motels...

in D.C. and three counties.

Likewise for hospitals,
jails, rescue missions...

- flop houses, and morgues.
- Good.

That's thorough.

Better hit the road.

- Amanda.
- Yeah?

I want you to call me on this when
you're ready to catch up with us.

I'll get Shamba started. And
then you can buzz by your house.

- Can't we lose him?
- Well, it's not that simple.

I don't want him running
around out there by himself.

I don't want him finding
Joe before we do.

- Is this a regular phone?
- Yeah.

- Does it have an area code?
- Yeah... No, no area code.

- Mr. Pryor?
- Present.

I'm Allma Dennis, principal
here. Can I help you?

Yeah, Mrs. Dennis. I'm
a private investigator.

Uh, Amanda King, she has
got a couple of boys here.

- James and Philip. Is that right?
- Yes.

Uh-huh. Let me
ask you something.

Does the father, uh, he
ever come around the school?

He's mostly abroad,
I understand. Why?

Well, it just wouldn't be a good
idea for him to be bothering the kids.

- There has been a little trouble.
- Since when?

Amanda is active in our PTA. I know
her. It's always been amicable with Joe.

Hey, things change,
you know what I mean?

I want you to do me a
favor. If you see him around...

I want you to give me a call right
away. Mrs. King's a little worried.

If her ex, uh, sees the kids,
he, uh, may want to take them.

- Follow me?
- Sure.

Keep in touch, huh?

In his letter from
the 3rd he says:

"We're doubling the
distribution of the food south.

I'll have to clear away the legal
deadwood. Three months, easy."

This is it. All the
letters from '82...

and the rest from '83.

- What am I looking for?
- I don't know.

Anything out of the ordinary.

Anything that he doesn't
usually write about.

Anything that's not the amount of
rainfall or how big the lizards are.

Maybe he had a fight with
somebody. I don't know.

You probably better keep
the boys on a tight rein.

And if he calls, try to find out
where he is, or at least get a number.

Amanda, you'd be
much more persuasive.

- Tell him call me at I.F.F.
- Oh, you and that blasted film company.

Here is the father of
your children in trouble...

and all you think about is work.

I'm gonna be looking for him. They'll
know where to reach me at I.F.F.

Everything's gonna
be okay. Don't worry.


I'd certainly like to know
where you get your information.

Amanda, Vice-Principal
Dennis is... Amanda?

Amanda, phone!


I'm sorry, Mrs. Dennis,
you just missed her.

- A detective was at the school.
- Detective?

- There might be a problem with Joe.
- Yes, well, it is true.

- Yes, the police are looking for Joe.
- It's terrible.

- I know, it's just awful, and, well...
- We'll keep our eyes open.

Thank you for being
careful and I'll tell her.

- Okay, goodbye.
- Hmm.

Quite a bit of shooting.
Beside the prime minister...

a guard was also killed
at government house.

And word of the deaths started
some local panic in T'Bai...

which spread into a
night of looting and fires.

- Yes, but no one saw Joe.
- Pull the trigger, no.

But someone saw
him running away.

Now, it is enough. If not
for justice, then vengeance.

It's hard living
in Estoccia now.

The food is short, the land
is parched like a vengeance.

The people have a few good things,
but they love their prime minister.

And they want their
own vengeance for him.

This is where Joe lived
when he was in law school.

Looks like we turned off
Memory Lane onto Fraternity Row.

No, this is Mrs. McDonald's.
We called her "McDragon."

She rents rooms to law
students. Joe lived right up there.

McDONALD: Decker,
phone call for you.

That's... Mrs. McDonald!

Hello. McDONALD: Hello.

- You probably don't remember me.
- I sure do. Amanda.

Yes, that's right.

What's going on? Is there
some off-year reunion?

Your old boyfriend was here last
night. Did you two ever tie the knot?

- Oh, heh, come on in.
- Thank you.

Joe said he was in town for a seminar
and there was a mix-up in housing.

I had the room so...

Of course, he's a little older than
most of the kids, but then, who isn't?

- Well...
- Are you sure it was Mr. King?

Yes. He slept right
there last night.

Excuse me. What are you
looking for, some kind of an aura?

It's not out of the question.

Mrs. McDonald, did Joe
say where he was going?

No, but he was
gone when I got up.

- What is this?
- Uh, it's just traveler's checks. Empty.

Um, I'm gonna give you my phone
number and if you don't mind...

if he comes back by
or he calls or anything...

- could you give me a call?
- Sure, but why don't you stick around?

The kids will be
drifting in about 4.

Could be a couple of laughs.
- Uh, no, I'm sorry.

- Not today. McDONALD:
It is your loss.

- I could tell you stories about...
- Mrs. McDonald, heh.

It was good to see you.
Please don't get me in trouble.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye-bye.

- Yeah.
- Well...

Well, uh, we've
gotta be going too.

I think someone should stay here
and keep this place under surveillance.

- Oh, that's a good idea.
- Yeah.

See you later.

Listen, I don't think Joe
is gonna go back there.

So Shamba can sit on
the house for all I care.

- We're gonna follow this lead.
- I thought you said that wasn't a lead.

It will be in a minute.

I need something to raise the
impression of the check he wrote.

- A pencil?
- That'll work.

- There you go.
- Okay.

- Look at that.
- Yeah.


- You know it?
- Yeah.

- Ella, Basie, Goodman. The Troggs.
- Ha, ha.

Great, isn't it?

I don't think they've changed a record on
there since Joe and I used to come here.

- You came in here a lot, didn't you?
- Yeah. We came in almost every night.

Yup, we didn't have much money,
but that thing would take a nickel...

and play a song. We
could always play that one.

Let's hope he comes
in here one more time.


- You know, Amanda, uh...
- Yeah?

You never did finish telling
me why you got divorced.

You really want to know,
huh? Pretty nosy, aren't you?

- Heh.
- Okay.

Well, it's no big secret.


Well, when Joe got
out of law school...

he was interested in the
Emergency Aid Organization...

and it meant constant travel.

I just, uh... I didn't think that
would be good for the boys.

They were too little, you know?
Six months here, six months there.

I really thought it would be
better if we were all settled.

- You wanted to be a housewife.
- Well, I wanted a home.

I wanted for all of
us to have a home.

But, uh, Joe felt that he
really had something to give...

so he went ahead and took the
job and I stayed in Arlington, and...

I guess we were really sort of
separated for a couple years.

And then we finally
admitted that...

it just wasn't gonna work.

- So life's turned out okay, huh?
- Yeah, but okay...

- isn't good enough for you.
- Yeah.

I want you to get his attention
while I come around his blind side.

- No, no, no.
- Amanda.

He doesn't know you.
Let me talk to him first.

He's bound to be nervous.

Um, you watch and I'll
give you a signal, all right?

Come on, don't scare him off.

- Hello.
- Inspector, what are you doing here?

Police work. One of the
students at the house...

said that they saw
Joe here last night.

- So, uh, we'll wait here until he comes.
- Mm.

- And why are you here?
- I'm thirsty.

Look, why don't you wait for
me at the bar? I'll be right back.

- And have yourself a beer.
- Yeah.

Hey, Dooley.

Listen, my friend over there
wants to pick up the tab.

In fact, he wants to buy
a round for the whole bar.

What a guy!

- Joe.
- Oh, Amanda.

Oh, I've been so
worried about you.

- Everybody is worried about you.
- Everybody?

Well, yeah. Me and Mother,
and Mr. Prescott at E.A.O.

- You look kind of tired.
- Yeah.

Would you like to
come back to the house?

I can't. I daren't
take that chance.

But we have to talk. Not here.

Joe, wait a minute.

You've got to stop
running. It's not safe.

I can't. Somebody needs a
fall guy and I'm afraid it's me.

I told you it was
way too dangerous...

- for you to try to see me.
- Oh...

He's moving.

Hey, get out of here.

- Amanda? Where...?
- Here.

Come on. There'll be people
crawling all over this place.

- Let's go.
- Could you get my purse?

- Thanks.
- Come on.

Wait till the midnight hour

That's when my love comes...

The fact that somebody
started shooting at you...

raises a number of new possibilities.
Care to speculate on who it is?

Same people who killed
the prime minister of Estoccia.

- Employees of U.S. E.A.O.
- Why?

I caught them with their hands in
the till, stealing millions in U.S. relief.

If they're doing it in
Estoccia, why not everywhere?

- If I believe you...
- Of course we believe you.

If I believe you, this all starts
to make a little more sense.

Our shooter will probably
fall back and think about it.

He's not going to crash a
rooming house full of people.

You two stay inside.

There's an Inspector Shamba
that I have to dispose of.

- Shamba?
- Yeah. Airmail special, just for you.

You be very careful of
him. I think he's in on it.

I'll take care of it.

- See you two later.
- Bye.

That's when my love
begins to shine Okay.

You are the only girl I know

Really love you so
Hey. How you doing?

In the midnight hour

Listen to what I'm telling you.
Mrs. King's friend is not a filmmaker.

No, he came out
with guns blazing.

Face it, we're gonna
have to take those kids...

and we're gonna
have to take them now.

No, not until they
come after us.

That's the way we're
gonna get a hold on King.

If we take his kids,
that's it. We're connected.

All we can do is buy
time. But let's be ready.

If they do come after us,
then we've got nothing to lose.

Unh. Here we go.

- I'll get the light.
- Would you get the door, please?

Got the door. But I have
something I have to tell you.

You leave me all
alone, and after you go...

all I could do was keep ordering drinks
over and over and over and over, until...

- How big was the bar bill?
- Eight hundred and 43 greens.

I'll get it back for
you out of petty cash.

I am sorry that everything
went to pot for you.

- Um, why don't you sit down and relax?
- It can hardly matter, you know.

Today was not my
day to be of value.

- Well, tomorrow will be a better day.
- Ha! Probably not.

My periods of uselessness
can go on for weeks.

Mm. Just jet lag.



Here. Let's call it a night, huh?
Drink up. That'll make you feel better.


Sounds just the
same, doesn't it?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Brings back memories.
- Yeah.

Oh, boy.

- I took the wrong way home this time.
- Well, we'll fix it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, don't worry.

- You saved our lives in the library.
- James Bond movies. Yeah.

- It's really a mess, huh?
- Yeah.

- What happened, Joe?
- It was a fluke.

Nine hundred metric tons
of wheat arrived in Estoccia.

Only it wasn't 900, it was 700.

I did a little investigating and I
found out it wasn't the first time.

Somebody's been
doctoring the paperwork.

I was on my way to see the prime
minister when all hell broke loose.

Oh, Amanda, those
people are starving...

and somebody's taking
the food out of their mouths.

- Somebody here.
- Joe, where's your evidence?

It's all right there, only I'm all
dressed up and no place to go.

I'm a lawyer, a paper pusher.
I should have stayed out of it.

No. You did what you thought
was right. That's who you are.

- Yeah?
- Company.

- Or would you two rather be alone?
- Oh, no, come on in, Mr. Stetson, please.

- Thanks, Mrs. McDonald.
- Bye.

The inspector has two
grains of zonomethol in him.

He should sleep well into the
next century unless we wake him up.

- Now, what's the plan?
- I was just explaining to Amanda.

The only chance I had to prove
my case was to match my invoices...

against the prime minister's relief
schedule. Show the discrepancies.

Well, he's dead and the
invoices are in Estoccia.

Right. So, what I need now are
the stateside invoices out of E.A.O.

Okay. You know what
you're looking for, right?

- Yeah.
- Let's go.

This'll only take a
couple of minutes.


They purged the records.
Everything I needed to prove my case.

My only hope died
with the prime minister.

What about Shamba?

If he's in on it, he's
not gonna say anything.

He will if we give him a
bad enough nightmare.

Oh, well...

Okay, Shamba.

Come on, you got 30 seconds to
tell me what I want to know. Come on.

He's drugged to the gills. You're
gonna have to knock him around a little.

Joe doesn't knock people
around, Mr. Stetson.

Sweetheart, why don't you
just shake him real hard?

All right, Shamba.
Come on. Come on.

- Mr. Prime Minister.
- Hello, Joe.

I can't believe it.

Heh, I thought you were dead.

Ha, ha. The reports of my death
have been greatly exaggerated.

- Here we are.
- Here we go.

America is
deceptively exhausting.

Yeah, it's probably all those time zones
between you and a good night sleep.

How about some coffee?
It'll make you feel better.

- Amanda.
- Thank you.

- Joe.
- Thanks.

There you go, prime minister.

Ahem, ah... Thank you very much.

Have you been able to
figure out what happened?

Well, yes.

See, I took a roundabout
way to my office...

and I saw my police chief,
Shamba, waiting for me with a gun.

He fired. I fired. He was dead.

Shamba's accomplice was trying
to kill me and hit the guard instead.

Then he must have panicked
and ran screaming into the streets...

- that you were dead.
- Heh, I was not, of course.

But I could see that there
was a plot against me.

And Joe here was my
link to understanding.

And you thought it a
good idea to stay dead?

Why be killed twice?

My friends in Estoccia,
my trusted friends...

are seeing to it that my first
death lasts as long as they are able.

But the truth is you're
both still quite vulnerable.

You've been framed for those
thefts, but you coming back to life...

is gonna make you look
even more suspicious.

But we know the stealing has
been going on inside the E.A.O.

We just don't have a name.
- Yes, we do.

You shared your suspicions with
one man, Joe, and look what happened.

Then it is Foster.

But how do we prove that?

The same way you
prove a snake's not dead.

You see if he wants to bite you.

- What's so damn important?
- Hello, Mr. Foster. I'm a federal agent.

And what's so damned important is
the amount of freedom you enjoy...

for the next 10 or 20 years.

Thank you.

Serious allegations, Mr. Stetson.
A great deal of money.

Do you have a name to attach to this
or is this strictly for my edification?

Actually, I have two names.


You know Joe King and I
believe, by the look on your face...

you recognize the prime
minister of Estoccia.

Good day, Mr. Stetson.

Good day, Mr. Foster.

Arlington Heights Middle School.

Just a moment. Mr. Pryor?

Thank you.

Yes, sir?

No, I don't see a
problem with that at all.

Right, right. Thank
you very much.

- Okay. Have a good day.
Be good. JAMIE: Bye, Mom.

- Bye-bye. Be good.
- Muah!

- Good morning, Mrs. Dennis.
- Good morning.

- Did you get my message?
- No, I didn't.

It's just that he's here again. I'm very
nervous about it without your say-so.

Just a minute. Who's here again?

- Your private detective.
- My private detective?

The one you sent to watch the boys in
case your husband comes after them.

You should have called me first.

Mrs. Dennis, could you
show me where he is, please?

- Yes, he is right inside.
- All right.

- I'll check to see where he went.
- Thank you, Mrs. Dennis.

Connie, what happened to the
detective that was looking for the...

- Lee, are you there?
- I'm here, Amanda. What is it?

I think it's an emergency.
I'm at the school.

There's been someone
here. I think he's after the boys.

- He's been here before looking for Joe.
- God, no.

We should've guessed
he'd do something like this.

- Amanda, where are you?
- At the school, 9th and Filers.

That's the middle school.

Amanda, you find the kids.
You stay on the air, okay?

We're on our way.

No one knows. Come on.

Class begins in 10 minutes.
They could be anywhere.

Out here, another classroom, in
the gym. I'll start in the auditorium.

Thank you.

- One, two, three.
- Unh!

- Oh, man, you mess up.
- You try it. It's not so easy.

Yeah, it is. All you
need is bounce.

- That's all you need.
- Oh, good.

- All right.
- There you go.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You're, uh, Jamie and Philip, right?
- I'm Philip, he's Jamie.

Hi, Jamie. Hi, Philip.

I'm headed for the
gym. LEE We're here.

Right over here. Come on.

- Hey, Mom, you wanna start jumping?
- Fellas.

Don't move, Mrs.
King, don't move.


Come here.


- The snake bit. Just as you said.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Francine, move in on
Foster. Prescott's been nailed.


Okay, let's get these...

Well, well, well.
How was the game?

It was fantastic. The
Orioles won and it was close.

- All right.
- Dad said it was a moral victory.

- It was rad!
- Thanks for letting me use your hat.

Come on, I wanna keep up
the theme. Hot dogs for dinner.

- Yeah.
- Thank you, Mother.


- Well, you had a good time?
- Yeah, heh, sure did.


How about you and
me going for a pizza?

I would love it.

- I guess I am just gonna have to face it.
- What?

You're not the woman I married.
You're not even the woman I divorced.

You've changed, Amanda King.

I've just developed
some outside interests.

Yeah? Whatever
they are, they suit you.

- You mean, you don't wanna go back?
- No. I wanna go forward.

It's gonna be a great future.

- How about some music?
- Okay.

It seems like happiness

Is just a thing called Joe