Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 13 - The Box - full transcript

As the future of the country hangs on the balance, Olivia and Fitz are at odds with Rowan, and Jake employs surprising tactics to manipulate the Mystery Woman.

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Previously on "Scandal"...

Make no mistake,
you are still a prisoner.

Jake Ballard is no longer an
acceptable choice for Vice President.

We have
a very short list. Me.

I am confident
you will handle the rest.

What's going on? A drone entered
White House airspace, sir...

Looks to be armed.

Principals secure
in bunker five.

Someone needs to tell me
what is happening.

The drone is ours. We're running a
play in order to take you back.

I'm done losing.
I'm naming my own VP.

I took Mellie back,

and you are now our prisoner.

You can't take Olivia Pope.
Olivia Pope takes you.

This has been
a very strange day.

I was certainly
not expecting the call

I got from President-Elect Grant
this afternoon.

And I must admit,

my first impulse was
to say no to this appointment.

But once I realized it was real,

something deep in my heart
told me

this was meant to be.

This was the opportunity

to make my husband's death
mean something,

to heal myself and this nation.

What do we got?

NORAD is tracking eight
bogies so far, Mr. President,

each one over
a metropolitan area.

They're up on the screen.

What are they?
High-end commercial drones

modified to deliver
a payload, sir.

They're not registered
with the FAA,

and they're being controlled
by an untraceable radio signal.

The profile is similar
to the one

that landed
on the south lawn today,

but much scarier.

The technology
has different markers,

but it's the show of force
that concerns me...

Eight at once.

Eight in this pattern...
It's a coordinated effort.

There's a ninth
drone over Boston.

Make that nine.

A local news crew
just spotted one over Boston.

Federal agents moved quickly
to evaluate a drone

that has entered the airspace
over Boston.

This makes nine drones

currently hovering
over major U.S. cities,

including Chicago and Dallas.

Do you know about this?

Officials are trying
to determine

who is responsible
for these unmanned aircraft...

which resemble the drone
that landed on the south lawn

of the White House earlier today.
Olivia Pope.

You have something
that belongs to me.


Do you mean your associate?

I assure you,

she's being given the same
respect you gave our loved ones.

I mean Mellie Grant.
She's my President.

I'm going to need her back.

Listen to me...

No, you listen to me.

You people may have been able
to protect your families,

your loved ones,
as you call them,

but in doing so, you put
the entire country at risk.

Your little stunt today
with the drone... inspiring.

Who could have imagined
that one remote-controlled toy

was capable
of generating so much fear.

Imagine what nine
could accomplish.

You're doing this.


But unlike yours,

mine are fully armed
and ready to blow.

So, here's what's
going to happen next...

I will detonate the drones

one by one at random intervals

until my President

and yes, my associate, as well,
are released.

Unless, of course,
you don't feel like gambling

with the lives
of thousands of Americans

and would rather
return them to me right now.

You're pushing, Peus.

We both know no one,
not even you,

has the resources to pull off
what you're describing

in the amount of time...

There's been an explosion
in Dallas, Mr. President.

Reports of casualties
are coming in.

My God.

One down, Ms. Pope.

Eight to go.

I look forward
to hearing from you.

I want the National Guard
on the move.

Coordinate with
local law enforcement

on the immediate evacuation
of the affected city centers.

And why isn't the
Director of FEMA on the phone?

Someone get ahold of her, now!

Where's my air analysis
over Dallas?

Report's coming in now, Mr. President.
Are the drones radioactive or what?

Unfortunately, we're not able to
make that determination just yet.

There's still a very good chance

there's more than a few
chemical agents on board.

I need to know
what we're dealing with.

I need answers, people...
Definitive ones.

Get some.

These horrific images
are coming out of Dallas,

where a bomb exploded
mere minutes ago.

First responders are just now
starting to arrive

to assess the situation,
but as you can see,

the blast hit several buildings

and left many people injured,
possibly dead.

Authorities are still trying

to track down
the ones responsible...

What are you doing?

Drink with me.

It's no DuBellay.

We are not drinking.

It's not even
a '94 Chateau D'yquem.

Revolting, their selection.

We are at war.

There is a war
happening out there.

All the more reason

to have one last drink
with your father,

because that's
what this is, Olivia.

One last, final drink
before I go.

You are not going anywhere.

Says who?

The President?

That's funny.

So that's it?

You just want to run?

When did you become a man
who runs away from anything?

When I stopped involving myself

in affairs I have
absolutely nothing to do with.

What about everything you built?
All that you've sacrificed?

Everything that you believe in?

I made my peace
with those things long ago.

What about me?

You're free to join me. I'm not.

I can't.
Why not?

Because I'm not done fighting.

I haven't even begun
to make my peace.

Not yet.

Come upstairs with me.

So I can die?

Or worse, watch you die?


If you decide to stay here,
if you do not leave with me,

that is what will happen.

You will die.

I'll have them send down
some better wine for you, Dad.


35 Americans dead,

and that's just
as of three minutes ago.

We need to locate Peus.

He's the one
who's controlling the drones.

We find him, all this ends.

What if we tried tracing
the call that Peus made to Liv?

Could we get his location
from his signal?

Peus bounced it
off of satellites

over Russia, Argentina,

I've got my boys in the NSA
working on it, but...

Unfortunately, we don't exactly
have the luxury of time.

Peus could detonate another bomb
at any second.

These people...
They just want me.

I say... We don't negotiate
with terrorists, Mellie.

Rosen, what's the name of their
front, that fake super PAC they have?

The Fund for American Renewal.

I want you
to raid it... now.

We do still have an asset
in our custody...

One who has the potential
to lead us

straight to Peus' doorstep.

Where's Peus?

Did something happen?

Oh, Samantha.

are a ghost.

Man after my own heart.

Threats are so much creepier

when they come with a smile.

Oh, that wasn't a threat.

Just an observation.

We've been trying to figure out

just who the hell you are
for weeks.

You don't seem to have
anything resembling a life

or a past.

No high-school yearbook,
no prom photo,

not even an I.D. badge from your
first job at the Dairy Queen.

As far as the world knows,
you don't exist.

I used to be the same way.


I need to find Peus.

I need you
to tell me where he is.

You do that,

I'll see to it that you go free.

You can hop on a boat,
sail out to some island...


Well, that's just
not gonna happen, is it?

It's a legitimate offer.

I doubt that.

But even if it were,

I'm not a person
who gets to disappear.

Far too valuable to my employer.

He makes it his business
to know where I am

every minute
of every hour of every day.

The only way I disappear
is by a bullet.

Either yours or his.

And if I were to trust you?

If for some unfathomable reason,

I were to help you?

He would track me all the way
to that little island paradise,

and then he'd probably
just nuke the island.

I kind of hoped
you might say that.

I'll send someone in
with a Band-Aid.

Did you get it?

You really think you can
use this thing to find Peus?

All I have to do is piggyback
onto the carrier signal

and follow it all the way back
to its source location.

That means yes.

The President has worked out

a very thorough
disaster-relief plan.

I just haven't had a chance

to connect with him
on the specifics yet.

After I speak with
the President,

you'll be my first call,
Mayor Barta.


Why are you here?
You mean in my office?

Instead of in the Oval
with your boss,

helping address
this national crisis.

Well, I've called four mayors.

I have five more to go,
and then a conference call

with the
House Armed Services Committee.

He's frozen you out, hasn't he?

Did you need something, Cyrus, or
are you just here to annoy me?

Luna Vargas is asking
for a briefing.

Press has been hounding her
since we announced her,

and now with the drones,
I said she should talk to you.

But that was when I thought
you actually knew something.

I'd be happy to.

Oh, Red, come on...
Get her in here!

She's the
Vice President-Elect,

and I'm
the President's Chief of Staff.

The White House is speaking
with Mayor Silachi now

to assess his needs,

while the President
is actively working

with the Joint Chiefs of Staff
to de-escalate the situation.


Does that mean you know
who's behind the attacks?

This is an ongoing threat.

All tactical information
is classified.


So, you're saying you do know,
you just can't tell us?

What I'm saying is no comment.

Are there any other questions?

With only
two more weeks in office,

is the President worried that the string
of attacks will tarnish his legacy?

The President is only concerned

about the safety of the
American people at this time.

Next question? Linda.

How are we doing, General?

The UAVs are being reprogrammed

to function
in an urban environment.

We're almost there,
Mr. President.

Any chance of
knocking them out remotely?

They're being controlled
by relay stations

communicating with
a central hub.

The only way to stop them all

would be to find
the central control location.

Ballard's working on that.

Sir, the drones are moving.

I should have his location
in a couple of seconds.

No, no, no!
What's happening?

Something on the other end
triggered a kill switch

in the tracking chip's code.

It's shutting me out.

Mr. Peus.

You're bothering me.
Am I?

This is two...

Two times you've challenged me.

Two insults.

We are going to find you,
Mr. Peus, and when we do...

I'm curious...
When's the last time

you visited
the city of brotherly love?

What are they doing? They're
taking defensive positions,

preparing for an attack.

I thought our Predators
weren't ready.

Not our attack, sir.

The Philadelphia drone's
heat signature is spiking.

Just stop.

My President-Elect
and my associate, Ms. Pope.

I want them back.

That's the only way this stops.

I don't have that authority.
I'm not the President.

Aren't you?

The United States
is not going to bend

to the will of a terrorist.

That's a good line,
though I don't believe it.

Mr. Peus...

Talk soon, Ms. Pope.

It's confirmed, sir.

The Philadelphia drone

Damn it!

If you are just joining us,
we're following breaking news

out of Philadelphia,
where an explosion was reported

a few miles from
the 30th Street train station.

While local emergency services

are scrambling
to mitigate this disaster,

all eyes turn
to the White House,

hoping it can shed some light
on this dire situation.

58 more casualties.

58 more American citizens dead

because we can't find one man.

David Rosen on Line One.

Tell me you found Peus.

He's not in his home
or his office.

We seized his computers.
Bunch of files.

Talked to his staff.

No indication of where he is

or how
he's operating the drones.

Okay, keep me posted.

Are we this incompetent?

It looks bleak right now...

Your father
needs to start talking.

He's not going to.

He just wants to run.

That's unacceptable.
We are at war.

Fitz, those people
controlled him.

Beat him.

He may not even know anything.

You believe that Rowan,
master manipulator,

spent six months
captive with these people

and didn't cull anything useful?

Anything that could end
this carnage?

Anything that could help
save this nation

in the final weeks
of my Presidency?

Let's go.

I have no help to give,

nor a desire to give it.

The only desire I have
is to leave, run...

With my daughter.

Change your mind yet, Olivia?

I'm staying, Dad. Because
she's a patriot.

Is that meant to mean that I am not?!
Americans are dying!

Our country is under attack.

And because
you've finally decided

to pick your head up
from the sandbox

only to notice that the Republic
is crumbling under your watch,

I'm the one who's
supposed to wipe your chin

and clean your bottom

and make you look like
the leader of the free world?!


As far as I am concerned,
you're one of them.

You assassinated Frankie Vargas.

The only reason
you're not frying right now

is because you can help.

Your threats to me
do not change reality.

Game over.

They win.
You lose.

We need to find Peus.
Step these bombs.


You want me
to pull you from the quicksand

so that you can immediately
tumble off the cliff?

You were working with them!

Let go!!

It's part of their plan,
isn't it?

Fitz, let go. Tell your boyfriend
he is three seconds away

from having both of his arms
snapped in half!


The only thing that explains why
you're sitting on the sidelines

while the Republic is under attack
is that you're working with them.

What about protecting
the Republic?

Sacrificing for the Republic?

How many patriots have you murdered
in the name of the Republic?

There is no Republic!!

Look around!

The Republic?!
Is in ashes.

The Constitution is in shreds.

We, the people, have been
suffocated by their bare hands!

This is every man for himself,

and I very much intend
to save myself.

That is my only concern!

What did they do to you?


The plan is to stay the course
while we figure out

where these drones
are being controlled from

and how we defuse them.
"Stay the course"?

So, do nothing?

Not nothing.

We're strategizing,
gathering information.

Presenting a united front
to the press

while the President handles...

Mr. President.

We were just updating
Mrs. Vargas on the situation.

Thank you.

Luna, could you
excuse us for a moment?

Of course, sir.

Have the mayors been briefed?

All nine, sir. I'd like
them followed up with.

Every hour, on the hour.

Good. What about FEMA? FEMA?

The Federal Emergency...
I know what FEMA is, sir.

Then tell me you've
dispatched them to Philadelphia.

I assumed you were speaking
with Director Morrison

from the Sit Room,

that the agency was following
your orders directly.

You assumed? That's
all I can do, sir,

seeing how I haven't been
present in any of the meetings.

It's fine.
I'll have someone else do it.

No, sir, I can do it.

All remaining responders
will be sent to Philadelphia.

They'll arrive within the hour.

We sure we want to do that?

What are you thinking?

It's just...

we send all
our federal responders

to Dallas
and Philadelphia tonight,

we'll be in big trouble if,
God forbid,

those seven other whirligigs
go off.

Might be better to ask the governors
to send in local people for now,

reassess the situation
in the morning.


Cyrus, I want you with me.

I have a briefing
I could use your help with.

You got a tie?

I think I can find one, sir.
Let's go.

You got a second?

So we've been going through

the files we pulled
from Peus' super PAC.

Has your father ever mentioned
getting packages from them?

Packages? No. Why?

What is this?

Invoices for a courier service
that made deliveries

from the
Fund for American Renewal

to your father's work space,

23 boxes in total,
each addressed to your father,

each delivered separately
over several weeks.

He never mentioned them?


Do you mind if I keep these?

This Samantha woman... she isn't talking?
No. Let me amend that.

She's talking a lot, she's just
not saying anything useful.

Maybe it's time to get creative.

By "creative," you mean
what I think you mean, no.

There are seven more bombs, sir.

Seven more cities
that could suffer losses.

Yes, and if this were
Abu Ghraib,

I'd say, by all means,
pull out her fingernails,

but this is the White House.

She's on White House grounds,

and if we're going to
spit on the Constitution

in the White House,

we lose the right
to say we're better than them.

I see he hasn't changed.

What do we know
about this woman?

Loves cats, hates democracy.

I'm only half-kidding.

Does she have a TV?

Anything in her cell?

Wherever you're keeping her, does
she have access to the news?



This is perfect.

She knows nothing.

In a cell,
your TV, your radio...

It's your world.

We can tell her anything.

She'll have no way
of confirming it.

Come on.

You can't be serious
with this crap.

I'm serious.
We have Peus.

No, you don't.
We do.

Picked up his car on satellite,
sent a tail to track him,

and followed him
to the drone control center.

Our intent
was to follow him all the way,

grab him, and neutralize
the drones all at once,

but his driver realized
he was being tailed,

so we had to move in
sooner than we wanted.

I liked it better when
you were digging transmitters

out of my neck with a pen knife.

That was fun.

Asking me to believe
this fish story?

I honestly don't care
whether you believe me.

I just came here to let you know
we're offering him immunity

in exchange for the
control-center location. Right.

And let me guess, you're willing
to offer me the same

if I talk before he does.


What do you mean, "Nope"?

Well, I'll say it again slowly.

We have Peus.

I don't need you at all.


Then why are you here?

Mm. I'm here
because I asked to be.

I'm here
because I don't like you.

I'm here because I wanted
to be the one to tell you

we took Peus

and that you're never
going to see daylight again.

I'm here to enjoy the
exact moment when it sinks in

that you are completely
and royally screwed.

Thank you.

Just... Just wait.

You're better off
giving me the deal.


Here's why.

Offer it to Peus, all you're
getting is the drones.

You're not getting names. You're
not getting bank accounts.

I can get that for you.

Give me his deal...

I'll give you everything.

How's it going out there?

Do you still have
the surveillance video

from my father's dinosaur room?

Yeah. Why?

My father received
a package from Peus

every two or three days

starting the day
after the election.

I want to know
what they were sending him.


What's inside?

I don't know.
I don't have a good angle on it.

What did he get on the 10th?

I don't get it.
Is the box empty?

Whatever it is, it scares him.

A brick?

Why would
Peus send my father a brick?

Let me see the invoices.

It's for the weight.

Every box weighed the same...
11 pounds.

What does it mean?

She's agreed to sign
the immunity deal... Samantha.

Yes, but she wants you
to deliver it.


This is a good thing.

Do I have to be nice to her?

Be any way you want to be.

Just keep your wits about you.

Do not get too close to her.
Do not let her touch you.

Do you think you can do that?


This is the deal?
That's the deal.

You give us
everything you promised,

we put an end
to all of this madness.

I sign this immunity agreement,
you go free.


Samantha, I'm afraid they're
gonna change their minds.


I'm sorry?

My name is Grace.
Grace Dennis.

That's my name.
My real name.

You actually have a real name?

I actually do.

It says Samantha on the forms,
but I want this done right.

I'll make sure that's corrected.


This is...

I don't know how to say this.


can we start over?

We don't have a lot of time.

I'll make sure the changes
are implemented later.

You and me.

You and me?

You and me.
Let's start over.

I mean, you know
my real name now.

So it's a start.

You murdered Elizabeth North.

I know!

I know I've done
terrible things, but...

She was my friend,
and you murdered her.

I was doing my job.

Your job?
Your job?

Listen to me
when I tell you this.

I hate you.

All of this,
this "you and me"...

That was me doing my job.

Everything I've done with you,

everything I've done to you,
has been...

I've wanted to puke
every minute of every day,

but I've persevered in
the interest of seeing you pay.

You've been pretending?

I've been pretending.

You hate me?

I hate you.

Don't do that.
What are you doing?!

I used to think
you were just twitchy.

But I get it.
It's a tell.

This is all a bluff.

You don't have Peus.
You don't have anything.

I... You're wrong.

You twitch when you lie.

But during that little speech
of yours,

you didn't twitch at all,
because you meant that.

You are actually
all hurt and upset

about that disgusting woman.

You better hope that I never get
out of here, David Rosen.

I don't have to hope,
because you never will.

Am I twitching now?

My father's
not working with them.

How do you know?
They're sending him boxes.

Every three days, a box with
a large brick inside shows up.

A brick? Why?
I don't know.

But each time one arrives,
he gets more and more agitated.

They mean something to him,
something terrible.

A box?

With a brick in it?

I know it sounds crazy.

But, somehow,
my father is being controlled

for the first time in his life.

I need to talk to him again.


You think
about your legacy much?

Worry about it?

I do.

I worry.

Always have.

And at times like these,
Americans are dying right now,

and there's nothing
I can do about it.

This will be my legacy.

Eight years in office.

All history will remember me
for is the body count.

And your sex scandal.

And that.

I could have done better.

I could have been better.

I know that.

good for you
for learning something.

Are we done?

Rowan, I know...

about the boxes they sent you.

Do you?

They sent you a box
every few days.

Random days, no pattern to it.

Same weight every time.

A brick inside every time.

I know.

You know nothing.

You're as ignorant as a toddler
playing with a handgun,

so you need to cease speaking.

I know
they were trying to scare you,

trying to blackmail you,

take your sense of control
away somehow.

I have never been
in control of my own life.

Never at any step.

I think I am,
but, really, I am surrounded

by people who are experts
at pulling strings

and making me think
I am in control.

What I'm saying is that...

you have taken so much from me,

and still...

I admire you.

You are not in control?

That's what makes you
just like me?

That's what makes you know?

You never wanted control.

You don't know what control is.

You are so...

And she loves you.


Let me explain something to you.

You will never
truly understand freedom

because you've never been
in chains.

No one has systematically
oppressed you, worn you down,

kept your deepest fears
alive and well 24 hours a day!

No one has ever broken you!!

Random days.

A box, always 9 to 11 pounds.

A brick inside every time.

Sent just for me.

And they were very clear.

I should be grateful
to be serving them

because the day I was
no longer helpful or cooperative

was the day...

The human head
weighs 9 to 11 pounds,

the same as one of those bricks.

If I stopped cooperating,

if they thought
I was not behaving...

there would be a severed head
in that box.

That head would be Olivia's.

You know nothing.

And we are not alike in any way.

But you could take them down...


This is your chance.

You can't let them win.

I joined the CIA in the '70s.

Nixon was out.
Conservatism was in.

Look at me.

I was a black man
with a short Afro.

A perfect shot.

I could code,
speak eight languages.

Women loved me.
I was something.

They were nervous about it.

The halls of the U.S. government
shook at the thought

of a black man
with that much power.

No matter
what they did to stop me,

I still climbed
all the way to the top.

Nothing could stop my rise.

That was then.


I'm a father incapable
of protecting my own daughter.


Olivia is what you're best at.

That is what you do.

You say
you protect the Republic,

but, really,
she is your Republic.

She is your legacy.

How do you want history
to remember her?

Thanks for the drink.

Evacuations are under way
in all the affected cities,

and perimeters
are in place, sir.

Good. Where are
my Predator drones, General?

Armed and ready for launch.

But there's been
a complication, sir.

As the Philadelphia drone blew,

the rest shifted
closer to nearby buildings,

our firing solution.

If we hit the drones now,
without a clean firing solution,

there's a chance the collateral
damage from our missiles

will be worse
than the bombs themselves.

We need more time,
Mr. President.

We're out of time, General.

Then we go now.

Our pilots will do their best
to avoid collateral damage.

It's your call, sir.


They want us to make a mistake.

Let me know when it's safe
to take them out, General.

Yes, sir.

Tell me the latest number again.


19 of them were children.


Am I actually gonna bend
to a group of terrorists?

You're not.

You can't.
I can. I did.

I guess the real question is,
will I do it again?


I gave the terrorists
everything they asked for

with West Angola, Liv.

They had you.

And I had no choice.

You're not gonna make
that mistake again.

She's the mother of my children.

Which is
exactly why you can't bend

by handing her back to them.

You think it's the booze

that's making all of this
feel that much crazier?

Should we stop drinking?

All this would feel crazy
either way,

so, no, we shouldn't.

This isn't the way I envisioned
our last two weeks together.

Me neither.

Mr. President.

He'd like to see you.

- I'm sorry to interrupt.
- Dad.

Can I have a moment with
the president alone, sweetheart?

Of course.

You came here for another drink?

I'm here...

to apologize...

and to help.

I think I know
how to make Samantha talk.

I know
how difficult this must be.

I want you to know
we will keep you safe.

Fitz will keep you safe.

Olivia, I'm sorry.

You have nothing
to be sorry for.

I'm afraid I do.

- Hey, hey!
- Dad!

Uncuff Ms. Wagner.

Your prisoner...
Remove her cuffs! Now!

Dad, what are you doing?

What's going on, Eli?
What is this?

I'm leaving the country.
I need my freedom.

I need a guarantee
that I will be left alone,

that your people
will leave me alone.

If you can give me that, I will
take you with me... right now.

If not, you stay.

The passcode for the tunnels...
What is it?

There are no tunnels.


Don't play me for a fool, son.

There's an exit to the tunnels
just down the hall.

I need the passcode!


Now or never.

Do you have the authority
to guarantee my freedom,

or don't you?

No. I don't.

But you get me out of here,
and I'll get you that guarantee.

Move. Don't do this, Dad.

I told you I was running.

Dad! Dad!


This way.


What's happening?
Why all the commotion?

Not now, Red.
Is Fitz in there?

What's he doing?
He's waiting for me.

Cyrus, whatever's going on,

let me in there with you.
I can help.

Why should I let you in?
Because you asked nicely?

You don't ask to go to the Oval.

Okay, I came clean.
I apologized.

And now you're trying
to take my job.

Haven't I been punished enough?

Nobody's punishing you, Red.

You're punishing yourself.

We're just doing our jobs.

Nobody's trying to take yours.

You're giving it up.

You want back in?
Don't ask.

Prove that you deserve it.

Get back in.

I heard about Rowan.

I don't know what to say.

They have killed so many people.

If this goes on any longer,
they will kill more.

And the only reason
they are doing it

is to get what they want,
which is me as their puppet.

You are not going back to them.

I have already called a car
to the South Portico.

It's over.

It's not over.

It's not over!

You have never been and
never will be anyone's puppet.

You are about to be

the first female president
of the United States.

Do you have any idea
how incredible that is?

How impossible?

They almost handed this job

to a man who had been in prison
over giving it to you.

Why? Because a woman in power
is a nasty woman...

a woman who needs
to be put in her place.

That is what Peus and Samantha
want to do.

They don't give a crap
about what you've sacrificed

to get here...
Every drop of blood,

bead of sweat, and falling tear.

They just want to turn you
into a figurehead.

And I will be damned

if they turn the most
powerful person in the world

into some princess whose only
power lies in a wave or a smile.

This is not their White House.

It's ours.

And neither one of us
is leaving without a fight.


You done good, ole boy.

I didn't do it
to earn your praise.

I did it to be free...
From them, from you.

So, we're clear.
The boxes stop.

And when I'm gone, I'm gone.

And I never hear from you again.

I earned this!


Make the arrangements.

Congratulations, Eli.

You've been emancipated.

He's on the move.

You here for another drink?

I'm here to apologize...

and to help.

I think I know
how to make Samantha talk.

You think you can break her?

I'll do better.
I'll gain her trust.


Uncuff Ms. Wagner.

Your prisoner...
Remove her cuffs! Now!

Dad, what are you doing?

I'll force a meeting with Peus,

let him lead us to the drones.

Congratulations, Eli.

You've been emancipated.

He's on the move.

That's where you come in.

Roger that.

Who's next... Miami?


You're next.

And once
Jake's taken care of Peus,

what happens to Samantha Wagner?

Cash, passport, condoms...

Everything you'll need
for Zanzibar or wherever.


What's in the box?

A tooth, for her.

The last piece of the puzzle.

It must have come
while we were detained.

Well, here.
Have a look.

It's empty.


This is freedom.

As abruptly as it began,
the crisis has come to an end.

According to reports
from the cities under siege,

all remaining drones
have been neutralized.

Evacuation orders have been
lifted in those cities,

while emergency relief efforts

in Philadelphia and Dallas.

While the origin of the drones
remains a mystery... It's over.

The president is expected
to address the nation shortly.

For now, however, the worst
seems to be behind us.

While the rubble is cleared
in Philadelphia and Dallas,

residents in those two cities
say they have been overwhelmed

by the support
of their fellow Americans.

Vigils are planned across
the country tomorrow night

to mourn
the victims of the attacks,

but also to celebrate the
heroes who opened their homes,

to the relief efforts,

and provided valuable intel
to the White House.

Mayors Silachi and Barta

will meet in Washington
Wednesday night

to honor
several of those men and women.

That's it.

There you are.

You made it.

You survived.