Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 12 - Mercy - full transcript

Just when Peus' iron grip seem inescapable to Olivia and everyone she holds dear, a shocking threat to the White House turns everything on its head.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
How's breakfast?

Precisely like sunrise
on the champs-elyses.

How are you feeling?

You mean after being cuffed
and caged by fitzgerald grant?

I mean now that you're free
of those people.

You're safe, dad.

Safe... For now.

Yes, you bought some time,

But you continue to
underestimate this enemy.

I cannot be protected,
I cannot hide.

The only thing I can do
to preserve my scalp, olivia,

Is to run.


Mr. Pope, mr. President.

How have you been?

You don't actually care,

And I don't actually care
to answer.

My father was
just saying that...

That I appreciate the protection.

And the hospitality,
mr. President,

But I need to go to paris.


Or zanzibar.

They won't be able
to find me in zanzibar.

Do I look like a travel agent?

You don't want to know
what I think you look like.

Can we please...

Fitz was just saying th...

I don't care. It doesn't matter.

I don't want to hear
about some suicide mission.

That I do not intend on joining.

I need to go.


I'm sorry.

You're free to eat as many
of my croissants as you want.

You can even walk around
the building,

Take in the grounds.

But these two men will shadow
you wherever you go.

Make no mistake, mr. Pope,

You are still a prisoner.

At least there
I had my... Dinosaur.

You can leave now.


Is it done? It's done.

I'm sorry, liv. I'm s...

What did you do?
Hey, hey! Quit it!

I will kill you!

Cyrus beene is innocent
of all charges.

Related to the murder
of frankie vargas.

Cyrus beene is to be released,

Effective immediately.

More coffee?

I'm fine. All right.

The metro section.

Leo, I'm fine.


What? Nothing.

Just... Tell me what I did.


That means it's something
I didn't do.

Did I forget to put the...

Not everything is about you.

I run a whole damn country, leo,

And not just any country...
A superpower.

I keep the united states
of america afloat,

Which means I keep
the world afloat,

So you could imagine
how my boyfriend's shortcomings.

Rank pretty low
in the long list of things.

That take up space in my brain.

Whatever I did, I am sorry.

I swear...

It's not about you!

Yes, bill, I do believe
that the country is frustrated.

And, honestly, angry.

About what has happened
with this election.

At the end of the day,

My husband was voted into office
by the people.

The people wanted his ideas,
his values leading this country.

And instead they have someone
they did not choose,

And that is scary.

Fear begets fear.

When people feel marginalized
and unimportant,

They do things to take back
their power.

By any means necessary.

I call on the white house
to unite this country.

And ensure that the people
are not forgotten.

Look who's back.


You want some coffee?


Is quinn coming in today?

You tell me.

I don't know.

That's why I'm asking.

Well, it seems like you two.

Are all up in each other's
business lately.

But I haven't even been here.

I know. Quinn's been
fluffing your pillow.

And climbing into bed with you.

She was just helping me.

Yeah, she's real helpful.

Charlie... save it.

Sorry for dragging you
all the way out here,

But I thought someone
should say a few words.

I know you and elizabeth
were close.

Where is she?

You're standing on her.

You'd never know.

Yeah, that's kind of the point.

Exactly how many bodies
do you... david.


I don't know what to say.

I spent time with elizabeth...
A lot of time.

But I don't think
I ever really knew her.

No one would describe her
very much as a "sharer,".

But I honestly believe
beneath all of that vitriol.

And blind ambition,

She had a good heart.

I know she had the capacity
to be a good person...


Well, she didn't give a crap
about anything.

There's something
to be said for that.

Just her horses and daughter.



I can't imagine.

David, you know
who did this, right?

You understand we can't let her
out of our sight,

Which means you have to keep...

I understand.
I'm good, jake, really.

Laptop, cellphone,
tablet, assistant...

All brand-spanking, shiny,
and new...

A little "congrats on the new
gig" gift from us to you.

And, what, they're all loaded.

With tracking devices
and tiny explosives.

Should I attempt to flee?

All except
for bridget back there.

She's a bit more partial
to knives.

If this is a suicide note,
I'll be awfully disappointed.

Names of potential
cabinet appointees...

I'd like wagner in state
and bennett in treasury.

The senate may favor miller
for defense, but...

Well, look at betty bossypants!

Isn't she adorable?

You have to allow me
to do something.

And I will.

What kind of savage
do you take me for?

I just think that
the sooner we start.

Discussing my cabinet...



Our cabinet.

You said "my."

The word "my" isn't
in our vocabulary anymore.

And not to worry, mells...
Our cabinet will rock.

But first, we have a much,
much bigger vacancy to fill.

Vacancy? What vacancy?

What? There's someone
here to see you.

Who? I won't let you
be alone with him.


Theodore peus.

I know who you are,
and whatever you're here to say,

I suggest you get to the point.

We have decided
that jake ballard.

Is no longer an acceptable
choice for vice president.

I'd like you to secure
his resignation.

We both know
I'm not going to do that.

We've had mellie's senate office
fully wired since the primary.

Tough to be vp.

When you're out there covering
up murders on candid camera.

And if jake doesn't step aside,
you're going to release these?


Release them.

I'm sorry.

Release them.

One, if you knew anything
about me,

You'd know I'm pretty good
at spinning things my way.

Two, photos of mellie's vp
standing over a bloody body?

I'm pretty sure
that would tank her, as well.

You won't get mellie.

Nobody gets what they want.

We have a very short list
for mr. Ballard's replacement.

I'm sure you're excited
to share it with me.



Just me...

And I am tremendously excited
to serve our country.

I am confident you will handle
the rest from here.

Mr. Peus, thank you so much.

For finally showing
your face to me.

It's gonna make it
that much sweeter.

When I destroy you
and everyone close to you.

What do we do?

I have no idea.

I'm not resigning.

Then you're going to prison
for a very long time.

I'm supposed to be the guy
on the inside, right?

I-I'm supposed to be
protecting mellie.

You'd still be
protecting mellie.

You'd just be doing it
as head of the nsa.

You'd be more valuable
there anyway.

They'll kill you.

If you don't leave the ticket,

They will kill you.

I'd like to see them try.

Don't say that.

Now is our chance, liv.

Your father's gone.
He's safe now.

We finally have a chance
to take these people down.

Now's our time to do something,
to make our move.

He's not gone.

My father may be safe,
but he's still right here.


The white house?

Fitz isn't letting him go?

Well, that is...

Jake, you need to resign.

This is our move.

Whatever happens next,
we'll figure it out.

We always do, don't we?


Liv says we're on for today,
so be ready.


I didn't go home last night.

I'm just sick
of being mean to leo.

Every time I look at his face,
I see huck, and...

Whatever. I think
he's starting to hate me.

We're on for today? That's it?


We got to be ready to go today,

And I need you to help me
with jake's press conference.

Since when are pressers
my responsibility?

Since liv's out managing
the client.

And charlie's m.I.A.

Can you reach out to bnc?

Charlie's m.I.A.?

He didn't come home last
night, but I'm sure he's fine.

He probably just forgot
to tell me his plans.




Um, so can you...

Jake's press conference...
On it.

Serving this country has been
a dream of mine all my life.

But following that dream means
knowing how best to serve,

Which is why this morning
I told president-elect grant.

That I will not be acting
as her vice president.

According to
admiral ballard's statement,

The tumultuous election season.

Factored into his decision
to step aside.

I got to go.

The president-elect's got
a big day at the white house.

If you had any idea
the amount of work

Elizabeth north
left in her wake...

I mean, who does that?

Who just up and skips town
like that, right?

Guess the pressure
really got to her.

Either that
or she's finally sick.

Of screwing her way
through half this town.

And decided to move on
to greener pastures.

Her loss.



I'm off to join the fray.

Call me.

You betcha.

She's on her way
to the white house.

The working interpretation
of the constitution.

Is that the president-elect
is empowered.

To single-handedly appoint
her vice president.

I, for one, will be awaiting
that announcement this afternoon.

With as much interest
as you are.

Two more questions. Ashley.

Here's your statement
on your new vp.

Stick to it,
don't take any questions,

And, you know, have fun with it.

Let's see that winning
mellie smile of yours.

Mr. President, such an honor.

The president-elect and I
are so thrilled.

You're allowing us to make
such an historic announcement.

You can cut the act.

I know who you are
and what you've done.


Then we won't have to
waste any time.

Pretending that
you're in charge here.

This game ends badly for you. We'll
make sure of it. Abby, don't.

Ends? We've barely begun.

Now, as you can see,

The president-elect
is chomping at the bit.

To announce her new vp,

So are you gonna give press
the two-minute warning,

Or do we have to?

Everybody, we're moving!

Ladies, lose the heels
right now.

Here we go. What's going on?

I need everyone to keep pace.


What's going on?

A drone entered
white house airspace, sir...

Looks to be armed.

On the move.

No, I stay with
the president-elect.

Protocols are clear.
We're moving.

Principals secure
in bunker five.

I don't have a signal.
I need to reach mellie.

All cell signals are blocked
within the airspace radius.

To prevent someone from
triggering a bomb remotely?

Correct, ma'am.

I demand to be
with the president-elect.

Ma'am, you do not have
the authority or the clearance.

To make any demands.

If it makes you feel any better,
neither do i.

Everyone's in place, sir.
The building is secure.

Good. How much time do we have?

75 minutes, tops, until
we're taken off of lockdown.

Someone needs to tell me
what is happening.

The drone is ours,
madame president-elect.

We're running a play
in order to take you back.

Should we get started?

If you're just joining us,

You've probably already heard...

A drone has entered
white house airspace.

Just minutes after the
president-elect arrived there.

To announce her new pick for vp.

The faa says no permissions for
such a flight have been granted.

And that the drone's
point of origin.

Has not yet been identified.

Our security correspondents
say white house snipers.

Are probably wary of shooting
down the mysterious aircraft.

For fear of what
it might be carrying.

Let's go to video.

The drone appears
to just be hovering right now.

With something underneath.

Still no answers
on what that something is.

Or who's piloting the drone.

Charlie, where are you?

It... whoa. Slow down.

Stop back-seat flying!

I'm sorry about that.

Anyway, we could
really use your help,

So call me, or better yet,
just get over here.

When you saw charlie yesterday,

Did he seem like
he was mad at me?


Was he anxious or...
Or in a bad mood?

Stop talking.
I'm trying to concentrate.

I'm worried about charlie.

Look, he might be avoiding you.

What? Why?

Charlie thinks
that you and me...

That we have feelings
for each other.

Still or again or...
I don't know.


That's ridiculous.

Yeah, I know.

In landing position.

Okay, - right on schedule.

Three, two, one.


The drone just landed.

The bomb squad's
moving into position.

Gives us a little over an hour.

Where are my children?

They're with
secret service, mel.

Karen and teddy are safe,
both of them.

We're on lockdown protocol.
Where is my report?

I want a report every
five minutes...

Where they are,
who they are with,

And how they are doing
every five minutes.

Make it happen.

Okay, people.
If we're gonna free mellie.

And take back the white house,

We need to keep peus
as far away as possible.

He cannot be vice president.

What are our legal options?

For blocking peus?

It's the 25th amendment,

So mellie nominates,
congress confirms.

And congress will confirm.

If those monsters were able
to buy electors,

They can buy congressmen.

You could always nominate
another vp,

Someone besides peus.

We just need a candidate.

I have one in mind.

You're telling me not
one of you even considered it?

A grant-beene unity ticket?

Not the craziest idea, is it?

Thank you.

What's this?

Olivia asked that he be part
of the conversation.

What for?

I shot frankie vargas.

Okay, then.

The question is, who would
you like me to shoot now?

I have to assume
that's why I'm here.

You need me
to kill someone else.

We're no better than the people
we're fighting, are we?

That's not why he's here.

No? Then I guess
I'll head back downstairs.

You're not going anywhere.

Dad, we need your help.

If there's anyone who can
figure a way out of this mess,

It's you.

So say it.


Not you, hon. Him.

Say it, mr. President.

We need your help.

Go on.

Tactically, strategically,

You'd be able to offer us
a fresh perspective.

Will you help us?


I told you this was a bad idea.

I will not be part
of a suicide mission.

My father may be of the opinion.

That we've already lost,
but I am not.

Where were we?

60 minutes and counting.

President-elect grant's
alternate vp pick.

It won't work.
It has to be peus.

They'll start killing people
if I nominate someone else.

Mellie... we brought this
on ourselves, olivia.

We started pushing this boulder
up the hill.

The moment we said yes
to defiance.

What's defiance?

Feeling a little parched here.

Does this lockup allow
for its detainees to drink?

We never should have done it.

What did we expect to
happen... shut up, mellie.

Don't tell me to shut up!

My life is on the line. Okay.

Perhaps if you had
listened to olivia.

And conceded the presidency,
we wouldn't be here right now.

I bet you would have loved that.

I know who you can
shoot next... her. Kill her.

Prison hasn't changed you, has it cyrus?
The plan, folks.

I'm just saying... take you
out of the equation...

You're disgusting.
Problem solved.

Is this what you call winning?

That's enough! Worthless.

What did you say?

I said "worthless,"
as in everyone in this room,

As in you,
as in this inconsequential,

Futile, worthless attempt.

To get rid of the problem
at hand.

You know I wanted to arrest you,
throw you in the supermax?

But she begged me...
Begged me to spare you.

The only reason you're here,

The only reason you are still
standing is because of her.

Show your daughter
some damn respect.


And what about you,
mr. President?

Should I respect you,

A man who could have arrested
his son's killer,

But traded that chance
for a cheap roll in the hay?

That is why you spared me, yes?

So that you could buy your way
back into my daughter's bed?

I'm just cash to you,

A wrinkled dollar bill thrown
at the foot of a stripper.

You should know all about that
from your daddy.

Easy. Easy.

I'm fine.

I'm fine!

There is a single word, olivia,

That I have heard uttered.

By more than a few
unfortunate men.

Time and time again...

it's usually quiet, faint.

I sometimes have to lean forward.

And position my ear
just on top of their lips.

So I can hear that gentle,
little word...


Distinctly shrouded
in anguish...

Undoubtedly marked by shame.

The thing about it though,

The moment it's whispered,
the suffering dissipates.

The agony subsides.

Now, whether I will listen,

Whether I will relent or not,
is unimportant.

The important thing.

Is that all of these tired,
desperate, unfortunate men.

Have finally admitted
to themselves.

What they've known secretly
for a very long time.

They've lost.

Now, where can I find myself
that drink?

We're taking five minutes.




We're continuing
to track the emergency.

At the white house, where
a bomb squad had just arrived.

To evaluate the drone
still sitting on the south lawn.

Until they've completed
their assessment,

The residence
remains on lockdown.

Did my daughter
send you here to fetch me?

No. I was just wondering.

If you could use something
a little stronger.

I know I could.

You think I could borrow him
for a second?

This is incredible.

Fitz had it installed
during his first term...

His gift to future presidents.

It used to be a hair salon,
if I recall.


Which one should we open first?

There must be something
wrong with me.

These women I like...

They are these forces
of nature, tornados.

Our relationships shouldn't
always end in devastation.

Or, you know,
domestic terrorism.

You know those women
with the headbands.

And the little cardigans
that match their shoes.

They wear the pearls,
super nice?

Like to throw dinner parties?


I used to think that my life
would be better, easier,

If I could be attracted.

To a headband kind of woman.

They're so supportive, quiet,
cheerful... easy, you know?

I'd think to myself, "why can't
I fall for one of them?"


The thing is,

Every single time

I run into one of those wives
wearing her headband,

Perfectly content to stand
in her husband's shadow.

And do as she's told,
all I want to do is say,

"what the hell happened
to you, lady? Wake up."

There's nothing wrong
with you, david.

You're just attracted to women
who don't wear headbands...

Powerful women,
the ones who raise the bar.

And make you jump to get there.

Look around.
We're in the white house, david.

If it weren't for these women,

I never would have made it here.

You wouldn't be attorney general
of the united states of america.

You would have been
a history teacher.

I've been a history teacher.

You're not one now.

No. No, I'm not, mr. President.

All right, then.

Just make sure she loves you.

If she loves you...

She can be any kind of tornado
she wants.

That is a damn fine bottle.

I thought you might like it.

This is what we're reduced to...

Drinking wine in the basement.

While the real decisions
are being made upstairs.

You're a prisoner.
I just got out of prison.

We used to be untouchable.

I owned the oval.
You were above the oval.

Shall we open another?

Good idea.

Something lighter this time?

Maybe a pinot noir?

No, no, no, no!

A grenache.

Dealer's choice.

It has to feel a little worse
for you, though.


This feeling...

Being reduced to nothing,
seeing those teeth dull.

Natural evolution...

The fiercest predators.

Are always the most susceptible
to change.

The slightest shift
in the food chain, and...

They're wiped out forever.

I can't believe.

That the united states
government has an '87 andres.

Gift from the french pm.

What I always liked about you,

Why we always got along,

Was at our core,
we wanted the same things.

At our core...

We are patriots.


These people?

They boxed us both in.

They handed us our asses.

You kind of just have to
tip your hat to 'em.

I see plenty chianti,

But no grenache...
Not seeing any!

You actually think
you can kill me,

Or was this some convoluted way
of killing yourself?

Do you want to die, cyrus?

This country needs
frankie vargas!


Need frankie vargas.

He was better than us.

He was better.

I'm truly sorry for your loss.

We need to get back to work.

Let's not pretend
like we're some unified team.

Should we give up?

What the hell, exactly,

Are you fighting for, liv?

Is it justice?

The oval? Do you even know?

Jake... him?


When did you two start
sleeping together again?

You think this is about fitz?

I don't know, olivia,
but when isn't it?

I don't have time for this.

Look, I don't know much,
and I am pretty twisted myself,

But I do know that doing the
same thing over and over again.

When you know the end result
is the definition of insanity.

I would prefer it
if you didn't call me crazy,

And I will refrain
from calling you pathetic.

And weak and jealous.

I'm sorry.

You know... He's not the answer.

You know this place,
this prison, is not your place.

I'm not looking
for anyone to save me.

Are you sure about that?

I saved him,

I've saved you,

And I don't have time to sit
around nurturing your feelings.

Because I have to save mellie.

I wish you could put whatever
this is aside and help me.

How you holding up?

Great. Just fantastic.


Everybody can plot
and scheme all they want,

But the gun is to my head.

One wrong move, and...

I won't let them.

I don't think there's m...

I won't let them.

Do you think I did the right
thing, fighting for the oval?

Or do you think cyrus is right,

And that I was
just being greedy?

Depends. Are you gonna
sit here and mope,

Or are you gonna make the world
a better place...

Fight for equality,
protect the environment?

My hands are tied.

You know I can't do
anything right now.

Mellie, you're gonna be

You have power whether these
fools recognize it or not.

Until they decide to bash
my head in with a 9-iron.

Why didn't I just
let cyrus take it?

Because you're mellie grant.

You don't give up.

You know what I'd be telling
cyrus right now.

If he were in your shoes?

If you'd let him win?

I'd tell him to go home.

I'd say he's too selfish
and egotistical,

That he can't see clearly.

But you...

Are strong and clear-headed,
patient, exacting.

You're a leader.

So let us worry
about the gun to your head.

We need you to do your job.

We're now receiving a report...

They've cleared the drone.

Why are we still in here?
I'm sure there's a good reason.

Find out. Probably above
our clearance level.

And we are being told
that it now...

You're lying to me.

I know as much as you do.

You're telling me you can't
get to the president...

His own chief of staff...

Even after the situation
has been cleared?

I don't make these rules up.

Believe it or not, there are
things out of your control.

In the white house
even at my level.

Not when I'm running things.

And if you're lying to me,

If you're daring to mess with me.

By keeping me here
for any reason...

You'll kill leo?
We're not together anymore.

I'd point you to my friends,
but thanks to you,

I've lost them, too,
so threaten me all you want.

I have nothing left
for you to take.

The drone's been cleared
by the bomb squad.

I don't think we can keep up
this charade much longer.

You don't have another drone
in your pocket, do you?

We don't need another drone.
These are bugs, cockroaches.

Why are we sneaking around?

We should confront them head-on
and crush them.

They'll push back. So?

I don't know if you've noticed,

But the guy over there
in the navy blue suit?

He has an entire military
at his disposal.

Let's fight blood with blood.

It's not our decision.

Not our decision?

Mellie is the president-elect.

If we take them on,
she suffers the consequences.

If she's not up to that...

Who says I'm not up to it?
I'm done losing.

If they push back,
we'll push back even harder.

What are you suggesting?

I'm naming my own vp.



Cy... I don't want it.

So, it's not jake,
it's not cyrus.

Who's left?

It has to be someone pure,
someone unimpeachable,

Someone who's brave enough
to step into this mess with us.

And not back down
from the fight.

Quinn, stand down. It's over.

Or it will be very soon.

You got it. Good luck.

Everything okay with her?


We're officially off the clock.

Do you want to grab a bite?



I said do you want
to grab dinner?

Well, it depends.

Would you rather hang out
with me...

Or charlie?

Why are you asking?

I just got a hit
on charlie's location.

Robin, what are you...

Chew. I don't want you to choke.

I have some things
I need to say.

Huck told me about your
conversation yesterday.

Look, I get it.
He and I have history.

It was confusing
almost losing him.

I had a lot of feelings
I needed working out.

Robin, I-i don't...

No, keep chewing. My point is,

I don't want to act like
you're worrying about nothing.

I don't blame you
for feeling threatened.

You saw something. It was love.

But it wasn't this kind of love.

Quinn-and-charlie love.

Look, I didn't
want to lose huck.

I never want to lose huck.
But you?

You... I don't think
I could even live without.

That's why I want to marry you.

You're my life.

You're my heart.

Reel it in, robin.
You're embarrassing yourself.

Sorry. Got a little...


The situation at the white
house looks to be under control.

As secret service clears
what's left of the scene,

A stark contrast to the events
of earlier today.

When an unauthorized...
For pete's sake.

They're recapping now,
and we're still here.

How does it feel
to be so utterly useless.

That no one bothers
to come collect you?

We just received word
that any moment now,

President-elect mellie grant.

Will be making a statement from
the white house briefing room.

Let's take you there live.

What statement?
What the hell is she doing?

That's the first thing
you learn.

Presidents rarely do
what you want them to do.

They're like kids in that way...
You got to keep your eye on 'em.

So, what a day, right?

And not just a day...
A week, month, campaign.

And the minute
you think it's over,

New uncertainty raises its head.

I've had enough of it,

And I'm sure the american
people have had their fill,

Which is why I am proud
to announce my choice.

For vice president of
the united states of america.

Luna vargas.

I'm sure you all have
a million questions, and...

Do you like being
in secret service?

Do you find it rewarding?

Because it's over if you don't
open that stupid door right now.

I'm gonna be your boss,
you son of...

It's about time!

Olivia pope.

How nice to finally make
your acquaintance.

I took mellie back.

I am now her chief of staff,

And you are now our prisoner.

Is that right?

Where should we stick her?

Too nice. Maybe something
cold and damp.

A few thousand feet
beneath the pentagon?

Care to do the honors?

Of all the mistakes
you've made...

Your mistake was thinking
you could take what's mine.

And should you make
that mistake again,

Remember this.

You can't take olivia pope.
Olivia pope takes you.

I don't see peus
being too happy about this.

He's gonna be furious.
You ready for a fight?