Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 10 - The Decision - full transcript

With the ugly truth behind Frankie's assassination revealed, a torn Olivia wonders how different her life - and the country - would be if she, Mellie, and Cyrus had never rigged Fitz's election.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- They should be tried and hung.
- It's not going to happen.

They murdered Frankie Vargas.
With Abby's help.

We can get her immunity.
From who? David Rosen?

He's literally
sleeping with the enemy.

Which brings me back
to my original point

when we first started this
conversation three hours ago...

- Oh, for the love of...
- Jake.

It's two bullets!

One for Peus.
One for this Marjorie woman.

How much more simple
does it get?

Killing them solves nothing.
Tell that to Vargas' widow.

We don't even know
what they want.

Or how many of them there are.

And it sure as hell

doesn't get Cyrus
out of prison, does it?

But there may be another option.

Doing nothing.

You said we don't know
what they want, but we do.

They want Mellie
in the White House.

So do we.
Why are we fighting this?

Because Mellie can't take
the Oval this way.

Why not?

Because you're talking about
fixing an election.

We've been down that road
before, remember? I remember.

And because of Defiance,
you became President.

You think the world would be
that much better off

if Samuel Reston
had been elected?

Olivia, will you tell this man

that what he's saying is insane?


Huck almost died.


How many people have to get hurt
before enough is enough?

I am going to clear Cyrus' name

and put him behind that desk.

All I need from the two of you

is to know if you're in
or if you're out.

Defiance worked.

I guarantee that Fitz's life

would be a million times worse

if you hadn't
rigged that election.

Yours, too.

America has made its choice,
and it is not you.

Are you the President's mistress?

No regard
for the conventions of war.

Now go be the man I voted for.

Defiance County, Ohio...

Or, as I like to call it,
America's clitoris.

Tiny, hard to find,

but if you blip it just right,

the whole damn country's yours.

Now, I know we've put this
to a vote already

and that some of us...
Well, one of us...

Feels like giving
the election results

a little goose in the behind

is beneath us
as good and decent citizens.

I'm proposing another vote.

"Yes, we rig this thing,"

or, "No, we..."


So you're...


It's a go.

I'm proposing another vote.

"Yes, we rig this thing,"

or, "No, we..."


We are not fixing the election.

Yes, the race is tight,

but we can win this.

Fitz can win this.
He can do this.

He can turn this around.
And if he can't?

Then at least we lose
with our souls intact.

By a slim margin of 4,395 votes,

Samuel Reston has bested
Fitzgerald Grant to win Ohio

and become the next
President of the United States.

- Again, that's Samuel...
- Welp...

So much for that.

Governor Reston,

One word.

One single word.

"Yes." "Yes."

All you had to say
was "yes."



Were you just gonna leave?

I sent you an e-mail.

It says
I'm sorry I let you down.

Let me down?

You didn't let me down.

America chose,
and they didn't choose me.

You did everything you could.


you're just gonna
go back to Washington?

There is a guy in D.C...
Marcus Walker.

He is trying to get
a bill passed...

Criminal-justice reform.

Seems like
he could use some help.

I'm gonna go help him.

Best of luck, Olivia.

Good luck with Mellie, Governor.

Well, what do you think?

I think legally
you're in good shape.

Politically, there's no Congressman
in town who's gonna pass

a criminal-justice reform bill
of this magnitude

without someone
forcing it down their throats.

Which is why we need all
the public support we can get.

Media accounts
are up and running,

and I've got mailers
all ready to go.

Thank you, David,
for stopping by.

I know how busy

the U.S. Attorney's Office
keeps you.

Happy to help.

Wow. Liv, this is...

Not what you expected.

It's the best we could find.

Also, the cheapest.
I can see that.

So... you and Leo Bergen?


It's just one date.

He's taking me
out to dinner tonight.



Since you're here,

why don't you
make yourself useful

and help me make some calls?


I left Mellie.


Where are you going?

I have a date.

Did you hear what I said?

I came all the way out here
from California

to tell you in person
that I left my wife.

Next time, make an appointment.

I came here
to ask you to marry me.

I don't want you to tell me
to think about this

or give me reasons
why you think it's too soon.

I want you to say yes.

Because if you love me
even half as much as I love you,

then it was worth the trip.

Marry me, Olivia Pope.




Wait until you see
the inside of this place.

Huh? I mean, their
floral budget alone...

I'm sure it's lovely.



No one is looking at us.

I know that.

When are you gonna
get over this?

I'll see you at the party.

What? You're not sitting with me?
Keep your voice down.

You're sitting with me.

No, James, I am not.


You know, at first,

this whole closet-case thing
was kind of hot, but now?

Super unattractive, Cyrus.

Grow up!




This is happening.

I didn't think...

This is... really happening.

I caught them once

in an elevator.

I thought Fitz was just being
a handsy drunk

like his father.

I'm sorry, Mel.


I don't care.

Really, mnh-mnh.

You are a brilliant woman.

He's a fool.

And there's not one man
out there... there are many.

And better.

And you will find one,
or he will find you.

And he will be luckier

than he could
ever dream because...

you are perfect.


There you go.

Who's presenting this woman

to be joined in matrimony?

Uh, I do.

It's okay, Huck.

I, Olivia Carolyn Pope,

take you,
Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III...

To be my wedded wife...

to have and to hold,
from this day forward...

For richer, for poorer...

In sickness and in health...

To love and to cherish...

Till death do us part.

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Mm. Counting?

You are cruel.



Weather's supposed to be
beautiful today.

Maybe we play hooky.

See the sights, be tourists.

I think people might notice

if you didn't show up for work.


It could be ours.

It looks huge and expensive.

Money is not an issue.
You know that.

My place
is so close to the office.

Your place.
You know what I mean.

We don't have to look
in the suburbs,

but I'm ready for a place
that's ours,

not just yours.

Think about it.



We'll submit it again.

there wouldn't be any point.

This bill, with this language...

We've dressed it up
a hundred different ways,

and no one's biting.

You need someone with muscle
behind it,

someone who doesn't work
at a storefront.

We're looking to change that.

Do you have any friends
at the White House?

Then I suggest you make some,

'cause that might be
your only chance

of getting this bill passed.

It's almost 3:00.

Should we put it on the big TV?

We don't really have to do this
every day, do we?

I wouldn't mind watching.

Go ahead.

It's Thursday, it's 3:00,

and I'm Fitzgerald Grant.

That must mean you're watching
"The Grant Report."


Get in here!

It's starting!

What's that moron
talking about today?

President Reston has had...

Look at him...
All done up like that.

He looks like a Democrat.

To think that man
was going to be President.

He's an ornament.
An ornamental waste of space.

You would have been
the real President.


I'm serious, Mells.

If Fitz would've won,
I have no doubt

it would've been you
calling the shots.

You were always the one
who had the ideas.

You made him.

It should've been you out there,
running for President...

Not this...
This dolt, this mannequin.

It's not too late, you know?

For you.

For me?


I've got money,
but for some reason,

I'm living in my wife's
one-bedroom apartment.

It's like I'm a boyfriend
who keeps spending the night.

Things are good, though?


They are.

Come on, man.
I work in intelligence.

I can tell
when someone's holding back.

Is she a dud in the sack?

A control freak?

She won't let you
buy a drum set?

No, none of those things.

I just...

There is a way she used to
look at me... before.


Before, when she thought you were
about to be Commander in Chief.

You gonna make another run?


enough about me.

What have you been up to?

Sorry we're late.


I thought we were doing a mailing.
We are.

Then why...
Just go with it.

The tiara ceremony is starting.


He better give one to Lindsey D.

- Building homes for the needy...
- The pet photographer?

No. That's Lindsey M.

Lindsey D. gave up a job
at a major law firm

to be on "The Prince"

because she's finally ready
to love again.

I-I'm freaking out right now

because I didn't get a chance
to tell him how I feel

at the cocktail party.

And, look,
I don't want to go home

before he knows that
I'm really falling for him.

Oh, my God. Shoot her.


David told me
you guys are looking for

a new office space.

We need more space.
We're expanding.

Does this mean
Fitz isn't running again?

What do you mean?

Isn't now when people
start announcing?

So? So, if you're doubling
down with Marcus,

that probably means you won't
have time to launch a campaign,

which is why I...
He's not.

Why are you getting snippy
with me?

I'm not.
Yes, you are.

These need stamps.

Lindsey D.


You really love torturing me,
don't you?

Is that your thing, hmm?

Torturing men?

Making them guess
your true feelings?

Wear this tiara

and continue on our fairy tale.

Three offices on the left,
two on the right.

Kitchenette's here.

And then there's this.

I know there are
cracks in the glass,

but I think,
with a little coaxing,

the landlord would be willing
to replace them.

No. It's perfect.

We'll take it.

I didn't even know you
were looking for office space.


I could've sworn I mentioned it.


It's just you didn't
want to put money down

for a down payment on a house,

but you're okay buying offices?

It's one office.
And we're renting.


We needed a place to work, Fitz.

We're expanding.
We're doing well.

I didn't... think
it required an explanation.

I thought you'd be happy for me.



We got the meeting?



I've been thinking about
our campaign rollout.

You can't say you're running.

You have to say
you're not running...

and that you're not
planning to run,

but you could be
convinced to run.

We need press...

The right reporter to ask
the right questions.

I can make some calls.

I took care of it.

I already found us
the right reporter.

He's here.

Hello, Cyrus.


It's Tuesday, it's 3:00,
and I'm Fitzgerald Grant.

That must mean you're watching
"The Grant Report."

President Reston is eager
to meet with you.

He's been interested in

juvenile incarceration issues

since his days as governor.

We appreciate him
making the time for us.

Right this way.

The President's schedule
is a bit crowded,

but it shouldn't be long.

I must say,
your home is gorgeous.


Is it you, Mrs. Grant,
who has the eye for design,

or would that be Cyrus?


I'd definitely say all of this

is a joint effort.

Wouldn't you, honey?

I would.


That's really great to hear.

Some couples out there

just can't ever seem
to get on the same page

about anything these days.

Oh, no.

No, we believe in communication.

Communication, yes.

How refreshing.

Now, I'm not saying
we're the perfect couple.


We have our disagreements,

just like everybody else.
Come on.

What could the two of you
possibly disagree on?

You know what
we should show him?

Our wedding album.


Hon, can you go and grab it?

I think James
would love to see it.

That's a great idea.


Why are you doing this?

She called me, Cy.

So that you can ask

if she's going to
run for President?

Oh, I think there are just
a few more topics

that are a lot more interesting.

Come on. Get up.
You're leaving.

Now, I was just about to ask

how you guys could stand
living together

in this sham of a marriage.

It is not a sham of a marriage.

How can you be okay
living this lie, Cyrus?

It is not a lie.

Mellie and I are partners.


we may not be living
the love story

America wants
to fantasize about,

but that does not take away
from the fact

that the two of us are a match.

We respect each other,
we want the same thing,

and we want it
with the same intensity.

We want a house.
We want the house.

I need one more shot.

I know it seems unfair, but...

I can't give up, James.

Not yet.

Of course
I wish I could be with you,

but you don't
want to be with a man

who's given up on his dream.

What, is he in there
negotiating world peace?

It's been four hours.

we hit with the numbers,

but we keep making it personal.

I'm sorry.
I hate to do this.

But something's come up

that requires the President's
immediate attention.

We don't mind waiting.

I'm afraid that's not an option.


Well, we can reschedule.

Look, this is awkward,
but someone made a mistake.

This meeting
shouldn't have been scheduled.

I am very sorry
to have wasted your time.

Have you tried reaching out
to your congressman?

Our first...
female president.

You'll beat Sally Langston
in this race.

She thinks she's the only one
who gets to make history?

We'll show 'em.

You'll show 'em,

won't you, Madame President?

Tell me you don't love
the sound of that...

"Madame President."

Mellie's running for President.

James Novak wrote a piece
in the Post.

Did you read it?

I was busy.

In what world does she think
she can be President?

She's doing it out of spite.

It's a dig.

Everything that woman does
is a dig.

It's not always about you.

What did you say?

I said,
"It's not always about you."

Good for Mellie.

America could use her.

Oh. I see.

So this is about you.

Excuse me?
"America could use her."

You mean you could use her.

I'm guessing
your meeting with Reston

didn't go as well as you hoped?

I'm trying to accomplish
something, Fitz.

I'm trying to get into the room.

If Mellie was there,
maybe I could.

What's so wrong with that?

It's the country
I'm worried about...

Not my ego.

You wouldn't be able to take it,
would you,

if Mellie were to win?

It'd make you look weak,

That's enough, Liv.

There you go. Get mad.
Why are you doing this?

Because I'm sick of seeing you like this.
Like what?

You used to be a big dog,
and now...

Now what? Now I
barely recognize you.

I get it, Liv.
You don't.

I lost!

You wanted the Oval,

and I didn't give it to you.

No, I didn't give it to you!

What does that mean?

Forget it.

If you have something to say...

I don't.

How's Marcus Walker?


Are you screwing him?

I have to assume,

because you're certainly
not screwing me...

Not in the way I like, at least.

You never had a chance
at becoming President.

You were unelectable.

"Grant For the People"?


Nothing more than a pipe dream.

You never could have
made yourself President.

Only I could have done that.

Kind of easy to say now,
isn't it?

I could've fixed the election.

Defiance County...
It could have been yours.

I could have given it to you.

I could have made you President.

That was the only way
you'd ever be President...

Because of me...

And I said no.

Well, then,
you should've done it.

You wouldn't have wanted
to win that way.

How the hell do you know?
Because I know you.

If I had said yes,
that would have destroyed us.

At least
I would've been President.

I don't...
I don't understand.

Well, honey

when a man finds himself
attracted to another man...

Sally's husband?

You're telling me
Daniel Douglas is gay?

As the day is long.

Where did this come from?

How did you get
these disgusting photos?

Do you honestly want to know

the answer to that question,
Ms. Grant?

Of course I want to know.

This is my campaign.

The less you know about

what happens behind the scenes
of your campaign,

the better.

- Those pictures are a gift.

We leak them,

and you are the only
Republican candidate

left standing.

Mr. Bainbridge...

I need a moment
with my husband alone.

Of course.

We are not using this,

and we are no longer
working with that man.

I never liked him
from the beginning.

Damascus Bainbridge...
What the hell kind of a name...

This is a mistake, Mellie.

You're not
thinking this through.

I am not outing
someone else's husband, Cyrus.

You, of all people,
should understand why.

Have I made myself clear...

I believe you have.


This first guest...

Viewers of "The Grant Report"
tune in to eavesdrop

on a statesman
conversing with statesmen.

This woman...
She's network mandate.

Your ratings...
What they are...

But who is she?
What does she do?

She's got 2.1 million
Instagram followers.

So, Lindsey.

The phrase
"America's sweetheart"

gets thrown around a lot.

Not about me, I hope.

I mean, "America's sweetheart"?

That's a lot of responsibility.

I mean,
couldn't I just be, like,

"America's friend"

who knows all of America's
favorite karaoke songs,

but is always down to duet"?

Anyway, my fans have been
so good to me,

and I am so proud
to be the next Princess.

I am really hopeful

I'm gonna find
a genuine connection.

My sweetheart.

Yes, Congresswoman.

I-I appreciate that.

Thank you.

It's happening?

It's being brought to the floor.

This bill is becoming a law. Mm!

Mm! Mm!

I need a minute.

I will stick by you,

no matter
what decision you make,

but you never gave that man
a chance.

It's been two years, Abby.

We can't all be you and David.

And it's been 2 1/2 years
since he lost the election.


The man was dead in the water

once it was clear to you
he would never be President.

I don't blame him for losing.

I know...
You blame yourself.

You look at him,
and you see your own failure,

and it disgusts you.

I never told him to go on TV.

He did that on his own.

He chose being a celebrity

over making a difference,
over me.

He's a politician, Liv.

He needs the attention,

He wasn't getting it from you,

so he went on TV
to get it from America.

So this is on me?

That's not what I'm saying.

He's a disaster.

I know that.
I see it.

But he's also your husband.

Look, I hope I'm wrong.

If I am, sign the papers.

Put Fitz out of his misery.

Just ask yourself

why you never
moved out of your apartment.

Any left for me?


So, this stuff explain
your performance out there?

My performance?

You're, like, the 60th fluffer
on my press tour

and, by far, the least prepared.

I'm a political analyst,
a statesman.

And I'm just a small-town girl
looking for my prince.

This is America.
We don't have princes here.

We've got governors, though.




You stop.

No. You have to go.

I said go!


Dumb old drunk.

Oh, my God. It is him.

We saw you sitting over here
and wanted to say hi.

We watch your show every day.


I thought I made myself clear.

You did.

Then how do you explain this?

I leaked them.


This isn't your campaign,

It's ours.

We are in this together.

It's that man, isn't it...

He's part of the team now.

I don't believe this.

If I had known...
If you had known?

If I had known...
You did know!

You knew the entire time.

You knew who I was,
what I was, what this was.

It was an arrangement.
It was pageantry.

You knew exactly what game
you were playing.

You wanted to be President.

Sad, lonely, frigid ex-wives
of failed also-rans...

I don't see too many of them
garnering votes now, do you?

I didn't want it this way.

I am not going to
get it this way.

You don't have a choice.

You... You can't leave.

You're smarter than that.

You'd never survive
a second divorce...

Not politically, at least.

Plus, this whole
"I married a gay" thing?

Sally Langston won't be able
to get past it.

Neither would you.

The Southern states
won't ever let you.

I can't do this, Cyrus.

This is insane!

No. This... This...

is the most harmless,
cautious... prudent... thing

you could ever do.

In what world?!

You're never going to
fall in love with me,

and I'm never going to
fall in love with you.

And you can be damn sure

another woman
will never come between us.

How freeing is that?

How can you not
take comfort in that?

I'll see you tonight.

Let's order in.



You have a visitor.

I owe you an apology.

You were right.

Right about what?


The decision you made,
refusing to...

You were right.

It would have destroyed Fitz.

You knew that.

Oh. It makes me
hate you even more

for knowing, for being right.

I'm sorry.

That's not...

I'm apologizing.

I'm apologizing because...

I did what I had to do...

What I thought
I had to do to win,

and now...

Now I am trapped.

Fitz is free with you,
and I'm...


You saved him...


I thought you should know that.


Thank you for the water.


Today, we talk about
Sally Langston,

who served as my running mate

when I made a bid
for the White House

more than two years ago.

We learned today

that her husband,
Daniel Douglas Langston,

has been leading a double life.

We may never know
what the governor knew

or when she knew it,

but this life of pretending...

Of pretending...

I'm sorry.

I owe you an apology.

You don't need to do this.

I lost that election
because I didn't want it.

I didn't ever think
I wanted anything...

not until I met you.


Saying no to Defiance
was the right choice.

I know that now.

You tried to give me freedom.

You tried to give me a chance
to find happiness,

and I squandered it.

That is on me...

Only me.

And that's why I'm sorry.

I didn't recognize it.

I didn't understand it.

I wasn't thinking.

I... It took me far too long
to realize...

I have things to figure out.

I have work,
a lot of work to do,

if there's any hope

of becoming
the man I know I can be,

the man you deserve.

I still want you, Olivia...

if you'll still have me.

It's a townhouse in Georgetown.

It's big...
Too big, probably...

But it'll be ours.

Did you make a decision?

I'm in.