Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 9 - Dead in the Water - full transcript

It's a race against the clock when Olivia and OPA's investigation into the conspiracy puts one of their own in grave danger.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thank you, Huck.

Oh, my God.


What do you know about them?

I don't know names.

I don't know what they do, where
they work, where they live.

I don't know anything
about them.

Except for the fact
that they used your dad

to kill the president-elect
of the United States.

And I want to know why.

Where is she?

Did you bring her here?
What... What did you do?

What are you talking about?
Who are you looking for?

Jennifer Fields.
She's gone.

What? And the people in this
room are the only people

who knew where she was.

Huck knew where she was.
He went to see her this morning.

Why did Huck
go and see Jennifer?

He took Meg to see her.

Are you all thinking
what I'm thinking?

Straight to voicemail.

Huck almost never
turns his phone off,

and he doesn't let it die.

I'm already there.

Meg could be the mole.

That bitch better not have
touched a hair on Huck's head.

What's this? The people
you've been looking for...

Find out who they are
and bring Huck back to me.

I want him back.

No sign of a struggle.

Something happened.
I can feel it.


Look, he'll be fine, Robin.

He probably went
to go get some food.

Start spraying. Now
you're wasting your time.

Start spraying.

Hit the lights.

Oh, my God.

Look at all that blood.

Oh, my God,
what did she do to him?

Robin, I'm sorry.

No, this isn't happening.

Huck is fine.
I don't think so.

He's not dead.

I'm just saying...
He's not dead, okay?!

What are you doing?

he's... he's gone.

He's missing.

He's dating this girl, Meg.

This morning,
he took her to see someone,

and now he's missing.

Listen, you know Huck...
He goes dark sometimes.

Falls off the wagon
and then back on and then off.

No, Abby, this isn't...
This... t-this isn't that.

There are people.

Don't recognize them.
No, of course not.

That's not...

I'm here because I need help.

I need high-level
security clearance help.

To find Huck.

I don't have
the best relationship

with Fitz's girlfriend.

FBI Director Webster.

So, I was hoping that
you could get her this photo

to run through
their imaging software,

crosscheck their database.

Maybe the FBI
can get a hit we can't.

The FBI is a little busy
right now,

dealing with the assassination
of the president-elect.

Huck is missing.

Huck could be dying
right now... our Huck.

You're right.
I'm sorry.

Yes, I will get it to Webster.

Thanks, Abby.


Hey. Pay attention.

How much time is left
on the clock?

About 2 1/2 minutes.

Then you need to move, Huck.

He's still in the trunk?

I'd like to see where you'd be.

Not in the trunk,
that's for sure.


Huck, what was she driving?

Huck, don't you dare
give up on me.

You hear me?

Do you?!


Yes. I hear you.

What was she driving?

A Camry... Corolla, maybe.

Okay, we'll go with Camry.
Old model... say, 2000?


Standard features
on a 2000 Camry...

Two DC power outlets,
12 volts each...

Manual AC... bummer...

But, yes, automatic windows.

We're talking best case, here...
Everybody gets that, right?

Huck, can you get to the windows
from the trunk?

Dude, you really need
to get that checked out.


No, no. Electronic control units
are sealed against moisture.

Doesn't make it waterproof.
What's our backup plan?

I don't have a backup plan.

Huck, you have a backup plan.

Air, Huck! Air!


25... 25...

30... 30...


Say, uh, 30 feet.

I could've gone 30 feet
at 32 degrees Fahrenheit,

29.9 inches of mercury
should put PSI at 14.7,

which makes 600 pounds
per square foot.

That's it!

600 pounds.

I can open the door.

You can?
Not now.

Not when there's still air
left in the car.

Not when there's 600 pounds
per square foot of pressure

keeping the doors closed.

It wouldn't be humanly possible

to go up against that
with injuries like mine, but...

If you wait until
the car's inside pressure

is equal to what's
on the outside...

Then we're in business.
You can open the door.

I can open the door.

Huck, what if the doors
don't open?

Liv, the math is right here.

The doors will open.

- What if you're wrong?
- I'm not wrong.

What if you run out of air

before you can get
the door open?

I won't.

The instant that the car
is fully submerged,

with no air pockets left,

I make my move.

It's caught on something.

How can it be caught on
something in the water?

Caught on what?

Rocks... and mud.

I-I can't open the door.

No. No, no, no, no, no, no!

Huck, you have to do something!

I hate to say,
"I told you so."

Do something!

This is not the way I saw
your story ending, son.

It's not the end.

It's the ending!

I trained you. I schooled you.
I taught you.

Was I a fool to believe
that you were listening,

paying attention?

I refuse to believe that
you wasted my time!

I'm sorry.


I'm... I'm...

What are you going to do?!

What can he do?
He's pathetic.

I can't! I can't!

I can't! I can't.

Give it up already.
It's no use.

She's here to distract you.

I'm here to finish the job!

Think, son.

Eyes on the prize, soldier.

He's got 10 seconds of air left,

11 if he's lucky.

He's not very lucky.

Don't give in.

You have all the tools you need.

You see it, don't you?
The exact tool.

I just want to rest my head.

Rest your head.

Goodbye, Huck.

I can't swim that far.

I can't do this, Liv.




What did you do with Huck?

You're asking
the wrong questions.

I'm gonna give you five seconds.

If you don't tell me
where Huck is,

I swear, I will...

He's dead.

Look at that...
Under five seconds.

You still there?

Why? Yours is not to reason why.

Don't you know that?
Yours is just to do or die.

You're an animal.

I am a working girl
with a dream, just like you.

You made a trade,
Ms. Whelan...

Jennifer Fields for Cyrus Beene.

You did your part,
and if you want us to do ours,

you will shut up and continue
to be collaborative.

You don't want Cyrus to die
in prison, now, do you?

Where's Huck's body?

You know what?
Don't call me again.

I don't like you.

You're annoying. Please,
just tell me where he is.

That man is my...


And I thought Meg's place
was supposed to be protected

by one of Huck's souped-up
security systems.

Either she's been robbed...
Or she's covering her tracks.

Okay, this girl is part of this,
no question.

She pulled the security-system
control panel.

What would Huck do?

What about the cloud?

Huck would've backed everything
up with the cloud.

Huck would never use the cloud.

He doesn't trust the cloud.
The cloud is crap.

If he had backup somewhere,
it would be on...

What would it be on?

Oh, thank you, Huck.
Thank you, thank you.

What is it?
The cloud can suck it.

Huck likes to back up
on an air-gapped laptop.



Look, I'm sorry to bother you,

but it's just...
I mean, you and I get along.

We joke.
We tell each other stuff.

But you're my boss, too, and
that's hard to ignore, I know.

It's hard to separate out.

But just for right now,
for the day,

for 15 minutes,
do you think you could try?

Do you think you could
stop being my boss

and just be my friend?

Because I really need
a friend right now.

I need to talk to a friend,
and you are...

These days, you...

You're the only
real friend I have.

Close the door.

What can I do?

What are you doing here?

Huck's missing.

How can I help?

We're working on it.

There's nothing for you to do.

Go back to work.
I'll keep you posted.

Yeah, you will...

Because I'll be sitting
at the conference table

until you hear something
or you need me.


Can you just sit here with me?

You've gone soft.

Y-You don't know.

You want to die?

I don't have anything
to slice and dice with,

but I could just watch
until your organs shut down

from lack of oxygen
due to blood loss.

That might be fun.

Don't start believing
in yourself.

Just shut up.

Hey, you know what time it is?

Look at your watch.

Go on, look.

It's 7:52.


7:52... 7:52...

7:52, 7:52.

Shut up.

Come dark,
you're coyote chum, bro.

You were better off
in the trunk.

They're gonna find me.

What was that?

They're gonna find me.

No one's looking for you.

Go away.
Not a single person.

Just go away!

I said, "Go away"!

Am I a good boss?

You want to blame
yourself for this?

Am I a good boss?

Olivia, three years ago,

I was at whatever
below rock bottom is.

I am where I am because of you,

because you always had my back.

Huck knows that, too.

He knows you got his back.

Hey. No luck identifying
your mystery duo yet,

but I did get a hit
on that Meg girl.

Liv, there's something
that we need to...


What did I tell you?

I... I...

What did I tell you?!


What did I tell you?

Liv, I...
Do not cross me again!

I'm sorry, Liv.
I'm so, so...

Where is he?
I don't know.

Where is Huck?
I don't know!


Tell me everything.

Ohh. Liv, please!


Where is he?

Jennifer for Cyrus...
That was the deal I made...

That's it, I swear.

So, help me understand.

You kill Huck, frame Cyrus.

For what?
What did they give you?

What was your best outcome
for selling out your family?

I had no idea
they would harm Huck.

And you have just as much blame

for Cyrus rotting in jail
as I do.

I have done everything
in my power to get him out

while you have done everything
in your power to keep him in,

to turn a blind eye
to his innocence

to protect your father,

to protect
your place in the Oval.

You knew Cyrus was innocent,
but you still...

Huck might be dead.

My Huck.

You really want
to lecture me right now?

You think I'm in the mood?

Do you think I won't get a chair

and work it out on you?

I'm not making excuses.

I'm just asking...

Begging you to forgive me,

just as I have forgiven you.

We all have over and over.

Don't tell me you're
the only one who gets forgiven.

All I ask is that you see that
and that you try, please try.

I'm asking you one more time.

Can you help find Huck?

Yes or no?


Then you're worthless.

Where do you think you're going?

You think I'm gonna let you out

so you can go get protection
from your friends?

Get in there.

You get in there

and wait till Quinn
finds out what you did

and, Abby,
I will not call her off.

I will not save you from her.

I will applaud whatever way
she chooses to express her rage.

So you better pray to God

that when we find Huck,
he's alive.

That's your only chance

because whatever cliff
Quinn wants to go over,

I'm going over with her.

You messed
with the wrong gladiator.

You want to tell us
where Huck is?


No, no, no, no.
You look at me.

Look... at... me.

Where is Huck?

Was it this finger
that pulled the trigger

when you shot my friend?

Can't be sure?


Everyone talks eventually.
You're going to talk.

I just haven't hit
the right nerve.

You know, some people,
you can do

whatever you want to them
below their neck

because it's their face
they want to protect.

It's the first thing
people protect in a fight.

You can train someone
to deal with pain,

but vanity...

That's something way deeper.

You want to tell me
where Huck is?

Now... I'm gonna take
this tape off,

and you're gonna
tell me about Huck.



No wonder Huck loved me
instead of you.

You tell me where he is! No!
No, no, no, no, no, no!

You talk! You talk!
You talk!



She's dead.

- Damn!
- What?

Well, I finally broke
through the vertical code

and rotary-frame software
that Huck uses

to scramble the location signal
emitting from his phone.

That's good, right?

Well, I was hoping it would be,
but the last ping on Huck

put him in the motel
where Jennifer was.

Seven hours since, no signal.

That just means
his phone is off or lost.

It's not necessarily bad news.

Bad news.

You couldn't find Meg?

We found her, but I promise
she ain't talking.

What did you do?

Did it feel good?

I hope so.

Because now we have no leads...

Zero, none.

Meg was our last hope
at finding Huck alive.


What next?

He's dead.

We've been doing this
a long time.

Huck is dead.

Get out.

Yeah, I can't do that.

Charlie, if you know
what's good for you...

I don't ever know
what's good for me.

That's not really how I roll.

Now is not the time.

You have to do something.

For them, all of them.
They need you right now.

Quinn... Quinn, especially,
needs you right now,

so you have to do something.

What do you want me to do?

What, Charlie? What exactly
do you think I'm supposed to do?

Fix this.
Fix them.

You know, the whole
"Olivia Pope" thing that you do,

the speech-y thing where you
get up in their grills

and get all serious and mean.


Well, I... yeah,
I think you're kind of mean.

Sometimes you're not
really very nice to me.

I said sometimes.

You know, with the stomping
around and the...

What are those...
Opera gloves, right?

You know, those are a bit much,
but they work for the thing,

your thing, the white-hat
gladiator thing that you do.

Fix them.

Huck is dead, Charlie.

I can't fix anybody.

Quinn's gonna
want to see a body.

You get that, right?

She's not gonna be okay
until she sees a body,

a bloated, rotting,
full-of-pus, bona fide body,

so you still have
to find him, Olivia.

He would want to be found.

You can't just give up.

You don't just give up...
That's not part of the thing.

The thing requires you to,
above all things,

perform miracles,

and you are a miracle worker.

Look what happened with me.

I... I'm gonna be
somebody's husband.

I might be a dad.

You've got me here
doing good deeds,

which means hell
has frozen over.

You pulled off the impossible.

You made hell freeze over...

You can't quit.
You don't quit.

Miracle workers
don't get to quit.

The thing also requires
you to speak.

Everyone, conference room, now!

This is Huck, our Huck.

He deserves to come home to us,

and that means
whether he's alive or dead.

I don't care what it takes.
I don't care how long it takes.

Hell could freeze over,
and guess what.

You wouldn't care.
I would not care.

We're pulling off
the impossible.

We're doing what we do.

And if what's required,

if what needs to take place
is a miracle...

then so be it.

We make that miracle happen.

This isn't a request...

Where are you, Huck?


It's not just Huck.

He's not the only one out there.

She's with him, too.
Wherever she is...

Huck is.

So we focus on finding Jennifer.

She has a phone.
I gave her one just in case.

You can track it down,
triangulate her signal.

We can find Huck.
We can bring him home.

Her cell stopped
sending signal hours ago

which mean could mean
she turned it off,

but it could also mean
it's damaged.

Last recorded signal was,
uh, about 50 yards this way.


We should have gone with them.

You know, I...
I have to do something.

Robin. We're supposed to
be keeping an eye on Abby.

What do you mean?

That's what Liv told me
before she left.

That's weird.

Why in the hell would we have
to keep an eye on you?

I'm sorry.

What did you do?

I... Quinn, I'm...

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

It was you?!

Okay, calm down!
Come on.

I will kill you!

There. There!

Jake, is he...? Huck, can
you say something, buddy?

It's okay. I'm... I'm here.

I'm here now.
It's okay, Huck. Huck.

It's okay.

It's all right.
I'm here now.

It's okay.

Is he okay?

He's stable for now
and breathing on his own.

We were able to remove the
bullets and stop the bleeding.

But is he okay?

Your friend lost
a lot of blood tonight,

putting him at risk
of permanent brain damage.

You should be prepared

for him to wake up
with severe deficits

or not wake up at all.

Right now,
rest is the best thing for him.

And for all of you.

You should go home,
try to get some sleep.


Oh, crap.

How's he doing?


He might die.

Come here.

I'm so sorry.

How's your team?


Do they need anything?

They'll rely on each other.

If he dies, they'll...

get through it together.

And Abby?

What about Abby?

She told me.


That was selfish.

You don't force the president
to keep that kind of secret.

That's making you
commit treason.

You need to forgive her.

I know you don't want
to hear that, but, Liv...

Someone put three bullets
in Huck

and left him for dead

in the bottom of a quarry.

He's being kept alive
by machines.

You're telling me
I need to forgive her?

Abby, the person who put him
in that hospital bed?

I do not have to forgive her.

You forgave me.

That was different.

I forgave you.

You know what happens to you
when you're in that Oval.

You know what lengths
you can find yourself going to

in order to stay there.

But you also know
how to get out.

She needs you.

If anyone can pull her back,
if anyone can save her,

it's the one person who got out.

It's Olivia Pope.

God, how could you be so stupid?

How can you look out
for everyone around you

and not see danger looking you
right in the face?

I mean, what the hell
is wrong with you?

How many times
does this have to happen?

When are you going to realize

that the only people
who really love you

are right next to you, huh?

God, answer that, you idiot.



You have a blind spot.


But you're an idiot.


From now on,
I'll look out for you.

I'll cover your blind spot,
I promise.

You just need to...

not die.

I'll never forgive you
if you die.

I'm so sorry, Huck.