Scandal (2012–2018): Season 5, Episode 10 - It's Hard Out Here for a General - full transcript

Six months later from Fitz and Olivia's break-up they both try to handle their situation. Meanwhile, Pope and Associates take a new case that could lead to a national crisis.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I can't do this.
You're the biggest bitch I know.
Don't tell me you can't do this.
Man: This has been the defining moment
Of mellie grant's political career,
Previously on "scandal"...
I've underestimated you, I think, gabby.
You owe me an apology
For not bothering to learn my name.
When you told me fitz loved me,
What you really meant
I was supposed to choose you.
Huck: You are nobody's father.
-You were right. -Welcome home, son.
You have the oval.
This is what power looks like.
Guess what -- I am a big dog.
Fitz: I was trying to save us!
There is no us!
We tried.
We did.
Announcer: "the liberty report" with sally langston.
Lovers of liberty, we are back.
Now, where were we?
Ah, power.
Power, my dear lovers of liberty,
Is the beating heart of our nation's bosom.
The high and mighty members of the political elite feed on it,
Breed on it, for power is the host,
The enormous teat off which this entire town suckles.
Oh, and you wonder why
Washington can't get anything done.
The hunt for power is all-consuming.
Everyone always needs more, and nobody ever has enough.
The stories I could tell you.
Thank you.
[ chuckles ]
Has your, uh, newfound notoriety been good for business?
Please don't start.
Olivia, you're overcompensating.
You're starting.
You stood on the mountaintop.
The ring of fire was around you.
You played him like a fiddle.
You held power in your hands.
You were power.
You had the oval.
My baby had the oval.
You were running the place, and he was clueless.
Tell me I'm wrong.
It's better this way.
You can fool those twits over there,
But you can't fool me.
Mnh-mnh. You've tasted blood.
You know what it's like.
You want it.
He tried to make me into a first lady.
It felt like I was some kind of prisoner.
Go ahead. Say it.
Say what?
That no one can ever cage me unless I let them,
That I was in control all along
Because true power is never lost.
Freedom is in my hands.
Say it.
[ chuckles ]
Clearly I don't have to.
[ scoffs ]
I miss you.
I wish you'd come by the house more often.
You know I can't do that.
Because of him?
Why is jake there?
What is he doing there with you?
He hates you.
Jake has come home.
So should you.
Then again, perhaps it is better to fight for the pleasure
Of ripping the beating heart of power from america's chest,
To hold it in your bloody hands,
Than it is to never have entered the battle at all.
After all, to be empty-handed is to be powerless.
And in this town, powerless means impotent.
And who wants to be impotent?
You're late.
You knew I was at dinner with my father.
I don't like waiting.
Then don't. Leave.
You really want me to go?
[ otis redding's & carla thomas' "tramp" plays ]
[ sighs ]
Carla: Tramp.
Otis: What you call me?
Tramp. You didn't.
You don't wear continental clothes or stetson hats.
Well, I'll tell you one dog-gone thing.
It makes me feel good to know one thing.
♪ I know I'm a lover ♪
Matter of opinion.
That's all right.
Mama was. Papa, too.
♪ and I'm the only child ♪
♪ lovin' is all I do ♪
You know what, otis?
You're country.
That's all right.
You straight from the georgia woods.
That's good.
You know what?
You wear overalls and big, old brogan shoes,
And you need a haircut, tramp.
Haircut? Woman, you foolin'.
♪ ooh, I'm a lover ♪
Mama was. Grandmama too.
Papa too.
Don't make you one.
♪ but I'm the only son of a gun ♪
♪ this side of the sun ♪
[ both breathing heavily ]
That's right.
You know what, otis? I don't care what you say.
You're still a tramp. Ah, sweet washington.
The lines people will cross to get just a bit of power here.
The scheming, the planning,
The favors bought and sold and stolen --
Why, it's true modern warfare -- a bloody, bloody battle.
No one emerges unscathed.
I couldn't be prouder to be an american.
How about you?
[ cellphone rings, beeps ]
Good evening, mr. President.
Hey, abby. You busy?
At [scoffs] 2:00 in the morning?
No, sir. I'm free. What's up?
I'm gonna need my schedule cleared for the next three days
So I can prepare for the east asia summit.
You have it?
Do I have...?
My schedule.
Oh, sir, I-I do,
But, uh...You would probably be more, uh, efficient
If you talk to cyrus about your schedule.
You know, him being chief of staff and all.
I'm on the phone with you right now.
How is that not efficient?
[ sighs ] you're absolutely right, sir.
Let's see.
I can clear up most of your schedule,
But I can't get you out of the gridiron dinner.
You should join me for that.
I'd rather not.
It'll be fun.
No, it won't.
No, but we can talk about the summit.
I can't go, sir.
Why not?
It's leo.
Well, he's sick -- very sick.
Terrible flu.
He's here right next to me, trying to sleep.
I'll have charlotte send over some chicken soup
From this place I know in bethesda tomorrow.
He'll love it.
Very kind of you, sir.
Not a problem.
So, let's talk about this carbon-emissions cap
We want president guo to agree to.
There another room you can go in?
You should probably let leo get his rest.
Of course, sir. Moving to another room right now.
[ door opens ]
Hey, we got a client. Are you gonna open the door?
I'm in my pajamas. What do you need, huck?
Uh, we got a client.
You could've called.
This isn't the kind of client
You want to talk about on the phone,
Given the usual nsa phone surveillance that goes on.
Are you gonna open the door? Are you okay?
I'm fine. What do you mean?
I mean, you won't open the door, and that's weird.
Is there someone in there?
What do you mean about the client?
"this isn't the kind of client you want to talk about
On the phone, because of nsa surveillance."
Oh, yeah, we definitely do not want
Anyone at the nsa to hear about this.
Why? Who's the client?
The head of the nsa.
Get out. Now.
Quinn: Air force lieutenant general diane peters --
Director of the national security agency,
Chief of the central security service,
Commander of u.S. Cyber command.
Say that five times fast.
Graduated from the air force academy
With a double major in computer science
And electrical engineering.
Awarded the air force distinguished service medal
For the safe extraction of a nato unit
Pinned down behind enemy lines in sarajevo.
She ran the threat operation center until three years ago
When president grant appointed her director of the nsa.
First woman to hold that post.
She's a total badass.
I was gonna say trailblazer, but, yeah, badass works, too.
Yeah, but how does the badass head of a spy agency
Fall victim to a computer virus?
Wasn't really a virus. It was a rootkit.
A rootkit?
A program that allows a hacker
To take control of a computer and open any program they want.
This is the surveillance feed of my home office,
And that -- that was my desktop computer an hour ago.
The computer starts copying files all by itself.
By the time I saw what was happening,
They'd already copied hundreds of documents.
Which file were they looking for?
The code name was project mercury.
That's really all I can say.
It's classified at the very highest level.
The nsa is listening to our leaders' phone calls,
Reading their e-mails, their text messages.
How do you know about project mercury?
It's all over the darknet.
Kind of assumed it was another crackpot conspiracy,
But cool to know it's actually true.
This information cannot get out.
And I take it those aren't personal files,
And it's against agency rules
To keep work files on your home computer,
Although lots of people do it.
There's no way that program
Could've gotten past my cyber security system.
I designed it myself.
It's state-of-the-art and impenetrable.
Diane's right. Her system's airtight.
So how did they gain access to her computer?
Well, the trojan that delivered the rootkit
Was installed directly into her home server,
Probably via thumb drive.
So the hack came from inside the house.
Has anyone been in this house recently?
William torrance -- project developer for sequoia moon --
One of the biggest and richest
Mobile-app developers on the planet.
Met diane at a conference late last year.
A few weeks ago, she officially registered him
As her significant other with the nsa.
Apparently, things are getting serious.
It wasn't billy. It couldn't have been.
I know this is difficult, but, diane, he is a programmer.
It's my job to know people's secrets,
Assess threats, predict behavior.
No one else was in that house?
There's no sign of forcible entry,
And her alarm company confirmed
Her system wasn't tampered with.
Meanwhile, billy's cell has been shut off for 18 hours.
Read the signs.
He's been in your house. He had access to your server.
He hasn't shown up for work.
He's not answering his cellphone.
Have you ever dated an engineer?
They start writing a new piece of code,
And they become obsessed.
Billy calls it "getting in the zone."
He drops off the grid all the time, sometimes for days.
I vetted him.
I used every tool at my disposal,
And that includes project mercury.
I screened his e-mail, listened in on calls.
Everything checked out. He checked out!
There has got to be another explanation.
Billy did not do this.
I get why she wouldn't want billy to be a suspect.
If she accuses him and she's wrong,
She ruins her relationship.
If she accuses him and she's right, she ruins her career.
Do we think that's possible, that billy didn't do it?
-He did it. -He did it.
The only question is...
Is diane's boyfriend a spy or a whistle-blower?
Let's get to work, people.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ sighs ]
Mm. Can I have some?
[ sighs ]
[ cellphone chiming ]
[ chiming continues ]
[ cellphone beeps ]
Look, I need an opinion.
-Cyrus, I can't. -Just quick,
One of your liv-pinions.
So, listen --
Cyrus, stop talking.
The days of the two of us talking on the phone
Late into the night like besties ended a long time ago.
Abby! This is about abby.
You like abby.
Abby's still a, uh, bestie, right?
20 seconds.
I just want to know, do you think she's got it in her --
Work wife?
Work wife full-on?
Can she handle it?
[ sighs ]
Cy, you're still there,
So this is just a pointless hypothetical exercise.
Liv, you and I both know I'm no longer in the room.
I'm outside the door.
[ breathes shakily ]
Can she handle it?
Yes, abby can handle it.
Thank you. [ sighs ] what I needed to hear.
But what?
That's a lot of power, cy.
That's -- that's the oval.
Be sure.
Before you give that up,
Be sure.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Liv --
What leads do we have on billy?
-Uh, liv? -Diane is in denial.
Mellie grant is in your office.
A woman's career is at stake, and we need to know if --
Wait. What? What did you say?
Mellie grant is...
I see that.
[ sighs ]
You wrote a book.
I wrote a book.
A book. My book.
My open letter to the country.
My statement of beliefs and hopes.
This is me tossing my ante into the center of the table,
Airing out all my dirty laundry
So it's old news by the time the campaign rolls around.
That way, I'm not constantly hounded with questions
About my involvement in our...
Sordid little white house love triangle
When we rope-line in new hampshire.
I'm not running your campaign.
Just...Give it a read.
Let me know what you think.
That would be me working for you.
I'll pay you, obviously.
I can't accept.
Then call it a favor.
I'm just gonna leave it here with you...
...And whenever you get a chance --
Preferably by Thursday -- you'll tell me what you think.
[ camera shutters clicking ]
[ reporters clamoring ]
That's all for now. Thank you.
Abby. Nelson.
You haven't called on me all week.
If I can't get my questions answered, I can't do my job.
Should've thought about that before you wrote that hit piece
On the president's energy plan.
What if I can make up for it?
That would take a retraction.
Are you offering me a retraction?
You know about project mercury, right?
What about it?
Some nsa whistle-blower called our publisher,
Offered her a chance to read through a treasure trove
Of stolen documents, chief among them --
Project mercury. [ scoffing ] yeah.
Already on it, my friend.
You want out of my doghouse,
You're gonna have to try harder than that.
What the hell is project mercury?
Someone get me a folder!
[ breathing heavily ]
The post knows we're spying on foreign leaders, allies,
Tapping right into their personal phones.
[ sighs ]
If this whistle-blower comes through
And gives them project mercury,
Then the post will know everything.
Cyrus, do you want to add anything?
That ain't good.
What's your plan for shutting this down?
I, uh...
[ sighs ]
Olivia: Hey. Do not tell me you are canceling on me.
I'm not canceling on you.
What do you know about jillian foster?
I worked with jillian on the judge elliot thing.
Right. Well, what's her deal?
Tough, smart, tiny chip on her shoulder
After inheriting the post from her dad, but --
So she has something to prove?
What are you guys trying to shut down?
Uh, just a little national security story.
You're calling in the publisher of the post
To shut down a little national security story?
I'm going, liv.
Sorry. Old habits.
No worries. See you tomorrow night.
Billy took project mercury to the post.
Then they must not have the documents yet.
If they did, they would've already published them.
Track him down. Retrace his steps.
Do whatever you need to do to find billy and stop him
Before he's able to hand over what he has.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I have got to get me one of these.
Thanks for coming.
You're working. You seem good.
What? You thought you'd find me drunk,
Playing russian roulette with the nuclear codes?
[ chuckling ] you did.
You didn't vote for me, did you?
[ laughs ]
No, I'm good. I'm...
I have my freedom.
I'm focused.
Abby says I'm "all cylinders," whatever that means.
So, why am I here?
I have a problem with the post.
What do they have?
Project mercury.
The nsa spy project. Mother--
The post could run with it -- front page.
A diplomatic nightmare.
The g20 alone -- -yeah, so much for allies.
The united states will be alone in the world.
That is a very dark street to walk every night.
[ sighs ] how'd the post get the story?
That's the problem.
Okay. [ sighs ]
The only way something as deep cover as mercury
Gets out is from the inside.
You have a whistle-blower at the nsa.
Which is why I need you to handle this.
Keep it off the agency's radar.
Why me?
I need someone I trust.
[ scoffs ]
I'm not the obvious choice, then.
You and I both know that's not true.
You don't talk to her?
I don't.
I don't.
[ liquid pours ]
I'm in for the job. [ sighs ]
Thank you.
I really have to get myself this view.
Only one way to get this view.
And trust me, it's a bitch.
[ cellphone ringing ]
Hello, mr. President.
Did you know you could get gettysburger french fries
In a bag from the grocery store?
Yes, sir.
Freedom fries -- right from the store.
You just put them in the microwave.
I'm eating them right now.
That's wonderful, sir.
Anyway, the middle east papers.
I was thinking we should focus on soft power
Instead of taking a hard stance.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ sighs ]
Red! I'm very busy right now.
Are you punishing me?
Are you mad at me? Did I do something?
[ sighs ] he's driving me crazy.
He's calling me 24 hours a day.
I can exist on four hours of sleep,
But he's whittled me down to 3 1/2.
What kind of human being only needs 3 1/2 hours of sleep?
He calls and calls
With questions and ideas and thoughts.
And the other day, he wanted me
To explain the backstory for a tv show.
Then I come in to work, and he talks only to me.
Only to me.
I have a job.
I have to be on the podium.
I have to be prepared and run the room.
I can't be prepared. I can't run the room.
I have to go and listen to him talk!
I am tired, cyrus!
I am exhausted because he won't stop talking to me.
And I don't know what's wrong with him.
He's broken or he needs his batteries replaced
Or the little wind-up thing in his back
Needs to be turned again,
And I can't figure out how to fix it!
And now one of our top-secret spy programs
Is about to be leaked to the world,
And I can't figure out how to fix that, either.
Why? Because you won't help me.
Why aren't you helping me?
Marriage, red, can wreak havoc on a person.
What are you --
[ chuckling ] you're his new work wife!
The shiny new bride who's just been
Carried across the threshold of the oval.
You're his new wife.
Ew. No, I am not.
The man needs a wife.
He always has, and he always will.
He can't function any other way.
He is not meant to be alone.
He doesn't know how.
He needs a wife.
It can't be liv anymore because she's gone.
Mellie was a great one for all her faults.
I was brilliant at it, but it can't be me anymore.
Betrayal's still there.
Well, he forgave you.
[ scoffs ]
I can't help you.
You're the new wife.
Anything I say taints your honeymoon.
You need to find your own way in this marriage, red.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Any luck tracking down billy?
Nope. Nada.
We checked his house, went by his office --
No one's seen him in a couple days.
What about you?
I'm running a program to pinpoint his cell signal.
Got it.
He's about 30 miles away and moving.
Text me a nearby address.
Where are you going?
With her.
No, you're not.
Yeah, huck's right. This guy could be dangerous.
You're more of an office guy.
Then I'll hide behind her,
But I'm going.
Fine. Your funeral.
[ sighs ]
Supportive co-workers -- nothing like it.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You sure this is the address?
No, marcus, just a wild guess.
Here. You deal. Haters gonna hate.
Look, there's nothing here, huck.
Well, that's where the signal is.
[ light rustling ]
Wait a minute. I think he's here.
You looking for this?
What were you doing in that house?
Same thing as you -- looking for william torrance.
The only difference is I'm working for the president,
And you're working for the woman who was stupid enough
To let a traitor into her home.
Fitz put you on this?
I'm helping out where I can.
In this case, the white house got a tip
That torrance was pulling a snowden.
His first stop was the post.
His last stop was that charming bungalow,
Where he obviously dumped his phone
In order to throw everyone off his scent.
That doesn't make any sense. Why break into a house?
Why not just throw the phone in a trash can somewhere?
I don't know.
Maybe he was gonna come back,
Fix the place up, and retire there
With all the money he made
From selling all the top-secret files
He stole out from under your client's nose.
Billy hasn't done anything yet.
He may be flirting with the post,
But he hasn't sold or leaked any files.
[ chuckling ] so?
So, that information isn't out there,
Which means we still have a chance to stop him before it is.
There is no "we" here, olivia!
I'm not helping you cover up
For a client who made a huge mistake!
Oh, come on. We both know that happens all the time.
Her only mistake was falling for the wrong guy.
Oh, well, no wonder you're so sympathetic to her cause.
-Jake -- -liv, stop!
Your guy is guilty, so save the spinning.
It's beneath you, and it's an insult to me.
Where are you going?
I win. You lose.
So does your client.
[ sighs ]
They're from the office of the inspector general.
I'm officially under investigation.
There was a call to the post on billy's cellphone.
I know that's not the news you were hoping for,
But that's what they found.
I'm very good at my job,
And they're going to say he preyed on my loneliness.
I like to think I'm stronger than that.
It's not easy finding someone when you're a general.
Men find my stars threatening.
But not billy.
He looked at me and saw a woman, a partner.
At least that's what I thought he saw.
I guess what he really saw was opportunity.
They're gonna fire me, aren't they?
They're looking to see if you and billy collaborated.
You didn't, so criminally speaking, you're fine.
In terms of your job, however --
What if you talked to the president?
I don't think that's --
If the president fires me, that's it.
I won't just be the first female nsa director.
I'll be the last.
They'll use me as an example,
Say our hearts make us weak.
For the next 20, 30, 50 years,
The only candidates they'll consider will be men.
I made a mistake, liv,
And I deserve to be punished.
Just not if it means punishing our entire sex.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ cellphone rings ]
[ cellphone beeps ]
Yes, mr. President.
I got the advance copy of prime minister cho's remarks
To the u.N. Security council.
Thought we could hunker down, take a look.
Uh, I'm sorry, sir. I can't.
I'm, uh, at the hospital with leo.
Who are you talking to?
-He all right? -Yeah.
Turns out, that flu might be pneumonia.
Nothing too serious.
Pneumonia can be very serious.
Keep me posted.
Yes, sir. I will. Thank you.
[ cellphone beeps ]
I stole some scotch from his collection.
Mmm, this is so good.
[ laughs ]
You have no idea how much I have needed this --
Adult conversation -- not about politics --
Eating in peace.
Yeah, when I came home, I couldn't get enough of it.
You miss him?
I mean, I do, but I don't.
I'm talking about the work, the speed of a political day,
The energy, the pace.
It's a rush.
Leo wants me to quit my job.
What? Abby, you can't quit.
Leo, by the way, he took a campaign in texas.
He hates texas, but he took it
Because he says it didn't matter,
He never sees me anyway, and I was ready to get mad,
But...He's right.
I mean, this job is --
You can't quit.
I know I can't quit.
It's the white house.
But I'm the work wife, liv.
He's work-wifing the hell out of me.
Work wife's a good thing. It means you've got his ear.
It means I've got no life.
And I barely had one before, but this...
I mean, what is the man's problem?
Liv, I know that it was bad and it was awful
And painful and sad,
But, just, at 2:00 in the morning,
I can't feel that sorry for the rich, handsome,
Powerful leader of the free world
Who got his heart broken and now he's lonely.
Abby, he's not lonely. He's alone.
He doesn't have anyone.
I was it.
I was the last person he trusted --
The last person he had.
He doesn't have anyone.
Oh. Now I feel like an ass.
I need to call him.
Not for you or me.
He may be the only out I have for my client.
But it would be unfair of me to ask for a favor.
I don't want to -- I can't do that to him.
I can't put him in that position.
So, you're not gonna call
Because you're being respectful of his feelings?
Sorry. I'm just not drunk enough to buy it.
You're afraid he actually might pick up the phone,
That he might do you a favor,
That you might end up owing him,
And that he might call you again,
And you're back to square one, for better or for worse.
You're terrified.
I would tell you or anyone else to suck it up, get over it.
I'd say, "quit being a baby.
Stop thinking about yourself
And pick up the phone and do what is best for your client."
Excellent olivia pope advice.
Then why don't I seem to be able to take it?
♪ when darkness comes ♪
Looked through the guy's e-mail?
The whistle-blower? Uh, yeah.
Work, personal -- nothing there.
Check flight manifests? Tollbooth cams?
Yes, he didn't come up.
There weren't any suspicious transactions on his credit card?
I'm just...Impressed.
Guy's great at disappearing for a whistle-blower.
He's got some serious game.
[ exhales sharply ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
♪ I will lay me down ♪
[ sighs ]
♪ sail on, silver girl ♪
Hi, charlotte. It's olivia -- pope.
Is the president in?
Miss pope is on the line for you.
♪ to shine ♪
♪ and all your dreams are on their way ♪
I'm sorry. The president's not available.
Would you like to leave a message?
No. Thanks, charlotte.
[ cellphone beeps ]
♪ if you... ♪
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ cellphone ringing ]
[ ringing stops ]
[ sighs ]
Five, four, three, two...
[ cellphone rings ]
[ sighs ]
[ cellphone beeps ]
Morning, mr. President.
No, I didn't hear the phone before.
Yeah, I am happy to talk nsa director candidates.
Uh-huh, sir.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
Make sure you lock up on your way out.
You forgot last time.
[ door opens, closes ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
-What are you up to? -[ sighs ] you were right.
Billy's insanely crafty for your average
There's got to be something else going on,
So I've been trying to crack my way
Into the post voicemail system,
See if I can get a listen to the first call
Billy made to the paper.
I'm not having much luck.
They say the newspaper business is dead broke,
But you couldn't tell by this ridiculous level of encryption.
Didn't the virus that hacked into the nsa chick's home system
Do the kind of thing you're trying to do right now?
That might work.
Come on, robin.
Who says we're not the dream team?
[ scoffs ]
So, it's all clear?
'cause I don't want any problems with this one.
Everything's clean.
His background's perfect. I did it myself.
He'll sail through any nomination hearings.
Here's your speech.
Remember -- shake, commendation, shake again.
Fitz: Late last night, I asked for and received the resignation
Of nsa director lieutenant general diane peters.
I'm so sorry, diane, but you should know
That pope and associates is here to help you transition
To the public sector or private life if you prefer.
That's not exactly why I hired you.
What did he say?
What did who say?
The president.
He was unhelpful.
[ sighs ]
Maybe you could get me into the oval,
Speak with him, plead my case in person.
I think we need to prepare for your next step.
How about you just tell me who they're replacing me with?
I'm sure the president is putting together a list.
They already have someone.
An old crony of the president's.
I just wanted the name.
And I thought I was out of the loop.
Our safety and the intelligence within our borders
Is of the utmost importance.
The nsa allows americans to sleep safe in their beds,
Knowing that a greater power is watching out for them.
It wasn't billy.
What are you talking about?
The whistle-blower -- it wasn't billy.
I listened to the voicemail billy supposedly left the post.
The caller used a scrambler to mask his identity --
Said it was for his own protection.
And you unscrambled it?
No, but I downloaded a bunch of messages diane received
From billy and compared speech patterns.
The rhythm, the cadence -- it's completely different.
There's no way that the person who called the post
And billy are the same.
Then who is the caller?
I don't know.
Someone who was trying to set billy up.
Abby, who's he replacing diane peters with?
Who's the next head of the nsa?
Today I will be placing the nation's security
Into the hands of a person who has earned this job
Through unparalleled service to his country.
Where did jake come from when you saw him here?
What room was he coming from?
He came from that hallway.
Fitz: He's a scholar with degrees
From annapolis and harvard.
[ refrigerator rattling ]
He's also a navy seal
And a decorated war hero.
I would trust him with my life.
In fact, I already have. That's how he became a war hero.
[ gasps ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
What the hell?
[ exhales sharply ]
Jake wasn't searching for billy.
He was disposing of him.
Jake killed billy.
His career in public service includes high-level work
At the pentagon for the defense department
As well as his work as an intelligence advisor
To the white house, which is short for,
"he could tell you exactly what all that means,
But then he'd have to kill ya."
[ laughter ]
The nsa is a powerful weapon against terror,
And with great power comes great responsibility.
I am confident that our new nsa director will wield that power
With wisdom and, when necessary, with might.
It is with great pleasure that I introduce
Our newest director of the national security agency,
Jacob hamilton ballard.
[ applause ]
[ camera shutters clicking ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Where is he?
It was you -- wasn't it? -- From the very beginning.
You stole the files. You called the post.
Billy torrance was just a patsy, a tool, collateral damage.
He truly loved diane peters,
And you destroyed them all
So you could force her resignation
And have yourself named her successor.
I'm detecting a note of anger in your voice.
A man is dead, jake -- an innocent man.
Yes, and the world is a safer place because of it.
How can you say that?
Rowan: Because diane peters was weak.
She had no idea what was going on under her nose.
A dragon reared its head, blew fire from its nostrils,
And all she heard was thunder.
The world is a safer place,
And you can either stand there like a 12-year-old
And lecture me about morality or, even worse,
Rat us out in the name of justice
Or you can take your cue from us and get yourself some power --
Real power -- 1600 pennsylvania avenue power.
You think you have that now,
But you're standing on the sidelines,
Screaming at the referee
Like a sad, drunk parent at a high-school football game.
If you're okay with that, by all means.
But I know my daughter as I know my son,
And I know that won't suffice.
[ cellphone ringing ]
[ sighs ]
[ cellphone beeps ]
Hello, sir?
It's gonna take some maneuvering
To get the armed services committee
To confirm captain ballard as the new director.
Some maneuvering, yes. Armed services.
Well, if that's all, sir --
I could dennis out to the golf course at andrews,
But if it's gonna be six hours of misery,
I'd just as soon invite him to lunch.
Yeah, I could see the argument for that.
[ breathes deeply ] well --
Remind me, I want to talk about a reorganization at treasury.
And the fourth revised national climate assessment
Just came out... -Mr. President.
...And affects some of our carbon-reduction initiatives.
I don't know if you've had a chance to read it.
Also, the g8 summit in london, which I want you to attend.
We're still on for the gridiron dinner tomorrow night, right?
Hold on.
[ cellphone beeps ]
You hung up on me.
No, you really did. Ask charlotte.
There was a click.
I haven't read the fourth
Revised national climate assessment.
I haven't read the third revised one, either,
Because I am not the head of the national
Oceanic and atmospheric administration, sir.
I am also not the secretary of energy or treasury
Or the director of the united states geological survey
Or a golfer, for that matter.
What is your point?
My point is, I am the white house press secretary
And I love my job and I work tirelessly at my job.
And I would be happy to stay here, right here,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do my job
Or to be of help in any way that was truly productive
For you and this administration.
But the job I've had around here recently
Is a different kind of job,
And it seems to amount to no more than keeping you company.
I'm not a companion animal!
So, respectfully, sir, no,
We're not on for the gridiron dinner.
And if there's nothing else right now,
Since I'm already awake and here,
I think I'll go work in my office,
Where there is plenty of work to be done,
And where I'm always available if you actually need me.
Ha! Well done, red.
Okay, good for you.
Uh-huh. Good work-wifing, red.
[ sighs ]
Re-e-e-ed, I'm not interested anymore.
Say less words.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ indistinct conversation ]
Hey, marcus.
I'm gonna head to gettysburger.
Want to join me?
In the mood for an atlanta burns burger.
-Yeah, that sounds -- -no, we're not hungry.
Ooh, yeah, I could go for some sojourner truth tots --
But...We're not hungry.
Your loss.
Huck, why are you so mean to him?
He's normal.
He's a normal person, quinn.
We have to protect him.
We can't let him be friends with us.
I read it.
What did you think?
-It's very smart. -Thank you.
-And well-written. -I wrote it myself.
-And a total bore. -There was a ghostwriter.
This is a book that screams, "I want to be president."
I want to be president.
Which is why you don't write a book that screams,
"I want to be president."
It's clichéd, insipid, formulaic, dishonest.
[ scoffs ] don't hold back.
I am. Believe me.
The only book people want to read by you
Is a book that talks about all the things
That aren't actually in this book.
Don't get me wrong. You can publish this.
It will sell explosive sales for exactly one week,
And then the sales will drop off precipitously
And the books that do sell will prop open doors
And raise computer monitors for a generation.
You can publish this or you can write a real book
That tells the american people who you are,
What you've been through,
What you think about what you've been through.
A book that is truthful.
A book that is hard.
This book was easy to write and easy to forget.
The book you need to write will be hard,
But people will remember it.
That book will help make you president.
I want to write that book.
Well, then I'll call you tomorrow
And we can get started.
Sally: Power -- like it, hate it, want it, have it.
Feel however you want about it.
Power is the fuel that runs this great, big industrial machine
We all help move forward,
And that fuel is made of only one thing -- you.
That is what the fat cats in washington
Like to call the american way.
See you next week.
And remember, love your liberty or lose it.
[ camera shutter clicks ]