Scandal (2012–2018): Season 5, Episode 9 - Baby, It's Cold Outside - full transcript

Olivia feels more frustrated taking on "First Lady" type responsibilities; Mellie proves just how powerful she can be; Jake and Huck continue the hunt for Rowan.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ stevie wonder's "someday at christmas" plays ]
♪ someday at christmas, men won't be boys ♪
♪ playing with bombs like kids play with toys ♪
♪ one warm December, our hearts will see ♪
♪ a world where men are free ♪
♪ mm, someday at christmas, there'll be no wars ♪
♪ when we have learned what christmas is for ♪
♪ when we have found what life's really worth ♪
♪ there'll be peace on earth ♪
♪ someday all our dreams will come to be ♪
♪ someday in a world where men are free ♪
♪ maybe not in time for you and me ♪ I like that one.
♪ but someday at christmastime ♪
♪ someday at christmas, we'll see a land ♪ [ sighs ]
What's harding's wife's name again?
Sandy. Sandy. She's --
Home and garden editor at the columbus tribune.
We need to pass this spending bill, olivia.
I know.
♪ people will share ♪
♪ a world where people care ♪
You went nog. I did.
I got punch.
To each their own. Mm.
When I took this job,
I had no idea how many holiday parties were involved.
This is my last one of the night.
Well, cheers to that. [ glasses clink ]
You see that? What?
It looks like olivia pope, it sounds like olivia pope,
But that over there
Making chitchat like a trophy wife is weird.
All I see is a happy holiday.
Our charm offensive's working.
Poll numbers are up,
And america's starting to fall for olivia pope.
All I'm saying is, don't get used to it.
I just feel like I can really talk to you, you know?
I get that a lot. [ chuckles ]
Actually, I could use your help.
I have a problem.
You do?
Though maybe you're not the right person to ask.
Try me.
Well...I've been searching forever, and...
There was a cookie I had once at a dinner
With the president.
A-a cookie?
It was just to die -- I mean really to die.
It was, oh, kind of cinnamon-y but not spicy.
I can't do spicy. Of course not. [ scoffs ]
And it had sugar on top
And maybe just a little swirl of caramel.
I asked the chef, but I forget what he called it.
[ chuckles ] it had a cute little name.
Do you think you could get me that recipe?
I would love to.
[ both laugh ]
[ laughter ]
Senator gibson, gentlemen.
Gibson: Mellie.
Hope those special-interest gifts are all under $50.
I bought those for my grandkids.
Catching a flight home just as soon as we, uh,
Vote through that spending bill.
Which is the reason for my visit.
[ sighs ] I found a mistake.
Seems funding for planned parenthood
Has been put under the discretionary column.
Planned parenthood will still be fully funded.
But if it's moved to discretionary,
Then that money could be taken away at any time,
In future spending bills --
It's funded.
Nothing in this bill says otherwise.
But there's no guarantee, and if there's no guarantee,
Well, then I can't vote for it.
That bill will pass just fine without you, mellie.
I'm sure there are others...
When they find out, they'll agree with me.
I have never brought a bill to the senate floor
Without knowing how many votes I need to pass it,
And this one is no exception.
That's what makes me so good at my job.
And you know what's gonna make you good at your job?
Voting yes on this thing.
Then we're all gonna go home.
Have ourselves a merry little christmas.
[ laughter ]
[ chuckles ] [ chuckles lightly ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
So this holiday dinner for the cabinet,
The social secretary wanted some help with the place settings.
Mitchell. His name is mitchell.
I know the schedule. You don't need to tell me.
I have a brain.
Look, I know you hate this stuff, but it's working.
Our favorables are rising, the country is accepting us,
My funding bill is gonna pass --
[ quietly ] crappy bill.
Huck, it's me -- again.
I don't know if you're sick
Or you're doing your weird huck thing
Where you disappear for a while
And come back like nothing happened,
But either way, call me back.
What is this?
It's christmas. Christmas?
You don't have to thank me.
Oh, I wasn't going to thank you.
I was gonna tell you to take this crap
Out of here before liv sees it.
Liv hates christmas?
Everybody over the age of 10 hates christmas.
But everybody loves a good holiday party.
What'd you guys do last year?
Same as every year --
We passed around a bottle of vodka
On the steps of the lincoln memorial
And went to work, because that's what gladiators do.
We don't...Decorate. We work.
Bah humbug.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Wait. Before you go...
What is this?
Happy holidays.
Sorry I didn't get a chance to wrap it,
But that was hard to do with your hands down my pants.
Keep it. Come on.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
[ scoffs ]
Look, I get it -- you're embarrassed
Because you didn't get me anything.
No. No, you're not embarrassed,
Or, no, you didn't get me anything?
I don't want your bracelet, david.
I just thought, since we're doing this...
...That I'd get you something special,
Because you are someone special.
'tis the season and all.
If that isn't the saddest, lamest...
There's no need for presents.
Hope you kept the receipt.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Senator gibson: $1.1 trillion.
Every penny stretched to within an inch of its life.
Wasn't easy, tell you that, but we got it done.
So, without further ado,
'cause I know you all want to get home to your families,
I humbly suggest we put this kitten to a vote.
Mr. President?
Thank you, senator.
Is there anyone else who would like to be recognized?
No? In that case --
I'd like to be recognized.
The chair recognizes the junior senator from virginia.
What the hell is this?
[ senators murmuring ]
So, here's the thing.
This bill keeps the lights on, and I'm all for that,
Just not when it means hurting people in the process.
Mrs. Grant -- I have the floor.
You say we're not defunding planned parenthood,
And technically you're right.
But by making that money discretionary,
You give the people in this room the power to say,
"you know what? We're a little over budget this year.
How about we don't give that little ladies' organization
The full amount they're asking for?"
So you don't.
And then, next year, you give them even less,
And even less the year after that,
And you keep chipping away at their budget
Until, before you know it,
Planned parenthood no longer exists.
[ exhales sharply ]
So, as much as I would like to get home for the holidays,
I refuse to do it at the expense of women's health.
Oh, no.
...Before we vote,
I'd like to tell you about
The thousands of federal projects
That aren't discretionary...
I don't believe this. She's filibustering.
...Like $5 million we're spending
On senate hair-care services...
...Or... Senator grant has the floor.
...The half a million dollars it costs
To paint an alaskan salmon on senator campbell's 737.
Not discretionary -- guaranteed.
[ gavel bangs ]
I said, quiet!
A $25,000 travel stipend
For the alabama watermelon queen...
[ senators grumbling ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪
♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪
There aren't any freedom fries.
You got the underground railroad without freedom fries.
Who does that?
♪ yuletide carols ♪
♪ being sung by a choir ♪
What is your plan here?
What do you want? You want something.
I wouldn't be alive if you didn't want something.
You'd have, um...
What's your thing? Uh...
I'd be skinned and eaten by now.
♪ helps to make ♪
♪ the seasons bright ♪
You understand I'm being generous?
Kind? ♪ tiny tots... ♪
I'm choosing kindness
Because I need you to understand
I may be the bad guy,
But the worse guys are out there.
I'm choosing kindness.
♪ ...To sleep tonight ♪
This is a rare moment.
I'm allowing you a little power here.
If I were you, I would make use of it, son!
♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies in his sleigh ♪
You are no one's father, and I am not your son.
♪ ...Every mother's child... ♪
Eat your underground railroad. It's getting cold.
♪ ...To see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪
♪ so, I'm offering... ♪ [ clatter ]
...Before we vote, I'd like to tell you
About the thousands of federal projects
That aren't discretionary...
This the scene just hours ago when mellie grant,
The junior senator of virginia and former first lady,
Began her filibuster of a congressional spending bill,
A bill which, if it doesn't pass by midnight,
Could lead to a very untimely government shutdown.
It's never gonna get that far.
How can you be so sure?
Because in order to kill the bill,
She has to stand up there for 16 hours.
That's 16 hours where she's not allowed
To lean on anything for support,
16 hours where she won't be able to eat or pee.
Yes, people have done it before,
But those people trained for it.
They put on diapers, wear comfortable shoes...
What do you think?
There's no talking about mellie without talking about you.
If she looks desperate, it's because you abandoned her.
If she looks unstable, it's because you kept her down
All those years -- their words, not mine.
I say we stay far, far away.
Watch her hang herself by her own rope.
I say we bring olivia in to manage the message
Outside the white house.
Have her work some of her media contacts.
Olivia's busy.
Can we make her un-busy?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
38 million women living in this country
Are in need of contraceptive care.
20 million of those women depend on government services
To provide them birth control
Because they are under the age of 20
Or are living below the poverty line or both.
But we're gonna have to say, "sorry. We can't help you."
And when they ask us why, we can tell them.
It's because we have to allocate...
$1.24 million for tree-snake control in guam...
Or [exhales sharply]
$10,000 for talking urinal cakes in michigan.
$331,000 to study "hangry" individuals.
Not hungry, not angry -- hangry.
Speaking of which...
Point of order, mr. President! Shush!
No, the -- the rules clearly state --
The rules clearly state
You cannot bring food onto the floor.
They say nothing about food that is already here.
The lady from virginia is correct.
Where was I?
Oh! Yes.
$544,000 for the d.O.J.'s premium linkedin account.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You're b613?
Yes, sir.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Both: "you can't take command, son!"
He was the closest thing to a father I ever had.
Me too.
Where's rowan? Why aren't you with him?
Someone took him.
Tom: Took him? Where?
When you got out of prison, what did we agree on?
That rowan was a problem. And?
And that I was to report to you,
Keep on eye on him.
"keep an eye on him" -- that is all you had to do.
Now you're telling me the only man
That can stop lazarus is...In the wind?
Find him.
Prove your worth.
Give me a reason to let you keep breathing.
What's your question?
You are good.
But then, all my boys are.
What is your question?
You knew that I was being hunted.
You knew that ballard was closing in.
I can only assume that you knew that I was marked for death.
So, why? Why did you save me?
That's what this is -- you saving me.
A...A rescue? Some mission?
You're working for someone.
I'm her father -- olivia's.
I am...A father.
Hers, jake's...
I have so many sons,
So many ungrateful children.
[ laughs bitterly ]
There is no gratitude in parenting.
I don't know why we do it.
But...You know exactly what I'm talking about, right?
What's his name? Um...Javier?
Javi, I believe, is what you call him -- your son.
Have you seen javi recently?
Do you think he misses you?
Or do you think he's happier now that he knows his insane,
Shell-of-a-human father is out of the picture again?
Don't talk about my family.
He's spent the majority of his life
Believing he was fatherless anyway.
Can you imagine a father so bad
That you tell your child he's a bastard
Rather than tell him his father was you?
Do not talk about my family.
One could argue that he's better off
Being parented by one of the random men
Who have run in and out of the house over the years.
Oh, I kept a close eye on kim.
Trust me -- there has been no shortage --
Yes! Yes!
There you are!
The son I know, the son I respect.
Do it!
Did you have a tv in prison?
I'm just curious if you saw all the things
They were saying about liv...
About your child.
A whore, a homewrecker,
A slut who repeatedly spread her legs to get to the top.
I don't agree with them, obviously, but...
I don't know what I would do
If they were saying those things about my child.
It would hurt.
Especially if they were the only thing I had left in my life.
But she's not yours anymore.
She's his.
She chose him -- the president -- over you.
Do you think that she loves him,
Or she just hates you so much
That it's worth being unhappy with him just to spite you?
Or, uh... Do you prefer jake?
Which white boy do you approve of
Being inside your daughter?
You took my family from me.
But javi's fine. He's a good kid.
He'll be a good man.
And by staying away, I've been a good father.
But your daughter?
You failed.
The sad part is that you know it,
And you're not doing anything about it.
So, like I said, you are nobody's father.
I know what you want.
And knowing that you want to die?
Oh, it's almost better than killing you.
Fitz: She's trying to sink this bill, shut down the government --
Not because she believes anything
That's coming out of her mouth, but simply to raise her profile.
She'll probably switch parties
If she gets any traction off of this,
Pull a sally langston.
Liv? [ mellie speaking indistinctly ]
Mellie's trying to tank me right now,
And you're not even listening?
I heard every word you said. Hard to tell.
Maybe what mellie's doing isn't about you at all.
I should get back to work.
[ mellie continues speaking ]
We used the reagan china
Two weeks ago for the german ambassador.
I know, but it's so festive.
We could just as easily go with the clinton china
And the grant tartan for linen.
It's -- it's gold-based. That would work.
And we'll use this one.
But make sure mcarthur and haverford aren't so close,
And switch out peterson for meyers.
And then the flowers?
Spruce and lilies.
Spruce and lilies.
Abby. You're good at this.
I know.
[ aretha franklin's "respect" plays ]
Let's turn to bnc's medical correspondent tamara connors
For more information on the physical toll
This filibuster could be having on senator grant.
A sensitive subject tonight.
According to the rules,
Mellie grant must remain on the senate floor,
Or the chair, senator gibson, can end the filibuster,
Which means that she can't leave to go to the bathroom.
Now, how long will she be able to stand up there
Before, you know, biology kicks in?
It depends on a few things, noah. Mm-hmm.
The senator's fluid intake, her functional bladder capacity,
The elasticity of her urethra,
Which, for some women, loosens after childbirth.
♪ ain't gonna do you wrong ♪
♪ because I don't wanna ♪
Hi. ♪ all I'm asking ♪
I'm dropping these off for senator harding's wife.
I'll make sure that she gets them.
♪ just a little bit ♪
The cookies, that's what they're called -- snickerdoodles.
Urine control varies from person to person,
But to go this long without a break --
As I understand it,
If another senator were a friend of the cause,
Let's say [clears throat]
And were to ask a long, drawn-out question,
Grant could duck out for a quick bathroom break, correct?
Correct. And let's hope she finds a friend in there fast.
♪ just a little bit ♪
♪ just a little bit ♪
$998,000 on the missile defense system
With only a 30% success rate.
I'm sorry. [ sighs ]
That was $998 million.
$998 million with only a 30% success rate.
What else do we have here?
[ indistinct conversations ]
$1.3 million for a museum
Honoring the naval history of the pacific northwest,
And $400,000 for a south carolina museum
To honor the historical significance of the teapot!
No. Why?
Because asking her a question
Means giving her a chance to tinkle.
It means I have to sit in that room all night
And watch a sad, broken woman
Make a mockery of the u.S. Government.
Wow. A liberal female democrat
Who thinks defending planned parenthood is a mockery?
Mellie grant is political quicksand,
And I refuse to go down with her.
♪ take out the tcp ♪ [ sighs ]
♪ oh! ♪
♪ little respect ♪
$213,000 for olive fruit-fly research in France.
Ho ho ho!
6.4 --
What is this? It's for you.
Happy holidays.
Wow. Small batch, limited edition.
This is good stuff.
I thought you could put it in your nog.
Y-you know what?
I have something for you, too.
I don't know that you'll like it.
[ claps hands ]
[ sighs ]
Oh, it's beautiful!
It's so thoughtful.
I don't know what to --
Here, let me.
[ cellphone rings ]
Are you gonna get that?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ hoarsely ] $171,000 to study the...
Gambling habits of monkeys.
[ sighs ]
$175,000 to determine whether...Cocaine use
Leads to risky sexual activity...
Among japanese quail.
$2 million...
She needs to stop. Why doesn't she stop?
Mellie always did want to make history.
Well, she's about to go down as the first person
To empty her bladder all over the senate floor.
$2 million to study the feasibility
Of wooden skyscrapers.
[ breathing shakily ]
[ page rustles ]
Mr. President,
The vice president of the united states.
What the hell is she doing?
Excuse me.
Lisa, hi!
Hi. Excuse me.
Ugh. I'm so, so sorry.
Gosh, I don't want to be the kind of person
Who marches in here and throws her weight around.
I hate people like that.
But I am the vice president,
Which makes me the president of the senate, which means...
You're in my chair.
Again, so sorry.
Thank you.
Will the senator yield the floor to me? What?
Will you yield the floor to me
So that I may ask a lengthy question
About the multitude of services planned parenthood provides?
[ breathing rapidly ]
I yield for a question from...
Vice president ross.
Now, I'm not up here to ask you about abortions, senator,
Which, as you know, only makes up 3%
Of all planned parenthood business.
I mean, I could, but I won't.
Let's talk about gonorrhea!
[ toilet flushes ]
[ gasps, sighs ]
I should've known.
Thank you.
I think I might be done.
Mellie... Ohh.
I can't do this.
I just... I can't.
I don't even know why I'm doing this.
I'm a republican.
I just didn't like gibson telling me what I can't do.
You're the biggest bitch I know.
Don't tell me you can't do this.
[ sighs ]
[ groans ]
Just a couple more hours, mellie.
You want to come watch?
I have to...Be somewhere.
The cabinet dinner. Oh!
That's a bore.
Good luck.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
Sir, the chef is worried that if we don't begin to serve,
He won't be able to synchronize the courses.
[ "we three kings of orient are" plays on piano ]
Please tell the chef to go ahead.
We're now taking you live to the senate floor
As senator mellie grant is seconds away
From running out the clock on the senate spending bill.
[ weakly ] I want to thank the vice president,
As well as the women's caucus
For their support throughout this very long day.
I'd also like to thank the pages,
Along with all of the senate staff.
I know many of you missed your holiday travel plans today,
And I am sorry for that.
I'm sorry that I had to resort to theatrics
To protect what should be basic human rights.
But all of you that stuck with me
To the bitter end should be proud.
Because of your sacrifice,
Millions of women across this nation
Get to enjoy their holidays
Without having to worry
If they will have access
To proper healthcare in the coming year.
[ exhales sharply ]
Finally, I want to wish you all a merry christmas,
A happy new year,
And, mr. President, I yield the floor!
[ scattered cheers and applause, booing ]
[ gavel banging ]
All those in favor of closing debate,
Respond by saying "aye."
Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!
The "ayes" have it. Debate is now closed.
Sine die. [ gavel bangs ]
[ sighs ]
[ scoffs ]
[ laughing ]
Noah: And there you have it, folks.
After the longest filibuster in modern history,
Senator grant has succeeded, killing the spending bill
That would have put planned parenthood in serious jeopardy.
This has been the defining moment
Of mellie grant's political career,
As millions of americans rallied behind her,
Crashing the live streams on several websites
And making the hashtag "istandwithmellie"
The number-one trending topic
On twitter for much of the evening.
Miss pope, are you ready to begin?
We now return you to "it's a wonderful life,"
Already in progress.
♪ silent night ♪
♪ holy night ♪
Jake: Stand up right now.
About time. Been waiting for you.
♪ all is calm ♪
On your knees.
[ chuckles lightly ]
Now, this plan...
Lazarus one -- we need you.
We're taking control of things.
We're bringing the agency back to what it was meant to be,
What it was before rowan lost his way.
This is our time.
♪ mother and child ♪
Did she beg?
Elise, when you killed her.
That was on you, jake.
You promised me you would take care of olivia.
Look where she ended up.
Huck: You shouldn't have mentioned my family.
This was a test for you.
It was never about me. It's about you.
You're an addict. You think you're recovered,
But you wouldn't know for sure until you tempted yourself,
Until you stared the drugs in the face.
I was the drug -- the ultimate trigger.
You passed, I'm breathing,
And now you think you're ready to have the one thing
In your life that completes you -- your family!
I'm going home.
Mm. Sad.
Family is the only thing that has kept you alive here.
Olivia is the only reason that you're alive.
She's also the reason I'm shackled to this chair.
Family is a burden.
We're brothers.
After all we've been through, all we've seen...
We won't let -- [ gunshot ]
Rowan: A pressure point, soft tissue, an illness,
An antidote to greatness.
You think you're better off with people who rely on you,
Depend on you, but you're wrong,
Because you will inevitably end up needing them,
Which makes you weak, pliable.
Family doesn't complete you.
It destroys you.
♪ heavenly hosts sing alleluia ♪
You want to tell me what's going on?
Where were you tonight?
What the hell are you --
Yes! Oh, thank you.
You can't be serious.
Olivia, I am trying to talk to you!
I tried tonight
To make it to your dinner.
I thought I'd get back in time.
I really...Tried, but...
But what?
Where were you, olivia?
Something came up --
Do not lie to me!
I don't know what you want me to --
You were running. That's what I want you to say.
That's what I want you to admit.
It doesn't really matter where you were tonight.
You just weren't here.
You didn't make it to that dinner tonight because --
Because I didn't want to go.
Why would I, fitz?
So I could sit in the corner with the other housewives
And force myself to watch you run
With the big dogs across the room?
Guess what -- I am a big dog, so I didn't want to go.
I knew this was gonna happen.
I knew when I moved you in here
And tried to give us a real shot at making this work --
You mean when you moved me in here
And treated me like I was some kind of hostage?
Is that honestly what you think?
That all this is some kind of sick, twisted punishment?
Yes, I do.
"punishment"? What are you -- for my father.
This has nothing to do with --
It has everything to do with him.
I get my father released, I try to help you,
I try to save you --
Oh, let's not pretend you did that for me, olivia.
That was for you.
You did that so you wouldn't have to marry me.
[ chuckles ]
What was worse for you, fitz?
When I let my father go,
Or when I asked you not to kill him?
Do I owe you now, fitz?
Do I get to show how worthy I am
Of your sacrifices now, fitz?
Do I get to talk to wives at cocktail parties for you?
Trade recipes for you? Plan dinners for you?
Live in this cage for you, and not breathe for you?!
Tell me, what must I do to prove
I am forever indebted to you for saving my father's life?!
Olivia -- be your housewife?
Your girlfriend? Your property?!
You stand there,
And you think
About what I have been doing --
And about everything I have ever told you --
And you tell me who wouldn't run.
Try to understand what I am telling you.
Moving you in here,
Asking you to go all-in on us --
Oh, who is really lying to who here, fitz?
You asked me?
When did you ask me? When I tried to propose.
When we were out on the truman,
When you flat-out refused --
That wasn't a proposal.
That was manipulation.
You want to talk about manipulation?
You think I don't know
What you've been doing this entire time?
What are you talking about? I'm talking about you...
Strutting around here,
Wielding your undue influence
In your power capes like you run the damn place.
So you're bitter. Is that it?
After realizing how ineffectual you actually are --
You know, you're worse than her.
You're worse than mellie.
At least with mellie,
I knew what she was the entire time.
Unlike you.
I mean, I knew where you came from, but --
Where I came from?
We both know who your father is.
I came from a palace compared to the man that raised you.
At least my father loved me.
You want to know who wouldn't run?
Someone capable of being in a relationship.
Someone capable of being normal.
If you were someone capable of being alone,
Someone capable of not suffocating me --
I wasn't suffocating! I was trying to show you --
You were trying to save me!
I was trying to save us!
There is no us!
There is no this!
There is no vermont! There is no jam!
There is no future!
[ crying ] not anymore.
You just needed time...
...To get used to the way things work around here,
The way things work with us in here, to be here.
You needed time.
We didn't get any time.
I told you, if it got out, if they knew...
We needed time before.
We never had a chance.
I told you.
If we're already broken going in, then --
I was unavailable before.
You liked me unavailable.
[ sighs ]
I don't know you available.
She got this side of you.
She did this part.
I didn't have to.
I didn't have to be everything.
You could've had something...
Been something.
Mellie -- that's what she said.
[ sniffles ]
[ sighs ]
I hate that you're always right.
Me too.
We tried.
We did.
♪ ave maria ♪
No sign of huck.
Looks like it's gonna be just you and me tonight.
Oh. I can't. I was just about to take off.
Where are you going? My aunt sylvia's.
She makes a great sweet potato pie.
Oh. Right. Yeah, you have a family.
Want to come? No.
I totally have plans.
Merry christmas, quinn.
Merry christmas, marcus.
♪ ave... ♪
The lid is on.
There's no briefing tomorrow.
I don't want to get a call, an e-mail, or a text --
♪ benedicta tu in mulieribus ♪
Sam, get me phil jurik at the post.
I see you wear scarves sometimes,
And, well, I can see why.
I mean, that neck -- it's epic.
I wish I could pull off a scarf,
But I have nowhere near the neck real estate you do.
Oh, you hate it, don't you?
No. I love it.
It's beautiful. Really?
You have great taste.
I mean, your bracelet is gorgeous.
David rosen gave it to me.
♪ ave maria ♪
Merry christmas.
[ engine turns over ]
Jake: You were right.
It's hard to believe, but...
You were right. Lazarus wasn't you.
Welcome home, son.
♪ ave maria ♪
[ phone rings ]
Come on up.
[ knock on door ]
Can you believe the hardware store
Just leaves this stuff outside during the holidays?
Did you shoplift christmas?
It was going in the bargain bin tomorrow anyway.
So, is there room at the inn or what?
[ elevator bell dings ]
Inside, straight ahead.
♪ benedicta tu in mulieribus ♪
♪ et benedictus ♪
♪ et benedictus fructus ventris ♪
♪ ventris tui, jesus ♪
♪ ave maria ♪
[ camera shutter clicking ]