Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 1 - It's Handled - full transcript

Olivia learns what her father is capable of.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Joining us now,
the reporter

who broke this story...
Vanessa Chandler

of the "Post's" styles section.

Vanessa, we have a name now.
(Phones ringing)

Former White House
communications director

Olivia Pope.

How sure are you
that she's the woman

who had an alleged affair
with President Grant?

It's just one source,
but it's a good source...

A source in a position
to know the true identity

of the president's mistress.

And, well, you know
how this works.

It's just a matter of time
before others

come out of the woodwork
and more details emerge.

Can you give us an idea
of how high up

this person was
in the administration?

No, but I will say that
my source is 100% sure...

That Ms. Pope is
the president's mistress,

and if they're right...

And obviously I believe
they are...

It's only a matter of time
before more details come out.

22 minutes
without making a sound.

If only you'd been
this quiet as a child.

Why did you try
to have me killed?

I didn't try
to have you killed.

I tried to have
Jake Ballard killed.

Hmm. We're here.

- No. - You've gotten yourself
into a bit of trouble, Olivia,

- and I'm here to fix it.
- No.

Now listen to me.
You raised your skirt

and opened your knees
and gave it away

to a man with too much power.

You're not rare.
You're not special.

Your story's no different
than a thousand other stories

in this town,
so you know how this goes.

You could call this
in your sleep.

First they'll smile, be warm,
sympathetic, on your side,

letting you know that
they will fight for you.

They will lull you into
a false sense of security.

And then, once your belly is exposed,

they will gut you
and everyone you know.

And they will be swift
about it.

And by the time you realize
you should be fighting back,

well, you're already
bleeding to death.

That is the
presidency versus you.

Whose victory do you think
they will fight for?

Whose body do you think
they will bury?

- He would never...
- "He would never."

You and I both know that he
is not in charge.

He is never in charge.

Power is in charge.

Power got him elected.

I know more than you
could possibly imagine

about things of which
you cannot dream.

He told you that you
would be first lady,

and you believed him!

Did I not raise you for better?

How many times have I told
you you have to be...


You have to be...



(Voice breaks) Twice as good.

Twice as good as them

to get half
of what they have.

Sleeping with that...

For God sakes!

You know to aim higher.

At the very least,
you could have aimed for

chief of staff,
secretary of state!

First lady!

Do you have to be so mediocre?

Your staff will be
taken care of financially.

Your business will continue to run.

Money is not a problem.
There's always money.

Money bought that plane.
Money bought the silence

of the gentleman
who will fly that plane.

It contains a passport,
a Swiss bank book,

a go file,
an entirely new identity.

There is a very nice island
waiting for you

at the end of the flight.

You will stay there
for eight months.

Then I can arrange
a place for you in brussels.

Thailand, if you prefer,

Anyplace but here, really,
as long as you disappear.

And what if I don't want to go?

Olivia, you're getting
on that plane

come hell or high water.

And to be clear,
I am the hell

and the high water.

(Projector and camera shutter

(Airplane engines whirring)

We'll be taking off in a moment.
Can I get you anything to drink?

Thank you.

Can I...borrow your phone?

(Sighs) Where are you?

I'm sitting in a jet
on a runway.

- Where are you going?
- Nowhere. I'm disappearing.

- That is not an option.
- It is. Apparently, it's very simple.

I just get on this plane
and I disappear into thin air.

Get off the plane.
Don't run.

You need me here so you can
throw me under the bus?

I know how this goes.
I can run this play in my sleep.

- You'll burn me.
- I won't burn you.

- Not unless you burn me.
We are on the same side. - Are we?

Who leaked my name, Cy?

When I find out,
they will suffer.

Get off the plane!

- I just wanted to say good-bye.
- Olivia...

- Tell him I said good-bye.
- Olivia. Olivia!


If you... disappear...
If you disappear,

he will think
that I had you killed.

And he will never trust me again.

He barely trusts me as it is,

and I will not be able
to help him out of this.

If he thinks you're dead,
I won't be able to save him.

Don't run!
I have done dark things,

but I have also been your friend
and your champion.

When you aren't a monster?

I am a monster, but, honey,
I'm your monster!

And I will fix this.

I will put this ridiculous,
untrue rumor

about you having an affair
with the president to rest.

I will put it down.
I will bury it!

I just need a little time,

and I just need you not to run.

(Breathing heavily)

I need you to get off
the plane, my friend.

Get off the plane.

- Olivia!
- I'm not going.

Yes, you are.

Thanks for the offer, but no.

You're being stupid about this.

I am many things.
Stupid is not one of them.

Olivia, you can't possibly
think you're going to return

to your old life as if
nothing is happening.

What is happening is that I
am taking care of myself!

Take me to my office.

The White House
will destroy you.

That's what mom used to
tell me about you.

(Window whirs)

Like I said and will continue
to say in a variety of ways,

the White House has no official
comment on these accusations

and no plans to comment further.
(Reporters shouting questions)

You want the vice president

to take on the president's
public appearances

in the middle of all this?

Until I can find the source
of the fire and put it out,

tamp this thing down.

She's gonna get the questions.
All the questions.

Then she'll dodge them
and be very good at it.

Cyrus, maybe you and I should
get together and discuss this.

- I don't think so. - Sally.
- My answer is no.

- Ma'am! - No, I will not be
aiding and abetting a man

breaking his marriage vows
and laying with another woman.

I will not be surrendering
that piece of my soul.

I am the lord's witness.


No! The people.

The people,
madame vice president...

(Chuckles) The people
elected you

to be the president's sidekick,
not the lord!

The lord did not fill out
his voter registration card.

So guess what. The lord
does not have the right to vote

in the United States of America!

I am done with you
and your superiority

and your rudeness.

I have never once mentioned
how I feel about

your godless homosexual

and that poor, sweet brown baby

that you have dragged into it.

I keep my personal opinions to myself.

But you find any opportunity
each and every day to belittle

me and my desire
to serve the lord.

You have no respect.
Not for me, not for the voters

I handed you on a platter
the last election,

the voters I will take
with me when I go.

Go? Wh-where are you going!?

Because that's the only place
you have a chance

of being elected
on a sitting president

- from your own party, who...
- Who is sleeping with whores!

I'd like to speak with
Sally alone, please.

(Sally sighs)


(Whispers) Okay.


(Door opens)

(Inhales and sighs)


- Do you drink ever?
- Excuse me?

I'm not trying to just...

If you were a man,
I'd offer you a scotch.

And I thought, I'm kind of
an ass if I only offer you

the scotch if you're a man.

What is that?
Some prep school crap I learned.

Uh... anyway,

do you... drink?

(Inhales sharply)

I would like a scotch.

Sally... (Exhales)


(Pours liquor, bottle clatters)

I slept with someone
who is not my wife.

You're not surprised
that I cheated.

You're surprised
that I'm admitting it.

(Pours liquor) Which is...

(Bottle clatters)
I did. I had an affair.

I take responsibility,
and I'm sorry.

I failed you.

Me, sir?

You. As your team member,
as your president,

as your fellow citizen.

I did not live up to my promise
to be the best man I could be.

I lied.

I lived a lie.

And I am sorry about that.


All right, Mr. President.



These public appearances
Cyrus is asking you

- to stand in on for me...
- Sir?

Sally, it's time for me
to do the right thing.

Be the leader I've always
wanted to be.

In order to do so, I have to
stand in front of the world

and say who I am
and what I've done

and deal with the consequences,

and I am okay with that.

That moment is coming,
and I want it to come.

What I'm asking you

is for the chance
to buy a little time

to get the people in my life
ready for that moment.

Can you do that for me?


Yes. (Exhales)

Yes, I can.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Man) There she is!

(Reporters shouting questions,
camera shutters clicking)

(Pounding on limousine)


(Man) Move out of the way!

- Get off the car!
- Don't!

Move out of the way!

Hey. Hey!

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Clamoring continues)

Olivia! Take my hand.

(All shouting at once)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Shouting continues)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Abby) What should we do?
What's our first move?

We do nothing.
It's being handled,

which means all of you can
go back to work,

- business as usual.
- Business as usual?

How is that even possible?

You pick up the phone
and call our clients.

Show them we're as
dedicated to them as ever.

- What?- Are we really
not gonna talking about

- the fact that you're the most infamous
woman in America... - The world.

In the world right now?!

- It's being handled.
- By who? The White House?

Liv, the phone has been ringing
off the hook all morning.

Aside from the reporters,
the only people getting through

are clients calling to fire us.

It's Olivia Pope
for Governor Suarez.

Yes, that Olivia Pope.

The White House is going to bury her!

Okay, Jeff, your call,
but don't call me in two hours

when this nonsense blows over.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

And you know who goes down
with her? Us. We all burn.

You know it, I know it,
everybody knows it.

Ambassador Heller,
guten tag.

There is no one else on earth

who can handle something
like this better than we can.

(Pounds desk)
So that's what we do.

Senator, I understand
you're in a tough position.

I do, but honestly, so was I

when I defended your son
who was guilty of rape.

I never once left your side,

We handle it.

Even if Liv won't.

(Voice breaks) I understand.

Good-bye, Sandra.

(Sets down phone) (Exhales)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

Hello, sweetheart.

You want something.

Shame to get scooped
by a society page blogger.

She's so beneath you.

How does someone that
low-level get access

to White House sources?

Is she making it up
just to get ahead

- or sleeping with someone...
- No.

You know, we're not
playing this game.

I'm playing, and if you play, too,

you get a prize, a scoop.

A scoop?

A good one.

- Malloy's.
- Excuse me?

Bottom feeders like
Vanessa tend to troll

for crumbs of gossip
at Malloy's.

What's special about malloy's?

Secret service drinks there.


You owe me!

- Hal.
- Ma'am.

I need to ask you
a question, Hal,

and I would like you
to be honest with me.

- All right.
- Do you know how the rumors

about Olivia Pope and
my husband got started?


I only ask because I
know that sometimes

you and the other agents
like to drink at Malloy's

after work, and there's
always journalists there

waiting around to pick
up a crumb or two.

I know a vindictive
housewife when I see one.

That woman couldn't wait
to tell the world

her husband couldn't
keep it in his pants.

Do you blame her?

She just found out her husband
had been screwing

one of their trusted advisers
right under her nose.

You want another drink?
You're buying.

Did you give her a name?

Did... you... give... her
a name?


No, I didn't.
I did not.

Hate to be in your shoes.

You shouldn't be here.

Why? Because
I'm the U.S. attorney

for the district of Columbia
and may be asked

to investigate
the president's affair with you?

I left that hat at the door.

- David...
- Don't say anything.

I'm here as your friend,
and the less you say,

the less I'll know
when the Democratic leadership

pulls me into a room
and asks me

all their questions about you.

So have you made up your mind?

About what?

About which road
you're gonna take.

The hard one where you
put on the white hat

and admit everything up front,

or the harder one,
the one that could destroy

not only you,
but everyone you hold dear.

The one I don't want to
see you anywhere near.

You're making
a lot of assumptions.

Perhaps, but if there's proof,
it won't take much.

- Hey, what's he...
- What are you doing here?

Missed you, too.

Hey, return my calls.

Liv, turn on your tv.

A new development

in the presidential affair

this one provided by
one of our viewers, who...

Can we bring up the video?
There it is.

You'll forgive
the graphic content.

There is a young man
relieving himself

in the foreground, but there,
in the background...

Freeze that imagine.


That's President Grant.

And that building
he's coming out of...

That's the building
where Olivia Pope lives.

So there you have it, folks...

The first real evidence
that Olivia Pope

is the president's mistress.

What's our next move?

Start a kill folder
on Olivia Pope.

(Cell phone rings, beeps)

Who are you, and how did
you get this number?

Harrison Wright,
Pope and Associates.

- Do you have something from Olivia?
- No.

- Then I don't know you.
- But you know this town,

and if the president was
having an affair with someone

who worked for him,
someone who does favors for him,

someone he does favors for,

there are going to be

on the subcommittees.

There are gonna be special
hearings that drag on for years.

And it doesn't matter
if anything unethical happened.

He'll be lucky
if this thing is over

by the time he's cutting
the ribbon on his library

a decade from now.

It can't be Liv.
For all our sakes, it can't be Liv.

As I've said, I don't know you.

Don't call me again.



Olivia Carolyn Pope.

Princeton undergrad,
Georgetown law.

- Yes, I was there.
- I know.

Only child. Mother Maya
was in a plane crash,

died when Olivia was 12.

Father Eli curates antiquities
at the Smithsonian.

Has ever since graduating
Princeton in '67.

- Where are the family photos?
- There are none.

It's a very private family,
by all accounts.

Didn't hang
with the Georgetown set.

Didn't have the dough.
Her dad must have spent

most of his income on boarding
schools for his daughter,

because she has been
to nothing but the best...

St. Anne's, Surval Montreux...

But she never lived
in the family home again

after her mother's death.

(Clicks tongue)
I never knew that about her.

We're thinking that's where
she got the daddy issues.

Pope has a well-documented preference

for powerful older men.

In fact, after college,
she had quite the reputation

as a party girl.

Did time
on the D.C. circuit...

Ambassadors, lobbyists,
cabinet secretaries...

A nice lineup of silver foxes.

She was working her way
up the totem pole.

- Enough!
- Enough?

To play the ambitious slut card.

Good work.


(Papers shuffling)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Cell phone chimes)


(Clicks and beeps)


- What are you doing here?
- Trying to help you,

and given all the press
that's gathered outside,

- you're in need.
- I don't need your help!

So tell me, how's work?

Getting many new clients
these days?

I'll ask the questions.

- Where is Jake Ballard?
- Olivia...

Where is Jake Ballard?

That's not a question
you are at liberty to ask.

Where's Jake Ballard?!

Jake Ballard refused an order.

Where is he and what
have you done with him?


No one refuses an order

in my business.

Now you may choose
to not understand that.

You may choose to
feel disgust at that.

You may choose to pretend
that what you do

and how you live is not
made possible by what I do

and how I live.

I do my job so that fatty
can watch reality tv,

eat fast food,
stare at the Internet,

screw their husbands or their
battery-operated products,

and never use their
teeny, tiny brains

to think about the freedoms
that I make possible!

Never think about the democracy
that I make possible!

They never think about it,

They sleep like babies
at night.

Get on the plane, Olivia.
You're running out of options.

I'm never out of options.

(Beeps) (Projector and
camera shutter clicking)

(Exhales) (Door whirs)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)


(Telephone rings)

Identification number.


- Password?
- Providence.

(Engine starts)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Indistinct conversations,


(Door whirs, opens)



(Door whirs, closes)


Where's the president?

He's unavailable, sir.

I need to see him.
Where is he?

- We don't have a lot of time.
- Do you realize what you've done?

- I do.
- You pulled the fire alarm.

- I did. - That was a one-time thing,
Liv, for extreme emergencies.

- I know.
- You can't ever use it again.

- The codes are already being rewritten.
- I know.

You don't work in the
White House anymore!

You're not in the bubble

I can't get the N.S.A. to overlook

you being issued a Providence
key again, not now.

- I understand.
- If there is an attack...

terrorist, chemical, nuclear...
I can't get you!

You understand?
You're on the outside.

You're dead, because you
already pulled the fire alarm.

We're already under attack,
and I'm already on the outside.

My name is out there!

We need to talk about
how to fix this.

We need to make a plan.


We can do that.

- When all of us are here.
- All of us?

You asked Cyrus to come?


(Doors whirs, opens)

So... (Sighs)

Let's do this.

The president
is with the first lady...

in private.

Having personal...
private time.

Fitz and Mellie?


I'm sorry, you're saying
the president is off

with his wife, with Mellie...

(Under breath) For a quickie?

They didn't say how long...
they'd be... sir.

I don't see what the problem is.
It's the same plan as always.

Fitz and I hold hands
and smile at Oprah

or Barbara Walters.
We do what we always do...

Act happy.

And we just deny it.
Deny you.

- That would have worked before.
- Before what?

Before you got the bright idea
to go on national television

and tell the world
I cheated on you.

- You did cheat on me.
- That's not the point.

- It's exactly the point. - Not if you
want to smile at Oprah.

I wouldn't need to smile at Oprah

if you didn't screw your whore
every chance you got.

Mellie. I know the situation
is difficult. I do,

and I'm so, so sorry.

But we have a job to do here,

and in order for me to do
my part effectively,

I'm going to need you to refrain
from referring to me as a whore,

at least in front of
my face, all right?


Now... Mellie's already
told the world

you had an affair with someone,
and my name has been leaked,

so I am now the public face
of that someone.

I don't know.
We've got to figure out a way

- to change the narrative or...
- Reclaim the narrative.

We tell the truth.
We're looking for a way out.

Why aren't we looking
for a way through?

Why don't we just stand up
and tell the truth?

Mellie and I face the press,
say, "yes. I cheated.

I slept with Olivia Pope.
I had an affair."


- Liv?
- I'm thinking.

You and Mellie do a statement
in the press room.

No. In the Rose Garden.

Full press, no questions.

You hold hands.
Mellie wears a soft color...

Lavender or light blue.

You bring in the kids
from boarding school,

but you don't have them
with you for the statement.

That always looks staged.
The kids look like pawns

and the parents seem

But the photo op after

of you both meeting
Jerry and Karen

as they step off the chopper?
That's Kennedy.

Perfect, especially
if baby Teddy is running

on the grass beside you.

The next day,
you do one sit-down...

A full tell-all.
I'd go with James.

He did the Mellie interview.

The public will like
the story of seeing him

talking to both of you now.

They like knowing
that he's a family friend,

plus Cyrus can control him.

12 hours before
your sit-down with James,

I'll release a paper statement.

"I regret my affair.
I've apologized to Mellie.

I've prayed," blah, blah, blah,

"trying to put the whole thing
behind me," etcetera.

Barring any kind of
special prosecutor probe

into whether or not I was given
any favors

because of the relationship,

the whole thing should be
put to bed

well before the primary
elections are over.

It works.

The truth works.

The irony.

I'm sorry.

The truth does not work.

It does not work for me.

They're gonna want details, Fitz.

That's how this works.

The reporters,
the special prosecutor... details.

Dates and times and locations.

When did the affair start?
When did it end?

How long did it last?
What happened when?

What did Mellie know,
and when did she know it?

And... if all we had
to talk about

was a blue dress with a stain

and a cigar that had been
in interesting places,

I'd be fine.
I would not give a damn.

But I am not going to stand
in the rose garden

and hold your hand while you
tell the White House press corps

that you had an affair
with Olivia Pope

that lasted a year.

(Chuckles) And then ended
and then started again

and then ended
and then started again.

And I am certainly not
gonna sit

in the blue room
of the White House

and hold your hand
while you tell James

how you couldn't keep
your hands off her

on the campaign trail,

how the secret service
drives you to her apartment

in Defiance
of security protocols,

how when you were shot,
the name that you called out

was "Olivia,"
or any of the many ways

that you have degraded
our marriage,

because that is not you
making a mistake.

That is not you cheating on me.

That is you... (Sighs)

That is me being in love
with another woman.

(Breath shudders)

If you try to tell that
disgusting fairy tale

to the press,

I will make such a scene.

I will open up our closet

and I will pull out
our laundry,

and I will share it
with the world.

I am that... tired.

(Inhales and exhales deeply)

- How many times?
- What?

How many times
did Fitz and I sleep together?

Three? Five?

How many
would you be okay with?



Fitz and I slept together twice.

- The first time was?
- After I was elected.

You didn't get the job because
we were sleeping together.

Might as well make sure
nobody questions that.

So the first time was
after you took office.

The night of the inauguration.

Fitz and I attended
four inaugural balls.

We were supposed to go to six,

but Fitz said
he was exhausted, and...

Honestly, so was I.
It'd been a long day.

So... we came back
to the White House.

And I went right to bed,

but Fitz was just wired, so...

He went down to the oval office
to just take it in...

Which is where he ran into you.

I'm guessing it was
no coincidence,

since he made a call
from our bedroom,

but let's leave that part out
when we tell the story.

(Exhales) Let's just say

that the two of you
got to talking,


One thing led to another.

It was just sex.

It didn't mean anything.

And you felt terrible

And it didn't happen
again until...

(Gasps softly)

After you got shot.


So... twice.

The first time
was after the inauguration,

and then the second time...

After the assassination

You had sex...


After you recovered
from your gunshot wounds...

Because you were feeling
your mortality.

Facing death.


Once on inauguration night,

and once after
the assassination attempt.

I'm not lying.

It's still the truth.

Just not the whole truth.

Are we agreed?

Yeah. (Sighs softly)


(Inhales and exhales sharply)

(Pounds on door)

(Door clanks and whirs)

(Door whirs and clanks closed)


- I'm fine.
- I'm sorry.

I know that wasn't easy for you.

I'm fine.

I'm not.

How are you?

- Really?
- I'm... fine.

Your name's a headline.
You're not fine.

I tell my clients all the time
that it's not personal.

The reporters...
They're just doing their jobs.

It's not personal.
It's not about me.

It's the story.

I'm fine.


Don't. (Gasps)






(Continues sobbing)


(Pounds on door)

(Door whirs)

(Door whirs, clanks closed)

(Door opens)

Thanks for seeing me
this morning, Sally.

(Door closes) Scotch?

A touch early for me, sir.

How was the senate
women's caucus?

Angry at you,
but I handled them.

I appreciate it.
Thank you.

I hope you've been
using the time wisely.

I wrote a speech,

taking full responsibility.

Mellie and I are facing
the press at noon today.

Mellie's standing with you?

So your marriage will weather
this storm.

There are the children
to consider.

Well, that's...

I'm glad for you.

It's refreshing to hear
a man valuing the family.


Good men are hard to come by.

How is Dan these days?

Oh, fine.

Fine. (Sighs)

Moving to D.C. has been
exciting for him.

My husband is having just
a little bit more...

Fun... these days.

He's still the same
Daniel Douglas. He's just...

Fun now.

I am the most powerful woman
in the free world.

There are challenges
associated with that.


Yes, Mr. President?

After my speech,

there will be a window.

Climb through it.

Be bold. Condemn me.

Make yourself the moral
center of the party.

Use the moment to rise.

Can you do that?

Oh, I believe I can,
Mr. President.

Why are you helping me?

Why are you extending kindness?

Because we are not
married to one another.

Why did you schedule
the press conference?

Because our president
told me to.

Because you had
a secret meeting.

They want to go public.

Again, aren't you
part of "they" now?

One-third of some secret
unholy political trinity.

They want to go public,
and we need to stop them

and fix this.

Presser's in three hours.

I think I have a plan.

It just needs to come
from the outside.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

I feel horrible about this.
We're doing the right thing.

Olivia says
what the right thing is.

Look, it's not too late
to pull back.

Couldn't we just
kill another intern?

It wouldn't be that hard.

A bad one.
The worst one.

All right, we need to be
united on this.

Are we united on this?

If I do this, we all do this.

You have to have my back.

Are we gladiators,
or... are we bitches?

I need to hear it.

(All) Gladiators.

Damn right.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

Hello, everyone.

Just a couple of details about
the president's statement today.

Is he gonna admit
to anything this time?

'Cause if it's
just another duck...

I am not gonna comment
on the content

of the president's statement.
That's not why I'm here.

I am here to remind you that
we're going live today...

At 12:04 from the... (Chuckles)

(Man) Turn that up.
Okay, come on, you guys.

I think that governor grant
has the election in the bag.

I mean, he really cares
about the middle class.

His record on social issues

really resonates
with young people.

And... (Giggles)

most importantly,

he is freakin' hot!

(Reporters shouting questions)

(Rick James' "Super Freak" playing)

(James) I'm reporting to you
live from the White House,

where counter to earlier
erroneous reports

of Olivia Pope being...

We now have two high-level
White House officials

just now confirming...

That 26-year-old
communications aide

Jeannine Locke is the other
woman in the grant affair.

You have to believe me.
People have to believe me.

I never... none of this...
Any of it... is true.

I mean, yeah, I called him hot.

(Woman) Sources say there are
multiple e-mails

from Jeannine to friends

detailing her strong feelings
for the president.

My name, my picture
are all over the tv.

My private e-mails.

Do I need a lawyer, Cy?

"Super awesome," "super cool,"
and "super doable"...

Just a few of the adjectives
Locke used in e-mails

to describe the president.

Guilty people call lawyers.

The White House
will handle this.

I personally will handle this.

(James) ...With multiple
sources also confirming

Jeannine Locke
and the president

had what they describe as,
quote, "a brief fling"...

You're not alone in this.
We're all here for you.

You're part of the family.

(James) ...Those sources
at the same time denying

that Olivia Pope had
any form

of inappropriate relationship
with the president.

One thing is clear...
Olivia Pope is owed an apology.

- Leading every net.
- Of course it is.

♪ That girl's all right
with me ♪

What did you do?

♪ Yeah

♪ hey, hey, hey, hey

I don't care where he is,

You find Cyrus and get his ass
in the oval now!

- Calm down, honey.
- What the hell is going on?

What the hell did Cyrus do?

What the hell did he do
to that poor, innocent girl?

- Jeannine?
- She's a kid!

What did he do?
It doesn't make any sense.

We have a press conference

You and I need to get out to
the Rose Garden in 20 minutes.

And then we have to amend
our statements?

We should call
the speechwriters,

see if we can get them
to change these remarks

so it's clear
that it wasn't Jeannine.

- I don't think so.
- What?

You could go out there and
say that it wasn't Jeannine,

that it was Olivia.

You could say someone
must have made a mistake,

gotten the story wrong.

You could.
I won't be with you.

Cyrus won't stand by you.
The democrats would love that.

They'd open up
a special investigation,

dig through every e-mail,
every promotion,

every late-night call log
from the oval,

and then you'd get impeached.

Why are you so happy
to jump on Cyrus' plan

to ruin this girl's life?

"Cyrus' plan." No.
See, leaking Jeannine's name

was my plan.

It was this crazy idea
I got from you.

- From me?
- Mm.

- What?
- After you leaked Olivia's name.


The upsetting thing about
being as educated as I am

and as intelligent as I am
is that being first lady

is profoundly boring.

What did you call me?
Ornamental? Not functional?

I am a rose
dying on the vine here.

Give me a war to run
or the C.I.A.

or something, but...

I use the copious amounts of free
time I have to think.

And I have been thinking...

Who could have possibly
leaked that name, and why?

And then I realized...

Who would benefit the most?

My idealistic,

romantic, optimistic,

idiotic husband.


Shut the door, Tom.
I need a favor.

You want another drink?
You're buying.

(Indistinct conversations)

Good thing he's off
tomorrow, huh?

No way, Tommy.

Who's this trusted advisor?

Mm... (Chuckles)


Just between me and you, right?

It's Olivia Pope.

You thought if you
leaked Olivia's name

and then I stood next to
you and held your hand

and smiled while you told
the press everything you did,

that it would neutralize
the situation.

What did you say in the bunker?

Stop looking for a way out
and look for a way through?

Get me to play the
good wife, control me,

and by extension, the nation,

because... and here's
the best part...

You still somehow believe

the country will eventually
embrace you

bringing your whore into
the White House as first lady.

And step one...
leaking Liv's name. (Scoffs)


Step one...

was me coming to Blair house
and laying my head in your lap

like I gave a damn
about your forgiveness.

This is a war, Mellie.
You and I are at war.

What happened today is just
one battle of many.

And let's be clear.

The reason I leaked Liv's name

is because as long as you had her name

in your arsenal of weapons,
Olivia was at your mercy.

Now she is free.

Right now

you're good.

You're golden.

You're in the clear, Liv.

There is nothing wrong

with a little

It doesn't mean
you don't wear the white hat.

We've got a client.
Let's get to work.

It's Cyrus again, Jeannine.
Just trying to catch you.

I know you must be scared,
but just hold tight.

We'll get this
whole thing straightened.

(Gun cocks, switch clicks)

Ooh. Sorry. Shoes on the covers.
How rude of me.

Did you... is he...

Dead? (Chuckles) No.

He's just taking a little
drug-induced nappy.

Baby's out, too.
Didn't have to drug her.

That fancy swing you got
in there's worth every penny.

What do you want, Charlie?

It's not what I want.
You know how I work.

Always serving
a higher purpose.

(Door creaks)

(Water dripping faintly)

I would have called,
but I couldn't risk

secret service being
anywhere near

the conversation
we're about to have.

Trunk was very comfortable, thank you.

Thumbprint, please.

I need to break the seal
on this, and I can't

until I raise
your security clearance.

(Beeps, whirs) Other hand.

(Whirs) And your signature.


(Whirs) Charlie...

Came home to papa.

When the Republic is in danger,
there's no place for spite.

If you're talking about
the president's affair

with Olivia...
This is bigger than that.

What do you know...
about Operation Remington?

Only that it was a classified
mission that Fitz flew

with Jake Ballard in Iran
back when they were in the Navy.

Most of it's redacted.

(Folder lands on table)

Is what really happened
on that mission.

(Seal tears)

Oh, my God.


(Projector and camera
shutter clicks)