Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 22 - White Hat's Back On - full transcript

As they get closer to uncovering the mole's identity, Olivia and her team find themselves in an increasingly dangerous situation.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Billy... Chambers?

Billy Chambers is the mole?!

I assumed he went off the grid.

If I had stabbed someone
to death in cold blood

with a pair of scissors
and got away with it,

I'd skip town and never
be heard from again.

- Huck?
- Billy Chambers had to go.

And you made me promise
I wouldn't kill him...

So I hired out.

Oh! Hold the elevator!

Aah! Wait!
Please, wait!

Whatever you're getting paid
to do this, I'll double it!

- I know.
- Oh, wait. Stop! Stop! Please, stop!

Think of me
as an investment strategy!

Okay, I was the Vice
President's chief of staff.

I have all her access codes.

I know all her passwords,

and I know where a hell of
a lot of bodies are buried.

So I was gonna retire a rich man

based on all the secrets
I have to sell,

but there's no reason
that I can't share.

I mean, my access,
your skill set...

We'd make a great team.

It's true what they say.
If you want someone killed right,

you've gotta kill them yourself.

Somebody stitch that
on a pillow.

Give it to me.

No, I hold the Cytron card.
I hold it till we use it.

It's mine.

Tell me you're not gonna
blow this for us, Rosen.

I'm not gonna blow this.

I'm not.

Again, I don't see why
we are here.

We're here because
we are moments...

This administration
is moments...

We have to stop Billy Chambers
from outing Defiance.

From a full-scale
nuclear meltdown.

I am no longer a member
of this administration.

Let's say we get this show
on the road.

Not everyone's here yet.

What the heck we waitin' for,
old Verna to show?

'Cause the last time I checked,

that little piggy was dead
as a slab of bacon,

- God rest her soul.
- Rome can burn for all I care!

Right, of course. You have
your own lofty agenda now.

I've been a team player ever
since he ran for governor

- Well, good luck mounting
- I have held my tongue and done

- your senatorial campaign...
- believe you are headed off to...

to manage whatever
crisis after crisis...

- Done! I am done!
- From a federal prison.

Because that is where
all of us are going to be...

I am looking out for one person
now and one person only,

- and that person is me!
- If we don't...Where are you going?!

Sit... down... Mellie.

Let's do this.

We've all had our
differences in the past,

but tonight,
we're put them aside.

We do what we
have to do to fix this.

This Billy Chambers character
has got to go... permanently.

You mean...

I mean, bang-bang,
boo-hoo, bye-bye.


Hollis, this is the White House.
This man is the President.

Talking about murder
in the White House

in front of the President is like

talking about sex in the
Vatican in front of the Pope.

We do not do it.

Well, la-di-da.

If wouldn't be the President if
I hadn't made him the President.

I think I can talk about
whatever I want.

Do whatever you have to do,
but leave me out of it.

No more blood.

This has gone far enough.

Billy Chambers is not
our problem.

Defiance is our problem.
It always has been.

And the only way to prove
that Defiance has happened

is the Cytron card.

We get the card,
we neuter Billy,

and we put this whole thing
to bed once and for all.

Liv's right.
We get the card back.

If you would just be willing
to sit down and talk with him...

He's going to run again, and he
knows he needs you by his side

when he does.

I will not be humiliated anymore!

He wants to come back.
I promise you.

He just doesn't know how to
do it. He's a child, Mellie.

We just have to show him the way.

You okay?

It's a lot,

this whole Billy Chambers thing.

And having to deal with Hollis...

He's not so bad.
Not really.

- Liv?
- We'll fix this Defiance thing,

and you'll run again
and you'll win.

And I want that.
I want that for you.

It's just... I let myself
believe the waiting was over.

- And now...
- The waiting?

Four more years
is going to be difficult.

I'll be fine.
It's just...

It's going to be difficult.

We're not waiting four
more years to be together.

We're gonna be together now.

Livvie, I'm running.
I'm winning.

We're getting married,

and you are moving into
the White House with me.

Fitz, okay,

there's a million reasons
why that's a nonstarter...

Here we go.

Are you seriously going to
stand here and suggest that

divorcing your wife and moving
me into the White House

in the midst of an election
is not a tiny bit of a problem?

- It's a problem.
- Clearly.

- So fix it.
- Funny.

You're a funny man. You should
quit your job, go on the road.

What are you always saying?

That you're brilliant,
that you're the best,

better than my boys
in the White House.

So... do what you do best.

Fix it. Handle it.

I thought you didn't
want me fixing you.

I don't need fixing.
I'm fine. I love you.

The American public
needs fixing.

They love Mellie.

They're the ones
with the problem.

So come up with a plan
to solve it.

You want me to
come up with a plan.

Olivia Pope...

Use your superpower.

Mmm. Stop.
We can't.

Someone will come in.

Okay, Fitz.
What are you doing?

Using my superpower.

It's time I meet with Ms. Pope.

May I ask what for?

I need to talk to her.

You are not the best

- Maybe it's the company I keep.
- Just bring her in.

I can't do that.

And why is that?

Can you at least tell me...

I just wanna know
your intentions.

Bringing Ms. Pope in...
it's a job.

It's a task you are free
to accept or decline.

You refuse the job,
I ask someone else,

and I'll know where we stand.

Now, James, you know
the Grant family intimately.

The President is
your daughter's godfather.

What's your take on the rumors

that the first couple's
seeing a pastor

to repair their marriage?

You're freezing me out.

That's not true.
Oh, really?

Then how'd "The Post"
find out that

the President's seeking counsel
from pastor Jennings?

- I don't know.
- Is it true?

I don't know.
Why don't you ask "The Post"?

They seem to be all sourced up.

They're all sourced up
because you are their source.

And I don't have sources
because you're freezing me out!

So in the next 20 minutes,

when every other reporter
in this building goes live

with the news that
Sally Langston has formed

an exploratory committee
to run against the President

in next year's
republican primary,

I would like to have a comment
from the oval!

Your job has only
two requirements, Sally.

One is to not die.

The other is to be loyal
to the President.

That's it! Don't die!
Be loyal!

The only other creature
in this White House

who has the same sweet deal
is the President's dog!

Hank! Hank can do those two
simple things! Why can't you?!

I have a constituency,
people that I answer to.

People who almost made me

the standard bearer of this
party three years ago.

Almost, Sally. Almost!

And when they see the goings-on
in this White House,

its lack of discipline,
its lack of... beliefs.

Oh, we're singing that song
again, are we?

Morality isn't a minor
inconvenience, Cyrus.

It's not something that you can

scrape off the bottom
of your shoe

and then continue on
your merry way.

Commandments of the
lord are being broken.

So at this point,
with this President,

I would be irresponsible

if I didn't offer the party
an alternative.

Billy Chambers has
the Cytron card.

We need it back. So we need to
figure out what his game is,

how he's going to use it.

Billy's got no credibility in D.C.

After the vice President
disavowed him.

So if he wants to out Defiance,

he knows he can't do it
by himself.

He needs someone else
to do it for him.

The question is, who?

Billy needs someone respectable,
someone with clout,

someone who has
the public's trust

who was directly affected
by Defiance.

Ms. Pope.

Thank you for seeing me.


I think Billy's going to use
Reston to out Defiance.

I think they're already
working together.

- But we don't have any proof.
All we have is... - My gut.

- I'm sure.
- How can you be sure?

Abby, you should've seen him.
I'm sure.

I was just wondering if you were
planning to run again.

I'm not running.

Believe me, I think I've gotten
the bug out of my system

after the last election.

What if you're wrong?

I'm not. I know this.

But we knew that
Grayden Osborne was the mole,

and we were wrong.

We knew that Molly was a victim,
and we were wrong.

You could be wrong here.

I'm not.

- Make sure you...
- I did.

- Don't forget...
- All right there. I got this.

- I wouldn't go that way.
- I got this.

- Quinn...
- Boom! There it is.

- There what is?
- I hacked into the security cameras

on the street, outside
governor Reston's mansion.

If Billy Chambers went
to see him there, we'll know.

It's downloading now. We should
have it in under two minutes.

I need coffee.


She's getting good at this.

You're a good teacher.

Sometimes, uh,

sometimes she reminds me of me.

Are you saying...

- Has she hurt anyone?
- No.

Then what are you saying?

I'm saying I worry about her.

Like I worry about you.

Don't worry about me.

I worry about you,

with him.

He wants me by his side
in the White House.

He wants to get a divorce.
I'm gonna be first lady.

I wrote a plan. I was up
all night. I handled it.

I worry about me, too.

Okay, security cameras are up.


We got him.

Billy Chambers
at the governor's mansion,

two hours ago.

They're on to you.

Always pleased to appear
when summoned,

but may I remind you that,
unlike you, I serve the king?

Which makes me
a busy, busy man.

- And today, I am busier
than busy, so... - I'm sure you are.

I wish I could be
more sympathetic, Cyrus.

But you have a tendency to
make things harder for yourself

than they need to be.

The sex tape? It can make
all of our problems go away.

But you still refuse. Why?

I'm still unclear why
any of this matters to B613.

You know how people say,
"I could tell you

but then I would have to
kill you" at parties,

and then everyone laughs?

I could tell you, but then
I would have to kill you.

We're not at a party,
and I am not laughing.

These are two people in love.
These are my friends.

I'm handling Olivia Pope.

You do your part.

What does that mean?

Worry about your boss.

I'll take care of the rest.

What do you mean a...

About Olivia Pope?

Drop the bomb already, Cy.


- It's Reston.
- What's Reston?

Billy Chambers.
He's working with Reston.

That's his way
of exposing Defiance.

I don't know what
their plans are yet.

Reston? Are you...


He's in the oval.

They're meeting
in the oval office right now.

Governor Reston.

Thanks for coming in.

You know, I've been riding
your senators for months

trying to get 'em on board
with my education bill, so...

This isn't about education.

It's about Defiance.

You need to get in there.
You need to stop this!

Oh, my God.

Someone call 9-1-1!

Take his shirt off.
That's fine.

I really don't know
what you're talking about.

- Put me on your ticket.
- Excuse me?

Put me on your ticket,
and this all goes away.

All what goes away?

The proof I have that you rigged
a national election.

I think you better leave.

And go where, to the feds?
Draw me a map. I'll walk.

Put "The Post" on there.

Hell, put all the newspapers
on there.

No sense being stingy,

not when we're talking about
the biggest case

of voter fraud in the history
of American politics.

You clearly think you've figured
something out, governor.

I don't think anything,
Mr. President.

I know.

I know what you did,

and I know your way out now
is to bring me on board.

We'll call it
the unity ticket...

Two old rivals coming together
to make America right.

You'll have to fire Langston,
of course, but let's be honest.

Rumor is,
is that Bible thumper's been

making a play to jump ship

I'll show myself out.

9 A.M. tomorrow, Mr. President.

That's when this offer expires.

What did he say?

Mr. President, I have Mr. Beene
on the phone.


Cyrus. Okay, what did Reston say?
What did he say to you?

What did you tell him? Mr. Beene,
at least let me take your blood pressure.

It's bad! Very bad! How's that?
What did he say?

He wants a deal.

He won't expose Defiance
if we run together

on a unity ticket.

Putting Sally Langston
out to pasture in the process.

- That might not be the worst...
- No.

Reston hates you.

It is deep and it is personal.

So he's either planning
on using Defiance

to impeach you once
he's the Vice President,

or more likely, he hopes
to record you saying

- sometimes incriminating, which you...
- Didn't, of course.

Oh, thank God.
Thank God.

Get... get your hands
off of me! Off!

- Off!
- Cyrus, where are you?

It... it's nothing.

- He's hypertensive.
- Are you in an ambulance?

I'm fine! These idiots are telling me
I had a heart attack.



Shoot him.

I said, shoot him! Give me
your gun. I'll shoot him myself!

You bastard. Don't you die on me
when I'm so mad at you.

Don't you dare die.

Come here.
Come here.

I don't forgive you.

I don't forgive you either.

Please don't die.

I'll do my best.

Is it true the President's
seeking spiritual guidance

about his marriage?

Yes, it's true.

I love you.

It's still about the card.
It's what makes this case.

Whoever's got it
calls the shots.

Okay, I'm Billy Chambers.

I don't give up the card
so easily. It's my only play.

I'd make sure I'd get
everything I wanted

before I handed it over.

- I'd negotiate.
- Yeah, negotiations take time.

And as long as Billy
is negotiating...

Reston doesn't have the card.
Billy does.

Look, Rosen, I get that
you have your whole

"what I've done
for this memory card" thing.

I do. But I can't hold out
any longer.

Reston couldn't get Grant
to confess on tape,

so let's be a big boy.

You want this as bad as I do.
It's time. Cough it up.

I can't.

Not yet. I will.
I just...

They're my friends.

And I'm not.

Right? Your friend?
Is that it?

I'm the bad guy?

Well, you did kill some people.

Okay. I've got some
blood on my hands.

But I had good reasons.
I had to get rid of the CIA guy.

It was the only way
to get the heat off me.

And that Wendy girl...
which I know I framed you for...

she screwed things up,
so she had to die.

Same with Molly.
I didn't have a choice, okay?

I was boxed into a corner.

I was forced to do all of it
by your so-called friends.

And, yes, I'll burn in hell
for what I did. I will.

I know that.

But you?
You don't have to end up like me.

You could get some justice for
those thousands of Ohio voters

who lost their fundamental
right of one man, one vote...

For Samuel Reston, who won that
damn presidency fair and square.

And for you...
you lost your job,

your reputation, and your
sense of right and wrong

when you fell in
with these people.

And let's be honest.

Olivia Pope and her
team of thugs?

They are not anyone's friends.

They destroyed your life!

She destroyed your life.

And, yeah, yeah, she'll end up
fixing it for you.

She'll break out
the krazy glue,

but only because she's the one
who broke it in the first place!

She took your life from you!

She took justice from you!

Well, she did the same thing to
me, and look what I've become!

I was the Vice President's
chief of staff,

and now
I'm a freakin' murderer.

So come on, Rosen.
Wake up.

Smell the justice.

You're right.

You're damn right.

You want me to put
Reston on the ticket?

No, I want you to pretend to.

We've all been assuming that
Reston has the memory card.

But what if he doesn't?

What if Billy Chambers is
holding on to the card himself?

Do you know where he's hiding?

No, but if we can force
Reston to reach out to him...

- By taking the deal.
- By taking the deal,

but demanding
to see the card first.

If I'm right and Reston
doesn't have it...

He'll call Chambers
and ask for it.

And we'll trace his call
and track Chambers down.

President Grant's
very interested in this idea

of a unity ticket.

A chance to end the era
of petty bipartisan bickering

and start fresh.

The President's
also quite concerned

with these suggestions of
voter irregularities in Ohio?

That's right.
Good memory.

Any alleged proof
of such activities

would need verification
before any further steps

toward a unity ticket
could be taken, of course.

What kind of proof do you want?

Whatever... proof
there might be.

I'll see what I can do about that.

It's done.

I'm into Reston's cell phone.

Now we just wait and see

if he calls Billy for the card.

What I can confirm is

the President is talking
to his pastor.

He is seeking counsel.

He is praying for guidance,

which is a good sign,
and his approval numbers

are on the rise as a result,

while the first lady's
are trending down,

with more people now
questioning her trustworthiness

after her decision
to air her dirty laundry

on live TV.

Ohh... Cyrus.

Thank God you're all right.

- Thank you.
- What are you doing here, Mellie?

Officially? I've come to visit
Cyrus in his hour of need.

Now, I know you don't want
cameras in the room, Cy,

but they got me coming in,
so I was thinking,

when Fitz and I go down
in the elevator together,

maybe we can let a little
press into the lobby...

I'm not leaving here with you.

Our approval ratings are up, Fitz.

If you plan to run and win,

we need to capitalize
on the public's support.

Mellie, this phase of our lives,

capitalizing on public support
as a definition of marriage,

is over.

Make no mistake...

You are going to leave
the White House.

You'll want
your own political career.

And I will back you
and campaign for you

and never speak
of my ex-wife Mellie Grant

in anything but the most
glowing of terms.

And then, about a year
into my second term,

I will go one or two
high-profile dates

with well-educated,
age-appropriate career women,

which will be chronicled
in immaculate detail

by tabloids around the globe.

And when word leaks
six months later

that I've been spending time
with one of my oldest,

dearest, most trusted advisors,

who selflessly acted
as the mouthpiece

of my administration when
I was lying half-dead

on a hospital bed, who has
always stood beside me

as my friend and colleague...

When it gets out
that she and I have started,

after all this time, to care
for one another in a way

that is no longer
strictly professional,

America will love her.

And let's be honest.

My relationship with Olivia

is going to spark
a real dialogue

about race in this country,

and it is going to blow
the republican party wide open

and let some light and air
into places

that haven't seen change
in far too long.

So the party will love her.

And you want to be on
the right side of history here.

Trust me, you do.

Now... if you don't want
to play along,

if you leak Olivia's name,
if you refuse to go gently,

well, it only takes a few
whispers of the word "racist"

before the feminist groups
and the religious groups

and even the republican
national committee

turn up their noses
at your stink.

But I don't want
to do that, Mellie.

I want to help you
join me as a living,

breathing monument to
redemption and second chances

and the America we all
hope still exists.

I take it Liv came up with that?

She did.

It's good.

Reston's calling an aide,

telling him to order pizza.

Sausage, deep dish, large.

- 20,736.
- What?

That's how many possible
combinations there are to this safe.

It would take days to
go through them all.

Charlie cracked it in minutes
with a gun to David's head.

- Doesn't add up.
- Ugh. Super spy. Look at Huck.

Reston just called Billy.

- He's asking for the card.
- We were right. Billy still has it.

His signal's coming
from a cell tower in Virginia.

- Looks like Rosslyn.
- This is it.

- We got him?
- We got him.

Super spy.

Stress. It's a killer.


What do you want
with Olivia Pope?


How's he looking?

Pale, fragile.

Did you tell him my plan?

He heard it.

It's a brilliant plan, Liv.

He'll get on board.
I'll make him get on board.


He wants you and Mellie
back together

if you're going to run again.

He planted the stories about you
seeing the pastor, didn't he?

You're worried about him.

You love him.
You don't want him to die.

I feel the same way, but
that doesn't change the fact

that he's still Cyrus.

Put your hand too close to the cage,

and he will bite it off.

Do you want
to come here to sleep?

I wish I could, but the agents
I trust aren't on tonight.

What will you do instead?

I have a very exciting life,
mister. I don't need you.



Shh! Shh, shh, shh!

I checked the whole place.
I can't find the card.

It was worth a shot.
When do you think he'll be back?

I don't know.
This part is quiet.

We're quiet here.
Sit down, okay?

- Okay.
- Wait, his cell signal put him

at the Chinese place
down the street.

That's probably takeout, right?

So he's gonna be back
any minute.

- Which is why we're quiet.
- Sit down.

Then again,
maybe it's not takeout.

- Maybe he likes...
- Sit... down.

I got it. I'm good.

Liv, what are you...

- Is she...
- She's okay. She'll be okay.

What was that?


- What was that, Jake?
- I need a minute.

I need a minute.



Do not leave your office tonight.

You need to stay here
with your people.

- You'll be safe here...I think.
- You're leaving?

- You'll be safer when I'm gone.
- Jake!

Why is someone
trying to kill me?

I don't know exactly
why or the details.

I just follow orders.
But I do know that as long

as you're in a relationship

with the President
of the United States,

you're in danger.

There's a branch of
the CIA called B613.


You're B613.


Stay here tonight.

The woman I shot at your place
was a B613 agent,

which means by morning
they'll have collected her body.

Fix your door, hire security,

or break up
with your boyfriend.

- Wait.
- I have to go.

They're going to try
to kill you now

- because you saved me.
- No, because I disobeyed orders.

Maybe I c... I could
help you get out.

In my world, there are no outs.

Wait. Just wait!

You can't just...

You saved my life twice now.

I was... I was wrong.

I was wrong about you.
You're one of the good guys.

No, I'm not.

I just followed my orders.

Sleeping with you

was my mission.

So don't bother missing me.

Close your eyes.




Be safe.

Good-bye, Olivia.

What's going on, Liv?

This just got real.

You're all right.


What are you doing here?
Why aren't you in the hospital?


I called.
You didn't answer.

So I sent a secret service
agent over to your house.

He saw your door was broken.
I was worried.

Someone tried to kill me tonight.


You ever hear of B613, Cy?

There are things I'm not
at liberty to discuss

or acknowledge on the basis
of national security.

You know what?
Don't say anything.

It doesn't matter anyway.

I know who it was,
and I know why,

and I don't care.

Fitz and I are going
to be together.

I'm sorry.

I'm going to be with him, Cyrus.

We have a plan.
It's going to work.

I love him.

Let me get this straight.


Highly trained
black ops assassins

broke into your home
and tried to kill you.

And instead of that, oh,
making you run toward reason,

instead of the possibility of death

making you decide that maybe
it's better to be single,

you have decided
that the killers

were merely firing heart-shaped

Made of bubbles and candy
that signified

that you and boyfriend fitzy are
M.F.E.O., made for each other?

Cyrus, you're being dramatic.



I'm being dramatic?
I'm being... dramatic?

I've moved heaven and earth
to save you from yourselves.

I have lied for you,
I have stolen for you,

I have cheated for you,
I have killed for you,

I have almost died for you, and you...

You two are so
stupid and romantic

and high on your own

"dear diary" nonsense

that you won't even
save your own lives,

but I am being dramatic?!

Romeo and Juliet were
teenagers, and they died!

- I've had enough!
- Cyrus...

He killed Verna Thornton, Liv!

Killed her! Dead!
With his own two hands!


Oh, you didn't know?

You were too "I love him
and he loves me

- and our love..."
- No!

"Conquers every obstacle
in our paths..."

To find that part out?

Whoever told you that...

He did!
He told me that!

The love of your life
is a red-handed,

cold-blooded killer.

That is what you're
dealing with!


Is who you love.

This is not a romance novel.

Life is not a romance novel.

Hi, Billy.

We need to talk about
the Cytron card, okay?

What the hell are
you doing here, Cy?

You're supposed to be
in the hospital.

They just let you go?
You yell at enough doctors,

they'll sign anything.

May I?
What is that?

Reality tv.


I can't do it. I thought
I could, but I can't.

It's okay. It's okay, Huck.
You don't have to.

Oh, but she needs the card.
Olivia needs the card.

It's okay.
You don't have to do it.

It's okay.

It's okay.
It's okay.


the damn Cytron card, Billy?!

I'm not gonna ask you twice.

Abby, I got it.
864, 864. It's 864.

Huck installed an emulator program.

Turns his laptop
into a facsimile

of a voting machine.

Did you do it right?

Huck wrote out all the
keystrokes for me.

It was idiot-proof.

There's nothing on this.

It's fake.

This card is fake.

That's the card he gave me!

I swear to God, that's the card
David Rosen gave me.

It's David.
David played us.

I didn't know where else to put him.

He's safest here.

Oh, come on.

Good night, David.
Enjoy the couch.


David Rosen, I just read
that grand jury transcript.

Man, did you get screwed.

Turn it off.

- There's more.
- I don't care. Turn it off.

It goes from room to room
and back again...

I don't think
you wanna do this.

I'm an old man.
I did just have a heart attack. far as I can tell,

I'm the only grown-up
in the room.

Mr. President,
David Rosen has our world

on his itty-bitty thumb again.

Boy's been a tick on our
ass for over a year now,

and it's about time the son
of a bitch was handled

for once and for all.

What in the pouty hell
is with you people tonight?

This boy has the only remaining
proof of our deeds in Defiance.

probably marching his pale ass

into the justice department
this very second.

No. He's in my office...

Right now.

What can I do for you?

It's what I...
can do for you.

Oh, and I'm going to need
something in return.

I can't. Not yet.
I will. I just...

They're my friends.

And I'm not.


Your friend?
Is that it?

I'm the bad guy.

And did you see his face
when I was all...

"Where's the Cytron card?"

I didn't hesitate.
I didn't even blink.

I just... I just bam!
Right in his thigh.

And watching him
beg and scream...

It was such a rush.
I've never been on drugs,

but I feel like
I'm on something.

I should be tired.
Are you tired?

I am, like, fully awake
right now. Huck?

Okay, I've got
some blood on my hands,

but I had good reasons.

I had to get rid
of the CIA guy.

It was the only way
to get the heat off me.

And that Wendy girl,
which I know,

I framed you for...
She screwed things up,

so she had to die.
Same with Molly.

It's not often that I have the honor

of standing next
to a true American hero.

This one man, David Rosen,
has succeeded

where our justice and
intelligence departments

have failed.

David Rosen found the mole...

the mole responsible
for the death

of CIA director Osborne.

The mole responsible
for selling our secrets

and endangering the lives

of our CIA operatives
in the field.

The mole who previously,
as a chief of staff

for the Vice President,

bitterly attempted and failed

to disgrace this
administration into ruin.

Thanks to Mr. Rosen,
that man is now in custody

and will answer for his
treasonous crimes.

It is with great pride
that I announce

that David will be
the new U.S. attorney

for the District of Columbia,

where I expect he will
continue to fight for justice.


Thank you.

Olivia Pope
and her team of thugs...

They are not
anyone's friends.

They destroyed your life,

She destroyed your life,

and, yeah, yeah, she'll end up
fixing it for you.

She'll break out
the krazy glue,

but only because she's the one

who broke it
in the first place!

You and Jake.

Cyrus told you?


I thought so.

He told me about Verna.


I was going to tell you that
I don't care about Jake,

that... I forgive you,

that... that we could start over,
start fresh. No big deal.

I'm guessing you don't feel
the same way about murder.

I wish that I could say
that I didn't mean to do it,

or that I was out of my mind
or that it was an accident.

I wish I could say anything.


The things we've done
to get you here...

We went too far.

Olivia, I'm sorry. If you'll
give me another chance...

whatever happened in
the past, let it go.

Let your father go.

Let Verna go.

Defiance is dead.

The reset button has been hit.

The genie is back in the bottle.

You are clean.
You can start over.

Start fresh.
Run clean.

Run with Mellie at your side.

No, that is not the plan.

We went too far.

My people... Huck and Abby
and Harrison and Quinn...

I took them too far,
over the wrong cliff.

We went so far that I don't know
that we can get back,

but you can get back.

Run with Mellie by your side.

You can win with Mellie
by your side.

I want you by my side.

We can do this together.

You are going to be
my First Lady.

I can't leave them.

They need me.

I'm their gladiator.


Where the hell is my coffee?

Is it true you are having an affair...

Are you the President's mistress?

How long have you been
sleeping with the President?!

Hello, Olivia.