Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 19 - Seven Fifty-Two - full transcript

While Olivia is unconscious in the hospital, Fitz goes and stands by her bedside. Huck has a breakdown after being locked up. He then recalls how he became who he is and how he met Liv.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(Man speaking
indistinctly on P.A.)

They're fixing the green
line at Petworth connecting

red line trains are stuck
waiting at Fort Totten,

which puts the next
train to Shady Grove

- about 20 seconds away.
- Thank you.

(Man continues
indistinctly on P.A.)

(Train horn honks)

(Train arriving)

Look at that.
Just like you predicted.

- Are you here tomorrow?
- Every day.

Coffee's on me.

(Doors hiss)

(Doors hiss)

Look up.

Look down.


Everything looks good.

If everything stays
looking this good,

you can go home in the morning.

Hey, is that guy bothering you?
I can kick him out.

(Chuckles) (Chuckles)

This is such an honor, sir.

- I voted for you.
- Well, thank you

for taking such good care
of my friend, Dr. Walker.

Yes, sir.

Wow. Yes.

(Door opens and closes)

- Stop.
- Liv...

- Please stop.
- Liv...

- I hate you.
- I know.

(Lowered voice)
You left me all alone.

(Lowered voice)
I'm sorry. I was wrong.

I didn't know how...

I was hurt,

and I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

I don't forgive you.

You are not forgiven.

- Livvie, please...
- No.

You can't do this to me.

(Voice breaking) You can't
say these things.

You can't treat me
like I'm some whore

- you got off the street.
- I love you.

- You keep saying that
- I love you.

Like it means something.
I don't believe you.

I... don't...

Believe you anymore.

(Sighs) What happened?

She didn't tell you?

No. I'm asking you.

She was coming home.

Right outside her apartment
door, and she was attacked.

- Did you see who it was?
- No.

- Find out.
- Yes, sir.

Maybe we should
try to move him.

He likes it there.
His back's against the wall,

his feet are on the ground.
(Breathing heavily)

I think it makes him
feel safe.
(Door opens)

(Door closes)

I found her.


James Madison hospital.
She was brought in

with a concussion
a few hours ago.
Oh, my God.

They wouldn't tell me
how it happened,

just that they're keeping her
overnight for observation.

Huck attacked the same night
Liv gets hurt?

Doesn't smell right.

It's gotta be the guy
in the baseball cap,

the one working for albatross.

He led huck to that
storage unit.

He set him up.
He knew we would track

that payment from
Molly's bank account.

He knows we're on to him.

Liv's not safe. (Sighs)

I'll go down there.
(Huck muttering indistinctly)

- 752, 752...
- Did he...

- 752...
- Huck?

752... 752...

- Slow down, Huck.
We can't understand. - 752...

752... se...

(Gasps) 752.

(Gasps) 752, 752...

- 752.
- What the hell is 752?

752, 752,

752, 752, 752,

752, 752, 752,

752, 752, 752, 752,

752, 752...

"well, the next thing
that Alice found

"was a little cake,

"and it had the words
'eat me' written on it.

"So of course she set to work,

"and she ate it all up.

"And then do you know
what happened next?

You will never guess."
(Children laughing)

"Alice grew..."
(Laughter continues)

"And she grew and she grew.

"Taller than she was before!

Taller than
any grownup person!"

(Laughter continues) "Taller
and and taller and taller!

"Just look at the picture,

and you can see how
tall she grew."



(Gasps) Oh, my God!

(Laughing) Oh, my God!
Hey! Hey!

(Laughs) Hey.

Oh, my...

(Children) Ew!
(Both laughing)

(Children clapping)

(Huck) Oh...

I can't believe you're here.

In the flesh.

I mean, you're really here.

And, oh, God, you smell good.


You smell like my guy.

You know, there's this
old t-shirt of yours

that I sleep in, but it stopped
smelling like you ages ago,

and I just can't...


Hug me tighter.

(Exhales) I'm home now.


So what happened?

Why'd they cut the tour short?

I don't know.

I got orders.
They put me on a plane.

I have some meeting tomorrow.

- Is that bad?
- I don't think so.

- Remember I told you they had
me take those tests? - Uh-huh.

I think it's about that.

I think they're gonna offer
me a job or something.

A job?

- Yeah.
- A government job?

Here, in D.C., and I get to
see you every single day?

And every night.


It's just a meeting, so we
shouldn't get our hopes us.

Oh, please.

These government dudes
are gonna love you.

Everybody loves you.

Uh, sir...

(Clears throat) You're hired.

(Clicks pen) What?

The position is yours
if you want it.

Sir, what exactly
is the position?

This is the starting salary.

Although, you can earn
two to three times that

- if you do a good job.
- What's the job?

What do you think?

I think I've never heard
of a private first class

being offered this much
money to do anything.

(Scoffs and chuckles)

You took a series of tests.

Your test results suggested
that you have skills

that go way beyond that
of a private first class.

Like what?

We can test a thousand men
and not find one like you.

You're gifted. You have
an aptitude, a quality,

a series of personality traits
that we find very valuable here.

Here isn't the marines, is it?

What do you think?

I think we're in a
nondescript office park.

The door claims this is
a paper company,

but who names a paper
company Acme Limited?

There are cameras in
the ceiling there...

And there.

Your suit is nice, but not
nice enough to draw attention.

And then there's
the guy behind me

with a bulge in his pocket
that I'm pretty sure

isn't there because
he's happy to see me.

I'm pretty sure it's a gun.

So, while I'm a big fan
of the C.I.A.,

I have to say thank you,
but no.

You'll take this job or go back
to Kosovo on another tour.

Those are your
only two options.

Do you like Kosovo, soldier?

- No.
- Sit down.

You were abandoned when
you were 3 years old.

Raised in foster care.

Five, six homes?

No parents, no family.
Is that right?

Yes, sir.

No wife, no kids?

No wife, no kids.


That's how we like it.

We'll be your family.
We'll take care of you.

We'll train you, we'll pay you.

We'll teach you
things about yourself

that you never imagined possible.

This is wonderland, son.
Your whole life changes

right now, today.

All you have to do is say yes.


Welcome to B613.

You can't tie up the
whole floor, gentlemen.

We could, sir, but we're not.

- So let me into room 312.
- Not possible.

Look, I don't want to
see the president.

I don't want to sneak a
photo or steal his chart.

I don't want to be
anywhere near your boss,

but I have to see my boss,
and I have to see her now!

And according to the
secret service charter,

you cannot legally restrict
my movements

unless they risk the
security of the president.

So unless the president is
sharing my boss' hospital room,

I expect the freedom of
movement granted to me

by the constitution, et cetera.

- I understand, sir.
- So you'll let me go?

No, sir.

I see.


Uh, secret service is here.

There's no way
I'm getting to her.

Gotta go.

Hey! Hey!
(Elevator bell dings)

(Doors close)


(Elevator bell dings)


(Projector and camera shutter
clicking) We were right.

Baseball cap.
He was at the hospital.

- Are you... you're sure?
- Yeah. I saw him.

- Did you tell Liv?
- (Sighs) I couldn't get in to see her.

- What? Harrison!
- Don't worry. She's safe.

There's some V.I.P.
type on her floor.

There's a lot of security.

No one's getting in
or out of there tonight.

Abby, she's safe.

Yeah, until your V.I.P.
checks out.

Even if Liv's okay for now,

the one guy who could
protect her

has gone seriously
"Rain Man" on us.

(Huck) 752. 752.

752. 752. 752.

(Sighs) So what do we do now?

752. 752. 752.

752. 752. 752...

(Door closes)
Man, it's hot out there.

My air-conditioning bill's
gonna be through the roof.

Neighbor's got solar panels.

House looks like
a frickin' spaceship.

(Groans) But... whatever
saves him the bucks, right?


We kill people.

That's the job. That's what you
signed up for. (Weapon clatters)

Ah, I'm getting ahead
of myself here.

We don't just kill.
We torture people, right?

And we get the information
we need, then we kill them.

We're neat, we're smooth,
we're thorough.

We leave no trace.

Ah, I see you looking
at the door.

That's a normal reaction.

But there are no outs here,
my friend, no take-backs.

You signed a contract
with the U.S. government.

You agreed to serve
your country.

The job... it's no different
than the marines.

The people we target...
They're enemies of the state.

Traitors. They would
do this nation harm,

same as the combatants you would
have happily popped in Kosovo.

The only difference being...

Most of them
are American citizens.

(Clatter) Six of one.

Your first assignment.

Go ahead, open it up.

This is the fun part.
("Brick house" by the commodores playing)

Don Kovach, 45.
(Projector and camera shutter clicking)

Defense contractor
for Pantheon.

Command thinks he's been
selling missile specs.

We need the names
of his Chinese contacts.

♪ Ow, she's a brick house ♪

♪ she's mighty mighty

♪ just lettin' it all hang out

the timing is important.
You snooze, you lose.

You see the window,
you take it.

(Alarm chirps) ♪ the lady's
stacked, and that's a fact ♪

(Loud ringing, keys jangling)
♪ ain't holding nothing back

(chuckles) Sorry.
My kid gave me this.

No idea how to use it,
but come on.

- You gotta wear it, right?
- Yeah.

(Ringing continues) ♪ everybody
knows this is how the story goes ♪

Hey! (Grunts) Ahh!

So what do you
want to do for dinner?

I heard there's this
really great noodle place

down on Franklin.

I know we had thai
last week, but I was...

Are you listening to me?

Noodles are fine.

(Muffled screaming)
♪ she's a brick house ♪

(Screaming continues) ♪ brick

♪ house

Torture is an art.

This is your chance
to really shine,

to come into your own.

You want to develop
a style, a voice.

Give me the names!
(Muffled sobbing)

I'll stop when you
just give me the names!

(Drill whirring)

Pro tip...
always do your job on trash day.

That way, after they're dead,

you put 'em in plastic,
roll 'em in a rug,

shove 'em in the dumpster,
you're good to go.

By the time they realize
anybody's missing,

they're buried in a landfill
under 50 feet of garbage.

You're golden.

(Watch ringing)

(Ringing continues)

(Projector and camera shutter
clicking) ♪ ow, a brick

♪ house (Ringing continues)

(Beep, ringing stops)

Job well done, private.

I will make sure command
hears about this.

So what do you think?

I don't know, it was fine.

Oh, come on. That wasn't
just fine, that was fun.

It felt good.
It felt great.

The high, the rush, the way
your heart beats in your ears.

It's almost like
you can taste it.

It has a taste, a texture.

Yeah, you felt it. No feeling
like it in the world.

Like being a God.

That wasn't fine, that was
fricking amazing, wasn't it?

It was frickin' amazing.

- What's going on?
- Someone got to Huck, Liv.

He's all right,
but he's not all right.

You don't happen to know what
"752" means, by any chance?

No clue.

Something Huck keeps
saying over and over.

Keep everyone talking to him.

Even if he can't talk back.
He needs that.

He needs us.

Will do.

Liv, I, uh...

I was there tonight...
at the hospital.

And I saw the guy...
the guy who got Huck,

the guy who got you.

He was there, too.
Don't worry about me.

I'm safe.

I know.

I saw the secret service.


It's none of my business.

Just get back here
as soon as you can.

I will.

(Hangs up phone)

(Huck) 752, 752, 752...

I used to be one of those girls
who could picture her wedding.

- 752...
- Like, every detail.

- 752, 752... - I love those big,
poofy dresses with all the beading

- and long veils.
- 752, 752, 752...

- My bridesmaids were gonna wear blue.
- 752, 752...

- All the same fabric, but
different styles... - 752...

- Because I hate when all
the bridesmaids... - 752...

- Have to wear the same dress.
- 752...

- Jesse smiling at me as I walk down
the aisle on my dad's arm. - 752, 752,

- 752...
- I could picture our first house.

752, 752...

- Something old that Jesse and I could
remodel on weekends. - 752, 752...

- With a garden I was going to
compost with worms. - 752, 752...

- I could picture...
- 752...

- The vegetables we would grow.
- 752...

- I could picture the babies...
- 752...

- We would grow.
- 752, 752...

(Voice breaking) - Three little girls.
- 752...

- I could picture us growing old.
- 752, 752...

- I could picture this...Whole life.
- 752, 752...

- And it didn't feel like I was
dreaming. It felt real... - 752, 752...

- Like I was seeing the future
like it would happen.
- 752, 752, 752, 752,

- 752, 752...
- Now when I picture it,
it feels like a movie,

- like someone else's life.
- 752, 752...

- Because Jesse is dead.
- 752...

- And I'm not Lindsay anymore. Hollis
Doyle stole my future. - 752, 752, 752..

- And that... I could have
let that get to me. - 752, 752...

- I could have let that
eat me alive. - 752, 752...

- You didn't let me.
- 752, 752, 752,

- 752, 752... - I don't know why
being locked in that crate got you.

- 752, 752... - I don't know what
it means or what happened or why.

- 752, 752...
- But you're letting it eat you alive.

- You're letting it steal your life,
and you can't do that. - 752, 752...

- You have to just let it go!
- 752...

- Whatever it was, you have to let it go.
- 752, 752...

- You're a gladiator.
You can do this. - 752, 752...

- You can fight this. I will help you.
(Voice breaks) - 752...

- 752... - Look, let's just...
On the count of three,

- we're just gonna get up.
- 752...

And we're gonna go grab
some coffee,

- and just get back
in the ring, okay?
- 752, 752...

- One...
- 752,

- 752...
- Two...

- Se...
- Three.

(Breath quavering)




752, 752,

752, 752, 752,

752, 752, 752, 752, 752...

752... (Louder) 752, 752,
752, 752, 752, 752...


I thought we were having lunch.

I've been waiting outside.

What is it?


I was late, and I thought
that it was stress,

but then I bought a test and I

(exhales) I'm pregnant.




I tell you that I'm pregnant,
and your response is "oh"?

You know what? It's fine.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, no, wait, no, that's...

I can do this without you, okay?
If you don't want to...

I thought that we were serious,
I thought that we were...

But I can do this on my own
if you don't want to...

I want the baby.
I do.

I want the baby.

You better mean it.

You better not be one
of those guys that says

that they want to have a baby,
and then walks out on me.

Because if I'm gonna
have to do this alone,

then I want to know now
before I get my hope...

Look, I was just
surprised, is all, okay?

I want this baby.
I want you.

Babe... Kim,
I'm not your father.

Okay? I'm not going anywhere.

Hey... look.

We're having a baby.

(Crying) We're having a baby.

(Laughs) We're having a baby.

Will you marry me?

Marry me.

Say yes.

(Exhales) ("I can see clearly
now" by Johnny Nash playing)



♪ I can see clearly now

- ♪ The rain is gone
- Yeah. (Laughs)


I'm in a good mood!

Ah-ooh! And you have
such a nice manicure.

Now a guy has to be
pretty secure to do that.

It's not for me, but on you it works.

So we'll spare the hands.

(Muffled shouting)
I'll start with the toes.

Your toes, or the name
of your contact.

Makes no difference to me.
(Muffled gasping)

Toes it is.

(Muffled shouting)

(Snipping) (Muffled screaming)

♪ Bright, bright,
sunshiny day ♪

♪ I think I can make it
now the pain is gone ♪

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

♪ all of the bad feelings

♪ have disappeared

♪ here is the rainbow
I've been praying for ♪

♪ it's gonna be a bright bright

♪ bright, sunshiny day

There's something I'd like to go over

before we begin, Mr. Collins...
Can I call you Marcus?

Would that be all right?

See, Marcus,
you need to understand

that pain is the only
human process

that is completely defined
by the person experiencing it.

Now, the more I do this,
the more I learn

that people are very
different in how they red

to the pain I put them through.

You say "potato," I say
"buh-buh," that type of idea.

Now, I would say that
the majority... maybe 90%...

of my projects scream out
right away.

But then some surprise me.

They grit their teeth
for as long as they can

until they pass out,

and they never
make any sound at all.

Now they're not any
braver than anyone else.

They're just different,
which is what makes this job

so very interesting.

You really get to see
what people are made of.



Who are you?

Are you a screamer, or...

the strong and silent type?

(Twists) Let's find out.

(Hissing loudly) (Whimpering)

♪ Gone are the dark clouds

♪ that had me blind
(Screaming loudly)

Nice to meet you, Marcus.

(Screaming continues)

♪ Bright, bright, sunshiny day
(Kim screaming)

I'm here!
I'm here, Kimmie, I'm here!

Oh, my God, it hurts!
It hurts so bad!

- I can't!
- Yes, you can! You can do it, Kim.

(Sobbing) You do whatever you
need to to get through it.

Scream your head off
if you need to, okay?
(Monitor beeping)

(Sobs) I love you.

I love you so much, baby.
I love you...

All right, Kim,
I can see the head.

Just one more push should do it.

I should warn you, daddy...

If you're the fainting type,

it's gonna get a little
bloody right now.

- I'll be good.
- Okay, Kim.

On one, two...
(Breathing rhythmically)

And three!

(Screaming loudly)

(Screaming continues)

(Exhales) (Baby crying)

(Kim exhales)

(Crying continues)

(Kim crying) It's our son.

(Continues crying)
It's our son!

Oh, my God...

(Crying continues)

(Huck crying)




(Breathing heavily)

(Tape ripping)



(Tape ripping)

(Continues sobbing)

Fancy meeting you here.

You know what happens
if a bored nurse

or an arrogant doctor
tweets that the president,

the same one who was shot
in the head ten months ago,

is in the hospital
in the middle of the night?

Markets panic, reporters swarm,
defcon levels change.

Cats and dogs
will finally get along?


You have no idea how much
damage control this requires.

The lies I've had to tell
James Madison

in order to replace
their staff on this floor

with military personnel who
won't tell the "New York Times"

that the president
of the United States

is here on a late-night booty call.

I'm here. I'm staying here
until Olivia is discharged,

because that's what you do

when someone you love
is in the hospital.

You're welcome to wait here with me,

run whatever kind of
interference you think is best,

but I'm here.
(Door opens)

I'm sure you've got an army
of secret service agents

that know your exact
cream-to-sugar ratio,

- but I just thought, as long
as I was down there... - Thanks.

- Mm-hmm.
- Cyrus,

meet captain Jake Ballard.

Cyrus Beene.

Jake here is the man who
brought the hostages home

and got Liv out of
a dicey situation tonight.

He is a man of many talents.

I'll bet you are.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Abby sighs)



- "752." I can't blame you.
- 752...

- This job. (Chuckles) It's relentless.
- 752, 752...

- The clients, the hours,
the loyalty to her. - 752...

- 752...
- That's it, right?

- 752?

- The number of times you've
done something for her...- 752...

Without ever asking why.

752... 752...


- That day...
- 752...

- I went to David's, and I told
him I loved him... - 752...

- And then we were in bed for
hours, and I was... - 752...

- I was so happy. I was... (Sighs)
- 752... 752...

- It felt good being with David.
It felt good. - 752...

I was just relieved to know that
I wasn't wrong about him.

- 752...
- That he really did love me,

- and I was right about him.
- 752...

I was right. I was right!

- 752...
- If someone

punches you enough times
and tells you

- that you're worthless...
- 752...

- If...
- 752...

The man who's supposed
to love you, your husband,

- does that enough...
- 752...

- You stop thinking you can be
right about anything. - 752...

- But I was right about David.
- 752...

He loved me.
I was right.


But Olivia loves me, too.

- 752... - She has a hell
of a way of showing it,

- but she does.
- 752...

She rescued me from my husband.
He was gonna kill me.

- And she rescued me.
- 752...

- 752... - So David might love
me, but I owe Olivia my life.

- That's how she gets you.
- 752...

She saves you.
She saves you

- and she turns you into a gladiator,
a soldier... - 752... 752...

And then we live and die for her.

- We are blindly loyal.
- 752...

- No questions asked, morals
be damned, because... - 752...

- She loves us, and this becomes
who we are...gladiators. - 752...

- And it's amazing, and it's
wonderful... - 752...

And it ruins everything.

- 752...
- So...

- 752, 752...
- I went into David's safe and I...

stole the cytron card.

- 752... - And now he'll never
love me like that again.

(Breathing heavily) (Exhales)



- 752...
- Yeah.

- 752... - If I had to
make a choice like that

- 751 more times...
- 752...

(Clicks tongue) I'd probably be
right where you are, buddy.

752, 752, 752...


(Kim) Yeah. (Laughs)
Kimmie, I'm home!

(Kim and man laughing)
(Baby fussing)

(Laughing continues)

(Kim) - Oh...
(Man) - Aw...


Hey! Oh, yeah!

(Kim) Daddy's home.

(Gasps) Hey there, little guy.

Do you have your daddy's eyes?

I think you do have your daddy's eyes.
(Kim sighs)

"Yes, I do. Yes, I do."

You didn't tell me that we
were expecting company.

- I would have made you clean up.
- I guess I forgot.


A wife? A frickin' kid?
Were you not there

- when Crosby said no family?
- It doesn't affect my work.

You're delusional.
You're dreaming.

You need to fix it.
You need to take care of it.

As in, get rid of them.
I know.

Or it'll be taken care of for you.

I know. I will.
No take-backs, spin.

No outs.

(Rustling and clattering)

What's going on?

Oh... we need to get
out of here.

Uh... uh...

Just for a while,
maybe a year or two,

until it's safe
for us to come back.

Safe for us to come back?


- Why are there are guns
in our piano? - Uh...

- Please tell me that this is
not a drug thing. - It's not drugs.

Then what is it?
What are you involved in? (Keys jangle)

- I'll explain later.
- No, you'll explain now!

- I can't.
- Honey...

I can't!

I need to go to the bank.

Go upstairs.
Pack a bag.

When I come back, we're all
gonna get in the car

and we're gonna go.

Okay? I know it sounds crazy,

but you just have to trust me.

Okay? Hmm?
Do you trust me?



(Inhales sharply and kisses)

- I'll be back before you know it.
- Mm.

(Zipper zips)

(Footsteps departing)
(Door opens)

(Closes door)

(Keys jangle)

(Loud clang)
No! No! No!

Let me out of here!
Let me talk to command, please!

Let me out!
(Gate slams)

(Huck) Let me out of here!

Let me... let me out of here!

I just need to talk to command!

Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!

Let me out of here!

752, 752, 752, 752...

(Breathes heavily)


- 752, 752...
- I'm a talker.

- It's what I do. I talk.
- 752...

Since I was a kid, I can talk
myself in or out of anything...

- 752, 752... - Bedtime, homework,
curfew. It's how I sold cars,

- sailed through law school, how I
got clients and get girls. - 752...

Hell, it almost landed me
in jail if it wasn't for Liv...

- 752...
- But you're not a talker.

- 752, 752... - You're action man.
So I can only imagine what you've seen,

- what you've done, what you've
had done to you. - 752...

And I have to imagine,
because you're not just

a man of few words, but the
fewest words possible...

- So I fill in the blanks. We all do.
- 752...

- So I don't know what to say. I...
- 752... 752...

Don't know how
to get through to you.

- 752, 752...
- Me, the man who talks.

- 752, 752, 752... - Some of that's
on you for always being so closed-up,

- but way more it's on me.
- 752...

- 'Cause all my talk,
and all that game...- 752, 752...

- Seems like kids' stuff compared
to who you are... - 752...

- What you've been.
- 752...

Like, I've spent my whole life
trying to get out of homework

while you've lived the life
of a warrior, of a man.

- 752, 752...
- A real-deal gladiator.

- 752... - So I have no
idea what to say here!

(Breathing unevenly)

(Uneven breathing continues)

Because you make me realize
pretty much every day,

and especially right now...

That all I've ever been...

All I am, all I've ever been...

was talk.

So I'll just sit here.

And I won't run my mouth
with a lot of noise

that's not worthy.

So you be as full-on crazy
as you want

for as long as you need,
and I'm gonna be here,

right here with you.

(Breathing unevenly)


752... 752...

752... 752...

- 752... 752...
- Yeah. We got time.


752, 752, 752, 752...

(Gate opens)
(Breathing heavily)

Private, do you know who I am?

- Yes, sir.
- Do you know where you are?

- Yes.
- Do you have a wife and child?

Yes, sir.

Close it up.


- Do you have a wife and child?
- Let me out of here!

- Do you have a wife and child?!
- Yes!

Do you have a wife and child?

(Weakly) Yes.

Do you have a wife and child?

Yes. Yes!

(Slams pan) Yes!

Two months this time.

(Chuckles) Two...
Someone tell a joke?

No, I just... two months?

This comes straight
from command.

Command seen the state he's in?

- I have orders. Now so do you.
- Copy that.

- Two months.
- Two months.

(Huck) Yes. Yes. Yes!
Yes! Yes! (Door closes)

Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes!

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

She was brought in
with a concussion

and scrapes and bruises
at 0200 hours.

The president arrived
at the hospital

shortly after 0300 hours
and he hasn't left the wing.

You mean he hasn't left her side.

He hasn't left yet, but Ms. Pope
is scheduled to be discharged

within the next half hour.

(Breathes sharply)

He should be home
shortly, ma'am.

Thank you, Hal.

I truly appreciate everything
you've done for me.


(Door opens and closes)

(Door opens)

(Clears throat)

The nurse said you can
wear these home.

You can go.

- You don't dismiss me.
- I don't want to talk to you.

I'm never gonna be
ready to talk to you.

- So why don't you just...
- I love you.

Stop saying that!
You're having me followed, watched.

There are cameras
in my apartment.

- That's not love!
- You have to understand.

Defiance changed everything
for me... everything.

You think it didn't change me?

You think it was easy, simple?

I went against everything
I believed in. For you.

I did that for you.
Everything was for you.

And... you walked away.
You didn't even let me explain.

I thought you believed in me.

I thought you thought
I was good enough.

I thought...
I thought you saw me.

I did see you.
I do see you.

No, you didn't.
You don't.

I wanted to win this on my own.

I wanted to win it
because I deserved it.

I wanted to win it
because I had

the will of the people
behind me.

I wanted to own
becoming president

of the United States of America.

I didn't want it handed to me.

I didn't want you
fixing it for me.

That's what you do, Livvie.

You handle.
You fix.

- I was trying to help...
- You don't fix me!

You don't handle me!

That is not love.

That's control.

I asked you to be a team.

We should have been a team.
It should have been you and me,

and instead it was you
and Verna and Cyrus

and Hollis and Mellie.

I am... angry

that you fixed the election,
but I'm even angrier

that you thought
you were fixing me.

You're angry.
Then why are you here?

I'm here because I love you.

And how does that change
anything that has happened?

- What's the point?!
- Do you still love me?

Do you?

Still love me?

Does it matter?

It matters.

Do you still love me?

It's a yes or no question.


I do.

But I can't do this anymore.

- Wait. Wait.
- Fitz...

Wait. Just wait.
Just wait one minute.

This past year...

I have learned only one thing.

That I cannot exist
without you.

That I cannot breathe...

without you.

That the man...

I am without you is...

I'm nothing.

I'm nothing.

And you are everything.

And I need you to give
me another chance.

I demand another chance.

We're worth another chance.

(Inhales sharply)



You hurt me!

I'm so sorry!

(Crying) No!
No! I...

I can't.

I just... I can't.

(Door slams)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Lowered voice) I think
we're good, except for the...

(Continues indistinctly
in lowered voice) Okay.

What's this?
(Gasps and exhales)

(Normal voice) Can you all

give the president
and me a moment, please?

(Door closes)

(Inhales) (Door closes)

I'm leaving.

I didn't realize you
had a trip scheduled.

I don't.

I'm leaving you.

I'm moving across the
street into Blair house.

Don't worry.
We'll take the tunnels.

No one will see us. No one even
needs to know what's happening.

And we can keep it quiet
from the press.

But I am leaving you.

And by the way,
I'm taking Teddy.

A baby needs to be
with its mother.

You're not taking my son.

You want to be very careful
how you use this time, Fitz.

And what the hell
does that mean?

It means you should
stop fighting me

and consider using
this time to think.

See, I'm keeping it quiet for now,

but there's a clock on that.

You need a little time to
figure out what you want to do,

you need a little time to
figure out if you can behave,

but I have had enough.

You want to shack up
with Olivia Pope, fine.

Have at her.
But the clock is ticking.

And when the alarm rings,
I will be standing

on the front lawn of Blair house
holding a press conference discussing

my philandering husband
who can't keep his pants zipped

and the whore who has him on a leash.

I'm done.

Life as you know it is over.


(Teddy fusses)

I hope you make the right
decision, Fitz. I do.

I hope you choose family.

Because good luck
getting reelected

once I start talking.

(Door opens and closes)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Cell phone rings)

(Sighs) You should get more sleep.

I need you to find out
what kind of relationship

Jake Ballard has
with Olivia Pope.

(Mouth full) You know
I killed a king once?

A real one.
With a crown and everything.

- Those were the days.
- Charlie...

He brought her to a hospital
in the middle of the night

wearing his shirt.

You can imagine what kind
of relationship that must be.

I don't want to imagine.
I want proof. Hard proof.

Something I can use.

I've killed kings, chief.
Consider it done.

(Sighs) (Phone beeps)

Where are we?

She barely got away
with her life.

Albatross knows
she's after him.

- Good.
- Good?

Well, she's got him rattled.

He'll have to surface
to get her out of the way.

We need him to surface.

You want to use
Olivia Pope as bait?

I want albatross.
Everything else is irrelevant.

(Exhales) I may need out, sir.

Excuse me?

I'd like you to reassign
this mission to someone else.

I'm feeling there's
a conflict of interest here.

Because of your relationship
with the president?



Remember who we are,
captain Ballard.

There's no such thing as out.

Do you have a wife and son?

(Breathing unevenly)

Do you have a wife and son?

(Uneven breathing continues)


(Breathing unevenly)

No, I don't.

Well, I hope you're
as excited as we are

to have you back in the fold,

- be a part of our team again.
- I am.

Good news is, we've already
lined up your next assignment.

Think you're up to it?

(Man groaning, muffled)

No! No! No!

(Muffled protesting)


Oh, no! No!

(Muffled sobbing)

No! No!
Don't hurt me!

(Muffled sobbing)
(Charlie) Time's up, spin.

We gave you a test and you failed.
Give me that.

(Man) Aah! (Screaming)

Command ordered me to kill you.
(Gun cocks)

(Man shouting, muffled)

(Panting) You're dead.

You're a ghost.

You can't contact
anyone you know.

You talk to your wife,
I'll kill her.

I'll shoot her in the head

and then I'll shoot
your little son!

So run! Now!
Before I change my mind!

(Rapid footsteps departing)

(Man whimpering) (Slaps back)

What happened?

The mission was accomplished,
sir, but unfortunately

there was a hiccup.

The subject was not as
rehabilitated as we'd hoped.

- And you took care of him?
- Yes, sir. Personally.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

(Sighs) Shame.
That young man had potential.

- Where is he?
(Abby) - Are you okay?

- I'm fine.
- He's in there.

(Huck) 752... 752...
752... 752... 752...

752... 752...

752... 752...


Five... two.

(Breathing unevenly)
Seven... five... two.




(Pants) 752...


752... 752...

752... 752...



752... 752...






752, 752... 752...


(Breathing unevenly)


(Breathing settles)

I have to admit,
I'm not a person

who gives change to homeless
guys on the Metro.

I don't do that.
I don't stop, which is...

I don't stop,
but I stopped for you.

You made me stop.

It was your eyes.

You had...

the saddest eyes.

They were sadder than mine.

The thing is, Huck, you
always say that I saved you.

That's not true.
It's not even close to true.

I had been all alone
for... a very long time.

There are moments,

people who...

somehow they convince
me that I'm wrong.

That I'm not alone.

That I have something to...

People let you down.

People hurt you.

People lie.

I'm all alone,

except for you.

Harrison and Abby and Quinn are...

We take care of them.
We love them.

But they don't live on the
dark side of the moon.

They're different.
So, Huck,

I need you to snap out of this.
Whatever this is,

whatever happened to you,
you have to come back to me.

(Voice breaking) I need you.

You are all I have.

You are everything.

Because I didn't save you
in that Metro station.

You saved me. (Sobs)

(Sniffles twice)

(Breath quavering)


I think I used to have a family.

(Voice breaking) But I don't
remember if they were real,

or if I imagined them.

What do you think?


I think they were real!

Then they were real.

Then you had a family.

(Sobbing) They were real!

They were.

(Breathing unevenly)

I did terrible things.

We all do terrible things.

(Whimpering softly)



Now we'll never know.

(Abby) Never know what?

What "752" means.

(Train approaching)

(Indistinct conversations)

(Doors hiss)

(Kim) Javi!

Javi, come here.

It's cold outside.

I want a dollar for the man.

- Honey, we don't have...
- Mommy, he looks hungry.

You come right back.


(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)