Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 18 - Molly, You in Danger, Girl - full transcript

After Osborne's suicide everyone thinks it was out of guilt that he was going to be outed as a traitor. The President then goes on TV to say that. But his wife goes to Olivia saying he ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Members of the Hightower family,

distinguished guests, my fellow Americans.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to be here with you today.

Today we remember and say goodbye

to a man who loved his country, madly.

A man who worked to better his country, profoundly...

You've reached Cyrus Beene, please leave a message.

A 62year-old male with multiple penetrating wounds to the chest.

Severe blood loss on scene.

Poorly responsive and hypotensive

with a B.P. of 60/30 and dropping fast.

I'm telling you something's up.

Why isn't the president there yet?

And I'm telling you to stay calm. He'll be here.

A soldier on the battle lines of immigration,

Rob worked tirelessly to mend a broken system.


You okay?

There's a thing, sir. There's a thing...

a thing I need to tell you.

Mr. President. We have a situation.

I've got Governor Ashland going towards the east gate.

Senator Marquez, secure! Go! Go! Go!

Ashland, clear. Marquez, clear.

Evac's at 75% percent, sir.

It's a miracle we caught this in time. Isn't it, Cyrus?

Vice President Sally Langston was in attendance,

as well as the republican vice presidential nominee,

California governor Andrew Nichols.

The president, thankfully, had not yet arrived

when authorities began the evacuation.

You're absolutely sure there's a bomb in that building?

Yes, sir.

- Absolutely sure? - 100% percent, sir.

Because if there's no bomb,

we're gonna look like a bunch of...

- We've got Governor Nichols. - Where's the V.P? Where's Sally?

We do not have eyes on the V.P, sir.

- Shut down air traffic. - Yes, sir.

I want a sweep of the Capitol, Pentagon, every major tourist site.

- On it, sir. - Eyes on the V.P! Eyes on!

We have her on the move.

Once sec! Approaching motorcade! We have to move, sir!

- Not yet! - Leo!

I have orders!

One second! Just... I need one sec! Hey!

This is it, Sally.

This is your Pearl Harbor, your 9/11, your act of God.

This is your time.

- Agent. Hold the car. - Yes, ma'am.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait.

Be Jesus. You go in there, and you be Jesus!

Still no indication of who

- is behind this attack, Mr. President. - Could be domestic.

We're looking into fringe religious groups...

Mr. President, we need to get you into the briefing room.

- Not until we get answers. - There'll be time for that later.

- Right now, we need to get you out there. - Excuse me.

Olivia, you have blood on your shirt.

Why do you have blood on your shirt?

- My father was stabbed. - Maya?

- Is Rowan... - He's in the hospital.

I don't know how he is.

- So she's still in the country? - I don't know.

All I know is that right now, you need to be

in front of a camera addressing the nation, now.

Because the next few hours are crucial to your re-election.

Well, the secret service tried to drag her out of here,

but it was impossible.

I mean, you know she volunteered for the Red Cross after college?

It's amazing her skills are still so sharp.

Madame Vice President, can you tell us how...

Not now. There's too much work to be done here.

Can you help me apply some pressure?

Of course.

No cameras, please.

No, no, no, no, no. Keep... keep rolling. It's okay. For history.

Although we're clearly just beginning our investigation,

I want to assure the American people

whoever was responsible for this attack

will be brought to justice.

The United States will not tolerate

nor will its citizens be intimidated...

I'm looking at a split screen, Tracey!

Why the hell am I looking at a split screen?!

The election has nothing to do with it.

This is a national crisis.

You don't put the president of the United States

- on a split screen. - B.N.C.

Tracey, hold on.

Jim, the country wants to hear from their president.

Who cares what the other nets are doing?

You're a news organization. Act like it.

Split screen makes him look like

some talking head on a Sunday-morning news show!

- Oh, we've got a full screen! - That did not just happen!

Annie! Annie, you dropped the president?!

- Annie?! Annie?! - Another one.

Tracey, full screen on the veep? Really?

Another one down.

I will spend the rest of my life making sure you pay for this.

Jim. You can do this. Show your integrity.

Be a leader. Give the president the respect he deserves.

Don't apologize. Just don't do it.

Don't you dare, Jim!

I mean it. Don't you d...

Just as Saint Francis built his church...

brick by brick and stone by stone...

the brave Americans who suffered here today

will have to rebuild their lives.

But they will not do it alone.

Every American will be with them.

I will be with them.

And make no mistake...

we will not turn the other cheek.

We will find out whoever did this,

and we will be just,

and we will be swift, and we will be ruthless.

Now let us pray.

You see it?

I saw it.

You know I never give up.

Yeah, I... I know.

We're gonna lose the election on Tuesday.

Let's be honest.

We lost the election today.

Over? The polls this afternoon had us in striking distance.

That was before Sally's canonization.

- What about the bombers? - What about them?

We find them, we bring them in,

we march them in front of some cameras.

It won't make a difference. It's too late.

What if we hit the road? Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

- It won't be enough. - I'll give some big speeches.

- We'll steal back the headlines. - I'm sorry.

I know how much this meant to you.

I'm gonna lose?

I want a refund.

I want our money back.

Whatever your fee is,

whatever ridiculous amount of money we have wasted on you.

- Mellie... - Why did we hire her?!

'Cause I thought we hired her to win.


The doctors said you're a miracle.

Said the knife came this close to your heart.

I'm alive, and that's what matters.

I'm glad you're okay.

What's wrong?


I was...

Worried about you.


tell your dad what's wrong.

We're going to lose the election.

Fitz is going to lose. And I...

can't fix it or make it okay.

I thought I could repair what we did,

I thought we could win clean, but...

we're going to lose.

I wish there was something I could do to help.


don't want Fitz to win. You hate him.

I do not like him.

But, Olivia,

I do love you,

and I want you to have everything...

Everything you deserve.

So, when I say I wish I could help,

I do wish I could help.

I wish I could help you.

I was scared.

When I saw the blood...

When she stabbed you, I was scared.

Maya wants you to tie up loose ends, huh?

- And I'm one of them? - Save the sentimentality.

- It will make it easier on both of us. - Oh, I'm not being sentimental.

Once she gets her hands on that money,

you're gonna be a loose end, too, I promise you.

You think I can just let you go?

Don't be naive.

You know our whole plan, H.

You have our brokerage accounts, routing numbers...

everything you need to walk out of here

and up the steps to the justice department.

I wouldn't do that. I'll keep quiet.

Save my life...

And I'll save yours.

- We're going to lose the election. - Maya's in the wind.

- What about tracking her brokerage accounts? - All dead ends.

- And you never found Adnan? - No luck there, either.

Oh, dear lord! My eyes!

We thought you weren't gonna be in till later.

Yeah, well, you thought wrong!

Okay, okay. Never mind all... all this.

- What's that? - That's Liv's dad's blood.

He got stabbed by Liv's mom when he lured her here.

Which... Turned you two on?

- I... - You know what? I don't want to know!

Never mind. Just clean up!

That. And that!

What are you doing here?

Did you tell the president

that Cyrus Beene let that church blow up?

- What are you doing here? - Because I've been watching TV,

and his name doesn't seem to be all over the news.

So it's okay with you that he was gonna let hundreds of people die?

I'm sure he had his reasons.

- Homeland security's all over it. - Homeland security?

They'll bury this whole thing under eight tons of paperwork,

and Voldemort gets away scot-free again.

Seems to me you did pretty well by Voldemort.

Voldemort gave you your job.

We need to bring him down.

The administration, B613... we need to get hard evidence,

build an airtight case,

make these people pay for their crimes.

You think if you look hard enough,

you're just gonna run across a big box of irrefutable proof?

From who, me?

Rosen, I killed three people right in front of you.

I'm not a good guy.

Deep down, I think you are.

For the first time in my adult life,

I'm no longer the property of the United States government.

I'm just a regular guy

looking to enjoy collecting his unemployment checks.

So I'm gonna do what regular guys do.

I'm gonna sit down on this couch, I'm gonna drink a beer,

and I'm gonna watch the Redskins lose to the Cowboys.

You're welcome to join me, Rosen.

Or you can go home and stew about the fact

that the bad guys run the world.

I never wanted to hurt you.

Yeah, well...

I've got something for you.

Call it a parting gift.

Only it's not actually for you. It's for Huck.

- What is it? - Something he wants more than anything.

Why would you give Huck something he wants?

Because what's in that envelope will destroy any hope

of happiness you and your brand-new boyfriend might have.

What can I say? I'm a sore loser.

I'm not gonna open it.

Doesn't matter, Robin. Open it. Don't open it.

It'll eat away at you either way.

Just 'cause you know it exists.

See you around.

I'm writing the speech you asked me to write.

Uniting the party. For Sally.

Do you want to read it?

We can move to Vermont.


Once I lose the election.

We can move to Vermont.

I can be the mayor, and you...

I can make jam.

What about Mellie?

What about her?

- You can't just... - Divorce her?

Yes, I can.


I am going to marry you.

We are going to have babies.

Two babies, I think.


I have no allegiance to Mellie.

I don't want to have an allegiance to her.

She's a vindictive, grasping, power-hungry monster

who cares more about the presidency

- than she does about me. - That's not true.

You know her.

You've seen her.

It's true.

The woman never loved me.

- She loved what I could give her... - Stop.



Mellie asked me not to tell you this, but I...

I think...



Big Jerry raped her.

That's a lie.

- She told you a lie. - Think about it.

Think about who big Jerry was and how he...

I believe her, Fitz.

I believe her.

When you were running for governor,

your father raped Mellie.


You know.

I know.

Olivia Pope can't do anything right.


Now what?

- I took a paternity test. - That doesn't matter.

- Jerry is your son... not his. Yours. - I don't care.

I fought him.

I... fought.


Just 24 hours to go before the nation casts their votes

to decide who will be the next President of the United States.

The Times is predicting that Sally Langston

will be the first female candidate

to be elected President of the United States.

I'm confident because we've seen this time and again.

As undecideds finally engage in the race,

the polls turns out to be wrong!

The vice president spiked 5 points yesterday!

And she'll go up even more today after

the leadership test she just passed with flying colors.

And I'm afraid we're gonna have to leave it there

and hold that thought till after this break. Stay with us.

Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus!

When is the last time the polls were wrong?

Dewey V. Truman?

If you're gonna send your little redheaded Minion out there

under the hot lights, at least give her some ammo

that's not from before the Korean War.

- I'm sorry. - Don't be.

You said you'd end up here, and you were right.

So I say,

to the victory go the spoils.


Any words of advice?




Try and protect your soul, if you still have one.

It's futile, but...

You should still try.

Soul. Got it.

You single, Leo?

- Divorced. - Good.

Best if you don't have a family in this job.

What is this?

Why are we here?

Huck. If I know something important,

you should, too.

The mom is Kimberly.

Ohh, I don't want to watch a new family.

The mom is Kimberly.

Went back to school a few years ago. Now she's a lawyer.

She owns the house outright.

Got a special V.A. loan to pay for it.

- The boy is... - Javi.

He's 12.

And he likes to skateboard.

And... and he's really good at "World of Warcraft."

- He's... he's an honor student. - What is wrong with you?!

- Huck... - What is wrong with you?!

Why would you bring me here and show me...

What is wrong with you?!

I wanted you to know...

I love you, Huck, and I wanted you to know.

Don't you

ever speak another word to me again.

- Where are you? - When are you getting here?

I'm not.

I'm not going to come.

- Liv... - My mother blew up the church

that's costing you your presidency.

I shouldn't be there.

- How's your father? - Drugged.

I think he was in pain earlier.

I wish I could be there with you.

No, you don't.

No place in the world I'd rather be.

This is the last big speech I'll ever give.

You'll do great.

You think?

Remember to breathe, make eye contact,

acknowledge Mellie and your kids.

Be warm, be honest.

You don't need me to tell you any of this.

You're the best politician in the game.

- Liv... - It's okay.

Vermont's not happening.

I understand.

You can't leave her now.

Not yet.

I wouldn't want you


knowing what you know, you left her now.

I love you.

I love you, too.


stay here on the phone with me a minute.


I'm going to hang up now.

Was that your boyfriend?

I'm calling security.

Livvie, you probably won't understand

until you have kids of your own, but...

I did this for you.

All of it.

And it's those hopes, those dreams...

- Do you ever get nervous? - Hmm?

When I was doing "our town," waiting in the wings for my cue...

I was about to throw up.

- You get used to it... - Thanks to a leader

- who continues to work tirelessly. - Dad?

I'm sorry you're going to lose.


Really? This from a Reston supporter?

Now please give a warm Springfield welcome

to the president of the United States of America,

Fitzgerald Grant III!

That man hurts you. He uses you.

And he will throw you away when he's done with you.

I just wanted to give you the chance to be free,

to be happy.

We all know we're on the cusp of another election.

And it's an important one.

And I hope you all vote... Ideally for me.

Was any of it real?

You and dad? You and me?

The first 12 years of my life? Was any of that real?

- I am proud of the work we have achieved... - I didn't kill him.

But I am humbled by the tasks still ahead...

And we both know I could have.

... First and foremost of which

is finding and punishing...

Mom, I can't let you leave here.

- And who's gonna stop me, sweetie? - On our own soil yesterday afternoon.



Are you gonna stop me?


And we will find them!


Breaking news tonight out of Springfield, Virginia,

where Jerry Grant, the president's 15-year-old son,

collapsed onstage during a campaign rally.

The president's son was immediately rushed

to James Madison Hospital

where he suffered a seizure shortly after his arrival.

Sources say that doctors

are continuing to work on Jerry Grant.

We are still waiting for a statement

from the White House as to his condition.

Despite the exhaustive efforts of a world-class medical team,

Fitzgerald Thomas Grant IV

passed away at 8:46 P.M. from bacterial meningitis.

He was surrounded by President Grant,

the first lady,

his sister, Karen...

We're going to win the election now.

They lost their child.

America will rally behind them.

We're going to win.

- I hadn't really thought about it. - I did.

A child is dead,

and that's the first thing that popped into my head.

I was going to let that church blow up with everyone in it.

How did we get like this?

When did we stop being people?

Were we ever people?

Or did serving at the pleasure of the president

just help us to shed our pesky skins

and unmask us as the monsters we really are?

Did you see his face?

When he was carrying his son?

Did you see it?


I saw it.

Mr. President.

I have some information regarding Jerry.

The autopsy revealed an infection from meningitis B.

In this case, the CDC traced it to a sub-strain

which is kept under lock and key in Fort Detrick.

Apparently a vial of it went missing this week.

My son was murdered?

Sir, I need you to step away.

- You're not listening to me. - You're not listening to me.

Let him through.

You should be in bed.

So should you.

They sedated her.

My daughter, too.

They wanted to sedate me, but...

I don't see that happening.

Especially not now.

- Mr. President... - It was Maya Pope.

They've connected her to a bacterial strain

that was stolen from Fort Detrick yesterday.

She missed me at the church...

So she went after Jerry.

She killed my son.

And now I'm going to kill her.

You can't do it yourself.

Not you or homeland security or the FBI.

Official channels means official remedies,

- none of which will give you what you want. - Which is?

You're not looking for justice, Mr. President.

You're looking for a head served on a platter.

Are you saying you can get that for me?

I may not be your friend, Mr. President,

but I am a father.

I know what I would do if someone hurt my child.

Yes, I will get that for you.

- Do it. - Dad?

What's going on?

You're not your mother. It's not your fault.

It's not your fault. I know better than anyone

we're not responsible for the sins of our parents.

I need to go check on my family. I don't hold it against you.

I don't blame you. I need to go check on my family.

You're not responsible for this. You're not your mother.

It's not your fault. Your fault. I need to go check on my family.

Early exit polls are just starting to come in.

After the tragic loss of his son yesterday,

there seems to be a swell of support for President Grant.

Sir, you should lie down.

Get some rest. You're gonna win this election.

And when you do, it's gonna be a madhouse.

As someone who just lost his husband...

It'll hit you when you least expect it.

I know you want to keep moving,

- keep your mind off... - I lost a child.


What did we say?

No more drinking.

I wasn't there for him.

I kept my distance from him.

Because I was terrified of what he might...


It turns out...

he was yours.

The whole time.

But he was always mine.

Or he should have been.

But I was afraid, and now he's gone.

I wanted to knock so bad, but I didn't.

I couldn't.


Quinn found my family.

I think they look well. They look good.

Huck, you should try to talk to them.


No. It's a bad idea. I'm not going to.

- Talk to them. No. - They love you.

They think you died.

Maybe that's good.

It's good to be dead.

It's good for me to be dead.

I have a good life now.

And my family has a good life now.

No one is lying to them.

No one is torturing people all day

and then coming home and pretending to be normal.

No one is hunting them, trying to get at me.

No one is trying to kill them.

They are safe. It's better for them.

Starting over, starting fresh,

it's better for me.

I get to be...

someone else...

someone new.


Me leaving them behind?

That was the best thing that's ever happened to them.

They look good.

I'm fine. I checked myself out.

Against the doctor's orders.

I would have driven you home.

You would have made me stay.

I have a job to do.

Do you have any leads on mom?

I'm not discussing that with you.

I want you to stay clean on this.

I do not want you involved.



That plane

you got for me, the plane

and the new life...

does that offer still stand?


I don't accept this.

You don't quit. Olivia Pope doesn't quit.

I'm done. I can't do this anymore.

You have to at least wait for Harrison to get back or...

Say something!

When are you going?

Now. Today.

Abby, this is for the best.

Over a cliff, Liv! Over a cliff!

We went over a cliff for you,

and you just... you walk out on us?!

You'll be taken care of financially, anything you need.

By who? By who?!

My father has said he will take care of everything.

We haven't found your mother yet.

My father is on it. He'll find her.

Your father is a monster.

He's a murderer and a liar and a criminal.

You hate him, and now you're trusting him with your life?

He's my father.

Take these.

Everything else you need is in the safe.

Just go.

Run to daddy.

Just the man I was looking for.

Tell me everything you know about Maya and Adnan Salif.

- I can't do that. - Because of your allegiance to Ms. Salif.

Because you don't trust me.

Because you don't yet understand

that you are in way over your head.

Adnan's dead?

Maya got to her the same way that she got to the president's son.

That is who you are dealing with.

That is why you are in over your head.

Let me help you because now,

we both want the same thing.

I know where Maya's planning on collecting her cash.

You quit O.P.A.?

You're leaving?

- Abby called you? - Huck called me.

Huck, of all people, should understand.

- Understand what? - Forget it.

- No, understand what? - It's me.

Everything that's happened.

None of it would be happening if it weren't for me.

It's my mother, my father, the man I love,

an innocent boy dying, churches blowing up,

you being thrown in the hole.

The only common denominator is me.

I'm at the center. I'm the eye of the storm.

So you're the devil. Is that it?

And this is your pity party?

You should go.

You're not leaving.

This is not a pity party.

This is me doing what I do best.

I'm handling this. I'm fixing this.

I have been over every option.

I have looked at it from every angle,

and I have hoped and prayed that I was wrong.

I have tried to pretend that I didn't know

what the answer is, but I do.

So now it's time for me to stand in my truth.

It's me.

I'm the thing that needs to be fixed,

I'm the thing that needs to be handled.

I'm the scandal.

And the best way to deal with a scandal

is to shut it down.

Take me with you.


Take me with you.

Run away with me. Save me.

I am in love with someone else.

You're leaving everything else behind.

Leave that behind, too.

Don't go alone. You don't have to be alone.

You want to stand in the sun with me.

I want us to stand in the sun together.

Will you do that?

She was apprehended attempting to make a bank withdrawal.

She was then taken off-site and disposed of.

It's done, sir.

Maya Pope is dead.

Thank you.

We got her.

We got Maya! We finally got her!

What's going on? Where's Liv?

- She's gone. - Gone?

- Gone. - Gone where? Gone to the White House? Gone home?

Gone gone. She left, Harrison.

You need to stop her. Liv.

I know it's your plane and all, I know she wanted to go.

But this town needs her. We all do.

And I think if you just talked to her...

The town is fine. We're fine.

The Republic is safe,

- the way it's always been and always will be. - "Always will be"?

You mean B613?

The president saw fit to reinstate me.

Was there... anything else?




It's funny, but...

when you told me Maya Pope killed Jerry,

it didn't make sense to me.

She's always been about the money.

Killing the president's son doesn't make her rich.

She didn't get what she wanted.

But if B613's back on line, you did.

And now Liv's on a plane out of town

and the president's in your pocket.

This all worked out great for you.

I promise you I won't touch a hair on his head.

I know what I would do if someone hurt my child.

You're getting on that plane come hell or high water.

And to be clear, I am the hell and the high water.

My daughter wanted him to be president.

And he is. Daddy took care of it.

I promised her I wouldn't hurt

a hair on his head, and I didn't.

I gave him four more years.

But there's a price.

The price of free and fair elections.

He took my child, so I took his.

You killed Adnan just to get me to talk?

I asked you a question!

You think you can take me because I'm old and injured.

You can't take command, son.

No one can take command.

Right, Tom?


They're calling Ohio in five minutes.

With the electoral votes you're guaranteed in California,

it's over, sir.

We won.


Jake was just doing his job...

Serving at the pleasure of the president.


It's just me waiting for a house in Vermont that I can't live in

and a man who makes me promises he can't keep.

You take everything from me!

- David Rosen? - Yes?

Sign here.


It's a shame, really.

A waste of such a... great talent.

To be young, gifted, and black.

- It's good to be back. - Good to have you back, chief.

Fitz, you can't stay on the floor all night.

You have a nation to address, a speech to give.

Where's Olivia?

Are you sure?