Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Shi wo yobu komoriuta - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, Ichi.


Hate the sin, but love the sinner, for whether
you bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men, who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Come on down, come on down,
come on down! All together!

Come on down, come on down,
come on down!

I may be getting older, but
I'm still, still, still, still, still alright!

Come on down, come
on down, come on down!

I may be getting older,
but I'm still, still, still, still...

It's the Grim Reaper's child...

The Grim Reaper's child?

Episode 6: The Grim Reaper's Child
First aired: 7th November 1968

Move, move, move! Out of the way!

Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

Help me...

Ichi! Didn't you get any sleep last night?

Oh, you're awake, boy?

Am I dead?

Of course you're not dead!

This old man here saved your life.

Oh? What's the matter?

Oh, this?

You don't have to be afraid of it.

I don't use it on those
who haven't done bad things.

That's a lie!

A lie?

my daddy was taken in,
but he never did anything bad!

Your daddy?

Stay back!

Why don't you explain yourself, boy?

I said stay back!

So, who's your daddy, huh?

He's Kisoya Genzo from Fukagawa!

Kisoya had a lumbar store
that was recently promoted...

to join the ranks
of the Fukagawa Ten.

One night, during a private celebration...

The toughest part is yet to come, Genzo.

Yes. Of course.

Now that my daughter is dead,
my ties with you are severed...

But I'll drop by by now and then,
for the sake of my precious grandson.

The guests that night were
Tarokichi's grandfather, Nihei...

Genzo's second wife,
the former tea-server Shima...

...and her self-professed cousin, Masagoro.

Well, that's a problem.

We'll clear it right away, sir!

Sorry about the wait!


The short sword that
was the murder weapon...

and the tobacco pouch that fell near
the blade, both belonged to you, Genzo!

Do you want me to send you
to the Kodenmacho prison?


No...Daddy didn't do it...

Daddy didn't do it!


Are you accusing me instead?

No, that's not it!

I wanted to hear the truth
from you, as the one who took Genzo in.

That's enough!

The case is already closed.

All that's left is to
wait for Genzo's sentence.

What does the truth have to
do with anything now?!

But Chief...

Whatever the case, this is no
place for subordinates like you.

Get lost!

Somebody salt the entryway!

Pardon me!

He's back!

The young master's back!

What did you say?’re alive...

She seemed to find it
strange that he was still alive.

They may have been stepmother and stepson,
but there had to be a better way to say that.

So you thought he was dead, I take it?

I must say, you gave up rather quickly.

Perish the thought!

I've prayed to Buddha and
the gods all day, for his safety...

Oh, really?

I prayed to Lady Kannon of Asakusa
and to Lord Tenjin of Yushima...

I thought The Stone of the
Lost would tell me where he was.

The Stone of the Lost, eh?

For inquirers, it is a place for
parents desiring to see their lost children.

For informers, it is a place to tell
parents their child has been found.

Such compassion fills every last
slip affixed to the Stone of the Lost.

Looking for a lost child, Masseur?

Yes... has the name of Tarokichi, a boy
from Kisoya in Fukagawa, turned up here?

Kisoya in Fukagawa?

Oh, that's one I was asked to write the day before last, by someone that looked like his mother!

Here. This is the one.

The day before last?

Not yesterday?

No, the day before last!

I took the day off yesterday.

Perish the thought!

I've prayed to Buddha and
the gods all day, that he would be safe...

Uncle! This is Daddy's room!

So what?

Now bring me that tobacco!

Hey, just leave it like it was!

A shopkeeper can't keep
his shutters closed all day!

That's what Daddy told me!

Curse it all...

Is something the matter?

He's a precocious brat,
I tell you. This time I'll...

Do you want to try it again?

Of course I do!

Listen, Shima. Don't go showing any mercy.

All you have to do is follow my instructions.

Just come over here.

With the sun so high in the sky,
what are they about to do?

What detestable folk.


What are you doing here, young master?

That rice is rotten!

My daddy in prison...

...must be eating like I am now.


What, to be intimate this
early in the morning?

Some cousins you are!

What did you say?

Well, never mind that.

But madam, the young
master is the heir to this store.

And yet he sits in a
dark corner, eating rotten food...

And you're alright with that?!

Go away! Never cross my threshold again!

Fine, I wouldn't want to, anyway!

Pardon me for the disturbance!

Young master!

Just hand on! I'll pick you
up after this work's done!

Yes! Make it quick!


This was an accident.

Just take him to the guardhouse now.

Good work.

Aren't you being a little too conspicuous?

Oh, what are you talking
about? Wasn't this an accident?

What's going to happen to Genzo?

Don't you worry. If it comes
to it, he can always die in prison.

Die in prison?

The Kodenmacho Prison
is like a whole other world.

Inmates completely fine at evening can be
stone-cold the next morning.

Ah, yes. That may make things quicker.

But if that's what you want...

You want more money?

Now, no need to be stingy.

Once the deed's done, Klsoya of the Fukagawa
Ten shall belong to you and your woman!

Shh! Somebody's coming!

It's Sabu!
What's the hurry? You're sweating all over!

I just heard that a carpenter named
named Shinkichi had an accident.

Ah...well, he's dead.

Eh? So he's been killed after all...

Watch your words, son. It was an accident.

He took a mis-step
and fell off the scaffolding.

That can't be right!

You dog! I'll not stand for you running
around here spouting your nonsense!

Now, now, Chief.

As for you, the Chief is right.

Well, this might all be due
to the Grim Reaper's child.

The Grim Reaper's child?

There's a boy named Tarokichi.

And for whatever reason, whoever
dotes upon this boy dies.

Many think the Grim
Reaper follows him.

Now, isn't that a creepy thought?

You'd best stay away
from him or it won't be pretty. might be right...


But I suspect the Grim
Reaper is with someone else!

What was that?!

Now, Chief...

Cheeky son of a dog...

I can smell the faint scent of a blade.

This wasn't cut by a chisel or hatchet.

Must've been a sword!

I see. So it must've been him!

Now, Sabu, you'll need proof.

I know. Let's start
with the palanquin-bearers!


Nihei was murdered inside a palanquin.

And it was a palanquin that
knocked the boy into the river.

I see...

Hey, Ichi! If this is true, that boy's in danger!

I got you. You leave him to me!

Good! Then I'm off!

He's getting better and
better as he goes along...

A palanquin that knocked a child off a bridge?

Are you stupid? If I
employed anyone who'd do that...

I'd make him run the
Tokaido highway on his hands!

No idea what you're talking about. I can't
believe anybody would be that rotten...

Wait, you think he's talking about him?

You know, the one with the tattoo. Gonji.

Hey, I'm Out of booze...

Hey, where is he now?

No! No!

Light the fire.

No! Help me!


Please! Stop this, now!

This is just too much!

Believe me. We must drive
away the Grim Reaper possessing him.


How could you do this?!

I'll be taking care of him. Any objections?

That blind man's going to get it.

Shima, huh? She wasn't all that bad a girl.

She just got involved with that villain.

Hmm? Did you say villain?

He was a notorious vassal
by the name of Masa or something.

He was always hanging around with
good-for-nothings like Gonji and Isuke...

Wait, that Isuke...

Yes, he's the thief-taker in Fukagawa now.

I can't believe he is now
representing the Shogun now...

And Gonji was a homeless
palanquin-bearer. So where is he now?

Don't you just find it shocking?

The same man who hadn't
even a roof over his head...

spends every night
at Yoshiwara.

I wonder what happened there...

I've solved it-!

I've solved it, Madam!

Now, chief. What’d you solve?

- You want to "solve" the knot of my sash?
- No... uh... that's...

"Cross the river unto the
eight-cho embankment."

So reads a poem about
the route to Yoshiwara.

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Hey, what was that for?

There are some logs up ahead.

Huh? Logs?

Just the same as that other time, sir.

Huh? What?

I said the same as when
you killed Nihei!

You had some lumber left out
in advance to stop the palanquin.

Then you made a quick
stab into the palanquin!

Am I wrong?

Who are you?

Don't you see my truncheon?

Gonji! You're under arrest!


Hold it!


Stop struggling!

Son of a...

Take this!

Now listen to that, Gonji.

This is the last time you'll
hear the tune of Yoshiwara.

Now you're coming with me!


Gonji! What is it?

Oh, Isuke! You seem so familiar with him!

Now give up and turn yourself in!

Look out here!

Well, Tarokichi?

Are you feeling better?


That was really horrid.

My daddy's...going through worse.

Don't you worry.

I'm sure your daddy will be back.


Yes, really.

As sure as the moon is clear.

But aren't you lucky to have parents?

Look out!

Well, that went well. They'll be crushed
flat as pancakes under these logs!

From now on, Kisoya is fully ours, Shima!

What's the matter? Aren't you happy?

Well then, I'll
make you happy tonight!

Well, sir, we'd better be off.

You seem to be in high spirits.

You !


You won't get away with this!

Out of my way!

Get him! Get him, I said!

There you are, Masa!


Blind man!

You brute!


You dog!

No! Don't kill my mummy!

Out of my way, Tarokichi!

She tried to kill you!

But she's my mummy!

I said out of my way!

No! Don't kill my mummy!

Do you hear that, ma'am?

That ought to be more painful than my blade...

...and more bitter!


It’s alright...

It's alright, Mummy...

A stepmother she may have been,
but she was the only one in the world he could call "mother".

Her motherly tenderness,
as she cries and holds her child...

...even moved Ichi to tears.

Sabu, you ever wish you had a mother?

Not sure.

Well, at least I have you, Ichi.

I guess you're right.

Though unpleasant things
happened one after another... least the conclusion was satisfying...

...for Sabu and Ichi, as they travel by night.

It was a bright and starry night.

With grudge or intent unknown...

Western Doctors returned from
Nagasaki are killed one after another.

Sabu's truncheon interweaves a fabric of human
relationships; a kaleidoscope of good and evil.

Ichi, blinded by a kick from
a horse as a child, is told he may see again.

Ichi cries over this unanticipated joy.

"Do not make me draw my sword-cane!"

Ah, the bloody "Backhand Slash of Tears."

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602