Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Namida no sakategiri - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, Ichi.


Hate the sin, but love the sinner, for whether
you bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are the men who slash through the
darkness. Satiu and Ichi, the lawmen for hire.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Who's there?

Wait! What are you doing?!

As Edo celebrated the Bird Day Fair, its
citizens were all talking about a certain case.

Doctors were being slain one after another,
and the victims already numbered five.

This way!

Out of my way!


This way!


Well, Sabu? Have you found any clues?

Yes, sir. According to
Sakurai of Omotenishi...

All five Doctors studied
Dutch medicine in Nagasaki.

They were also extremely talented.

How many other such doctors are there?

Two left, sir.

Umeno Jisai and Kitaoka Gennojo.

Good! Go stake them out!

Yes, sir!


Sabu visited Yokoi Koan,
the palace physician at the time.

Koan was an expert doctor, said to be
the founder of the Japanese study of Western medicine.

It was I who sent those seven
to Nagasaki to study medicine.

To think six have already been murdered...

What could anyone
possibly have against them?

Iori here was among them...

...but while in Nagasaki, he burned
himself while handling volatile medicine.

Dreadful, is it not?

Now, about Doctor Kitaoka...

I suppose Kitaoka is all on his own now...

But he will be fine. He is very able.

Can he defend himself?

He is a master of the Hokushin style.
He's the black sheep, you see.

While six of the seven went on to
support their families with medicine...

Kitaoka alone lived in poverty.

Hmm? Why is that?

He’s a good man, but a lazy drunkard.

And he was left behind by all the others.

So being the only one unsuccessful,
he took up the sword...

I'll bet we are both thinking the same thing.

Could it be...

That Kitaoka was envious
of his cohort's success...

He could be. But we have no
evidence of that yet.

Which way is Kitaoka's house?

Hmm? What are you going to do?

Oh, just drop by and pay him a visit.

You seem to have mostly recovered.

Now don't forget to
keep taking your medicine.

Yes, Doctor.

Uh, Doctor...


I don't have any money today...

Don't worry. Pay me
when you have the money.

Thank you for everything!


What is it, Brother?

Go call that masseur.

So, even a doctor requires
the services of a masseur?

Doctors are people, too.

Besides, few physicians
live well themselves.

That must be hard.

My, you're quite stiff!

Hey...what's on your mind?

Oh, nothing...

You are a very fine man, aren't you?

- You're very funny for a masseur.
- My blindness has made me trust my intuition.

Were you born blind?

No. I was kicked by a
horse at the age of six...

What? A horse?

Yes. It truly is an absurd tale...

Look at me.


I see a very faint light...

- You can see it?
- Yes.

Masseuse, you'll see again if you undergo surgery.

It's true.

You mean I...I shall...

I assure you. I'll do the surgery for you.


But won't surgery cost
an awful lot of money?

No, It shall be a good learning
experience for me. I don't need a penny.

I've lived the past
twenty-some years in darkness.

And then, the thought that I may
see again comes out of the blue.

It's a terrifying thought.

What are you talking about?

If I was dragged into
the light without warning...

I think I’d be in agony, just like a lost child.

Don't worry! You have me with you!

Thanks, Sabu.

Go ahead, Ichi! Take the surgery!

If your intuition that Dr. Kitaoka
isn't the murderer is true...

Then I'll protect him from the doctor-killer!

But I'm...

You're scared of surgery, aren't you, Ichi?

I don't think anything of
cutting another man open...

...but when it's me...

I'm...really happy.


Having lived twenty years as a blind man...

...he has groped his way
through the eternal darkness...

...with naught but his cane to lean on.

Whether by God's salvation
or the Buddha's mercy...

...that darkness was
about to be dispelled.

Matsu-no-Ichi cries tears of joy, wishing
that if this were a dream,
he would never have to awaken.

I hope you will take good care of him.

No need to worry.

Now, about the surgery...

I shall need a well-equipped operating room.

Operating room?

So I shall borrow Dr. Yokoi's room.

Dr. Yokoi Koan, the palace physician?

The same. And I must freeze
the wound with ice after surgery.

But how will you obtain ice, when it's banned?

Dr. Yokai is very intimate with
the ministers. He can obtain it.

For me?

You would obtain forbidden ice for me?

I talked to the doctor already
and he agreed most heartily.

If you want to thank anyone, thank him.

I thank you so much!

Not even in death shall I
forget this debt of gratitude.

Oh, no need to thank me.

This will serve as study for Kitaoka.

And once your eyes are open...

...there could be nothing better.

Now go ahead, take the surgery.

Thank you so much!

Now, let's get started!

Your name is Sabu, isn't that right?

Do you have any leads on the doctor-killer?

No, none at all...

It's done.

So how did it...

It went very well.

Ahh, really?

Now he must rest in the storehouse.

Well? Does it hurt?

No. I feel a lot more at ease.

Wow, that's cold!

But isn't this wonderful?

You're being treated with ice
that's only permitted for the Shogun!


I shall never be able to repay you and
Dr. Yokoi for what you have done for me.

You need to rest for four or
five days, then you'll be able to see again.

But remember this: if your eyes
see any light before then... shall be blind forever!


I’ll be back tomorrow.

I’m leaving Dr. Kitaoka's life in your hands.

Yes, as I thought.

I’m sure the doctor-killer shall come for his life.

If anything were to happen
to the doctor I owe everything to...

Well, I'd better be off.

Oh, remember...

Don't let any light in your eyes.

I'll be perfectly fine.


You'll catch cold out there.

Why don't you come inside?

Sure! Thank you very much!

Hey, you should really go home!

This isn't necessary!

I know. But if anything
were to happen to you...

I am skilled with the sword.
I can slay the doctor-killer myself!

Yes. But I'm a truncheon-wielding thief-taker.

It's my job to apprehend criminals.

I see. Well, in any case, don't catch cold.

Yes, Doctor!

Murderer! You're under arrest!

So you're here.
What do you have against me?

Explain yourselves. Why should you
kill doctors of Western medicine?




It was a close call.
At least it missed my vital parts!

Good work.

Now it is all over.

It's Iori!


I've discovered the doctor-killer's identity.

Is it Iori?

Eh? You knew?

He just drank poison and killed himself.

That he would hire Ronin to slay
his cohorts, whose success he envied...

What a pitiful man.


Curse you...

You forced me to drink poison!

Have you gone mad?

I may not be much of a Doctor, but I have
still studied medicine. I had at least the
knowledge to form an antidote and drink it!

Fool! Just die for your sins!

I killed those doctors at his command!


Fool! He's gone mad!

He feared the prestige of his students would
jeopardise his position as palace physician,
so he desired them all killed!

He's a raving lunatic!

He adopted me as an infant
and raised me as his own!

That's why I could not refuse!


I shall soon die...

But I shall kill you before I do!

What nonsense is this, you madman?

He...had them killed...

Indeed, I ordered them to be killed.

Now I cannot let you leave here alive, boy!

So you’ve finally shown your true colours!

Give it up!

Say your prayers!

I'll send you to the afterlife!

Now die!



Where do you think you're going?

Hold it!

Curse you! Move!

You move!

I cannot allow you to trespass further!


I'm coming for you!

I'll take you on!

Do you want to die too, masseur?

You must be joking!
I'll be sending you to Hell!

Slay the boy!

I'll be fine, Sabu!

That's strange...

Ichi! You need to be lying down!


I smell a matchlock!

Oh, look out!

Sabu! Are you alright, Sabu?

Ichi, you fool! What do
you think you're doing?!

This is throwing my senses off!

You can't let any light in your eyes!

You'll be blind for life! Don't do it!

You finally got the surgery done!

If you take those off...

I'm sorry you had to do that for me, Ichi...

Thank you, Sabu!

Just hearing you say that makes me happy!

I don't care if I am blind
forever, as long as I'm with Sabu!

Look out, Ichi!

Slay them!

Ichi, you fool!

That may be what I am.

You blind man!

Blind man...

Blind man...blind man...blind man...

Come outside!

Ichi...your eyes...they'll never...

What are you talking about?

I would not want to live in
a world where I could see...

...if that was to be without you!

What's done is done.

Thank you, Sabu!

I truly thank you!

Take care now!

We have the audience of
the Shogun as a privileged doctor.

They choose the palace physician
from among the privileged doctors.

Now that's what I call success!

Congratulations, Doctor!

No I should thank you.
I give you my gratitude again.

What's this about?

A privileged doctor should not
bow to a subordinate thief-taker.

More touching than the
azure sky is Ichi's heart...

...and more beautiful than
flowers is Sabu's compassion.

A lottery ticket stained with blood...

...makes the blood in Sabu's heart boil.

Next time on Sabu
and Ichi's Arrest Warrant...

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602