Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 27 - Jigoku no yôjinbô - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love the sinner...

...for whether you bind
or slay, you do it for others.

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.

Sabu and Ichi,
of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

Created by:

In the spring of Edo, not a day
goes by where a bell goes unsold.

One spring night, the Magistrate launched a
mass search and seizure of contraband guns.

But the gun smugglers...

In spite of their
persistent questioning...

...kept their lips sealed, and
refused to reveal the origin of the guns.

You saved our hides!

Help me!


You forgot something.


Oh, you're right.

I can't go forgetting this, can I?

All right, I'm off!

Be careful!

In search of the origin of the
guns, with no living witnesses...

Sabu the thief-taker
searched the city of Edo... the West, to the East...

And as he doggedly traced
the flow of shady goods...

Put the boat out!

Stop! What've you got in there?

Don't know! We were
just asked to ferry it over!



Move it along!



Excuse me, sir.

There's a thief-taker here to see you.

A thief-taker?

Yes, sir. He says he's got
something he'd like to ask you.

Send him in.

Yes, sir!

So, you wanted to see me?

Yes. It's about the cargo shipped
out on the Benten River last night.

What about it?

What were the contents of that cargo?

Let's see, my warehouse
on the Benten River bank...

What did that have again?

Hmmm...that was just textiles!

Textiles? They looked
a little heavy for textiles.

What're you talking about, Yohei?

Those were our Nanbu iron kettles!

Oh, yes, that's right!

Oh? But the parcels
looked to be quite long.

You're sure there were
iron kettles inside them?

Was there anything wrong with them?

No, I just wanted to ask.

You're sure they
were Nanbu iron kettles?

I'm certain.

I see. All right, then.

Thank you for your time.

I'll have you know, I'm not
renting these homes for charity.

They may call me Zenpei the Merciful,
but even my patience has its limits!

You're four months
behind on your rent!

I'm terribly sorry.
Just wait a moment longer.

My husband's out now,
getting the money ready...

Well, I'd rather not kick
you out if you can pay me.

But if you can’t pay me,
you're leaving the longhouse!

You'd better be ready!


Oh, Bishuya! Do you
have a job for us yet?

I'm itching for some action!

I feel terrible for taking an
allowance from you to sit idle here.

I'm mighty pleased to hear that.

As a matter of fact,
I have the perfect job for you.

Who’s our target?

He's no one that you ought
to trouble yourselves over.

He's nothing more
than a sewer rat.

I’m afraid we're
going to have to kill you.

I see. You’re Bishuya's
hirelings, aren't you?


Ichi! Sabu's in trouble!

What about Sabu?

He's been surrounded by Ronin!

He's what?


What was that? And you
call yourself a samurai?

Oh, Ichi!

All right. Now you'll
have to deal with me!

Blind man...

Are you going to fight, too?

Are they gone?


If you ever try this again, I'll cut you!

Who were they, Sabu?

I think I have an idea.

You failed to get
rid of one rotten boy?

And you ganged up three-on-one?

I hate to admit it,
but he's incredibly skilled.

You mean the boy?

No. The masseur
that came to assist him.

We couldn't even come close to him.

So, you had trouble
fighting one masseur...

...and came running back
with your tails between your legs?

It's a shame to say it,
but that's how strong he was.

If you'd go that far,
then he must be quite skilled.


Take care of the blind man for me.

Bishuya! What about us?

Hmph! I'm not foolish enough
to pay those who don't earn it!

We could have him if
he'd done his job right!

Bishuya! Please, give me
the pay you promised me!

I hear you were trembling!

I have no use for
a bodyguard like you!

Bishuya! I beg you!

I humbly beg you!

I’ll see the job
through this time, I swear!

I just need an advance...




So what you're
saying is that Bishuya...


How filthy.

The nerve of him,
to profit from contraband.

I'm going to keep an
eye on Bishuya for a while.

Be careful, now.

I'll be fine.

And speak of the devil,
here he comes now.

I think he's got
business with me. Go on, Sabu.


I said, go on!

I hear you're strong, blind man.

I'm afraid I'm not all that.

After all, I am self—taught. back again! Who's
inside the candy? It's Kintaro!

Tap, tap, tap, tap, he's flying away!

Come one, come all,
step up and buy it!

Who's inside the
candy? It's Momotaro!

Heave-heave-heave-ho, he's flying away!

Come one, come all,
step up and buy it!

The candy man is back again!

Who's inside the
candy? It’s Kintaro!

Tap, tap, tap, tap, he's flying away!

Come one, come all,
step up and buy it!

Meet me on Hinobe Bridge tonight.

We'll settle this man-to-man.

Very well. I accept.

Ichi...don't go, it's a trap.

He's going to come alone.
I know it. He's a true master.

Knowing full well the risks,
he accepts a duel in Hell's lake of blood.

As the spring wind stops for no one... too goes a
man's unstoppable pride.

And so, Ichi's sword-cane spurs him on!

The duel is settled.

Kill me! Kill me now!

Why do we have to go out in the middle of
nowhere, just to deliver some Nanbu kettles?

That's none of our business.

We just have to do
what we're hired to do.

All that matters is that we get paid.

Something's not right.


Just like I suspected.

So it seems.

Ha ha, that fool.

We have him trapped.

Don't worry about him.

Knowing Sabu, he must be
staking them out as we speak.

I had an awful dream.

That just goes to
Show you care about Sabu.

But that's what we
call worrying needlessly.

I'm sure he'll be fine.

He'll be back in no time.

Ichi! Ichi!

Santa! What's the matter?

Aha, did Tora hit you again?

There, now, there, now.

This is Sabu's truncheon!

It's the truncheon he
keeps on his person at all times!

A Ronin came up to me...

Okay, stay calm. What did this Ronin do?

He told me to tell you this.

"We have Sabu."

"So come to Jogen
Temple in Shinagawa."


Midori. ..

Lead the way.


"Please be alive. "

"Please be alive, Sabu.”

Midori and Ichi make haste, the flames
of their bonds burning in their hearts.

"Please be alive until we get there."

All right, you samurai.

We're here to take Sabu back.

You'll have to take him by force.

Midori, stay close to me.



Sabu! I'm coming for you!


So you came after all, blind man.



Midori! Stop!

I’ve been waiting for you, blind man.

Our duel is already over, sir samurai.

Silence, blind man!


So you insist, do you?

Stop it! Killing the
girl won't get us anything!

Shut up. You stay
out of this, coward!


You betrayed us!

No... I was just
trying to make him stop...

- Die!
- Stop!

Surrender, you gun-merchant hireling!


Oh, Midori! Where's Ichi?

He went to the shore,
with the bodyguard!



Stand back, Sabu.

This is my fight!

I concede“.

Now, walk!

Good grief. That was
a close call, wasn't it?

Imagine if those guns were
to fall into the hands of rebels.

Since you weren't
aware of the smuggling...

...and you cooperated with the
authorities, you've been pardoned.

Good for you!

Now it's time to
turn over a new leaf.

Yes. It's all thanks to you.

I've had it up to here
with this samurai work.

I'll find an honest job,
and work for dear life!

For my wife, and for Yae...


Ah, Daddy's back'!


- My husband!
- Yae!




I'm sorry for the
trouble I’ve caused you.

Now, isn't this a touching
sight? Not that I can see it...

But I can feel it in my heart.

The Edo sky was covered with spring
clouds, adorned with a dazzling sunset.

A man kills an innocent man...

...and makes off with his money.

To show mercy would be
to turn your back on justice.

With the wind blowing in his raincoat,
he says goodbye to the beautiful Edo.

He will capture him, no matter what.

But a great irony awaits...

...and the travelling
Sabu burns with impatience.

Next time on Sabu and
Ichi's Arrest Warrant:

A desperate arrest on
the chopping, stormy sea.

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602