S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - Legacy - full transcript

The team works with the DEA to stop a ruthless cartel boss waging war on the streets of Los Angeles as he exacts revenge on those who killed his son.

Previously on S.W.A.T...

How's your kid?
Do you even have a kid?

I had the baby. Thomas.
That's his name.

My parents found a couple
who wanted to adopt him.

So, I signed the papers.

I've never forgiven myself.

Meet DEA agent Mack Boyle,

the leader of the DEA
Narcotics Task Force.

This is his special
response tac squad.

STREET: Shorty,
Marcos Guzman's little brother.

Don't shoot.
What are you doing here?

Offer from the DEA...

They drop your
resisting arrest charge

when Ulan is captured.

You enter WITSEC with
a healthy stipend to boot.

Shorty too, right?

DEACON: Sancho Zamora.
Cocaine kingpin.

I hear Sancho hasn't left
Mexico since the late '90s.


Ulan Zamora is down.

MURIEL: Until the cartel
gets their $3 million back,

all of our families
are in danger.

I regret to inform you

that your brother Shorty
has been killed.

You said my brother'd be safe!

You killed him!

PASTOR: And so with love,
we shall leave you in peace.

Go now with God, to love
and serve the Lord.

(quiet chatter)

Marcos, look.

You got no right coming here.

Hey, we just wanted
to pay our respects.

If you had any respect,

you'd leave my family
the hell alone.

LUCA: We're sorry
for your loss.

Okay? What happened
to Shorty... it's tragic.

Your damn fault is what it is.

Hey, Marcos, there's no way
we could've known

that Shorty would cross paths

with a rival banger
while he was inside.

Just 'cause you didn't mean
for it to happen

don't change the fact
that it did.

You said Shorty'd be safe.

See how much your promises mean?

Look, our promise is still good.

We failed at
saving Shorty, but...

you and Muriel
can still get out.

The hell you mean?

The WITSEC deal
the DEA put on the table,

for your cooperation.

Is this a joke?

No, man. You wanted
to get Shorty and Muriel

out of the life.

Shorty's gone,

Muriel and her baby
still need your help.

The documents are all drawn up.

All they need is your signature.

You and your cousin
can start new lives.

I only took that deal
for Shorty.

We crossed the cartel
'cause we believed in you.

That belief is over.

Marcos, look,
I know you're a good guy,

you're just hurting right now.

Whenever you're ready,
the deal is waiting for you.


We're done.

Get out of here, Luca.

Marcos, man, come on...

Luca, forget it.
We should go.

Come on.

♪ ♪

Hola, Carmina.

Hola, Mr. Corby. Thanks for
letting me start early today.

Got to take my dad to
an appointment later.

How's he doing
after the, uh, the surgery?


Call 911!


The hell do you want?

You know who I am.

Sancho Zamora.

Didn't think
you'd have the stones

to set foot in the U.S.

You are the reason
that I am here.

Remember that...

when you are begging
for me to kill you.


That's disappointing.

For me.

Not for you.

Now we have to do this
the fast way.


(Carmina sobbing)

Morning, Powell.

Hey, Deac. Wait up.

I got an invitation

to Vivienne's christening
this weekend.

Did Hondo invite
the whole squad?

He's been pretty
excited about it.

Pretty sure he invited
the whole department.

Do you think
he would be offended

if I didn't show up?

Offended? No.

But he wouldn't've invited you
if he didn't want you there.

Why? You got other plans?

I-I don't really feel like
I'm in the right headspace

to be around
a little baby right now.

It's no secret,
but I...

I gave up a baby for adoption
when I was 15.

And I thought I'd
made peace with it,

but he turned 18
a few months ago and I, uh...

You're thinking he might
try to reach out

now that he's got access
to the adoption records.

Yeah, uh...

Been on pins and needles hoping,
but so far... nothing.

I don't want to bring that
baggage to Vivienne's big day.

Well, I'm sure Hondo
will understand.

But, um...

Can I ask
you something?

Have you ever thought about
being the one to reach out,

try to locate your son?

All the time.

I can't stop wondering
what he's doing,

what kind of guy Thomas
grew up to be.

That's what I named him, anyways.

His parents probably changed it.

Nah. It's a good name.

So what's stopping you?

I don't know.

Just doesn't seem right
to disrupt his entire life.

I figure,
if he wants to find me,

that should be up to him.

That seems fair.

Look, if you do decide
to go to the christening,

I'll be there.

You can hang with me.

I appreciate it.

Huh? Want this? No?

You had enough?

What's that face?
What's that face?

Looks like some major league
adulting going on over there. Mm.

My dad has
been on me.

Wants us to finish up
all the will

and living trust stuff.

I thought we already signed it.

Not all of it.

There's still this.

Guardianship of minors.

Vivienne's barely in this world.

I mean, we just became a family.

I can't bring myself to think
of her growing up without us.

I know, baby.

But this right here?
It's just a precaution.

It's never gonna happen.

I know, it's just...

every thought
that's been in my head

since I found out I was pregnant

has been about...

what our lives will be together,

all the things we're going
to experience with her.

This is a version where
she may never even know us.

Hey, hey, stop that.
Stop that.

It's not gonna happen.

Everything you've dreamed of
for her and us

is all gonna
come true.



(both chuckle)

You never panic, do you?

I'm kind of saving it for
when Vivienne starts dating.


Hey, for real.

The only guardians
that little Vivienne

is gonna need are right here
in this room.

(phone buzzing)

The boss.

Commander. What's up?

All right, I'm on my way.

I'm sorry, baby, I got to go.

All right, look, let's put
all this away for now.

All right? We'll get
back to it later.

I love you.
Love you, too.

All right.

(helicopter whirring,
indistinct radio chatter)


In there.

DEA Agent Red Corby.

He's part of Agent Boyle's team.

Where are we on the shooter?

Cleaning lady's a witness.

Described four men,

Busted in, overpowered Red.

Executed him.

Where was she hiding?

Well, that's the thing.

She wasn't.

They made her watch.

She saw the whole thing.

They wanted us
to know who did it.

Sancho Zamora?

That's Ulan's father.

Head of the cartel,

hasn't been out of Mexico
in over 30 years.

This guy's as ruthless
as they come,

oversees an army of dangerous
sicarios, smugglers.

He personally gave
the housekeeper a message

to pass along.

He's coming after
the DEA agents

who murdered his son.

Is that word for word?

"Coming after the DEA"?

I know what
you're thinking, Hondo.

Sir, the DEA set the trap,

but I'm the one
who killed Ulan Zamora.

Sancho Zamora might
not know it yet,

but his road to revenge
ends with me.


♪ ♪

(door opens)

I've been in touch with the
Deputy Administrator at the DEA.

This is everything they
have on Sancho Zamora

and the Zamora cartel.

Sicarios, hackers,
dealers and more.

When you said an army,
you weren't lying.

Zamora is a real
big fish for the DEA.

Top of the food chain.

How'd the cartel find out
where Red lived?

That's protected information.

Well, two days ago, there was
a network failure at the DEA HQ

in Little Tokyo.
Servers were down for hours.

More than likely a result
of a malicious hack.

So all their case files

and agent dossiers,
they were potentially exposed?

Wait, hold up.

If Zamora read
the joint operations reports,

he has to know that
I'm the one who shot his son,

which means Nichelle
and Vivienne...

They're already being brought
in by an R100 detail.

They're safe.

Look, the only way
to stop this threat

is to cut the head
off that snake.

Well, the DEA's already
reached out to border agents

and Mexican authorities
for intel

on where Zamora
might hide in L.A.

Soon as we hear
anything, we'll move.

What's status on
the rest of Boyle's team?

Feds've pulled in Agent Fisk
and her family.

Agent Doffing is
away on assignment.

They got word to him.
He's locked down.

And the team leader?
Agent Boyle?

Not answering his cell
and wasn't at home,

but my DEA liaison says they're
still hoping for the best.

(phone buzzing)

Sir, Nichelle and
my daughter are here.

All right, go.

All right, we need to
get Agent Boyle's picture

out to every precinct.

Between the LAPD

and the DEA,
we need to find him

before Sancho
Zamora does.


Hondo, what's going on?

Why did you send an escort
to bring us in?

Baby, listen, it was Commander
Hicks' call, just a precaution.

The Zamora cartel
is back in town.

Just want to be extra
safe. It's no big deal.

Hey, you got to do
better than that.

We wouldn't be here
if you weren't in danger.

What are not you telling me?

Nichelle, I need you to trust
that everything's gonna be okay.

You're only gonna be
here for a few hours,

then everything
goes back to normal.

(sighs) All right.
I'll trust you.

Okay, good.

Dr. Wendy can't wait
to meet our little baby.

She's waiting for you
in her office.

(Vivienne coos)

Be safe.

I'll see you later. Okay.

Yo, what's all this?

Trying to locate Agent Boyle.

DEA's searching all
the normal routes:

phone, credit cards,
traffic cams.

Thought I'd try
something different.

You're tracking Boyle's
social media?

Yeah. Problem is, he's not
exactly an influencer.

Guy keeps a low profile.

Is that his son?

Yeah. Braden. Boyle's divorced.

DEA brought his ex-wife in,

but Boyle's got
custody today

and she doesn't know
where he took the kid.

Apparently, he keeps
his cell phone off

when they're together.

He makes a real effort
to be totally present.

Picked the wrong day
to be a good dad.

You try running a scan
for Braden?

A 12-year-old's probably got
more of a social media presence.

Is that Marcos's WITSEC deal?

Yeah. Just need
a couple of John Hancocks.

Luca, come on.

Marcos basically told us
to eff off this morning.

Look, he was upset.
Grieving, okay?

He's not thinking straight.
He'll come around.

What if he doesn't?

Look, we promised
him a chance

at a better life.
Muriel, too.

We can't just take that away
after what happened.

Luca, what happened to Shorty
was not our fault.

But we can still do this.

Look, it is noble how much
you want to help Marcos.

But you can't save someone

who isn't willing
to save themselves.

I ain't giving up.

Oh, yo, check this out.

Someone just tagged
Boyle's kid in a photo.

STREET: Boyle took him
to play soccer, maybe.

Okay, this post is
from 20 minutes ago.

They could still be there.
We got to find this park.

Let me try this.

Canvass report from this
morning's crime scene came back.

The neighbor's Ring camera
caught a black SUV fleeing

Agent Corby's street
after his murder.

Powell's got a BOLO out.

Good. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Is that the letter?


don't let your mind
go to the worst.

We'll get ahead of this cartel.

Tan, it's not that.

Nichelle and I were talking
this morning about

what would happen to Vivienne
if both of us were gone.

And it just
got me thinking

how much my life has changed

since I wrote this letter
a year ago.

You know it's bad luck to talk
about the letter.

Yeah, I know the superstition.

(sighs) But if things
did go bad today...

...she'd be reading
this letter tonight.

I mean, I haven't gotten
around to updating it.

I don't even know
where I'd start.

There's so much
that I'd want to say.

Can't help you there.

Tell you the truth,

my letter's still
addressed to Bonnie.

Haven't changed it

'cause it's like a time capsule

of how I felt
when things were good.

You'll find somebody else, man.

And, besides, neither one of us

is gonna have to use
this letter anyway, right?

The one we don't speak of?
What letter?

(chuckles softly)


Been thinking about
our conversation earlier,

about trying
to contact my son.

Sorry if it felt like
I shut down on you.

No need to apologize.

I can't imagine
what it must be like

to have a-a kid
out there somewhere.


I wasn't completely honest
with you.

What do you mean?

Honest about what?

The reason
I haven't tried to find him

since he turned 18
is not because...

I was afraid
that I would hurt him

or disrupt his life
somehow, but...

I'm really just afraid
that I'll get hurt.

You mean if you
reach out and...

What if he's not interested?

What if he doesn't
want to know me?


What if he does?

(pagers beeping)

Got a hit on the black SUV
from Agent Corby's house.

That tree cluster in
the background lines up

with the hill formation,
that's got to be the one.

That's Balboa Park, that's
where Boyle's playing soccer.

Traffic cams flagged the SUV
from this morning's shooting.

It's heading north on the 405
near Inglewood.

Wait, 405 north? They could
be headed to Encino.

Boyle's there right now
with his son.

If we're able to find him,
they could've too.

And they've already
got a head start.

Let's move.

Think fast.


How do you feel
about milkshakes?

Do you even need to ask?

♪ ♪

Braden, I need you to get in
the car and lock the door.

What, Dad? Why?

Get on the floor
and stay put.

Dad, is everything okay?
Stay down. I need
you to stay down.

It's gonna be okay.

Dad, I'm scared.

Stay down, Braden!

♪ ♪


(panicked shouting)

(approaching engine, siren)


All right, Luca, Tan,
you're on crowd control.

Get those people
out of the park.

Deacon, you take Powell--
sweep that row of cars.

Street, on me.
Let's move.

Let's go, everybody.

Clear the area!

Go, go, go!
Let's go, let's go,
let's go.

Come on, everyone, move.
Clear the area, let's go.

20-David. Shots fired on
the north side of the lot.


Got eyes on the shooter.
He's got Boyle pinned down.

Street, cover. LAPD!
Drop the gun!


One suspect down.


The red Explorer.
That's Boyle's car.


Braden. Hey.

We're here to help.
Open that door.

You're a cop?

Let's get you
out of here, kiddo.

All right,
that's Officer Powell,

I want you to stay
right behind her. Okay.

Just follow me. Don't stop
moving till I do, okay?


We've got Braden.

26-David, second
suspect located.

LAPD! Get on the ground!

Don't do it!

Drop the gun!

On your stomach,
hands by your side.

On your stomach!

Now! Hands behind your back!

Going hands-on.

Boyle! Are you hurt?

No, no, no, but my son--

No, hey, hey, hey,
Deacon and Powell have him.

He's safe.

We got the two shooters.

No, there were three.

Two in the SUV, one on foot.

20-David, we are still Code 6.

There's one more suspect
out there.

26-David, he's in the black SUV!

TAN: 25-David,
copy, I got him.

Shooting the tire!

LAPD! Show us your hands!

Get down! Down, on your stomach!

Hands behind your back.

Going hands-on.
LUCA: 22-David,

final suspect in custody.
Show us Code 4.

It's Zamora cartel.

I clocked a tat
on the first guy.

Must be retaliation
for killing Ulan.

We need to warn my team.

Naomi and Ace have already been
brought in. They're safe.

And what about Red?

I'm sorry, man.

Sancho Zamora executed him
in his home this morning.

Sancho Zamora is on U.S. soil.

He came here personally
to get his revenge.

He won't stop.
He'll burn the city.

He'll murder anyone
who gets in his way

until he finds the people
who killed his son.

Not if we get
to him first.

I want full cooperation.
Whatever it takes.

Sancho Zamora hasn't left
Mexico in three decades.

Now he's crossed our border
and killed Red Corby.

Now, men have spent
their entire careers

trying to get cuffs on him.
We cannot let him escape.

What do you got?

Zamora wasn't alone
at Agent Corby's house.

Corby's housekeeper was able
to ID three other suspects

from a photo line-up.

This one goes by Pesado.

He's Zamora's number one
enforcer and head of security.

I'll make sure my people
know he's here, too.

DEA is coordinating with ICE

and Homeland Security
at our borders.

The head of the cartel is
taking a massive risk

just by being here.

I can't imagine he'll
just cut and run.

He's got to have
something else planned.

The two suspects we have
in custody aren't talking,

but one had a burner phone
that we suspect

is how they received orders.

It's encrypted, but once
Cyber Division cracks it,

we can hopefully trace it to
whoever's relaying the orders.

When you connect those burners,
we can trace them

right to Zamora.

We're gonna catch
this son of a bitch.

We got photos
of all four suspects

in Agent Corby's murder
out to Patrol.

Every cop in the city
is looking for them.

Good. We need to find them
and put an end this.

There you are, Commander.

I just got off the phone
with Marcos Guzman.

Luca, you're wasting your time.

No, you're wrong. I got him to
agree to take the WITSEC deal.

Okay, Marcos knows
that Sancho Zamora's here.

After everything he did
to help us,

he wants to protect himself
and his cousin, Muriel, too.

All right, well, you
stuck your neck out

to keep this deal
in place, Luca.

You put in the work
in with Marcos.

Glad it paid off for you.

Okay, he's laying low
in Long Beach

while the cartel are here.

He wants us to come to him.

Long Beach. Why don't he
and Muriel just come here?

They'd be safer.
No, he won't come in
without signed papers.

His trust in us is stretched
pretty thin right now.

All right.
All right, look.

We got time to wait for Cyber
to crack the cartel phone.

You two take a Charger and
get Marcos that paperwork.

Thank you, sir.

(door opens)

Anything from Cyber yet?

No. Last I heard, they're still
working on the burner phones

taken off the sicarios
who attacked Boyle.

These things never
move fast enough.

So what do
you need?

I want you to hold on
to something for me.

The letter?

(chuckles softly)

Look, you...

you need to put that
back in your locker

and let it sit for the next
20 years until you retire.

Sir, Sancho Zamora is here
to avenge his son's death.

And there's no denying
there's a target on my back.

So, please, take it
until we sort things out.

But look...

What's in here
doesn't even come close

to what I'd want to say
to Nichelle if I could.

But it's all I got.

Make sure she knows that,
all right?

Hondo, come on.

As much as I value
SWAT tradition,

this is one I'd
like to see end.

Why's that?

Because who's to say
we'll be the first to go?

I mean, my generation

wasn't big on... expressing
their feelings, you know?

The problem with that is
there was a lot left unsaid.

And there's things I wrote in my
letter to Barb that I wanted her

to know.

She never got to
read the letter.

And I never told her.

So take it from me--

if there's things you
want to say to Nichelle,

don't hide behind
the letter like I did.

Say them to her.

Out loud.

(phone buzzes)

Cyber cracked
the sicario's phone.

They're sending
the data now.

What do you got?

Not a lot of data on the phone,

but that actually
works in our favor.

Only one other phone has
been in contact with this one

since it
was activated.

Most recently, a text
directing the sicarios

to Encino.
Sounds like whoever
has the other phone's

calling the shots.
Which means it
could be Zamora.

Run a trace,
tell me where it is.
Already running it.

Looks like
it's down in Long Beach.

Long Beach? Where?

The decommissioned
power plant.
HICKS: Pull up a locator

on Street and
Luca's Charger, now.

Sir, what's going on?
Street and Luca
went to Long Beach

to meet up with
Marcos and Muriel.

Muriel is carrying
Sancho's grandson.
HONDO: If the cartel

figured that out, then she
and Marcos could be the target.

Luca and Street just rolled
into the power plant.

♪ ♪

(car doors shut)

We're here.

Hey, you made
the right choice, bro.

Where's Muriel?

Let's just get this done.

(phone buzzes)

Yo, Hondo.
What's up?
HONDO: Luca,

we tracked the cartel's phone
to your location.

Zamora could be

going after
Muriel and Marcos.

You need to grab them
and get out of there.


Hondo, we
got company!

All hell is breaking loose!
Bullets everywhere!

Back to the car!

(gunfire continues)

Luca! Street!
Hey! Zamoras are here!

They just took out our car
with an RPG!

Street's injured!

He's got a piece of shrapnel
in his leg!

(groans) Sounds like they're
sitting ducks out there.

We got to get to cover!

Marcos, get up! The plant! Go!

LUCA: Hondo, we're gonna

hold 'em off
as long as we can!

We're heading inside the plant.
Go, go, go.

Luca. We're going. Go.
(gunfire continues)

We're on our way!
I'm coming with you!

We can handle this, Boyle.
Due respect, they
killed my friend.

Let me help bring yours
home. I owe you that much.

Fine. Take the chopper.

I'll scramble backup. Go!

(Street groaning)

I counted three of
'em, maybe more.

We can't stay here.

Okay, Hondo,
we're inside right now.

Hondo? Aw, there's no signal.
Must be the building.

We got to get moving,
find a place to barricade.

Can't go that way.
Come on, Marcos.

What are you doing?
STREET: Come on.

I ain't going with you.
What are you
talking about,

Marcos? We just need
to hold them off.

No. You need to.

Marcos, what did you do?

Look, they took Muriel.

Sancho knew
about the baby, the wire,

Oh, my God.
You set us up?

A trade.

My cousin for the cops
who killed his son.

How could you do that?!
You should've told me!

I could've helped you
get her back!

Man, trusting you was
what got Shorty killed!

I got to look out
for me and mine!
(man shouts in Spanish)

(panting) Luca, come
on. Luca, come on!
(men speaking Spanish)

We got to go!
Now! Come on.

Coming out!

Hey, don't shoot!

Don't shoot.
Zamora's expecting me.


(chuckles softly)

Hey, hey.
Move out the way.
Give me my cousin.

No, no, no, no, no.

Not until I have them.

(speaks Spanish)

Damn it.
Still no service in here.

(Street groans)

We need to deal with your leg.

You're bleeding
pretty bad.


Looks like there's a piece
of shrapnel in there.

I can't chance
pulling it out, though.

I got to tourniquet you.

I'm gonna pull it tight.

This is gonna hurt.


(groans loudly)

This is all my fault. I'm sorry.

Hey, he tricked
both of us, okay?

You didn't twist my
arm to come down here.

(men speaking Spanish)

Come on. Let's go.

(groans, panting)

I still can't reach Luca
and Street.

No cell service where they are!

They don't have a lot of time.

Commander, we still have

the sicario's burner phone, right?

The one we traced
to the plant?

Call it!

Patch me through!

What are you thinking?

It's a Hail Mary, but we got
to buy 'em some time.

It's ringing.

Patching you in now.

(phone buzzing)


Am I talking
to the man in charge?

Am I talking
to Sancho Zamora?

Yes, you are.

And who is this?

The man who killed your son.

The two cops you have there
with you at the plant,

they ain't got
no part in this.

I'm the one you want.

I'm on my way.


I'm still going
to kill your men.

When you come here,

I will kill you, too.

♪ ♪

All right,
Zamora knows

we're coming.
He's gonna have

a fortified position.

Chopper's fast, but it's loud.

As soon as we get close,
they're gonna hear us.

Boyle's right. We
can deploy quickly,

but if they've got guns waiting,
we'll be sitting ducks.

Which is why we need a plan.

I'll have units hold a perimeter
out of sight of the plant.

Drop that bird on the two side.

You can use the building
as cover.

60 seconds out!

So what's the plan?

We drop right
on top of 'em.


Let's go.



(groaning softly)

You were bleeding
pretty bad on the way in.

Pretty sure we're gonna have
company soon.


Okay, how you holding up?

Hurts like hell,
but I'll survive.

Man, I'm so sorry I didn't
listen to you about Marcos.

I'll never forgive myself
for this.

Yeah, well, probably be dead
in a couple minutes,

so you won't have
to carry that for long.
Dude, how can you joke

like that, all right?
You got a hole in your leg

'cause of me.
You should be pissed.

At what?


the only thing
you're ever guilty of

is seeing the good in people
and never giving up on 'em.

I could never hold
that against you.

Thanks, man. Really.


Look, I got
them here, man.

You said you'd let me
and my cousin go.

That was the deal.
Well, next time,

you'll be more careful
who you make deals with.

No. No more next time.

You wore a wire
for the cops.

And you lured my son
into a trap.

You die, too, Marcos.

(helicopter blades whirring)

They're here.

Hold him.

Find me those
two cops!

Hey, cavalry's here.


Zamora's guys are breaking in.
Street, get up.

Hopefully we can
buy enough time.

We'll hold 'em off as long
as we can. Then we go together.


I got one. He's
got more with him.

All right, I'll go around.


(automatic gunfire)


(men shouting in Spanish)
LUCA: Second one down.

More are coming.
We got to get out of here.

Come on.

(door closes)

♪ ♪

We're clear! Go, go, go!

(automatic gunfire)

They're inside!
Go get 'em!

♪ ♪

(Street groans)
(Luca grunts)

Whoa, hold up.
That's Marcos.

Come on.
Go, go, go. Go.

Luca, what the hell
are you doing?

You got to get your ass outside.
As much as you'd deserve it,

Marcos, we're not leaving
you behind. Come on.

Marcos, get Street
out of here.

Hey, wait, what?
We're not splitting up.

No time to argue, okay? They'll
catch us if we stay together.

But not if I lead 'em away.
Go, go. Get him to safety.
Luca. Luca.


♪ ♪

Get down.
Hands. Hands.


Give me your hands.

Tan, Powell,
get 'em out of the way.

Now. Move.

LAPD! Don't move!

Hondo, it's me. It's
Street. It's Street.

Street, you good?
I'll be fine.

You got to find
Luca. He went off

on his own to lure
Sancho's men away from us.

All right,
Tan, Powell,

get Marcos and Street outside.

Deacon, we're going after Luca.

Command to 20-David,

Sancho Zamora's back
on the line.

Patching him through.

You ready to surrender, Zamora?

Why would I surrender
when I have your man,

Dominique Luca,

right here?
Anything happens to him,

I promise, you ain't
getting out of here alive.

Listen to me,

I'm the one you want.

Let my guy go.
I'll take his place.

No, no, no, no.

What did he
just say?

Nichelle, you can't be in here.

Nichelle. Nichelle.
I will explain to you later.
What is going on?

Come on, now.
You can't be in here.
(breathing heavily)

I'll sweeten the deal for you.

You and me.

We get on the chopper,

I get you to
the border.

But Luca walks away
from all of this. You hear me?

I am not a
patient man, Hondo.

You have five minutes.

One second more,

Luca dies.

Hondo, what are you doing?

I'm playing the cards
we were dealt.

There's no way I'm letting
a member of my squad

take a bullet
that was meant for me.

Zamora's already
got a hostage.

He's got Luca and Muriel.
You're just adding a third one.

You-you can't do this.

You've got five minutes to
come up with a better plan.

HONDO: All right,
there's the bird.

You don't need
Luca anymore.

It's time to let him go.

Hondo, no.

Not until we are on board.

30-David, I'm locked
on Luca's man.


I've got Pesado in my sights.
Good to go.

That leaves Sancho to you, Powell.

28-David, negative.
Luca's in the way.

I've gotta get higher.
Powell, no. There's no time.


Why are you so jumpy, Pesado?

You're the one with the gun.

Look, let the girl go.
You don't need her, okay?

I'll go in her place.

You're no good to me.

Muriel, she's carrying
my grandson,

my legacy.

Nothing more important
than legacy.

Except maybe vengeance.

(powering up)

All three shots have to be
in sync and on target.

Anyone left standing will have
Hondo and Luca point-blank.

28-David in position.

Good visual on Sancho.
On you, Deacon.

On my count. Three, two...

25-David, I lost visual
on my suspect.

Our window is closing.

They get on that bird,
they're as good as dead.

Still no good. No shot.

Deacon, I got Pesado
dead to rights.

I'm locked on,
waiting on your call.

Roger that.
On my count.

Three, two, one.


28-David, target is still up.

It's over!

That was one hell
of a shot.

Well, you saved my life
with Ulan.

Least I could do
to return the favor.

Now with Sancho and Ulan
both off the table,

the Zamora cartel's gotta be
hanging by a thread.

And we plan to cut that thread,

put an end
to the Zamoras for good.

SWAT really deserves
all the credit, so thank you.

To you and to your whole team.

Just glad they can't be
a threat to anyone anymore. Yeah.

Well, until the next cartel
comes around.
The way of the world.

Always another.
But we'll keep fighting.

Take care.

You, too.

I didn't want it
to end up this way.

I mean, you know that,
right, Marcos?

It is what it is, man.

Look, I'm gonna talk to the DA.

I don't know how much good
it'll do, but it's worth a shot.

Why would you do that?

I sold you out
today, Luca.

Even after I betrayed you,
you still saved me.

Now you say you're gonna
help me out in court?


Because you're worth it.

And your life's not over.

You're a leader, Marcos.

You choose the right path

and others will follow.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Let me guess.

You let him off the hook,
didn't you?

Yeah, I guess
I kinda did.

Man, I don't know what
the hell's wrong with me.

Man, nothing's wrong
with you.

It just goes to prove
what I said earlier

about you always
seeing the good,

and never giving up
on people.

Man, no one can
fault you for that.

Thanks, man.
Thanks for today, bro.

Here he comes.

(exhales, inhales)

I know what you did
out there.

You are not allowed to scare me
like that ever again.

Babe, I know what it means
for my family

if I don't come home.

Which is why I would never
do anything without my team

watching my back.

They're family, too.

I'm gonna get our daughter,

and you're gonna take us home.

Yes, ma'am.


That was a great job out there.

Thank you, sir.

Looks like, uh,

you have time to work on this.

Think about what I said.

I'll see you at the christening.

Yeah, we're over there.

the godfather's officially here.

Where's my little goddaughter?

Up front being smothered with
affection by her grandparents.

Almost showtime.

I'm excited.

You made it. Yeah.

Like you said,
Hondo wanted me here.

Been thinking about
the other thing

you said, too, about my son.

And as much as it would hurt

to find out
he didn't want to know me,

it would be worse
if he went the rest of his life

not knowing that I love him.

I'm glad to hear you say that.

You know,
when an adopted child turns 18,

they've got some options.

One of which is to reach out,
which we know your son hasn't.

But another one is
for them to file paperwork

saying that they'd be
open to contact

from their
birth parent.

So I told Annie
your situation,

and she reached out
to a lawyer friend of hers

who deals with adoptions.

Powell, your son filed
the paperwork.

He'd be open
to hearing from you.

He would?


Um, here's just some
basic information,

including the number
of Annie's friend.

He'll help you connect.

I... I don't know what to say.

You don't need to say anything.

Thomas. (chuckles)

He goes by Thomas. Yeah.

That's the name you gave him.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
Thank you.

STREET: Hey, Nichelle,
Hondo's looking for you.

He's out in the,
in the courtyard.

Something about
unexpected flowers.

Oh. Let me go see what's up.
All right.


This is gorgeous.

But what is it?

I wanted to do something
special to mark the occasion.

Lilies are your favorite.

Yeah, but this is Vivie's day.

Unless there's another occasion
I'm not aware of.


a lot has come
into focus for me.

There's a tradition
that we have at SWAT.

We all write letters
to our loved ones...

in case we don't come home.

I got some really good advice:

don't hide behind it.

What were you hiding from?

Baby, I have never felt
more love, more alive

since Vivienne came
into this world,

and I owe all of that to you.

You are the
strongest, smartest,

most inspirational woman
I have ever known.

And now you are
even more than that.

You are the mother
of my child.

My partner.

My always and everything.

Hondo, what ae you saying?

Uh, I am trying to say

you and I have been
down a long road together,

and I have loved you
every step of the way.

And then I fell in love
all over again

when I met Vivienne's mom.

It just hit different.

So I know that I need
to do something different.



Nichelle Carmichael...
(exhales sharply)

...will you marry me?

♪ You're all I need ♪ ♪ Like sweet morning dew ♪

♪ I took one look at you ♪
♪ To get by ♪

♪ And it was plain to see... ♪

All right, Hondo!

Oh, wait, wait,
did we jump the gun?
Hold on, you guys knew?

Nobody told me.
It was on a need-to-know basis.

I didn't hear an answer.
Yeah, you saw that kiss, though.

I mean, yeah, you put a little
something extra on that one.

But, um...

I do still need an answer.

I can't wait to marry you.
She said yes!

(all cheering)




Oh, man, I was nervous.



Come here, baby.

♪ You're all I need ♪

♪ To get by ♪

♪ All I need ♪ ♪ All ♪

♪ To get by ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah. ♪

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