S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 21 - Forget Shorty - full transcript

Previously on SWAT... POWELL:
He used to be on SWAT?

Deac set him up with a job
as head of security for one

of the big studios. I do
my job and I do it well.

Marcos? Cops and good
faith don't go together.

Me and you working
together ain't a good look.

Never will be. Don't
think I'm gonna bail

your ass out every time
you can't solve a case.

Don't think I
won't pull you over

if I see your taillight out.

Mr. Kay? Yes.

David Kay, Elite Protection.

Max Lewis, Junior Exec,
West Coast Events.

Sorry about the wait.
We've been hearing

a number of pitches from
security firms today.

End of the day,
we're way behind.

It's quite all right. And my
partner Owen's out of town,

so I'll be the one
handling the presentation.

Don't mind my asking.

San Gabriel Festival
has used L.A. Gold

for security the last few years.
Why, why make the change now?

Eh, let's just say
there's a reason

they call themselves L.A. Gold.

We're set up down this way.
You got everything you need?

Yeah. Okay.

I think you'll
find we offer a...

high-quality security package
at a much more reasonable rate.


All right. What
are you doing here?

It looks like the same
thing you are, man.

I started my own security
firm a few months back.

Yeah, Deac and I
rolled together on SWAT

before I decided to
pursue other ventures.

You might've heard of
us, RJS Protection?

Yeah, we're the ones who ended
up nabbing your video game

convention client.

What can I say?

If you can do the job
better, and do it cheaper...

I'm just joshing you. Yeah.
It's a, it's a good one.

Don't want to keep them waiting.

Yeah. We'll be in
touch later, man.

Looking forward to hearing, Max.

Oh, uh, Deac? Good luck.

You're gonna need it.

Wow, that
smells so good.

Those the pork
chops from Tuesday?

Oh, yeah, baby, and the
corn and the potatoes

and the green bean casserole
Sheila dropped off.

Mmm. What you can do
with other people's food,

it's amazing.

Your mom said she'll be
here by 7:00 in the morning.

You want to drop me off on your
way in for my first day back?

Baby, I'm sorry, I can't,
I got to be at the job

at 5:30 in the morning for
a debrief with the Feds.

They're running
some big operation.

Hmm, that early?

Must be important. I don't
really know much about it.

The DEA's kept it
tight under wraps.

Hondo, come here.

The IG sends out congratulatory
letters when an officer

hits five, ten, 20
years of service.

Near the bottom.

40 years, Commander
Robert Hicks.

Can you believe it?

Hicks was sworn
in as an LAPD cop

exactly 40 years ago tomorrow.

Baby, I doubt Hicks wants anyone
making a thing out of this.

This is no small achievement.

You can't let a
milestone like this

pass by without
acknowledging it.

You know what, you're right.

I'll text my team.

I'm pretty sure we can cook
up something for tomorrow.

Thank you. Yeah.

I had no idea

Sanchez had his own
private security firm.

Yep, RJS Protection.

I'd heard of 'em, I just never
made the connection to Sanchez.

He snagged one of our
bigger clients recently.

Couple smaller ones, too.

I read his pitch
book he left behind.

He-He's offering
cut-rate prices.

I'm not sure how he's
managing to stay afloat.

Doesn't sound like a recipe
for long-term success.

No, and get this,
Owen reached out

to some of our industry
contacts last night.

Sanchez is going around town
trash talking our company.

He's telling our clients that,
that I'm a full-time cop.

My head's not in the
security game. That's low.

What are you gonna do?
Well, I texted him.

I asked him to drop by later.

Said I'd like to talk to him
about something in person.

How'd it go?

They're not the
friendliest bunch.

So, hey, it's Hicks' 40th
anniversary as a cop.

What are we thinking of
doing? Was gonna have him

stop by Rocco's for a beer.

Y'all could be there
to surprise him.

What about that cigar lounge
down off of Pico instead?

That might be a little
quiet for Hicks.

You think so?


60-Squad, listen up.

Meet DEA Agent Mack Boyle,

former LAPD Narcotics officer.

Now he's the leader of the
DEA Narcotics Task Force.

This is his special
response tac squad.

Ace, Naomi and Red.

20 bucks if you
ask him why they call him Red.

You two have something to add?

They've requested assistance

on their gang
sweep this morning,

so we're rolling out
with them. Sorry.

Text said 5:30, right?

It's 5:26. BOYLE: In
our world, if you ain't

15 minutes early, you're late.

Every police report
filed in the past week,

mapped by location.
We have a hot spot.

9th Street between
Oak and Orange.

Muggings, carjackings,

It's a crime wave,

and we know who's causing it.

Los Nueves.

Los Nueves
are typically known

as one of the more low-key
gangs in that area.

Not anymore. Ever since

they got into the
heroin-dealing business,

they've become
increasingly violent.

Now, we have warrants

on two apartment
buildings on 9th Street,

where we believe the guys
are stashing their supply.

We're gonna
serve 'em simultaneously

so they don't have time
to warn each other.

There's a good chance
these guys have lookouts,

so we're gonna get
them detained first.

Make no mistake... Los Nueves,

they're just small-time
dealers, corner hustlers.

We should be in
and out in a flash.



Deacon, Street,

this is you. Eyes
open for lookouts.

The rest on me.

Hey, 30-David, heads up.
These guys are dressed

Roger that.

Eyes peeled, everyone.

Red, he's yours.

All right, keep moving.

LAPD! Gun!


Hands in the air!

Hands in the air! Coming out.

Don't shoot!


What are you doing here?

Hands over your head!

man. What the...?

Stop resisting.

Come here.

Check out that arsenal.

These guys are arming
up for something big.

Small-time dealers, my ass.

Deacon, Street, suspect
in the courtyard

headed for the fence.

LAPD! STREET: Don't move!


Do not move.

Get down!


It's Officer Street.

What, you know him? Shorty.

Marcos Guzman's little brother.

You know me and Shorty
ran with the Perros.

We ain't Los Nueves.

You were in an apartment
leased by Leandro Garcia,

a known member. And
we have a warrant.

So where is he?

Where is he?


Shorty says that
girl's your cousin?


Only 18, with a baby on the way.

The door you kicked down...

That's her man's place. Leandro.

She ain't seen him in two
days, so she's tripping.

We just came to help her get
her stuff and get out of here.

Get back!

Stay at your posts! We got this!

Let me go! It's him!

It's him! Leandro!



Are you hurt?!

Can you get out?!

Need you to get out
of the car, slowly.

Get away from the
door. Hands in the air.

What's he got in his hand?
Put your other hand up!

Hands up! Put
your hands up now!


Right hand! Three
fingers severed!

Hey, get those EMTs down here!

Leandro, you're going
into shock. Stay with me.

The Zamora cartel sent
soldiers from Mexico.

They made me name names.

They're gonna kill our families.

There are Zamora cartel
soldiers in the U.S.?

That's why the Nueves

are stockpiling weapons.

They're expecting the cartel.

They're getting ready
for a street war.

Looks like it already started.

This is the work
of the Zamora cartel?

They've been
terrorizing Northwest Mexico

for a decade. They seized
power by gathering up

all the family members
of a rival cartel,

and burning 'em
alive in a pole barn.

Their way of making a statement.

Sancho Zamora.

Cocaine kingpin.

Government's been
pursuing him for years.

I heard Sancho hasn't left
Mexico since the late '90s.

So why's he suddenly
sending soldiers to L.A.?

Well, the Feds don't think he
did. At least, not directly.

Meet Ulan Zamora,
Sancho's only son.

The DEA suspects that
he's the one responsible

for bringing the drugs
to the streets here.

Apparently, he's trying
to expand his father's

cocaine business into
black tar heroin.

Think he's been working
with Los Nueves to do it?

If so, the gang should
be flush with drug money.

Why have they been wreaking
havoc the last few days...

All-all these
muggings, robberies,

like they're trying
to raise cash?

Looks like Los Nueves
aren't finished yet.

Got a strong-arm
robbery a half hour ago

and a holdup at a credit union.

Both within a mile
or two of 9th.

Powell, get on the
horn with Dispatch.

Have uniformed officers
start taking a closer look

at ATMs, banks,
cash-heavy businesses.

You think your boy Marcos knows
more than he's letting on?

It's always a possibility.

All right. Grab Luca
and take a run at him.

You got it.

What started

the cartel's beef
with Los Nueves?

We need to get to
the bottom of this

before people get
killed, Marcos.

You got about 15 Nueves
locked up, right?

Ask one of them.
You were charged

with resisting arrest.

DEA's not releasing anyone

until they get to
the bottom of this

and we figure out
what's going on.

Well, you see, now,
that's messed up.

Me and Shorty ain't got
nothing to do with this.

Ballistics came back on the
gun Shorty was carrying.

It was used in an armed
robbery eight years ago.

Left the store owner paralyzed.

I guess Shorty somewhat matches

the suspect's description.

Eight years ago? He was 12.

That piece might have
been resold ten times

in the last eight years.

Shorty's gonna have to enter
the system to make his case.

I'm sorry.

If they get him on
attempted, that's 15 to life.

I didn't want Shorty to run with
our crew in the first place.

I knew I had to find
a way out for us.

So when our cousin found
out she was having a baby,

I thought now's a good chance
for us three to get away.

explains the suitcase

you were helping her
pack this morning.

We got an aunt in Ohio who rents

a two-bedroom above her garage.

Said she'd rent it to us cheap.

Why were
you leaving today?

How'd you know the cartel
was coming? If I tell you,

will you put a
word in for Shorty?

Get Muriel in protective
custody? I'll tell you what.

You tell us what you know,

and we'll go pick
up Muriel ourselves.

As for Shorty, we
can only promise

that we'll talk to the Feds on
his behalf. I mean, we'll try.

A few months back, this
vato rolls up on Shorty.

Said he works for some
man down south named Z.

Told Shorty he heard our
set has a rep for keeping

things tight, and Z needs
a partner here in L.A.

Shorty turned him down.

We knew Z meant Zamora.

Didn't want nothing
to do with no cartel.

A while later, the Zamora cartel
and Los Nueves struck a deal.

The relationship between
Los Nueves and the cartel...

When'd it go sour? Last week.

Los Nueves sent a truck
full of cash to Mexico

to pay the cartel for the
product they had sold.

But... the truck got
hit outside of L.A.

Three million gone,
just like that.

So that's why Los Nueves had
been scrambling for cash.

They're in debt three
million to the cartel.

Which means the cartel's
gonna be coming to collect.

We knew we had to get
Muriel outta there.

Do you have any idea
who hit the truck?


Your boys at the DEA.

I expected you earlier, Boyle.

I needed to debrief my bosses.

Quite the haul this
morning. Oh, I'll say.

We confiscated 53 firearms.

AK-47s, AR-15s, six
sawed-off shotguns,

two submachine guns,
and a machete to boot.

And not to mention a
dozen or so drug dealers

we got off the streets.

You told us this was a
crew of common hustlers.

With an arsenal like that,

my officers could've been
walking into a deathtrap.

If you knew this gang
was cartel-affiliated,

why was SWAT kept in the dark?

Because we didn't know
anything. We had a suspicion.

Is that so?

Because the way we heard it,
the DEA knew quite a bit.

At least they knew enough to
stop a Nueve-operated truck

on the I-5 carrying a
cash load of $3 million.

Yeah, we didn't think anyone
knew that we had the truck

and driver in custody.

And that is why we couldn't
keep SWAT in the loop.

We wanted to keep
the circle tight.

Well, you didn't keep
it tight enough, Mack.

Yeah, well, to be honest,
I was just following orders

that came down from on-high.

You got to love the DOJ,
always so respectful

of their superiors.
Yeah, you know...

No, Mack, you know... Hold up, hold
up. There's more you ain't sayin'.

The reason the DEA chose to
put the squeeze on Los Nueves

and take their money.

You were hoping to force
Ulan Zamora to L.A.

Where'd he go to school?

A place that teaches you

when you force a
violent person to act,

innocent folks can get
caught in the crossfire.

Ulan Zamora is worth the risk.

Now, by all accounts, he
is worse than his father.

Whoever crosses him, he has
their families murdered.

Expectant mothers, kids
hacked to pieces, put in acid.

He's a first-rate sadist.

Now, my bosses, they want
to nip his career in the bud

before he ever gets
a grip on power.

Ulan pops up in L.A.,

we finally got a shot at him.

And you get a nice little
feather in your cap.

We all will, Sergeant.

what's up, Street?

We were
headed to the hospital

to pick up Marcos's
cousin Muriel,

but the patrol cop
assigned to protect her

just told us she's missing.

Somehow she vanished.
She get abducted?

Not sure.

The officer said Muriel
went to the ladies' room.

20 minutes later, he
went to check on her,

and she was gone.

All units.

Armed robbery at
First River Bank,

521 Vermont. First unit
on scene, please advise.

That's half a mile from here.
That's Nueves' territory.

22-David, I'm with 26-David,
responding to the bank.

Hold on, 22-David.

We just got word the suspect

has fled the bank
in a gray sedan.

The manager slipped
a GPS tracker

in the bag with the cash.

Can you upload its
signal, Dispatch?

We just did.

It appears the suspect's
moving westbound on Mason.

You guys need to change course.

Already on it. Left here.
Left, left, left, left.

Okay, where's the tracker now?

Arthur Avenue, on the
overpass. Hang on.

- Looks like they stopped.
- Call you back, Hondo.

Be careful.

They must have
ditched the tracker.

It'd be around here
somewhere. Yeah.

Under the bridge.

We know it's not
enough. Give us time.

Don't hurt anyone else.

Please, please, not my baby, no.

Two for the price of one.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

LAPD! Drop the weapons!

He's still with us.


Hey. Hey. Hey.

Muriel. Muriel.

Come on. It's okay.

If we don't get
them their money,

we're all in danger, okay?

They're going to
kill our families.

Let's get you
someplace safe, okay?

What's the latest?
If the Zamora cartel's

targeting families, we need
to contact every relative

of Los Nueves we can trace,

but it's hundreds of people.

Can't protect them all.

Hey, our injured
sicario, he say anything

before he went into surgery?

I asked him where the
cartel's hiding out in L.A.,

but he just said, "Me
van a filetear vivo."

Loosely translated, means
"they will filet me alive."

Red and I just
managed to ID him.

Turns out, he's Ulan
Zamora's right-hand man.

Which means the
DEA's plan worked.

Ulan's got to be here in L.A.
Gonna get this up to my boss.

Thanks, Powell. Yeah.

Warming up to our
pals from the DEA?

At least they're on our
side now. Hey, real quick.

A vice cop I know used
to work with Hicks.

She tipped me off to this.

"LAPD 1989 Men of the Year."

Is this what I think it is?

Mr. September'll make a
hell of a conversation piece

honoring Hicks tonight.

man. This is great.

You know, I gave Buck a call.

He's gonna pull together
some old Hicks stories.

Greatest hits.

I figure if you can't
laugh at yourself after

40 years on the
force, when can you?

I heard we ID'd
our cartel soldier.

What're you hiding
behind your back?


Give it to me. Don't make me.

Come on, knock it off.

Something you wanna
tell me, Street?

Is there anything I can say
that would make this not weird?


I spoke to Agent Boyle
on Marcos's behalf.

And unless he and
Shorty have some way of

turning Ulan over to the Feds,
there's no deal to be made.

So you and Luca should
tell 'em. We will.

Get back to work.

Yes, sir.

Look, Muriel,

I know you're scared.

But becoming an accessory
to armed robbery,

that wasn't the answer.

Well, someone had
to try to stop them.

Until the cartel gets
their $3 million back,

all of our families
are in danger.

It's just a matter
of who Ulan Zamora

wants to punish first.

I don't know how I'll ever
be free of him. Free of Ulan?

What do you mean by that?

This baby is his child.

Does Ulan know? What
about your boyfriend?

No. That would only
make things worse.

Only my cousins know.

So both Marcos and Shorty,

they've been keeping
the secret for you?

I don't have a father.

Growing up, Marcos was
the closest thing I had.

Always looking out
for me. He still does.

He said he was gonna
take me and Shorty

across the country,
to escape all of this.

Do you have any idea where
Ulan Zamora is in L.A.?

When was the last
time you spoke?

The night he did this to me.

Leandro's boy Rafael,

he took me and Leandro to
Mexico for the holidays,

said he had some business
to do with a guy named Z.

That's Ulan Zamora.

Rafael is the one who
cut the deal with him.

Okay. What's Rafael's last name?

I don't know it.

I spent months

thinking about what
happened that night,

but I'm sure Ulan
had me drugged,

and he raped me.

I'm so sorry that
happened, Muriel.

And look at the text that was
sent right after New Year's

with a picture, it's
Ulan taunting me.

Thanks for this.

Someone will be in to
check on you shortly.

Hey. The 15 Nueves
we picked up earlier,

do you know if one of
them is named Rafael?

Not that I see here, why?

Muriel said that one of the
gang members named Rafael

is the one who cut
the heroin deal

with the Zamora cartel.

All right, well, if
this is the guy who made

the $3 million deal with Ulan,

there's a good chance Ulan

holds him responsible
for never getting paid.

Have Powell track down Rafael.

I'll tell the DEA.
All right, no problem.

All right. Oh, hey, Sanchez was
supposed to meet me here an hour ago.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, well,
he blew me off.

Now he says he's got
a ten-minute window,

provided I go meet him.

Don't go easy on him.
Oh, don't you worry.

Listen to me,
Shorty. The Feds say

unless you can deliver
Ulan Zamora to them

on a silver platter,

there's no deal.
Ain't no way, man.

You said you'd help
us if I helped you.

We said we'd try.

I know how we could get to Ulan.

Wait, what're you talking about?

If I tell you this,
I won't be safe.

You won't be safe
in here either.

If Shorty talks, can you keep
him out of general population?

Yeah, we'll make arrangements
to get him his own cell

as soon as we walk outta here.

You'll be safe, Shorty.

It's okay.

Find the number to
J's Used Car Lot.

When I turned down that vato
from the cartel two months ago,

he said if we changed our minds,
to call the same number as J's,

except the last digit
on his number was a six.

Even if we get in touch with
this guy, what're we gonna say?

We only have one carrot
to dangle in front of Ulan

that I can think of.

He's about to become a
father, and doesn't know it.

- Muriel told you?
- She told Deacon.

Now we take it to the Feds,

we see if there's
a deal to be made.

Get me outta here, Marcos.

Whatever you got to do,
bro. Just get me out.

So none of the Nueves in custody
are gonna help us ID Rafael?

He's got to be
Ulan's next target.

They're probably hoping
he already split.

We've been trying to reach out
to every family member we can,

but a lot of their phones
have been turned off.

I'm afraid we're
coming up short.

You think the cartel
got to them? Don't know.

Powell's keeping a
log of when and where

the phones went
dark. All right.

Oh, and, Hondo,

I got it on good authority
that today's significance

in my career is not lost on you,
and that there may be some sort

of gathering in the works.

Sir, 40 years on the LAPD,

that's something to
be real proud of.

Well, this isn't about pride.

Barb hated the thought
of me working this job

into my 60s.

So 15 or so years
ago, I cut her a deal.

I told her when I hit my
40th anniversary as a cop,

I'd retire.

So in an alternate
version of my life,

if she were still alive,

we'd probably be off to
Jamaica right about now.

Commander, what I
remember of Barb is

she'd just want you to be happy,

Well, I am happy.

And I'm not going
anywhere either.

No, celebrating today
just makes me think about

what I've lost, so
whatever you're planning,

I'm asking you to call it off.

It's just another
reminder that I'm closer

to the end than the start.


Thanks for carving
time out of your schedule

to meet me. Anything
for an old friend.

All right, so you said you want
to discuss something in person?

Yeah. We need to get
something straight.

Owen has heard from
multiple sources

that you've been dumping on our
security company in meetings,

disparaging my work
ethic. Easy, tiger.

I never disparaged anything.

Telling clients that my
head's not really in it,

that I'm a full-time cop.

Well, that part's
true, isn't it?

I mean, it's not like the
security firm's a top priority

for either one of you.

You have SWAT,

and from what I've heard,

Owen's playing a lot
of golf in Florida.

Look, it's one thing
to snag a client

by beating us fair and square,

but to do it by tearing us
down, that is unethical.

Come on, Deac, man,
this isn't personal,

it's business.

Well, I'd rather
lose my business

than to make money
doing it like that.

Have fun working the
music festival for your new client.

Yeah, we didn't get the
contract. L.A. Gold did.

I'm sure that makes you
at least a little happy.

it easy, Deac.

Okay, if this guy answers,
everything you got to say

is laid out right
here. Yeah, I got it.

I tell him I'm Muriel
Guzman's cousin.

She's pregnant with Ulan's baby,
and needs to see him tonight.

Okay, the cartel are gonna want
to take control of the meeting,

so whatever location they pick,
just agree to meet Ulan there.

Phone company says the number's
active, but untraceable.

You ready?

Not until I know we got a deal.

Commander's working on it still.

Then I ain't calling no one.

Offer from the DEA.

They drop your resisting
arrest charge, and when Ulan

is captured, you enter Witsec,
with a healthy stipend to boot.

Shorty, too, right?

They only agreed to let Shorty
enter witness protection

if he's cleared of the
charges against him.

That'll take months.

And how do we know he'll
be cleared, huh? No way.

If Shorty ain't
part of it, no deal.

Commander, you mind if we,
uh, try to twist Boyle's arm?

Be my guest. Come
on. Let's go.

Nice work, gentlemen.

At this rate, we'll
have Ulan locked up

and still be home for supper.

I'll be upstairs
monitoring the call.

The deal the Feds
are offering Marcos,

it's got to include
his brother Shorty.

Shorty Guzman's facing
serious charges.

There's a legal process.

Eight years ago, Shorty was 12,

and a foot shorter than the
suspect the witness described.

It wasn't him.

Now, Shorty is helping
Marcos inform on the heir

to a ruthless cartel.
Yeah, you tell Marcos

we're making a deal with him,

not every relative that
ever got a speeding ticket.

Have him make the
damn call. No.

Marcos won't do it unless
Shorty's included in the deal.


I will resubmit the paperwork,

but even if the
higher-ups agree,

it'll still be over an hour
for the offer to be redrawn.

In the meantime, let's
get this show on the road

while Ulan's still in town.

He ain't gonna pick up.

Just give it a sec.

¿Quién es?

This is Marcos Guzman.

I'm Muriel Guzman's cousin.

Muriel knows a friend
of yours named Z.

She got some news a while back

that she's having a
baby and Z's the dad.

She thought he'd want to know.

Who the hell
did you say this is?

him the photo.

Marcos Guzman.

Check your phone.
Just sent you a text.

What's she want? Money?

She wants to meet
Z and talk it out.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

Not till you go through me.

All right.

Where and when?

There's an old machine shop

on the corner of
Santa Ana and Hill.

30 minutes. Just
you and the girl.

Paperwork better be ready for
me to sign when I get back.

I just got word
from the deputy warden.

They're moving Shorty
to a single-room cell.

He's gonna be safe.

Open six!

Not sure whose ass
you've been kissing,

but enjoy, cupcake.

Close six!

We need ears inside. It's
the only way we can keep you safe.

Now, the recorder's
built into the button.

try not to think about it.

Powell, what's up?

This Rafael we've
been trying to find.

The Nueve who brought
Muriel to Mexico

and cut the deal with Ulan.

We think we ID'd him.

His name is Juan Rafael Perez.

You sure it's the right
guy? - 100%.

We've been
reverse-image searching

Muriel's picture of him.

Finally hit his social media.

All right, send
unis to scoop him up.

We tried. He's gone.

Checked his place,
called his sisters,

his mother's restaurant
in Southgate.

We can't find him or his family.

The Zamora cartel's infamous
for holding grudges.

If Rafael's the guy who
personally cut the deal

with Ulan...

All right, let's
just pray that Rafael

and his family are
hunkered down somewhere.

Keep us posted.

I'll fill you in later.

When this guy sees
Muriel ain't with me,

won't he know something's up?

You just tell him that
Muriel wants to meet Ulan.

No one else.

Once this guy trusts you
are who you say you are,

that's when you ask
about Ulan's whereabouts.

Now, he's not gonna give
you a straight answer,

but you keep your cool,
you keep him talking.

He's bound to give something up.

All right, you know
where you're headed.

Half a block down the street.

Now, the DEA is listening in,

Street and Luca are
posted up just outside

in the back alley.

Now, if anything goes sideways,

you work the word "Domingo"
into the conversation,

they'll move in.

Just remember to
try and stay calm.

Yeah. I'm straight.

I'm good.


Is he headed in?

As we speak.

Bueno. Follow me.

Where's the girl?

She wants to meet Ulan.

I bet she does.

He clean?

He's not packing, Armando.

He wearing a wire?

Gonna have to search you.

Take off your clothes, chico.

What'd you say to me?

He says we
need to search you.


It's just how we do things.

Look, I got a scared
cousin out there

who wants to talk to
her baby's father.

Where's he at?
He's playing anger.

That's a risky move.

Yeah. Should we pull
him? No. No, not yet.

We can't lose our
shot at Ulan Zamora.

You think I'm some punk, huh?

Take it easy.

No, you take it easy, ese.

Keep your pants on.

I believe you.

I told Ulan what you told me.

He remembers the girl.

He wants to know what she wants.

She wants him to know
he's having a son.

Oye esto, jefe.

Ulan has just arrived into town.

He wants to meet her.

Get her here. We'll take you.

Where's he at?

He has some business he wants

to personally handle first.


Luca, Street. Move in!

LAPD! Hands!

Get over! Get over!

Don't move. Get over.

Give me your hands.

Deceased male, GSW to the chest.

Grab his phone. He just
called Ulan Zamora.

We got his number.

Powell. Texting
you Ulan's number.

uploading it now.

The scrambler Ulan's
using won't let us

narrow his location
past a square mile.

Looks like he's in Southgate.

That Rafael guy in the wind,

where'd you say his mother's
restaurant was? Southgate.


Please, no!

Why are you doing this?

Ask your son.

What do we know?

Two entrances on the three side.

Blue pickup down the block.

Ulan's in there. This is it.

You all ready to do this?

Let's go.

Red, clear right side. Got it.

Ace, Naomi, one side.

Stand up, Rafael.

Tell me...

where's my $3 million?

I don't know.

I don't know. I
swear to you, Ulan.

Just leave my
family out of this.

You brought them into this

by making a deal
with someone like me.

We all have family, Rafael.

You shame me before my father,

my family...

now I do the same to

You do the honors.

No, no. Please.


Don't make me, please.




- Red, stay back, cover the
door. - You got it.


I got eyes on Ulan Zamora.

Two other armed men,
looks like seven hostages.

We got to get closer
before we advance.

Boyle, cover the kitchen.


You hear something?

Heads up, Boyle.

Armed suspect coming your way.

Don't say a word.

Red, I need cover.

Do you smell lighter fluid?



On the ground!

It's all right. Stay down.

Ulan's in the closet. I got him.

You got no one.

Suspect down.

Ulan Zamora is down.

Hey, here's
the good news.

The owner says we could
eat here for free for life.

Hope she knows how hungry we
get after a 12-hour shift.

What's the bad news?

Who said there was bad news?

How'd things go with Sanchez?

I said what I needed to say.

He explain himself? I guess I
didn't really give him a chance.

I got so worked up hearing
that he was badmouthing

the company I'd
worked so hard for.

Here I thought he was gonna
come to you, hat in hand,

to apologize.

You know, Sanchez does have a
lot to offer in his own way,

but he could learn a few
things from a guy like you.

I'll catch up to you.

Truly thought I was
about to meet my maker.

You're still here, aren't you?

Hey, baby.

Hey, before I take off,
do you want me to pick up

a bottle of scotch
for you to give

to Hicks at your get-together?

No, there's no need.

Hicks found out and
he blew it all up.

He says celebrating
40 years on the force

just reminds him
of what he's lost.

Well, that's a shame.

He's missing out.

So are you guys.

I mean, people don't
always get a chance

to express what
someone means to them.

A day like today is
about thanking someone

who's always done his
best to have your back.

You know, baby, you're right.

Yeah, go ahead and
pick up that scotch.

I'll see you there.

Heard you got picked up
in that bust this morning.

You a Nueve?

I hear you ain't a Nueve.

Yo, let me be, man.

I hear you been talking
to the cops this morning.

Been getting treated
real good, too.

Have 'em treat this.

What's up now?
Everybody hit the wall!

Go on, hit the wall!

I need a medic!

They just want us here

till you sign all the paperwork,

then you're free to go.

And Shorty?

He'll be
transferred out

soon as we send it
over to the jail.

Can I see you two for a second?

There's no easy way to say this.

Uh, Shorty Guzman's
been murdered.

Murdered? What?

How? By who?

We had them put him
in his own cell.

Apparently he was moved.

We're working to get
to the bottom of it.

I promise, we will.

Red is gonna break
the news to Marcos.

I, uh...

regret to inform you that

your brother Shorty
has been killed.

Wait, what?

I'm sorry.

I need to go back
and talk to him.

I think you better not.

You said he would be safe.

You said my brother'd be safe!

You killed him!

Good night, fellas.

Good night.

I hope you know I
didn't drive here

so that you could read
me the riot act again.

No, I-I know.

I stand by what I said,

but that's not why
I asked you to come.

You know, I've been
thinking a lot about

what you've been able to pull
off these last few months.

Starting a company from scratch.

And, uh, I got to
say, it takes guts.

And the ability to rub elbows
that not a lot of people have.

What're you getting at,
Deac? Well, I was thinking.

With your contacts in
the entertainment world,

and my early access as
an active SWAT sergeant,

to security conventions,

we'd make a pretty
unbeatable team.

What are you talking about?
Like a company merger?

Okay, this is not
what I was expecting.

We obviously have
our differences.


I really think that
if we partnered up,

we would do things ethically,

we'd win contracts
with our own merits,

do things the way we-we try
to do things here at SWAT.

The right way.
What about Owen?

You still have a partner,
remember? Like you said,

Owen takes a lot of golf trips.

I have a feeling that

he'd jump at the chance

to become a minority owner.

Sanchez, this could
be a game changer.

For both of us.

Different skills...

but I really believe that
we'd complement each other.

Just need to iron
out some details.

When can you get started?

How about tomorrow?

I was hoping you'd say that.


Surprise! Surprise!

Ah... Congratulations.

40 years on the force.
What an achievement.

Oh, wow.

Well, to be honest, I
had a lot of moments

along the way where...

I didn't think I'd make it.

And I should've known

you don't always listen
to your superiors.

Only the ones who
scare me.

Commander, seriously,
I just wanted to say,

I've been fortunate to
have a few good mentors

in my professional life
who've shown me the ropes,

taken me under
their wings, but...

everything I've learned
about being a public servant,

I mean a true public servant,

I've learned from you.

Congratulations on
40 damn fine years.

Thanks, Hondo.

That means a lot.

Yeah. But if you two think

I'm sharing any of
this scotch with you,

you got another thing coming.


Damn it!

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