S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - To Protect & to Serve - full transcript

The team is back on their regular street patrol, but not only the new Teams and the blue uniform, get them into trouble.

Previously on SWAT...

How long has it been
going on? Six months.

I can see why she left you.

Here's hoping she
found someone better.

You've been suspended.

You're gonna need to
surrender your service weapon.

50-Squad is off today,

so Rocker's agreed to join us.

He's bringing one of his guys
with him. Oh, don't say it.

What's going on?
Rest easy, 20-Squad.

Duty called, and the best
of the best answered.

I never had a big brother.

And I'm not sure I need one.

I really hope that one day

we can have a relationship.

You come find me.

I'll be around.

Ah, patrol day. Time to pay
our dues in basic blues.

I put in my time on
the beat in Long Beach.

Feels like we're just ticking

the community-engagement box
on some bureaucrat's checklist.

Hey, don't let Commander Hicks
hear you talking like that, man.

We're the most highly
trained cops in the LAPD.

Sending SWAT on routine
dispatch calls feels like

making Lebron play a
blacktop pickup game.

Long Beach SWAT didn't
have a patrol requirement?

No, no.

They didn't waste their
lead talent on grunt work.

All right, whoever's riding
with Alfaro is gonna have to

make room in the car
for that ego. Listen,

patrol day's about
getting back to basics.

Yeah. Luca's right.

It's about reconnecting

with the core
aspects of policing.

At least that's what
Hicks says every time

he gives his patrol day speech.

All right, we should
head to Eagle's Nest.

I'm sure the boss already
has the old whistle out.



I know it's tough,
but you can't be here

while you're serving
your suspension.

I know, sir. Backpack
was in my locker.

Look, you got a raw deal.

All due respect, Commander,
you can save the pep talk.

I let my baggage
affect my behavior

and cast a negative
light on SWAT.

For what it's worth,
uh, I'm sorry.

Well, you take care of yourself.

Time will fly,

and we'll be waiting here
for you when you get back.

Yes, sir.

With Street on personal leave

and Tan serving
out his suspension,

today seemed like a
good time to catch up

on our patrol
requirements, but...

I gotta say, it never gets old
seeing you guys in your blues.

Here we go.

You got something you
want to say, Luca?

Just that LAPD
started back in 1869,

and has since become
the third largest

law enforcement agen...
Okay, funny guy.

I know you've heard
the speech a few times,

so I'll do the abridged
version for the newbies.

Sir, maybe keep the whistle
section out of it this time.

Deac, the whistle's
the best part.

These guys, they don't
know how to have fun.

LAPD started in 1869,

and has since become...

All right, I'll
cut to the chase.

LAPD has a long tradition
in community policing...

Which is the cornerstone
of everything we do.

And there's no better way
than to get back to our roots

as a force for good

is to get out among
the people we police.

Interact on a human level.

So keep that in mind while
you're on patrol today. Deacon.

You're riding with Alfaro

on the Central
Patrol Zone route.

Means you get to roll with me.

Commander, please tell
me we pulled a good zone.

Not so fast, Luca.

I paired Powell
with someone else.

But you, oh... you got
the luck of the draw.

A uni out of the 27th.
A guy named Coburn.

Should be waiting for
you in Motor Pool.

Well, if I'm not with
Luca, then who am I with?


I didn't miss the
whistle, did I?

No, you're right on time, Hondo.

You and Powell are
in South L.A. today.

Let's hit the streets.

All right,
let's do this.



I just saw Tan. Here?

Yeah, he was picking up
his bag from his locker.

Huh. I must have
just missed him.

Yeah, I don't think
he's doing great

with the suspension.

Now, your patrol area,

it's not far from his apartment.

Stop by and check in
on him, will you? Okay.

I think he could use our
support right now. Will do, sir.

All right.

You know, I'm impressed
how you've knuckled up

and made changes to
fit in around here.

Guess Street was
a good influence.

Yeah, he's, uh, he's been great.


If you've got something
on your mind, let it off.

I gotta know you
ain't distracted

before we get out there.

It's just, how are you so cool

with being in this uniform?

What do you mean?
All the side-eyes.

The way conversation
stops when you pass by.

You feel some kind
of way about patrol.

I transferred to LAPD
the summer of 2020,

in the wake of George Floyd.

It was tough on the streets.

People hated us.

It felt like this
uniform was a magnet

for anger and resentment.

You didn't quit.

Well, it's different
now that we're on SWAT.

We only show up when
people really need us,

and they're grateful.

You wear the uniform,
people judge you

without getting to know all
that you're about, I get it.

But, Powell, I do believe
in community policing.

My goal is to show the community

a uniform that cares,

and maybe even
inspire a little hope.

You ready? Yeah.

Hey, Long Beach,
I'm driving today.

This is my town.

Durant, what
are you doing here?

I got a pickup to make. Yeah?

Maybe you can help.

Supposed to ride with
an Officer Coburn.

He-he patrols out of your
station. You know him?

Yeah. Decent cop.

Always smells like
chili dogs, though.

Oh, great.

That's why I traded
him for your patrol.

I figured I'd spare
you the cleaning bill,

'cause that smell really
sticks to the uniform.

You're my partner for the day?

I was pretty tough
last time we spoke.

Said I didn't need a brother.

You said to come find
you if I changed my mind.

So you do want a brother.

Half brother, I guess.

Well, a full shift together
will give us a chance

to get to know each other.

You sure you want to do this?

I can always kick you
back to Coburn. Yeah.

Officer Chili
Dog? Nah, thanks.

Whoa, what are you doing?

Oh, right.

Your car, my bad.

The car's registered
to Eric Mac.

Couple of speeding violations.
None gone to warrant.

Thinks the rules don't apply

'cause he can afford
to pay the tickets.

This is the LAPD. Pull over.

Could you turn off
the engine, please?

I'm late for a meeting.

Make this quick, huh?

Let me see your
license, registration

and proof of insurance.

Why didn't you stop?

Didn't see you. Like
I said, I'm late.

You know how fast
you were going?

Look, I was speeding, I get it.

Just write the damn
ticket. I gotta go.

All right, Mr. Mac,
you sit tight.

Be right back.

That guy know he's talking
to a Police Star recipient?

hours of training

just to get barked
at by some jerk

in a fancy suit.

Doesn't matter how much training
we have; that's the job.

To protect and serve the
people of Los Angeles.

Even when those people
are entitled jerks.

20-David to Dispatch.
Show us responding to

a shots-fired call on the 103
block of South Central Avenue.

Nothing. Is he...

He's gone.

All right, listen up.

We're the first ones on scene.

Go get the kit while
I put in the call. Go.

20-David to Dispatch,
we have a 187 on site.

You see, right?
I'm tired of this.

It might have been this
bitch that shot him.

You know how they do.

Shoot first, justify later.

This is crazy.

Give him the kit. You secure
the scene, and you wait

wait for RHD to show
up. You understand?

Yes, sir. What's up?

Dispatch says all Homicide
detectives are tied down.

They want Patrol to hold down
the scene until they get here,

but that could take a while.

His body's
just gonna lay here

with all these people watching?

Hondo, this is what
I was talking about.

They're upset and...
Yeah. Rightfully so.

But L.A.'s a big city.

Too much crime and
too few detectives.

If this was Brentwood,
there's be a whole

RHD squad here by
now. Yeah, maybe.

Maybe not.

This community
deserves better.

These people need
to see results.

What are we gonna do?

We're gonna show 'em
what we're all about.

We're gonna find the son
of a bitch who did this.

Well, thank you
very much, Officer.

I'm glad we got that sorted out.

You have a nice day, ma'am.

I always say "miss"
instead of "ma'am."

Seems less ageist.

Even if she's
definitely a ma'am?

Especially then.

So, did you catch the
latest Squawk Box?


It's a podcast. Nah.

People just talking
isn't my thing.

It's like old-timey radio
from a hundred years ago.

Well, what do you
listen to on road trips?

I don't know. Music?

RHD's backed up, so they're
allowing us to assist.

What am I looking at?

This is our victim,
Derrick Moore.

Small-time rapper shot
twice in the chest.

Multiple witnesses
heard several gunshots.

Like, five or six.

There were only two spent
casings found at the scene,

but loud music was playing
on the victim's phone.

Rap, with gunshots on
the track for effect.

Which could account for
what the witnesses heard.

Is there more?

Are you familiar
with drill rap, sir?

Well, let's assume I'm not.

It's a subgenre focused
on street violence.

Explicit lyrics often
describe real-life beefs.

The victim was playing
his own Jam Cloud channel.

I did a deep dive, and there
was a common theme to his songs.

A serious rivalry with
someone named "Lo-Dog."

You think the victim was
killed over a music rivalry?

We have any hits on the
Lo-Dog alias in our system?

None, but the victim
rapped about going

to Noble Gardens
and finding Lo-Dog

on a few different tracks, so...

What's the plan?

Up-and-coming rapper with beef
big enough to trade bullets.

Somebody at Noble Gardens has
got to know who Lo-Dog is.

Well, that area of Watts isn't
exactly on the best terms

with LAPD.

You know the reception
you're gonna get.

I think I know someone
there who'll talk to us.

It was so fast.

He pushed me against the
wall and took my necklace.

Could you
describe the necklace?

A white gold chain with
a teardrop ruby pendant.

It was my mom's.

She's gonna be pissed.

Here, let me help you with that.

When she finds
out what happened,

I'm sure your mom is just

gonna be happy that you're okay.

Was there anyone around

when the incident took place?

Any witnesses, Miss... Greene.


I screamed, but no one came.

He had this crazy
look in his eye.

I was so scared...
Hey, it's okay.

We're here now.

Can you describe the attacker?

White, dirty blond hair.

Uh, average-looking.

He was wearing a high
school letterman jacket.

No name, but a
tornado on the back.

Well, Becca, you
have two of LAPD's

most highly trained SWAT
officers on this case.

We're gonna find this guy and
get your necklace back. Promise.

Thank you.

Yeah, uh, well, we
got your contact info

and your incident report.

You are free to go.
We'll be in touch.

What the hell was that?

Just some harmless flirting.

No, not that, Romeo. I'm
talking about the promise.

You know better than to
make a guarantee like that.

Just trying to serve the
people of Los Angeles.

Look, hear me out.

Dude snatches her
necklace, has no weapon,

so I'm thinking it
wasn't premeditated.

A crime of opportunity
like that, he's...

He's probably looking to get
rid of that necklace fast.

There are some pawnshops nearby
that aren't exactly known

for vetting their merchandise.

Can't hurt to roll by a few of
'em and check 'em out, right?

Ah, who knows? Maybe
we'll get lucky.

Hey, hope you're hungry.
Swung by Xiamara's.

She made some extra.

Hey, Durant. Uh, come on in.

Place is a mess. Wasn't
expecting company.

Oh, we don't
mind. Yo, what's this?

It's from HQ, dated today.

I knew you didn't
forget your gym bag.

Bro, you can't be doing searches
while you're on suspension.

Look, I can explain.

Hold on. Whoa, what's...

Is that the guy
Bonnie's cheating with?

I just... I needed
to know who he was.

Okay, you're kind of getting
into weird territory,

don't you think?

Should I go wait in the car?

Nah. It's all out
in the open now.

Guy stole my wife,
blew up my marriage.

I'm so sorry. Bro, I
know you're hurting,

but this is only
making it worse.

What am I supposed to
do, just forget about it?

No, forget about him,
man. They guy's a scumbag.

Okay? To get involved
with a married woman,

be a homewrecker,

that's straight-up human
garbage, all right?

He ain't worth your time.

So why does he get away clean?

What are you talking about?

He's married, too, Luca.

He has kids...

and a wife

who has no idea who
she's married to.

So why am I the only one who
gets hurt in all of this?

'Cause you're a
good person. Okay?

Bonnie and this
guy, they're not.

It sucks, but you
gotta let it go.


Look, promise me that
you'll let it go.


I promise.

You think Becca
would like omakase?

Hold on.

You're gonna ask the
victim out for sushi?

Oh, it's my first date go-to.

They're always bringing
stuff to the table.

No awkward silences.

Since when are you silent?

All right, next
pawnshop's up ahead.

I got one more in me

before I call off this
whole goose chase.

Ready to eat your words?

Tornado letterman jacket.

Am I good, or am I good? Huh?

Even a broken clock is
right twice a day. Eh...

I'm bailing.

Cut around the other side.

LAPD. Stop where you are!

30-David in pursuit.

Our strong-arm robbery
suspect is on foot

heading south into
an alley off Spring.


I said stop!

I can't. They took her.

56-David, suspect is armed.

Damn it!

You good? Or are you good?

Look, he said, "They took her."

I-I'm telling you,
something was off.

So you think there's
more going on here

than just the mugging?

That crazy look that the
victim saw, I saw, too.

He was scared, Deac. Not
of me, something else.

Can I help you?

Hey. A guy left here
a couple minutes ago.

Dirty blond, wearing
a high school jacket.

In some kind of trouble?

Well, it's the kind of
trouble that rubs off

if you're not careful.

He pawn a necklace?

Look, right now we are more
interested in him than you.

So if you're smart,
you'll keep it that way.

Kid's name is Zack.

Brings things in from time
to time. Stolen things.

I don't ask. He
seems like a good kid

just trying to survive, so,
uh, you know, I help him out.

Well, now he's got
his hands on a gun.

He get that here from you?

Well, don't suddenly
get shy on us now.

Look, he was desperate.
He wanted five grand

for a little ruby necklace.

When I told him
I couldn't do it,

he traded for the gun instead.

Does Zack have a
girl in his life?

Yeah, his high school honey.

Moved out together,
were gonna be famous.

Didn't work out
for them, but, uh,

yeah, they're hanging in there.

They're newlyweds now.

You certainly seem to know
a hell of a lot about him.

I sold Zack his engagement ring.

A week or so ago,

he came in with a
big wad of cash.

Thousands. He wanted a ring.

Said they were headed
to Vegas to get married.

Where's a kid like
this get his hands

on thousands in cash?
Like I said, I...

Yeah, you don't ask.

But you look like
you have an idea.

He might have
mentioned the OVPs.

The Olvera Street Players?

What, you think this
kid's involved in a gang?


The way he was acting
about the money, I...

think he might have stolen it.

All right. The
OVPs are ruthless.

If Zack stole from
them, I'm pretty sure

we're not the only
ones looking for him.

Zack. He, uh,
have a last name?

Thompson. All right.

I'm gonna need any
paperwork you have

on that firearm. Oh, yeah.

And the ruby necklace.

Let's have that, too.

Ain't nobody call for you.

Easy, pal.

Just came to talk
to Apartment 2-C.

Is that Hondo?

How you doing, Ms. Bernard?

About as good as an old
lady can expect these days.

Y'all move on now.

You sure, Ms. Bernard?

You gonna make me repeat myself?

No, ma'am.

Call themselves
looking out for me.

You haven't been by in so
long. I know. I'm sorry.

I've been a little busy.
It's not an excuse.

I should come by more often.

This is Officer Powell.
It's nice to meet you.

Since you brought this
young police lady with you,

I know this ain't
no social call.

What do you need?

We need to find a guy
who goes by Lo-Dog.

Word on the street is he
lives around here. He does.

Do you know his real name?
Where we can find him?

If I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Excuse me?

You heard me just fine.

Ms. Bernard, there was
a shooting this morning.

I'm not surprised the
cops come sniffing around

when there's violence.

But I never expected you

to carry that water, Hondo.

We're just trying to help.

Help comes before
you're dead, sweetheart.

After, it's called
something else.

Ms. Bernard thinks
the LAPD only shows up

after the worst has
already happened.

Been living in this
neighborhood too long,

and seen too much.

Even Hondo, with
those Billy Dee eyes,

can't change my mind.

You know I'm gonna keep trying.

Listen, I can bring closure
to that boy's murder.

You say Lo-Dog is
innocent. Mm-hmm.

I believe you, 'cause I know

you wouldn't protect
him if he wasn't.

But that's not enough for LAPD

to drop him as a suspect.

Just have him come talk to me,

on the record.

He can walk in by himself.

Nobody out there needs to know.

You've kind of been in
your head since lunch.

Everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just... thinking.

You believe what you said?

What'd I say?

To Tan, about that other
guy being a homewrecker.

Human garbage.

I mean, look, I was just
trying to make him feel better,

but basically, yeah.

I mean, who does that?

Well, my mom, apparently.

Your dad was married,
and that didn't stop her.

Or him. Okay, I'm not...

Look, I wasn't talking
about your mom.

I wasn't.

What's the difference?

I'm not blaming you.

It's your home she
almost wrecked.

Look, I don't know what to say.


Well, neither do I.

You know, we haven't really
known what to say all day.

I can't be the only
one Who's noticed.

No, I mean, it's been weird,

but we'll get through
it. It's okay.

Will we?

I think we both
kind of assume that,

since we're half siblings,

there'd be some kind
of a connection, but...

maybe we just need
to admit there's not.

All right, thanks,
Martinez. I owe you.

My guy in Gang and Narcotics,

he says the Olvera
Street Players

run a collection racket,

leaning on immigrant businesses.

And they're not
very nice about it.

Definitely not
the kind of people

you want to be stealing from.

What do you got?

Zack Thompson, 22 years old.

Couple charges for petty theft.

Connected into a rash of
smash-and-grab robberies

around Pico Union.

Breaking car windows and
taking whatever's inside.

But, hey. But there's
a red flag here.

Three days ago, he filed
a missing persons report

for his wife Sally.

When you chased him, he
didn't say "missing."

He said she was taken.

So Zack goes on another
smash-and-grab spree,

and ends up stealing
from the OVPs.

As retaliation, they grab Sally.

Look, I bet that
they're holding her

until they get their money back.

Yeah, but he doesn't
have their money.

Instead, he's got a gun.

Olvera Street is close by.

If the OVPs do business there,

I guarantee that's
where Zack is headed.

Hi. Uh, looking for
the owner, Stacey.

Is she in today?

She's over there.


Excuse me, Stacey?

Yes. Can I help you?

Uh, sorry to bother.

My wife, uh, works with
your husband. Really?

Yeah. My name's Victor Tan.


You must be Bonnie's husband.

Well, if you've come to break
the news, you're too late.

I already know
about their affair.

Do you mind if I sit?


What do you want?

Honestly, I don't really know.

Just... felt like

I needed to come.

I'm still trying to make
sense of it, you know?

Look, no offense, Victor,

but if you want me to sit here

and play lonesome
loser with you,

it's not gonna happen.

I've worked too hard
and sacrificed too much

building the life I have.

I won't give it up so easily.

Matter of fact, you can tell
your bitch wife that, too.

I don't care how much
she wants my husband,

she can't have him;
not without a fight.

Grab yourself a latte, if
you like, on the way out.

It's on the house.

Lucas Gibbs, aka Lo-Dog.

Thanks for coming in.

I ain't shoot nobody.


Derrick got shot?!

You know Derrick Moore?


We've heard his music, Lucas.

We know you guys got beef.

No, no, no, it ain't
even like that.

What's it like, then?

Look, we was boys, a'ight?

The... Like, the whole,
the whole drill thing,

that was just a scam.

We was faking a rap beef

so we could get our
rep up in the rap game,

that's it.

You were friends? Yes.

Since we was kids.

He really dead?

Yes, he is.

I'm sorry.

You know anyone who
wanted to hurt Derrick?

Anyone make any threats?

No, man.

He was only worried about music.

Derrick never even fought
anyone in real life.

So he had no beef
with anyone? No.

I mean, look,

not everyone loved when
he was shooting his videos

and stuff like that, you know.

People would come
and yell sometimes,

but not like this, though.

Hey, listen to me.

You get back down to the Gardens

and you find someone who
saw you this morning.

Anyone who can prove
that you weren't on 103rd

when this went down.

You get it?

Thank you.

I'm Sergeant Kay,
this is Alfaro.

I'm Barnes. This is my
partner Wilson. Hey.

We're looking for a kid.
White male, early 20s.

Name's Zack Thompson.
You guys know him?

Yeah, we ran him
in once for theft.

Haven't seen him today, though.
Yeah, we think Zack's here

looking for the
Olvera Street Players.

OVPs tend to post up
wherever they please.

Their victims don't report.

Doesn't give us
much to work with.

All right. Well, we
could use a hand.

Let's fan out, cover
more ground that way.

Suspect's armed,

so stay alert.

2: Oh, hey, ladies.

Why don't you come down here?

I'll show you a
good time, you know?

No, papi. Ah,
don't be a hater.

It's Romeo.

Better have our money.

Tell me where Sally is first.

You stole
five Gs, pendejo.

You don't get nothing

till we get our money.

Where is she?

Not far.

Bet she's getting lonely.

You don't pay up,

maybe me and the
homies pay her a visit.

Now give me the money.

Call your boys.

Bring Sally here.


Or you gonna shoot me?

Right here?

I'm not scared of you.

You should be, Romeo.

You point a gun at me,

now I got to hurt you,

not to mention what I'm
gonna do to your girl.

Hold up. Nine o'clock.

30-David. Active 245 in
progress in Olvera Park.

Suspects are armed.

At your six.

We got a standoff.

Three on one.

We got to move in now

before it spills into the park.

On my count...

Shots fired.
I repeat, shots fired.

Drop your weapons!

No clear shot. 30-David.

Shots fired, Olvera Park.

Requesting backup and an R/A.

That's Deacon.

Olvera Park's not far. Go, go.

Oh, God.

They're gonna kill her. You
got to save her, please.

Wilson, Barnes,
you stay with him.

Come on.

They're heading
east towards Union Station!


30-David. Pursuing
suspects into Union Station.

Three Latino males wearing
black caps and black jeans.

Where's that backup?

22-David responding.
Entering from the three side.

If they're on the run,

this is where they come out.

You got to skate where
the puck's going.

Not where it is.
What, you like hockey?

Kings for life.

Aw, hell yeah. Let's go.

56-David. Pursuing suspect

south into the restaurant.

22-David. No
visual on the suspects.

Whoa. Hey, man!

There's a brewery in
back. Funnel him there.

your final destination,

please take our ground
transportation options

in the rear of the building,

located on Cesar Chavez
and Vignes Avenue.

22-David. Searching
the north concourse.

Whoa, whoa!

I got a visual.

Can't get a shot,
he's got a hostage.

I'll flank him and
take the high ground.

LAPD! Let the girl go!

Get out of my way!
Listen to me, Miss,

we're gonna get you
out of here, okay?

Do exactly what I say.


I need you to duck!

Not today, pal.

Nice body check, man.

You're a hockey fan, all right.

You should see me
during playoffs.

Let's get
your ass up, buddy.

30-David. Almost in position.

Good, 'cause I'm
sending him your way.


You're under arrest.

Come on.

We're still one short.

What'd the hell these guys do?

kidnapped a woman.

And there's still a
suspect outstanding.

We ain't kidnap nobody.

Least you ain't gonna
be able to prove it.

Hey, what's that mean, huh?

Your boy planning on
doing something stupid?

No body, no crime.


We got
to stop this guy

before he gets to the girl.

Patrol has the
exits buttoned up.

56-Tango. Suspect fleeing east

towards the plaza. In pursuit.

We got these guys.

Yo, what's up?

I'm one.

Hey, on your knees!
On your knees!

Aw, damn! It's locked!

He's getting
away! 56-David.

Suspect is running
east on the tracks

out of Union Station.

We lost him.

If he gets to
Sally before we do,

she's as good as dead.

We're a quarter mile
from Union Station.

Deacon said the shooter
left the station going east.

Some of the these trains have
been parked here for months.

You think they stashed
Sally Thompson here?

It's their territory,

and we know he's
going after the girl.

We just got to get to
her first. Let's move.

Powell, go left. I got right.

LAPD! Stop right there!

Powell, move!

20-David. Suspect
is on the tracks,

quarter mile east of
Union Station. In pursuit.

Suspect dropped his gun.

Put the weapon
down. Where is she?

Where's Sally Thompson?

I ain't going back to prison.

Where is she?

You gonna have to kill me.

I ain't that kind
of cop. Powell.

Going hands-on.

28-David to Command.
We're Code 4.

Did you find her?
Did you find Sally?

No, not yet, and
he ain't talking.

We found him climbing a ladder.

Why get on top of a train?

Well, these cars are
all locked tight.

The only reason

to be on top... If
that's your way in.

Let's check out these boxcars.

Hey, Sally!



Shh. You hear that?

Sally Thompson!

She's in here. It's
okay, we're LAPD.

Hey, grab that.

Hey. Hey, we got you.

Hey. It's gonna be okay.

All right? You're
gonna be all right.


Hostage has been recovered.

I need an R/A, my position.

Hey, thanks for
riding with me today.

We were good out
there, you know?

Yeah, we were.

Look, what I said before...

It's like I'm
overthinking everything,

and I don't know why.

I do.

It's 'cause you didn't
grow up with siblings.

You think

lack of common ground
means the end of the road,

but it doesn't have to.

How's that?

Look, we don't have to
agree on everything,

or even anything.

I mean, you met Terry, right?

Of course.

Okay, we never agree.

We're as different as it gets,

but he's my brother,

and I love him. You know?

I mean, that's what being
a sibling is all about

is being connected

no matter what.

Sometimes family just needs

to keep choosing each other.

You're my sister.

Even if you do have terrible
taste in road trip radio.

I can work with that.

Hey, you busy tonight?

Puck drops in 30 if
you want to watch.

Yeah? Yeah.

All right, I'll see you there.

I thought you were
done for the day.

Not yet, sir.

The suspect we
talked to earlier,

Lo-Dog. Mm-hmm.

Something he said stuck with me.

Yeah, and what's that?

He said people

got in the victim's face

about making his drill
rap music videos.

Yeah. I went through
Derrick's videos and found

several locations he
filmed multiple times.

These are the ones
that filed noise

or vandalism complaints.

So you think he was confronted

by one of these business owners?

This restaurant

was robbed seven months ago.

The owner fired

his registered gun
in self-defense.

It's the same caliber bullet
that killed Derrick Moore.

It's thin.

That community
deserves closure, sir.

It's nice to see this kind
of fire in you, Powell.

Grab Hondo and go run this down.

So what
happens to them now?

Well, hopefully the
judge is a romantic.

Kid made a stupid
mistake for love,

his wife almost paid
the price for it.

At least she's okay.

Yeah, thanks to you.

You still shouldn't
have made that promise,

but if you hadn't,
things might have

worked out worse for them.

Oh, bit of, uh,
bad news, though.

You're not gonna be
able to give, uh...

What's her name? Becca.

Becca her necklace,

not until it clears evidence.

Hope that doesn't

ruin your sushi date.

Are you kidding me?
Even better. Hmm?

Guarantees a second date
down the line when it's

finally released. You're
unbelievable, you know that?

Yeah, I know. Hey. Yeah?

Look, I'm glad we
rode together today.

You were right.

I let being SWAT go to my head.

To protect and serve.

That's the job.

I'm glad we saw it through.

It was nice riding
with you too, Alfaro.

Good night.

Mr. Hudson? I'm
Officer Powell.

we have a moment?

What's this about?

There was a shooting
this morning

a half a block from here.

Sir, do you still
own a Glock G45?

Now y'all come around?

Excuse me?

been going to hell.

I've been calling for weeks

about those thugs
driving off my customers.

But LAPD couldn't be bothered.

Until now.

Did you have a confrontation

with Derrick Moore today?


if something happened,

you really need to
tell us the truth.

If you cooperate with us,

we can help you with
what comes next.

Mr. Hudson, did you
shoot Derrick Moore?

I didn't... I didn't go
out there to hurt the boy.

He had a gun.

I got scared.

We've been on our
own for too long.

And where the hell y'all been?

Another one? Yeah.


Anyway, I expected
anger or tears,

not resolve.

She refused to
accept the situation.

That's when I
realized that this guy

didn't blow up my marriage.

Bonnie did.

As misguided as this
lady's loyalty is,

she's willing to fight.

Bonnie wasn't.

She didn't want to
leave me for this guy.

She just wanted to leave me.

Wow, it takes me
months after a breakup

to have that kind

of a perspective.

Yeah, sorry you had
to go through that.

But sounds like you're
ready to move on.

Don't really have
a choice, do I? Mm.

Lord knows I don't need to hear

any more of your
breakup stories.

Oh, you've got stories, do you?

For days, man. I'm the king

of brutal breakups.

You ever have your
plus one at a wedding

hook up with the maid of honor?

Okay, that I got to hear.

I thought I'd feel better
after closing this case,

not worse.

The community needed our help,

and we ended up arresting
one of their own.

You want to tell
me this community

deserves better, I'm right
there with you on that.

Better funding.

Better opportunities,

all of it.

Derrick Moore got gunned down
in an alley for making music.

We may not like what
his music has to say,

but he had every
right to say it.

What you said before,

about inspiring hope.

Do you ever question
if it's working?

Every day.

But I got to keep on trying.

You did the uniform
proud today, Powell.

That's the best we can do.

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