S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - Gut Punch - full transcript

SWAT teams with Major Crimes for a high-stakes mission to extract an undercover officer from a dangerous crime ring.

- Previously on SWAT...
- Hey, you remember

Miguel Alfaro, Long Beach
SWAT. Was just filling me in

on some of your
LBPD war stories.

Only the good ones,
Streeter. Promise.

I've known Alfaro
since I was 19.

We were in the Academy
together in Long Beach.

I just don't trust him.

A couple
members on the panel

still see me as a
cop's girlfriend.

I'm afraid they'll
think I'm biased

if I rule in the
officer's favor.

Powell ignored
orders, didn't she?

Look, Powell is stubborn,
but I really do think

that she's worth investing in.

You get
Powell squared away.

She's your responsibility now.

This is my wife Bonnie.

Nice to finally meet you.

Last night, I was at
Del Fresco's for dinner.

I saw Bonnie.

She was there with a guy.

We just figured
you'd want to know.

That you think my wife
is cheating on me.

If you don't
believe me, ask her.

How long? Six months.

Bonnie, get out.

- Be right with
you guys. - Yeah, thanks.


Make it a double.

Cheers, everybody!

Cheers to the birthday

Mind watching it?

You're at a bar, man.

Yeah, well, some of us just
want to drink in peace.

Then go home.

Can't do that.

You got dumped, huh?

Why don't you back off, man?

I can see why she left you.

Here's hoping she
found someone better.


Hey, knock it off!

I said, stop it! You
hear me?! Stop it!

No! Stop! Dude,
stop! Get off me!

Sit down. Sit down!

The police are on their way.

Stay right there.

Oh, come on.
Not this thing again.

The lady at the class said
swaddling is very important,

very tricky.

Let's just use a zipper

That would be cheating.

Hmm. Wait. What?

What's wrong? Tan spent the
night in the drunk tank.

Wouldn't let anybody call
me till this morning.

He's probably embarrassed.

Apparently, he got in
a fight in some bar.

Baby, I'm sorry. I got
to bail on breakfast.

I know Hicks is gonna want
to deal with Tan first thing.

Hondo, wait.

I just got a text
about Tan, too.

From the inspector
general.I.G.? No, no.

My guy from the Sixth Division
said there was no arrest,

didn't seem like anyone
was going to press charges.

That normally means that SWAT
handles issues internally.

All I know is she's
calling for a meeting

to review the incident.

A bar fight?

Uncontrolled behavior
at its worst?

I expect better from
anyone on the LAPD,

but a SWAT officer?

I'm sorry, sir. Damn
right, you're sorry.

You're riding the
bench for a month.

What about 20-Squad?

We've already discussed
replacement options.

Is there anything you want
to say about this at all?

I went out, had too much to
drink, I made a stupid choice.

Mostly, I'm glad nobody
got seriously hurt.

Desk duty starts today. I don't
care how hungover you are.

Get to it.

Stupid choice is
an understatement.

Yeah, I'm
frustrated with him, too,

but at least he took his
punishment standing up.

This might not be the end of it.

Nichelle says the inspector
general's getting involved.

That's ridiculous.

I'll give the I.G. a call,
tell her we got it handled.

You get started
on the paperwork.

Deac. Just heard about Tan.

How is he? Well, I saw him

before he went in
with Hicks and Hondo.

He's a little rough around
the edges, but he's okay.

I'm just surprised.
He's not the type

to lose control like that.

You know something I don't.

I heard something.

It's kind of private.

If Tan's not sharing,
I can't.Okay.

I can... I can respect that.

Listen, Hondo's gonna be tied
up with this Tan situation.

And Luca's in San Diego all
weekend with a T-lie thing.

Well, we can't roll out
shorthanded. We won't.

It's next man up.
50-Squad is off today

so Rocker's agreed to join us.

He's bringing one of
his guys with him.

Oh, don't say it.

Miguel Alfaro is
available, and he's solid.

I don't have a problem
with his skills, Deacon.

It's-it's the ego.


What's going on?

Rest easy, 20-Squad.
Duty called,

and the best of
the best answered.

So you just might be able

to keep up with us?
That's good to know.

Oh, today's gonna be fun. Uh,
Rocker's talking to Hondo.

He'll be out in a second.

I appreciate
you guys joining us.

Why don't you go get geared up?


It's just Powell's finally
started to drop the attitude.

And the way Alfaro is...

I don't know. I just...

I don't want him to trip her up,

get her sliding back into
bad habits. All right.

Then we'll keep an eye on
it. It's just for one day.

Sergeant Kay,

this is Sergeant Samuel
Clark from Major Crimes.

He's requested 20-Squad
execute a raid today

on an Armenian crime ring,

the culmination of a
lengthy investigation.

The group is about
12 men strong.

Deals mainly in counterfeiting.
Their leader is David Nazarian.

Yeah, I know this
guy. LAPD's been trying

to build a case against him for
a long time, but charges never

seem to stick. Well,
they will this time.

We've had an undercover
embedded for six months,

gathering evidence.

Erik Arkun. Alias Alex Gaspard.

He's pretty young
to be an undercover.

He's one of our best recruits.

Arkun cracked the
ring's inner circle.

Got invited to a meet-up today

where Nazarian and
seven of his men

are gonna be processing
the latest batch

It'll give us an opportunity

to finally catch
Nazarian red-handed.

Get-together's at an
out-of-business restaurant.

Patrol will coordinate

the perimeter, 20-Squad
will handle the raid.

Roger that.

Sergeant? Major Crimes
has invested a lot

in developing Arkun's cover.

Want to keep it intact, use
him for a future operation.

It's simple enough. We will
arrest your guy alongside

Nazarian and the others,
we'll make it look like he got

swept up in the raid.

Goes without saying,

Detective Arkun is my
guy, my responsibility.

Yeah, getting him out safely
is SWAT's top priority.

Major Crimes is expecting
nine guys total,

including Nazarian
and their undercover.

All right. Remember,
we're putting on a show.

You find Detective Arkun, you
cuff him, just like the rest,

but you ID him over the radio

as "bogey in custody"
so we know he's safe.

Let's go.

26-David approaching
the restaurant.

Front window's obscured.

They've got cameras.

Could already see us coming.

30-David approaching the back.

We got a camera here, too.

We need to be quick.

Breach on
my count. Three.

Two, one.

LAPD. Put your hands up!

On your stomach!
Hands out. Now!

LAPD! Don't move!

Alfaro, I got your six.

Going hands on.

Hands behind your back! Now!

Two suspects in

Third suspect in


Give me your hands.
Fourth suspect in custody.

Show me your hands.

Hold 'em. All right, all right.

On your knees.

I got him.

I got a runner!

Get on your stomach!

Fifth suspect in custody.

You're a beast, Powell.

suspect in custody.

Get on your knees.

Back is clear.

What's the status up front?

Front is clear.

That's not right.

There should have been
more than six guys here.

And no one said "bogey."

What do we got?

We did a secondary sweep.

No sign of Detective
Arkun or Nazarian.

When's the last time you
had contact with Arkun?

Last night.

Everything was fine.
He understood the plan.

He was certain of his intel.
He should've been here.

Guys, got something.
Check this out.

The feed from the
security cameras outside.

This was ten minutes
before we arrived.

Arkun and Nazarian

leaving the restaurant together.

The third guy is
Peter Melkonyan,

Nazarian's right-hand man.

He doesn't look
too trusting of Arkun.

Is there a possibility
he's been made?

If he has, they're gonna kill
him, if they haven't already.

Well, the way
I see it, our job

was to bring Arkun home,

so we're not gonna stop
until that job is done.

Crew members 20-Squad
scooped up are in holding.

So far, nobody's talking.

Commander, I chose
Detective Arkun

for this assignment personally,
and you saw that tape.

If they've realized
he's a cop...

I understand, Sergeant.

Crime techs just called.

They pulled
something interesting

from a trash can outside
of the apartment.

That's Arkun's handwriting.
He left behind a message.

"N." Let's assume
that's Nazarian.

"Into more than dollars." Has
your investigation suggested

that Nazarian's into anything
other than counterfeiting?

Well, Arkun had a theory

that Nazarian was branching
out, but I never bought in.

Well, it looks like Arkun
decided to pursue it on his own.

At least that means he
stayed under voluntarily.

So what are you saying?

We leave him under?

No. He's already attracted

the wrong kind of attention.

And when Nazarian hears
about the raid this morning,

his situation's only
going to get worse.

His instincts about
Nazarian may be correct,

but I think we need to
pull your detective, ASAP.

I agree, but first,
we have to find him.

Well, we've already
got a BOLO out

on the vehicle they
left the restaurant in.

Good. Let's coordinate
with patrol and get unis

checking Nazarian's known
properties and hangouts.

The cops raided the restaurant.

Heard on the way over.

Fortunately, we
were already gone.

Alex's intuition paid off.

Just saw a cop car parked
in a weird spot, that's all.

They shouldn't have known
about the restaurant.

Somebody's talking.

And I think it's
him. Whoa, whoa.

I got us away from
the cops this morning.

We bring him in for real
on the counterfeiting,

and the police bust us.

That's no coincidence.

Or maybe your spot wasn't
as secure as you thought.

We'd all be in lock-up
right now if not for Alex.

Oh? Come on.

Where is the truck? Outside.

Needs to be unloaded.

Go get it done.

I'm telling you, we have a leak!

I don't disagree.

Someone is talking.

Until we find out who,
no one leaves alone.

I'm with you, Nazarian.

Then prove it.

Give Peter your phone and
your gun, let him do his work.

Nothing from the BOLO yet.

I had Major Crimes send
over their full file

on the Armenian mob.

Their investigation focused
on the counterfeiting,

so, it's possible
they collected a hint

of what Nazarian was expanding
into without knowing it.

Yeah, could help us locate where
Nazarian took Detective Arkun.

Yeah. Street and Powell are
going through it right now.

All right,

Sorry to interrupt

your busy day.

Edward. I figured
the union would be

sending you over
to see Tan.Yeah.

The inspector general told me
she'd be making a recommendation

about the incident.

Well, she still hasn't
finalized her decision,

but I asked
Mr. Yannick to join us

so I could tell you
all at once. Mm-hmm.

The I.G. is leaning toward
a heavier punishment for Tan

than what SWAT laid out. What?

How much heavier? Two weeks
suspension without pay.

Okay, wait a minute.

This is Tan's first
and only conduct issue.

He's been on SWAT for eight
years, he was Vice before that.

Not one black mark in his file.

This isn't about Tan.

This is about City Hall
sending a statement.

They've got an image problem

right on the heels of those
two Hollenbeck officers

that got into
trouble last month.

Yeah, brawling in a parking
lot after a basketball game.

Press had a field day with it.

So Tan's getting swept up
into LAPD's damage control.

Brass comes down hard on him,

they mitigate some of their
bad PR for the department.

You said the I.G. is leaning
toward a heavier punishment.

We're meeting again
this afternoon

to finalize a recommendation.

Nichelle, you know Tan.

You know this was a
one-off stupid mistake.

You have to convince
the inspector general

to leave the politics

We know
this is a lot to ask,

and that the personal side of
this is probably causing trouble

for you as it is.

It's... not that.

I believe

in the recommendation
we're discussing.

I think Tan should be suspended.

Just wanted to give
you a heads-up.


I can't believe you're
supporting this.

The panel talked
about Tan all morning.

We went over all the statements,

all the reports,
and yes, we did talk

about those Hollenbeck officers,

and maybe that influenced
some of the other auditors...

I don't know... but for me,

this is about what Tan did.

Nichelle, two weeks seems like
nothing, but a suspension...

It'll affect the
rest of his career.

It'll make getting
promotions harder to achieve.

He will stall out. I
didn't agree lightly,

Hondo, but I do agree.

And I knew this might upset you.

That's part of why I came
over here to talk in person.

Look, Hondo, you're
allowed to have

complicated feelings about this.

Tan is your teammate. You
know him better than anyone.

All right, just give me
a chance to figure out

what's going on with my boy.

Right now, I don't
understand his behavior.

I don't know what I'm missing,

but give me a chance.

I'll see if I can
buy you some time.

Man, everything Major
Crimes collected

is about counterfeiting.
Nothing points

to what Nazarian's
new business might be.

Guess I'm gonna lose five
bucks. Alfaro bet me that

the unis searching Nazarian's
properties would get results

faster than you and
me with these records.

Just, uh, don't get
caught up in his games.

Oh, it's just his
humor. He's fine.

Actually, Alfaro told me I might
be perfect for Rocker's team.

Too bad there's no
open slots on 50-Squad.

He told me there's gonna be.

Their P-II is transferring out.

You see, this is exactly
what I was worried about.

Alfaro might act
like he's top dog,

but he does not have
team authority like that.

Hondo and Rocker would
have to go to Hicks,

and that's not happening.

So, you don't think
it's a real offer?

What I think is that he
sees me training you,

so he's messing with
you to mess with me.

It's-it's all nonsense.

Okay. What?

Nothing. Oh, go on, spill.

You remember what it was like

to be the problem
child on 20-Squad,

every compliment
followed by a "but."

Of course.

It was just nice to have
a fellow SWAT officer

say, "You're skilled,"

end of sentence.Right.

Unis finished searching

Nazarian's properties
and hangouts.

Not even a whiff of
him or Detective Arkun.

Well, then we've
officially hit a dead end.

Not necessarily. We still
have his guys down in holding.

Uh, they're not talking.

No, but I think this guy might.

Adam Grigoryan. According
to Sergeant Clark's charts,

he's lowest on the totem pole.

So, he's the least trusted.
He's not gonna know anything.

Maybe he doesn't have to.
Just go with me on this.

According to the file,

Nazarian does not have
a driver's license.

This guy takes him everywhere.

So, he may not know what's
going on, but he'll know where.

Already told you, I'm
not talking.

Well, that's a shame.
You got no priors,

had no weapon on
you this morning.

Yeah, the only
charge is counterfeiting,

that's a wobbler.

A wobbler?

The D.A. gets to decide if
it's a felony or misdemeanor.

Big difference between
doing some serious hard time

or summary probation.

You're not even really
one of them. All you did

was drive Nazarian around.

Okay? You really want
to spend the next decade

in prison for that?

We don't even want
to know anything

about Nazarian's operation,

or what he does. You
keep that to yourself.

All we want to know is where
you spend your time, Adam.

We've already checked out

Nazarian's properties.
What are we missing?

I just tell you
where else we go,

and you'll talk to
the D.A. for me?

I got her on speed dial.

Sometimes, we visit an
office building downtown.

And yesterday, we
went to a warehouse.

Show us.

Warehouse is up ahead.

All right, Street and Rocker
just finished a walk-through

of the office building
Grigoryan gave up.

No sign of Nazarian or Arkun.

Then let's hope the
warehouse gets us something.

Dispatch to 30-David.

a medical call from the
address you're headed to.

Male, late-20s, cardiac
and respiratory distress.

911 call?

No, the warehouse can't be
Nazarian's business spot.

He'd let his men die before
calling the authorities

to his own door.
It could be a trap,

but if it's real,
we're the closest unit.

All right, take the med kit.

We go in, but we stay on alert.

30-David, responding.

All right, Powell,
set up a perimeter.

Wait for the EMTs.Roger that.

Two workers, appear unarmed.

All right, clear out, fellas.

Typical shipping equipment.

But these aren't
Nazarian's guys.

All right.


Responding to a 911 call.

He's over here.

- He's having a seizure.
- All right.

Hey, what happened?

One of the crates
fell from the shelf.

Jesse went to clean
it up, and he started

coughing like crazy.

Whoa, whoa,
that's powder residue.

That could be drug exposure.

Everybody out of here now.

Let's go.

He's got blue lips,
difficulty breathing.

Looks like opiates,

could be fentanyl. Come on.

Need to hit him with Narcan.

All right, administering
Narcan now.

Is Jesse gonna be okay?

Narcan blocks opiates in
the system, it should help.

It's not working.

Come on, come on,
come on. All right.

Administering second dose.

We got here within minutes,
it should be working.

There's no pulse. He's gone.

All right,
everybody, move, move.

EMTs tested, confirmed that
it was an opiate exposure,

but it was not fentanyl.

It's nothing that
they've seen before.

Listen, Commander, whatever
it is, it's potent.

We responded quickly.

I-I gave the poor guy two doses

of Narcan to no effect.

So, we're dealing with a
powerful new mystery drug.

Not welcome
news. Any sign

of Nazarian or Arkun there?

No, we swept the
place. All clear.

Commander, we did
talk to the manager.

He said that the-the crate
that the drugs were in

was part of a larger
shipment that got picked up

last night. This one
must've got left behind.

All right.

So, this must be the new
business Arkun caught wind of.

Nazarian's branching out
into the L.A. drug scene.

Doing a damn fine job.

He's got crates of a
dangerous unknown opiate,

LAPD officer,

and he's dropped completely
off of our radar.

Damn it.

Talk to me. Narcotics
lab took a look

at the mystery drug they
found at the warehouse.

They ID'd it as isotonitazene,
street name "Iso."

It's a cutting-edge
synthetic opiate.

It's even deadlier
than fentanyl.

Crack down on one drug,
someone engineers a newer,

Got to be what Arkun meant

when he said Nazarian was
into something more dangerous.

But we've been all over
Nazarian for a year.

Never found any trace of drugs

or processing equipment at
any of the known warehouses.

Well, he must have a location
you don't know about.

A place to hide drugs and Arkun.

Okay, but the problem is, we
have no idea where the Iso went

once it left the warehouse

and no way to track
it. Actually, we might.

According to Narcotics,
you need something

called phenylacetic
acid to refine the Iso.

Now, it can be
purchased legally,

but, because it's a
controlled substance,

the FDA tracks it.

Well, if we can get the
purchase records for L.A.,

maybe we can ID
Nazarian's transaction,

see where it was shipped.

I'll make that call.

That's the last of them.

Hey, hold up.

Stepping out for a smoke.

No one leaves,

especially not you.Okay.


Can I have my phone back yet?

I'm not done with it.

wasting your time.

You're not gonna find
anything on there.

We'll see.

Heard you guys are looking
for a missing undercover.

Yeah, but I realized

I hadn't taken a minute
to see how you're doing.

I feel stupid, but I'm fine.


It's really hard for me
to imagine you snapping

just 'cause you had
a couple of drinks.

I can feel something's
up, so talk to me.

Your ring's gone.


Your wedding ring.Yeah.

Guess I don't know
what to do with it.

Bonnie and I are over.

Over? What happened?

She cheated on me. Found
out a couple days ago.

I went to the bar because,
well, not taking it so well.

Tan, why didn't you say
anything? If I had known you...

There's nothing
you could've done.

Doesn't matter now. It's
not a secret anymore anyway.

Sorry, boss. I need
another coffee.


Hicks reached out to the FDA.

Hopefully, there's something
in their purchase records

we can use to find
Nazarian's lab.


Something else? Look, um,

please, just stop
messing with Powell.

Uh... I'm not.

Well, I mean, you basically
told her she could switch

to Rocker's team, which
we both know isn't true.

Listen, I'm sorry. Maybe I
shouldn't have said anything.

Look, Powell and I have been
working really hard to get her

trained up to be on 20-Squad.

You're lucky Hicks didn't
hear this little joke.

I mean, he takes team
assignments really seriously.

I know he does because Rocker
told me how big a deal it was

that Hicks approved
us approaching Powell.

Hicks approved her
switching squads? Yeah.

I might've jumped the gun
talking to Powell about it,

but I wasn't making it up.

If Hicks signed off
on it, that means

Hondo must've approved
the trade, too.

I assume so.

Look, between you and me,

look, I heard she
had some problems,

but from what I've seen
today, she's doing great.

Yeah, I thought she was, too.

Heard the FDA got back to us.

Yep. Got a list of
phenylacetic acid purchases

over the last few months.

Doesn't look like Nazarian
used any of his shell companies

or his crew members
to make the purchase.

Beauty Supply,

owner is Ellen Ohanyan.
Why is that name familiar?

Because you read
it in Major Crimes' files.

She's Nazarian's daughter.

Estranged for most of her life,
she reached out to Nazarian

after her mother died
a couple months ago.

Is it possible Ellen's involved

in Nazarian's
criminal activities?

LAPD had no reason to suspect

Ellen of anything,

and that beauty
supply store is real.

Yeah, but maybe that's
why Nazarian used her.

Ellen could purchase
the chemicals

he needed without
raising any flags.

Where was it delivered?

Wasn't delivered.

FDA says the phenylacetic
acid was claimed

in person from a depot.

So, we still don't know
where Nazarian took the Iso

Yeah, but we now know

about Ellen.

Pull her property
records. It's possible

Nazarian's hiding
more behind her name.


Yeah? I spoke to Tan.

He's got something
personal going on

that fed into what happened
last night. All right.

Well, we should call Nichelle
and explain the circumstance.

Maybe she'll change her
mind and get the I.G.

to cut Tan a break. This isn't about
Nichelle or the inspector general.

It's about Tan. I'm worried.

Last night, he snapped
and got in a bar fight.

Uh-huh. Today, it's like
he's completely numb.

Now, what he told me explains
some of it, but I don't know.

Something still ain't right.

Well, he's in a bad place.

Sounds like his
marriage is over.

I had no idea they were having
trouble. I guess it was recent.

But what's killing me is he
never said a word about it.

Deacon tells me that
some of the team

knew something was going on,
but they didn't feel like

it was their place to
share, and I hate that.

I hate that Tan's been
hurting all alone. That's my guy.

I should've noticed.

Deacon found
something. Let's go.

Sergeant Clark went back
over to Major Crimes.

I wanted to look at my notes,

see if there's anything useful

that didn't make it
into Nazarian's file.

He was able to dig up some of
Ellen's records. What'd you find?

Well, Nazarian's daughter
has her storefront,

condo, plus her mother's
old storage unit

and a house in the Valley.

So, if Nazarian is using
one of her places to hide,

he's got options to choose from.

Yeah, but there's more.

Major Crimes was
right, the beauty shop

is legit, but I took a harder
look at her other financials.

The-the bank statements,
the accounts,

they-they don't add up.

But looking through
past investigations,

it's clear Ellen's been hiding
money for Nazarian for years.

She's the missing piece.

So, Nazarian wasn't using her.

Ellen's up to her neck
in the family business.

Yeah, and now, she's
helping Nazarian

expand into the drug trade.

Okay, at one point,
Arkun was working Ellen,

softening her with the thought
of turning her into a C.I.

So, if he doesn't suspect her,
and he gets into a tight spot,

he might look to Ellen
as a potential ally.

All the more reason
to find him fast.

Let's narrow this down.

Told you so.

If you haven't found
anything by now,

you're not going to.

Nazarian asked me to
look into you, so I am.

At the end of the
day, he trusts me.

When I tell Nazarian

something is off with
you, it's game over.

I'm loyal.

Yeah, keep
practicing that.

It's not gonna save you.

Hey, Ellen, you got a second?

For you? Always.

I'm glad you're here.

Seeing you is basically

the silver lining to
being dragged out here,

so... Listen, um,

your father and I
are-are kind of on,

uh, dicey footing right now.

We talked about this. You know
I don't care what my dad thinks.

Hey, don't worry. Whatever
it is, it'll blow over.

Not this time.

Ellen, I'm a cop,

and the net is about to close
on your father, but I can

keep you clear of
it, if you help me.

You're LAPD? Listen to me,

you're not a part
of Nazarian's world.

You don't have to get
dragged down with him.

I don't understand.
Don't be afraid.

Just tell Peter you need
my help with something.

I can get outof here,

and my boss can get you
into witness protection.

And immunity?

Full immunity. I will call

the D.A. myself to ask.


Yeah. Let me go talk to Peter.

Ellen's condo is a loft.
It's not an ideal spot

for Nazarian to refine
his Iso. It's too small.

That still leaves three places
they could've taken Arkun.

The storefront
might be too public?

The shop itself, sure,

but there's a whole
stockroom in the back.

Storage unit and the house
are large and private enough.

Hold on, that's my
private number. Give me a second.

Does Nazarian need anything
else to process the Iso?

A furnace, some equipment?

No. It's kitchen
chemistry at this point.

- He could do it at any one of
these places. - It's Arkun.

But the call's not
coming from his number.

What did you do?


don't do this.

He wanted me to help him.

He said he's a cop.

I knew it.

He must've
tried to use Ellen.

His cover's blown.

All right, but he got
his hands on a phone.

Clark, conference us in.
If the line stays open,

we can trace the call.

Don't move.

So, you're LAPD, huh?

Come on.

Are you linked up yet? Almost.

Can't wait to tell
Nazarian I was right all along.

Get off me. Get off me!

Got the trace.

All right, the cell signal
pinged off that tower, and

that's within range of Ellen's
mother's house in the Valley.

That's got to
be where they took him.

That's Nazarian's hideout.
Deacon, get over there.

They know he's a cop.
They're gonna kill him.

SWAT will never
get there in time.

Oh, we have our ways.

Okay, we're about
a half klick from the L.Z.

Infrared drone showed
six heat signatures.

One of them should be Arkun.

All right, listen up.

Bird got us here
quick, but we lose

the element of surprise,
so keep heads on swivels.

ETA to drop site is one mike.

Estimate in 400.

Let's get
ready to drop!

Just let me kill him.

We need to know what information
he passed on to the cops first.

You ready to start talking?

He needed my help

to get away. I mean, the police
can't know he's here, right?

Do they know about the drugs?

You are going to tell me.


How did they find us, huh?

You two, load up what you can.

He is coming with me.

- Checking for hazards.
- Prepare the rope!

- Okay, looks
clear. - Roger.

We're good back here.

Rope line's
away. Ropes are coming down.

Lines in place.

All right, once we're down,

Street, Alfaro, and Powell,

you get inside that house.

Rocker, you and I'll
hook around the front.

First team ready? Ready.


We got your backs. Send them.

Got guys
coming for us.

We're on the ground.

Suspects have gone back inside.

Stand by.

Second team ready? Ready.

Ready. Send them.

Third roper ready.

He's out on the left.



- Check.
- I'm down!

Helicopter clear.

Go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go!

Rope's clear.

Get two.

Two. Powell!

LAPD! Drop your weapons!
Drop your weapons!

Drop your weapon!

Drop it.

One suspect down.

Drop your weapon.

On your knees. Hands
behind your back.

Second suspect in custody.

Hands behind your back.

Third suspect in custody.



Let's go. Come on.
Let him go, Nazarian.

Let him go. No!

Don't move.

Hands behind your head.

Nazarian's getting away in a
black SUV. He's still got Arkun.

heading for the gate.


On your knees now.

30-David, we're on him.

Nazarian's not an
experienced driver,

and this is a narrow road.

Hang on.

We need a little more.


Show me your hands.

Out of the car.

You okay,
Detective? Yeah.

On your knees. Now.
It's over, Nazarian.

Very glad to see you
guys. Right back at you.

50-David to Command, we
have Arkun, safe and sound.

30-David. We are Code Four.

LAFD swept the house,

found Nazarian's
stockpile of Iso.

Looks like we're gonna be able
to recover all of it. All right.

And Ellen Ohanyan, she's
offering to testify

against her father.

For my money, Ellen
blew her chance

when she ratted out Arkun,

but the D.A. can
sort that out.

Detective Arkun.

Sergeant Clark's on his way.

I'm glad to see we're gonna be
able to hand you back to him

in one piece.Barely.

Seriously, SWAT's the
reason I'm alive right now.

Hey, you are the one that
put it all on the line.

LAPD's gonna finally be
able to close the book

on Nazarian's full operation
because of your good work.

Congratulations, Detective.

Well, I'm gonna go,
uh, get patched up.

Take care.

Well, I got to say,

I expected at least
half a dozen wisecracks

from Rocker about
50-Squad's superiority, but

he's not so bad. Nah,
he'll do in a pinch.

Today was about coming together.

Hey, Hondo.

I know it's been a day,
but I got to talk to you.

What's up?

Alfaro said that you and
Rocker got permission

to trade Powell to 50-Squad.

Do you think that-that I've failed
with her? Okay, hold up, Street.

No one said that.

None of this was supposed
to be public knowledge.

I was gonna talk to
you this morning.

But then Tan's thing happened.
Yeah, yeah, it sure did.

But you still shouldn't have
heard it from someone else.

That's on me. So,
I-I don't understand.

Are you trying to get rid of
Powell? No. Look, you've helped

Powell hone her instincts,
curb that attitude.

We haven't had a problem
with her in months.

So, why approve the trade offer?

Powell had a rough start
with us, to say the least,

but I've been
watching her lately,

and it just made me wonder
if she might not appreciate

a fresh start with another team.

I don't want to force her out.

I want to give her the option.

She wants to be on 20-Squad.

All right, listen to me.

The hardest part of being
someone else's mentor,

is getting to that
moment when you realize

that you got to step back

and let them decide.

Way back when, I was terrified
to let you pick your own path.

I thought that if I didn't
guide every little decision,

that you would pick wrong.

I mean, I did.
I left the team.

Was it wrong?

You came back stronger
and more dialed in.

I stopped hovering,

and look at you now.

I hear you.

I just really don't
want her to trade out.

Her choice to make.


I didn't finish
filing everything,

but I'll get back
to it tomorrow.

What's going on?

Tan, your employment status

has been taken out
of SWAT's hands.

The inspector general
made a tougher recommendation

to the brass.

Chief called me five minutes
ago and confirmed it.

You've been suspended.

It's just
for two weeks,

but if you want to
appeal the decision...

It's fine. Anything else?

You're gonna need to
surrender your service weapon.

And your badge.

I'll see you soon, Officer.
If you need anything...

No, sir. I'll get
my head on straight.

You don't need to worry.


Listen, uh, about Alfaro...

Oh. I should've known
he was blowing smoke.

As it turns out,

he wasn't.

Yeah, I, uh, just
talked to Hondo, and

there is going to be an
open slot on 50-Squad,

and it's yours, if you want it.

Wow. It's real? Yeah, it's real.

Huh. Hey,

before you make any

just know that
everyone on 20-Squad

knows that you are an
amazing SWAT officer,

no caveats attached.

Street, you, uh...

you do push me to be
better. I get that.

Well, good, 'cause
that's not gonna change,

no matter what, even if you
do switch to Rocker's team.

Of course, that's gonna
make the inter-squad relay

really complicated
considering I'm gonna be

trying to sabotage
you and cheer you on,

but whatever.

We'll make it work.

Because you're my friend,

and I support whatever
you choose. Cool?


I know what I want.

Well, I mean, I-I think
you have a little time.

You don't have to
rush it or anything.

No, I don't need time.
I'm staying on 20-Squad.

I came in with some baggage,

and I'm still getting
over it, but...

you guys make me feel like
I'm up for the challenge.

No matter how hard you make it.

I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.


Come on in.

Boss, I understand
why I'm suspended.

I'm not fighting it.

Maybe it'll be good for me.
I'm gonna take the time,

and think everything over.

I didn't invite you over here

for a lecture.

We just thought you might like
some dinner and some company.

You not coming in
to HQ doesn't mean

we're not here for
whatever you might need.

And if that's just spaghetti
and mindless gossip,

we can do that.

We started a sewing circle
at the community center,

and the drama in the over-70 set

is real.

The end was pretty sudden,

but, um, looking back,

Bonnie and I haven't
been good for a while.

I didn't know how
to tell anyone, or

maybe I didn't want to 'cause

if I didn't say anything,

I didn't have to
admit that I failed.

Oh, Tan, honey. Hey,
hey, listen to me,

you did not fail.

Okay, but, um, I'm not
supposed to be like this.

I'm not the person that
you got to worry about.

My-my dad got sick,

I-I'm the brother
who stuck around.

When-when Buck left
and Street came,

and everything was chaos,

I'm the person no one
had to check in on.

I-I handle things.
I-I have it together.

Okay, I need you to
understand something.

No one expects
you to be perfect.

Okay, we take our
turns falling apart,

but then we lean on each other

when our own road
gets tough, that's it.

I can do that.


Maybe starting with
some of that spaghetti?

I thought
you'd never ask.

You are my team, Tan.

That means you're family.

I don't want you
to ever feel alone,

all right?

Come on. Let's get some grub.