S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - S.O.S. - full transcript

Hondo and Chris go undercover to take back a cruise ship under siege from drug dealers. Street enters S.W.A.T. academy and finds the competition fierce for the one available slot on S.W.A.T.

Previously on S.W.A.T.

It's some kind of drama

or is this guy's default
button just set on dick mode?

Don't know who your
new smart-ass is,

but good luck with that.

- I lied.
- You're off SWAT.

Hondo, this is not
how this ends.

You don't kick people
out of a family!

I know I haven't got a chance
at getting back on SWAT

- with these budget cuts.
- Buck pulled strings

to get you transferred
here from Long Beach,

but maybe this time
you can do it right

and earn yourself a spot.

Are you saying y-you'd give me a
chance at getting back on SWAT?

I'm saying that I will
get you in SWAT Academy.

So what you got to do is ask
yourself how bad do you want it.

And then go kick ass and
make sure it's you.

I'll do my best.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are about 90 minutes away

from arriving back home in
the Port of Los Angeles.

I'd like to take
this opportunity

to thank you for
sailing with us.

We really do hope you
had a pleasant cruise.

Couple of bits of business:

by now, your luggage
should've been picked up

by our bell staff for
offloading upon our arrival.

Also, if you haven't
done it yet,

now would be a great
time to fill out

your customs declaration forms

for anything you
might have picked up

during your visit to Mexico.

So enjoy the rest of your trip
aboard the Tranquil Seas.

- We should have you in port shortly.
- Take care of this.

I'm gonna get the other one.

- Be right back.
- Okay.

Hey! Step away from that, now.

H-Hold on, man. Wait.

Base, I'm gonna need a
supervisor in the forward hold.

Hey. I got this.

You get rid of him.

Hide him somewhere till
we get off the boat. Go.

Where's the guard who
just radioed in?

I don't know, we just got here.

There's no way out
of this for you.

I just signaled the shore.

The second we dock, there'll
be a hundred cops on board.

Sir, I'm getting an indicator

saying we just put out
a hijack alert code.

Didn't come from the bridge.

Let's figure out where
it was keyed in.

Tranquil Seas, Harbormaster L.A.

We're getting a coded hijack
alert from your vessel.

Can you confirm?

Uh, Harbormaster, this
is Tranquil Seas.

We're checking on that.

Let's go ahead and
secure the doors.

Over there! Over there!

Get away from the door.

Stop the ship.

- Shut it down.
- I can't do that.

I think you can.

Shut it down.

Go, do it.

Tranquil Seas, I now
have you at full stop.

I'm initiating emergency
response protocol.

Do not do that.

If I see anything coming
anywhere near this ship,

I'm gonna start throwing dead
passengers into the ocean.

Do you understand?

Give 'em hell today, huh?

Yeah, don't worry about me.

Just make sure Hondo
doesn't give my spot away

before I get there.

Hey, hold up a sec.

I just wanted to say thanks.

- Right.
- No. I mean, just...

for making SWAT a
possibility again for me.

Well, it won't mean a thing
unless you make it through

- the Academy and earn your way back.
- I know.

But you've always had my back.

Looking out for me, even
when I didn't deserve it.

I mean, besides Buck, no one
else in my whole life's

ever done that for me.


- What?
- Uh...

Let's go. Gather in
the ring, everyone.

Nothing, just, uh,
go kick some ass.

- I will.
- All right.

All right, first things first.

Congratulations on
passing your first round

at SWAT Training Academy.

This year, we had... h-how many?

- 93.
- 93 applicants.

So you are the elite eight.

Don't let it go to your heads.

Because the next four weeks

are gonna be the
toughest of your lives.

No joke. This is Metro
SWAT, the big leagues.

So you can bet we're gonna
push you till you break.

Better to expose your weaknesses
here than out on an op

where you'll have your
teammates depending on you.

SWAT Academy's always
been competitive.

Only the top four or
five usually get a spot.

This year, as you
probably heard...

only one of you
will join a team.

So if you want to end up
working in this building,

second best isn't good enough.

Now everybody hit
your first stations.

- Let's go!
- Move!

Let's go, you guys.

You're not dropping him off

at his first day of
kindergarten, Chris.

Let's just stay close.

- I just got word something's cooking.
- Okay.

- Hey.
- Mm.

- Hey.
- Something's not right.

They're lying to us about
why we're not moving.

Honey, you heard
the announcement.

There's just some issue in port.

There's a ship
blocking our berth.

No, no, no. The
Internet is down.

Suddenly, there's
no cell signal.

And when I...

when I was coming
back from the casino,

I thought... maybe
I heard gunshots.

Connor, look around you.
Nothing's happening.

I'm gonna go down to the
cabin and get my sat phone.

Wait. You told me that you didn't
bring your satellite phone.

This trip was supposed to be
about us getting away from work.

- I know, I know.
- Remember?

- Yep.
- Connor!

The cruise line maintains

a video feed from the
bridge of all their ships.

This is the last they got before
communications went down.

Do not do that, do you hear me?

If I see anything coming
anywhere near this ship,

I'm gonna start throwing dead
passengers into the ocean,

you understand? Kill the radio.

Cut out all this
communication crap.

That's all there is.

We never see their faces,
but they look like crew.

Or they're dressed as crew.

How many passengers on board?
Almost 1,200.

And we don't know which
ones we can trust.

How much support can we count
on even if we can get on board?

The security chief, Kevin
Weller, is former LAPD.

He's got a staff of 15, but
none of them are armed.

I'm running ideas in my head
of how we can get on board.

Won't be easy.

Boat or chopper, they're gonna
see us coming from a mile away.

Dispatch just routed us

a 911 call from a sat phone.

Guy named Connor Reeves,
claims to be on the ship.

Put him up.

Connor. This is Sergeant
Harrelson, LAPD Metro SWAT.

You're calling from
the Tranquil Seas?

Yeah, a-and something
is going on here

but nobody else seems
to realize it.

All right, listen to me.
You're not wrong about that,

but we're gonna keep it
between us, you hear me?

We do not need people panicking.

Yeah, but-but somebody's
gonna help us, right?

You're right about
that, too, Connor,

so here's what we're gonna do.

Once we hang up,

I need you to find
the security chief.

His name is Kevin Weller.

You keep your sat phone with
you and you go find Weller.

And then we'll get back to you.

All right, but,
uh, please hurry.

You got a plan in mind?

This ship, it's about
four miles out.

That's within range
to go in with Nemo.


Chris and I did
training exercises

with the SEALs over in Coronado.

But with Nemo, you're only
going in with two operators.

It may also be the only way to
get on that ship unnoticed.


We don't even know what
we're up against yet.

We'll know more once
we're on that ship.

60 second out!

Captain's staging a second
SWAT team at the harbor.

They'll be ready to
fast-rope in off a chopper

- if anything goes sideways.
- Can't let it come to that.

There's a service ladder located
halfway up midship on the port side.

That's gonna be your best bet for ingress.
And once you're

on board, there's a lot of ground
you're gonna have to cover.

Even though it's an old ship,
it's-it's like a floating hotel.

There's restaurants,
bars, theaters, casinos.

Damn, Deac. You speaking
from experience?

I never pegged you
for the cruise type.

Well, actually, Annie's
mom loves them.

She got us one for our
second anniversary.

And here I thought your
mother-in-law liked you.

Actually, it was pretty great...

until Annie got sick
the last couple days.

I thought it was seasick, turned
out to be morning sickness.

- But I'd do it again.
- No, not me.

I've never been in a
relationship where I want

to be trapped together like that.
No escape, no way.

Come on, now, Chris.
That could change.

Not in this lifetime.

So what? Eternal
bachelorette, that it?

I-I did meet someone last
week, had a couple dates.

It's a matter of time
before it tanks, though.

That's the job, right?

- This is it. We're here.
- You made good time, Tan.

We might have to have
you drive more often.

Yeah, sure, you tell Luca that.

Ha. All right, let's move.

Remy, man, what are we doing?

You know what'll happen
if we lose those drugs.

We're dead, man.

Our lives will be worth nothing.


I can fix this.

Hey, Captain Kirk, get up.

Come over here.

Turn us around, we're
going back to Mexico.

Look, that's not possible.

What I mean is we
don't have the fuel.

We only carry enough to go to
Mexico and back, that's it.

Listen to me, you
smug son of a bitch.

You're gonna call the harbor.

You call them and you tell them

to get us some fuel,
a refueling ship.

The coordinates are already
programmed in the Nemo.

You're pushing the limits
of what it can do,

but it should get you there.

Let's just hope our guy on
the boat does his part.

Otherwise, it's gonna
be a long swim back.

Nemo's loose. You're good to go.

Another day at SWAT, right?

All right, let's do this.

30-David to Command.
Divers away.

Our guy with the sat
phone, he's having trouble

locating the security chief.

We're nowhere if he doesn't
get that door open.

Well, in the meantime, we might've
caught a little bit of a break.

The gunmen are
demanding more fuel.

So the captain radioed

to request a tanker for a
ship-to-ship refueling.

They told me they didn't have
the capability for that.

They don't, but these
clowns don't know that,

and it'll buy us
some extra time.

Until they realize they've been
lied to, and then what happens?

Holster your handguns!

Wait till you see the
new running shoes

I got for the race tonight.

They're like feathers.

Gonna cut 30 seconds
off my mile time.

- Yeah, they sound expensive.
- Hey, even if they're free,

you paid too much... there's
no way you're gonna beat us.

- Is that right?
- Dusk Till Dawn Relay

was made for 20 Squad.

You might as well put
our names on the trophy

- right now.
- Noticed you didn't sign up to run.

Hey. I'm the coach, right?
It's every bit

- as important as the runners.
- Second group, you're up.

Be ready.

Go ahead.

So... coach to coach,

you want to put some
money behind that mouth?

20 Squad versus 50 Squad?

Fine. How's $500 sound?

Sounds cheap.

How about a thousand?

- Okay.
- Let's do it.

Holster your weapons.
Safeties on.

Street, what the hell was that?

Is that how they teach the Weaver
stance down in Long Beach?

Weaver stance was invented
before I was born.

Isosceles works better for me.

Isosceles is not how
we do it at LAPD SWAT.

Didn't you learn anything
while you were on the team?

Hey, Devlin, show him how it's done.
Come here.

Come here.

Go ahead.

All right, bring 'em up.

I mean, yeah, it works fine

for him, I guess.

But... you can't argue
with perfection.

Yeah, for once you're
right, Street.

I'm not arguing. Just
work on your stance.

Devlin, great job.

Let's go, you guys. Next one.

Second stations. Let's go!

Our guy should have
been here by now.

Hey. Connor?

- That's right.
- Confirm for me how we made contact.

I called you on my...

- sat phone.
- All right.

We're gonna come up.

Mr. Weller. You can
call me Hondo.

This is Chris.

You're wounded.

Doc took a look. I'll make it.

One of my guys wasn't
so lucky, though.

All right, what can you tell us

- about what we're up against?
- There's two of 'em.

Brothers. Both
work for the ship.

Colton and Remy Pope.

Both armed: one a nine-mil;
the other a .40-cal, I think.

Are you hearing this, Command?

I copy. Colton and Remy Pope.

I found remnants of cocaine

down in the dry hole
after they left.

My guy must have discovered it.

They killed him
before I got there.

I'll have Deacon
and Tan check out

the suspects on our end.
Maybe we can find

- something that'll help you.
- 20-David. Roger that.

All right, these two guys
are still up on the bridge?

- Yeah.
- So we know who they are,

where they are. Let's do
what we came here to do.

What about me? What can I do?

We can use some clothes
and maybe a bag?

We need to get forward and
closer to the bridge.

Just a normal couple

taking a stroll on the
deck and talking.

What do you want to talk about?

Why don't you tell me why you're
so cynical about romance?

Is that romance...

matching sweaters?

What? I'm not being cynical.

I'm just saying,

being in SWAT and being
in a relationship,

the two don't mesh.

This job makes it tough; it
doesn't make it impossible.

Oh, really?

When was the last time you
had a real relationship,

one that really mattered to you?

Bet you anything it was
the job that killed it.

You're right.

I'm just gonna spare
myself the pain

and not hassle with it anymore.

What about this new
girl you're so hot on?

I guess I'll, uh,
I'll get over her.

This is 20-David to Command.

We've reached the forward deck.

There should be a stairway
just left of where you are.

Access to the bridge
is three flights up.

20-David. Roger that.

Okay. Thanks. That was the
detective at the house.

He said the Pope brothers rent this
place using their mother's name.

I'm gonna need to see a warrant

before I can open it up for you.

Read it and weep.

That's all right, I got the
master key right here.

Left side clear.

Right side clear. I'm
sure they have receipts

- for all this stuff.
- .40s and nine-millimeters.

Just like the chief
security officer said.

Well, at least there's no
sign of heavy artillery.

These guys seem like
small-time hoods.

So how'd they graduate
to cocaine smugglers?

Hey, found something.

They were using an
encrypted messaging app.

Did you just hack the
encryption code?

What, 'cause I'm Asian? The
geniuses left the app open.

They pretty much discuss
their entire plan.

Picking up cocaine in Mexico.

They were gonna smuggle it off
the ship in the dirty laundry.

- Problem is, the names are encoded.
- That's all right,

- we already know who both of them are.
- That's just it.

There aren't just two of them.

Looks like there are five
of 'em aboard that ship.

30-David to Command.
We got a problem.

All right, come on,
Chris, let's do this.

Command to 20-David.

There are not two targets
on board; there are five.

- Repeat: five on board.
- 20-David. Copy that.

Where is the fuel ship?!

Look, I told you,
it's a slow process.

Chris, Chris, hold tight.

I think we have company
in the hallway.

Hey, man.

What are you doing up here?
This area's off limits.

You're kind of far from the
kitchen yourself, aren't you?

What's happening out there?

Are you there? Where are you?

What's going on?
We hear gunshots!

What the hell is happening?!


LAPD! Get down!

Everybody down!

Shooter! Shooter!

Command says is three more
of these guys on board.

I only saw one of them.

We're blind without knowing
who the rest of them are.

This is 20-David to Command.
Is there any way

to get faces on
these other guys?

Hondo, we're doing
everything we can.

We know they were planning

to smuggle the drugs
out in the laundry.

I've got Deacon and Tan heading
to the laundry drop-off

- to look for accomplices.
- Roger that.

Sooner's better.

- Who the hell is he?
- I don't know,

but he wasn't ship security.
Black guy.

Like a passenger.

You. Get up.

Get me on the ship P.A.

Get me on the P.A.


You're on.

Hey. Everybody better listen up.

Your lives depend on it.

Starting right now I want
any and all passengers

off the decks and out
of the passageways.

From now on,

anybody caught out in the open
stands a very good chance

of getting shot! Understand?!

What did he mean, getting shot?

Connor, you need to
clear the decks.

Our cabin's three levels below.

Find a closer place
to hunker down.

- Just get out of sight. Go.
- We need to get off the decks, too,

- work another angle.
- Cortez said they plan

to smuggle cocaine in the laundry.
If we can find

their drugs, maybe we
can grab some leverage.

Let's go! Come on!

I better not see anyone walking!

Let's go, Street!
Come on, Devlin!

This is SWAT!

Let's go! Let's go! Second
place is first loser! Hit it!

Let's see some hustle!

- Hit it!
- Devlin, one! Street, two!

What do you got?

Nice race either way, man.

Hey, uh, you've been working
Valley Division, right?

Panhead Motorcycle Club...

they still causing
trouble out there?

Oh, they had this one
guy, Clarence...

Look, Street, I don't
mean to be a dick.

I'm all about the
brotherhood in blue,

but I'm not looking to
make any friends here.


Whatever you want.

Just so you know, we, uh...

we got four weeks of
SWAT Academy together.

I've been wanting to
put on a SWAT uniform

since I was eight years old.

There's one spot.

You're not a buddy...
you're the competition.

Do you think I want it any less?

From what I hear, you
had your chance.

Look, I'm sure you're a really good guy.
Who knows?

But I just got to focus
on doing me, so...

let's just stay opposite
corners, all right?

Hey, looks like your, uh, right
front tire's almost flat.

- Hey. Hey.
- LAPD. Don't move.

Clear. Nothing but laundry.

Let's talk about your friends,

Remy and Colton Pope.

- Who?
- Your smuggling pals.

Who else on that
ship is involved?

I swear to God, I-I-I don't know
what you guys are talking about.

Deac, minivan at your six.
She's awfully twitchy.

All right. Go check it out.
I got him here.

Turn around.

LAPD! Stop the car!

Don't move!

Stop the car!

LAPD! Get out!

Hands against the car.

Riley Pope?

You any relation
to Remy or Colton?

So I guess drug smuggling's
a family business.

How'd you end up on a
cruise ship, Weller?

I did my 20 in LAPD and got out.

I always wanted to
be on the water.

We are different animals.

Last hour's confirmed everything
I've always believed about cruises.

How 'bout you, Hondo?

You must be getting
near your 20.

What's life like
for you after PD?

I never thought about that.

SWAT for life, I guess.

Not finding any drugs here.

Yeah, me neither.

They could've moved 'em.

There's a lot of hiding
places down here.

Chris, Chris.


Hands up!

Yeah, w-we heard
the announcement.

- We didn't know where else to go.
- It's okay.

Está bien.

Please don't kill me.

Relax. I'm LAPD.

I'm not here to hurt you.

We're looking for
the guys who are.


Get over there. Get
back over there.

Command to 20-David.

This is 20-David. Go.

Picked up Colton
and Remy's sister.

She gave up the names of
two more accomplices.

Wait a minute, that's only four.

I thought the total
number on board was five.

She doesn't know the
fifth one, but it sounds

like he's in charge.
This was his operation.

We're sending the info
on the other two now.

That's the guy I traded
shots with up top.

Hondo, this guy.

Cooper. He was in the closet.

Let's go. Weller,

you stay with them.
Stay with them.

- Good?
- Yeah.

Where's the other guy?

He-he went that way.

Chris, cover!

Move, Chris, move!

This is 20-David.
One suspect down.

Cooper, are you there?

Bowman just told me he heard
gunshots in the cargo hold.

Are you there?

Are you gonna answer it?

No. Keep 'em in the dark.

All right, now, listen up.

I'm talking to one person now.

To the passenger who's
decided to play hero.

Let's see just how
brave you are.

You got five minutes
to give yourself up.

If not,

I shoot the captain

and one of his crew every
minute after that.


Hondo, you can't.

There's no way.

Surrendering goes against every
SWAT tactic we've been taught.

These guys have already proven
they're willing to kill.

Hondo, please...

Look, they're asking for me.

They don't know about you.


th-that's him.

That's him right there.

Come on, get in here.

Get over here.

I don't know whether you're
brave or just really stupid,

but I'm done with you
being a pain in my ass.

Look, man, we both
want the same thing.

And that's to get
you off this ship.

What is this? Radio?

Why do you have...?

Command to 24-David.

We just lost comms on Hondo.

24-David. Same on my end.

You're not just some
passenger, are you?

Wait, wait, w-wait.
I still got him.

What are you, a cop?



Damn it, Remy. What did I tell you?
Just kill him already.

And I'm telling you, you
really don't want to do that.

If I die, you lose any chance

of getting off this ship
with your merchandise.

Besides, it's not really
up to you, now, is it?

Meaning what? Meaning there's

one more player on this ship who
just hasn't shown his face.

And I'm willing to bet he's
the one calling the shots.

So why don't you tell your boss

that I've come here to
offer him a better deal?

I'm listening.

Am I finally talking
to the man in charge?

You are.

What are you offering?

We'll give you a speedboat.

The three in this room can
take the boat and the drugs.

They'll be given safe
passage back to shore.

From there, they disappear.

How and wherever you want.

You think we're stupid?

What's to stop the Coast Guard
or cops from grabbing us

the minute we're off the ship?
What's the guarantee?

I am the guarantee.

That's right.

He's the guarantee.

Your boss stays
behind as insurance.

Nobody on board is safe
until he gets word

that you guys are
free and clear.

Then, after that, he
gets off the ship.

Just a normal,
anonymous passenger.

That's only if you let
the passengers leave

- without being questioned.
- Do you have a counteroffer?

You go on the speedboat
with my men as a hostage

until I'm free and clear.

That way, I have a guarantee.


Remy, give the man his radio.

Let him call us a boat.

How long until he gets here?

Less than 15 minutes.

From there, another
20 back to shore.

We don't figure out who Mr. X is

in the next half hour,
these men and their drugs,

they're gonna disappear
with Hondo forever.

We're running out
of time, Riley.

Which means you're
running out of time.

I already told you
everything that I know.

About your brother's
friends, Bowman and Cooper.

But now I need to know
who they're working for.

The fifth person on board.

- I don't know.
- Look...

people were killed, Riley.

That means murder
charges for you.

I was just driving a van.

- I-I was never even near that ship.
- That doesn't matter.

You're on the hook now.


Listen, your brothers must
have said something about him.


I don't know.

I heard Remy say that...
this guy was involved

with a lot of other bad stuff.

That he killed people before.

I know Colton was scared of him.

Really scared.

He said if anything went
wrong, we'd all be dead.

I swear,

- that's all that I know.
- Luca!

Luca, couple hours till dusk.
You know what that means.

Dusk Till Dawn Relay.

Get the connection there?

Yeah, Mumford, I get it, all right?
I was just thinking that

if I were you, I'd be a little
worried that Hondo and Deacon

and Chris are not gonna
make it back in time, so,

if you want to pay me 70
cents on the dollar now...

Come on, man. You can't hold me to
a bet if my team's out on a call.

Well, Tan's still here, right?

What, he's gonna
run it by himself?

This is supposed to
be a four-man team.

Where's your sense
of honor, man?

Headed to the bank to
pick up a deposit slip.

See you soon.


Let me run for 20 Squad.
Devlin, too.

Not a chance. You're
not 20 Squad anymore,

Street. You're just a recruit.
All right, you both are.

Look, I know that you got some
kind of problem with me now.

Okay? That's clear. But
are you really gonna

let that cost you
a thousand bucks?

Well, even with you and Devlin,

without Deac, we'd
still be a man short.

Well, then, you lace 'em up.

You kicked ass last year.

And, besides, it is way too soon

for you to be hanging
up the towel.

Mumford, I get, but you?
Come on.

All right, but you and
Devlin better come through,

or neither of you is ever
gonna see a spot on SWAT.

If you think this is a way
you can show me up...

Look, man, I'm just trying to
help out Luca and my old team.

That's it. It's
good for everybody.

These bastards are gonna
get away with this.

Remy and his friend Colton?

They're not smart enough.

You'll track 'em down again.

The boat's here. You
sure about this?

Trust me. They're not
going to mess with you

as long as I'm still a
threat to the passengers

and you have the cop.

Just take the drugs to
the original drop-off,

radio me once you're there.

Did you hear that?

Not what he said, but-but...
but behind it.

There-there was this
music, like-like-like

1930s Glenn Miller,
big band stuff.

There's an Art Deco bar...
the Grand Lounge.

It's on the fourth deck.

She's all yours. I don't
want to know nothing else

about what's happening here.
See nothing, say nothing.

You're driving the boat.

Hey, I was just told
to drop it off.

Well, now you're being
told something else.

All right.

What are we waiting for? Let's
get the hell out of here!

24-David. I may have a
location on the fifth guy.

Command to 24-David.
You got anything?

24-David. I got 20, 30
possibles here maybe.

Not sure how to narrow it down.

- Hey.
- Connor, Julie.

I thought maybe you had gone.
What's going on?

I can't talk, can't
explain right now,

but I need you guys to
just act normal, okay?

We're coming up on
the breakwater.

We're maybe ten minutes out.

Let me know when you
reach the shore.

- He's earwigged.
- What?

He's wearing a radio
earwig, same as me.

Okay, I need you
to do something.

I need you to hold these
together face to face,

and when I give you the
signal, you're gonna

press both mic buttons
at the same time.

- Can you do it?
- Why? What's gonna happen?

Connor, I just need to
know that you'll do it.

- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
- Of course, yeah.

Here, hold this.


Remy, don't go to shore!

There's more than one cop.
It's a setup.

What did you say? I
didn't hear you!

Don't even move.

Holy crap, that was insane.

What?! What was that?

You cut out.

I didn't hear you!

Something happened to him.
Something's not right.

I knew it. I knew it all along.
It's a setup.

This cop lied to us!

Screw this, man.

Just waste him!

Stay down!

Stay down!

30-David to Command.

All three suspects down.
We're Code 4.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure

mine will be only the first
of many apologies you're owed

for what you've
been through today.

But for the moment, let's
just all be thankful

we're on our way home.

Most of these people
will never know

what you and Hondo
have done for them.

I'm okay with that.

You were a cop. You get it.

That security guard of
yours who was killed...

if there's anything
Hondo and I can do,

please let us know, okay?

I will.


The Dusk to Dawn is
nuts, man, you'll see.

Every law enforcement
agency sends a team...

sheriffs, PDs, FBI, ATF.

It's like 50 different squads,
all racing across the desert.

- It's crazy.
- Hey, Tan, ease up, huh?

I don't want 'em getting
all psyched out.

Okay, we're just gonna take it
five miles at a time, all right?

You run a five-mile
shift, then you tag out,

hop back in the van, and, uh,
get the next guy on the road.

- Just remember what's on the line here.
- A thousand bucks.

No, I'm not talking about
the money, Street.

I'm talking about a year's worth
of bragging rights with Mumford.

- And, yeah, my thousand bucks.
- What the hell is this?

You picked up two recruits?

- That's cheating.
- Come on, Mumford.

It's a charity race. We're
just trying to do our part.

It's not about charity.

The bet was squad versus squad.

No offense, Sergeant, but
sounds a little bit like

you're afraid of being
beaten by recruits.

Yeah, hearing it now,

it does kind of sound a
little bit like that.

Hey, if you're
trying to back out,

70 cents on the dollar seems
to be the going rate.

We're not backing
out of anything.

Rocker's right.

We don't care how you lose.

You're still gonna lose.

Move that thing.


What are you even doing here?

Shouldn't you be in labor
already or something?

- Ah. Ah.
- Mmm. Mmm.

That's what she's doing here.

- Yeah, that and these.
- Are those

the amazing energy bars
you made last year?

Well, I figured you guys are
gonna be running around

all night, so I thought you
might need a secret weapon.

- No raisins for you, Hondo.
- Ah, that's my girl.

If you ever get sick of this
dude, I will marry you.

All right, all right, easy.

- Well, you see that?
- Hmm.

Annie and Deacon are
making it work.

Relationships and
this job don't mix

- until you find one that does.
- All right, then.

All right, then, what?

I'll call her. Kira.

- Ah, there you go.
- I'll set up a third date.

What about you, or are you one
of those "Do as I say and not

- as I do" types?
- Ah, Chris, my deal...

It's just complicated, and now
is not the time or the place.

Are you kidding me? The band's
back together! We got our team!

- Hell yeah.
- Hey, I appreciate you volunteering,

- but we're good, though. Thanks.
- There it is.

- What's up? Hey!
- What's up?

All right, tell the truth.

Y'all got money
riding on this, huh?

We're looking at a
grand this year.

- Yeah, I need a new stove for my house.
- Oh, yeah.

Well, then, we'd better
get rolling, huh, Coach?

Hey, Street, Devlin,
let's get it loaded.

I got your, uh, running
gear in the bag.

I knew you guys'd come through.

Yeah, you're just
desperate to win a bet.


Come on, come on.

- Oh, cut it out. Cut it out.
- Hey.


Let's go, Street.

Heads up.

All right. Good luck.

Oh, well.

Hey, uh, you know Uncle Tio's?

Eat there all the time. Why?

I mean, I'd say that's about
five miles from here.

- Hundred bucks says I beat you there.
- $200.