S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Saving Face - full transcript

Hondo suspects an ulterior motive when Eric Wells (Michael Trucco), a U.S. marshal who is the estranged husband of his romantic interest, Deputy District Attorney Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne),...

- Previously on S.W.A.T.
- Do you have any word on Street?

I had tried his cell three
times, but he's not picking up.

Jimmy, I really need you
to come through for me

or they're-they're not
gonna finalize my parole.

Are you sure you don't want to
maintain a little distance?

I'm the only family she's got.

Nothing about parole is a formality.
LAPD needs to know

if there's an officer residing
with a convicted felon.

Street, I got to say,

I think her living with
you is a bad idea.

You probably already know,

- but I lied.
- You're off SWAT.

You report to patrol
duty tomorrow.

We hold each other's
lives out there

and I need to see that
Street gets that.

- Nia Wells.
- Daniel Harrelson.

They call me Hondo, though.

You're a prosecutor, huh?

Deputy D.A.

How long you two been married?

Actually, getting divorced.

It's funny, you know, when
something like this happens,

it changes how you
look at things.



Graveyard supervisor didn't say
anything about any night work.

Hey, put your hands
against the car.

And don't go for that gun.

I said put your hands
against the car!

Thanks for coming over.

I know my text was last minute.

Well, I'm glad I did.

Thanks for letting me crash.

I know me spending the night
doesn't make us a couple now.

I mean, this ain't got to
be nothing more than...

Than what it is.

I know. We've both
got enough going on.

How's work been for you?

It's been good.

That badge ever start
feeling heavy?

Damn, woman, do you ever
ask any easy questions?

It can be tough at times,
but I'm glad I do it

- and I'm good at it.
- I bet you are,

but I'm guessing you probably
secretly feel responsible

for every win and every loss.

Anyone ever tell you that
your morning-after etiquette

could use a little work?

- Damn it.
- What's up?

My ex won't sign the
divorce papers yet.

He's contesting my proposed
division of property.

First it was the dog, then
the furniture, now this.

It should have all
been over by now.

You know, we got this old-timer
at my job, his name is Mumford,

and he's always
saying that divorce

is a marathon, not a sprint.



You are a legally
separated woman.

That makes you free.

Enjoy it.

I am.

These have been five of the
six best one-night stands

I've ever had.

Okay, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

- Only five out of six?
- Yeah.

There was this guy in Houston.

Long time ago.


- Work.
- Stay safe.

SWAT's chasing
train robbers now?

Well, most thefts, the railroads
use their own security,

- but this one came with a homicide.
- Dead guard.

- Bullet to the head.
- The suspects used

an oxyacetylene torch to cut
through the forged steel.

They made off with $2
million worth of oxycodone.

And then they fled about
a half a mile north

through an access gate.

- Any leads on this crew?
- Well, the U.S. Marshals

think it's a fugitive on
their Most Wanted list.

Marshal Wells.

I'd like you to meet
Sergeant Harrelson.

Hey. Eric Wells.

Nice to meet you, Sergeant.


Uh, the Marshals have
claimed jurisdiction,

requested SWAT as backup in the
search for their fugitive.

That's a new one.

I thought you cowboys
normally rode alone.

Well, sometimes it's
better to be in a pack

than a lone wolf, right?

Shen Kwon was serving

15 years for killing
an ATF informant.

About six months ago, he
took a saw blade to a guard

and escaped custody.

We're a long way from Florida.

What makes you so sure Kwon's
ripping off boxcars in L.A.?

Well, Kwon's specialty is cargo.

If it's worth a buck and
it's shipped by plane, train

or on a semitruck, this
guy will rip it off.

Now, since his escape,
he's been moving west.

He's targeting boxcars full
of pharmaceutical opioids

and he's flipping them
wholesale to local gangs.

Dallas, Santa Fe, Vegas, they
all had spikes in overdoses

linked to drugs Kwon has stolen.

And we don't want him flooding
our streets with that crap.

That's why I'm deputizing
you and your team.

I could really use SWAT's help

getting this guy off the street.

You gentlemen coordinate
amongst yourselves.

- Keep us posted.
- Thanks, Commander.

- Excuse me for a second.
- Yeah, no sweat.

Hey, Deac. I'm gonna grab Tan,

and check with
railroad security,

see what kind of surveillance
footage these guys have.

The oxyacetylene torch these
guys used is not exactly gear

you find lying around here.

You grab Chris and Luca.
Hit up Burglary.

See if this crew ripped
it off from someone.

- Hey.
- Nia, hey.

Listen, um, I got
something happening here.

I'm on my way to
court, what's up?

Me and my team just got
deputized by your husband,

hunting some rip-off crew.

What are you talking about?

Eric's detailed to
guard a federal judge.

Not anymore he isn't.

I'm standing here
looking right at him.

Did you mention me to him?

No. What I do and who I see is
none of his business anymore.

And he's moved on.
Got his new girl.

Nia, I know a lot of guys
who think they're entitled

to a wife and a girlfriend.

Maybe it's a coincidence.
He doesn't know about you.

He's a U.S. Marshal

with access to
wiretap equipment.

He can hack your phone, read
your texts, you know that.

No. He wouldn't abuse his
clearance like that.

Jeopardize his job?

Come on now, Nia. I'm a
cop and you're a D.A.

We've both seen domestic
situations turn real ugly.

Some jealous dude going after
his ex or the guy she's dating.

Look, it doesn't sound
like Eric, but be careful.

I'll make some calls.

You ready?

Let's do it.

You got zero video
surveillance on last night.

This yard's got five
square miles of track

with a thousand freight cars
moving through every day.

What about the access
gate into the yard?

It's got to have cameras, no?

They were spray-painted over.

And the torch they were packing
sliced right through the locks.

Billy was here, though.
Swears he got a look at them.

Billy's a guard here?

Oh, no. He's a hobo.

- Nice kid.
- Can't believe hobos are still a thing.

Long as there are trains, there'll
be guys who want to ride them.

Billy, tell these
gentlemen what you saw.

It's awful, right?

I mean, for a guard,
Barlow was good people.

Whenever I rode through here, he
let me clean up in the bathroom.

You get a look at the
crew who killed him?

Yeah, kind of. This van
almost ran me over.

And I see these guys get out

and start grabbing
stuff off the boxcar.

How many guys?

At least four, maybe five?

I don't know, it was dark,
so it was hard to see them.

But, it, uh, it sounded
like they were

speaking in Chinese or
Japanese or something.

You remember any specific words?

They kept calling this
one dude, uh, "dai-lo."

It means "boss" in Cantonese.

Yeah, it's also Kwon's alias.

Here. It's kind of blurry, but
I managed to snap one off.

Make sure every patrol car on the
street has eyes out for this van.

You know why I requested
you, Sergeant?

Tell me.

Your team has the highest
fugitive recovery rate in SWAT

and I like to win.

- Is that right?
- Yeah, I checked out your file.

You spent your first
six years in patrol

running and gunning in the 77th.

Is South Central really
as tough as they say?

We don't call it South Central anymore.
We call it South L.A.

Oh, South L.A.

I guess some marketing guy
just got a raise, huh?

It's just like anywhere,
Wells, and it's home.

Hey, local kid does good.

I did all right.

Man, LAPD should put you on
the recruitment posters.

I don't do this job
to get famous, man.

Oh, hey, I hear you.

I just hit 15 years
as a Marshal.

I wake up every morning,
I still crave the chase.

The problem is chasing
bad guys doesn't leave

a whole lot of time for
your personal life.

A lot of marriages suffer.

I know mine did.

Patrol just found the cargo van

abandoned under the 10 Freeway.

VIN came back, stolen off a used
lot in Alhambra two days ago.

Chinese gangs like to move a lot

of black market merchandise
through that part of town.

I bet you that's where Kwon
put together his crew.

Alhambra. Tan, that's your
neck of the woods, right?

Yeah, used to be.

That's Deac. Says they
got a hit on the torch

used on the freight car.

All right, almost home.

Got connections to the gear
this crew used on the boxcar?

Yeah, it matches equipment

stolen from a local
trade school.

There's hundred-pound cylinders
of oxy and acetylene.

Four of them, along with some
regulators, 50 feet of hoses

and a top-of-the-line
torch guard.

School sent us a list
of former students,

all Chinese, who either dropped
out or were kicked out.

Ran their names, but nothing
popped up except for one:

Alec Chan. Got arrests for DUI,

unlawful discharge of firearm,
possession of stolen property.

No way.

What, you know him?

Grew up three blocks
from each other.

Went to high school together.

I still run into him once in
a while when I visit my mom.

Well, he was charged

with selling stolen goods to
the Viet Valley Mobsters.

They're a Vietnamese gang
who move a lot of pills

in the San Gabriel Valley area.

Yeah, but based on his priors,

Chan sounds like a
paper gangster to me.

You really think
that your old pal

would hook up with a
bad boy like Kwon?

It's hard to say. I moved
away from Alhambra

as soon as I turned 18.

You still got ties out there?
Yeah, my uncle.

He's head of the SoCal Chinese
American Business Club.

Not much happens in Alhambra

or the SGV without him
knowing about it.

All right. Luca, go with Tan.

Hit him up. See if
he's heard anything.

Okay, let's go.

Pull up Chan's intel.
Run his license plates.

Send a BOLO out to patrol.
I want eyes on this guy.

You know, if you want to talk to
my mom, she left for work already.

She's been doing real
good at her job.

On time, every day.

I do unannounced home
visits occasionally.

It gives me a better sense
of how new parolees

are dealing with
life on the outside.

You want some coffee?
It'd just take a sec.

Hmm. No. Thanks.

Those are mine.

Um, my buddy, he came
to watch the Lakers,

brought a six-pack.

We drank a few, I made
him take the rest home.

Remember, as a condition of
Karen's release, she can't...

No alcohol or drugs, unless
she has a prescription.

Totally got it.

You can check. There's
none in the house.

Okay. Gonna need to
see the bedroom.

I've seen worse.

Yeah. I know you think
I'm a hard-ass,

looking to push your mom back,

but all I really want

is for my parolees to get
their lives on track.

If you notice your mom having
any adjustment issues,

let me know.

Will do.

- I'll get out of your hair.
- Sure.

I'll see you next week.


I'll make sure to have some
coffee ready for you next time.

He's not my uncle by blood.

He and my dad were
from the same village.

Came to the States together.

Well, when my dad died, Yang
looked out for my mom and me.

Made sure we always had
food on the table.

So he's like a godfather.

Yeah, but in China, a respected
man with connections

is called "uncle."

Did you bring your girl
Bonnie to meet him yet?

No chance. She is
way too blonde.


I don't visit Uncle that often.

We kind of lost touch
over the years.

I bet he's proud
that you got SWAT.


It's been too long.

Sorry, work keeps me busy.

I barely have time to visit Mom.
Uh, this is Luca.

He's one of my SWAT teammates. One
of the best officers in Metro.

Nah, listen, I'm okay. But
this guy here, he's top dog.

Can't count the times
he's had my back.

We're lucky to have him in SWAT.

Um, is everything okay?

My apologies, Officer.

I forget my manners.

You're not here on
a personal call.

So how may I help you?

We're looking for this guy
from Florida named Shen Kwon.

Might be involved in a murder and robbery.
So far, all signs

point to him operating
out of Alhambra

and the San Gabriel Valley.

Never heard of him.
If I learn anything,

I'll be sure to call.

How about Alec Chen?

Alec? Is he suspected
of something?

We think he's mixed
up with Kwon,

stealing shipments of drugs.

No, I just saw Alec
a few days ago.

He's been working
with his mother,

learning the family business,
so he can run it one day.

Uncle, come on. You know Alec's
been in trouble in the past.

He's from a good family.

Victor, let me speak
with him first.

The warrant's
already been issued

for his mom's dress shop.

I came here as a
courtesy to tell you

face-to-face, to see
if you could help.

Well, I cannot.

Well, if that changes,
please let us know.

On the street, these
go for 60 a pill.

We're asking 20.

Blast it out, you
make half a mil.

Metro SWAT!

U.S. Marshals! Hands in the air!

LAPD SWAT! Hands up, now!

Deacon, you're up!

Going hands on.

Hands behind! You, down!

Hey, little rabbit,
where you going?

Alec Chan, you're under
arrest for larceny,

possession with intent to sell,

and first-degree murder.

Check this out.

Well, it's good to see
him getting settled in.

I knew Street was volunteering
in the armory in his free time,

I just had no idea it'd
be all of his free time.

Look, I told you, I'm
just the middleman.

A friend came to me
with those pills,

said if I could sell
them, I'd get 20%.

Victor, come on,
you know me, man.

The Alec I know came from a good
home, mowed his neighbors' lawns,

loved going to the Dodger games.

What the hell happened?

I followed my dreams, like you.

Started deejaying some parties
up in the Hollywood Hills.

They wanted some pills.
It was easy money.

And now you're rolling with a crew
that killed a security guard,

sells opiates to street gangs.

Sounds like you're
trending down, Alec.

How low you plan on getting?

And why would I give you a Get Out
of Jail Free card even if I could?

Huh? So, you can sell drugs
to kids in our neighborhood?

And this friend of yours.

What's his name again?

Joey. I don't know
his last name.

And Joey No-Last-Name

got all those pills from where?

Said he got it from
some guy in Riverside

who found it in a landfill.

Right. Some dude in Riverside

was dumping his trash,
and he just happened

to trip over $2 million in oxy.


Congratulations, my man,

but you've just won first prize

for the stupidest story anyone's
ever tried to tell in this room.

Look, I know dealing
drugs was dumb.

But I didn't kill anybody.

All Chan's calls went
to dead-end burners,

but we found this: a
GPS tracking app.

Yeah, for 20 bucks, you
can buy these, uh,

chip-sized GPS responders,
stick them to whatever.

Chan likes sticking
them to boxcars.

That's the freight car Kwon
and his crew hit last night.

And that's

the PSD Rail Yard, 20 minutes
south in the City of Industry.

Kwon's next target.

This is LAPD SWAT!

All of you, face down on the
ground, hands on your head!


Don't let them scatter!

Train! Watch your six!


Where's our backup?

We need them on the other
side of the tracks.

They said they're about
five minutes out.

You got to be kidding me.

Oh, man.

Train, one;

bad guy, zero.

All right, so what'd
you find out?

The Marshal's
office told me Eric

switched assignments
two days ago.

He specifically asked for
a case close to home.

And you still think
that's a coincidence?

I don't know what to think.

But he respects law enforcement.

He'd respect anyone in SWAT.

Not if it's someone he thinks
is competition for his wife.

He knows our marriage is over.

Yeah, I hear you.

So what the hell kind
of game is he playing?

And why is he dragging
me and my team into it?


I didn't expect you home.

Oh, I left early,
hoping to see you.

I'm getting good at this
whole online thing.

I found a recipe for
gluten-free pasta.

And before I went to prison,

I didn't even know
what gluten was,

let alone how bad it is for you,


Your parole officer stopped by.

It was a random spot-check.

All these silly rules, you know?

Reports and phone
calls and visits

and... h-honey, I'm s...

What is that?

That was in your room.

Oh, wait, it's Trevor's.

Trevor. Who's Trevor?

He's this guy that I've
been spending time with.

You know, he's in NA, and, uh,

you know, he was
doing really good,

and he even got
three months sober,

but he relapsed
last week, and...

So y-you've been
bringing this guy here,

while I've been at work,
without telling me?

Hey, we're all adults here.

Dating again is, you know,

difficult enough without sharing
all the details with my son.

But I swear to you,
from right now on, uh,

Trevor and I are done.

It is over.

So that isn't yours,
and you're not using?

Jimmy, do you think that
I would be that stupid?

That I would risk
going back to prison?

I see it all the time, people
violating their parole.

Well, not me.

So you wouldn't have a problem
submitting to a drug test?

Yeah... I passed a drug
test to get my job.

That was months ago.
What about now?


I see.

Go ahead, you just
think the worst of me,

because that's what
you always do.

- What's in your purse?
- What?

If you got nothing
to hide, show me.

No. It's... It's my pur...

Jimmy. Jimmy.

What's that?

Okay. Look, so...

- What's that?!
- It's been hard for me.

I... everything's so different
since I came back from prison.

How are you even getting
the money to buy this?

Every single person that I trust told me...
they warned me...

that one day, you were gonna
drag me down with you.

I would never do that to you.

What do you mean, you'd
never do that to me?!

If your parole officer had found
that before I did, I'd be fired.

I chose you over SWAT.

But you only care
about yourself.

Don't you dare say that.

I did 17 years for you.

Your father was a monster, and
he would've killed us both.

And-and I saved...
I saved your life,

and this is how
you treat me now?

You made me a part of
my own father's murder.

I mean, yeah, he was a monster,
but you kept him around us,

until the day that you
made me help you kill him.

I mean, what does that make you?

I'm done. I'm done.


I'm done carrying around any
more of this guilt about you.

That's for groceries.

I'm gonna keep paying rent
so you got a place to stay.

Wait, wait, wait! Wait,
Jimmy, where are you going?

I can't... I can't have
you in my life anymore.


Not if I'm gonna straighten
out, get back on SWAT.

Jimmy, I love you.

SWAT responded to more than
a thousand calls last year.

Captain, I'm not here
for a sales pitch.

I'm here to see a
revised budget.

And so far the only
cuts you've shown me

are protein bars
and paper clips.

Overtime. Without it, many
of the cases SWAT handles

- would never get addressed.
- And why is that?

Because SWAT isn't nine-to-five.

We're constantly training,
assisting federal task forces,

and expected to react no
matter what time of day.

But you've thought of something?

If we cap overtime across
the board, we'll cut 13%.

- That's not 15.
- Oh, it's awfully close.

Let's come to a compromise here
and still keep the city safe.

It's not lost on me

you're trying your best to
avoid cuts to personnel.

From the numbers you've shown
me, four officers will do.

You want us

to downgrade four current
members of SWAT to patrol?

You don't understand.

Officers spend years
trying to make SWAT.

It's one thing to demote
someone for bad performance,

but these officers
are all-stars.

You don't just ship them
back to the minors.

That's why I said four, and
not the six you really need

to balance the budget.

I'm trying to compromise.


Done. But you don't
get to pick a recruit

from this year's SWAT Academy.

When hell freezes over.

Every year

since 1967,

SWAT has brought up
at least one recruit

to carry on our tradition.

Send four officers
down to patrol,

hit my 15%,

and I'll make sure you
get to pick one recruit

from the Academy.



You know how much shame
this is causing his family?

That's on him, not me.

You like putting away
your own people?

I put away criminals,
Chinese or not.

Uncle, please. Alec's
family looks up to you.

If you tell him that he can save
face by helping us, he'll talk.

But time is running out.

If he helps us catch Kwon,
I will speak to the D.A.

about a reduced sentence.

I didn't kill anyone.

I believe you, but unless you
help the police catch this man,

you'll be punished for his sins.

You have only one chance
to help yourself.

I've known your
mother for 50 years.

She doesn't deserve this.

Kwon promised nobody
would get hurt.

- Where can we find him?
- I don't know.

He moves hotels every
day to be safe.

You know what rail yard
Kwon's gonna hit next?

I'm sure as soon as he
found out I was arrested,

he bought a new list.

List? What do you mean?

The shipping manager
down at the ports,

he's the one selling Kwon
info on the freight cars.

Well, tell us you know his name.

Got a couple unis sitting
on Cho's location,

and my team will be
ready to roll in five.

Oh, great. Let's
hope he can tell us

what Kwon's next target is then.

Listen, before we head out,

I want to get something
straight right now.

Sure, what's up?

I know why you're here, Wells.

Yeah, I got a fugitive

that needs scratching off
the Most Wanted list.

Cut the act, man.

You don't give a
damn about Kwon.

You just used him to get to me.

What the hell are
you talking about?

Man up.

Just admit that you are
here because of Nia.

You went and cooked up
some crazy-ass scheme

so you could try to control
who's in her life,

or something like that.


You two must have had

some interesting phone
calls today, huh?

Nia... she's got some tells.

I knew she had something
new going on.

I dropped by her hotel.

It took me a few hours, but then
I saw her leaving with you.

I got to say, man,
I'm surprised.

'Cause after me, Nia said she'd
never hook up with another cop,

let alone a SWAT guy.

Do you know how far out of policy
you are, pulling this stunt?

You're just a rebound to her.
You know that, right?

See, the thing is, Wells, Nia
and I, we know what it is.

I'm just the guy she's using

to get from you to the guy that
she's eventually gonna end up with.

And we're both good with it.

Just because she
drafted up the papers

does not mean that it is over.

How 'bout your new girlfriend?

She know you're
stalking your ex?

So what now, hmm?

You gonna go to your
commander and tell him

- we're fighting over a girl?
- No, I'm not.

No, we're gonna go get Kwon and
we're gonna close this case.

But if you ever
come near me again

or threaten Nia in any way,

you're gonna wish you didn't.

Then I suggest we get
rolling, Sergeant.

Come on now, big man,
against the wall.

Everybody stay cool.
We're not Vice.

This is not a raid.

We're not looking
to stop the fun.

We're just looking
for Aaron Cho.

Hear you like betting
college ball,

and dug yourself a hole for
30 grand with Big Rosie.

- You-you know Rosie?
- Who doesn't?

We know a lot of folks
who lay bets with her.

Rosie told me you just stopped by her
place and squared what you owed.

Hmm. With luck like this,

I can understand why

you're selling freight
car manifests

to escaped killers.

When was the last
time you saw Kwon?

Uh... couple hours ago.

Uh, he gave me 20 grand

for a list

of 50 containers
coming in tonight.

Well, I'm gonna need
that list, smart guy.

I don't have it. I
e-mailed it to him.

I'm gonna need you
to forward it to me.

We confiscated the oxy
from Kwon's train robery.

We crashed his Vicodin party,

and now he's down two
men on his crew.

And he's out a fat
chunk of front money

after buying the shipping
container numbers from Cho.

Right, so now he's desperate.

But he knows the rail
yards are too hot,

so he's got to change tactics.

You guys get pings
on those boxes yet?

Yeah, all 50 containers were
brought into the city by train,

then transferred on flatbeds

- heading to cities all over the country.
- So what's Kwon gonna do,

skip trains and start
hijacking trucks?

Yeah, that'd be my guess.
We just have to figure out

which one of these big
rigs he's gonna take down.

That's why I had Chris
make us a top five list.

- Top five what?
- Pop songs?

Top five containers

carrying the
highest-priced cargo.

Out of those, only one has
pharmaceutical drugs. This one.

Scheduled to take off for St.
Louis tonight

with $6 million in Percocet.

Huh. Everyone who says
SWAT's just a bunch of jocks

who only care how much they bench
is selling you guys short.

That's nice work.

We'll form a plan as we roll.
Let's move.

Any closer to catching Kwon?

We're getting warmer.

The budget meeting, how'd it go?

You don't want to know.

Are we losing anybody?

How many, Jess?

Don't tell anyone yet.

Hey, Deac. Listen, um...

I got a strange,
paranoid request.

I'm listening.

The Marshal.

Keep an eye on him
for me, all right?

You know, I thought I clocked
something between you guys earlier.

You got history? Bad
blood from an old case?

I'll fill you in later.
It's probably nothing.

Just... watch my six out there.

Roger that.

Took out the pallets of Percocet,
did everything else you asked.

There she is.

You sure you can
handle this beast?

Don't insult me.

All right, so like
we talked about.

Take the scenic route
to the freeway,

then use surface streets
east of San Pedro.

It's an industrial area,
so no pedestrians.

Keep it under 30, hit
every red light.

We got eyes on you at all
times, so don't worry.

He look worried to you, Deac?

Hey. You're missing something.

What's that? "Get in,
sit down and shut up."


All right.

Don't tell Black
Betty about this.

She gets jealous when I take
other girls out for a spin.

All right. 20 David,
all clear on my one.

- How's my three side looking?
- Clear for now. Just keep cruising.

- Let Kwon take the bait.
- Roger that, Hondo.

Hey, 30 David, you copy?

22 David, copy.

Just waiting for
you to say when.

20 David, game on.

Okay, we got three
suspects armed with AKs.

Open up!

I don't think so, bro.

Coming up on your left, Luca.

20 David to Command.

We're taking rounds.
Shots fired.

This is 20 David. Suspect
headed east on San Pedro.

24 David to Command,
one suspect down.

25 David to Command, second
suspect down; I'm code four.

You and me got Kwon. Let's go!

I got left side.

I go right.

Hey, maybe we should spread out.

No. No, we keep formation.

This guy's got an AK-47
he's not afraid to use.

- You hear that?
- Go, go.

Deac, what's your 20?

Deac, what's your 20?

Deac, do you read me?

What's your 20?

20 David, had a
comms malfunction.

Coming up on your six.

Roger. Deac,

I got movement at my 12 o'clock.
I'm going right.

Roger that. I'll meet you there.

LAPD! Come out and
show me your hands.

Did you see anyone
else out here?

You good?

This is 20 David to Command.

Last suspect down.

It was a close shot.

Yeah, I guess it was.

I put in a lot of
hours at the range.

Hey, you run a tight team. I
can see why SWAT gave you one.

Thanks, for getting him before
he got a clean shot at me.

- Well, I guess we're done here.
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah. Hey, Hondo.

I still love her,

and I want another chance.

And if you've ever been in
a similar situation, man,

you can understand
where I'm coming from.

I met a woman who was
finalizing a divorce.

And her ex already had
a new girlfriend,

so there wasn't supposed
to be any type of problem.

Wells, you should've
come to me like a man,

and we could've talked
it out, but no,

you decided to pull some strings

so you could ride
shotgun and size me up.

Okay, so I'm asking you
right now, man-to-man,

stay out of my way.

Give me a chance
to win her back.

I'm not in your way.

Whoever Nia wants to
be with is her call.

And I take my cues
from Nia, not you.


Listen up.

I know there have been rumors,

and they're true.

SWAT has been told by
the powers that be

that we have to cut
our budget by 15%.

We tried to cut
everything else we could,

but we have to transfer
four members of SWAT

back down to patrol.

All right, listen, listen. Hey!

I know, it sucks,

but remember, patrol
is important work,

and you still represent
this city's finest.

Patrol is a place where you
can make a difference.

Effective immediately,

these four officers will
transfer to patrol.

DeAndre Sockwell.

Griffin Blundell.

Reynaldo Esquivel.

Jeremy Tiller.

Also, we're only allowed
to take in one new recruit

into SWAT this year,

so if you have friends
on the force who wanted

to try out, let them know this
is not the year to do it.

I'm sorry, guys.

Hey. I don't know what your
uncle's got against you,

but you're a good cop, man.

You know, I mean, you're
always squared away.

You're one of the best
dudes that I've ever met.

Thanks, man.

You know, in China,

police don't get the same
respect as they do here.

People don't look up to cops.

It's like being a
garbage man of society.

When I left Alhambra to
join the Police Academy,

a lot of people thought I
was throwing my life away.

They know you went to night
school and got your degree?

Yeah, but my dad's dream
was for me to go to MIT,

get a white-collar job,

marry a Chinese girl,
spit out a bunch of kids.

I'm not gonna lie, man. Getting
into MIT is pretty cool.

Eh, not to me.

I didn't just want to
be some math nerd.

I was good at it, but
it's not what I loved.

Well, I'm glad you
made that call.

I mean, the city can
always use more heroes.

Uncle is right about one thing,

I should go see my
mom more often.

She's worried my
job's too dangerous.

Prays to Buddha to protect me.

So what's your favorite
spot to take her?

King Palace. Best seafood
in the city, hands down.

All right, call her up,
man, have her meet us.

I'm gonna treat you to dinner.
It's on me, buddy.

Hey, Hondo.

You got a minute?

Sure, Street. What's up?

Sorry, I was just,


I... I just wanted...

My mom's not living
with me anymore.

I moved out.

I mean, I-I told her that

it's better if we're apart.

That must've been hard for you.

You okay?

You were right all along.

Just took me a little
longer to see it.

Your mom didn't exactly
make it easy for you, kid.

I always wanted to believe
the best about her,

and I think maybe part
of me resented you

for seeing her for
who she really was

and getting me to face up to it.


I've been thinking
about this a lot,

and I just want to say

I'm really, really sorry

for letting you and
the team down before.

I know I got growing up to do,

but I am trying to do it.

And I know I-I don't have a
chance of getting back on SWAT

with these budget
cuts, but I hope

that one day,

I can become the kind of
man you wanted me to be.


Buck pulled strings

to get you transferred
here from Long Beach,

but you never actually made
it through LAPD SWAT Academy.

But maybe, this time,

you can do it right and
earn yourself a spot.

Are you saying

you'd-you'd give me a chance
of getting back on SWAT?

I'm saying that I will
get you in SWAT Academy.

You heard the captain.

They're taking one
recruit this year.

So what you got to do

is ask yourself how
bad do you want it,

and then go kick ass and
make sure it's you.

I'll do my best.

Yeah, I know.