S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Hoax - full transcript

A fake 911 call puts "Hondo" and the team on the hunt to stop bombing attacks; Jim's relationship with his mother jeopardizes his career; Jessica is thrown a curve ball by the president of the police commission.

All right, boys,

ring the doorbell and ditch

before somebody answers.

Me and Leroy got those two houses.

Darryl, you take that one.

Come on.


Aw, shoot. The cops.

No, they ain't here for us.

Okay, let me see hands.


What are you running from?

Officer, we were just playing
a stupid game.

Up against the car.


A burglary was reported in the area.

We're looking for suspects.

Why are you talking to us?
We didn't steal nothin'.

Because you fit the description,


Yeah, right... young,
black and breathing.

Darryl, shut up.

- Man, forget this.
- Both of you shut up.

And I said don't move!

You didn't say that. You said to...

I said don't move!

You understand English?

Why you bum-rush me?

I ain't do nothin'!

This ain't right!

This is how cops get shot.

I told you

keep your hands where I could see them.

You understand?

Hey, stop resisting! Do you want

- to get shot?!
- No!

He doesn't want to get shot.

None of us do. Please.


They got nothing on 'em.

I think they get the point.

Have a nice evening.

You see those robbery suspects...

you call us. Okay?

Let's go.

Come on, Darryl.

- Stupid cops.
- Boy, what'd I tell you

about slamming my door?

Darryl started talking,
this cop grabbed him...

it looked like he was gonna shoot him.

Is everybody okay?

I used all the rules you taught me.

I did everything they asked.

Kept my hands in view,
kept my voice calm.

You tried not to give them
a reason to fear you?


Son, I'm-a tell you something.

Some people fear you

without even knowing you.

It's black versus blue.

But it don't got to be that way.


But what do you think
you can do about it, Hondo?

All right, we got a hostage situation.

Suspect's name is Christian Baty.

Someone called 911,
saying he's threatened to shoot

his two kids, his girlfriend
and himself with an AK-12.

These guys always want

to kill themselves last...
they should try

going first.

- We got any word on Street?
- He knows he's on standby.

I tried his cell a few times,
but he's not picking up.

But I'm gonna keep on trying.

911 caller says
Baty has hostages in danger.

- You need to go in now.
- All right,

we're a man down, but
we're ready to go in.

Heat sensors can't identify which room

Baty or the hostages are in.

The front door is reinforced.

All right, well, we brought
our own reinforcements.

Okay, we got the Rook, let's do this.

Please stand back.

Nice of you to join us, Street.

I'm sorry, I didn't get
the message right away.

I know we don't do excuses, but my mom,

she got this job in Lincoln Heights,

and she was supposed to take the train,

and then she started getting all these

anxieties, and she asked me to take her.

It's not gonna happen again.

You get familiar with the layout,

get squared away.

Yeah. Thanks. I'll be ready.


This job, it's a good thing for her.

Get ready to roll, Street.

All right.

Chris, Street, go.

All set. Three, two, one.

LAPD! On the ground!

Christian Baty, get down on the ground!

All the way! Give me a two!

- Left side clear.
- Right side's clear.

All right, he's unarmed.

- We got Christian Baty.
- Roger that.

- No hostages, our end.
- House is clear.

No girlfriend, no kids.

Something's off.

You want to tell us
what the hell is going on?

You're the ones busted
in here, you tell me.

Why'd somebody call 911,
say you were about to kill

your girlfriend and kids?

I don't have a girlfriend, or kids!

Damn, sounds like we
just got swatted, boss.

Hondo, we may have something.

Blast plates,

caps, copper fuses.

Somebody's been messing
with explosives here.

Making something pretty big.

It's a list of cities. Crenshaw,

Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, Inglewood.

Possible targets?

Those are all black neighborhoods.

Hey. Who are you?

What the hell do you have planned?

Hondo, this is Agent Elliott Gines,

- point for the FBI.
- SWAT's here to help,

but I'd be lying
if I didn't say this guy's list

of possible targets feels personal.

Completely understand, Sergeant.

Now, I've interviewed
Christian Baty twice

in the last six months.

He made the FBI's watch
list for researching

improvised explosive devices,
along with this.

Baty just happens to be
a member of a white pride

chat group called the
"Ultimate Patriots."

These guys espouse violence

based on the fear

of the "surging minority threat."

Yeah, they sound awesome.

Yeah, the kind of awesome
that hides behind pseudonyms

- and avatars.
- Most of the time,

this kind of chat group
is all talk, no bite.

But a few days ago, this one went silent.

Not before hinting at something
big happening today, though.

We found TATP residue in his house.

Evidence that Baty's making explosives,

but where are they now?

I got unis running
extra patrols from Crenshaw

to Ladera Heights. If they see
anything, we're mobilizing.

Sir, South L.A. is full of soft targets.

We need to find out exactly
what Baty's got planned.

And who else he might be working with.

We can search for the real names

of the people in this chat group.



and "ChicksDigAryans."

Yeah, count me in.

I'll set you up with FBI servers
and our best computer guy.

We I.D. these guys, and with
your local knowledge, we can

scoop these guys up faster.

- Okay.
- Whoever was behind

that swatting call
knew Baty was dangerous.

A friend or neighbor who
wanted to tip us off without

opening themselves up to
retaliation by Baty?

FBI's dealt with swatting calls before.

They're difficult to trace.

Let me know if you need our resources.


I want to be in that room
when you question Baty.

Be my guest.

Deac, Luca,

- I need a favor.
- Sure, Hondo, what's up?

You guys still play ball
with that watch commander

out of the Southwest Division?

Lieutenant Bernard. Yeah.

Big mouth, no jump shot.

- Yeah, my dad was his training officer.
- I need you

to give him a call,
and get a uni to locate

someone in South L.A. for me.

- Sure, who?
- My father.

I talked to him this morning, he
said he was headed to Crenshaw

to hang out with some of his
friends. I tried his cell.

- He's not picking up.
- All right, we're on it.

No problem.

Christian Baty.


Why is it always
boring-looking guys like you

who turn out to be the most dangerous?

Are we really gonna do this again, Agent?

"Special Agent," and yeah, yeah, we are.

Except this time,

I have bomb residue

and materials as evidence.

Tell us what the target is
and who you're working with,

maybe you won't go to prison
for the rest of your life.

Do you play football?

I used to.

What position?

- Linebacker?
- Halfback.

But not quarterback, though.

See, I...

I care more about facts than feelings.

And here's a fact.

Blacks can't play quarterback.

Not with the best of them, anyway.

Are you trying to get a rise out of me?

'Cause I've been there and done that.

Eh, just my way of connecting.

You know, I grew up in South L.A.,

one of the neighborhoods on your list,

and there's a lot
of good people who live there.


Do you you have any idea
what's going on in your hood?

There are black armies on street corners

chanting to put "wings on white pigs."

You're saying someone's looking
to kill cops there?

I pay attention to what's going on.

There are hate groups
plotting the assassination

of white police officers.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- Exactly.

How is it that I know
more about what's going on

in this city than you do?

In your own communities?

Why do you leave it up to
me to protect other cops?

Let's sit you down

and see what you got to say.

Did you hear any chatter

on the streets about
someone going after cops?

No. Nothing I've heard.

He's probably just wasting our time.

I don't know.

He seemed like he was feeling it.

Let's give a heads-up to
Southwest and 77th Divisions.

We dig deeper, we'll find out his target.

All right. I'm on it.

Our swatting call was made using
a deaf teletype relay service.

The hard of hearing use them.

To turn typed messages
into voice messages.

Prevents us from I.D.'ing
the caller's voice.

But these services aren't as
anonymous as you might think.

We traced the call through dispatch.

Our swatter tried to mask
his location by connecting

to a non-emergency line
before transferring to 911,

but I focused on the signal,

found the physical address:
an apartment in Echo Park.

I want unis there now.

Did you know Commissioner
Plank was stepping down

to run for governor?


Hey, Annie, what are you doing here?

I was just on my way home
from a doctor's visit,

and guess who just got
a totally clean bill of health.

Are you serious?

Brain scan, blood test, all checked out.

No more worries about tumors.

I guess you're stuck with me
a little while longer.

Oh, my goodness.

All your hard work, all the rehab.

Well, I could not have done it
without you.

Hey, I know you're busy.

I just wanted to tell you in person.

And kiss you.

- And tell you I love you.
- Love you, too.


Hey, Luca.

- Bye, Luca.
- What's up?

Hey, how's the rehab going?

She's got a clean bill of health.

Deac! That's awesome, man.

Yeah, it's a blessing.

We got to celebrate.

Sure thing, man. What
did you have in mind?

Well, I'm thinking I got to come up

with a really big surprise for Annie.

Dude, Annie always sniffs
out your surprises.

Not this time.

Sorry. It's my mom's first day at work,

and she's kind of freaking out.

At least she knows how
to use her phone now.

What's her job?

I found this opening at this deli.

They hire parolees.

Bunch of hard ex-cons
and my mom selling sandwiches.

I can't imagine

it's easy starting a new
life with a past like hers.

It's just a little different
than I expected.

You know, I got to...
I got to grocery shop

so we can fix breakfast
together, and then I...

I got to try and get home
in time to set the dinner table.

It's like she's still on
this prison schedule, you know?

Our little boy's growing up.

Let's not get carried away.

Ran your parameters through our database.

Came up with fellow chat room
buddies of your suspect.

Connor Glenski.

Used to affiliate

with local white pride groups in Fontana.

I got two more. Jacob
Sullivan from Wyoming

and Garrett Logan from Virginia.

- How'd you find them so fast?
- We're the FBI.

We've got equipment and
algorithms locals can't touch.

Don't got one of those, though.

Sweet jacket. Got any for sale?

After you finish with this, I'll
see if I can scrounge one up.

I'm gonna get these names

to Agent Gines. Excuse me.


Jimmy, I need you here right now.

What's wrong? Your Uncle Ralph is here.

Mom, Uncle Ralph lives in Phoenix.

I mean, we haven't seen him since...

I know, si-since after the funeral.

But he's here. Now.

I think he wants to hurt me.

Are you sure it's him?

I mean, it's been 20 years
since you've seen him.

It's him. You remember how angry he was

after your father died?

And-and how he talked
about getting back at me

if he ever had the chance?

Ma, hey. Just take a breath.

Okay? Take a breath.

I don't know what he wants to do to me.

Just come down here, please.

We're in the middle of a case.


I understand.

I'm sorry, I'm-I'm just scared.

Mom. Mom?

I've updated Gines. Let's go.

Actually, Chris...

take the Charger,

- head back to HQ without me.
- All right, funny guy.

- Come on.
- I know it sounds crazy,

but I got an emergency. I got...
I'll meet up with you later.

- What?
- I can't argue right now.

I just got to go.

Hell you do. What am I
supposed to tell Hondo?

I covered for you going AWOL
before, and I got burned.

I know, I... You don't have to say a word

- to Hondo, okay? I'm gonna talk to him.
- Okay.

How do you know
she's not playing you again?


Come on, don't put me in this position.

Look, I said I was gonna talk
to Hondo, okay?

It's not on you.
I'm gonna take care of it.


Hondo, we got the names

of Baty's accomplices.

Yeah, I just talked to Gines.

- We're looking into it.
- Great.

Chris is on her way back
to HQ now with the intel.

Listen, I got to make
a quick detour, though.

You remember the arrest I made
on that gunrunner in Palmdale?

Yeah. Yeah, what's going on?

Well, uh, I got
an on-call subpoena for it.

And, uh, D.A. needs me to appear in court

in, like, 30 minutes.

Listen, uh,
I'm gonna split off to respond,

but I should be back in time to, uh...

I should be back in time
to move on these guys.

- All right. Roger that.
- Thanks.

I got him from here.



I live my whole life right.

I ain't been in a police station
over 45 years,

and it takes my son to have me arrested?

Okay, look here, ain't
nobody arresting you, Pop.

I thought we agreed

that you would keep us updated
on where you would be.

- What, like I'm 12 years old?
- No.

Like you have a medical condition

that can be a problem

if you don't stay on top of it.

That was the point of moving you to L.A.,

so me and Brie could be here for you.

Look, I was down on Crenshaw
looking after Ms. Reginald.

See, there's this guy that keeps coming

around her neighborhood, and, well,

she just wants somebody
to look out for her, that's all.

Oh, right. You is that someone,
huh? Come on, man.

This ain't got nothing to do
with her being single, huh?

I've been gone for 30 years.

I'm just reconnecting
with my community, that's all.

Okay, well, you can reconnect
with your community

by letting people like Ms. Reginald know

she can call the cops

if she got a problem.

It ain't that simple for some people.

Oh, here we go. Black versus blue, right?

I've been telling you since I was a kid

it ain't got to be like that.

You're the one who told
me that if I wanted

to do something about the
police, I should join them.

Yeah, but I was just
making a point about futility.

Ain't nobody with any sense expected you

to actually start wearing a badge.

All right, I ain't gonna
do this right now, Pop.

We can talk about it later.

All right, come on.

Look, our counselor has a couch and a TV.

You can post up there for now.

Hondo, I know you.

And I know when something's wrong.
What's really going on?

All right, real talk?

There's a bomb threat in South L.A.

We're trying to locate
it and shut it down.

- And you want me out of harm's way?
- That's right.

What about the other people, son?

That just don't seem fair.

We got cops all over the neighborhood

trying to find these suspects.

Listen, I was born and raised
there, and so were you.

I can't just sit here on my ass
if it's in danger.

Pop, will you let me do my job?

I can't do that if I'm worried about you.

It is my turn to take
care of this community.

Officer. Get him set up

- in the counselor's office, all right?
- Mm-hmm.

We checked our swatter's apartment

in Echo Park. No one lives there.

I was afraid of that. It's a dead end.

Not quite. We looked into

the apartment's lease history.

Last one was a long-term agreement,

but no one remembers
what the tenant looked like.

Well, he must have kept a low profile.

Made us look closer.

Boring location, lots of exits,
and a bathroom

perfect to use as a darkroom.

Sounds like a safe house.

I made some calls.

It was a safe house. For the FBI.

I also looked into you.

Your daughter has a friend who's deaf

and uses the same relay service
our swatter used.

You made that 911 call.

What else are you hiding?

The more I dug into Baty, the more I knew

how dangerous he was.
Now, I went to my superiors.

I even went to the higher-ups
in the Justice Department.

No one thought
we had enough for a warrant.

No one took it seriously.

So you used SWAT
to get inside Baty's house

to uncover his plan?

That stunt could have led
to my guys killing people

under false pretenses.

And you know what I'm talking about.

How many people are gonna die

if Baty isn't stopped?

Now, we all know

his accomplice is gonna do
something today, right?

So who are we going after here?

Now, you could spend your time
digging into me,

trying to prove I made that call.

Or you could focus on stopping
this attack.

Agent Gines.

Could you excuse us, please?

Stay in the building.

Anything we found in Baty's house

can't be used in court.

Well, it leaves us two choices.

Maintain plausible deniability,
keep it under wraps

for a few hours, which makes us complicit

in a cover-up with the FBI.

Or release Baty back on the street.

Hold up, hold up. Release Baty?

We know he's been making explosives.

He's got accomplices out
there ready to use them.

And it was an illegal search.


Are we just gonna

- let this clown walk?
- Yeah, what's the word, Hondo?

We're letting him walk,
we're not letting him go.

We're gonna roll with Baty,

and we're gonna watch his every move.

I called in a few favors

with some outsiders who're gonna help us

- keep an eye on him.
- You think Baty's gonna lead us

to his accomplices?

Heard you're a man down,

so Rocker and I agreed to chip in.

- We're upgrades, honestly.
- Appreciate that.

All right, load up.

Let's get ready to move out.

- Let's go.
- Chris, hold on a second.

You and I got to talk about Street.

I called the D.A.
He never got subpoenaed.

- Subpoenaed?
- Where the hell is he, Chris?

What did he tell you?

That he needed to appear in court.

Only his case was never
on the books for today.

I'm sorry, boss. I assumed
you knew what was going on. I...

He swore to me
he was gonna call you right away

and tell you the truth.

What is the truth, Chris?

He didn't say exactly yet.

Just think there's some kind of drama

going on with his mom.


- Hey.
- Oh, Jimmy. Oh!

Hey, it's okay.

It's all right. I'm here.

I didn't mean to ruin your day at work.

I know how important work is for you.

Ma, take breaths, okay?
Take deep breaths.


Drea's gonna let you sit
for a couple minutes.

Everything's cool, okay?

- Okay.
- All right, just relax.

- Okay. Okay.
- Relax.

Where is he?


The guy my mom thinks is my Uncle Ralph.


You grew up big.

I got Baty in a Code 37 plate number.

John, Adam, Nine, Edward, Three, David,

headed south on Crenshaw.

Deacon, Luca,
keep a perimeter to the north.

We're in position, Hondo.

Chris, keep a perimeter to the south.

- Mumford and Rocker to the west.
- On it.

Looks like Baty's heading into South L.A.

This guy gets released,
and the first place he heads for

is the neighborhood he's targeting?

I had him and his car searched at HQ.

No guns or explosives.

But he could be meeting
with the people who have them.

Eyes peeled, people.

Think we just got made.

Good. I want Baty

to think he's smarter than us.

That's why I called in favors.

All right, Little Red.

- You sure you're up for this?
- Depends, Hondo.

You gonna talk to that D.A.
about my possession charge?

And don't pull one of them
cop tricks like last time.

Look, man, a deal's a deal,
assuming you and your boys

don't lose this guy.

Look, you see anything,

you text us, and we'll handle
it from there, you understand?


Guy is definitely not from around here.

More like the North Pole.

How dangerous is he?

Too dangerous to talk about, Red.

Wait, you serious?

Welcome to my world.

How's it feel to be working
with the good guys?

Jury's still out on that.


How'd you find Mom?

When lowlife murderers
are released from prison,

the parole board notifies the
families of their victims.

It wasn't hard to track her down.

- Why are you here?
- To collect family property.

Your mom has a necklace
that belonged to my mother.

Antique gold.

Ma, go back inside.

This necklace is not yours. Shh.

You kept it as some kind of sick
trophy after killing my brother!

No, I earned this necklace

after all the beatings I took from him!

- Is that right?
- Hey. Hey! Hey.

You're not stepping to my mom,
Ralph. Not happening.

All right, all right,
I-I don't want trouble.

I just want what's right.

That necklace belongs to her.
Her mother gave it to her.

Take a look at the engraving on the back.

So he's telling the truth?

Your Grandma Jeanie gave it to me, Jimmy.

Before you killed her son in cold blood.

Your brother was a violent son of a bitch

who would've killed me and Jimmy both

- if I hadn't shot him!
- Shh! Enough, enough.

Both of you, stop it.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.

Take it.

I told myself I was coming here for this.

But if I'm being honest,

I wanted to look you in
the face and say you're

an evil bitch who's
going to hell one day.


My father, he was the worst
thing that ever happened to me.

So you take your necklace,
and go back to Arizona,

and you do not come near my mother again.

Or what? You gonna shoot me?

I thought that was her job.

Go. Now.

You only remember things the way
she wants you to remember them.

But her and your daddy,

they went after each other. I saw it.

I saw it.

Leave. Leave.

Good luck to you, Jimmy.

- Hey, man.
- You alone?

Yeah. Just drove past.

Yeah, I think I'm good, too.

Hondo, check this out.

Listen up,

Baty's with Connor Glenski,

one of his known associates.

Glenski's got a backpack
and may be armed.

- Roll with caution.
- Roger that.

- On our way.
- On my way.

Some guy is taking pictures of us.

- Over to the right?
- Yeah.

- All right, let's get going.
- Yeah.

Let's go. Go, go, go, go.

LAPD! Get off the bike!

Stop! LAPD!


Glenski's on a black bike, headed west.

Off the bike, on the ground!

Off the bike now!

Watch the crossfire!

Get off the bike!

Little Red and his boys lost eyes on Baty

during the explosion. There's
not much left of Glenski.

I talked to the Bomb Squad,

and the explosives in
his backpack are made of TATP.

Matches the residue from Baty's house.

That combo's easy to make
if you know what you're doing.

And it's known for accidental detonation.

That's just one device. If
Baty and his friends have more,

- we got a serious problem.
- Speaking of Baty's friends,

credit card receipts
for Sullivan and Logan show

they bought plane tickets to
LAX yesterday. They're in town.

No hits on the BOLO search yet.

Deac and I are still
looking into Baty's claims

about cops being targets.
So far, nothing.

Got to find these guys, quick.

Keep grinding. We're running out of time.

Say, Hondo,

I thought you should know, I saw your dad

- leaving HQ a few minutes ago.
- What?

I told him to stay in Wendy's
office until the end of the day.

I tried to stop him, but I guess
he doesn't like being told.

'Cause he said something
about not wanting to be

on the sidelines while people need help.

- Thanks, Luca.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, Deac.

What's this I hear about a
surprise celebration for Annie?

Putting something together, yeah.

Well, you know, since Nikki
and I eloped to Vegas,

I got these vendors
locked in we didn't use.

Maybe you want to
split the cost, you know?

Save some cash if you need
a flower guy or a cake.

Yeah. I mean, I'm putting it
together on the fly, so...

Great. So you got anybody to officiate?

'Cause you know who's
licensed in California...

I came to apologize.

I didn't mean for you to find out about
my campaign through a press conference.

I put myself on the line
with those proposals

because you said you would protect me.

Now there's gonna be a target on my back.

Listen, I'm a long shot
to win the governor's seat.

But if I do, there'll be
incredible opportunities

for you to expand your work.

I'm sorry about this.

Things moved faster than I anticipated.

Really? I looked up your website.

before we even went public
with the police reforms.

You were using

my work to set you up for this.

Listen, that's politics.

Of course there was a benefit for me.

But the reforms are off to a great start,

and you're here to make sure
they stay on track.

I have an opportunity now

to implement them all across the state.

If I succeed, you'll have
a powerful ally.

And if you don't, people
are gonna come after my job.

I'm gonna tell you a secret, Jessica.

You never needed me to protect
you or to do any of this.

You got this.

Just got back.

What's going on? Where do you need me?

How'd your testimony go?
You gonna put the guy away?

False alarm. Turns out I wasn't needed.

Hey, boss. A, uh, motel manager
in Inglewood recognized

Jacob Sullivan and Garrett Logan.

Said they rented out rooms. Unis went in,

but all they found were
research books on Crenshaw

- and Micheaux Park.
- That narrows down the target area.

Hey, you got to see this. Come here.

This might make Baty's words
make more sense.

So, it's a video of a community
group, the Young Slausons,

in South L.A. They're chanting
to kill white cops

and put "wings on pigs."

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

So Baty was right?

Yes and no. No, it's totally fake.

It's a bunch of clips edited together,

taken out of context.
The website for this video

didn't check out.

- There are fake articles, misspellings.
- The video was posted

- out of Crimea. It's a troll farm.
- Yeah, it's people

looking to take advantage of fear,

start violence in U.S. cities.

Problem is, an online conspiracy
theorist on YouTube picked it up

last month, then bots on
Twitter started pushing it.

- Like gas on the fire.
- See, Baty and his friends

think that they're
actually protecting cops

by trying to kill Young Slausons,

but it's all based on a hoax.

Micheaux Park.

There's a celebration today,

and all the Young Slausons
are gonna be there,

along with hundreds of people.

Probably my pops, too.


Let's move.

- Hondo.
- Pop,

are you in Micheaux Park?

- You know it.
- Okay, listen to me.

That attack I was talking about

is going down there soon.

Look, son, now,

- if you're asking me to leave...
- I'm not,

Pop, I'm not. I need you
to help evacuate people

before we get there,
quietly, without panic.

- Can you do that?
- Son,

I got this.


We got us a situation to handle.

All right, let's get these
people cleared out of here.

My team's gonna take the north end.

Mumford, Rocker, you go south.

- Let's go, everyone!
- People,

we need you to get out of this park!

- Keep moving. Keep moving.
- Let's go!

We need you to move to the front now.

People, you got to move!

You need to move out of the park!

- Move to the front!
- Exit that way.

- Everybody, move out of the park!
- Keep moving! Everybody move!

Out of the park, to the front! Pop.

We got eyes on that?!

Neither bomb was set off

in a heavily populated area.

There are no casualties.


Get out of here, Pop.

- Move. Get out of here.
- All right.


Please, come on, move out.

These bombs weren't meant to kill.

These are smaller ones herding
people to the bigger bomb

inside that truck! Get patrol

and make a wall! Keep people
away from that truck!

- Move!
- This way!

Away from the truck!

- Let's go!
- Come on!

Get away from the truck!

Get away from that truck.


- Keep moving.
- Go! Move, move, move! Move!

Everybody move out the front!

Do not go near that truck!

- Move, move! Exit!
- This way!

Hey, girls. Come here, come here.

I'm gonna take you to Mom, okay?

Here we go, here we go.

Move, move!

Come on, let's go! Move, move!

Over there! Those are Baty's guys.

Hey! Keep your hands up!

Hands behind your back!

Now! Now!

Got it!


Baty's got the truck. Get me
the MRAP. Street, let's go.

- Get out of the way! Out of the way!
- Move, move, move!

That truck's a sensitive bomb.

Could detonate at any second
and take out half a block.

Hondo, you have to steer it

away from civilians right now.

We're parallel with him now.

I want barricades set up on Main
moving north.

He's heading west through a parking lot

- straight for civilians.
- Hondo, he's headed for a busy

farmer's market on the
other side of that lot.

Yeah, I got him.

- Street, are we clear?
- Right side clear!

Hondo, Hondo, we're not gonna
be able to cut him off!

That's not the plan, Street.

Brace yourself!

Command to 20-David. Are you there?

This is 20-David to Command.

We're good.

I came as soon as I heard.

- Oh, my gosh.
- I'm okay.

Dad and you could have been hurt.

I'm okay.

- You sure?
- Yeah.


Hondo, thank you.

You're always welcome.

Same Ms. Reginald who wouldn't
call the cops, huh?


- Thanks for your help today, Pop.
- Oh.

Guess you might have to rethink
this black versus blue thing.

It is what it is, son.

But I saw what you did today.

As for me, I'm...

I was just being my son's father.

Let's go, Bri.

This is my daughter, Brianna...


I, uh...

heard about Plank.

- Oh.
- So what's your next move?

Things could get rocky. I hear
the new commission president

isn't a fan of me or my ideas.

Well, you're not alone, Jess.

Me and my team got your back.

- I appreciate that.
- Mm-hmm.

I got your message about Street.

Yeah. And?

You're team leader. It's up to you.

And I support whatever that is.


You know David Arias?

Works for the city trade commission.


We both do charity work for
the Boys & Girls Club of L.A.

I've seen him at a couple
recent functions, and, um...

he asked me out on a date.

Well, he sounds like a smart guy.

You and I are not leaving SWAT
anytime soon.

I'm still your boss, there's still rules.

And I thought it was time
for me... us, uh...

I don't know why I feel like
I have to tell you this.

Okay, Jess, Jess, we both know
why you're telling me this.

You deserve

any happiness that comes your way.

You, too.


Mm-hmm. Hope he's ready.

You wanted to see me?

All right.

I figure you probably already know,

but I lied.

I lied about being needed in court,

'cause I didn't know what else

to do, Hondo.

My mom was in danger. For real, man.

That's what you should
have told me, Street.

But I know how you feel about her.

She okay?

Yeah, she is now.

Good. I mean that.


But you're off SWAT.



Hondo, listen,
please don't do this, okay?

You're not leaving me
any choice here, Street.

- You report to patrol duty tomorrow.
- Okay.

Listen, I'm sorry, all right?

I screwed up. I-I know that, and
I take full responsibility...

You violated the trust of your teammates,

- your commanding officer and this city.
- Is that really

what this is about, or
is it about my mom?

Don't do that. Don't even go there.
I'm leaving you in Metro.

Any other team leader would
ship your ass off

to some corner of the city.

You want to take full responsibility?

Then you get ready
for your next assignment.

Hondo, this is not how this ends!

Hey, don't turn your back on me,
man. I'm still talking to you!

Right now you're off SWAT.

You want to stop being a cop,
you keep pushing it!

Hondo, maybe he was just trying...

Okay, you better be careful.

You were with him
both times he pulled this stunt.

You know, when I first joined this team,

you told me that it was a family.

You don't kick people out of a family!

I made a promise to Buck
to show you the right way.

It was my responsibility to do that,

and obviously, I failed it,

and you.

Now, I'm not giving up on you, Street.

But I wouldn't be doing you or this team

any favors if I kept letting you slide.

So maybe working uniform,

you can learn things
I couldn't teach you.

All right.

I don't need this.

I don't need you or anybody else.

Way to back me up with Hondo.

You mean lie to him? No, I didn't.

You didn't have to lie!

You said you were gonna
tell him the truth!

All this time acting
like you're my friend.

- I am your friend.
- Yeah.

And you still have a choice.
I know Hondo.

I know that he wants there to be
a way for you back to SWAT.

But you can't be burning that bridge.

It isn't me burning bridges, Chris.

It's on you and Hondo.

Hey, man.

Maybe he'll still show, Chris.

Come on. You did the right thing, boss.

I mean, SWAT has to stand for something.

Maybe he needs this.

Maybe he does.

Oh. Okay, everybody.

Uh, Cortez just texted,

and she and Annie
are outside, so, uh, places.

Hey, Deac?

Hey, Mom.


Oh. Wow.

- What's going on?
- You're kidding. How did you know?

What? I don't know
what you're talking about.

I had no idea

you wanted to celebrate our wedding vows.

Tried to warn you, Deac. There's
no pulling one over on Annie.

- Uh-huh.
- All right. Fair enough.

But I got her this time.

This isn't actually my surprise.

Come on.

Um, Annie... I love you.

And I know how hard you
rehabbed to get better, so,

I spoke to Cortez and to Hicks.

And since I've saved up 200 sick days,

I've decided to use them to
stay home, look after the kids.

You have two semesters
left of law school,

and it's the perfect time to finish.

Just wait a minute.

I truly appreciate this,
and everything you do, David,

but I can't go back to law school, babe.

And I want you to know
that me quitting was my choice.

And the other reason, actually...

Not everything came up normal
in my checkup.

You're pregnant?

She's pregnant!

- What?
- Again.

Damn, Deac! What kind of rehab
y'all been doing?!

That's how you drop a surprise!

Well, I guess I got nothing to say.

He's already kissing the damn bride.