S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Shaky Town - full transcript

The S.W.A.T. team gets into a standoff with human traffickers holding children hostage when an earthquake hits Los Angeles and compromises the take-down.

- Previously on SWAT...
- I got an emergency.

Hell you do. What am I
supposed to tell Hondo?

Hondo, listen, I got to
make a quick detour.

I didn't mean to ruin
your day at work.

I know how important
work is for you.

Where the hell is he, Chris?

I think there's some kind of
drama going on with his mom.

You probably already know,

- but I lied.
- You're off SWAT.

You report to patrol
duty tomorrow.

Hondo, this is not
how this ends.

You don't kick people
out of a family!

You want to stop being a
cop, you keep pushing it.

I don't need you
or anybody else.

- Let's go, baby!
- There it is!

Yeah, come on!


Two grand.


What's up?

Anyone else want a piece?

Still the king.

I'll take a shot at that crown.

Whoo! Careful, man.

You don't want it, buddy!

How much you want to put up?

- Much as you want.
- Two racks?

- Make it three.
- Done.

You almost had him.

Yeah, I was there.

What's this? Where's the rest?

I only got $200.

Truth is,

I really thought
I was gonna win.

Strip his bike!

Thanks, guys. Bright and early.

Thanks, man.

Can I settle up, please?

Room 1901.

Business or pleasure?


Just want to make sure the fella

sitting alone with a
strap on his right hip

isn't working for
anyone connected

- to the case that I'm prosecuting.
- Just a cop

taking a break,
watching the game.

Well, then, my
apologies, Officer.

That's one hell of an eye you got
there though, spotting my piece.

Blessing and a curse.

You're a prosecutor, huh?

Deputy D.A.

Wow, that's a tough gig.

Says the brother in blue.

Nia Wells.

Daniel Harrelson.

- They call me Hondo though.
- Hondo.

How is it we've
never met before?

Maybe we have.

No... we haven't.

Your TV at home busted?

No, no.

I, uh... Just in
the neighborhood.

It's a good spot to be
alone among strangers.

Sometimes it's nice
to be anonymous.

What's this case
you're working on?

Embezzlement and bribery.

Guy funneling money to
city council members

- to get his way with zoning.
- I heard about that.

- That's a big trial.
- Big enough for the city

to have me and my team up
here for the next month.

How's it coming?

Probably get fired if I lose.

That plus the stress
of a divorce,

I'd put my life on pause

just to breathe for a
minute, if I could.

So, pause.

Watch the game. I'll
buy you a drink.

I don't want to interrupt
your brooding.

I wasn't aware that I
was, uh, I was brooding.

You hide it well. Most
people wouldn't notice.

Why not?

- I owe myself a little downtime.
- Hmm.

What are you having?

Double soda on the rocks.

Morning raid. I got
to stay sharp.

Well, I'm gonna need
something a little stronger.

Whatever you like.

How bad is it?

Oh, you know, embrace
the pain, right?

Damn, they stripped,
like, ten grand in gear.

How much you owe them?

- More than I had.
- You that hard up for cash?

Not till I lost.

Then what the hell
are you doing here?

I thought it was easy money.
It's not a big deal.

When are you gonna learn
how to check that ego?

Getting kicked off of
SWAT wasn't enough?

Please, please, can
we not go there?

No, no, no, no. You
hauled me out of bed

to come help your sorry ass.

You really gonna tell me what
I can or cannot talk about?


You know, I really
appreciate this.

You need to make things
right with Hondo

- before he finds someone permanent.
- Talking with Hondo's

not gonna change anything.
You know how he is with me.

And, honestly, I'm
in a good place.

Yeah. I can tell.

- Hey.
- Hey.

My crew downstairs, but I
figured you could use a cup.

Guessed no cream, no sugar?

Nailed it, didn't I?

Actually, uh...

you did.

I appreciate that.

Won't fix all your problems,
but a cup of joe and great sex

might knock a bit
of that edge off.

Where I come from, knockin'
that edge off goes both ways.


Mmm. Woman,

what time do you
free up tonight?


As much as I like
the sound of that,

already juggling a divorce
and the biggest case

of my career.

Not sure a SWAT
hotshot with baggage

is a smart choice for me

right now. Okay, wait a minute.


You really are a
prosecutor, aren't you?

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm projecting.

But you spend a night
like we just had,

and you pick up on a few tells.

Couple that

with six years married
to a marshal.

- Your ex is a marshal?
- Still a couple pen strokes

from being my ex, unfortunately.

But he's already got
a new girlfriend.

Beach blonde Barbie.

All boobs, no ass.

I think maybe he's the
one with baggage.

Don't all cops have some?

You keep pushing that rock,

it keeps rolling back down.

Add to that being a black
man in this America.

At some point, you start
shutting down inside

'cause the truth gets
too hard to face.

Start freezing people out.

Freezing people out?

Okay, I think you just used
a bunch of fancy words

- to call me an angry black man.
- Oh,

- is that all you got from that?
- Oh, no, I heard you.

It's my turn.

Who am I looking at
standing in front of me?

Let me see.

An overachiever who probably
calculates her conviction rate

down to the decimal point,

insists on staying an hour
longer than anyone else,

and never leaves the courtroom
without asking herself

what she could have done better.

And that right there is
probably the first of, what,


cups of coffee you'll
probably have today?

Am I in the zone?

See, this is why two folks

good at reading other people

- should never hook up.
- You just think

you can read me.

I'm not hiding any baggage.


I got to go.

This case is gonna be kicking my
ass for the next month or more.

And thanks for helping
me press pause.

See ya.

You say it's coming from
under the kitchen area?

Yes, that's right.

Ought to do it.

Scared him good.

For how long, do you think?

Oh, shouldn't be back for
five, six months, at least.

Oh, thank you, thank you. Oh,

you're so lucky to have
this man as your partner.

He's the best cop in the city.

So I'm learning.


About ten years back,

some tweaker busts into
her RV and assaults her.

We arrive and my partner
had to take him out

right in the living room.

I can see how that'd rattle her.

Ever since, she's convinced the
guy's ghost is out to get her.

So you've been scaring off the
same ghost for ten years?

It might not be as sexy

as hanging out a helicopter
and scaling buildings,

but real policing gets done
with your gun in your holster.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm just sore
from a workout.

Thought you SWAT boys
were tougher than that.

This isn't personal.

It's city-wide.

I need to trim $200 million
off LAPD's budget.

You saying that money should
come out of every department

except yours?

We're the city's last
line of defense.

When other cops are in trouble,
we're the ones they call.

I'm not looking to change that.

But I come from
corporate America,

and I've seen how
companies find ways

to be more efficient
when forced to.

Look, I get how, studying
line items and bar graphs,

you might think there's
fat to trim here,

but we're running as lean as
we can without risking lives.

And I get how you
think that's true,

but my experience
says different.

You say this isn't personal,

but I can't help feeling
like we're being targeted

by the new commissioner.

You're not being targeted.

You're just not being
favored anymore.

You were the darlings
under Michael Plank.

Now it's a level field.

We need more,
because we do more.

It's unpleasant,

but things change and you
need to change with 'em.

By 15%.

Number five today.

We haul his ass in,

we're halfway through
Metro's Most Wanted.

Well, there's a reason today's
target has been so tough

to grab. Dude's smart
and crafty as hell.

Nothing's gonna beat number two.

The little guy with the Gatling?

Yeah, that gun was
as big as he was.

He shot the hell
out of it though.

Hey, Beni, I appreciate you

riding with us while
we're a man down.

Long as Metro's crazy
enough to give you a team,

I'll pinch-hit anytime.

Street says hello.

Oh, yeah? How's he doing?

About how you'd expect. You
should ask him yourself,

if you're curious.

Let's roll, people.

Our primary target
is Mack Drummond.

Chances are he'll have
a Haitian wingman

named Sal Desir with him.

He's the guy who
brings the kids over

before they auction 'em off.

After he buys 'em
off their parents.

What kind of lowlife sells
children as servants?

The kind about to get
served a smackdown.

Poor kids.

I mean, the lucky ones end up

- as only servants.
- Well, these guys

are as low as they come.

They could be holding up
to a dozen child hostages,

waiting to auction 'em off.

So be sure of your targets.

Watch your backstops and beyond.

We're gonna run a covert
clearing off of me.

I want to be right
on top of these guys

before they even
know we're there.


Hands where I can see 'em.

I got kids and a gun.

Back off!

Let's take a minute and
talk this through.

Go. Code 4.

Get on your stomach.

Hands wide.


Come on, man.

Just let us get the
kids out of here.

Is everyone okay?

You okay?

Tan, Deac.

- You good?
- I'm fine. Deacon, you okay?

Tan, he's not with you? Deacon.

Deacon, do you copy?

Go, go, go.

Deac! You hear me in there?

Deac! You hear me in there?



Yeah, I hear you.

My radio's busted.

My leg's pinned.

- But I'm good.
- What about your suspect?

He's pinned down under some rubble.
He's not a threat.

Get those kids out.

You come back for me later.
I'll be all right.

Roger that.

I'll be here.

- Hey, he's okay, though?
- Says he is.

You hear anything from
Drummond or those kids?

Nothing. Either he can't hear us

or Drummond's keeping
the kids quiet.

We can punch through,

but we might bring down
more structure if we do.

Nobody's getting in
or out this way.

We circle around outside, we see

if we can find a safer
point of entry.

- Sir.
- Let's go.

- You going to shoot me?
- Hoping I don't have to.

Point that gun down so I can see
how we can get out of here.

How about you start by
helping me free my leg?

I'm not sure why
I would do that.

Well, it looks like we're
gonna be here for a long time

until you change your mind.

Listen up!

Power and cell services
are down across the city,

so remember your EPU
disaster protocols.

Our comms are gonna
run through FirstNet,

but for the general public,

we've got ten million
panicked Angelenos

with no phone, Internet
or traffic signals.

Hospitals are already
being flooded.

Emergency Management is asking
us to take the overflow

of minor injuries from St.
Vincent and Gateways.

I'll round up all our medics

and set up a triage
center in the gym.

All right. Next up,

Metro Detention
took some damage.

With no cameras and alarms,
inmates are making a move.

I'll grab my team and
keep the bad guys inside

- where they belong.
- All right. Watch your backs.

- Always do.
- All right, the rest of you

hit the streets and
assist where needed.

Retirement homes and schools
are requesting help.

Also, dispatch has a list
of jewelry and gun dealers.

Weapons and gold are
prime looter targets.

Let's keep 'em out
of the wrong hands.

Everything all right?

It's my daughter. She's a
freshman at Occidental.

Right next to the epicenter.

Cell service must be out.

I need to go find her.

Wait. The roads are a mess.

It'll take you hours
to get there.

Give me her name.
I'll make a few calls

and see if we can locate her.

Thank you. Really.

- Biggest quake in a while.
- Had to be, like, a 7.0, right?

- Maybe higher.
- Northridge was massive,

and it was only a 6.7.
This was close, though.

Maybe 6.5, 6.6. Felt shallow.

Maybe ten miles down.

The shallow ones,
they shake harder,

- but they don't travel as far.
- Damn, Luca.

That's serious tremor knowledge.

Well, it was kind of
my thing growing up.

All right, listen up.
Looks like we can breach

on the third floor. Tan,
see if you can find

a pathway to the kids. Beni,
Chris, cover him. Go, Tan.

All right, Luca, you got
right side, I got left.

Hey, I got a handprint here.

Fresh blood. Looks like
Drummond may have taken off.

Roger that. Tan, make entry.

Get to the kids. Keep them there

- until we contain the threat.
- Roger that.

- All right, Chris, Luca, you go right.
- Yeah.

Beni, you're with me.
Let's move.

Let's go.

The rest of my team's
gonna have your partner

in custody soon if they
don't have him already.

What are the chances he tries to
pin this whole operation on you?

He's not my partner.

All the more reason to
let you take the fall.

You help me get out of here,
you testify against him,

I promise things will go
a lot smoother for you.

Can you get me to
go back to Haiti?

I can make sure you don't
die an old man in prison.

- Have you been to Haiti?
- My church did some aid work

down there after the
earthquake in 2010.

I didn't make it down.

Yeah. My wife died
in that earthquake.

I'm sorry to hear that.

My sons were two and three.

It must have been
incredibly hard for them.

And you.

Have you heard of the
word "restavek"?

There are 300,000
restavek in Haiti.

One out of 15 children.

- You mean, like, orphans?
- No.

They have no word in
English for that.

They're servants.

They come from families
too poor to feed them,

so they live with the rich,

who feed them in
exchange for labor.

We do have a word for that.
It's slavery.

That's not slavery.

They are families who do
whatever they must to survive.

They are not slaves.

After my wife died, my
kids were starving.

I knew if they stayed
with me, they would die.

So, a man came and offered
to place them for me.

But I couldn't let them go.

I told him that I would
find other children for him

if he helped me feed my own.

First, it was just the
restavek in Haiti.

And then Drummond came.

And he wanted you to smuggle
the kids out for him.

That meant I could feed
and educate my kids.

You didn't have a choice.

But you do now.

Look around.
You-You're like Jonah

in the belly of the whale.
You got no way out.

Don't you think that maybe...

maybe this is God giving
you a shot to repent?

You smell that?

One of the gas lines
must be busted.

All right, we got
to get out of here

before something sparks it and
this whole place goes up.

You pull that trigger now,

you kill us both.
And all those kids.

Don't do this.

Don't make this mistake.
You're not going back

to Haiti.

Tan! Tan, you still out there?!

Is everybody okay?


You're James?


I think Drummond's
got a hostage.

- Kid named James.
- Roger.

Watch your backstops
and beyond, people.

Dog only. Dog only.

Come on.


Stop the car!

- Get out!
- Okay.

Okay. Okay.

Get out!


Leave the boy. No, no!


- Beni, Beni.
- Help!

Help! Help! Help!


He's gonna kill that kid!

Let's get a car. Get a car.

- It's okay.
- I'll call for air support.

- Tell me what happened.
- Uh, he was gonna shoot me,

and the kid stabbed him, and he
saved my life. Stabbed him where?

- Stabbed him where? With what?
- I don't know. In the side.

I don't know...

Captain, I have an armed suspect

with a child hostage
in a stolen vehicle.

I need eyes in the sky ASAP.

I'm not sure how
long this kid's got.

Help! Help!

Someone help her.

Please help me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'll radio Fire,

- see if we can get a ladder truck.
- There's no time.

You got a better idea?


Hang on. I'm coming for you!

I need you to clear
the squad cars

from the motor pool to make
room for the incoming victims.

And, Kevin, make sure there's
enough juice in the generator

to get us through the day.

All of our resources are
overloaded right now.

I-I'll see what I can do.
Everyone's spread thin.

Kevin, find me an airship

to assist a vehicle
pursuit in Highland Park.

How bad is it out there?

So far, we've got
three overpasses down

and five collapsed structures,

including the Tinsley
hotel downtown.

Eight dead, dozens injured.

Still pulling people out.

I have a friend staying
at the Tinsley.

Any IDs on the victims?

No, not yet. You think they were
still there when the quake hit?

I don't know. I don't know.
I'm not sure.

- I hope not.
- Got us a ride, boss. Come on, let's go.

Hondo, I got you a news chopper.

- They're willing to help.
- All right, roger that.

Suspect is driving a red
vintage-model Buick Apollo.

We're in pursuit.

Chris, you and Beni help Tan

get those kids out,
then go check on Deac.

Just hang tight. My
partner's gonna get you

out of there. I'm
coming for you.

You just stay calm.
Let me do the work.

What's your name?

My name's Jan.

- Have you been rock climbing, Jan?
- No.

I'm afraid of heights.


Well, good news is, this
is nothing like that.

All right, Jan, I'm gonna lower
myself down to come get you.

- Okay.
- You just got to hang tight,

and I'll pull us back up, okay?


- Ah.
- You guys all right in there?

A couple scratches.

Nice work, Tarzan.

Best first date ever, right?


Anybody copy? CHRIS:
Loud and clear.

- Beni and I are heading your way.
- We got to get

these kids out now.

Think there's a gas leak.

Roger that.

You know, the two of us

could move that
thing, no problem.

Or we just wait for
another aftershock

and hope that this whole
building doesn't explode.

I will die trying.

- I need to get back to my boys.
- Yeah?

Wouldn't it be better to live

so you can tell 'em how you
saved another man's life?

Wouldn't that set
a better example?

I got three kids.

I got a fourth on the way.

I know how deep that
love runs for them,

and I know how hard... you
want to get back to them.

You know that they'd be
better off with you alive.

Knowing that you... you
did the right thing?

All I've done has
been for my kids.

Everything I've done
has been for my boys.

I don't doubt that...

but if they were
here right now...

if they were here to see you,

what would they tell you to do?

SKY2 says he's a
half mile up, going

- south on Huntington Drive.
- He's headed to the 10.

Probably figures with
the earthquake chaos,

we won't have the manpower
to shut down the freeway.

Yeah, well, he figures right.
If he makes it that far,

we're gonna be chasing
this guy out of town.

And if he has enough
gas, he'll outrun us.

Hey, Luca, gun it down Eastern.
Try to get

- in front of him and cut him off.
- All over it.

I see your team rerouting.

Should be in position to intercept
before the freeway ramp.

Roger that, SKY2.

Scratch that.

Suspect now turning west
on Valley Boulevard.

Reroute. Drummond's now
westbound on Valley.

Repeat, westbound.

That takes him away from the freeway.
Where the hell is this guy going?

Ah, it's gonna be a bitch
catching up to him now.

Sorry, Captain. We just had a
third hospital start diverting

to us, and we're out
of space in the gym.

Use the locker room.

Kitchen if you need to.

Commander, I got a freeway
collapse across town.

Needs visual support
for rescue ops.

Gonna have to abort.

All right, roger that, SKY2.

Looks like your suspect

is turning south
on Mission Road.

I'll give another 20
before I lose visual.

- Apologies, Commander.
- Sorry, Hondo.

- We just lost our eyes.
- Captain, we're gonna

be on this guy in three minutes.

- Can you buys us some more time?
- Negative.

They got pulled for a rescue.

Drummond's still heading
toward downtown.

- Now going south on Mission.
- It's gonna be like trying

to find a needle in a
haystack down there.

Hey, sorry.

- Gas smell's getting stronger.
- I'll bring the last one.

Come on.


Hey, I'm not gonna
hurt you, okay?

I promise. I just want
to help you out here.

No, no, no.

No, no. I got you.

Come on. Shh, shh, shh.

I got you. I got you, all right?

Okay. Let's go.

Get these kids out
on the fire escape.

All right.

After you.

Nice try.

Now, now, get down. Down, down,
down, down, down. Get down.

Shouldn't have run.

- I heard the bang. You all right?
- Better now.

Did you get the kids out?

I'm working on it.

Let's go, let's go. All
your friends are down here.

Come on. Let's go.
Come on, buddy.

Come on, buddy. You can do this.

All right, it's okay.

It's okay. We got him.

Deacon! I thought he
was out of commission.

Good thing he wasn't.
You smell gas?

Yeah. I got the
rest of 'em down,

- but this one won't let me touch him.
- Hey.

- Let's move this way. Come on.
- Move, move!

- Come on. Keep walking.
- Come on, please.

- No.
- We have to go now.

- No, no.
- It's okay. It's okay.






Let's go.

Speak French?

You don't?

- So, that's all the kids?
- All but one.

Drummond got away
with a hostage.

All our intel tells us this
guy doesn't have anyone

who wants to help
him here in L.A.

Yeah, and with cops spread thin,
there's no better time to run.

He should be heading out
of town, not into it.

So what's his plan?

It doesn't make sense, man.

That quake hits two minutes
later, we would have

had him back at that raid.

Yeah, he's probably
the only guy in L.A.

the shaking actually helped.

Look, I hope your friend made
it out of that hotel okay.

Yeah. Yeah, so do I.

I can't think about
that right now.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute, Luca, what
if Drummond's not okay?

The witness said

the kid shanked him pretty good.

What if he needs to get
patched up before he can run?

And with all the injuries,

an ER downtown won't think
twice about how he got stuck.

Hey, Captain! Captain,
track Drummond's route

from the carjacking
to where we lost him.

See if any of it points
to hospitals or ERs.

Looking now.

SKY2 had Drummond
heading south on Hill

just before they lost visual.

Which leads him

- through downtown... to here.
- Mm-hmm.

If he stays on Hill,
it would take him

- right by Kinney Memorial.
- Roger that.

Show us en route.
Go, go, go. Go.

I'm sorry, Captain.

I know you're incredibly busy.

I'm just wondering if
you've heard anything.

I have, actually. Good news.

I spoke with campus
police personally, and

they assured me they only
had a few minor injuries.

No one seriously hurt.

But you don't know about
Stacey specifically?

- They haven't found her yet?
- We're still working on it.

Now, I apologize, but we
need to assist our people

in the field.

Of course. Do what
you need to do.

You might have a case

against that contractor

if that scaffolding
wasn't secured right.

Yeah, I'll talk to my union rep.

Lucky that rebar wasn't longer,

or it would have
punctured your lung.

Is that a flight medic?

Oh, they've been in
and out all day.

Just medevac'd in a couple

of construction guys who took
a tumble when the quake hit.

You guys got a helipad here?

We did. Got damaged
in the earthquake.

We're using one on the
bank building next door.

Metro SWAT. Out of the way!

You Nick? Charge nurse says
you were treating a guy with

a puncture wound to
his left abdomen.

- Construction accident. Piece of rebar?
- Where can I find him?

I finished up with him.
He's over there.

Well, he was just there.
We were talking

about the construction guys
that just medevac'd in.

- Did he have a kid with him?
- No, he was alone.

Okay, what was he
asking, exactly?

Wanted to know where they
land the helicopter.

- And?
- I told him we're using the helipad

on the bank building next door.

- Luca.
- Go.

- Out of the way. Excuse me.
- Excuse me.


Don't come up here!

This is 20-David.

I have a fatality in
the north stairwell.

I need someone to
patch through to

the medevac bird on the roof.

Tell the pilot to
take off immediately.

Luca, let's move.

Luca, right side!

Hey! Hey!

Don't you move! Don't you move.

Cover me. Go!

Go! Now!



Where's the boy?

Hey. Hey, you're okay.

You're okay. We got you.

Here we go. Got it.


You okay?

You're all right. All
right, you're good.

You all right?

Are you hurt? Are you hurt?

Do you speak English?

All right, it's all right.

You're safe, okay?

Look at me, you're safe.

I have the contacts
at both ports.

And the buyers in New
York and Atlanta.

I will give you everything.

I never wanted to
hurt other children.

Only to protect my own.

You're doing the right thing.

Do you think I will
see them again?

You play ball with the D.A.

You testify to
everything you know.

Guarantee it.

They'll be older,
but you'll see 'em.

If they survive.

They will.


you didn't have to
send the cops for me.

I was totally fine.

I didn't know that.

A mother's allowed to worry.

All the good ones do.

I can't thank you
enough for this.

Wasn't a typical day, but
hopefully you got a sense

of all the work we
do here at Metro.

SWAT's not the prima
donna that some members

of the commission would
have you believe.

LAPD's lucky to have
you setting the bar.

So you can see now

how our division requires
extra resources.

I do... but unfortunately

the math is still the math,
and our budget is only going

to get tighter with all
the earthquake damage.

15% is gonna be impossible

without seriously
reducing personnel.

"Power and cell service

"is 90% restored after the
largest tremor in over 20 years.

"The quake measures 6.6
on the Richter scale

with an estimated
depth of 12 miles."

Damn, Luca, you nailed it.

- Yup.
- Yup.

Duke! What are you
doing here, boy?

- Come on up, up, up.
- We were by your place,

- just figured I'd just check in on him.
- Aw.

It's pretty trashed, Luca.

There's a broken window, and...
I thought he might try

to get out; it didn't
feel right to leave him.

Appreciate it, man.

That was good of you, Street.

Did you, uh, catch
Hondo out there?

No, I didn't-didn't see him.

Well, maybe you should
talk to him before you go.

And say what?

Come on. That you
want another shot.

We both know you do.

So how was it out
there for you guys?

- Got pretty hairy.
- Yeah.

But this guy? He earned
his paycheck today.

What'd you do out there, Street?

- Nah, it was nothing, it was nothing.
- You kidding?

He risked his ass saving this
woman from getting electrocuted.

She was stuck on top of this

- newspaper dispenser, right?
- All right.

He hit me like I
stole something.

Hey, what's up, Street?

Hey, Hondo.

Tony was just telling us

how Street saved
the day out there.

It was no big deal, just
a lady in a tight spot.

About to get fried
like a chicken.

Kind of an important part.

Well, I'm not surprised.

You got one hell of a
cop riding shotgun.

So you're all good?

Yeah. All good.

It's great riding with Tony.

Sometimes he even lets me drive.

Yeah, that's a mistake.

All right, look, I got to
get this boy some water.

Thanks again, man.

Come on.

Glad to see you're doing well.

Thanks... you, too.

Anyway, better get going.

There's probably dishes all
over the kitchen floor and...

It's great to see you guys.

Hey, Father Ben.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yeah, family's safe, thanks.

Everything good on your end?
Good, good.

Hey, you remember that priest
that we were sending aid to

down in Haiti back in 2010?

Yeah, I need him to check on a
couple kids down there for me.

Excuse me.

How can I help you, Officer?

That was one hell of
a day we had, huh?

Think we're getting
through the thick of it.

Listen, a friend of mine

was in that hotel
that came down today,

and I know they were
sending folks your way.

I was hoping you could tell
me if she came through okay.

- What's her name?
- Nia Wells.

Oh, here she is.

Nia Wells, admitted with a concussion.
Room 2723.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, I was in Phoenix this
morning when I got the call.

I dropped everything.

Good news is, she'll
be just fine.

How long you two been married?

Uh, about six years.

Well, we're getting
divorced, actually.

Funny how something like
this happens, and...

I don't know, it changes
how you look at things.

Damn, boss.


I actually thought it was gonna
be a hell of a lot worse.

So, what's so important, you
were parked on my porch?

It's about Street.

- What about him?
- Funny.

He's as fearless as
they come in the field,

but you ask him to talk to
you, he shakes like a leaf.

Street's got nothing
to fear from me.

Except you're his only shot
at getting his job back.

I haven't seen anything that
makes me think he wants it

or that he's earned it yet.

I think Street was trying
to connect back there

in the locker room, you know?

I'm worried about him.

I think Street's
lost without SWAT.

I'm worried about him, too.

But if he wants his job back,

he's gonna have to prove
it to me using more

- than just words.
- Then let him know that.

That there's a chance that

the door is still open, so
he can walk through it.

The door was never closed.

But if he wants to
earn his way back,

he's gonna have to show me that
he's willing to be accountable

and own his mistakes.

I cannot afford to have
a member of this team

who shuts down inside
and freezes me out.


Sometimes this job...

it closes you off and it makes
it really hard to trust people.

But we hold each other's
lives out there.

And that is a hell of a duty.

And I need to see that
Street gets that.

I can't force the man to
change until he's ready.