Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

Previously, on
Marvel's Runaways...

- We good?
- We good, G.

Geoffrey said it was a done deal.

Geoffrey doesn't know
I'm waiting here for you.

You're gonna do one more thing...
Take the rap for his murder charge.

- What'd you do?
- Something bad.

Destiny Gonzalez. I'm her brother.

And I know you and your church
are the reason she was killed.

Don't hold this against me.

Get on the ship, and you will live.

You stay here with your friends,

and you will die.

Enough of this!


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You made a decision
that took everything away from me.

You didn't have to kill my father, Nico.

You chose to.

Now we're gonna have to take it all.

Before this life, there was another.

Before this body, there was another.

Praise the Light.

Praise the Light!

Praise the Light
that pierces the darkness.

Though the earth may quake,

and the heavens lack rain,

the Light shall keep us
safe from pain.

- Amen.
- Amen!

Please help him.

We've come such a long way.
We need you.

You seek the Light.

Children, have faith, and the Light
shall bring you new life...

Yes. Amen.

And the Light shall
illuminate the darkness!

The Light shall illuminate the darkness!

- Amen!
- Amen!

Care for a visitor, preacher?

Hello, sir. My name is Dr. Jonah.

I'm the specialist they brought in
from Melbourne.

I'm sorry they've kept you
back here alone for so long.

Seems these Americans are not interested
in getting their hands dirty

when potentially infectious diseases
are concerned.

And you're very brave
to come back here.

Medicine's greatest breakthroughs
would not happen

if doctors lived their lives in fear.

And you look to be a very,
very interesting case indeed.

I'd like to adjust your medication.

This is always the worst part.

It's painful and jarring...
for both of us.

Well, mostly for you.

There will be a battle for control.

Little by little you will
begin to lose time,

until at last, it's all mine.

Then you will be gone.

Your battle is with your disease,
not with me. I'm only here to help.

I wish there was another way, but...

the technology,
it just isn't there yet.

Don't. You'll die.

Nothing ever really dies.


David Ellerh.

You. You know me?

I've been with you for a long time.

Where do you think
all of this came from?

Everything you've been preaching
to your co-habitants here, it's all true.

The ability to tap into your deeper
consciousness, to see the spectrum.

I can teach you everything
you need to know.

And you...

you can bring my Light
to the world.

The First Ultra.

It's you.

We're gonna build
a beautiful future together, David.

Aura, Frances...

can you believe it?

Hello, sweet one. What's your name?


Leslie. It's a pleasure.

May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be always at your back.


- R.I.P.
- Salud!

Now that it's dead, let us never
speak that name again.

It's an aboriginal tradition.

- What do you know about aboriginals?
- Speaking of dead...

look, I'm super pleased
that Jonah's gone and whatnot,

but what we experienced and witnessed
as men and women of science,

and real estate, of course...

- There really is life out there.
- Right.

And we made contact.

If by "contact" you mean
we destroyed it, then yes.

The ship is gone, and so is Jonah.
It's a win for all of us.

True. If you ask me,
it's Nico we should be toasting.

She did what she had to.

What any of us
would've done in her position.

I just wish she didn't have to carry this.
She's still a kid.

Nico knew what she was doing
and she was right to do it.

She's given us a great gift.
We're finally free.

And now that the kids aren't wanted
for Destiny's murder...

Or threatened by Jonah...

It's time we bring 'em home.

We should split up, figure out
our next step as families.

We're each responsible
for our own kids. Nothing else.

This really is the end.

To finding our children.

And a six-and-a-half foot Dienonychus.

I know you wanna play,
but I really, really need you

to just give this back to me right now.

Alex will be pissed if he sees
that Lace made another hole in the wall.

Think she's picking up
on my psychic energy.

I'm too nervous-excited
to get her to relax.

Is this a college application?

Doesn't that require you
actually finishing high school?

I can finish online, or get my GED.

I don't know. It's not all figured
out yet, but I think I need this.

How'd you even get an application?
We don't even have a mailbox.

My library card still works.

So, what?
You're just gonna leave us?

I mean, where is this Smith,

You can come with me,

and then when I'm 18
I can legally adopt you.

And what about Chase?

I mean, he spends 70%
of his time shirtless,

and isn't New England cold?

Yeah, well, uh, we're just trying
to see if there even is

a Chase-Gert, Gert-Chase,
cute nickname pending,

worth moving anywhere.

He hasn't forgiven you
for blindsiding him at the hospital?

I was gonna find a more nuanced way
to say that, but... no.

No, he hasn't.

Hey. You guys got a mirror?

I left mine in the treehouse,
which is now otherwise occupied.

And I'd really love
to not have to go back in there.

Yeah, for sure.
Uh, that's the least funhouse.

- You're going to college?
- Yeah. I'm thinking about it.

Look, OK, I'm just applying.

And, you know, with Jonah gone,
maybe things are just gonna calm down.

Um, I don't mean Jonah being dead,

or you having made him dead
by killing him,

is calm, exactly.

I just mean I'm not...
I'm not taking sides.

I heard you and Karolina
fighting earlier. Sorry.

Don't be. It's...
It's fine. Really.

It's OK if you're not fine.

It's encouraged, even.

Look, I did what I did,
and I can't change that.

And we should all be inspired
by Gert's plan. Time to move on.

I'm just saying, that checkout girl
was into it last time.

Dude, I heard you.

I mean, how do you go
from handing over

free-range eggs
and applewood smoked bacon

to three-day-old pita
and a couple of rotten apples?

Well, at least she gave us a chicken.
Protein's good.

Oh, no, that's going straight
to Old Lace.

Yeah, she's been giving me
some funny looks lately,

and I'd like to discourage
any unfriendly ideas.

I miss when I used to bitch
about helping my mom

with bags and bags of groceries,
and my one semi-edible meal

wasn't automatically fed
to my girlfriend's pet.

You gotta stop thinking
about the past, dude.

Our old lives,
they don't exist anymore.

You sure about that? Kinda feels
like our parents are on our side now.

Your dad's back from the dead,
and it's screwing with you. I get it.

But Chase, our parents
are still murderers.

Then what? We just stay in this weird
underground mansion forever?

The six of us
and an oversized iguana?

I would not advise putting it that way
to Gert... or the iguana.

- Not gonna win you any friends.
- Whatever.

All I know is this mega-mansion's
gonna get claustrophobic real quick.

Start working on an exit strategy.

As LA was rocked
by yet another earthquake,

witnesses near downtown
spotted an unusual explosion.

An experimental weather balloon
designed by Nemo's Victor Stein

was damaged before
its scheduled launch.

Stein used the mishap
as an opportunity

to announce his return
after a health scare.

Shares of Nemo stocks
skyrocketed at the news.

Stein's teenage son, Chase,
is still at large,

but no longer wanted
for the death of Destiny Gonzalez.

Can I help you?

I need to see someone
in the District Attorney's office, please.

I have evidence that proves
someone is innocent.

Innocent of what?


You made me cross the 405
during rush hour for this?

It's not just a party. It's an alibi.

The birthday girl there,
the one with Darius,

she dropped it off a few hours ago

insisting that it cleared
our favorite murderer's name.

- Are you telling me...?
- Yes, I am.

The party's the same day
Destiny Gonzalez was killed.

And the girl's willing to testify
that her brother-in-law

didn't leave the house all night.

Darius is dead. What does it matter
what he did or didn't do?

It matters to her.
She's not giving up on this.

Luckily, the ADA got it to us first.

It's hardly luck
when they're paid to be loyal.

Well, we need to make sure
our luck holds.

This girl can't find anything
that leads to you or me.


Yeah, boss?

Our boy AWOL here
can destroy the footage,

make sure it doesn't
get around to anyone else.

- I'll take care of it.
- As for the girl...

Do what you always do.
Send a message.

We should've gotten more
urban-scavenging tips from Topher.

Yeah, he was a bit of a loose
cannon, but the guy knew how to make

a three-course meal
out of a good dumpster dive.

If nobody else is gonna say it, I will.

What happened
at the dig site was awful.

Yeah. We, uh, we get that.

Is there anything you need?
Anything we can do?

We could have another funeral.

Maybe not a Wiccan one this time.

Thanks, Molly.
Are I really need is just a day off.

Off of...

Off of everything.

I don't care what mission-y crap
goes on today. I'm out.

Well, what's your plan?

Maybe take the bus to the beach.
Hike the canyon. I haven't decided yet.

Maybe that's what we all need...
A day off.

What? You were just telling me how
it's getting all claustrophobic in here.

- Thanks for that, man.
- No, but you're right.

We could all use a break, a day off.
You know, just...

And then tomorrow we can
decide what's next.

Wilder, what are you gonna do
with a day off?

I'm gonna find out
if I still have a girlfriend.

So precious!
Say hi to auntie.

Say hi, Xerxes.
Say hi to auntie.


Say bye!

All right.
Guide me here, okay.

Is this how to do it?


How does "leave me the hell alone"

translate to "meet me at the hospital"
in your head?

Then what would I do
with these adorable balloons?

You know that thing has audio, right?

Twenty years from now we're gonna be
watching this at Xerxes' wedding,

and all anyone's gonna hear
is your spat with mini-Wilder

all over my baby's going-home video.

I don't wanna talk to you, Alex,

which I believe translates
to "I don't wanna see you, either."

But you hung up
before I could tell you about Darius.

You got nothing to say to us.

Livvie, you think someone set him up,
and I think you're right.

It was my parents and their
shady-ass organization, PRIDE.

- PRIDE is shady?
- As shit.

Darius didn't kill Destiny, OK?

He didn't die in some drug deal...
My dad killed him.

Then he made him take
the fall for everything again.

Now I wanna help you
take him down.

Destiny Gonzalez.

- I'm her brother.
- Don't hold this against me.

Aura, Frances.

I know you and your church
are the reason she was killed.



I killed someone.

What have I told you
about over-embellishing, Frank?

- Not on the lectern...
- I did, Leslie!

I was about to leave for the site,
and this guy, he must've followed me.

I don't know.
He knew all this stuff.

He was talking about kids
going missing and...

OK, wait. Back up.
What guy?

Destiny Gonzalez, remember her?

Her brother. He had a gun, Leslie.

Which you brought into the church?

I'm sorry, Leslie. I don't know.
I don't mean to drag you into this, but...

I thought you could be able to help me.

You could ask Jonah.
You could call PRIDE.


Jonah can't help you anymore, Frank.

PRIDE's over.

Frank, Jonah's dead.
We're free.

How? When?

We were at the site.
He was getting ready to leave,

and, you know, let's just say
he didn't make his flight.

You are always already,
without beginning or end,

- one with the universe, every...
- Just... Please, please, just get up.


When I say we're free,

I mean from all our obligations.

I'm shutting the church down.
Effective immediately.

None of it's real, Frank.

Everything that we've believed.

It's bullshit an alien
fed my father decades ago.

I will not let his message
spread any further.

You can't do this. Not now.

Leslie, we are finally
pulling the audience...

The congregation
that I've worked... my whole life for.

I have a voice here.

After everything that's happened,
we can't just let people keep believing.

What about me?
I killed someone, Leslie.

His body is in the trunk of my car.

I can't believe that this
is happening right now.

I can't go down this way.

- Shh.
- What am I supposed to do?


I'll call PRIDE's fixer one last time.

After that, you're on your own.

For the last time, yes,
it was a black Suburban.

Yeah, I got it.
Isn't that Darius Davis's girl?

What you should be asking
is if I saw the guy who shot at us,

and the answer is yes.
He's a guy from our neighborhood.

His name is Anthony something.
I don't know. He goes by AWOL.

Look, Miss, it sounds like a turf war...
Gang stuff.

We'll speak to the Chief,
but our...

Are you kidding me? Someone
shoots up a hospital, and you just...

You're probably right, officer.

I'm sure there are other people
who could use your help.

We're good here.

That right there, Liv, that was stupid.

That guy AWOL you're going
on about, he's a cop now.

He left one gang for another.
Runs with a whole crew of dirty cops.

- Are you saying...
- The cops are letting this lie

because one of their own
was in that car.

And I told you
not to go to that lawyer.

This shit right here, this was a warning.

Next time they won't miss.

So, Liv,
there's not gonna be a next time.


You're gonna tell me every damn thing
you know about this mess.

Sounds like it's time for you
to meet my friends.

Let me guess. This is your crew,
Little Wilder.

Not at my house. I'm not gonna
let anymore mini-hoodlums

anywhere near my great grandbaby.
Garage. Go.

Your friends roll real low profile.

Look, they can help. OK? I promise.
You just gotta try and trust me on this.

Livvie, prepare yourself
for your very first ever

Alex Wilder
insert-trademark-symbol-here mission.

So can I bail right now, or...

Or help us take down Darius's
real killer, Geoffrey Wilder.

Now, we know that Darius
was killed at the Gordon Hotel,

so if I can hack into the surveillance
system there and prove it,

then we can send
my dad to jail for good

and clear Darius's name
once and for all.

You would send your own dad to jail?

My dad's a murderer.

He deserves to rot in a cell
for the rest of his life.

What the hell, Catherine?

What? I told you I wanted to collect

all of PRIDE's intel on Alex
after everyone left.

I just got off the phone with Flores.

He wanted to update us
on the hit that we ordered.

Good. How'd it go?


It went sideways, Cat.

Did you know our son was there?

What? Why?

He's been seeing Tamar's sister.

He was probably there visiting Tamar
and her newborn, because yes, Cat,

you shot at our kid and a damn baby!

Alex. Is he... OK?

You need to... You need to fix this.

I can barely look at you
after what you did to Darius.

You think our son will?

You guys are really
keeping me busy today.

Damn. I'm impressed.

This is Frank's work?

I didn't think he had this
sort of thing in him.

You, I'd believe.

Thanks for the compliment.
Here you go.

This is the last
you'll be hearing from us.

Taking some time off?

Oh, no, I mean it's the last
you'll be hearing from PRIDE.

And what about me?
I've enjoyed these envelopes.

Well, your services
are no longer required.

I guess you'll have to find
some other murderous fake charity

to line your pockets.

OK, this is where Darius was killed.

If anyone knows their way
around a five-star hotel, it's us.

For once, our old lives
are actually gonna help us.

Here's the deal.

Hotel valets are the biggest gossips.

They know what you keep in your car
and could give a damn about discretion.

They'd definitely notice
a seventies Rolls drift in,

so we leave the car parked
on the street away from prying eyes,

and preferably... avoid a parking ticket.

The concierge is the worst.

Bosses the employees,
but still an employee themselves,

which means a lot of control issues,
something to prove.

We steer clear of him, or...
I feel Gert's eyes boring

into the back of my head... her.

We take the service entrance.

If we're trying to stay low-key,

why are we heading
to the penthouse floor?

Security system's on a closed circuit.

I have to hardwire in
to gain access to the footage,

which means I need to get inside
one of the rooms.

And how exactly are we getting
into said penthouse?

Moment of truth.

We use a variation of the Brocious method
with an Arduino and we're in.

Statistically speaking,

the penthouse is the least likely
to be occupied.

Oh, the honeymoon suite.

All right, don't get
too comfortable, all right?

We got a lot of work to do.

You could throw
a sick party here.

It's great if your taste
is "Hollywood Douchebag."

What's a pillow menu?

Totally stealing
this bath burdocks.

- OK, out.
- Says who?

Come on, you can jump on the bed
when we're at the house.

It's not jumping
when it's choreographed, dude.

Respect the art.

# One in the hand,
one in the bag, bubblin' #

Way to kill the girl's vibe.

Don't worry. She'll just relocate.

# Come get your man,
this lil' booger buggin' me #

I just... I can't really deal with all
these heart-shaped everythings right now.

I'm gonna take a walk

- and clear my head.
- OK.

- Yeah, cool.
- Close that door.


# Got me hot as a laser, my posse... #

Hey, um, where you going?
Um, I wanna come.

Can I come?

Well, could you be,
like, 60% less chipper?



So, that's your ex?

This is your life, huh?
Your real life?

It was.

Thread counts, pillow menus,
Belgian chocolates, bath salts.

Well, you know the one thing
that one-percenters got right?

Try it.

If this is some ploy
to get me into bed...

Just onto the bed, OK?

You've had a really long day,
and this is gonna take a while.

I'm telling you,
those pillows are no joke.

See what I'm saying?

Do you think anyone would notice
if I took these home with us?

Lace will tear 'em up
in a heartbeat.

Oh, just cause she chewed
a little bit on your boot does...

- What are you doing?
- Using your bag for our stash.

I don't really wanna see what happens
when chocolate-fondued fruit

gets mixed in with the Fistigons.

Oh, no, no. I... I have stuff in there.


I was gonna tell you
about that. Probably.

I'm applying to colleges.

The school of my dreams.
Et cetera.

- And you didn't say anything?
- I...

Haven't really said
anything to you lately.

You haven't... You've barely spoken
to me since the hospital.

Yeah, because I was pissed.

You kept something huge from me,
and here we are again.

Come on.

We should stay in here.

No, we have to go out there. Put a...

- Hello?
- No, I don't want to.

Hi! Hi, sorry.

Um, don't mind us.
We're just...

We're on the first night
of our honeymoon.

I am so sorry. We weren't
expecting you for another hour.

Let us make it up to you.

Can I bring you anything?
A bottle of Dom?

We could use something.
A good divorce lawyer.

OK. Honey, your timing is a little...

No, really. Two hours in,
and she's talking about leaving.

OK, I'm not talking
about leaving you.

And also, you wouldn't even want
to move to Massachusetts.

How do you know?
How do you know what I want?

Well, for starters,
it's an all-girls school.

You know, I should, uh, really go.

She never actually asks me what I want,
or if I can handle something.

You make a decision,
you lie, and then you keep shit from me.

It's like with the hospital.
You could've told me what was going on.

But no, instead you screwed me over,
and you outed me to my mom.

Happy honeymooning.

Thank you so much!

I know. Juvenile.
But you know what else?

Totally worth it.

Hey, Vaughn. Long time no see.

Oh, thank the Spectrum.

We've been worried sick.

There were rumors. Terrible rumors.

Talk that you, you know,
lost the Light.

And there was that whole thing
about murder and kidnapping.

But I know that wasn't true.

I just needed a little time away.

But I think I left something
in Jonah's office.

And you need help getting in
without fielding a hundred questions

from random congregants.
I get it.

Right. So, do you
think you can help?

Of course. But I'm not sure
you'll find what you're looking for.

That guy, Jonah,
he's left for another European tour.

His things are being packed up
and shipped to him.

Is everything OK in there?

God! Yeah.

Yeah, that didn't sound OK.
Should I come in there?

No, no, no! I'm fine.
I need you to watch out for, uh...

I'm good in here.

- Karolina...
- I'm fine.


I thought there would be something.

A piece of him, of our family...
But there's nothing.

No photos, no journal, just nothing.

I don't get it.
How could you just... be gone.

Wizey voice activation.

What? Karolina, I couldn't hear you.

- Vaughn, shh!
- Karolina Dean. Message activated.

Karolina, if you're hearing this,

it means your mother never
gave me the chance to know you.

And I so badly wanted to know you.

To tell you my side of the story.

Every child deserves to know their father.

There's gotta be um, like a laundry room
or a break room down here.

Maybe there's a vending machine.
I still got some quarters.

We can get you
those sour things you like.

Or not.

You know, I think Gert was right.

You gotta talk about it.

I shouldn't have the staff.

I'm not the right person
to have this kind of power.

And I shouldn't be able
to lift a truck over my head.

But... we can make the world safer,

better, with our powers.

They're a gift.

Oh, my God.

This is so weird.
I was setting up the honeymoon suite,

and our honeymooners
had already checked in.

Then I just got a call
from the newlyweds

saying their flight had been delayed...
in Denver.

Shit. LAPD called us earlier

and told us to watch out

for a group of teenagers
that might show up here.

- Apparently, these kids are dangerous.
- We gotta go.

We gotta go. Now!

Guys, I'm in!

Hey! I'm in.

Someone got comfortable.

Trust me, it was necessary
for the mission. Otherwise...

Do you want me to throw something
of yours into the chocolate?

I hear Fistigons pair very nicely.

Oh, wait, there.
Play it. It's Darius.

Oh wait, you found him?
Let me see.

No. No, it can't be gone.

Of course PRIDE would Nixon
the shit out of this.

No, there's gotta be another feed, OK?

There's gotta be another way
to prove that my dad was here.

What about the other cameras?

There are boutiques downstairs.

Anyone who came in would have to
go through the lobby, so they probably...

They have their own cameras. Yes!

Wow, way to steal the credit
right out of the girl's mouth.

The man-terruption phenomenon
in action.

Or he was just being cute
and finishing her...

Don't start with me.

OK, here we go. All right,
anyone walking through the lobby

will have had to have passed
through this window.

Detective Flores...
The cop on PRIDE's payroll.

And AWOL...
The guy who shot at us today.

Looks like they're waiting
for someone.

Yeah, my dad. Let's make sure
we got it on tape, then we can go.

Holy shit. Alex.

It wasn't your dad.

It was your mom.

Nana B, it's me, Geoffrey... Wilder.

I know who you are.
The hell are you doing here?

I came to see Tamar. Is she...

She's not comin' anywhere near you.
Not after what you did.

Leave him alone, Nana B.

I told him he can come here.

I'll be with the baby.

What do you want?

The deal I made with Darius
was straight.

Now, that property's all yours, Tam.

I can't take back what happened,
but I can make sure that his family...

Your family is taken care of.

Put in a little somethin' extra
for the baby.

Look, I know you have no reason
to believe me,

but I am sorry for all of it.

D always called me his queen.

He said someday he'd even
give me my own kingdom.

This deal was...

it was supposed
to be the start of something.

You may think this
makes us straight, G...

but I'm just gettin' started.

I'm gonna build my own
goddamn kingdom now.

So you better watch your back.

Ladies, as I'm sure you're aware, we...
The three of us...

Are the most devout members
of this church.

What do you want, Frank?

I'm calling on your inner Light
to help me. To help the church.

Who is that?

I don't recognize him.

He's not a member of the church,
and too old to be a runaway.

He's not. He's an innocent man

whose life Leslie took, recklessly.

Aura, Frances, we have a problem.

And its name is Leslie Ellerh Dean.

Before the man you met,

I lived as many men.

I watched cities rise,
religions form, technology advance.

It was a lonely existence,

waiting for your world
to catch up with mine,

so my family, our family,
could be freed.

But when you were born, my dear,
I felt a connection

far deeper
than anything I had ever experienced.

I could not bear to lose it.

The sacrifices that you discovered

were done so that
I could stay in this form,

stay as your father.

To struggle with another host,
risk losing you forever...

I couldn't do it.

Maybe you can't forgive this,
but Karolina,

you have a destiny
that is bigger than all of us.

In inhabiting this human body,

I have learned to love none
more than you.

Carry this with you as you
prepare for what's next.

What are you still doing here?!

Didn't you get,
like, our ten texts?

- We gotta go now!
- Come on!

Alex, come on.

Stairs! Go!

That's not gonna hold 'em.

Molly, come on!

Go! I'll meet you at the Rolls.

Are you guys really gonna
lock me in a dungeon?

I mean, do you see me? I'm 14.

Sit down, girl.

Hi, Molly.
So nice to finally meet you.