Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

Previously on
Marvel's Runaways...

Everything I've worked towards,
everything I've done, was for this.

Karolina, I'd like to introduce you
to your brother.

Are you really gonna let me die?

I loved Jonah.

But then I discovered
what he is truly capable of.

You think I chose you
because I enjoy your company?

I chose you because of your capability
to perform a specific task,

so I can get my ship
out of that damn hole

and get the hell out of here!

The day after tomorrow, all of you
are gonna show up at the dig site.

And if we don't go along with it?

I'll kill your children.
You know I wouldn't hesitate.

Inject it with the serum...

Whatever the serum does to this thing,
it'll also do to Jonah.

It's turning black!

Necrosis! Yes!

Darius Davis is also responsible

for the murder
of Destiny Gonzalez.

This was all my parents.
I know it.

Now, Molly.

Holy shit. Dad!

I make the rules.
You're under my roof now.

The meeting with Jonah...
He showed me

what was at the bottom of that hole.

- My family.
- Why didn't you tell me any of this?

Because there's something else.

Jonah, he killed Amy.

Isn't this what you want?

What you've always wanted?

To be free?

Free from fear?

Death is not the end...

it's simply a door.

Let go of everything that binds you
to this broken and failing darkness.

There is nothing left for you here.

You were here on the first day,
and you will be here on the last;

You are always already;
Without beginning or end;

One with the universe;

Endless and eternal..

Ever with us,
and us ever with you.

This is true.

Have no fear, Brother David.

A new form awaits.

May you journey in brightness.

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I'm so very sorry.

Thank you for coming.

You always seem to be around
at just the right time.

Your father and your mother,
they've been like family to me.

I... wish she was here.

Your mother's a complicated woman.

Shouldn't we tell her what happened?

They need her.

She's been banished.

She wants no part of the Church.

And when she rejected it,
she rejected you.

I'll try to get word to her.

But there's no need...
to grieve over what's past.

You need to focus on the future.

- OK.
- Good.

I told your father I'd protect you,
no matter what.

- You did?
- I did.

Made him feel as if he could leave,
and that...

you would always be safe.

You and I, Leslie...
we have a destiny together.

Are you ready?

I am.

Sacrifices will have to be made.

I'm willing.

I do hope you'll always feel that way.


You gonna feed me by hand,
or take me out of this jacket?

Yeah, I don't like
any of those choices.

Maybe I'll just keep it for myself.

I don't have much of an appetite
anyway. My head is pounding.

Yeah, Jonah put you in
one of those boxes.

Not usually good
for somebody's health.

Neither is this right here.

I'm talkin' about your health,
not mine.

You don't know what
you've gotten yourself into, son.

You need to walk away
and leave it to us.

Yes, so you can handle it
like you handled Darius?

That... wasn't the plan.

Sometimes you trust someone
to do the right thing,

and they... just don't.

As for your crew,
the hacking computer stolen from Atlas

in the middle of the day,

a kid flipping a truck
at the dig site...

That wasn't us, all right?
At least... not technically.

My point is, that shit was messy.

Alex, you...

Since you were little,
I could always tell

when you were wingin' it.

Improvising because you thought
you'd be smart enough when the time came.

Well, this isn't a world history exam.

Just like you to underestimate me.

You can't go up against Jonah.
He will kill you!

Like you killed fifteen runaways?

Cut the bullshit, Alex.

We can rehash the past
some other time.

I'm trying to keep you alive.

- Well, I don't need your help for that.
- Really?

OK, 'cause it seems to me you're missing
some critical information.

Like what?

Do you know when
he's gonna be there? Hmm?

Who he's bringing?

Of course not.

Do you even know what's
at the bottom of that hole?

The thing that Jonah
is willing to kill for?

You've gotta be kidding me.

He's saying the Death Star
is buried underground?

The Death Star
is an orbital battle station,

but I'll give you credit for trying.
Yeah. That's exactly what he's saying.

Spaceship in Compton.
That's kinda boss.

No, this can't be real. This has gotta be
another of our parents' tricks.

His dad is telling the truth.
There is a ship down there.

How do you know?

She doesn't. I do.

- I've seen it.
- How?

I've... been down there...

with Jonah.

You better talk fast, because
I'm about to get really pissed.

He's my father.

I guess I saw that coming.

The family that glows together,
grows together, right?

And we thought our parents
were the messed-up ones.

He's been teaching me.
Explaining everything.

Including the part where we all die
in a catastrophic earthquake?

That's not going to happen.

Molly's parents didn't understand
how his ship worked.

Their calculations were based
on our technology, not his.

Are you saying that
my parents were stupid?

And that they died for nothing?

No, not at all, Molly.

I'm just saying that there are things
about him they couldn't have known.

- And you trust him?
- Yes.


Maybe. He let us escape
from the church that day,

and he showed me things
that are wonderful.

And now he just wants to leave.
That's all he's ever wanted.

Wait. He's leaving?

How can you be so sure
he plans on not taking you with him?

He hasn't asked me to go, so...

Just think about it.

Is there a possibility that
he takes you onto that ship

and then leaves the rest of us behind
to die?

- He wouldn't do that.
- I'm gonna go with

- "I'm pretty sure he would."
- I would know.

We're connected in this weird way
on a deeper level.

And that's why
you're staying behind today.

Of course, you would say that.

I mean, leaving Karolina behind
is kind of your thing.


- No, Alex is right.
- What?

You betrayed us.

All of us.

Sneaking out?
Lying about where you were going?

With one of them.

Yeah, but Karolina's the only reason
why we got out alive last night.

Leaving her here
probably isn't the best plan.

That's a risk I'm willing to take.

Me too.

So pack your gear. We leave now.
We're gonna destroy that hole.

- Can I help you?
- I'm here to see PRIDE.

They're in a meeting right now.

I'm the one they're meeting about.

You lookin' for me?

Sorry I checked out of Digi-delphia
without leaving a note.

Janet, I understand how much
you missed your husband.

But with the launch tonight,
you took an unnecessary risk

releasing Victor so hastily
from his healing algorithm.

Another one of your lies.
He was healed. Had been for a while.

And the last time you saw him
he was dead.

I'd say, in the scheme of things,
his time with me was well spent.

It's nice to have you back.
You look well.

And you're looking better.

There's only one way
that can happen.

Where are the Wilders?

Good morning, Ms. Wilder.
Will Mr. Wilder be joining you as well?

That's what I'm trying
to find the hell out.

I assure you,

everything I've done is to achieve
our common goal: My departure.

You're not going anywhere.

Not until you tell me
what you have done with Geoffrey.

I've talked to Flores,
I've combed every hospital... he's gone.

The only person that can
make that happen is you.

My God, you've killed him.

you've overlooked the obvious.

Your kids have him.

- Our kids?
- Mm-hm.

- How do you know that?
- How would they do that?

And why should we believe
a word you have to say?

Because I tried to kill him.

Wanted to. Desperately.

Your husband's strength and stamina

would have been most helpful.

Who wouldn't want Geoffrey Wilder
inside of them?

Don't think that's what he meant.

But your children rescued him.

For some reason,
with all evidence to the contrary,

they still think you're worth
keeping alive.

The question is, are you?

Are we just gonna stand for this?

He just admitted he has no problem
killing one of us.

Um, I think that was well established
ten years ago

when a certain lab blew up.

Your credibility is razor-thin,

Convince us you're leaving tonight
and that no one will get hurt.

You're talking about this earthquake
business again, aren't you?

How many times do I have to assure you?

Apparently one more. OK.

So let me explain this to you in a way
that you, um, hopefully understand.

We all love your children so very much.
I'm sure you remember their births.

- Dale doesn't.
- Seriously, Stace? Here?

He had a panic attack
in the delivery room

and administered himself
my epidural.

And a beautiful baby girl was born.
One of life's miracles.

My ship is organic,
capable of changing shape.

It will squeeze through
the opening that we created

like a baby traveling down
the birth canal.

And, as long as nobody panics...

another miracle will occur.

I'll be on my way home.

And you'll be going alone?


I put this team together,

financed you,
made your wildest dreams come true.

I'll see you all tonight.

Didn't exactly answer your question.


No, he didn't.

Where'd you get all the books?

There's a whole box of them downstairs.

I organized them, based on
mold contamination.

There's run-of-the-mill mildew
on top,

water damage and warping
near the bottom.

Any truly toxic fungus
I just kept in the box.

Except for "Slouching Towards Bethlehem,"

because I will read Didion
even if it kills me.


Which it may.

Well, it seems like you've adjusted
really well to Chase moving out.

Glad it appears that way.

Though I'm pretty sure you didn't
come in here to talk to me

about my relationship,

or seminal published works
on female self-respect.

I need your help.

Nobody trusts me,
but they'll listen to you.

Why should I... listen to you?

Because no one I know
is more passionate

about helping those
who can't help themselves.

I have always had a soft spot
for the disenfranchised.

I'm listening.

- We are so not doing your plan.
- We're totally doing our plan.

- No.
- Yes.

The risk is too great.
We already worked this out.

I destroy the infrastructure
with my computer,

and you guys bury the ship
so that it can't get out, ever.

- It's done.
- There's a moral imperative here now.

There are lives
at the bottom of that hole.

Who could be more versions of Jonah.
Why would we help them?

Could be more versions of her.

If you bury them, you bury me.

- That's not fair.
- I've touched them.

They're alive like we're alive,
and they're suffering. Dying.

We can't think of the creatures as "them."

That's the same thinking
that led our parents

to put teenagers in a murder box.

And we swore we weren't
going to be like those assholes.

- How long have you been standing there?
- Long enough.

I'm with them.

I guess this just turned
into a rescue mission.

Jonah thinks he's picking me up
from our spot. He's headed there now.

OK, tell him you're running late
and to wait for you.

That should keep him busy
long enough for us to do our jobs.

- Which seem to be changing.
- Evolving.

Into something inclusive
and enlightened.

And dangerous.
We gotta go inside now.

Which means we need a better plan.

Luckily, that's your area
of expertise.

True, but with this much at stake,
there's no margin for error,

so I reached out to someone
with more experience.

But we have to keep our objective
to ourselves.

If he knows what we're doing,
he won't go along with it.

Follow me.

- You can't be serious.
- We have a common enemy.

He knows everything about the site,
and more about Jonah than any of us.

- But he's on their side.
- We have to let that go for now.

- I want to keep you alive.
- Something else we share.

Look, whatever you intend to do,
we gotta get there ahead of PRIDE.

- So we need to move.
- Which means we need a blindfold.

- A what?
- Secret hideouts

need to stay secret.

No offense, Mr. Wilder.


I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for all of it.

And please, whatever you do, Dad,

don't pick up the Fistigons.


- Dad, are you there?
- Victor?

- I hope you get this in time.
- What's going on?

- I know it's a long shot...
- It's him.

- From the future.
- I wanted to tell you I'm sorry.

- He's broadcasting a warning.
- I'm sorry for all of it.

- That's Chase.
- The time machine works.

Victor, that's incredible.

Every once in a while I'm reminded
that I married a mad scientist.

- Listen to what he says.
- Dad, are you there?

I hope you get this in time.
I know it's a longshot...

He didn't want it to happen.

He's trying to save me.
To keep all of this from happening.

- So he could have another chance with you.
- Yeah.

And... since he's there, then,
sending this to us now, that...

that means it's all gonna work out.

We're gonna be a family again.

I want to believe you, Victor,

but right now thinking about the future
feels like a luxury.

I'm afraid of what's gonna happen tonight.

Oh, no. Don't be.

That's why we're bringing your project
for insurance.

All right?

If Jonah tries to trick us,

or if anything goes sideways,
we have this.

Are you sure it'll work?

- We didn't have any time to...
- Your design was magnificent.

I may have made a couple alterations,
but yes.

If we can get close enough,

we should be able
to shut down the engine.

- And if we do that...
- There's no escape.


And unfortunately,

we're stuck with Jonah forever.

Not if Dale and Stacey do their part.

- This is a terrible idea.
- What do you mean?

Who brings poison
to a bon voyage party?

The same guy who poured Everclear
into the punchbowl

at the Bioformatics holiday party.

You didn't seem to
have a problem with that.

Yeah, because nobody's life
was at stake.

That is a matter of opinion.

Oh God, I just want him to go away.

And maybe he will.
And if so, big celebration.

Cake, balloons, a Jonah pi?ata
for candy and catharsis, right?

But if he has one final trick
up his scaly sleeve,

I feel one tremor, or he tries
to hurt someone I care about...

I'm gonna drop him.

Have a blessed day.

Journey in brightness.

The event is tonight?

Your father called it The Ascension.
This is incredible.

No, Frank, it's not incredible.
It's terrible.

And it's not an ascension,
it's a launch...

Of Jonah's spaceship.

Yeah, you heard me. We have
no idea what's gonna happen.

- We need to make sure we're there.
- Absolutely.

I wouldn't miss it.
If it's what David promised...

Frank! All of that is bullshit.

Fed to my father by Jonah.

Look, the rest of PRIDE is worried
that their kids might get hurt tonight...

I'm worried that ours might leave.
With him.

You need to trust Karolina
more than that.

It's not Karolina I'm worried about.

Well... I guess this is goodbye.

What do you mean?

I'm coming with you tonight.

You've already done so much.

Besides, the troops
have been marshaled.

They're gonna make sure
that nothing goes wrong tonight.

Journey into...


I've devoted my whole life to this.

The Ascension.

It's a holy moment for all of us.

And if we're to lead the church forward,

it's important that
we witness this firsthand.

Well, after recent events, I...

wasn't sure of your sentiments.

But very well.


can I leave you to finish this?



Hey, Mr. Dean, right?

Yes. I'm sorry,
I really don't have any time.

But I think you do.

OK, fine. Do you have
a piece of paper and a Sharpie?

A Sharpie for what?

I can't sign an autograph
without a Sharpie.

- Ballpoints smudge.
- Wow.

I don't want an autograph.

OK... OK, fine.

But I'm sorry,
I really have to get going.

So please excuse me.
Have a good day.

It's a very busy one for me.

All right,
so what are we lookin' at?

There's gonna be
lot of security tonight.

Armed Gibborim guards.
That was Leslie's job.

- "A lot," like...
- A fleet of vans

should be en route as we speak.

Well, they're not here yet,
which means we still have time.

If we know the Gibb army
is coming in vans,

that's all I need.

I can get into the church records
and then trace the VIN numbers.

If anyone uses a traffic app,
plugs in their phone,

anything using Wi-Fi, we got 'em.

Where'd you learn that?

Remember that family trip
we took to Vegas?

You and Mom went
to go see Cirque de Soleil?

Yeah, you said you wanted to watch
"How to Train Your Dragon 2"

- in the hotel room.
- Yeah, I did, for like five minutes,

and then I snuck into Def Con 23,

where I sat in the back of a seminar
on how to hack a call.

So what does that mean?

It means I hope the Gibbs
packed sunscreen,

'cause they're goin' to the desert.

Moral view doesn't devalue life,

it makes it more precious,

because now you can begin
to approach every experience...

What are you doing, Aura?
That's going north.

It isn't me. The van's... driving itself.

- Your entire journey can be a joyous...
- It's a miracle!

# Wait 'til the world is mine #

# You should see me in a crown #

# I'm gonna run this nothing town #

# Watch me make 'em bow... #

Hey, man. Geoffrey Wilder,
how ya doin'?

Hey, look. I left some files in the
trailer over there. You mind if I get it?

I'm sorry, Mr. Wilder,
but as I'm sure you're aware,

the Church is in charge
of the site now.

I'm sure you know Leslie Dean and I
are founding members of PRIDE.

- She won't mind.
- I don't know.

I got a wavelength demerit
for letting the Yorkes in,

- and they even had ID.
- Yeah, I don't know what that means.

- Look, why don't we call 'em? Together.
- OK.


Hold it right there!

Gotta love
Take Your Son To Work Day.

How many guys you got here?

# One by one, by #

# You should see me in a crown #

# Your silence is my favorite sound #

# Watch me make 'em bow #

# One by one, by one... #

- Hey.
- All clear.

- Let's go.
- # Your silence is my favorite sound #

# Watch me make 'em bow
one by one... #

Hey, you guys.
We don't all need to go.

Yeah. You're right.

If we get stuck,
you can't defend yourself.

You told me not to bring Old Lace.

Because she's not
the most predictable creature,

and we've all got our hands full

You need to look out. To text us
as soon as someone shows up.

So you want me to stay out here alone
and defenseless,

knowing that a hundred armed guards,

and possibly our homicidal parents
could show up at just any minute?

Yeah, I got this.

# One by one, by #

# You should see me in a crown #

# Your silence is my favorite sound #

# Watch me make 'em bow #

# One by one, by, one... #

Good luck, guys.

Jonah, Karolina's not coming.

She texted me she'd be here.
You think something happened?

Yeah, I think she's a teenager.

Teenagers lie?

She wouldn't do that.

Not to me.

We have a... connection.

Yeah, that's what she's counting on.

She wants you to be here
instead of wherever she is.

She tricked you.

You may be an advanced being,
but you're quite the naive father.

Well... where do you think she is?

You're the one with the "connection."
You tell me.

She knows what's down that hole.

- She what?
- I took her there.

We have to go.


Before she ruins everything.

No, no, no. That can't be right.

- What?
- It's that time.

Let's do this.

- It's too early. Were not ready.
- Yes, we are.

Because of you.

What do you mean, Las Vegas?

The event is happening tonight.
I'm on my way right now.

No, Frances. Vehicles do not
get possessed by agents of darkness.

Just turn the van around
and get back here.

You're not going anywhere
until you tell me everything.

- Everything about what?
- Destiny Gonzalez.

I'm her brother.

And I know you and your church
are the reason she was killed.

Word on the street

is that your church
has been disappearing kids

as long as anybody can remember.

One a year, from my math.

I just learned about the program myself.

I've been gathering my own evidence.

Maybe we can figure out
what's going on together.

You want to help me?

I'd love to show you what I have.
Everything's up in the office.

Do you want to follow me?

Don't hold this against me.

Guys, isn't it so awesome?

I loved it.

This is like riding an elevator,
but with no elevator.

Breathtaking insight.

At least Karolina
kicks ass at flying.

I wouldn't say flying, exactly.
More like falling with style.

Buzz Lightyear! I love Buzz.

Holy shit.

Glowing, living spaceship.

Think about it.

Two months ago our biggest issue
was that there were no vegan options

in the cafeteria.

Gert was so mad about that.

Now we're trying to liberate
a family of aliens.

Your family.

Are you OK?

- Yeah.
- We'll do this together.

It's gonna be OK.
I promise.

But we have to do this now.

- Where should I cut in?
- Anywhere, I guess.

I don't think there's a door.

- Am I hurting them?
- There's no other way. Hurry.


Shit. He's here.

Anything from Gert?

Guys, I think we should
have factored into our plan

that we're underneath the earth
and our phone cost $8.99.

How much longer, Chase?

Every cut I make, it seals back up.
It's like it's healing itself.

Take me to the surface.

If someone shows up,
I can fight 'em off from there.

Not gonna happen.
Take me.

Karolina. Get out of there now.

It's Jonah. I think I can hear him
in my head.

No, we all hear that.

- He's here.
- His voice really carries.

- What do we do?
- This is dangerous.

You have no idea what you're dealing with.

Chase, hurry.


What's going on?

- Our kids are down there.
- All of them?

We don't know.
We can't see them, but...

They won't come out.

- I've warned them.
- What are they doing?

They're trying to destroy my ship,
which is not gonna happen.

Set up the diagnostics.

Xavin, can you hear me?

- Who's Xavin?
- I don't know. Don't want to know.

Initiate the launch. Now.

We'll service the ship
when it reaches the surface.

Did you just say launch?
Did he just say launch?

- I did.
- But our kids are down there.

- They'll be killed.
- Karolina can fly.

That's all that matters.

It's taking off! We gotta go!

- I'm sorry it didn't work.
- I can only carry two of you at a time.

- Take them! I'll stay.
- No! Ladies first.

If I tell Gert you said that,
you're better off dying down here.

- I can do it!
- You're strong, Molly,

not invulnerable. It has to be me.
I have the Staff for protection.

- Nico, no!
- I'm the only one who has a chance.

You taught me this. Now go!

- Nico...
- Now.


- I'll be right back.
- I know.

- Should we go out there?
- No, son.

I'm keeping you here. Safe.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.


You're safe.

- Molly. We're go glad you're OK.
- Not another step.

- Dad.
- I got your message...

from the future.

- What?
- I know you haven't said it yet,

but you will, and it's so moving.

Not the weirdest thing
I've heard today.

Come here!

I'm gonna need you.
Wait for my signal.

- Where's Nico?
- I've got to go back for her.

Not a chance.

- We can't just leave her down there.
- I'll kill you right here, Jonah.

You stay right where you are.
You know what I can do.


Wicked Witch of the West
was always my favorite.

- Gert!
- Sweetie!


I... I was worried sick!

It's a lovely moment. Isn't it?

Families reuniting.

That's what it's all about.

Karolina, all of the preparation,
everything I've done,

is so that you and I...
can have a future together.

Come with me.

You want me to go with you?

The entire universe... is yours.

Why did you wait until now
to tell me this?

Because I didn't know
it was gonna work.

But now it has, and...

we can be a family.

She has a family.

Who won't allow her
to be what she is.

I'm the only one who understands her.

She belongs with me!

I may not know who I am
or where I belong,

but I'm gonna find out here.

With the people I love.

I'm not going anywhere with you.


Jonah, you said
there wouldn't be any quakes!

Yeah, I may have lied about that one.

Get on the ship...
and you will live.

You stay here with your... friends,

and you will die.

The choice is yours.


If you love me,
you won't make me choose.

Like all children in the end...

Destined to break their parents' heart.

Xavin, Plan B. Full acceleration.

- Victor, are you ready?
- Yeah.

Stop the ship!

It's too much, Nico!


Stop the ship!

What's wrong?
Why won't it work?

Because it's Nico's now.



We were trying to help them.
We don't want anyone hurt.

You have the power...
to stop this.

So do we!

Badass Latinas: One. Aliens: Zero.

- Game time.
- I couldn't agree more.

Shit! It isn't working.

Don't give up. Keep firing.

Enough of this!


it's working.

We did it.

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Look what you've done.

Jonah, he killed Amy.

# Just in time wasted wars #

# Take the ones who loved before... #

Jonah, he killed Amy.

# Ashes on the ground... #

# Fire burning down #

Jonah killed Amy... killed Amy...



Now we're gonna have to take it all.


- Dad.
- Where am I?

Why are you crying?


Dad, it's me.
It's your daughter Karolina.

Who are you?

Good riddance.

What the hell...

just happened?


Are you OK?

- Gert, Molly, please...
- It's time to come home.

Chase, I'm just so glad to see you.

Nico. Are you all right?


How long's that gonna last?

L-Long enough.

Let's go.

Aw, shit.

Seems like every time
we get a call from PRIDE,

there's a body involved.

How's your head?

Still hurts a little bit.

Have some Hot Cheetos.
That usually helps me.

If you wash 'em down with Sprite,
makes your teeth feel funny.

Or you could try aspirin.
I hear that works.

But aspirin
doesn't turn your finger orange,

and that's, like, the best part.

- Last night was weird.
- Yeah. Understatement.

Teamed up with our parents...
to do something good.

Was it good?

We're still here, aren't we?

California might have been gone
if we...

If you hadn't done what you did.

So what now?

Just 'cause our folks did one good thing,
mostly out of self-interest,

it still doesn't erase
all the terrible shit that they did.

My dad's alive.

Is that good?

Or... bad?

Those concepts are starting
to get real blurry.

# Paradise, paradise #

# Take me to paradise #

# I see it in your eyes,
in your eyes #

# This is my paradise #


Everybody's downstairs,
if you want to join.

You made a decision
that took everything away from me.

Are you mad?

Why'd you do it?

You had the Sleep Spell,
why didn't you use it on him?

You didn't have to kill my father,

You chose to.