Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

The kids struggle with their new lives as Runaways, but find a hideout. Alex goes to work for Darius while PRIDE plots to kill Jonah. Jonah initiates a plan to build a new box.

Previously on
Marvel's Runaways...

It's time.

What... is... happening?

- Please, please. I'm afraid.
- Whatever happened...

I think our parents killed that girl.

It worked.
How do you feel?

I feel fantastic.

Maybe the bracelet
is some kind of inhibitor.

Which would explain why my mom

never wanted me to take it off.

You are the only other person
that staff will work for.

Why don't you keep it
for the night. I trust you, Nico.

I think there might be
something wrong with me.

- Aah!
- Stop! Get away from her.

Holy shit, it does what I say.

Dad, don't!


I can't fully revive him
without a sacrifice.

Is he gonna be OK?

That's what we're all hoping for.

Hi, Graciela. It's Dale and Stacey.

We knew Molly would be home
from school by now,

and we were just missing her.

- She's not here.
- We trusted you with her.

Yes, but I don't trust you.

Your parents sent me this
just before they died.

There's a Metrolink.

Go down there
in the morning if you like.

This was left specifically for me.

Something important.

Molly, since before you were born,
we've been a part

of an organization called PRIDE.

They're planning on
digging something up,

something buried deep beneath the city.

And even if what's down there is good...

There's a blind fault.
And if we disturb it,

it will cause a series
of seismic events...

Not to mention
we found some really weird stuff

in these rock samples.

Whatever's down there, it's alive.

You gonna tell me what's going on
with that school

and those crazy-ass friends of yours?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Then I guess we tight as hell.

About time, I guess, since tonight
may be our last night on Earth.

Well, if that's how it is,
I'd like one last dance.

I've just wanted
to do that for a really long time.

We have to stop this.
No one else will.

Time to come home, son.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

- We're a family.
- We're a family.

And we'll fight you if we have to!

I'm your father.

Did you know about this?

No, but it's what I was afraid of.

The point is,
if you're watching this,

we failed to stop it.

She has fallen in
with a group of teenagers

that are persons of interest
in the death of Destiny Gonzales.

Anyone with news regarding this case
should contact the police immediately.

Are you happy
you have the kids back?

Did you think
you'd get them back so soon?

Mrs. Wilder!
Have you talked to them yet?

One statement!

Mr. Dean, please!

We'd like to thank you
and the city for your support.

As for questions regarding
our children and their safety...

Come on, honey. We can talk
to the press after we see our daughter.

And that is why Frank will
never be a member of PRIDE.

I knew they wouldn't get far for long.

They have no idea how
to survive on the streets.

No wonder it took them
so long to run away.

We're still waiting for your apology.

You called the cops on our kids
and made 'em fugitives.

Yeah, my son's face has been plastered
across every screen in the city.

Which is why they've
been found... 24 hours later.

Don't bother, Cat.
Haters gonna hate.

Detective Flores.
Thank you for your assistance.

Just got here myself.
Came as soon as I received the call.

They're being held back here.

I just can't believe
you found 'em so quickly.

We launched a citywide manhunt,
pulled out all the stops.

My men said they'd split up.

Really? That seems strange.

Makes sense.
Harder to find them that way.

Wait. What are you gonna say
when you see them?

Nothing. I just wanna hug them.

Kids, your parents are here.

Oh, shit.

You gotta be kidding me.

Uh, those aren't our kids.

For Christ's sakes, Flores.

I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say.

My men assured me...

Maybe you need more
than just men handling your shit.

Don't call till you actually have them.

This means our kids are still running.

- Stop, please!
- Give those back!

How did he even get them?

Chase was supposed to be on lookout!

Yeah, I only dozed off for,
like, five minutes.

Gert, hurry!

Yeah, you're not the one
pushing the dinosaur

in the shopping cart.



If my dad were here, he'd kill me.

- Again?
- Alex, we gotta stop him.


Get away from the street.

Camera. It's not safe.

That guy got away with
military-grade gauntlets.

I thought you said they don't work.

With... tinkering.

Wait, did he take anything else?

Alex, you still have the money?

Please. Think I'd allow myself
to get robbed blind like Chase?

Oh, no, no, no, no.

- It's gone.
- Way to go, Wilder.

You were supposed to be on lookout.

Well, what are we supposed to do now?
Someone might have seen us.

- I'm so hungry I can't think.
- Except we have no money.

Then we find somewhere
that we can eat for free.

Whatever we do, we gotta
do it quick, guys. We gotta go.

We're not going anywhere.
This wheel's busted.

I got it.

Man, we suck at being runaways.

OK, I don't see
any cameras or cops.

Just lots and lots of food.

Hey, Old Lace is
chilling in a Dumpster,

though girlfriend's starting
to get an attitude.

I can relate.

Come on, let's go.

You gotta be kidding me.

This place is paid for
by our parents?

We can't eat that soup.

Nico's right. It's PRIDE soup.

Soup is soup, and I'm starving.

Soup in and of itself
has no inherent morality.

Neither do our parents.

Whether it's good soup or bad soup,
it is hot soup, and we are starving.

Can everyone stop saying "soup"?

Look, it's not like our parents
are gonna be popping by.

They just write checks. They don't
give a shit about the homeless.

OK, grab your food
and sit at different tables.

We might not be as noticeable
if we split up.

No way. Strength in numbers.

Everyone just eat as fast as they can.

Won't be a problem.

You OK?

Oh. So many with so little.

You seem surprised.

I mean, you were Brentwood's
fiercest social justice warrior.


Guess I just never really
seen social injustice in person before.

Come on.

This is so good.

Finish up. We should move.

Where? Between PRIDE
and the Church, the streets aren't safe.

- We have to stay hidden.
- We need a tent.

Which we can't buy
since Alex lost the money.

OK, forgetting for a moment
that you were supposed to be on lookout,

how about the fact that I got us
the money to begin with?

OK? Maybe... you all could
show a little gratitude.

Maybe if you told us
where you got the money.

I can't, OK? It's for your protection.

Or yours.

How do we know your parents
didn't give it to you?

You think I'm a mole?

Nobody knows what to think,

other than when Karolina
was taken by Jonah

you voted to leave her behind.

You are never gonna let that go, are you?

Karolina, I was always
gonna come back for you.

I'm sure you had your reasons.

I'm sure they had nothing to do
with the fact

that Karolina and Nico
developed a certain chemistry.

I wasn't aware of that at the time, OK?

And I'm still trying to process
that information, actually.

But thanks for bringing it up, though.

So, if you weren't motivated
by jealousy, then what?

You're just a terrible leader who makes
bad decisions under pressure?

Welcome to lead anytime, Chase.

But since you're incapable
of coming up with an idea

that doesn't suck,
I'll handle it. Again.

There's an encampment
off the river

east of the underpass
that we stayed at last night.

- I'll meet you guys there.
- Alex, where are you going?

I told you,
you have to trust me.


I'm here at the
home of Graciela Aguirre,

a distant relative of Molly Hernandez,

who was allegedly abducted
from her home.

Ms. Aguirre, any comment on the fact
that Molly Hernandez was taken

from your home by children of PRIDE?

Not sure where the idea
that Molly was abducted came from.

I never reported it.

And it's not the children of PRIDE
the media should be looking into.

It's their parents.

The leaders of PRIDE are
highly accomplished professionals,

not to mention what their philanthropy
has done for the city.

Trust me... I've seen proof.

What-what proof is she talking about?

I may have sent Graciela the VHS tape
my parents made me,

the one with warning about California
breaking off into the ocean.

If something happened to us,
someone should know the truth.

Yeah, and now she does,
but she's in danger.

She said it on TV.

Yeah. She knows all about
a conspiracy to cause an earthquake,

but... she has no idea about Jonah.

And that our parents are killers.

We have to warn her.

Did you see...

- What are they doing here?
- I figured they forgot about this place.

On behalf of all of us,
we're so sorry to hear about your kids.

And we appreciate that,

but what you've heard is nothing
but a big misunderstanding.

Our children may be runaways,
but they're not criminals.

This will all be cleared up
when they're back home and safe.

The good work we've all performed
for homeless children city-wide

means we've banked some good karma.

In the meantime,
we will not let our personal situation

stand in the way of our mission.

Yeah. If anything,
what we're facing has made us

even more committed
to PRIDE's cause.

Think they bought it?

I did.

Anyone else notice our wives
are really good at lying?

We sure it's safe to meet here?

To the public, it's business as usual,

but I designed this room
with certain enhancements...

should the day come.

A secret antechamber.

Classic PRIDE.

Robert and I had
Wizard's best techs wire this place.

It's a 24-hour surveillance center

with CCTV from across the city

interfacing with Wizard's state-of-
the-art facial recognition software.

Designed by me.

We're in charge
of getting our kids back now.

This is now PRIDE's central command,

where we share everything we learn
and keep it off the radar of the cops,

the media,
and most importantly, Jonah.

As I've said...

I want to hurt him
as much as the rest of you do.

Not possible.

I wasn't the one who went
to the police behind our backs.

I've heard enough about that.

You know what I
would like to hear more about?

Graciela Aguirre.
Presume everyone saw the news?

She said she has proof that PRIDE
is behind Molly's disappearance.

You told us she was a distant relative...

She lived alone
and went to church.

- We may have underestimated her...
- She's feisty.

And not the most trusting soul,
especially when it comes to us.

Sounds like more loose ends.

Someone needs to pay Graciela a visit.

Find out what she knows.
Make sure no one else learns it.

Gimme me an address.

- I'll deal with it.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Pump the brakes there, big guy.

Haven't enough
innocent people died?

Wouldn't it be great
if we could, just, you know,

dial down the murdering, just a little?

Need we remind you
of the mindwipe drug we created

for just such an occasion?

Yes, and we have made
significant improvements...


Since it was first used
on Frank Dean.

Yes. Big improvements.



But Robert and I
are coming with you.

It's not that we don't trust you,
but... we don't.

Must be out of my damn mind meeting you.

Shit's been on the news nonstop.

I'm aware. Thanks for coming.


every day you survive out there,
it's another day your dad suffers.

I'm good with that.

OK, I wouldn't have called
if it wasn't an emergency,

all right, but...

we need more money.

What? You already spent
the fifteen hundred I gave you?

What, you've been posting
up at the Four Seasons?

- We got robbed.
- That's why I gave you a gun.

Damn, man. Parents
raised you soft in Brentwood.

Please. I can't go back
to my friends empty-handed.

They're counting on me.

I'll do anything.

OK, little homie.

But you want more?

This time you've gotta earn it.

And you not gon' like it.

So how do we get to Graciela's?
She lives, like, 20 miles away.

Uh, yeah.
Remember when life was so easy,

like, 48 hours ago when we all had
cell phones and Lyft accounts?

- Do payphones still exist?
- Even if they did, they require payment.

- We could take the Metrolink.
- Public transportation?

Does anybody even know
how to do that?

I do. That's how I got to school
from Graciela's. I still have my card.

You take the Purple line to the Red line,

then you transfer to the Yellow line,
then there's another Red one...

The last two are buses, not trains.

Only we would do it backwards,

because we're going
the opposite direction.

- But there's one problem.
- Only one?

The train runs
only during rush hour.

- Which is hours from now.
- And too late for Graciela.

Of course, the d-bag who owns that car
could go wherever he wants.

Yes. Yes... he can.


Why do you think they're
called time shares, bro?

Range Rover.

Babe, I was not
flirting with that girl.

Babe, you so were.
You're a giant dick.

- No, I'm not. I was being nice!

That's the opposite of a giant dick.

- Keys.
- Oh, yeah. Were you being nice

when you banged my roommate?

That's right. You're a giant dick.

- Pretty white privilege for the win.
- Yeah.

You still got that piece I gave you?


Hold it right,
as if you were gonna use it.


What the hell?

Oh, you thought I gave that to you?

More like loaned it...

long enough to make sure
your Wilder DNA is all over it.

You don't know what's been
done with it, but I do...

and it's on you now.

You're framing me?

Hold up.

We're still friends.

Just... given your lineage, I...

need an insurance policy
to make sure we stay that way.

Also, you ain't safe with that thing.

Cop sees you with it,
you're shot in the head.

Come on. Let's go.

Respect yourself, protect yourself.

Can't mess up that fine outfit.

It's actually from a thrift store.

Uh, not that it really matters.

I'm just... I don't know,

I'm getting a really bad feeling
about what's up these stairs

and what you expect me to do
once we get to the top.


First time is never easy...

but you'll be a man after this.

At least give me back the gun.

I'm thinkin' a seafoam green.

You wanted me to paint?

Man, what the hell
did you think?

You watch too many Tarantino movies.

Scorsese and shit.

- Not even remotely funny.

It is to me.
Now get to it.

Baby's due in two weeks.

It's gonna be a boy.

You must be hungry,
coming all this way to visit me.

Oh. Wow. Isn't that nice, sweetie?

Look at all those little cookies.

- Mm.
- ?Sabrosos!

We honeymooned in Zihuat.

- S?, s?.
- He just loves local cultures.

Well, claro que.

Now, what do you want?

Well, Graciela, we're just...

We're very worried about...

- Molly.
- Molly.

Um, we...
How she is, where she is...

I told Detective Flores
everything I knew, which is nothing.

And yet you do seem
to know something.

Uh, yeah, about us or about PRIDE...

Graciela, I'm just gonna cut
straight to the point.

Now, despite serving
some very nice pan dulces...

You obviously don't like us
very much, and...

A part of that could just
be our personalities, but...

You saw the news,
and you want to know

what's on that tape
from the Hernandezes.

Yes. The tape.

I'll get it for you.

I suppose it's only right
that you know the truth.

- Yes. The truth is always right.
- S?. Entendi?.

- Yes...
- Yes. I'll be back.

?La verdad!

- There's a tape...
- There's a tape.

- And we're gonna get it...
- OK.

- And then we will jab her.
- Oh, yeah.

It'll be like we were never here,

and she never saw any tape, right?

- Hon?
- What?

- Maybe I should do the jabbing.
- What?

We never really discussed
who was gonna jab.

No, no, no, no, no.
You go for the tape.

- I know...
- I'll sneak up beside her,

and I'll just give her the business.

- Oh, Jesus!
- Oh!

Graciela's a Bond Villain.

You want the tape?
Here it is.

You wanna be next?

The hunters have become the hunted!

OK, where's the serum?
Where's the serum?

You have to jab her.
You have to jab her.

In the leg or the foot
or something.

So she can forget
how to shoot that thing?

- Yeah!
- Besides, I... I kinda dropped it.

- What? What?!
- I'm sorry!


- You want me to shoot you, too?
- Choke.

Molly. Wait, what if
our parents are in there?




Graciela, ?h?blame por favor!

Maybe she got smart and left.


She's dead.

There's no sign of a struggle.

Maybe she couldn't take the stress
and had a heart attack?

That's what they
want people to believe.

Our parents staged this.

We must have just missed them.

Th... That's a body.
I ca... I can't. I can't.

She didn't do anything wrong.

I know, Mols.

We gotta go.

We can't just leave her.
We have to call the police!

I'm sure Flores is on his way.
Our parents own the police, remember?


You're robbing a dead person?

Look, I know it's harsh...

but this is our reality now.

Hey, be careful. Don't drip, bruh,

and put tape and shit
around the windows, man.

Hey, D, how's it lookin' in there?

Gotta go.
Hold on.

You went with the seafoam.
We agreed to go with robin's egg.

OK, we definitely did not agree,

'cause there is no way
I'm raising my boy inside an egg.

You ain't gonna be around to raise him
if you don't change this color.

I'm sure your friend doesn't mind.

But I do,

and if you cared so much,
you should've been here when I started.

I had a doctor's appointment.
Thanks for coming.

My sister drove.

Livvie, get in here
and tell Darius how wrong he is.

- Yup, I agree.
- You didn't even look up.

Don't need to.
Tamar is always right.

That's a smart girl right there.

All right, then.
Looks like we gotta start over.

I don't normally
get rolled like this, but, uh,

my lady's very emotional these days
'cause of the hormones.

Don't hormone me.
This shit is ugly.

I swear to God, Darius,
I think you're color blind.

It's fine. I don't mind.

This is the new Andre?

Nah. Don't get used to this kid,
he's just here to do some manual labor.

I'm Livvie. Nice to meet you.

Sorry about making you start over.

Um, to tell the truth, I agree.

These hands don't feel like
they've done a lot of manual labor.

What'd you say your name was?

He didn't.

Livvie, say goodbye, OK?

My boy's got a lot of work
to do here,

and it needs to get done
before Tamar's water breaks, so...

off you go.

- Tape.
- Yo, will you calm down?

Great idea, D.,
bringin' him into our house.

And now Livvie's involved?

I didn't know you
were bringing her here.

How do you think I got here?
I can't fit behind a steering wheel.

What's the real? 'Cause he's cute.

He is Alex Wilder,
America's Most Wanted.

Doesn't seem like it.

That's because you do not know him.
And you're not going to.

I want him gone.

I can't budge on this one, Tam.

You gotta trust me, OK?

This is for the best...
for all of us.

This is where Alex told us
to... meet him.

If all these people
can survive out here, so can we.

How's Old Lace holding up?

She's great.
She's really settling in.

She's actually quite
the Dumpster connoisseur,

- and if I'm calm, then she's calm.
- You don't seem calm.

That's a really helpful thing to say

to someone
while they're trying to be chill

so that their psychically-linked
dinosaur doesn't freak out,

which would be so much easier
if I had my meds,

but they're in my room,
which is next to my parents' room,

who, just if we need a little reminder,
tend to murder people.

So what you're saying
is you're not calm?

Um, there's a whole tone
I'm trying to follow.

I can't believe we left Graciela.

She at least deserved a funeral.

She's gonna get one.

Come on.

It's Wiccan tradition.

The candle can be adorned
with anything that resonates

with the energy of the deceased.

Then we add our own offerings.

As we all come from the goddess...

to experience life in death...

so shall we return to her
to experience peace.

By the element of Earth...

you were grounded in the physical world.

By the element of Air...

you were open to knowledge
and communication.

By the element of Fire,
you were inspired with passion.

By the element of Water,
you could dream your dreams.

So now, by Earth, by Air,

by Fire, by Water...

shall you pass
to the next stage of your existence.

you want to say something?

I didn't really get a chance

to know her that well,
but she was kind to me...

and she gave me a chance
to see my parents again,

if only for... a little while.

She was the last
blood relative I had...

and now she's gone.

Everything's been
taken away from me.

I have no one.

You have us.

Merry we meet, and merry we part...

until we meet again.

- Hey.
- Hey.

That was really beautiful.

I thought I was done with religion.

You're gonna convert from Gibborim
to Wiccan now? That would be a first.

I just meant "thank you."

We all really needed
something to believe in.

You gave us that.

They're our parents.

How could they be such monsters?


We're not them.

We're better.

We can fix
the world that they broke.

# My name on your lips #

# Your air in my lungs #

# Drowned in oxygen #

# Now you've set the scene #

# High on intimacy #

# Drawing me above #

Everything OK over here?

No, not really.

Look, I know seeing
a dead body is traumatic.

We all felt the same.

Yeah, but some of us
were strong enough

to be there for Molly,
and some of us,

as in only me,
completely froze up

right when she
needed me the most.

Um, thanks... thank you
for being there for her...

for stepping in when I couldn't.

Of course.

After being the guy
who fell asleep on lookout,

it's nice somebody
thinks I'm good for something.

Yeah. I think you're good
for a few things.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, I... I meant things
like babysitting Old Lace

while I go talk to Molly.

Hey... Hey!

She hates me.


I am so sorry.

I'm not. I'm just angry.

Who's gonna get justice
for Graciela?

Maybe, instead of running
from danger, we should run at it.

I don't want any more
innocent people getting hurt,

and I can do something about it.

Found you guys.

I, uh, got us some tents,
sleeping bags,

couple of cheap burner phones.

You bought all of this?

Uh, yes. Well, some of it
was on sale, but, yes.


You're welcome.

Was it PRIDE?

Isn't it always?

# Some velvet... #

It's a little gritty for my taste,
but if it's home to you...

This is the last day
before my father left us.

He was not a sophisticated man,
but he was a hard worker.

It's funny. People liked him.

Of course, he was sober at work.

I used to... sit at the counter

and do my homework
while he cooked in the back.

# ...And how she made it end #

Might think this was heaven,
except you're here.

I assure you,
you're still very much alive.

Well, "very much" might be
overstating a little bit,

but you're hangin' in there.

This is a healing algorithm,

a safe place for your mind to exist
while your body repairs itself.

And my algorithm just happens
to have a back door,

so you can drop by unannounced.

I understand
this feels like an intrusion,

but I have a problem,

and you're the only one
who can help me.

You see, Victor,
I'm going somewhere very soon.

I've been waiting for this
for a long time,

longer than you could ever imagine,

I can't let anything...
And I mean anything...

Get in the way of that.

What is that?
Besides disgusting.

I'm assuming the kid
Geoffrey pulled off the streets

was depleted
when we converted him,

and I exerted quite a bit of energy
during an altercation with the kids.

The kids? Is Chase OK?

No thanks to you.

I was the only casualty, I'm afraid,

but, if I'm gonna heal myself,
I need another box.

Yeah, Tina destroyed it saving Robert,

who was sacrificing himself
for Janet.

- I...
- Long story. You don't need the details.

Don't want them.
I understand.

I'm the only one who can make a box.

Ironically, I'm basically in one...

Hence your virtual visit.

And if I don't save you,

I may not save myself.

All those magazine covers
did not lie.

You're sharp.

I'll do it... but we'll need help.

Who could possibly help us?

My wife.

What the hell did you do?

Wrote a touching obituary,
if I do say so myself.

We handled our business.

PRIDE's business.

As you can see,
it's far from the front page,

and it says she died
of natural causes.

It says she died.

I thought we were trying to avoid that.

Look, we did not
anticipate her enthusiasm

for the owning of large guns.

Or her skill at using them.

OK, the important thing is
we got what we needed,

a tape made by the Hernandezes.


But I was able to scan it.
We've all just watched it.


Thank God the kids stopped
that dig when they did.

Otherwise, who knows
what would've happened.

Well, we do now.


With lots of horrible consequences.

Jonah killed Gene and Alice
to keep them from warning us.

Technically, it wasn't Jonah.

Maybe now would be a good time

for the two of you to share
your discovery with the group.

What's down in that hole... is alive.

- Alive?
- It's not life

as-as we conventionally understand it,

but it has a strong energy signature,

seems sentient.

It also makes a noise.

We think it's some kind of language.

Holy shit.

It talks?

Maybe they do.

There may be more than one.
We don't know yet.

Do you think Jonah knows
what... what they are?

Or is...

he possibly the same thing?

I mean, the guy requires
sacrificed teenagers to survive.

And he glows.

I'm guessing
that's not a medical condition.

Look, we examined the DNA
from the serum that we stole, and...

And Jonah is not
what you would call human.

No shit.

Leslie, maybe
you can enlighten us?

I wish I could.

I've known Jonah my whole life.

But where he came from before that
or who he is, I have no idea.

I'm only just now realizing
how much he kept from me.

Well, great.

We may have just helped an alien unearth...
more aliens?

I have no idea what's going
on at that dig site.

It's controlled by the church now.

The kids broke the drill,
damaged the controls.

Jonah hasn't mentioned
trying to fix it.

I don't know if that's
because it's not possible...

Or it doesn't matter.

Because he already got far enough.

We have to kill him.

- Now.
- That's...

- That's not gonna be easy.
- His DNA is self-healing.

Conventional means won't work.

- Then we gotta get un conventional.
- We are working on it.

Let's not forget
that our kids are missing.

So maybe we forget
about Jonah for a second

- and we try to find them.
- That's what we've been saying.


What we do, we do together
from now on. No factions.

No secrets.

One voice.

Let me guess. Yours?

I think this job is big enough to share.

Be willing to have you
as my co-captain.

That still sounds like a dictatorship.

Last time we had a vote,
you got boxed.

I'm in.

We said we were done with PRIDE,

and you sign up
to be co-chair with Tina?

Let them take care of Jonah,
then we take care of them.

- Being on the inside can only help.
- So, we're assassins now.

We have been for a while.
We just got new targets.

Nothing good makes that sound.

- I know what is is.
- Let's go!

- Do you guys hear that?
- Yeah, come on!

Why are we running
toward the explosions?

Mike On A Bike's lost it!

Hey! Hey!


- Don't point those at anything living.
- Especially us!

- What the hell are these things?
- It's hard to explain,

- but we tried to warn you.
- He's scared.

It's okay. We can help you.

Yeah, just be still.

We'll come to you.

Oh, no, I'm keepin' these.

No, no! Hey! Don't!

- Aah!
- Don't shoot!

Holy shit.

His nickname is "Mike On A Bike."

Yeah? Well, mine is "Chase."

That's not technically a nick...
Never mind.

Molly! Helmet.

Come on! Faster!

He's heading up the hill!

I can't close in.

We gotta find another way.

Come find me.
I need you.

What is she doing?


"You know how to whistle, don't ya?
Just put your lips together and blow."

You can educate me later.

Don't shoot her!

Old Lace, get back!

Leave me alone!
Get away from me!

- Aah!
- Karolina!

You guys are into
some seriously weird shit.

You don't know the half of it.
I got 'em!

What are you guys doin'?

Guys! I found something.

# You say I'm bad to the bone #

- # 'Cause my blood runs cold #
- GERT: Come on! Over here!

- # And the dealer, he folds #
- Molly, you find anything?

# But he can't
and he won't walk away #

# Oh, oh, but not me... #

- Guys!
- What is this place?

# By the wings on the back
of my shoulder blades #

# Gonna run away
until they understand #

# Oh, oh, to the sun #

# Where the river runs dry #

# I was gone in the blink of an eye #

# Ooh, yeah, we're runaways,
yeah, we're runaways #

- Come on, girl!
- # Yeah, we're runaways #

# Ooh, ooh #

# Yeah, we're runaways #

# Yeah, we're runaways #

# Gonna run away
until they understand #

# I'm not sorry for the insanity #

# We're racing to the end to meet #

# Oh, we heard a gunshot #

Whoa! Careful! OK?
It might not be safe.

Something tells me it is.

- That we are.
- # You and me #

# Till the end #

Oh... Girl, stay.

It's probably better if we test the stairs
without a dinosaur.

# Where the river runs dry #

# I was gone in the blink of an eye #

# Ooh, yeah, we're runaways #

# Yeah, we're runaways #

# Yeah,
we're runaways #

# Ooh, ooh #

# Yeah, we're runaways... #

Huh. Looks like we aren't
the first ones to discover this place.

Guys, it's amazing up here.

Except for the bathroom,
which is pretty gross.

There's also no power or water.

Which would explain said grossness.

Also, I think we have raccoons.

Sounds great.

Sounds... like home.

Well, come on,
but I just bought all the tents.

- Kidding, kidding.
- # Gonna run away... #

- Right.
- Good one.

Where is your tent?
Just put it down here if you want.

# Gonna run away
until they understand... #

I knew you'd come.

There's no need to be afraid.

After all, you asked me to meet you.

I know.

And thank you. I...
I just shouldn't be here.

Why? Because of your friends?

My dear, however important
they are to you,

I assure you nothing's more important

than learning about who...

and what you are.

I assume that's why you're here.

Not because I like you

or because I agree
with any of the things that you've done,

but because I need to know.

I can only imagine how lonely
and confused...

you must feel.


What's happening?

It's starting.