Runaways (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Refraction - full transcript

At Atlas' Open House, the parents and kids are thrown together following the revelations of tha gala. But for one family, the school event is only the beginning of the drama.

Previously, on Marvel's Runaways...

As soon as I decrypt that data,
we'll have that tape,

undeniable proof that
our parents are killers.

How'd you guess my mom's passcode?

I got lucky, I guess.

Really lucky.

What should I do about the fact

that my wife is sleeping
with another man?




Jonah can help.

Oh, he's got a cure
for brain cancer?

It's an experimental
immunotherapy developed from the DNA

of someone with an
extraordinary immune system.

Never felt better.
I've got a new lease on life,

and a beautiful wife who loves me.

What more could a man want?

I guess going Ultra wasn't for me.

You went Ultra.

You just didn't know it.

Frank should have
no memory of Jonah.

I messed up, big time.

Molly was in the basement.

I think she saw everything.

That wraps it up for today.

Papers due on my desk
by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Thank you.

Dude, have you seen
Reservoir Dogsyet?

Oh, my God, it was so good.

You know, you're watching
the key to time travel.

You're kidding, right?

About time travel?

No, that line. It's awful.

That's not a line.
I saw your book

and took you for someone
with a serious interest.

My mistake.

No, I'm interested...

in time travel.

If someone could
actually figure it out,

that would change everything.

Well, it's happening right now.

Atmospheric refraction.

Causes the light from the sun
to be distorted.

The sun's already gone,
but we still see it.

So it's here and not here
at the same time?

Right now, we're looking
backwards in time,

a moment stretched
beyond its normal limits.

Imagine being given
extra time to consider,

or reconsider what you're doing,

the choices that you make.

We could head off wars,
avoid accidents...

I could not wear pink taffeta
to my senior prom.

Time travel's not about
going back and forth.

It's about staying right where we are,

about positioning ourselves so that...

we remain in the presence of beauty.

I'm Victor.
Victor Stein.


Do babies yawn?
Was he supposed to do that?

Did you see?





I get it now.

What everybody says.

And what's that?

This is the only thing that matters.

Just this.

How many times have I asked you
to put your crap in the trunk?


Well, looks like you won.

- Yeah, looks like.
- What?

That was the city championship.

Do I need to drive you

to a victory party or something?

Where were you?

Is that a yes or a no?

We talked about it
this morning. You said--

I said I would try.
What do you want?

I'm proud of you.

Time'sMan of the Year?


- Give me a break.
- Stop.

You don't know shit about shit.

Say it again.

You don't know
shit about--!

You don't know
shit about--!


Dad? I hope you
get this in time.

I know it's a long shot,

and I could...
a lot of things up.

I hope you get this
in time. Dad?

I know it's a long shot,

and I could probably screw
a lot of things up.

Dad? I hope you
get this in time.

I know it's a...

could probably
screw a lot of things up.

I hope you get this in time.

I know it's a long shot and I could

probably screw a lot of things up.

I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for...
I'm sorry for all of it.

Please, whatever you do, Dad,
don't pick up the Fistigons.

...the Fistigons.

Whatever you do, Dad, don't
pick up the Fistigons.

What are you doing in here?

What does it look like I'm doing?

Alex is in the shower so I'm snooping,

pretending to clean up.

I'm within my constitutional rights

as a parent, anyway.

You think Molly said something to him?

That's what I'm trying to find out.

Alex hasn't been right
since that night.

It could be a million things.

Yeah. Darius, Nico...


He's got a thing for her.

Please. What do you know?

A father knows.

Also, he told me.

And you didn't tell me?

Tell you what?

That you and Nico are a thing.

Yeah, we're not a thing.

So sad about her mom and dad.

How's she holding up?

Yeah, it was a shock to us.

I can only imagine
what it was like for her.

Yeah, you think you know your parents.

What are you guys doing in here?

These clothes don't clean themselves.

We wanted you to have something nice
to wear for the open house tonight.

Open house?

You know, when we get
to visit your classrooms,

and see your teachers,

and hear what's really
going on with you.

I'm familiar
with the open house concept,

I just-- I forgot
about it, I guess.

Well, if you have anything

you want to fill us in on
before this evening, feel free.

Not... unless there's something
you guys want to tell me.

- We're good.
- Definitely.

Oh, great.

Then it should be
a pretty boring evening.

I got that.

I gotta go.

Love you too, son.

Okay, we are not paranoid.

We need to be all up in his
business until we know for sure.

And then there's Molly.

I've been thinking about it,

but it will require Dale and Stacey

keeping a secret.

Yeah, that's no sure thing.

Yo, Dad...

Hey, Dad.

Yo, Dad!


I didn't hear you come in.

Hey, you're a little preoccupied.

We have been trying to increase
the Nemo battery range

without decreasing
the drag coefficients,

which has vexed
our best engineers for years.

I'm not sure if I'm following
all or any of this,

but based on how many times
you circled the last number...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I cracked it.

It wasn't hard, either.

Leads me to believe I should fire

every one of my engineers.

- Maybe I should hire Mr. Siebey.
- My physics teacher?

Clearly, he's done
a great job teaching you...

better than I've done.

I'm pretty sure the guy

wore the same pair of pants
for an entire semester.

Sign of an uncluttered mind.

I look forward to speaking
with him this evening

and thanking him for his inspiration.

Wait, you're going to the open house?

Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Other than literally every
other time it's happened.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

You're right, I've...

but everything is going
to be different now.

- Okay?
- Yeah.



Pops, when was
the last time you showered?

You are ripe!

Um, ahem, I don't mean to interrupt

this lovely
father-son moment,

but Chase has to head to school.

And, apparently, I need to freshen up

before I blow everyone's mind
at the office.

Looking forward to this evening, Chase!

Oh, love you.

- What's this evening?
- Open house.

He's going to that?

I thought the side effects of new meds

involved mild nausea
and swollen ankles,

not a complete personality change.

What the hell kind of medicine
did that guy give him?

I have no idea.
I'm just glad it's working.

I keep waiting
for the old Victor to return.

Well, maybe we'll get lucky
and he won't.

Though that would make it
harder for you to leave.

If I wanted to walk out,

your father has given me
more than enough excuses.

So, you're no longer

into married software engineers

with a fondness
for... mandals?

Robert was kind when my life
was short on kindness.

It was an escape, nothing more.

Meanwhile, Dad was dying
of a brain tumor,

and you didn't notice.

I feel terrible
that I missed the signs,

but I've suffered a long time
trying to hold us all together.

So, if there's a chance
we can be a happy family again,

I'm not gonna let anything
stand in our way.

Just wanted to say hi.

Or bye.

I won't be here when you
get home from school.

But I'll be there this evening.

Your mother and I are a unified front

when it comes to your education,

even though I don't live here anymore.

I love you so much, Nico.

I hope you know that.

I do.

And I know you love Mom, too.

Just talk to her.

You know, apologize.

I bet she'd forgive you.

She knows how difficult
she's been, so...

I wish it was that easy.

People forgive things
that are much worse.

You could work it out.

We-- we--
we could, but it's...

It's not what I want, Nico.

Not anymore.

What, I mean...

you're, like,
in love with Janet Stein?

I mean, come on.

Oh, my God, you're
in love with Janet Stein.

It's not like I planned
on it, believe me.

Yeah, well, good luck.

Enjoy it while you still can.

You were here on the first day...

and you will be here on the last.

You were always ready...

without beginning or end,

one with the universe,

endless and eternal,

ever with us,

and we, ever with you.

This is true.

This is true.

He's ready to see the Spectrum.

When we turn
the ventilator off, he may--

Don't touch anything.

Frank, we weren't expecting you.

Would you like to join our circle?

Actually, Leslie,
I need you to step aside.

Trust me.

You, too.

Just give us a moment alone,
please, thank you.

What are you doing?



Stop it!


What's happening?

You've been given
something we all want.

More time.


What did you do?

My new job.

What the hell was that?

I'm sorry to step
on your moment back there,

but Calvin's a friend.

We're in the same men's group.

He brings the best snacks.

Why did Jonah give you those?

He and I had a lovely chat

about the church and my future there.

I hope you don't have
a problem with that.

The problem is you have
no idea what you're doing.

That was a parlor trick,

but it has real consequences.

What if that family tells everybody

that you're some kind of healer?

Oh, I'm counting on it.

Stuck with our families
for an entire evening,

acting as if everything's fine.

Not my parents.

My dad moves out today.

Damn. Nico, I'm sorry.

Doesn't make any difference if
they all end up in jail anyway.

Well, if there's anything
that I can do...

One thing.

How did you know how to get
into my mom's office at Wizard?

And, please, just don't
tell me some bullshit

that her password
was "password."

Any chance
our parents can get arrested

before they talk to our teachers?

Yeah, I can't say that I've been

a banner student lately.

Who can even think about homework?

Guess we'll have
a hell of a personal essay

for our college applications.

Isn't this adorbs!

You kids planning a big double date?

What do the kids do for fun these days?

Is it a... escape room?
Karaoke? A knitting circle?

No one is planning a date.

Escape room does sound sick, though.

- If it means escaping from here.
- Whoa, zinger!

Karolina, you should sign up
for the school improv troupe.

Guys, we're supposed to be taking
on our parents, not each other.

Well, what's happening
with the video data?

I'm still working on it.

It's harder to unlock than I thought,

and now my parents are on my ass.

Yeah, mine too.

Do you think they know?

I'm not sure how.


It's okay. We can put it
back together.

Who cares? Who cares
about a double helix!

Molly, is everything okay?

I screwed up, you guys.

I got something to tell you.

Are you kidding?

I know, I panicked.
Your mom is very intimidating.

Well, she has the conviction
rate to prove it.

Now you're telling me she's been
suspicious of you from the beginning.

Not to mention you're responsible

for only one working bathroom
at Timely Coffee.

If they know you saw the robes,

they know you got down the staircase.

Unless they wear
their robes to other places,

like the gym, or Whole Foods.

Then again, nothing
in my house has changed.

In fact, it's gotten better.

Except for the fact that our
parents are having an affair.

No, that's all over.
My mom told me this morning.

Well, at least I know why my
parents are living in my room.

Dude, I said I'm sorry.

Why didn't you tell us, Molly?

Why didn't you tell me?

Every time I try
to tell you guys stuff,

you act like I'm some kid

who can't be believed.

It's not your fault.

This is too much for us to handle,

let alone someone your age.

You're, like, three years older!

This is why I literally tried

to protect you from seeing this.

We can't do this thing
if we can't trust each other.

I'm super honest.

Yeah, Molly, maybe a little
too honest sometimes.

You know what?
Forget it.

If after all we've been through
this is how it's gonna be,

then I don't want anything
to do with you guys!

Molly, hold on!

- Wow!
- Right?

- I have never seen anything like this.
- It's amazing.

I mean, he is amazing!

He's also scary,
and if Jonah ever finds out

- that you pinched his serum...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The guy practically handed it to me.

It's like he wanted us
to examine it, okay?

But, yes, I agree, I would very
much prefer he didn't find out.


It's truly incredible!

When we synthesize DNA,

we take every precaution
to not stretch genetic code

in such a way that it creates
a toxin or a disease, but...

Jonah's DNA in this serum when
stretched does the opposite!

It creates healing!

I know, it's like a crazy
malware in a computer virus.

It spreads like a Belle Creme
from the south of France.

Aw, even after 14 straight hours,

your cheese references
never fail to impress.

Aw! It's all
for you, my love.



- You all right?
- I think so.

Didn't feel a thing.

Sure you're okay?

Oh, yeah, yeah,
I'm just a little lightheaded.

Must be hungry.

Well, we have leftover
Thai food in the fridge.

- Okay.
- Pad see ew?

Pad see ew, too, babe!

- Love you.
- All right.

I didn't realize we had plans.

Where have you been?

I was at the construction site.

They delivered the drill today.

So, this is what you want?

To undermine my authority?

You have authority
because I gave it to you.

This is my father's church!

And it's my religion.

Where were you when I gathered
all these believers together?

Where were you when I pulled
those kids off the streets?

If you think my power
comes only from your teachings

or your healing gloves...

Ah, so that's what this is about.

- What?
- You're upset

because I gave your husband
something I've never given you.

This has nothing to do with Frank.

It's about my father's legacy

that I have devoted my life to.

The church is in the past, Leslie.

You don't want to be around
when it goes down.


Your father would be so proud

of everything that you've done...

but you and I...

have become a part of something
much, much larger now.


PRIDE is the only thing that matters.

You have such a big heart.

Your compassion's healed so many.

Now I need you to turn it
towards your friends,

because they're falling apart,

and you are the only one with the
power to bring them back together.

I need you to do that,

and I need you to do it quickly.

Why, is something wrong?

No. Nothing's wrong.

Not yet, anyway.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four.

Smile, ladies, show me those teeth!

Carol, not you.

Okay, guys, I need to see
some attitude.

♪ her
a little swing ♪

Okay, that was terrible.

Five, six, seven, eight.

- Snap.
- ♪ ...the bling-bling, girl

♪ There ain't nothing to do ♪

Okay, guys, point your toes, ready, go.

Those are not splits.
What is that?

♪ Ain't no big thing ♪

♪ Just show her
a little swing ♪

All right, cut it!

Someone teach Brittany how to do
an eight-count, please!

Hi, Eiffel. What's up?

Do I know you?


Molly Hernandez.

I tried out for the team, but um...

I kind of didn't finish my audition.

Right, you were the one
menstruating during her routine.

What can I say, I'm all
about that blood life.

I was wondering
if there was a spot open.

I'm really good, practicing a lot,

and I just want to be
a part of something, you know?

Yeah. You know,
we have a spot for you.

- Really?
- Team manager.

Oh, my God, thank you so much.

Like, I'm gonna be working on
routines, designing uniforms?

I have a lot of thoughts
on athleisure trends.

Yeah, it's actually
more like washing towels

and filling up water bottles,

but, um, you're cool with that, right?

I guess.


Thanks, Mia.

- Molly.
- Whatever.


- Yeah, thank you.
- Okay.

- Thanks, hon.
- It's not a good job,

but someone's gotta do it.

Hey, you all right?

I guess I deserve it, right,
since I ruin everything?

You don't ruin everything.

We were all friends.
Everything was going great.

That's what I love about you, Molly.

Our parents are killers,
the cops are crooked,

and we almost got killed
by some gang members.

But you see it as "everything
is going great."

Maybe my true super power
is my positive attitude.

Now you sound like a poster
in my dentist's office.

So does this mean
you and I are still friends?

Of course. We share
the kind of secret

that nobody else understands.

Yeah. What's the fun of flying
if you can't tell anyone?

Or lifting a truck
with your bare hands?

You know, I just wish
everyone else felt the same.

Well, it's... I gotta go.

All right. Come on.

Hey, hon.
I have lunch.

No, no, can't eat,
not now, not when there's

so much science to be achieved.

You do realize that Jonah's
serum, if harnessed properly,

could reverse the aging process.

The chance to cheat death is
right at our fingertips! Hah!

Jesus, Dale, this is why you
need to stick to decaf.

Imagine the ability to live
together forever, Mama Bear!

Eternity with the one that I love.

What could be better?

Oh! That was the greatest kiss
I've ever experienced.

It was like this-- this--
this explosion of color,

but in my mouth!

Oh, shit.

I love you, Stacey Yorkes.

Your auburn curls,
your scratchy, adorable voice,

your shoes-- I mean, Crocs!
What are Crocs!

Crocs are a gift from God,
don't you think?

That drop--
you've been infected!

Infected with love!

- Oh, you're tripping... on Jonah.
- Whoo!


Who is at our front door right now?

Oh, crap. It's the Wilders.

The G-man? Invite him in!

I love that big, bald teddy bear!

Okay. Hello?

Stacey, we need to talk to you.

It's about Molly.

Molly! I love Molly
so much,

with the little kitty cats.
Hey, we should get a cat!

Um, we would love to,

but we're, um, deep
into something over here,

I mean, harmful things
that you could be exposed to.

Is there any way we could talk
tonight at the open house?

Oh, it's so hot.
It's so, so hot!

I've never been...

Oh, yeah...
if we make it.

Isn't this kind of depressing?

Why not just order some new
stuff from Crate & Barrel?

Vaughn, if you're gonna be
my new assistant,

there's something you
need to know about me.

I don't believe I agreed to that.

I have a deep reverence for the church,

and this area is where the history
of our movement has been stored.

Like-- like this.

This is the first podium

from the original building
over on 4th Street.

And those-- those--
those chairs.

They lined the hallway
of the intake area for 12 years.

Think about all the lives
that were changed

while people sat in these chairs.

- Whoa.
- What?

Shut the front door!

That's a nice desk.

This desk belonged to David Ellerh.

This is the desk where he
wrote The Book of Gibborim.

- Wow.
- I have to have this desk.

Mark it down.

Are you sure Leslie
will be okay with that?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I bet all of this stuff
belonged to him.

Mr. Dean? Are you--

Mr. Dean?

- Get out!
- Mr. Dean?

Mr. Dean?

Is something wrong?

Welcome to Atlas Academy's
Annual Open House.

Our students and faculty have
been preparing

for this night for months...

...and we're all thrilled

to share what we've been up to.

We have student club booths
for you to visit,

as well as special displays
throughout the campus.

What's wrong with him?

Allergy medicine.

He's very sensitive
to the antihistamines.

- Honey?
- The dog...

Honey, please.

Oh, so bright.
It's all so bright.

He's okay.
He's fine.

I am certain there is
something surprising

waiting for you
at this year's open house.

Now, for the past decade,
we have been recognizing

our outstanding students
and their dedicated mentors...

Do not even think
of going to stand by him.

I won't. Just please
don't make this awkward.

He's the one making it awkward.

...tradition, and one I look
forward to greatly each year.

One of my favorite aspects
of this open house is the chance

to experience some of the fruits

of our students' scholarly
and creative activity.

We learn more
from our students themselves...

It's not like your father
to miss something like this.

I'm sure he'll show up. will see many
impressive examples of that.

No, Dad, this is
a straight-up assembly.

You're supposed to just listen.

Mr. Stein,
you had a question?

Will there be an opportunity

to interface with the
faculty this evening?

I wanted to personally thank

each and every one
of my son's instructors.

They've helped mold him
into a fine young man.

We welcome input from all our parents.

Now, if you'll proceed
to your first classrooms.

Upend the patriarchy!

I built it myself,
using recycled oceanic waste.

We're taking it
to Sacramento next week.

♪ Just show her
a little swing ♪

So, these are your people now?

Eiffel appreciates me.

Maria, fill that up.

What? She's a dancer.
Hydration's important.

Not as important
as self-respect.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

I'm fine.
I got grit and friends,

which is more than you can say.

We can't let this country
be run by a dictator!

Don't you know
your rights are being violated?

What happened?
You guys staged a coup?

More like you abdicated.

Sorry, Gert, the revolution
stops for no one.

Also, we thought
that undermining the patriarchy

was too mild a response
to recent events.

We're going straight at it.

Yes, yes, you are.

Not at the Gib booth this year?

I basically was the Gib booth.

Me, standing alone with my dad,

while Atlas moms ask for his autograph.

So, no.
No Gib booth this year.

Kind of looks like
he's got his own booth.

Oh, I knew he'd come.
Hey, Dad!

Hey, kiddo.

- You're late!
- I know, I'm sorry about that.

Have you seen your mom?


Look, I know things are weird,
but it'll feel more normal soon.

You'll stay over at our new place,

and then we can have dinner,
Janet, me, and you,

and she is an amazing cook.

You won't believe--

Dad, have you tried talking
to her about all this?

- Doing okay?
- Mm-hmm.

It would be all right if you weren't.

You've always been
my right hand in PRIDE.

That's funny, I thought you were mine.

Things always ran flawlessly
because we ran them.

Both of us know how to stay
focused on the big picture.

It's all about the forest,
not the trees.

You're saying my husband
screwing Janet Stein is a tree.

When I had to make
hard decisions about Frank,

the others questioned my motives,

but you stood by me.

I did.

And I'm here now,

telling you it's time to double down,

not back off.

I don't know if I can.

I am just...

I'm so angry.

What if I told you Janet and Robert

were ending their affair together?

Would you take him back?

It would mean so much to Jonah.

Family is everything, isn't it?

Do you think this is made with agave?

Are you Stacey Yorkes all of a sudden?

Well, processed sugar's
the devil's jet fuel.


I'm glad to hear Victor's
taking care of his health.

Now I need to know that you're focused

on the health of your marriage.

And why do you need to know that?

PRIDE isn't the only thing

that's happening in the world.

But it's the most important.

Not just for us, but for all of us.

I think that you can leave
the rest of humanity

out of my extramarital affair,
thank you.

I was sad. I was lonely.

So was Robert. It happened.

And it's over.

You'll tell him that.

Unless you'd like to.


- Hello.
- Robert.

Listen, I never got
a chance to thank you.


You took care of Janet when I couldn't.

I appreciate that.


Listen, Victor, let go.

We need to meet Chase's
physics teacher, remember?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, God.

- Hey.
- What?

- Isn't that Gert's club?
- Is it?

- She was so excited about it.
- Yeah.

I don't know if I'll
ever feel excitement again...

laughter, joy.

You know, if this is how I feel

after just a little microdose of Jonah,

I can't imagine
what Victor's going through

- with that massive withdrawal, right?
- Yeah.

Oh, great.
This can't be good.

- Hello, friends.
- Hi.

You two finally got a minute?


What do the Wilders have to talk
to the Yorkes about?

Must be about Molly.

Text everyone to meet up.

You do it.


We made a mistake
not coming to you first.

Well, that's an understatement.

But we need to move quickly if we're
gonna keep it off Jonah's radar.

Do you think Molly told Gert?

I mean, they bicker a lot,

but they're really quite close.

- What about the other kids?
- Does Alex know?

Honestly, we don't know.

But we'll handle him.

Just like you will handle Molly.

- Handle?
- What exactly do you mean by that?

We don't want to hurt her.

That's the whole point.

This is more of an extraction,
a quarantine.

Back in the day, I prepared
the Hernandezes' will.

This morning, I remembered
something from it.

No. No way.
We will not do that to her.

How do you think that'll make her feel?

Safe. Protected.


If Jonah finds out,

hell, even if Tina does,

there's no saying what comes next.

We know the Wilders know about Molly.

So, if they told the Yorkes...

Then they're probably wondering
if we're talking.

'Cause if Molly told me, then...

You could've told all of us.

We just need this goddamn
thing to decrypt.

What happens when it does?

Have you thought about that?

Well, then it's out of our
hands, which I'm okay with.

Yeah, me too.

They did this.


They need to be held accountable
for their actions.

Yeah, at least you'll
still have your dad.

Super. Frank Dean
can raise us all.

Being here tonight feels
totally ridiculous,

like we're living fake lives
or something.

Yeah, well, we are...

...but shit's about
to get really real.

Stay in touch tonight
in case anything happens.

Great, thanks for calming us down.

Yup, really gonna sleep well tonight.

- Honey.
- Frank.

Hey, I didn't know you were here.

Karolina's just going
to meet me at the car.


Well, I thought maybe
we could talk a little first.

About this.

Very nice to meet you.

Thanks for your time, Coach.

Take it easy. You've got a
good kid on your hands there.

What the--?

On Monday, you are gonna make
a public apology to my son

and reinstate him to the lacrosse team.

Do we have a deal?

Sure, sure.

Yeah? Good.

Thank you.

These Brentwood parents!

You have to explain everything
to me now, Leslie.

There are bits and pieces--

I don't know if they're
visions or memories.

I was starting to think I was crazy,

but this is not in my head.

Frank, can we just talk
about this at home?

I'm not sure I'm going home.

Who is Jonah?

Jonah came to my father
many years ago...

confirming things that he'd been
thinking about his entire life.

What things?

What's really possible in the world.

And what is possible?

Leslie, I've seen what Jonah can do.
The gloves?

I know that's just the beginning.

Is he what David wrote about?

Is he the one
who saw the full Spectrum?

Is he the Being?

Yes. He is.

And why keep that from me?

No one loves the church
more than me, Leslie,

and I want to be a part of this.

You are a part of it, a big part.

But you stepped into something

that was already in motion...

that was so big

and involved me in a way that...

maybe I was...

or am...

ashamed of.

What do you have to be ashamed of?

My relationship with Jonah.


Have you seen Chase?

I'm all turned around here.

No. No, I haven't,

but I'm glad to have a minute with you.

I don't understand why you're
not returning my calls.

Oh, come on.

Robert, we both know
how hard this has been.

For both of us.

But now that it's all out in the open,

we can move forward.


When I think about it,
it was such a dumb dream.

I-- I was
gonna spend my life

doing research on gravitational fields.

Even just saying that out loud,
it sounds really embarrassing.

It's not!
You could go back to that.

No, um...

I don't think I could.

I'm Janet Stein now.

For better or worse.

Remember that vow?

When he hurts you...

- and Chase...
- Not anymore. He's changed.

But you are locked in a cycle of abuse.

This is how it always goes.

I appreciate that you've clearly read

a number of scholarly articles
and self-help books,

but this situation is impossible
to understand from the outside,

so I'm not gonna try to explain it.

I've been given an extra moment.

I'm gonna take it.

Goodbye, Robert.

Guess I'm just gonna have
to carry this with me

everywhere until it's finished.

Well, if you've got
nothing else to do...

while you wait,

how about my mom's password?

Don't think I've forgotten.

Uh, no, I told you, I just guessed.

No. No, you didn't.

You knew.

And you're gonna tell me how

right now.

Hey, Moll.

What's going on?

Before you say anything,
please, let us just explain.

Why is my stuff packed?

Well, given your recent interest
in your heritage

and birth parents
and things like that--

We thought that you might
want to explore

your roots just a little further.


You have a second cousin in Montebello.

Her name is Graciela, and she's
so excited to have you come stay.

- Very excited.
- Who is Graciela?

She was very close
with your birth parents...

Then why have I never heard of her?

- Well--
- Why are you guys doing this?

- You're giving me away?
- Okay, that's not what's happening.

- What's wrong?
- They're getting rid of me!

- That is not true.
- Where? Why?

We just thought
it would be best.

Best for who?
Not for her.

Gert, there are things going on
you can't understand.

Then explain it to me.

You do realize this is
her worst nightmare!

Listen to me.
This is difficult

for everybody here,
but we need--

No, I won't! You can't!

Yes, Molly, I can.

Then try it!

We need a minute.

You can't use your powers right here.

I don't want to live somewhere else.

Why are they doing this to me?

Because they know you saw.

We all saw.

Why'd I have to say
that stuff to the Wilders?

It's okay. It's okay.

We're gonna get you out of this.

You just can't use
your powers right now,

or else it's all gonna be worse.

No, it's not.
This isthe worst!

Molly, you're gonna get through this.

You're the strongest out of all of us,

and I'm not gonna let
anything bad happen to you,

not now, not ever.

We're sisters.

We're sisters forever, and
nothing's ever gonna change that.

For now, you have to go.

What are you doing in here?

I thought we had an agreement.


You were never supposed
to be in here without me.

No, that's not...

Sorry, I didn't think it was a problem.

I mean, we've been working together.
This is ours.


That's funny.

Was it your money that paid for it?

Was it your work,

all the long hours
when no one else was interested,

that brought this entire
operation into existence?

- This is exhausting.
- What?

I thought we were moving on
to something else.

What? What were
we moving on to?

Father and son,

playing together at the beach?

I'm an idiot.

I am making you a man!

But you don't want that, do you?

You want to be a baby.

You did it again!

You tricked me
into thinking you changed,

but you know what, I'm done now.

- What?
- It would've been better if you just--

Dad. Dad, I'm sorry.

Dad, don't.

Dad, please.

No. Please don't. Please.

by LiviuBoss