Robin Hood (2006–2009): Season 3, Episode 4 - Sins of the Father - full transcript

Ruthless Rufus is in town, intent on revenge. When he kidnaps Allan and Kate, Robin retaliates by snatching his son. Robin and the gang face a race against time as they try to find Rufus' hiding place. Will they succeed, or is this the end of the road for Allan and Kate?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Good news, Scrope?

Give me good news.

Erm... yes, well, with
the, uh... money you get

from selling the winter
food stores to the merchants,

you'll be back in profit by...

...six pence ha'penny.

Is this some kind of joke? Oh,
I forgot, you don't do jokes.

I'm not very good at them.


Prince John will not
wait for his patronage!

I must have a thousand
crowns or I'm finished.

And where is Gisborne when I need
him? Gallivanting with Prince John?

Scheming against me?

The new tax collector comes today.

They say he's very
good. Ruthless Rufus.


he better live up to his name



So, we're going to steal the
Sheriff's winter food store?

To feed the poor...

from those wagons guarded
by all those soldiers.

How, exactly?

By making that wagon disappear.

Home sweet home.

So what do you think?

Are you ready and willing to
help me on this one? Yes, Father.

Excuse me, a jug of ale, please.



Help! Ooh! Argh!

Watch, come on! Faster!

Not bad!

Thank you.



Let him through.

What do you mean, the
wagon's disappeared?!

Wagons and horses
do not just vanish!

Looks like you got played!

And I thought YOU, the
Sheriff of Nottingham,

would be untouchable by now.


Do I know you? My name's Rufus.

Your new tax collector.

Back in my home town,

and this time...

I've come to make Nottingham pay.

All right, everybody! Listen up!

And listen well.

You don't know me,

you don't know what I'm like,

so I'm going to give
you a little example

of the kind of tax collector I am.

And what happens
if you don't pay up.

We pay our taxes, we
don't need his example.

I think I'm gonna be
the one who decides that.

This yours?


It's our livelihood.

Remember it fondly.


Let her go! I can't. Sorry.

Don't apologise, Edmund.

Don't apologise? You're just
hurting an innocent woman.

Learn something I've learnt!

If you're weak, hope is pointless!

The world is hard
on the little people!

You'd agree with that,
wouldn't you, Sheriff?

The small exist to be stamped on.

There is a pleasing logic
about what you say, yes.

It'll take us months to put right!

You don't say.


Very good!

You didn't need to do that! You
didn't have to destroy everything!

Kate, stop it. You wanna
keep your mouth shut.

No. I really don't.

I tell you what I'm going
to do, just this once.

I'll play nice.

I won't make you suffer
for disrespecting me.

I'll make her suffer instead.

Do you want her to live?


Then you come with
me to Locksley Manor.

You make me smile.

You do that,

and I'll let your mother go.

So what's it gonna be, little lady?

Do we have a deal?


Don't take her, please, she's
my daughter, take me instead.

So, Sheriff, how was this show,
did you get a kick out of it?

Very good. You make Gisborne
look all... warm and snuggly.


That's good.

I like him.

Did you see that man
watching us earlier?

With the kid? There's
something familiar about him.

It's like... I don't know...

I saw smoke!

I think Locksley's on fire!


I feel like some entertainment.

Can you dance?

Dancing is pretty basic, so yes,

I think I can manage it.




watch the girl dance.

I have to see to the horses.

Well, dance then.

And smile.

We need more water and buckets.

John, who did this? It was the man
we saw this morning with his son.

Robin, he's the new tax collector.

Eh? Where's Gisborne?

It's Kate! She needs our help!

Well, I did what you wanted...

so are we done now?

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

We're not done yet.

Are you sure about that?


Robin Hood, I assume.

We meet again. Lucky you.


What are you doing here?

Saving a damsel in distress.

I was doing fine on my own!

You're wasting your time!

Why do you help the weak, Robin?

Haven't you worked it out yet?

Charity is pointless.

Helping the innocent
is never pointless.

Hurt my son again, you'll suffer.

Oh! Who's going to
make me suffer, you?!

A man who bullies young girls?

Now, you ask nicely, you say
"please" and I won't kill you.

You see, my father was the
kind of man who asked nicely.

And I watched him get
kicked around for it.

So I don't ask nicely, and
I don't get kicked around.

Kill me if you want,

but I don't beg.

The girl's coming with me.
Take her.

Her sweet face isn't
worth this much trouble.

Oh, one other thing.

I'll be telling my good friend the
Sheriff who your new friends are.

So you'd better keep your
pretty face hidden from now on.

You've just made it on to
Nottingham's Most Wanted list.

Come on.

Some knights in shining
armour you lot are,

just swoop in and now
I have to leave home(!)

You were in trouble,
we're only trying to help!

Do I really have to do this?

Kate, he will tell the Sheriff
and you'll be hunted. All right?

It's time to say goodbye.

About face!

I hear that the Earl
of Northumberland

is having problems on his
borders with raiding Scots.

Northumberland, don't like him.

Always so... jolly.

No, the Celtic scum can have
his land as far as I'm concerned.

He's offering gold for troops.


That would leave me unprotected.

Oh, just for a few short weeks.

You could close down the
castle until they return.

Apparently, Northumberland
is willing to be generous.

Um... very generous!


Very good, Scrope.

I won't be far away. I promise.

And I'll visit whenever I can.

This isn't right.

First you get my son killed,
now you're taking my daughter.

We'll look after her.

Yeah, you better had,

because if anything happens
I'll hold you responsible.

You're so angry we saved you, Kate,

but seriously, what
were you going to do?

Stab the guy?

Well, yeah, if I had to.

He'd be no great loss to the world.

We helped you.

We're giving you a
bed for the night.

Are you not just slightly grateful?

Oh, I'm SO grateful, thank
you for ruining everything(!)

I can really see why you
guys are so legendary(!)

Well, aren't you
sweet and charming, eh?

Aren't you full of yourself?!

Full of myself?

Ah, you've gone too far now, Kate.

I'm wounded, truly,
my heart is broken.

I'm sure some drunken girl with
no taste will make it better.

Funny you should say
that... You all right, Kate?

I'm having the time of my life.


Did you hear that?

Which bit, Kate being sarcastic
or Kate being ungrateful?

What she said about us! "You
guys are legendary." Plural.

Referring to all of
us, not just Robin.

She may have turned me down,

but she thinks I'm legendary.

When do I get my money?

As soon as Northumberland gets
his troops. Three days, perhaps.

Rufus is collecting the money from
Northumberland's agent at Mansfield.

Put the castle on lock-down.

Nobody goes in or
out without my say,

except Rufus, when
he brings me my money.

Argh! Leave me alone!

COINS SPILL There you go!

Just leave me alone!

Next time you're late with taxes,
you stop breathing. Understood?

Grandfather's shop?

Before it was taken from him.

How old...?17.

Same age you are now.

He used to make me
breakfast every morning.

Bring it up to the door in my room.

He'd say, "Rufus!"

"eat it all up, don't go hungry!"

He'd say the same thing every day.

You didn't watch the girl dance.

I told you, the horses. You
didn't want to watch her.

The same way you don't ever
want to watch people suffer.

What's wrong with that?

One day,


I'll have made enough
money to set you up.

Buy you prestige...


But that means nothing
if you are WEAK!

So weak that someone can just
turn up and take it all from you!

I'm trying!

When I look in your eyes,
do you know what I see?


Like you don't even know who
you are. Do you know who you are?

Yes, Father!

That's my boy.

You still here?

The butcher's is mine now.

The shop is all I have.


Hit him till he gets the message.

You've got to go, now, all right?

Believe me, it gets
worse if you don't.

So what happens
next with Robin Hood?

Don't think about him.
He's a distraction.

This matters. What
we're doing here.

Home sweet home.

You can't run away.

Things stay with you.

They stay with you
till you deal with them.

The Sheriff's going to regret
what he did to my father.


No, it's fine.

I can handle it.

I'm not just some stupid girl.

I know you're not.

Maybe I'm a bit homesick.

It gets easier, being an outlaw.

Do you ever get used to
being apart from your family?


You don't get used to that.

That's what I thought.

Whatever happens,

you're not on your own, Kate.

Sounds like a good plan.

Yep, we need to leave now.

So, I know what we're going to do.

We're going to kidnap
the tax collector.

Scare him silly.

And get rid of him,

for good.



Ah...! Adding a little
happy to your day?

Yes, oh, yes, very
good... very good...

You have a distinct
talent for this.

As long as you're happy, as long
as the Sheriff gets what he wants.

Did I ever tell you, my
father lived in Nottingham?

He lived here his whole life.

How very pleasant for him.

I don't respect him
much, but he was kind.

Not a single day when I don't
think about him.Oh, how very moving.


He took the bait.

Stupid Sheriff.

By the time we're done, that
scum will be crying like a baby.


Well, we just keep running
into each other, don't we? Eh?

Must be fate.





You can't do this! Who's
going to stop us? You?

Argh! Guards! Help!

You heard him, there'll be
guards on the way, come on!


Go! Quick, quick...

This side...

Thank you, little lady.

Let me in there, Much.
I'm trying, I'm trying.

I'll get the horses. Oof!
Take her away!


Stuff this!

Come on!

They've got Kate! No time! Robin!

He's right.

This way, quick!


How about a spot of
kidnapping? Brighten up the day.

Get him on the
horse. Come here, you!



Follow me!

Halt! This way.


Gag him up, Tuck!

Come on! They're
not giving up, Robin!

We've got to go back
for Kate... and Allan.

We can't go back now. If
we live, they have a chance.

Get in! Get down.


They could be anywhere.

Search the area.

What now?

You can have your
son back... ECHOES

on one condition.
ECHO: On one condition...

You let our two go.

ECHO: Our two go... Our two go...

You think you can
play me that easy?

I know you have some emotion,
however small.ECHO: However small.

He's your son. I know
you want him back alive.

And you're Robin Hood.

You don't kill unless you have to.

ME, I'm not so sweet.

I've hidden your friends
somewhere you're never gonna find.

So you make sure my
son is back by midday.

And, if you're lucky, your
friends might still be breathing.


Damn, damn, damn!

What now, Allan? What happens now?

There's no way out.

Yes, I can see that.

And then Rufus will come...

and we'll be dead.

And how can I help
my family if I'm dead?

They need me!

I've been in worse.

If that helps?

It doesn't help!

It's just annoying...

like you're showing off.

Look, this isn't fun
for me either, you know!

I mean, I'm stuck in
here with you, and...

well, you're not exactly
easy on the eye, are you?

You don't think I'm pretty?

Just a little plain for my taste.

I think your neck's too long.

My neck?!

My nose, maybe.

It's the first time
I've seen you smile.

I wouldn't do it, actually...
it's not your best look.

Do you know,

looking at you actually makes
me want to be a little bit sick.

Do you feel better yet?


Insulting you definitely helps.

Good! Before we carry on
though, you may want to move.

I think you just sat
down on a pig kidney!

I know this man!

What is your family name?
I'm not telling you. You...

Oi, back off, big man, back off!

Course you're not going to tell us.

You've got to be loyal to your
father. A lovely man, it's touching.

He's a good man.

He's the way he is because he had
to be. He never had any choice.

So where will he take them,

this good man?

Even if I knew, I wouldn't
tell you. Even if you did,

we wouldn't believe you.

He's staying at Locksley,
so we'll start there.

Tuck, you stay with this boy.

See if you can get
anything useful out of him.

But don't hurt him...
unless you have to.


Ha-ha-ha! You did well!

Convincing the Sheriff
to part with his troops.

Oh, thank you! Yes, yes...

He wasn't sure at
first, but I told him!

I said, "Sheriff, you need
the money," and he listened.

He listened to ME! To you!

Good boy.

You keep me smiling and that sweet
wife of yours won't be touched, eh?

Yes, um... but the Sheriff,

won't he work it out?


Oh... you want him to work it out?

Sharp, aren't you, Scrope?

Nothing gets past you. You see,
I want him to come looking for me

and I want you to help him
to put the pieces together.

Actually, I-I-I'd
rather come with you.

Let him work it out himself.

Sorry, you're no use
to me if you tag along.

Play your part well, Scrope.

Think of your wife.

So what exactly is it that
he wants then, your father?

He's just a tax collector.

Say it again, just for fun.

He's just a tax collector.

You know, when people lie, their
pulse beats a little bit faster.

And Edmund, you just lied.

I thought you were meant
to be one of the good guys.

Well, if I am, what does
that make your father?

The person who's always
been there for me.

He's always tried
to bully you, right?

Tried to turn you into
somebody you're not?

He wants me to be tough and brave.

Violent and manipulative.

But it's not what you
want, though, is it?

You know, you try and hide it,
but there's a kindness in you.

Apparently, I get that
from my grandfather.

And you think that's a flaw, right?

My father says it is.

Well, it's not.

Trust me. Kindness is never a flaw.

There's no-one inside.
The cellar's empty.

The stables are clear.

If we find out who he is,
that'll lead us to them.

Much, go back inside, see
if you can find anything.

John, ask around the village.

If you recognised him,
someone else will have as well.

There's someone I need to talk to.

Are you hungry?

Cos this thing is nearly ready.

If you give me food, you're
going to want something in return.

That's how it normally works.
But what I really want, Edmund,

is for you to think for
yourself. I do think for myself.

Well, that's not strictly true.

And if it was true,

then you never act
on those thoughts.

You suppress them and do what
your father wants instead.

He wants me to grow up. But
Edmund, you have a brain.

You know that's not
what he really means.

He means he wants
you to turn into him.

What would you do, if you were me?

I'd relax and eat some rabbit.



In here, Sheriff. Help!


My money.

Where is my money,
Scrope? It's not my fault.

He took it. Rufus.

I tried to stop him.

How hard did you try? Really hard.

I hit him in the
face... and I kicked him!


It must have been such a fight.

Yet there's not one
mark on you! GUARDS!



Where are they all?

Northumberland, he
cannot have them all.

They're with Rufus,
at the butcher's.

He bribed them.

You have to go there
if you want them back.

How do you know he bribed them?

I-I-I... saw him.

Before I hit him.

He was bribing them.

I only found out then.

Scrope, you're lying.

Be honest, confess.

I might find it in myself to be
warm and forgiving and let you live.


Oh, yes.

Underneath this harsh
surface, I'm deeply sensitive.

Well, he made me lie.

I didn't want to. He
threatened to hurt my wife!

Oh, Scrope, Scrope.

I lied!

Underneath this harsh surface,
there's just more harsh surface.

You're untying me?

Well, you have to eat.

And you're way too
big to spoon feed.

Go ahead,

pick it up.

Stab me.

Spend the rest of your
life wracked with guilt.

I don't want to kill you.

Family. That's important, right?

Doing things for
people who've been hurt.

Who has been hurt?

Your grandfather?

That's why your
father's here, isn't he?

The Sheriff killed him.

For no reason. Because he could.

Your grandfather was hurt
so your father hurts others.

When it's going to stop, Edmund?

He's my father. I stick by him
because what choice do I have?

You always have choices.

I mean, take Robin Hood.

He could have spent his entire life
lording it over the less fortunate.

But he chose not to.

I'm going and find my friends now.

See if I can be of some use.

So, can I come with you?

And where do you think
we should be going?

To the butcher's shop.


And there's no sign of my son.

It's no fun being you.

Your son will be safe.

Robin wouldn't hurt him.

He's not like that.

Robin isn't here to save you now.


No... Tell me she's all right,
please. Tell me she's all right.

She's been captured,

by the new tax
collector. I am SO sorry.

I can't lose her. She's my baby.

I can't lose her, as well.

Listen, we'll get her back.

I promise. You have my word.


Nothing, apart from this.

Oh, Much! Well, it's not Gisborne's!

Look at it.

A butcher's hook!


That's the family
name! Who? The old butcher.

Now, the butcher, he was
a good man but his son...

I remember him.

He was always angry.

Yeah, always stealing, fighting.
What else can you remember?

Years ago, a girl in the village
got married. D'you remember, John?

Yes, the butcher came with his son.

Everyone had collected money
for the bride and groom,

but during the ceremony the
son - Rufus, that was his name...

he was caught stealing it.

After that, his father
and him disappeared.

Well, he'll go home,

he won't be able to help himself.
He'll go home to the butcher's.

He has them all!

He has ALL my men!

ECHO: Men... Men... Men...

No! Don't!

Are you all right? Yes.



find all his money. Go, go!

What do you want, Robin Hood?

I want you gone.

I can't go yet, not till
the Sheriff shows his face.

Robin! Robin, wait!

This man is a thief and a bully.

Now, you tell me why I should wait.

He only became a thief because
my grandfather was killed.

No, no, he stole before that.
Robbed a couple on their wedding day.

No, that's not true. Just
don't listen to him, Edmund.

How wonderful.

I came to kill YOU...

...and Robin Hood is doing my
dirty work for me. Tremendous.

This town took my father from me.

YOU took my father from me.

Remember Daniel
Chauncey, the old butcher?

Of course! Yes!

My very first execution!

Now, then! Mmm?

Oh, yes, I thought we've
met somewhere before!

But you see, Rufus, your father
had to die because he stole.

And then he admitted it. Sounds like
he was trying to protect his family.

You see, that's why your
father has got so many ISSUES.

HE... allowed HIS father

to die for a crime HE committed.
No, it wasn't like that.

It was YOU! Temper, temper!

< Mmm?



We found the money!


MY money? MY taxes?!

YOU! Give me MY money!

Get after them!

Grandfather wasn't weak.

He was strong. He died for you!

Shut up now!


Stop it! The Sheriff
did it, not me.

We are leaving. Now!

Can you get a clean shot?
There's too many people.

You with me, son?

All he did... was love you.

(Please! Enough!)

He loved you...

and it's your fault that he's dead.

Shut up.



Remember, son...

the world is hard
on the little people.

Where will you go?

I don't know yet but, um, I'm
looking forward to finding out.

I think you'll be all right.

I will now.

But, um... thank you.

Thank you.

So, just the one night then?

Yes, one night.

I'll be out of your hair tomorrow.

Unless... Unless you
wanted to stay, of course?

Yeah, well, if you guys
wanted me to, you know,

after everything that's happened,

well, it'd be rude to say
no. We want you to stay.

Do we? It's not as if we
need another girl around.

We've got Much.

Kate, I want you to stay.

You're now one of us.

Thank you.

Come on.

Was that actual gratitude?

Yes, but don't expect more of it.

Right now is just a
moment of weakness.

Right, so you'll hate
me again in the morning.

Yeah, maybe even more than before.

I saw her first.

Looking well, Gisborne,
for a dead man.

So Prince John sent
you back with a mission.

He asked me to kill Robin Hood.

Let go! Tell me your name. Isabella.

Gladiators, ready?

We've got Prince John's
elite guards after us.

It's time. Get the
weapon into position.


There are hundreds of
them. We've been herded,

like lambs to the slaughter.