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Revisions (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Guardians - full transcript

The chief of Shibuya police station Kuroiwa organizes a unit Shibuya-Defense-Service that centers Daisuke and his friends with future powered exoskeletons. But the chief of Shibuya Ward, Muta has an unfavorable opinion.

That day, that time...

A one-kilometer-radius area of Shibuya,
the place where we were,

was cut out and transported to the future.

It was the year 2388.

Outside of Shibuya
was a vast mysterious wasteland.

Then, my close friends
since elementary school and I

were given the task
of protecting the people.

That's because we are
the only ones who can use

the Combat Suits built with
future technology, called String Puppets.

Milo's words to me that day,

my destiny to protect everyone,

is about to become reality
in this future world.

The protesters are gathering
on Aoyama Street.

Their leader is probably a student.

Their numbers are unclear
at the moment. Over.

What's going to happen to us?

We're supposed to protect Shibuya now?

It depends on whether we can
actually use the machine Daisuke is using.

Are we really going to use that thing?

Oh, will it be like a part-time job?

What? I'm not sure.

How are the children?

They seem calmer than last night.

But should we really ask for help
from high schoolers?

As long as we don't have any grasp
on the situation,

we will have to
rely on Milo's information.

-Assist them.
-Yes, sir.

And keep tabs on Milo.

Include every detail in your report.


No enemies detected
at the destination point.

We should head there now.

Everyone, we're moving out!


Daisuke, we're going.

All right!

Hold on!


Take this.
It's lunch. There's enough for everyone.

I'm volunteering
at the emergency food distribution.

-This is the least...
-Okay, got it!

Bye. Be careful.

-Be careful!
-Your mom is sweet.

She's just annoying.

Hey, let's get going
and take care of this quickly.

Now, as the Shibuya Defense Service,

or SDS,

we will retrieve the two remaining
Anti-Revisions Wearable Combat Systems,

String Puppets.




Is this really the future?

It feels like an anime,
or movie, or something.

It doesn't feel real.
I guess we just have to accept it.

Yes, this is our reality now.

Milo, what happened to the world?

I've already told the Mayor and others.

That information doesn't come so far
down the chain to someone like me.

It was a pandemic.

A pandemic?

About 350 years ago,

the world was overwhelmed by the spread
of a mysterious pathogen.

Like pests? Or cholera?


A disease so terrible that
the nations of the world fell to pieces.

What? You mean the entire world perished?

Wait! Is it an airborne disease?

Don't worry.
The pandemic itself has died off.

We've verified the pathogen's death.
It's fine here.

From here on, I'll take the lead to scout.

All of you, head to the destination
I showed you earlier

and retrieve the two String Puppets.

Daisuke, provide cover for everyone.
I'll send the location later.

Got it. I'll protect everyone!

So, what do you think about
what the woman of the future told us?

Let's keep silent
about the world perishing from a pandemic.

It would cause a riot.

You're right.

There is already unrest amongst
the residents here.

What's the update
on the temporary shelters?

We're having the students stay
at their schools.

We have the adults in hotels,
but there's no community infrastructure.

This is bad, really bad.

More importantly, why did the Revisions
transport Shibuya to this time?

Apparently, we've been abducted here
to be used for some experiment.

This obvious threat would cause a panic,
and the community would collapse.

When will the retrieval

of the Anti-Revisions
Wearable Combat System finish?

They're scheduled
to come back this afternoon.

Let's see.

Displaying updated data.

What? All the way out there?

-What's wrong?

Well, isn't that too far from everyone?

Your job is to shoot at the targets
I indicate if the enemy appears.

Then I won't be able to protect
everyone directly. I--

I'll figure out how to protect everyone.

What? But I'm the one who should do that.

You're the one who told me
to never forget that it was my destiny!

Sorry, but I know nothing of that.

But you...

Are you

really Milo?

I am Milo.

I have no other name.

The Milo I know was the one
who gave a prophecy about my future.

What's the matter, Daisuke?

He's a bit traumatized.

It's a sensitive topic.

Daisuke, follow orders.

-I should stay close to protect them.
-Daisuke, give it a rest.

-This is none of your business!
-Yes, it is!

This is a dangerous mission.

If even one person
doesn't follow orders, we could fail!

You haven't seen the power of
my String Puppet, so you're saying that!

I'll show you right now!


Hold up, would you?

I'll talk to Gai,
but you need to follow Milo's orders.

You can protect us even from afar, right?
You're the man.

Well, I guess so.



We demand an explanation!

Get the Mayor out here!

You want us to attack?

That's unconstitutional, Kuroiwa.

We've already been
attacked by the Revisions.

Does the constitution even
exist at this point?

I understand,
but as a nation governed by laws--

Don't you want to survive?

I do, but...

The organization
that woman called Milo is a part of,

the group called AHRV,
can't we meet with them?

If we can find out
when they plan to send us back...

Will the people survive that long?

We're a bunch of disaster victims
with no relief coming.

We, the police, have our hands full
just trying to protect the public.

We won't be able to defend
against the Revisions.

Since they're an effective deterrent,

I'd like to put Daisuke Dojima's
Anti-Revisions Wearable Combat System

at the forefront.

The problem is the liberal ideologists.

Human rights, anti-war, and love.

Those things can only be upheld
in times of peace.

I'd like to silence them
and solidify our core defense.

-Well, I'm a liberal...
-Down with the Mayor's dictatorship!

Hey, does this mean

we're in the middle of a war?



It will be okay.

They said AHRV is working to
transport us back to our time.

We just need to protect the city
until then.

Yes, think of it as a disaster drill.

And today is more like an adventure.

Like a treasure hunt.

We'll be all right. Don't worry.


I've arrived at the designated location.
I don't see anything abnormal.

Roger that. Have you linked
to the enemy detection sensor?


The String Puppet moves like my own body
while I'm wearing the neurosuit.

It's incredible.

I bet it is.

They were made for you, guys.

You mean, the people of the future
prepared this, assuming we would use them?

-That's right.
-Hold on a second.

Why is that only we can use
the String Puppets?

Because that's how they were designed.

But that means they knew that Shibuya

would be transported to the future
along with us.



They predicted it
from our activity records.


What's an activity record?

I don't know if you'd understand
even if I explained.

Let us decide that.

All right.

Then I will tell you as much
as I am allowed.

But before that, let me tell you,
I have the ability to jump through time.


What does that mean?
Like a psychic power?

If you can do that,
hurry up and return us to our time.

My power doesn't work that way.

It's not effective for a group.
Nor can I jump anywhere or anytime.

There are other AHRV agents
with this power besides me.

They use it to predict the future.

-Does that mean they look at the future?
-It's the opposite.

The agents leap to the past.

They go there
to leave useful information in that time.

AHRV then retrieves
and analyzes that information

in order to predict the future.

They go to the past?

Does that mean they change the future
as they see fit?

There's no need to worry.

We use the utmost caution not to change
any important historical events.

-That's not the problem--

By adjusting the past
and relying on our data,

we succeeded in predicting a future
where humanity does not perish.

A future where humanity doesn't perish?

That's right.
There was a chance humanity would perish.

To prevent this from happening,
we predicted Shibuya's forced time leap

and learned that your existence
is vital to the mission.

Our existence?

Why us?

Does that have to do with
why you saved Daisuke in the past?

That I don't know.

We are simply taught to predict
the future for the good of humanity.

The Milo we met in the past
during the kidnapping...


You had been shot by a gun or something.

That's right!
If my memory serves, you should be dead.

Gai, what are you saying?

I'm saying this Milo may be
a different person from the Milo we met.

But she's the same Milo as back then.

She's not just a look-alike.

She's not the same.

The Milo I knew was kinder.

I don't really remember.


We were in elementary school, you know.

It would be weird
if I remembered everything.

This is just a theory.

But perhaps the future me
has leaped to that time.

Why do you think that?

One thing I can say is
your past is not set in stone.

Then I wish you'd change my luck.

I'm always unlucky at critical moments.

Who cares about that?

I believe the Milo from that time.

That's because
I'm protecting everyone now.

Izumi reporting.

We've arrived at our destination.
Awaiting instructions.


The remaining two String Puppets
are at the second floor of that building.

-Have the pilots board after finding them.

Did you hear that, everyone?
Decide now who'll be piloting them.

Doubt everything.

Do you understand? Don't forget, Gai.

Will you be okay alone?

Oh, a gun.

I may not look it,
but I am a cop after all.

Eat your lunch
while I go and check it out.

Single Civilian detected.
Three kilometers south-southeast.

It's a bit far.


Doubt everything.

Do you understand? Don't forget, Gai.

Broiled saury.

This one is miso mackerel

and sausages?

And fried rice.

Hey, which one do you want, Gai?

You know what, I think Milo
is still hiding something.

She said she can only tell us
what she's allowed to.

No, I was remembering Milo from the past.

She told us to doubt everything.

-You don't remember?

You've got that flipped, Gai.


That's the one thing I remember.
Milo told us to accept everything.

Accept everything.

That's what she said.

So I thought it was a prediction that
we should just accept what happened.

What? Am I wrong?

My memory is vague.

I could be wrong, but I think she said,

you must decide for yourself."

It was like she was encouraging me.

-What about you, Lu?
-I don't remember most of it.

I see.

It was a long time ago, after all.

We keep forgetting more and more.

You're right.

And we've avoided talking about
what happened as much as we could.

I only remember it
when Daisuke says something.

Besides, why was Daisuke kidnapped
in the first place?

Why did Milo help us?

We never figured out the truth
behind that.

You know what...
Maybe Milo just said something ordinary.


It was only Daisuke who made a big deal
and said it was destiny and stuff.

This must be it.

Has it ceased functioning?

No, there was a signal. It must be asleep.

It's near the others.

What if it's a trap?

Daisuke, you're--

I found them! Both of them!

They look the same as Daisuke's.

What's happening Daisuke? Respond!

-I'm in combat.
-What? Where?

With the enemy!

You abandoned your position?

I'm the only one who can defeat it!
Isn't that right?

Did you see that?
It's easy with this thing!

Your mission is to provide cover.

-You fell for the enemy's diversion!


Daisuke, launch covering fire
at the coordinates I just sent you.

Target coordinate data acquired.

Strike possible with high-angle fire.

There's not much I can do with that.

Hey, Daisuke! Can you hear me?

Izumi! How is the String Puppet retrieval?

A Civilian has appeared.
I'll be a decoy and distract it.

Hurry with the retrieval!

There's one here too!

Everyone, into the building!
I'll take care of it!

I may not look it, but I'm a cop!

This is Kuroiwa from Shibuya.

Respond, Officer Izumi!

-Yes, sir!
-We've got an emergency!

A monster has appeared!

Near the border at highway 246!

What? There too?

Kuroiwa, we're not even making a dent!

I told you!
Our hands are full with public safety!

-What about that weapon?
-It's still in the Sangenjaya area.

Get the water cannon
and the rubber bullets!

I don't know if it'll have any effect,
but the tear gas too!

Yes, sir!



Daisuke, do it!

All right!

Sorry for leaving my post.

-The others are in danger.

They may be able to fight it off
with the String Puppets.

I'll die in the line of duty.

Activation confirmed. Who are the pilots?

Lu and I are piloting.

Can you both handle them?

-We'll try!

It might be too much
for rookies to handle.

I'm on my way to help you out!

Will those two be okay?

I've arrived!

All right, I'll finish them off!

Don't move. Stay out of the line of fire.

Adjust to the right, 2.4 degrees.

Got it. Right, 2.4 degrees.



These guys...

They can already pilot them this well?

-Izumi, what's the situation in Shibuya?
-The Chief just told me.

Several policemen are dead

and about 15 were taken.

What? Is that true? The Revisions?

Yes, they want to meet the person
in charge of this area.

I don't want to. That's the enemy, right?

Well, it was a young woman.


Her outfit seems like a joke.
It's hard to say if we should trust her.

A remote communication body?

That's right.

I chose a form you would find
easier to empathize with.

It makes it easier to negotiate.

You should take it as a sign
of our good faith.

I see.

So you're saying you, the Revisions,
are the victims of the pandemic we caused?

That's right.

You're saying that the disease
that wiped out humanity is our fault?

No, we're not asking you
to take the blame.

The RV virus just happened to appear
during your time. That's all.

We have spent a long time
preparing for this plan.

However, in order to execute it,
your cooperation is necessary.


By changing the past,
we change the present.

A revision.


We will send those on this list
back to their original time first.

We will not guarantee the safety
of those not on the list.

They're telling us to sacrifice some
in order to save others.

This is what I'd definitely call
a high-level government decision.


Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi