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Revisions (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Heroic Desire - full transcript

Daisuke meets Milo again, but she doesn't know him. She tells him that the future world is in ruins due to a pandemic in the past, and she is an agent in AHRV, which protects survivors from...

That day, that time...

Shibuya was struck

by a mysterious huge disaster.

All we could see

was an unfamiliar wasteland.

We knew nothing,

and we were attacked by a strange beast.

Then I met Milo again.

The String Puppet.

With the power I was given,

I will protect everyone!

Because that is my duty

and destiny!

I can pilot it!

I can pilot it, Milo!

-String Puppet.

Of course. It's tuned for use by you.

It's your own power.

It's that thing.

It's the monster!

Ms. Yumiko!

OK, bring it on.

I will protect you, Keisaku and Marimari!

This is when the preparations
I've made will finally pay off!

That's what I thought.


I will now conduct automated display
optimization to fit the Master.


Master, huh?

Please tell me
if changes need to be made at any time.

Hey, can't this thing

move any faster?
I can't defeat the enemy like this!

Attempting to improve processing speed.

-Error. Please put on a neurosuit.

-It's saying something about a suit.
-I did not have time to prepare one.

But you should be able to defeat it
with the power of the String Puppet.

But this thing is so stiff!

Either aim for joints

or focus fire on one spot or use your ERK.


It's a sword!

Bring it on!

Don't I have anything else?

These are your equipped weapons
and ammunition count.

What is this "shot type"?

You can select from normal, guided,
shotgun, and burst.

What? Why didn't you tell me?

Let's go with the guided shot!

So, there's ammo of each type.

What the heck is that?

Hey, isn't that Daisuke?


What? What is he doing?

-What is that? Is it really Daisuke?
-How should I know?

I will protect you!



This is the Shibuya Police!

We received a call saying
there was an explosion in this area.

I'll tell you what to do,
so please stay calm and...


What the hell is that?

Is it alive? Look how it moves.

Alive? Are you stupid?

Will we be safe here?
I mean, look out there.

Hey, that was Daisuke, right?

He was kind of far. I'm not sure.

Where did Lu and Gai go?

I'm sure they'll be back soon.

Is this the future disaster
that Daisuke talked about?


You know,

if it wasn't Daisuke, then who sent

this message?

Take this!


Was there someone inside?

Roger. Scanning now.

No humans detected
in the surrounding buildings.

This thing sure is tough!

Who said you could shoplift?

That's right. You haven't paid.

-Okay, I'll share it with you.
-That's not what I mean.

This is a state of emergency!
We should be helping each other.

Act like an adult.

You think you're cool, huh, kid?

Wasn't that a bit much, Lu?

You think so?

What's all the noise been about?


Shibata from Asanuki Newspaper.

Working hard even when
infrastructures are down, I see.

Any word from the...

-He's heading to a meeting now.
-The elderly like me have it the toughest.

The young can

-take care of themselves.
-We'll hear you out after the meeting.

I'm sorry. You must stop here.

-You, add "headquarters" to that.
-Hey, Mr. Muta!

-Hey, you!

-Okay, I'll do that.
-Mr. Muta!


Have you reached the Cabinet Office yet?
What about the governor?

No. Moreover, all the landlines are down.
The Internet and satellites. as well.

-What about mobile phones?
-The strange thing is...

It works in certain areas.

We believe it's because
of the Disaster Control Base.

A widespread power outage
and the GPS out of service.

This is quite strange.

Assemble all
Disaster Prevention Committee members,

especially Mr. Kuroiwa
of the Shibuya Police Department.

-Yes, sir.
-Where's Suzumura?

He was to play golf with people
from civil works, but I can't reach him.

-It's rather unavoidable.

Fine then. Are the railways completely
out of commission?

Yes, JR doesn't know when it can restart.

What about the subways?

It seems the tracks are broken.

Broken, you say?
Someone, get me some tea.

What about that guy from the armed forces
we met the other day?

You mean Captain Nakanishi
from First Infantry Regiment?

He's a member of the Disaster Prevention
Committee after all.

Let's ask him for help.

We need Shibuya Defense Force helicopters
and communication system.

You mean, request for Disaster Relief?

I wonder if we can get through.

We've received reports saying
the roads have been blocked.

We got those reports too! They say
it's all ruins outside of Shibuya.

That's ridiculous.

This isn't a terrorist attack, is it?


What's that?

Are those guys inside there alive?

I detect signs of life.

It's a bio-cage.

As long as they're inside it,
they are alive.

-You can ignore it during battle.
-Ignore it?

-What are you doing, Daisuke?
-I have to save them!

You're not ready for that.

This is the first time
you're using a String Puppet!

And without a neurosuit too.

-That lowers your power and speed.
-If they're alive, I have to save them!

That's what I had been
working so hard for!

-What are you talking about?
-You told me to protect everyone!

Right now, focus on destroying the enemy.
Switch to burst mode shots.

-From that position, focus on its legs.
-I can't!

I'll hit the guys inside!

It will get you first. Shoot!

-No! I'm going to save them!
-They're more ignorant than we expected.


-The connections!

If you destroy the two connecting points,
you can remove it.

Milo! Thank you!

There it is!

I did it!

Good job, Daisuke.

I defeated it.

Hey, Daisuke.

Wow, I am amazing!

Now, I can protect everyone!

It was just like what Milo said,
this is my destiny!

Are you hurt, Daisuke?

-I'm fine!

What is that?

In order to protect everyone,

-I used this and went bam...


Thank you!

No problem.

I'm sure it will be chaos
at the hospital now anyway.

Go home and disinfect it.

-Yes, thank you!
-Thank you!


What the heck is going on?


We've sent radios
to the Disaster Control Headquarters.

The fire department is
at Disaster Control as well.

What should we do?

The Mayor is requesting we join them
at Disaster Control immediately.

I'll leave it
to Deputy Chief Ikenaga for now.

Right now, we need to figure out
how to deal with this.

Who provided the images?

They were still in shock,
so they're in the infirmary.

A person was piloting this.

Doesn't it look like a student?

Have the Riot Squad secure
the destroyed monster.

After confirming it's safe,
get it to forensics.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Does that mean this robot is on our side?

It's too early to tell.

Is Izumi in the area?

Yes, but the radios
are not working very well.

A strange monster and a strange robot...

Have I lost my mind?

Or is this...

Man, everyone is freaked out.

I know. I don't even know where to start.

Yes. I'm wondering about her too.

Come on! I told you!

The time that Milo was talking about
has come!

My destiny has finally arrived!

After actually fighting with this thing
with my life on the line, I felt it.

-I can show it to you now if you want.

This is no time to joke around!

Calm down, Gai.

But you said
that this is the future disaster

-and the enemy is something or other--
-The Revisions!

Why the heck are you so happy?
Do you think you're a hero or something?

The city is in chaos and you're...

Cut it out!

For now, let's just be thankful
everyone here is safe.

Yes, the String Puppet activated.
Then it battled a single Civilian.

I've acquired the info.

Yes, the results of the battle
were as predicted.

Just believe me.

Milo saved us then for this day.

And this message brought us
all together again.

But I'm not a chosen one or anything.

You know, in fiction, the characters don't
usually realize they're the chosen ones.

You think you're a hero
who traveled to another dimension?

-You really are taking this lightly.
-I agree.

It does seem like
that's Daisuke Dojima's nature.


Besides, this message you speak of

-wasn't from me.

-Then who was it from?
-Who knows?

I have yet to introduce myself.

My name is Milo.

Yes, we know.

So it seems.

But the one who saved you
in the past wasn't me.

You mean you don't remember?

That's not it.

I'm saying this is the first time
I've met all of you.

-The first time?
-Is there another person named Milo?

Then who are you?

I don't know what you mean.

What do you mean you don't know?
What about my destiny?

What about all the work I've put in?

I did my best just now.

You're the one who told us
we'd be in danger someday!

And that I would be the one
to protect everyone!

It was you, Milo, who decided my future!

Hey! Where are you guys going?

We're going home.
We've had enough of this.

Maybe you should stay at school
just for today!

You've got to be kidding.

Half of the building is gone.

It's too dangerous to be
at a place like this.

Wait! It's safer to stay in a group!

Just let us go home.

Ms. Yumiko!

You're a teacher.
Where the heck have you been?

We're leaving, all right?

-I don't know what--

-What are we supposed to do then?
-What should we do, Daisuke?

Leave him out of it!
Don't ask that terrorist for his opinion.

Are you talking about me?

Are you saying you're not?

We saw how you were firing away at it.

Why, you... Don't you have any idea
how desperate I was to protect you?

I'll show you my strength!


I won't allow the use of any more weapons.

You guys. If you want to die, leave.
If not, then stay at the school.

Also, we can't let you go around
using this thing whenever you please.

You're all under arrest for now.

You too, miss.

What? I'm being arrested?

For property damage
and violation of the firearms law,

-as well as the traffic laws...
-I see.

They are this era's
law enforcement agency.

You mean the police? Yes, I guess so.


You've saved me the trouble
of finding you. Let's go.

What? All right.

Hey, wait!


Hey, Milo!

I wonder if Daisuke is okay.

He used that String Puppet
in self-defense, right?

They may say it's excessive defense...

-Doesn't this remind you of the past?

You know, back in elementary school?

When Daisuke was kidnapped?

Then Milo must be outside the door.

I'll explain the situation
to the governing body here.

I want you all to be there.

-Fine, but what about Daisuke?
-He threw a tantrum, he's sulking.

It figures.

In any case, you need to calm down.

Do you want to eat?
Or do you want to get some rest--

Give me back my String Puppet!
I've had enough!

I'm the fighter
who's going to protect you all!

I'm a champion! A hero!

But you took the String Puppet
away from me!

Like I said, we're just holding it
as an unauthorized modified vehicle--

It's not like some hoodlum's car!
It's my power!

-I've been waiting for it for a long time!
-Hey, it's almost time.


-You're so damn--

Don't be ridiculous!

-Are you insane?
-You've got to be kidding!

-You must have gone crazy.
-Enough already!

I will say it again.

This is Japan in 2388.

I am Milo, an agent
of an organization called AHRV.

To you, I'm a person of the future.

And that giant organism-like machine
in those images

is from an organization
called the Revisions.

It is also handled
by people of the future.

-People of the future?
-That's ridiculous.

The Revisions are our enemies.

They are also your enemies.

You can't start fighting
just because you say they're the enemy.

-This is like sci-fi, right?
-No, sci-fi is--

Who cares?
Why the heck is she allowed to have a gun?

-I've allowed it as a self-defense tool.
-Don't be ridiculous! That's a weapon.

Mayor Muta here. I'm the head
of the Disaster Control Headquarters.

In light of the fact that we must protect
ourselves from a hostile organization,

we need to get information from Ms. Milo.

Please understand this was
a high-level government decision.

We residents can't accept
that explanation.

Of course, we will conduct
our own investigations

on whether this is truly the future,
and will report our findings

-and further analyze--

You've been working with her all along!

-Isn't he just putting off a decision?

-Why are we even here?
-I don't know.

Hold on a little bit longer. I'll explain.

Can you prove that Milo woman is sane
and that she isn't lying?

No, I cannot.

But we've already had a number
of deaths today.

Also, the national government should be
helping us, but we cannot reach--

-We demand...
-An explanation!

Listen to that.
That's the voice of the citizens.

They've been making a commotion
this whole time.

I'll admit, there's a limit
to what we can do at this point.

Even though we have legal authority,
the situation doesn't allow us to govern.

Which is why it's time to take measures.

Since this is a crisis,
I would appreciate your support.

the Disaster Control Headquarters

now declares the establishment
of Provisional Shibuya Government.

A government?

If you will, Ms. Milo.


AHRV is currently executing a plan to
return Shibuya back to its original era.

I was sent here to protect
you and this city

until that time.

-So Milo will fight too?
-Seems like it.

I'd now like to assess
your ability to fight.


-This is Daisuke Dojima.

-He used a String Puppet to protect you.
-What a moron.

We have two more of them.

I'd like to retrieve them if possible.

Well, I don't understand
the reason for this,

but it seems these String Puppets
can only be piloted by these students.

Does that mean...

We have to fight?

With Daisuke Dojima as the leader,
since he has the first-hand experience,

we will establish
the Shibuya Defense Service or SDS.

They will be operating under the police

-with Officer Izumi as liaison.
-Are you serious?

You're going to make students fight?

That's just crazy!

The SDF should be here!

Now, shall we begin

the salvation of humanity?


Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi