Red Band Society (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 4 - There's No Place Like Homecoming - full transcript

Jordi begins treatment; Kara goes back to school; Emma goes to her first dance.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You just gave me niplash!
This water sucks! It tastes like pee.
Why is it that the two most eligible bachelors
Can only sport wood for a bag of bones?
Leo: I broke things off, and I regretted it.
I'm ready to put the past behind us if you are.
Friends? Friends.
Look, I had an amazing time,
But it's a little strange that you tracked me down at work.
I am visiting my son.
Who's your son? Jordi: Mom?
We were under the impression that you had passed away.
She's dead to me.
Maybe your mom being here is actually a good thing.
Research shows that patients have
A much better chance of survival
When they have someone close to them by their side.
I hear you're sticking around for a while.
It looks that way.
[ mid-tempo guitar music plays ]
Charlie: My dad once told me that going home
Is never as easy or as simple as we predict.
Like stepping into the same river twice,
You never know what awaits you
When you walk through that door.
Because going home means facing everything you left behind.
Maybe you left glory and fame.
Or maybe you left friends.
Or maybe you never had any to begin with.
Or maybe you've simply acquired too much baggage along the way.
But the thing about home is that we can't stop hoping
It'll always be exactly as we left it.
What -- you only brought two bags
For the most important night of my life?
I'm sorry.
It's all I could carry on my bike.
Well, then get a bigger bike.
I'm going to homecoming, not a yoga class.
Nobody even cares what you're wearing tonight.
Everyone just misses you.
Zup! Sell that sunshine somewhere else.
We both know that absence
Does not make the heart grow fonder.
It just makes people forget about you.
Luckily, my stay in this hellhole is temporary.
I just need to get back to school
And remind people that I'm still in charge.
I'm sure it'll be perfect,
Just like last year's homecoming.
[ tiesto's "let's go" plays ]
Now all we have to do is figure out your exit strategy.
Just keep unpacking.
I have my own plan for dealing with nurse ratched.
[ mid-tempo rock music plays ]
[ I.V. Stand clatters ]
Lose something?
All of my soccer skills.
My kick, my dribbling.
Leo, you just started physical therapy.
Regaining that kind of agility could take months.
I don't have months.
I got an e-mail this morning
From a stanford athletic recruiter,
And he says he saw me play last fall,
And he wants me on their team next year.
But he doesn't know what happened to me --
You know about, uh, my leg.
If I don't have soccer, I don't get a scholarship.
If I don't get a scholarship, I don't go to college.
Well, you're walking, aren't you?
Well, what does that have to do with anything?
It wasn't so long ago you were worried you'd never walk again.
Playing division 1 soccer is next level.
There's no p.T. At ocean park that can train me like that.
Who said you had to train in the hospital?
You do some research. I'll make some calls.
I seriously want to hug you right now.
You'll get over it.
[ computer beeps ]
You online shopping?
I broke up with my boyfriend,
So I was switching my relationship status to "single."
Geez, I'm sorry. Are you all right?
Me? Oh, yeah. Yeah.
I'm -- I'm great. I'm great.
So I left my friends and my family
And moved out here to be with him.
So what?
Life happens, right?
Well, the best part about this job is it never stops.
You immerse yourself in your work,
And before you know it, you won't even remember his name.
It's ben.
His name was ben.
[ door opens ]
Eva: Jordi, I'm here.
I thought you were coming this morning.
But I stopped to pick this up for you.
I saw it on "sex and the city" when samantha had cancer.
Thank god for hbo.
What's with your outfit?
Well, I was at a job interview.
You already have a job -- as a waitress in fresno.
Pretty tough commute to l.A., huh?
Mom, you don't have to --
Look, when you get out,
We'll have an apartment, I'll have a great job,
And this whole ordeal will just be a blip on our radar.
And what if I never get out?
You will. You don't know that.
Yes, I do. How?
Because I am your mother and I said so.
So let me do the worrying.
You just focus on getting better, okay?
Dash: Whoa. Chewing?
When's the last time you flexed your jaw muscles?
Yeah, why aren't you eating with your rexo friends over there?
They're not my friends.
What do you want? Dash: I'm just wondering...
Who gets the rose on the latest episode of "cancer bachelor"?
Is it latino heartthrob jordi
Or the hometown favorite, leo?
Well, not that it's any of your business,
But...I'm not into either of them.
I'm just saying, you know,
Don't mess with my boy leo's head like that.
You have an unhealthy interest in leo's dating life.
I'm just inquisitive. Inquisitive...
In love with him -- call it whatever you want.
If I was in love with him,
I'd be clear about it because men are direct.
What's up, ladies?
♪ say something, I'm giving up on you ♪
I could potentially never live to see another homecoming again,
Which would be among the world's greatest tragedies --
Second only to the titanic
Or nicki minaj's perfume, "minajesty."
Or -- me and ben breaking up.
♪ anywhere, I would have followed you ♪
Nurse jackson, if I don't go to this homecoming, I just...
[ sobbing ]
And the oscar for the most pathetic performance
In a pediatric ward goes to...
Kara, save the tears for your homecoming-queen acceptance speech.
[ music stops ]
Wait. Does that mean I can go?
This is a hospital, not a prison.
Yes, you can go...With a heart monitor and a chaperone.
Okay, this I can work with,
But there's no way I'm going to homecoming with you.
How will I ever recover from such a crushing blow?
Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.
You can go with brittany. [ gasps ]
[ both giggle ]
Eva: Mmm.
What do you think this is -- a vegas buffet?
These are for jordi.
You want one?
I brought you some reading materials.
Now that we've identified jordi's cancer
You might want to educate yourself on his condition.
Also, there's a parents' support group you should look into.
And I'd like to get a blood sample from you as soon as possible.
It might be useful down the line...
Before his next surgery.
There -- there's gonna be another surgery?
At least one. Possibly more.
It's all in the pamphlets.
You don't like me, do you?
I like your son.
Well, I'm sorry I missed the beginning of all this,
But I'm here now,
And I really appreciate your help.
What do you say?
The support group meets at 7:00 p.M. In the commissary.
[ knock on door ]
Is everything okay in there?
♪ summer comes
What do you think?
It's -- it's pink.
That's putting it kindly.
Too much pink?
It's kind of like staring at the sun.
Every time I blink, I see spots.
Dr. Mcandrew was right.
Immersing yourself in your work is the best way to go.
Plus, I just love homecomings. Don't you?
I wouldn't know. I have never been.
This may come as a shock to you,
But I wasn't exactly popular at my high school.
Well, that does come as a shock to me.
I can't imagine anyone not liking you.
Well, lucky me -- I don't have to imagine it.
I lived it on a daily basis.
♪ there's no need to worry
And things are better here?
Definitely. Yeah, much better.
♪ just please don't say you love me ♪
♪ 'cause I might not say it back ♪
Ooh! What is happening to your face?
I am having a light-bulb moment.
You should come with me to homecoming.
I would much rather stay here and stare at the walls.
That's what I'm worried about.
I think you're getting too comfortable in the hospital.
At some point, you're gonna have to get back out there.
This could be a good way to ease back into the social scene.
Going to a dance where I won't know a single soul?
You'll know kara.
You'll know me.
I think it would be good for you.
Wait -- do you have any medical statistics
To back up this theory?
I'm not saying this as your nurse.
I'm saying it as your friend.
I take it I don't have much of a choice?
Have you heard the one about the nurse, the anorexic,
And the cheerleader that all walk into a homecoming?
Me neither.
With the equipment I need to train is in chula vista.
It sounds like a doughnut, not a place.
It's also three hours away. I know.
I can't get there once a month, let alone a few times a week.
Well, it's a good thing you don't have to.
[ mid-tempo music plays ]
Excuse me as I geek out,
But I'm a giant fan of the bionic man.
"ti" stands for titanium 'cause that's what his leg's made out of.
Strongest element in the world.
No offense, nurse jackson,
But I'm gonna need more than a youtube video
Ti spent two months on our floor when he was about your age.
That was before he played college ball at ucla
And then went pro in europe.
I spoke to him this morning.
You know tim "ti" jones?
He's agreed to come to the hospital to train you.
That's incredible.
You're welcome.
[ indistinct p.A. Chatter ]
"novel immunohistochemistry: Techniques in cancer diagnos--"
What is this, some casual afternoon reading?
[ p.A. Chatter continues ]
Nurse jackson gave these to me
To get caught up on jordi's condition.
That's not getting caught up.
That's what I read in my third year of oncology residency.
I didn't know I had to go to medical school to be a mother.
You don't.
It kind of feels like it.
I'm turning my whole life upside down
To be here for my kid, but if nobody wants me...
Jordi wants you, and you are gonna get through this.
Right, one day at a time,
Like every other parent in here with a sick kid.
I promise you.
Now, let me borrow this for a bit.
Was this really necessary?
Can't a woman enjoy the simple pleasure
Of getting her back rubbed by a chair?
I have so little.
Just do me a favor.
Will you just lay off eva palacios?
She's got enough to worry about
Without you hunting her for sport.
Um, I was trying to educate her,
And maybe if you stopped listening to little mcandrew,
You'd realize that woman isn't to be trusted.
I am not listening with little mcandrew, all right?
I'm listening to jordi.
Jordi wants his mother around.
Jordi needs his mother around.
Well, my gut tells me that woman is bad news,
And my gut is never wrong.
I'm not saying she's perfect.
I'm just saying she's trying.
Well, maybe she should have tried harder
Except she didn't raise him, did she?
No, she dumped him off at grandma's
So she could do whatever she wanted.
Do you know how many people would kill for the opportunity
To raise their own child --
The things that people will sacrifice
Just for the privilege of having a boy like jordi?
And that woman just gave him up like it was nothing.
People make mistakes.
Doesn't mean I have to forgive them.
[ sighs ]
It must be nice to always be so right about everything, huh?
It's my cross to bear.
[ chair vibrating ]
♪ I think it's time that I mentioned ♪
♪ I've got myself an obsession
♪ for the smell, for the touch
♪ keep that scruff lookin' rough ♪
♪ I know I've got myself a habit ♪
♪ but I gotta have it now
♪ I don't care where, work it out ♪
♪ let me break it down
♪ I try on
♪ try on ♪ I take it off
♪ take it off ♪ so, what you got?
♪ give me boots and boys
♪ they bring me so much joy
♪ they bring me joy
♪ I wear them both so pretty as I walk in the city ♪
♪ watch out, boots and boys
♪ give me boots and boys
I want to have sex with me.
♪ give me boots and boys
♪ boots and boys
♪ boots and boys
♪ they bring me so much joy
♪ crazy for you, crazy for you
♪ boots and boys
♪ ohh
What is that doing here?
Surprise. We're all going to homecoming together.
Ha! Not a chance.
I'm not going with poca-hotmess.
I told you this was a bad idea.
Do not let her get under your skin.
I would have to get past all the peach fuzz first.
Oh, my god, is it on your stomach, too?
Are you all furry like a bear?
Okay, say one more mean thing, and we're leaving without you.
Hello? It's my school.
Hello? I don't care.
W-- oh.
But she doesn't even --
What -- okay. Fine.
Can we just go already? God!
♪ shake it, flip it, move it to it ♪
♪ say hey, put the music on, let it play ♪
♪ if it feels good, let me hear you say ♪
♪ turn it up, turn it up, turn it up ♪
Mnh-mnh. Slow your roll, skeletor.
Just because I let you come with me
Does not mean that we've joined
The sisterhood of the traveling panties.
Starting now, we're complete strangers.
About as much you want me to be here -- probably less.
That's not humanly possible.
Can you just wait until brittany's finished parking the car?
I'm sorry. Do I know you?
[ cary brothers' "if you were here" plays ]
♪ and if you were here
♪ I could deceive you
Uh, full disclosure --
I stole this out of a dead guy's room.
♪ and if you were here
Shall we?
♪ you would believe
♪ but would you suspect
♪ my emotions wandering, yeah
[ papermaps' "reunion" plays ]
I still can't believe you're here.
Why are you here, exactly?
I thought you could use a friend.
Yeah, this is so not my scene on every possible level.
Even if it was my school, I --
When you think about it, isn't every high school the same?
You know? I mean, where would you be right now?
Probably there.
♪ wake me out of this slumber
Honestly, I would be looking at my phone
As if I were sending an important text,
But, really, I would just be reading my book.
You would be reading a book at a dance?
"the goldfinch" is a literary masterpiece.
Yeah, but it's -- it's a dance.
The woman won a pulitzer.
I say it again -- it's a dance.
Moving on.
I can assume you would be...
Somewhere over there?
In that vicinity, but, uh, always looking over my shoulder.
Looking for the next best thing?
No, looking for something real.
♪ I don't even need to hear the words ♪
♪ I promised you a keepsake
♪ and why should I care anyway? ♪
How about I go get us some refreshing, nutritious
Calorie-free bottles of water?
Sounds like a plan.
♪ if I staged a reunion
♪ would you come out anyway?
Dude, you suck at this.
You have no poker face whatsoever.
Maybe I do. Maybe I don't.
[ chuckles ] okay.
I call.
Whatever, man. This game is stupid.
Here you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Well, what are you still doing here?
I have a parents' meeting tonight.
How are you feeling, jo-jo?
Not great, but on the upside, I haven't puked yet.
Then why don't you have fun while you're still up for it?
Go to the movies with your friend.
Have some popcorn. Buy some icees.
Do whatever you want. Seriously?
Better take this before I change my mind.
Dude, your mom's kind of awesome, man.
You hear that?
Easy. I'm kind of awesome.
All right. All right. Let's go.
You gonna be here when I get back?
I got nowhere else to be.
Oh, my god.
In this light, you look exactly like
Beyoncé's caucasian little sister.
But there are much more pressing matters we need to discuss.
Wait. What the hell?
Did you not tell quinby I was wearing sequins?
I texted everyone.
My god, this is exactly what I was talking about.
Things are already spiraling way out of control.
Okay, but we really need to talk.
I can't talk right now.
I need to go in there and assert my power.
This is what you call a knife fight in beverly hills.
[ gasps ] oops.
First blood to the blonde.
I totally ruined your dress.
I hope you brought an extra one.
Kara souders.
♪ can't fly away
[ squeals ] you look amaze!
Guys, doesn't she look amaze?
Okay, this is weird.
Welcome back, girlfriend.
It's good to be back, bitches.
And all is right in kara's world.
Or is it?
Leo roth?
Dave, what up?
You're alive.
Last time I checked.
Hey, it's good to see you, dude.
You look...
Yeah, but cool bald.
I'm sorry if that came out weird.
It's just I haven't seen you since, uh...
I was going to say modesto -- nationals.
Oh, right, when I megged you for the win in overtime. Yeah.
So, what are you doing here? You gonna come to this school next semester?
No, I'm, uh, just crashing with some friends from the hospital.
I didn't realize you were still sick.
I'm not. I'm stronger than ever.
I'm just getting a few kinks worked out of my new leg.
And I should be, uh, back on the fields by play-offs.
Yeah, your team could really use some of your, uh --
Your, uh -- your fighting spirit.
My spirit? [ chuckles ]
Dude, what about my corner kicks?
Yeah, sure. Those, too.
Hey, I'm glad your team made a place for you.
They didn't make a place.
My team saved my space so that they could watch me
Humiliate you in front of your team,
Like I did last season.
It was great seeing you.
[ hip-hop music playing ]
Brooklyn: Can we talk to you for a minute?
Am I sitting in your seats?
I'm so sorry. I can move.
Oh, my god. She looks even better when she stands.
Well, it's just that we've never seen
A size triple-zero before in the flesh.
♪ hard to get around without your love ♪
You're a real unicorn.
Rare and beautiful. Mm-hmm.
Thank you. So, what's your secret?
Two cardio classes on Wednesday? Tabata bootcamp?
Visual eating on Monday, green juice on fridays,
And no food on sundays?
No, actually, I, um --
I was diagnosed with an eating disorder.
I live at ocean park hospital.
You're so committed.
I just don't have the discipline for that.
We need to get a picture.
[ gasps ] you are gonna be insta-famous.
♪ boom, boom, boomerang
♪ boom, boom, boomerang
♪ mm-hmm
With friends like these,
Emma might be better off sitting alone.
Hey, man, you all right?
Ah, chemo is gnarly. I feel like ass.
Hey, man, at least they got you on a regimen
That lets you keep all your hair,
Homeboy looks like professor xavier or something, man.
[ chuckles ] he's even got the wheelchair.
Speaking of leo -- actually, emma and leo --
How you feel about that whole sitch, man?
Ah, that's why you've been hanging out with me today.
You're not interested in being my friend.
You're interested in protecting your friendship with leo,
And you're trying to get dirt on me for him.
No, man. Look, I got no problem with you.
I'm just trying to get a lay of the land, that's all.
All right, well, the lay of the land is...
For the first time in basically forever.
My mom's around,
And I have friends that I actually like,
I'm not about to ruin that over a girl.
Bro code.
Red band code.
It must be weird, having your mom come around
And be all "mom" on you
After, you know, you've been on your own.
Yeah, it's kind of what she does.
Being a mom for her is like going on a camping trip.
[ scoffs ] no, I'm serious.
She gets all excited and buys all the equipment,
And then two days into it,
She wishes that she was back in the hotel.
She came around when you needed her most.
Seems to me like she really wants to go camping, bro.
They better have some good popcorn here,
Or else I'm going home.
♪ unh, tell 'em where I'm from
♪ make the sixth straight jump from socal ♪
♪ chronic smoke, get burnt by the california sun ♪
♪ on the west side, east coast, where you at? ♪
♪ just got to new york like a gnat on a jet ♪
♪ to london, to brazil, to québec ♪
Oh, my gosh. You're here.
I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration.
I'm glad we could put the past behind us now.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why you think it's okay to be talking to me.
I love you so much.
♪ I'm-a be there in a minute, I just booked a paris ticket ♪
Someone needs to go break the rest of bent girl's spine
Because she literally just raped me.
You mean anna?
Poor thing. She's been through so much...
Just like you.
Just like who?
Here's where it all goes dark.
Also, she's been super helpful with your presentation.
What? What presentation?
Okay, it was supposed to be a surprise,
But I can give you a sneak peek.
♪ this is how it goes
♪ unh, tell 'em where I'm at
Kara is the kindest, most generous,
Patient human I've ever met.
It's such a tragedy that this had to happen to her,
And she was [sighs] so beautiful,
And her heart is so...Broken.
What? Why?
Kara was loved by valets and old people
And homeless people... And all people.
Because you're really sick, and you might die.
We feel super-duper bad for you.
Charlie: And just like that, it went from a homecoming party
To a pity party.
Thank you. Good luck to you.
Take care. Bye.
Hi. Hey.
Hey, did, uh --
Did you give jordi permission to go to the movies?
Not only did I give him permission -- I gave him $50.
Who told you you can do that?
You c-- you can't just let
A sick kid walk out of a hospital.
[ sighs ] he seemed fine.
He's not fine. He has cancer.
He has a million different chemicals
Coursing through his body.
Uh, next time you want to do something nice for him,
Just consult with me first.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
All right. It's okay. It's okay.
I know it's been a long day, all right?
It sure has.
In fact, I could use a drink.
You interested?
[ sighs ]
No, I-I have rounds.
It's okay. What time do you get off?
Eva, I thought we both agreed that this can't happen again.
But you keep sending me mixed signals.
I-I-I'm sorry. I don't --
[ cellphone rings ]
Let's keep the focus on jordi, okay? Yeah.
I understand what you were trying to do today...
Mm-hmm. ...Trying to make him happy.
Things are gonna get harder before they get easier.
All right, there's not always gonna be a quick fix.
Why don't you be his doctor and let me be his mother?
[ strange talk's "morning sun" plays ]
♪ we'll watch the morning sun
So many cute couples. [ chuckles ]
♪ morning sun
♪ we'll watch the morning sun
♪ if we make it through the night ♪
[ voice breaking ] oh, thank you.
[ sniffles ]
Are you having fun?
♪ if we make it through the night ♪
♪ we'll watch the morning sun
Hey. Where are you going?
I'm getting out of here.
Everyone in this hellcoming
Is obsessed with me and my heart problem.
I thought you liked being the center of attention.
Yeah, not this kind of attention.
I used to walk down these halls like I was freaking moses.
The crowd would part at my feet,
But now everyone is coming up to me
And talking to me, hugging me.
You know that's 'cause they care about you.
[ scoffs ] screw that noise.
I'd rather be feared than loved.
[ chuckles ] who are you? Tony soprano?
I mean, come on. What kind of philosophy is that?
Look, you might get off on being mr. Cancer boy,
Bald poster child legless man,
But the one thing I'm not okay with is being pitied.
[ microphone feedback ]
Quinby: Greetings, fellow vikings.
It is with great honor and humbleness...Ity
That I announce paradise cove high's 2014 homecoming queen,
Kara souders.
[ cheers and applause ]
Hop in.
I can walk.
Actually, for insurance purposes,
We're gonna need you to go ahead and take a seat.
[ cheers and applause ]
Not quite the chariot she was expecting. Coming through!
Woman over p.A.: Paging dr. Stateman.
Dr. Stateman, please.
How's it going?
I know I've flooded you with material,
So if you have questions,
I'm happy to walk you through anything.
Do you think I'm some kind of moron?
I'm just trying to help.
[ pen clicks ]
I'm sorry if I came across harsh earlier.
Lady, I can handle harsh.
What I can't handle is condescending and rude.
Tell me -- do you have any kids of your own?
I don't.
But I do what I can for the kids here at the hospital.
You might be a great nurse,
But you don't know what it's like to be a mother.
I don't need anybody's help.
♪ turn up the night
Oh, hi. I just met these girls.
This is brooklyn, and that's becky.
Hi. How you doing?
You smell like smoke.
Brooklyn smokes, and I went outside with her, so...
[ microphone feedback ]
Man: Welcome, students,
To paradise cove's most heartfelt crowning ceremony yet.
I ask you, what makes a queen?
Courage, fearlessness, kindness,
And an acne-free complexion.
[ light laughter ]
Kara souders is all of these things,
But what is most special about kara is her heart,
And before we crown her queen of our hearts,
Paradise cove's spirited cheer squad
Has put together a tribute video to honor kara.
Hey! Hold on, uh, one sec.
I got to, um -- I got to say something.
I know how you feel.
Once you start the love, it's hard to stop.
Come on up here, son.
[ students murmuring ]
[ microphone feedback ]
A few words on kara souders.
I've only known her for five days,
But what I've learned is that five days with kara...
Is five days too many...
Young man: What?!
...Because kara is the biggest bitch
I've ever met in my entire life!
All right. All right. Let's get the slide show going.
It's true. She's -- she's not a queen.
She's a dictator. Cold, selfish, tyrannical.
She does not deserve your compassion
And, most of all, does not deserve this crown.
[ scattered applause ]
The thing about being a hero --
More than one damsel in a night.
[ chuckles ]
Okay. Out of my way.
I'm a registered nurse.
This is an embarrassment of riches, man.
Yo, j-man. You okay?
I don't know, man. I-I don't feel good.
Just wait right here. I'm gonna go get you some water.
No, don't --
Jordi, are you okay honey?
[ toilet flushes ] come on.
Oh, my god.
I've never seen him like this.
This is just one of the side effects.
Those stupid pamphlets you gave me said
He wouldn't be sick in the first 24 hours.
Well, that is often true.
No two cases are the same.
We can never predict how someone's body's going to react.
How long will this last?
Could be as long as his chemo regimen.
[ sighs ] thank you.
I'll get you some more towels.
[ sighs ]
[ cellphone chiming ]
Oh, my god! Enough!
[ cellphone shatters ]
[ sighs ] that's better.
So, what'd you think?
It's exactly how I imagined homecoming would be.
Even if you are just friends,
The rule is you dance with the girl you brought.
Are you sure you don't want anything?
Another blanket? Some snacks?
No, I'm -- I'm good.
Just sit with me.
You know what?
I'm gonna bring you a ginger ale.
The carbonation might be good for your stomach.
Mom. I don't -- I don't want a ginger ale.
Maybe not now. For later.
I'll be right back, okay?
[ elevator bell dings ]
[ knock on door ]
You okay?
Why wouldn't I be?
Translation -- "I'm super pissed at you."
Well, you didn't say much on the drive back.
Why did you go up there and defend kara?
'cause she was having a bad night.
She deserves a bad night, leo. She's a bad person.
Maybe, but no one deserves to be pitied.
You don't understand that because --
Well, no one pities you, emma.
You don't have to be in this hospital.
You don't have to be here.
[ luke sital-singh's "nothing stays the same" plays ]
♪ I can taste it in my mouth
♪ I am hanging upside down
♪ all the faces gathered 'round ♪
♪ to wait and see
♪ to breathe relief
♪ to call my name
♪ for the first time
♪ cry your eyes out
♪ fill your lungs up
♪ we all hurt
♪ we all lie
♪ and nothing stays the same
♪ let your guard down
♪ get your heart pounded
♪ we all bleed
♪ we all breathe
♪ and nothing stays the same
♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh
♪ I can face it just about
♪ but I will rage and scream and shout ♪
♪ a love, a life
♪ it's dark and bright
♪ it's beautiful, and it's all right ♪
♪ to cry your eyes out
♪ to fill your lungs up
♪ we all hurt
♪ we all lie
♪ and nothing stays the same
♪ let your guard down
♪ get your heart pounded
♪ we all bleed
♪ we all breathe
♪ and nothing stays the same
Please report to conference room e-35 for the morning meeting.
Jackson. Hey.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Actually, I've been looking for you.
I, uh, wanted to apologize.
I was wrong about eva.
Don't give me that look.
Yes, even I make mistakes.
Not this time.
Eva left last night.
She is relinquishing guardianship of jordi.
He's officially on his way
To becoming an emancipated minor.
Which is just a fancy word for alone.
So, I'm the one who needs to apologize to you.
I'm sorry for not trusting your instincts.
We both want the same thing -- what's best for jordi.
I guess he's ours now.
He was ours the second he walked through that door.
[ exhales sharply ]
I have the 4-1-1
On what happened after you left homecoming.
Don't care.
Well, I also have the 4-1-1 on anna's progress
After your wheelchair crushed her.
Don't care.
I don't care about the crooked girl or homecoming
Or paradise cove high.
I'm never going back there.
Wait. Really?
You are officially relieved of your duties as minion.
Well, can I still come visit you,
Like, just as your friend?
It's a free country, so do whatever you want.
[ mid-tempo guitar music plays ]
I don't want ti to train me.
If next week isn't good, we can try for the week after.
I'll give him a call.
No, you don't understand.
I don't want ti to train me ever.
How are you gonna get that scholarship?
I did a little more research, and every article on ti
Starts with the incredible story of his disease.
That's because he's made a remarkable recovery.
He beat impossible odds, just like you will.
I'm not gonna be the soccer player who survived cancer --
You know, the guy they parade out at half time
Like some fuzzy mascot and gives inspirational speeches...
'cause I'm not a sob story.
I just want to be a regular guy.
[ cellphone chimes ]
[ chuckles ]
[ cellphone chimes ]
[ ian cotterill's "looking to the sea" plays ]
I've been thinking a lot about this concept of home.
♪ in the morning with the sunrise ♪
♪ when the light begs to open up your eyes ♪
Home doesn't have to be who you once were...
[ exhales sharply ]
♪ there's a chance to make it all new ♪
♪ start again and give it another try ♪
...Or what you did or where you were from.
♪ what are you leaving?
♪ what are you missing?
Home just might be the feeling you get
Around the people that care about you the most.
♪ are you living?
And if that's the case, you might already be home.