Red Band Society (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 2 - Sole Searching - full transcript

Leo goes into a tailspin when Jordi's surgery doesn't proceed as expected.

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Previously on "red band society"...
Charlie: I'm in a coma.
Yeah. This is me talking to you from a coma.
This place is crawling with medical marijuana.
Seriously? Buzzkill.
Why are you here? I have cancer...In my leg.
You're gonna get through it.
It's easy for you to say.
Not really.
I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs.
So unhealthy, right?
Not like starving yourself.
Jackson: We drug-tested her.
We found cocaine, marijuana.
And that is going to put her
At the bottom of the waiting list for a heart.
Leo: I've been wearing these for a long time.
It's time to let them go.
This is from my first trip to the e.R.
This is from my first surgery.
Thanks, leo. Jordi...
And I want you to know you're not alone.
My red band. It must have fallen off somewhere.
I'll find you another one.
[ queen's "hammer to fall" plays ]
♪ yeah!
They say to really understand someone,
You have to walk a mile in their shoes.
But some shoes are harder to walk in than others,
Maybe because some people don't want to let you in.
♪ make the bed
And some people, especially those of the one-shoe variety,
Wouldn't know how to let you in,
Even if they did want to.
♪ you don't waste no time at all ♪
♪ don't hear the bell but you answer the call ♪
The shoe metaphor basically boils down to empathy,
But in order to appreciate how other people might be feeling,
You have to be able to understand your own feelings.
And that gets tricky,
Especially since most kids my age
Work hard to pretend they don't have any feelings.
Feelings just aren't cool, unless you're in a coma,
Like me, in which case, feelings are all you've got.
♪ just got time to say your prayers ♪
♪ yeah, while you're waiting for the hammer to fall ♪
And it's leo roth for the win!
The crowd goes wild!
Ladies flash their funbags in deference! Whoo!
Yeah, 'cause that happens in golf.
Are you sure this isn't gonna break your new leg?
Uh, yeah. Would that be so terrible?
Your parents might think so,
Seeing as they're the ones who paid for it.
Also, your physical therapist
Will probably have an opinion on the subject.
[ siren wailing ] speaking of which,
Aren't you meant to be working with him right now?
Well, aren't you the mother hen?
No wonder you two broke up.
Guys, do you have any idea what's happening right now?
Climate change?
No peace in the middle east?
Pregnant kardashian?
Jordi's about to lose his leg.
Oh, you meant, like, now now.
Can you just think about it for a second?
Every morning, you get out of bed,
Put two feet on the ground, and stand up...
Like it's easy, like it's nothing.
You put your pants on one leg at a time.
I mean, it's such a basic concept
It's literally an expression.
It means you're just like everybody else.
Except me and jordi --
We're not like anybody else.
Oh, so having cancer gives you the right
To hurl golf balls in any direction,
Causing potential head wounds on unsuspecting angelenos?
I'm just saying today's all about jordi,
And we need to be there for him.
Yeah, well, I have a stress test to worry about.
Later, losers.
With kara, what they should measure
Is how much stress she causes other people.
Kenji: Didn't you just go home?
What are you doing back?
I missed you.
Mm-hmm. [ chuckles ]
Someone fell out,
And when I find out who that someone is...
I will have them killed.
Hey. Have you seen leo?
He's supposed to be upstairs working the new leg,
But the p.T. Says he hasn't shown up. Yeah, I know.
He's waiting for jordi to wake up from surgery.
Kenji! I'm sorry.
Look, I tried to get him to go,
But he looked at me with the eyes and the eyebrows
And that little bald head.
You can't let a little bald head interfere with your job.
We got a lot of little bald heads running around this place.
It's our responsibility
To set healthy boundaries for these children.
Two words -- monkey love.
I'm gonna need more than two words.
Well, technically, it's a study.
And there are monkeys involved.
More. Faster. Well, they gave the monkeys
Two dummy parents -- one for feeding and one for hugging.
Mm-hmm. And even though the feeding parents
Were seemingly more important,
The monkeys almost always chose the hugging one.
'cause, you know, the love.
So, I'm the food in this scenario.
And you're the love.
Well, it's a theory.
I'm not saying it's perfect.
[ elevator bell dings ] mm-hmm. Okay, well, here's my theory --
Starving monkeys die.
You make a strong point.
Check this out.
Alpha beta ball sack, man.
Must be a game day.
Yo, is it me or do they all look exactly the same?
Same stupid hair, same stupid clothes --
Looks like somebody 'roided up one direction
And mated them with zombies.
I think that's kind of the point --
You know, safety in numbers, pack mentality.
It's not the worst thing ever.
Yo, man, you know I'm not calling you stupid, right?
Hey, I probably was, but whatever.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Leo roth.
You're late for physical therapy.
Did you forget what floor it's on, because I'm happy to escort you.
As soon as he's out, I'll go. That's not how this works.
I tried to tell him,
But the young man does not have his listening ears on today.
This is you helping?
Diverting attention. Strategy.
Look, I know the new leg is uncomfortable --
[ chuckles ] it's more than uncomfortable. It hurts.
I don't like walking in it.
That's because you haven't had enough practice.
Jordi's gonna be unconscious for the next few hours,
So there's no point in you hanging around here.
You need to be upstairs right now.
No, I need to be here.
Jordi's entire life is about to change,
And I'm the only one who knows
Just how much and how bad it's gonna be,
So I plan on being the first face he sees when his eyes open,
Because that was the deal we made.
I'm rescheduling you for 5:00.
Nurse jackson -- that's my final offer.
Tough love.
[ scoffs ]
[ laughs ]
Thanks for clearing that up for me.
[ chuckles ] I didn't want to take any chances.
Here's what's happening now.
We're waiting for the blood bank to get their act together,
Then the anesthesiologist is gonna come in here,
And he's gonna do his thing.
But while that's happening, I want you to do something for me.
What is it?
I need you to pick a happy memory.
All right? Sometime in your life where everything went right.
You think you can do that?
I'm on it. Good.
Emma, huh?
So, jordi's thinking about emma,
But something else is weighing on emma's mind.
Time for your weigh-in.
See what I did there?
I just need to brush my teeth.
Oh, don't forget to brush your tongue.
That's where the bacteria live.
♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
♪ well, swim with me, well, we will go far into the sea ♪
♪ you will take me onto your back ♪
♪ never look back, never look back ♪
♪ well, sing to me well, sing me a song, ♪
♪ tell me that things never go wrong ♪
♪ hide me away, don't let them say... ♪
Woman: Are you sure you don't want any water?
Are you sure you want to keep asking me that every five seconds?
Because it's not remotely annoying.
You're doing great, kara. We're ready to pick up the pace now.
Just because you're ready doesn't mean I'm ready.
I'm only two days into a blowout,
And a single bead of neck sweat could cause a full-on frizz,
And then you'd owe me 60 bucks.
She's a generous tipper.
The stress test is meant to gather information
About how well your heart works during physical activity,
Assuming you have a heart.
Biting sarcasm from the guy wearing crocs.
Like I said, it always comes back to the shoes.
So, dr. Samuels says I can go
To this theoretical physics program at yale this summer
If I gain 10 pounds. Brittany: Oh.
We've been talking about it a lot during therapy. Oh.
Okay. Ready when you are.
[ gasps ] look at that!
You gained a pound.
Good work, emma.
I am so proud of you.
Yeah, we're done here.
So, gained a full pound, huh?
That's exciting.
You know, the queen of England used to sew weights
To the hems of her dresses to keep them from blowing up in the wind.
I got the needle if you got the thread.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Sure you don't. Kenji: Oh, good. There you are.
You have visitors, kara.
Is it brady? Courtney?
It's your moms.
All right. You got that memory picked out?
Jordi: I think so.
Back in mexico, I won my school's talent show.
I sang this song I wrote.
It was pretty cool. I like that.
Okay, we're gonna start the induction now,
And I want you to focus on that song.
It'll keep you in a good place during surgery, okay?
All right. On my count --
Nine...Eight... [ guitar plays ]
Jordi: ♪ just a little boy skipping rocks by the river ♪ ...Five...
♪ a hundred yards off the gravel road ♪
♪ skipping school, a life we all imagine ♪
♪ days went by, we'd hardly even know ♪
Hey, jordi!
Down here.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your song.
It's just I wasn't sure how much time we have.
I'm charlie.
I-I was in surgery.
You still are.
This is just a mental break.
Can I interest you in some checkers,
Or are you more of a boggle kind of guy?
You're the kid in the coma. Yeah.
Unfortunately, that has become
My most identifiable characteristic.
Am I dead? No. No, you're not dead.
I'm here to help you take your mind off things
While they fix you out there.
[ breathing heavily ]
Are you okay?
What's happening to me?
I feel dizzy.
Why am I dizzy?
I'm right here, jordi. Right here.
Charlie: Jordi?
Damn it. There is significant soft tissue involvement.
It's extending further proximally.
Are we going ahead with the a.K.A.? No. New plan.
Get this sample to path for a frozen section now.
Looks like his cancer has spread.
So, if you're just checking in,
These are kara's moms, sarah and daniella.
So sorry, kara bear.
We never would have gone to cabo if we'd have known.
It was just kind of a crazy, spur-of-the-moment thing.
Yeah, so was my heart attack.
They explained it as some kind of cardiac event?
She has an enlarged heart.
That's what we're dealing with, right?
Uh, yeah.
I can have a doctor come in and take you through it, if you like.
[ scoffs ] like I'm gonna endure that again.
E-mail it to her.
Look, I'm sorry that I interrupted
Your romantic getaway with my nanny.
What? Dads fall for the nanny all the time.
Why not moms?
I really wish you wouldn't say stuff like that, kara.
Your mom and I are married now.
We're -- we're family.
Thanks for the reminder, but you'll always be the help to me.
Sarah: You best cap that attitude, young lady.
We need to focus on the matter at hand,
Which is getting you a brand-new heart.
Do you take plastic? Smart. Get the miles.
Mm. Mom!
Doesn't quite work that way.
Sarah: Well, if it's about connections,
Just tell us who we need to talk to.
We share a trainer with ellen and portia.
We could get you tickets to her show. It's even better live.
Everything you're saying is amazing on a number of levels.
However, in order for your daughter to get on the wait list for a heart,
Her case first needs to be reviewed by the transplant team.
Wait, what? Mom, what does that mean?
Do I have to, like, do stuff? Let me handle this.
I know there's a list, but there's also the list.
What do people like us do?
You get on the list. There's only one.
Preferential treatment doesn't exist
In the organ-donation community. Listen, girlfriend,
We didn't become out magazine's
Seventh most powerful lesbian couple in southern california
By working our way up a freakin' list.
Now tell me who I have to call
To get a quality ticker around here.
This is gonna be a fun day.
Well, that was rude.
Hey. Good morning.
Oh, although technically, I guess it's afternoon.
It depends on when you eat lunch, right?
I've always been more of a noon kind of gal.
I'm in a hurry. Oh, right.
Uh, I just wanted to share some great news.
Emma gained weight.
Since when? Since today.
Don't worry. I was encouraging but tough on her.
I just asked myself. "wwnjd?"
"what would nurse jackson do?"
Nurse jackson. N.J. [ chuckles ]
Here's what n.J. Would do -- she'd check emma's pockets,
Subtract the weight of her clothes,
Consider her food intake the last week,
Which is in no way consistent with a gain.
Did you do any of that?
Um, no.
Didn't think so.
Adjust her weight on the chart.
Monkey love my ass.
Hey, what's going on, dash? How are you?
Nothing much. Just chilling. Living. You?
Hi, dash.
Oh, hey. How are you?
So, is he still in surgery?
He is. No word yet.
That's not the band I gave you last night.
Yeah, um...I-I lost the one that you gave me.
It slipped off of my wrist.
So, who gave you -- jordi.
Oh. My bad.
I mean...Damn.
Oh, good. You're all here.
How did it go? Is he okay?
Jordi's in recovery. He's good.
He did, uh -- he did real well.
So, can we see him? Uh, he's still under,
So it shouldn't be too much longer.
Do you guys mind if I talk to leo for a second in private?
In a hospital,
Whenever someone says they want to talk to you in private,
It's never good news.
Hey. [ clears throat ] what's up?
All right, look, as you know,
No two cases, no two tumors are the same.
Even if things seem similar on the outset,
We never know what we're gonna find until we get in there.
In jordi's case, it was a little more complicated than we expected,
And I didn't do the surgery that I went in to do.
Uh, meaning what?
You didn't cut off his leg, did you?
No, but --
Did jordi get to keep his leg?
One of the hardest things in a hospital
Is to have someone else get exactly what you wanted.
I didn't know you did "sad."
I'm having kind of a crap day.
Sorry for cursing.
All right. What happened?
I messed up emma's weigh-in.
And now nurse jackson, who already thinks I'm useless,
Doesn't trust me to do anything.
She wouldn't even let me take a kid's blood pressure.
She'll ease up eventually.
Well, maybe she shouldn't.
Maybe she's right.
What if I suck at this?
And what if you don't?
Are you really prepared to let me screw up some sick kid's life
On the off chance that I won't continue to suck?
I mean, it's not like being bad at real estate.
Worse-case scenario, a bad realtor can't kill anyone.
It would be very difficult for you to kill anyone, brittany.
Look, I hear what you're saying.
Some days, I wish I'd followed my father into finance.
But you know what? My heart wouldn't be in it.
This is a calling.
I'm not sure I got the call.
If I did, it wasn't like, "911. We need you!"
[ pager beeping ] it was more like, you know, "hey, brit.
What's up? You want to come over?" I got to go.
[ sighs ]
How do you tell a kid with no parents
Who drove across the border to be saved
That you might not be able to save him?
[ sighs ]
I think our first order of business is to raise awareness,
Go viral -- instagram, twitter, vine,
And then a hashtag to put it to bed.
Well, what about an event? Talk to me.
Two words -- soul cycle.
I'm listening.
Do you remember when jen had the event at the beverly hilton?
Sarah: With all that nonsense on her face?
I've never seen kara this quiet.
You'd think it would be a welcome change,
But it's kind of making me sad,
And I'm already in a coma.
It's hard to bum me out.
I think she was drunk. [ chuckles ] oh.
Okay, but what were we fighting for? She's such a bitch.
Not that we were able to tell.
You remember ride for rosacea? Yes.
People love to sweat for a good cause.
By the time we dismounted those bikes,
Our skin had the luster of a freshwater pearl.
I've got it. #heartandsoul.
[ gasps ] oh, my god. Write that down.
Write that down right now. Are you kidding me?
Kara, what do you think?
Oh. Wh--
Should we go look for her? In a second.
That's so good.
You're trying my salted-ice-cube diet, aren't you?
What do you want, kara?
If you're looking for children's souls, try the nicu.
You have a bunch of weeklies I haven't read yet.
Take them. They're all yours.
Kara: I could also use a quiet place to read them.
I don't think so.
Why not? Because I don't like you.
I can eat your lunch for a whole week if you want.
And this way, next time you "gain weight,"
They might actually believe you.
You can stay in my room for 20 minutes
If you tell me why you're really here.
What do you care why?
I don't care. But I'm trying.
It's called empathy.
Okay, fine.
I'm avoiding nurse jackson.
She's totally out to get me for, like, no reason.
By nurse jackson, do you mean your power lesbian moms?
Well, sorry we didn't all grow up
On a very special episode of "7th heaven."
Why do you have to be like that?
Like you don't care?
I mean, try being honest for a change.
You can start by telling me one true thing about yourself.
She snores, she hoards cheetos,
That blowout of hers is all extensions --
I could go on.
Can I ask you a question first?
Depends how insulting it is.
Did your dad seriously make you wear that shirt?
[ chuckles ]
He didn't make me. I wanted to.
We had them made for our annual memorial day camping trip.
So, you, like, do stuff with your parents outside of therapy?
We used to do a lot together,
But when I got sick,
They became totally focused on my disorder --
What I was eating, how skinny I became.
Everything shifted from our family to just...Me.
That actually sounds nice.
My mom's only interested in me when it benefits her.
You just bought yourself 20 minutes.
Dr. Mcandrew.
Hey, man. You did great.
It doesn't hurt as much as I thought.
Well, we ended up taking a different route in surgery.
What does that mean?
I did not take off your leg.
Wait, what?
Oh, my god.
You saved my leg!
Thank you! [ laughing ] thank you so much!
Jordi, jordi -- oh.
I think I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
All right. Okay, listen. Just close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
There you go.
We're gonna talk about this later, okay?
The only thing worse than finding out
That someone's test results are worse than you expected
Is having to tell them.
What are you doing in here?
What's your problem?
She's leaving in three minutes.
I'll come back then.
Wait. Have you seen jordi?
How is he?
He's great. He got to keep his leg.
Oh, my god. You must feel like crap.
Leo's not like that.
I mean, of course he's happy for jordi.
Oh, are you, leo?
Are you so, so happy for jordi right now?
[ sighs deeply ]
Do you work hard to be this mean,
Or does it come naturally to you?
I have a better question.
Why is it that the two most eligible bachelors
In this hellhole can only sport wood for a bag of bones?
Yeah, you can leave now.
[ grunts ]
[ sighs ]
What's going on here? I'm out of here.
Where to? Somewhere normal,
A place where I can just be like everybody else.
Not without me, man.
Look, I'm gonna get changed real quick.
[ sighs ]
Looks like leo's finally gonna walk a mile...
Or just across the street.
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ how was I supposed to know?
You know, sometimes things are better in theory than they are in practice.
This is not one of those times. ♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ how was I supposed to know?
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ something is not right with me ♪
♪ I'm trying not to let it show ♪
So, getting to keep his leg was actually a bad thing?
[ sighs ] I mean, I'm still waiting
For the onc team to review all the path,
But this is not an osteosarcoma.
What does jordi know? Oh, my god.
He was so happy he got to keep his leg, I couldn't --
I couldn't go there yet.
How's leo taking it?
About as well as you'd expect.
I should probably talk to leo, too.
[ sighs ] you okay?
Yeah, you know, usually I see 99 patients in a row and I'm fine.
This kid comes in alone, no family,
Trying to save his own life,
I mean, it just sneaks up on you.
Just figure out how you're gonna break the news to jordi.
I'll deal with leo.
No, you don't have to do that.
I don't mind. No, really. It's fine.
You don't want me talking to leo.
Of course I do. I just -- I know...
I know how busy you are.
You think I can't be nice.
I'd like to start over, if I may.
I bet you would... Jackass.
See? That...Is not nice.
[ up-tempo pop music playing ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
I just can't believe
That you've never seen "the hunger games."
It's like, seriously, the greatest thing that's ever happened.
Well, that's not possible. Why not?
Because you're seriously the greatest thing that's ever happened.
Oh, my god. It's true.
That's, like, the most amazing thing
Anyone has ever said to me in my entire life.
And I don't even think jennifer lawrence is that hot.
♪ give it up, give it all the way ♪
♪ we don't care about yesterday ♪
♪ playing with fire till we burn out and fade away ♪
♪ we're never...
Emma, you haven't seen leo lately, have you?
I can't find him anywhere. He was in my room a while ago.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Sarah: We already got a crapload of free pressed juice.
What I'm looking for is some transpo.
Thanks again, linds. You're the best.
Love you. Kiss, kiss.
You must be kara's moms. I'm emma.
Oh, I'm sarah. This is daniella.
Nice to meet you. Are you friends with kara?
"friends" is a strong word.
I'd say we're more like acquaintances --
Similar in age, female.
Aren't you adorable? Love that dainty chapeau. Thank you.
Do you guys have a minute to talk about kara?
Is she bullying you?
Actually, yes, but that's not what I'm worried about.
She's going through a lot right now
And could really use your support.
Uh, yeah, that's why we're here.
Have you heard about our campaign to raise awareness for kara's condition?
It was sarah's idea. She's a marketing genius.
I'm actually talking about a different kind of support.
Not that your campaign isn't great, it's just...
What I think kara needs right now is someone to listen to her.
You know, as theodore roosevelt said,
"no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."
She is one smart cookie.
Too bad she won't eat a cookie.
She needs her parents.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
Thank you so much for talking to us about that, emma.
We got to get her to tweet.
Where the hell is everybody?
I'm waiting on updates on the kid.
Oh, by the way, that's ruben.
He's a hippie hypochondriac who lives here at the hospital.
Say that three times fast.
The kid is out of surgery, and leo's out of the building.
How do you know?
He took his shoes -- both of them --
And he wore his leg.
Well, I'll be damned.
Good for him.
Kenji! Aah!
You rang?
We need to find leo roth now.
I think you burst my eardrum.
This is collette. Guys, this is leo.
Leo: Hi. I'm -- I'm leo.
This is sandra, kyle.
Leo, man, it's time to fleece this function.
[ laughs ] I can't belive he said that.
This guy's so funny.
I love him. He's like my brother.
Bro, is that leg hurting?
No, I'm fine.
Look, man, emma just texted me asking where you were,
And jackson is on the hunt, so -- so go home.
I'm not gonna leave you. You can't even walk back by yourself.
Why are you being such a dick?
Hey, leo, chill out, man.
No, you need to chill out. I don't want you here.
I don't need you here. I'm all good.
I think he wants you to go.
Yeah, I got that.
See you later, brother.
[ up-tempo pop music playing ]
[ groans softly ]
Sarah: Kara, we want to talk to you.
Mm. Mnh-mnh.
We wanted to apologize.
Um, okay.
We've been really neglectful.
We've been so consumed with your campaign
That we haven't even focused on the person who matters most.
This event is in your honor,
And we haven't even included any of your hospital friends.
I don't have any friends here.
Well, what about emma? We were just talking with her about you.
[ scoffs ]
You were talking to emma about me behind my back?
Well, not behind your back. You're misunderstanding. Okay, stop it, kara.
I mean, don't let your jealousy ruin
What could ultimately be a very beneficial relationship.
If anything, you should strive to be a bit more like emma.
She's poised, smart, she pulls off those chic hats.
She could be exactly what you need
To appeal to that stupid transplant board.
You have got to be kidding me.
48 hours into labor, I knew that kid was gonna be a problem.
The only thing harder than breaking out of a hospital --
Breaking back in.
Hello, dash. Hey, brittany.
Mm, don't even try to sweet-talk me.
Nurse jackson is looking for leo,
And I know you know where he is.
I do.
So let's go tell nurse jackson.
I have a better idea.
You bony bitch.
Nice to see you, too.
You know, I expect my cheer squad to stab me in the back,
Because, honestly, they were mostly raised by wolves,
But I didn't expect this crap from you.
Once again, I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm talking about my mom and her latest obsession.
You? No, you.
She thinks you're adorable and perfect,
And she said I should strive to be more like you.
She actually used the word "strive,"
Which makes me want to gag.
Hey, I want to gag. Look, I'm more like you already.
Yeah, well, I'm not bulimic.
Oh, same difference.
Most girls I know would kill to have an eating disorder.
And most girls I know would kill you.
[ scoffs ]
Look, I'm sorry, all right?
I was genuinely just trying to get your mom to listen to you.
Well, she's never going to change. Maybe not.
But there's still hope for you.
This morning, you opened up a little bit,
And, honestly, it made me see you a little differently.
Like a lot prettier?
I used to think your soul was black,
But now it's more of a charcoal gray.
My point is,
You can change your relationship with your mom, too.
Yeah, right.
Maybe try being honest about how you feel.
You know, tell daniella one true thing and see what happens.
Daniella is not my mom.
She's my former nanny turned step-monster.
Really? That's so weird. I thought that --
Never mind.
Say it. Never mind.
[ up-tempo pop music playing, indistinct conversations ]
Do you have a condom?
Oh, um [groans]
That's okay. I have some.
[ chuckles ]
[ indistinct singing ]
Do you like that? [ chuckles ] yeah.
Wait. Don't. What's wrong?
I said stop.
What's your problem?
I don't have a problem. You're the one acting like a slut.
Um, I'm sorry.
Wait, e-elise. Wait, elise.
[ grunts ]
Got your text. You okay?
You know where leo is? Leo?
Leo said he'd come to see me after my surgery,
But he hasn't been here all day.
He knows about my leg, doesn't he?
Yeah. Yeah, he does.
Probably hates me, right?
I don't blame him. I'd hate me, too.
All right, look, uh, jordi...
I need to talk to you about what we saw during your surgery.
Thought it went well.
Thought that's why I got to keep my leg.
You got to keep your leg
Because there was no reason for me to take your leg off.
The, uh -- the cancer has spread to your soft tissue.
Maybe even started there and moved into your bone marrow.
At this point, you know,
It's easy to misdiagnose soft tissue for osteosarcoma,
But removing your leg would not have helped.
So what happens now?
We're gonna start you on some chemotherapy,
We're gonna try and shrink the tumors,
And we're gonna see how you and your cancer respond
To the treatment before we try another surgery.
So there'll be another surgery? Yeah.
Which means that we will need someone from your family
To sign off on the treatment.
Your grandmother -- she won't sign off.
She doesn't believe I have cancer.
Maybe if I call.
It doesn't matter. She hates doctors.
Let's talk about this later, okay?
Um, right now, is there, uh...
I-is there anybody that you want me to call?
Is there anybody that you want here with you?
♪ come so far
I told you... I got no one.
♪ so let me know when we get there ♪
♪ if we get there
Sometimes, the longest mile is the one you walk alone.
[ rap music playing ]
Uh, could someone please tell me where I might find leo roth?
All right, who ordered a stripper?
[ cheers ] excuse me?
Hot nurse. It's a common stripper theme.
I'd go with it. Oh, okay.
Well, for the record,
I'm not sure why any of you would come here
And risk alcohol poisoning,
Which could lead to heart palpitations
And decreased urine output.
Hey, how -- how much for a private lap dance?
[ cheering ]
I am not a stripper.
[ laughter ]
Man: Ow, ow!
[ door opens ]
Get his left side.
Now, dash.
Lean on me, leo. [ grunts ] I got you.
[ grunts ] okay.
Okay, wait, wait.
He's not on the roof.
All right, I'm calling it. People, we're code purple.
He was at the coffee shop down the street.
I tried to tell him that caffeine would stunt his growth,
But...You know kids.
They just don't listen. Brittany.
Nice job.
Where's mom?
Well, she's definitely not outside smoking a cigarette,
Because she knows how much I hate that.
Cute kid.
Or devastatingly handsome.
He reminds me of the first boy I nannied for. Sutton.
You remember sutton?
You only talked about him the first six years of my life.
He was a sweet kid.
His parents were going through
This horrible divorce when I started.
I remember feeling so badly for him.
You didn't feel quite as bad
When you caused my parents' divorce.
I didn't cause their divorce.
I know.
So, if mom's outside, smoking a cigarette,
She must be stressed.
She's not gonna be able to get me a new heart, is she?
I don't know.
So what now?
Well, I'm not sure.
But I do know one thing.
You're braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem, and...
Both: Smarter than you think.
Don't be winnie the pooh-ing my ass.
I'm not five years old anymore.
That is true.
But you'll always be my kara bear.
Sarah: Good. You're back.
Ellen's assistant couldn't talk, but she's on a flight at 9:00 --
Mom, I have to tell you something.
It's not an easy thing for me to admit,
But I feel like I need to be honest with you.
What is it?
I've never seen "ellen."
How is that possible?
The woman is syndicated, for god's sake.
And I'm sure she's fabulous,
Despite her unfortunate hair choices,
But I feel like a hypocrite asking her to help me.
I think it would be better if I just figure it out myself.
Well, if that's what you want, then we're here for you.
Absolutely, we are.
I mean, agree to disagree, but it's your decision.
♪ tell me
♪ where you want me to go
Kara: For the record, I am familiar with portia's work.
[ sighs ]
♪ tell me now
♪ before I already know
Bartender: Rough day, doc?
Some days are harder than others.
I don't know how you do it.
♪ walking through the halls
♪ feeling now
♪ we're about to fall
♪ ya-da-da-da
♪ la-da-da-da-da-da
You know, you wouldn't be in so much pain
If you went to physical therapy.
Could've walked home.
I've been afraid that if wore the leg,
It would be like this really happened.
But it did happen. It happened to you.
I thought, with jordi's surgery,
That there would be another person here like me.
[ sighs ]
This morning, when I was waiting for him to come out...
I wanted to be there for him.
But, really, I was counting on him being there for me.
So I wouldn't feel so...Alone.
You're not alone, leo.
We're all here for you.
I know.
But sometimes, I can't feel it.
I can't take it in, you know?
You can't run away from your life.
It's yours and it's precious.
You just have to claim it.
I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
[ chuckles ] well, that's what real monkey love is.
Did that sound weird because I'm still drunk
Or just because it's weird?
[ chuckles ]
♪ hope when you take that jump, you don't fear the fall ♪
♪ hope when the water rises, you build a wall ♪
Hey. Tough day?
Wasn't great. Oh, really? God.
[ chuckles ]
I know exactly how you feel.
♪ and I hope that you don't suffer ♪
♪ but take the pain
Sometimes, you don't need
To walk in another person's shoes to know how they feel.
Sometimes, the best thing you can do is sit beside them.
♪ I
♪ I did it all
♪ I owned every second that this world could give ♪
♪ yeah, with every broken bone
♪ I swear I lived