Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

-=Seoul, 2012=-

-=April, 1694=-

Grab him!

-=1694, Joseon, King Suk Jong, 20th year=-

1694, the 20th year of the reign
of Joseon Dynasty's King Suk Jong.
-=1694, Joseon, King Suk Jong, 20th year=-

-=1694, Joseon, King Suk Jong, 20th year=-

Five years ago, Queen In Hyeon was
dethroned under the reign of King Suk Jong.

Those who were against
this matter were tortured.

Lady Jang Ok Jeong was crowned Queen.

However, 5 years later,

due to the severe increase in strength of the
Jang Clan and South Faction, who wielded too much power,

King Suk Jong has another change of heart.

The West Faction planned the reinstatement
of Queen In Hyeon in secrecy.

The King's change of heart was noted by
the Right Deputy Prime Minister, Min Am.

A conspiracy was then planned for
the assassination of Queen In Hyeon.

-=1694, Joseon, King Suk Jong, 20th year=-

-=Queen In Hyeon=-

The thought renewing the relationship with you,

has never once left my mind.

Capturing Min Am for his
crimes is not an easy task.

Please empathize with my frustrated heart.

Your Majesty,

my sins cannot be forgiven.

Being able to live is considered a benevolence.

Just as the green tea branches freely fall...

In regards to the person who asks this,
I can only shed tears of deep gratitude.

Who is out there?

Is it the fourth month?

However, there is no way
to repay this benevolence.

My sins, how can I ever repay them?

Please let there be no more bloodshed on
my behalf. Please turn this into a strong nation.

Are you all right?

Forgive my disrespectful act, Your Majesty.

-=Right Deputy Prime Minister, Min Am=-

Your Excellency, I am coming in.

How was it?

That... Something unexpected happened.

Something unexpected happened?

-=Jang Ok Jeong, Lady Jang, Queen at that time=-

Did you say it failed? How?
-=Jang Ok Jeong, Lady Jang, Queen at that time=-

It is said that Officer Gim Bung Do has brought people
-=Courtier, Adviser to the Queen=-

to the gates.
-=Courtier, Adviser to the Queen=-

How did he know?

I heard that he stole
a letter from Lord Min Am.


Something big has happened, Your Majesty.

If this were to be relayed to His Majesty--

How can one not do their
best at something like this?

It is best to call His Excellency
for a discussion first.

Have you lost your mind?

Did I call you in order to become
a fellow traitor by tomorrow?

Where is Orabeoni now?
(Orabeoni - older brother)

Tell Orabeoni to come, immediately!

Why did you come at this late hour?

The atmosphere at the palace has been
unusual, so I have been observing.

Today's incident is related to Lord Min Am.

Please do not associate
this incident with the palace.

How can you utter such words?

What is this?

This is the secret order to assassinate
Your Majesty, handwritten by Min Am.

His people should already know
that I have stolen this letter.

They will not let go of this matter easily.

There's no time to waste
before they make a move.

I must enter the palace
and relay this to His Majesty.

Appeal to the court for
the dethronement of the Queen.

Dethronement of the Queen?
This is beyond belief!

How dare you talk about the
dethronement of the Queen?

This is not my intention,
but His Majesty's intention.

Furthermore, it is also the desire
of tens of thousands of people.

Please do not worry.

We will continue to protect
you until the end, Your Majesty.

Everyone must pay special
attention to every action.

Yes, My Lord.

We must protect Her Majesty with our lives.

Because it is our duty.

Do not worry.

Let's go!

What are you doing?

- How disappointing.
- It was good, really.

Forgive me, My Lord.

I will prepare something new immediately.

My Lord.

Very well. Go ahead, play.

My Lord, what has happened?

I came here because I wanted to see you.

Did you get hurt?


That blood is...

Look after this for a moment.

What is this?

A letter that can cause
an uproar in the court.

There are too many
wolves craving for my blood.

I'm afraid it will be snatched away
before His Majesty can see it,

thus I came here.

I will send people to get it in a few days.
Please protect it.

Exactly what is being planned?

Once you've done something,
it should be revised too, right?

I've waited for a long time.

My Lord.

Please carry this with you.

What is it?

It's a talisman from the temple.

It will protect you.

I do not give my life for spells
of that incompetent fellow.

To have your life depend on a Gisaeng,
don't tell me that is not incompetence.
(Gisaeng - female entertainer, prostitute)

What you're saying is right.

Let's go.

Please go.


I am Gim Bung Do from the Office
of Special Advisers. Open the gate.

It is because you are not
wearing the official uniform.

I have received urgent orders to enter,
thus I'm not wearing the official uniform.

Hurry, open the gate.

Put the sword down first.

Open the gate!

I have an urgent letter to give to His Majesty.
Please tell him I would like to have an audience with him.

But please keep it confidential.

At this hour?

His Majesty has already gone to sleep.
I am sorry.

Officer Hong Nae Gwan,
it has been reported before.

Just inform His Majesty that
I have come and he will understand.

I understand.

However, as it is without precedent,

I'm worried that there will be rumors.

How about going to the
Office of Special Advisers?

I understand.

There's even an assassin
in the palace, who is it?

-=Queen In Hyeon's Man=-

-=318 years later, Seoul 2012=-

~ Looks like I've figured out your heart first. ~

~ From the moment I met you. ~

~ At this moment, feeling a little suspicious,
I run to you without knowing. ~

~ Quietly, looking into your eyes, ~

~ the whole world seems so beautiful. ~

~ Love comes and everything
else becomes like a dream. ~

~ Just like that, I feel like I am born again. ~

~ Love does not waver. ~

~ Just like now,
I want to be with you forever. ~

The audition!

The audition for Queen In Hyeon, where is it?

Ah, did you come for the audition?

It's on the 3rd floor.

I've searched everywhere on
the 3rd floor, but it's not there.

- It's in the next building.
- What?

It's not this building.
It's on the 3rd floor of the next building.

Take the stairs down 1 floor, pass
through the lobby, and that will do it.


Did you go? Have you arrived?

I've arrived, but it's finished.

Why? Has the audition ended?

The audition ended long ago. I was too late.

Didn't I say that it would end early, now look...

I clearly said that I would audition at 3.

And I wanted to put in a lot of effort,
but my heels are ruined.

I've completely given up.

I'm already late by an hour.
Do you think it's still possible?

What are you saying?
It's 3 o'clock now.


I said it's 3 o'clock now.
You're not late.

It's 4:05 now.

It's 3:05--

You're wearing my watch, aren't you?


Don't you know it's faster?

Is it?
It really is!

Then, how can I just give up like this?

Is a broken heel a problem?
Just having it will do.

I'm hanging up first.

Excuse me.
Just a moment.

Who can I blame, Your Majesty.

I am incompetent,

creating such a calamity without knowing.

Turn and try it again.


No, the opposite direction.

Let's start over again.


-=Lady Jang=-

-=Lady Jang=-

Her looks

don't really match the role.

I am incompetent, creating
such calamity without knowing.

In my ignorance,
I was not able to grasp the opportunity.

Please blame me for everything.

- Miss Choe Hui Jin?
- Yes.

The time was pushed back.
It'll be your turn in 30 minutes.


After this ends, come backstage.


Where is the dressing room?


Who's late?
I still have 30 minutes left.

High heels?
I borrowed them from someone.

Hey, it just happened that the staff member
was one of my only fans in the whole world.

I said that I had to go for an audition,
and she lent them to me.

Anyway, I can't give up without a fight.
That's what I learned today.

I feel really good today,
like I'm going to succeed.

What is that?


Omo, omo.
(Omo - oh my)

=What's wrong?=

Wh-What's happening? Omo.

Here... This...


=What is it? What's the situation?=

=Hello? Hey, are you listening?=

Down. Quickly, pull it down. Down.

=Quickly pull down what?=

Down. I said, pull it down!

Pull it down.


Pull it down!

Don't, please don't.

(Hyeong - older brother)

Don't, don't. Don't be like this.

=Don't what? Choe Hui Jin!
Did something happen?=

Hyeong, look at this.


What is it?

There's not much time left.
We still have another activities on your schedule.

Hurry and get changed.

Completely crazy, that bastard.

Hey, Choe Hui Jin.

Your skirt is turned up.

Is this real or not?

It's been a while.
Have you been well?

You haven't changed at all,

still having fun teasing others.

Just then, the blinds really
wouldn't go down. Really!

But the timing was really precise, right?

Why are you here?

I have work to attend to.

Could it be that you knew of my return
and undressed to wait for me?

Who's waiting for whom?

Is it because you're not so popular nowadays
that your brain is malfunctioning, Mr. Han Dong Min?

It's hard to understand.

Then what were you doing in there?

Were you possibly with someone...
trying to... in broad daylight?

I came for an audition, why?

I was running out of time,
and I needed a place to change.

I was in a hurry to change and leave,
but who knew who was coming...

Every company would want a Hallyu star like you,
(Hallyu - the Korean wave)

but a secondhand newbie like me
can only keep trying out for auditions.

Is there any other solution?

So you came to audition?

So you get it now?


But you didn't come out
from the company? Why?

How did you--

Your contact details changed,
that's why I'm asking.

Why did you find out my contact details?

Out of curiosity.

I was curious about how you've been living.

Aren't you curious about me?

A certain amount of time is
required before one becomes curious.

Throughout the whole year,
24 hours a day, on every channel,

I saw scandals of you with female actresses.

Moreover, the surnames are always different.

Some Yun, Song, Sin, Gim or Hwang actress.

Recently, you've become famous among
musicians too. You're quite awesome.

Are you still angry now?

Didn't we break up peacefully?

Then why are you still angry?

You're right. We broke up peacefully.

You said that the opportunity finally came,
and asked me not to become a burden to you.

Didn't I agree?

Therefore, in the future,
pretend that you don't know me.

Why? Aren't you afraid that
I'll be a burden to you?

Dating a star of a different
level will anger your fans,

Hallyu star, Mr. Han Dong Min.

Good luck with your audition.

Thank you.

Why is he laughing? Bastard.

Miss Choe Hui Jin.

Miss Hui Jin.


Forget it, Choe Hui Jin.
Han Dong Min is nothing.

If you give up now, you lose.

Please go in.

Please enter.

Just stand on the mark over there.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello everyone, I'm Choe Hui Jin.

Have you participated in Miss Jeonnam before?

Yes, I qualified for the 2007 finals.

But why didn't you start doing anything
after that? Only photo shoots?

Ah, yes, because I wanted to study acting.

That's why I've been studying
Theater in order to gain experience.

In regards to acting,
have you done anything well known?

Last year, in "Our Twisted Hero"...

The President is here.

Let me introduce Mr. Han Dong Min.


Aigoo, Mr. Han Dong Min.
Thank you for choosing to participate.
(Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)

I will work hard.
Nice to meet you.

It's been a while.

How are you, Director?

Ah, you're selecting my co-star?

Dong Min, would you
like to watch together?

It will be good if the person
involved is pleased.

Then I will not hesitate.

Of course.

Come, sit here.

This time, Han Dong Min will be
playing the role of King Suk Jong.


She must be too happy, that
she had to speak so loudly.

Director, how about this?

Isn't the subject a new Jang Bin?
How about a new feeling?

Not a feeble Jang Bin,
but a tough image instead,

the type who insults the King
when she is not satisfied.

That's not a bad idea.

- I feel that it can attract the youth.
- It's a good idea.

Director Yang, you should consider it.

Yes, I feel that it's very fresh.

That's really...

I'm going to die.

So tired.

Why isn't she here yet?

The audition should
have ended by now.

=Sound of your ringtone, sound of your ringtone.
Hurry and answer your phone.=


Eating Ramyeon, too tired.
(Ramyeon - Instant korean noodles.)

It would have been better if
you came home to eat.

How was your audition?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

What? Why?

Didn't you put in a lot of effort this time,
saying that you were confident?

What? You met Han Dong Min?

What? You undressed?

He even came in for the audition?

What? He's playing King Suk Jong?

It's over. During my audition,
he kept laughing on the side,

making me unable to act properly.
I want to make him...

I've disappointed you again.
Sorry for getting your hopes up.

This punk who ruins lives!

Hey, it's better this way.

That punk is King Suk Jong.
What are you still doing there?

Can you film a romantic drama
whilst looking at his face?

Forget it. Even if you're successful,
don't do it.

What nonsense are you saying?
If I'm selected, of course I'll do it.

Don't do it, don't. I hate it.

And how many managers do you have? Hurry
and come home. Being a star, how can you
still be sitting outside at this hour?

I'll order whelks, hurry back home.

Whelks? Cool.

It didn't feel that bad
when I borrowed the shoes.

=Sound of your ringtone, sound of your ringtone.
Hurry and answer your phone.=


Where are you now?

Who are you?

Have you forgotten the
voice of your ex-boyfriend?

You are too much.

I've finished my filming.
Where are you?

How did you get this number?

You want to play Queen In Hyeon, right?

What did you say?

If you want to, come to Peyto Lake.

You still remember the
place we used to go to, right?

I wanted to remind you-


He has really gone crazy.

Since he's popular now, he can't differentiate
between North, South, East and West.

Try and provoke me one more
time, I'll show you!

This... really deserves to die.

Ajussi, ajussi... stop. Stop. Stop!
(Ajussi - older man, uncle)

Miss, it's dangerous.
What are you doing?

Are you insane?

At such an important time like this,
Han Dong Min you bastard!

=Hello? Hello?=

Hello, director?

=That startled me, why does
your voice sound so far away?=

Because I'm at the subway,
can't you hear me?

Director? I can hear you clearly.

=Are you able to talk now?=

Yes, yes. Please speak, I'm listening.

What? What? Then...

=Let's work together.=

=Miss Hui Jin, we have
made our final decision.=

=Let's work together to
make this drama a success.=

=Hello? Are you listening?
Miss Hui Jin?=

- Thank you very much, Director.
- =Hello?=

I'll do my best.

Director, thank you very much.
I'll do my best.

I will become the best Queen In Hyeon.

Thank you very much, Director.
Thank you very much, Director.

I can really become the best Queen In Hyeon.
Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, Director.

Did you hear a sound?

What sound?

Like something fell down and broke.

Could it be that someone is inside?

Impossible, everyone has left.

Let's make another round, and then go back.

What are you doing?

- My Lord.
- My Lord.

Why are you near the Office of Special
Advisors instead of doing inpections?

It's not like that. It's because
we heard a strange noise.

At this hour, who dares to be insolent?

Would you two have other intentions?

No, it's possible that he heard wrong.

Go ahead.

- Yes.
- Yes.

What happened?
Where is Gim Bung Do?

Is he dead?


That fellow, where is he?

That's strange. Where did everyone go?

Hey brat, it's not there. It's on this side.

This side?

No, the opposite direction.
Ah, this rotten brat.

Excuse me, what role
are you playing?

What role are you playing?

I'm also one of the actors in
this drama, Queen In Hyeon.

I am Queen In Hyeon.

You've not heard yet right?
It was just recently decided,

30 minutes ago.

Because it's not publicly announced yet,
I'm actually not supposed to tell you.

But, I'm really so happy that I can't hold it in.

Please keep it to yourself alone.

Right, please have some of these.
I've bought some snacks.

Do you not like donuts?

Excuse me, are you not
an actor for this drama?

Excuse me, are you okay?

Do you possibly know?


Whether I am dead or dreaming?


Are you sincerely asking me
because you are curious?

Yes, I am serious.

This is my memory of our first meeting.

Not 3 years or 30 years ,

how can I possibly know his situation for the past 300 years?

I answered the question honestly.

Then please don't be angry, since you wanted an answer.

The way I see it, you're
not dead neither dreaming.

It's more like you've
been drinking too much.

-= Next Episode Preview =-

Not even cast in the supporting role,
how did you manage to become the lead actress?

Do you know Gim Bung Do?

In order to capture Gim Bung Do,
I must capture you first.

Why are you doing this?

Queen In Hyeon has been
captured, what should we do?

Hello, I'm Choe Hui Jin.

So easily becoming a lead
actress, you must be proud.

By chance, did you get involved
after the audition ended?

I thought it was a dream,
but it was not a dream.

What I have seen is too
strange to be easily forgotten.

What kind of person
is that guy really?

He must've gone crazy cause he wanted
to become an actor so badly but he didn't.

Don't come any closer.

Should we start seeing
each other again?