Queen In-hyun's Man (2012): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Ja Su, you know how important this is,

yet you still utter nonsense.

The importance of this,
I clearly understand it.

But, I saw it with my own eyes.

I was about to stab him in the neck,

but he just completely vanished.

He surely has not left the palace yet.

I will call the officers.
You find your own way out.

Might as well just put all the blame on him.

Otherwise, how is it possible to capture
him in a palace of this size?

This is not possible.

What are you doing?
Hurry and disappear.

I thought he was just an incompetent scholar.

Exactly what tactics did he use?

Excuse me.

What role are you playing?

What role are you playing?

I'm also one of the actors in this drama,

Queen In Hyeon.

I am Queen In Hyeon.

You've not heard yet, right?
It was just recently decided.

Thirty minutes ago.

Because it's not publicly announced yet,
I'm actually not supposed to tell you.

But, I'm really so happy that I can't hold it in.

Please keep it to yourself.

Right, please have some of these.

I've bought some snacks.

Do you not like donuts?

Excuse me, are you not
an actor for this drama?

Excuse me, are you okay?

- Excuse me, do you possibly know...
- Sorry?

Whether I am dead or whether I am dreaming?


Are you seriously asking me
because you are curious?

I am seriously curious about this.

Then, please don't be angry,

since you wanted an answer.

The way I see it,
you're neither dead nor dreaming.

It's more like you've been drinking too much.

It's not... That's just the way I see it.

I'm not saying that
you really did drink a lot.

Looks like you didn't catch my joke.

What I meant was,
your question was a bit strange.

What I said wasn't serious.

Miss Choe Hui Jin?


The Director said to wait another 10 minutes.

Okay, I will be right here.

What's this?

Leaving without a word.

He really must be crazy.

Si. Do. Tong. Rae. Gan. Pil. Gu. In.

Who dares to use a sword in the palace?

This is clearly a conspiracy.

You must certainly find this fellow.

Surely he has not yet left the palace.

Give me my sword.

Lord of Doctrines,

something unforeseen has happened
in the palace. No one is allowed to leave.

Even I can't leave?

For now, you can only wait here.

I did not wear my official uniform,
yet you let me enter.

If others were to find out about this,

then you will be kicked out of the palace,
not being able to say anything for yourselves.


It was you who said that it
was a royal order, so we...

We are doing this for your sake--

I do not wish to hear your excuses.

All I ask is for you to keep your mouths
shut and tell no one I was here.

Quickly hand me my sword!

No matter who asks,
don't tell them that you have seen me tonight.

That is the only way you will both live.
Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Your Majesty, congratulations to you.

Congratulations on your enthronement as the Queen.

May you continue to prosper, Your Majesty.

Thank you, Court Lady Jo.

If Your Majesty is successful,
only then will I be successful.

I knew that this day would come,

that's why I have always
been loyal to Your Majesty.

However, it has been a worrisome day.

You and I were always meant to prosper.

This is not by heavenly blessings nor natural causes.

From now on, we must keep going forward.

You are right, Your Majesty.

Let's have a toast.

I want to use English.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Always using the royal language
has finally paid off.

You weren't even cast as a supporting role,

how did you manage to become
the lead actress right away?


You're funny.

Didn't you say that if I am acting
with Han Dong Min as Suk Jong,

that I should absolutely not do it?

Now that it's done,
why are you so happy?

Hey, really...

That was only to comfort you.

Isn't it better if it's Han Dong Min?

Honestly speaking,
there is a feeling of misfortune.

But working together with Han Dong Min,
there's a chance to earn more money.

The recent trend is Han Dong Min.

It's all right if I don't
make money immediately.

It is only just the beginning now.

Don't even think of making me confused.
I won't be.

You sure know how to joke, Your Majesty.

First of all, you can let
out a sigh of relief...

but in the future, I'm going to give
you a good amount of intense training.

All this while, always being unemployed,

that's why I'll make proper use of you.

Really... do it right.

Here, here. Eat this too.

Who can it be, this late?

Who are you?

=Are you Su Gyeong?=

Who are you?

=I'm Dong Min oppa.=
(Oppa - older brother, boyfriend)


Hey, it's Han Dong Min.


Omo, it's really Dong Min oppa.
(Omo - oh my)

Hi, it's been a long time.

Why are you here at this hour?

Hui Jin did not answer my call.

I have something to say to her.

What? What...

The Director said that he wanted to
give Queen In Hyeon's role to Hui Jin,

but I'm just a little hesitant.


What is it?

What are they talking about?

Why did he come?


Never thought there would
be this kind of circumstance.


He doesn't seem to think
you fit as Queen In Hyeon.

What should we do?

That bastard is really,
right to the end...

Wait... the Director, Chief and
President have all selected me.

Who is he to say that
he's not happy with it?

Hey, how can you say it like that?

This is regarding Han Dong Min's partner,

of course he has the right
to have a word in this.

If he insists that he's not willing...

This is also a serious problem.

First, start a conversation and try
to communicate for a while.

He said he called you,
but you did not pick up.

Go out. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

What should I say?

When I went for the audition,
I didn't know Han Dong Min was involved.

Why do I need his permission?

Who is he?

Isn't he the King?


I didn't know that you were
living here all this while.

Seems like there's not a
single penny left since then?

The flower pot that I gave
to you before, where is it?

My autograph is even on there.

Because there was somebody else.
So the gift given by an ex-lover,

if I still had it,
wouldn't that make me a crazy girl?

You... How did you know
what I was going to say?

I called you out and you refused.

When did our relationship turn into a "when I call
you out, you must come out" kind of relationship?

A person who hasn't called for the past 2 years,

isn't this laughable?

A rookie becoming Queen
In Hyeon is not bad at all.

For me, it's no big deal if
she is my ex-girlfriend either.

Then why are you being a stump?

No matter what, what you lack
in your acting makes me worried.

- What?
- Doesn't everyone know about your bad acting?

Omo, how long ago was that?

Didn't you see earlier?
Everyone was praising me.

That short sentence, just by memorizing,
anyone could have acted it out well.

This is a 50 episode sageuk, can you continue acting?
(Sageuk - Korean historical drama)

It won't be long before your
true nature is unmasked.

- I'm not the old Choe Hui Jin.
- What's different about Choe Hui Jin--


Are you asking me to clean up now?

It will be determined based on flaws. Here.

I've told the Director that it will be decided

based on flaws.

See page 78.

You came to my house just to see my acting?

If only one person acts, it will be very awkward.

I will act with you.

Isn't this too much?

No matter what, the lead actors--

Quickly. I'm also a very busy person.

They're waiting for me downstairs.

I'm starting.

Why not criticize my hastiness?

Why are you always enduring it?

My Queen. My Queen...

Hurry and give me an answer, My Queen.

I was not able to find the right
moment because of foolishness.

Please b-b-blame me for my foolishness.

Was it really because you
couldn't find the right moment,

or were you pretending not to know?

How could I...

I am a sinner, Your Majesty.


-=She does not approach him=-

-=She does not approach him=-

Didn't I tell you to come over?

If My Queen will not come,
should I come closer?

What? Don't come any closer.
Aren't we just reading the script?

Should we start seeing each other again?

What did you say?

How about we start dating again?

The entertainment channel that you're always watching,

there have been no more
scandals about me lately, right?

I've had no contacts recently.

This is all your fault.

In fact, since earlier on...

the way you laugh,
has always been stuck in my head.

That's why I couldn't continue acting.

Looks like you still see me as a fool. However...

Your flaws seems fine.

Okay, I like it.


This bastard... seriously.

Hey, you ass...

Hyeong, start the car.
(Hyeong - older brother)


Quickly, hurry.

You're really...

Choe Hui Jin, Queen In Hyeon is yours!

What did you say?

I said, Queen In Hyeon is yours!

It's mine even if you don't appoint me!

Queen In Hyeon was originally mine!

How irritating.

Hey, what are you doing exactly?

We haven't even signed the contract yet,

and you're already entering an actress' house.

Do you want to create a scandal?

Hyeong. Hyeong,

It's been a while since
my heart beat like this.


Don't mention heartbeats.
Whenever you say that, I break out in a cold sweat.

Thinking about the past...

That was the best time.

Hey, hey, hey.

Why did he leave so fast?

I'm speechless, seriously.

What did he say?

I've been completely deceived.

I should have reported him to the police.

He thinks I'm still the old Choe Hui Jin...

It's seriously hilarious.

What are you saying?
Did something happen?

Fortune and misfortune have come together.


Do you not like donuts?

But, who was he really?

He didn't look like an actor...

Do you possibly know,

whether I am dead or whether I am dreaming?

That's right.

Even his way of talking was weird.

It was completely a sageuk way of talking.

He must have gone crazy because he wanted
to become an actor so badly but he didn't get it.

So that's why he wore those clothes and
came to the filming site to say lines?

How pitiful, pitiful...

All possible hiding places have been inspected,

but there is nothing.

Furthermore, we have observed
the movements of the people,

but it seems as though no one
knows about this incident.

In other words, the officer did such a great act alone?

Is it not His Majesty's wish?

Using this competition as an excuse,

there has been a lot of friction recently.

He is surely acting according to His Majesty's orders.

It was unwise to let Gim Bung Do go.

Did he not lose all of his family members?

Criminals shall consume poison.

Heavens, what is this?

Your Excellency, Your Excellency.

Please wake up, Your Excellency.

Omo, omo, Your Excellency.

Soon, he will certainly harbor hatred in his heart.

He is but a scholar.
How is it that he knows martial arts?

He acts according to His Majesty's orders...

His Majesty wants to attack me first.

My Lord, it is Ja Su.

Come in.

Is there new information?


While investigating the people of Gim Bung Do,

we have found a special person.

Special person?

Who is it?

The length of time that
one goes far into the future.

The opening that can infallibly save a person.

How are you feeling?

I am better.

Forgive me for always having to trouble you.

You're always able to give me a fright.

When Yun Wol worried about you,
I thought it was all over.

How nice.
I just wanted to ask you something.

Yun Wol gave me this talisman.

What does it mean?

The length of time that
one goes far into the future.

The length of time that
one goes far into the future.

The opening that can infallibly save a person.

The opening that can infallibly save a person.

It has a very refined meaning.

A refined meaning?

I'm not too sure.
It is Master who wrote this.

He has gone to meditate.

Is that so?

But, why are you interested in the talisman?

Honestly, I have faced a very strange situation.

A strange situation?

At first, I thought I had died,
but I was never dead.

Later on, I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't.

Gan. Pil. Gu. Ni.

I have not slept, yet I am normal.

How should I explain this?

It is a rather strange matter.

What I have seen is so
strange that it is hard to forget.

It will not leave my mind.

Even then, I am still envious of you.

Perhaps consider it as seeing the Immortal World.

Although it was brief,
it looks like you have seen a fairy there.

A fairy?

I'm curious as to why you are laughing.

Although I have seen a woman,
her attitude is...

I do not think I have met a fairy.
She is not one.

If a fairy had that kind of look,

then the Immortal World is not immortal.

Even if you do not tell me details,
I can still understand.

I will be leaving when it becomes dark.

Please take care of your body.

You must think about your family.

This is something I am doing because of the family.

You have already experienced a lot of things.

No matter what,
it seems like the talisman saved my life.

Looks like I have to keep it well.

Just as you have said.
After experiencing a lot,

it feels like there is nothing
that cannot happen in one's life.

It also seems like nothing can be trusted.

About Yun Wol...

I will not tell her that you have come,
please do not worry.

If she knew you were wounded,

she might give you a hundred more talismans.

Yun Wol.

Omo. Your Excellency, My Lord.

Without any notice, did you need anything?

All this while, I was too
busy and unable to see you.

I've missed hearing the sound of your voice.

My Lord.

Yes. What song were you playing?

Let's hear it.

Gim Bung Do, this name...


Do you know Officer Gim Bung Do
of the Office of Special Advisers?

Officer of the Office of Special Advisers?

It seems that I have seen him a several times.

He came by several times with a few men.

You are good at telling lies.


I heard that you were the slave
girl of Gim Bung Do's late wife.

I just found out today that both of
you have an unexpected relationship.

That, you are wrong.

How could I... just a slave girl?

Our crucial matter is unexpectedly
facing destruction in your hands.

It is unimaginable.

You have misunderstood, Your Excellency.

I do not know where you heard such words.

What if I found out the person unexpectedly
framing me was in my house?

I would possibly have compassion on them.

You are really a very crafty bitch!

Come in!

- Yes!
- Yes!

Your Excellency, My Lord.

Tie her up.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Why are you doing this?

In order to capture Gim Bung Do,
I must capture you first.

I must let him know that he
certainly left you to die at my hands.

Seeing how much he cherishes you,
he will certainly come to find you.

That is a misunderstanding. I am just
a slave girl. Who would care for me?

Unbelievable. This is a trap, My Lord!

My Lord.

According to your orders,
we have imprisoned her,

and told the servants to
keep an eye on her properly.

She didn't resist?


You can leave now.

His Royal Majesty has arrived.

Exactly how many days has it been?

Have these criminals still not
admitted their treacheries?

Your Majesty, among them, please give
unconditional forgiveness to Gim Bung Do.

What does that mean?

He was not aware of his father's crimes.

Unknowingly, the whole household
has received the same punishment.

Gim Bung Do is their only son.

Please have compassion on their family,
and give him an unconditional forgiveness.

Do you really mean it?

I am sincere, Your Majesty.

Why did you let him go?

Doing such a useless act.

Your Majesty, Gim Bung Do is one
of His Majesty's favorite courtiers.

If he were to be exiled now,

His Majesty would still sympathize
with him even after punishing him.

Your Majesty should understand
His Majesty's intention and sympathize with him.

That is what suits the kind
heart of Your Majesty, isn't it?

It will also be of great value
to placating the people's heart.

Will it really be like this?

The fatherless Gim Bung Do
is just a bird without wings.

Giving him an official position,

as a benevolence by the court,
is also an important act of respect.

Now, there is nothing he
can accomplish on his own.

Please do not worry.

Everything is My Lord's favor.

Someday, I will surely return your favor.

There's no need to mention anything about favor.

Soon, he will certainly harbor hatred in his heart.

He is but a scholar.
How is it that he knows martial arts?

What a really foolish person...


Do you not like it?

Then I shall prepare another song to play.

From the first time I saw you,
I have always felt that your face looked familiar.

Where is your hometown?

Well, that...

I am just an ordinary gisaeng.
(Gisaeng - female entertainer, prostitute)

How could I have a hometown?

After hearing that,
you have quite the sense of humor.

Unexpectedly familiar-looking,
isn't this trick only used by children?

With you in front of me,
I suddenly feel like a 19 year old.

Come closer and pour me a drink.

Ah, this girl, how dare a gisaeng be shy?

Forgive me.

Because I am in front of such a great
man like you, that is why I'm nervous.

The sin of being older.

I have become foolish.

All you repulsive little brats, how dare you?

Master! Master!

Why are you here?

Yun Wol has... Yun Wol has been captured!
What should we do?

What did you say?

Did you say Yun Wol has been captured?

Lord of Doctrines.

Who did it?

Everyone is searching for you.

That is why she has been captured.

They do not know that you are here.

Who is it?

Is it the Right Prime Minister?

What about the letter?


They are searching for something.

Have they found anything?

I do not know. Isn't it with you?

=Sound of your ringtone, sound of your ringtone.
Come to your senses and answer your phone.=


I'm preparing for the photo shoot.

Is Yun Na Jeong there yet?

No, not yet.

Really, why didn't they say anything?

Are they restraining themselves against us?

Hey, it can't be.
How can they be restraining against me?

If Lady Jang is Queen In Hyeon's rival,

you and Yun Na Jeong could be rivals too.

Becoming a star does not
depend on experience alone.

I don't know, don't care.

I just want to manage what I should do, that's all.

I'm so nervous.

Yun Na Jeong is here.

Hey, hey, make a proper greeting.

Tell her she is no joke.

I'm hanging up.


Can I sit here?

Pardon? Ah...

I will go over there.

I wanted to give you my greeting.

How do you do?
I am Choe Hui Jin.

I will be Queen In Hyeon.

Miss Hui Jin, over here.

Looks like she's really tired.

Again. Look far away.

Look far away, again.


Queen In Hyeon, please go in.

Oh, my wife.

Now, I'm taking it.

Queen In Hyeon, please smile a little.

Okay, it's done.

Queen In Hyeon, lean your head
against King Suk Jong's shoulder.


Be a little more natural.


My Queen, why are you being so shy?

Come closer.

We're shooting now.

This is the first time I've
been so eager for a filming.

You do know we will be
filming every day, right?

I'll just have to endure it until the 25th.

The 25th?

Once Queen In Hyeon is dethroned,
there's no need to film together.

Mr. Writer, no matter what,
this is "New Lady Jang".

How about shooting a different concept?

Like this, or... like this?

Both of you are done.

Lady Jang, please come over here.

See you later.

Your Lady Highness has arrived?

What is it, really?
Pretending or what?

Both of you, please stand closer.

Because you are rivals, your backs
facing each other should be good.

Queen In Hyeon, please turn
to the other side as well.

Hold on.

So easily becoming a lead actress,
you must be proud.


You wake up and you're already a lead, how nice.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Do you even think or don't you?

If someone treats you especially good,
you should think of the reason.

I'm going to take a shot.
Please don't move.

Can you please explain better?

Suddenly saying such things--

What do you mean by "such things"?
Seeing an idiot like you makes me angry.

Please don't turn your heads and
look at the other with a stare.

Did you greet her?

What did she say?

The start really wasn't good.

Huh? Why?

I think it will be very difficult
for me to work with her.

That's why I said she is restraining against you.

Competing to get the lead role,
how is it possible to have harmony?

This is not restraining.

Then what?

Hello everyone. I am Pak Se Il, the host
of the press conference for "New Lady Jang".

On such a beautiful afternoon,
I am fortunate to have so many reporters.

I feel very honored.

In 10 minutes,
we will officially start the press conference.

Before that, let's have a look at the preparations.

-=New Lady Jang=-


Hold on a second.

Don't fall down when you get on stage.

Aren't you very susceptible to falling?

Did you say anything to anyone?

About what?

By chance, did you get involved after the
audition ended? About me getting selected--

Didn't you say, Queen In Hyeon is yours?

Originally, the percentage was slightly different.

That is why I helped them make the decision.

No matter what, I still have that much influence.

Who asked you to help? Who?

It is just as you said. If our levels are not
so different, then fans won't bother us.

I will make you more famous than Na Jeong.
Just wait and see.

Mr. Dong Min.


Miss Hui Jin, we have to finish preparing.
Please come over quickly.

Don't be nervous.

I'm not nervous.

But you look nervous now.

There are still 10 minutes remaining, right?

Where are you going?

For a walk.
Because I'm too nervous.

When did she become such a coward?

Get a hold of yourself, Choe Hui Jin.

This is a great opportunity that
has finally come after so long.

Think about it later.

Now is not the time to be vexed.

What's this? Why is it suddenly so windy?

Are you injured?

I have unknowingly seen you twice.
Looks like it is really not a dream.

This is fake blood, right?

We're currently shooting, right? Right?

What does shooting mean?

The last time I asked you,
didn't you say I was drunk?

I never understood what that meant.

That's why I've been vexed for so long.

Just like food rots, or a person is crazy.

Is that what it means?

Right, what other meaning does it have?

If it is like that, then you are wrong.
I am not crazy.

Unknowingly in that room,
I should have died, but I am not dead.

I am not dead, nor am I dreaming.
Nor am I drunk, as you said.

So, where is this exactly?

We have already introduced the director.

Now finally, it's time to introduce the cast.

Mr. Han Dong Min, this side.

This drama title is...

Next is Miss Choe Hui Jin.

Why hasn't she come yet?

Where did Miss Choe Hui Jin go?

Just a moment, just a moment.

Introducing to you, Yun Na Jeong.

Hurry and look for Miss Choe Hui Jin.

Yes, j-just wait a moment.

This girl has gone crazy.

Go and look for Miss Choe Hui Jin, hurry.

The preparation time is almost...

Taking King Suk Jong's role is Mr. Han Dong Min.

- Please look here.
- Please look here.

- Over here.
- Here

Next is someone who will disrupt
the two's love line, the final lead role.

Giving us a fresh new face...

Please hold on.

- What is this?
- What?

What's wrong with her?

Such a troublemaker.

So, is this person really dead?

Did he really die?

Did I not question you first?

Where exactly is this place?

Do you see now what even
I myself cannot comprehend.

Perhaps, this is something
that happens here every day?


-=Next Episode Preview=-

I thought he was just a scholar,
but he has extraordinary skills.

Not just a body, not even a trace was left behind.

The Gim Bung Do I know
has always been like this.

His nature is very despic--

Please do not speak slanderous words.

How many years have passed
since the Joseon Dynasty?

300 years ago.
He's a person from the Joseon Dynasty.

He came here traveling through time.
Not like this.

Are you asking me to believe in such things?

I am actually quickly losing my mind.

He's still being like this.

Why am I not jealous?

People like you compared to actors?
Can I still do my lines with you here?

You're really...

I don't even know why I have
to receive so much pain?