Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 4 - One Strobe Over the Line - June 15, 1965 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of high-fashion photographer Karl Granson. According to Al, Sam's job is to keep up and coming model Edie Landsdale from dying of an overdose of drugs and alcohol. Modeling is a tough job and Edie's agent, Helen Le Baron, is giving her pills to make it through the day. Edie is a down home type of girl who would like nothing better than to make a little money and then return home to take care of her family and perhaps become a vet. When she crashes at a photo shoot, Sam has to move quickly to save her life.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide on this journey is
Al, an observer from his own time

who appears in the form
of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time that his
next leap will be the leap home.

Snowball. Good boy.

Don't worry, Karl.

Lions never eat photographers,
they give them indigestion.

Though I understand they nibble
at the slow ones now and again.

Oh, boy.

Nice kitty.

Nice little kitty-cat.

Really, Karl.
Vanity is one thing,

but self-obsession
is positively boring.

Yeah, well, I was just, uh...

No, I was just checking
the lighting.

And I think they need
some readjustment.

Is this going to be long?

My feet are killing me.

No. No, just, uh...
Everybody, why don't we just

take a break
for a couple minutes or so.

Thank you.



You're doing great.

I don't know what's wrong with her.
Usually she's like... She's like wow!

But these last few days...

Favors, even for old time's
sake, can only go so far.

I'm not paying for reshoots.

I don't know. Maybe we should've
gone with that girl, Cheryl Tiegs

or Twiggy.

Byron, Edie is just fine.

She's just a little tired.

She's been tired since we begun.

She probably stayed up late
watching bad television commercials.

Oh, that's very nice. Thank
you very much. Thank you.

Thank you.

- How're you feeling?
- I'm fine.

Hmm. That's interesting.

'Cause you look like
a little country girl

who's tired from a long day
of milking cows.

Right now, Byron is
about two heartbeats away

from calling Stuart Cowley

and replacing you
with Cheryl Tiegs

if you don't get out there
and show some shine.

I've been shining all day.

Now, I don't know
what your problem is.

But whatever it is,
you have to get over it quick.


Take these.

Helen, I can't
take them anymore.

I don't sleep.
I don't eat.

They're really screwing me up.

In case you have forgotten,

a lot of people have paid you

a mountain of money
to look good.

Now, if you don't wanna do that,

I'll just go tell Byron.

And Byron being the good
little adman that he is

will run to those
folks at Le Beast

and we can both be
on the unemployment line.

Come on, sweetie, just
think of them like aspirin.


They're going to
make you feel better.

And I promise

I will never ask you
to take them again.

Come on, I cross my heart.


That's my girl.

Quantum leaping is a lot
like looking at a picture.

For an instant, you recapture a
moment that's already occurred.

Oh, boy.

But it doesn't help you
take the picture.

Well, if it's... If it's
that good, why don't you

just go ahead
and take the picture?

Yep, okay, sure.

Come on, come on, let's go.


Everybody, uh,

say cheese.

Well, that was perfect.

All right, okay.
That's it.

Thank you very much.

What? Wait. Why... What... Wait.

That's it?

Well, you know...

You know, it only takes one.

And when you got that one,
then you definitely have got it.

And that's it.

Yes, listen to him, Byron,
he's trying to save you money.

I can't remember when
I've seen him so generous.

Well, we...

We obviously got the one
there, and that was the one.

And... and thank you. That's
beautiful. That's a wrap.

Very good work.
Thank you. Love you.

Hey, see you tomorrow, Karl.

Ciao. Ciao-ciao.

Yes, darling,
that was wonderful.

Karl, could you
give me a lift home?

Yeah, sure,
no... no problem.

Great. I'll be ready
in just a second.

Good boy, Snowball,
let's go home.

Uh, you can just
throw that stuff anywhere.

Hi. Hi, guys,
I'm home now.

Yes. You weren't very
hungry today, were you? No.


You like cats?

Uh, little ones.

In fact I had two of them

on the farm when I grew up.

Donder and Blitzen.

Y- You grew up on a farm, too?

I th-thought you were
from Queens.

I, uh, I... I am.

Um, but what I meant
to say was that

um, when I used to
visit my cousin,

uh, on his farm in the country,

he had the cats in the summer.

Well, one or two.

Well, when I moved here,
I just had to have something

that reminded me
of my family and home.

That's why I love Wooster.

Doesn't it get a little
crowded around here

with Wooster and... and
his little friends?

I know I could afford
a bigger place.

But I'm saving up my money.

I don't wanna
be a model forever.

Y- Y-You're...

You're... You're gonna
go back home?

Yeah, and buy my dad all
the farm equipment he wants.

Maybe get him one
of these new combines.

Oh, yeah, like the self-propelled
kind from, uh, John Deere.


That my cousin
always used to talk about.

And... and he still does
talk about 'em.


Then I'm going to send
my sister to college.

She'll be the first
Lansdale to go.

That's great.

What about you? What're
you gonna spend on yourself?

I don't know.
I thought

maybe I'll go back to school
and become a veterinarian.

Yeah, that way I can take care
of Wooster when he's old and gray.

Well, I... I have a feeling
he's gonna be a handful.

Oh, I know.
He isn't really, though.

I mean, lots of people think
that cats are really picky

but I think cats are just
looking for love.

Yeah, well,
I'm sure that he's...

Comes from a long line
of, uh, uh, heartbreakers.

I don't know
where he comes from.

Outer space, I think.

One second I was, uh, fumbling
for my keys downstairs.

- Yeah?
- And all of a sudden

zoop, there he is.

Just like he just
leaped in out of nowhere.

You got to be careful
when you do that.

I always tell myself.

So there he was, all alone.

No friends. No family.

And no place to go.

Just like I was
when I first came to New York.

I had to take him in.

Lucky guy.

Oh, I...

Well, I meant t-that if I...

If I was the cat,
then I would want...

I mean, you know, uh...

I mean, there are worse things
that can happen to you

than... than... than to be
taken in by a beautiful...

I mean, this place is nicer than...
than living on the street, is what...

Would you please
stop me? Please?

Why? You're on
such a roll here.

Yeah, right downhill, too.

So, anyway,

um, Wooster found you

and, um, you've become this
patron saint for lost cats?

Well, everybody needs someone
to look out for them.

I mean, If it hadn't been
for Helen,

I probably would've
wound up like Wooster.

Helen, your boss?

Oh, she's more than just that.

Ever since I moved here,
she's been like a mother.

I really owe her a lot.

Speaking of your mother,

y... you never told me what
you were gonna get for her.

Your dad's
gonna get the combine.

Your sister's
gonna go to school.

No, no, don't tell me,
let me guess. Um,


A dishwasher, so she doesn't have to
wreck her hands washing them anymore.

My mother passed away
when I was 13.

I'm sorry.

Well, um,
thanks for bringing my stuff in.

Um, yeah, sure.
Sure, um, a-anytime.

I'm sure she was really great.

Yeah, she was.

So, uh...


b- bye.

Yeah. Yeah.


You reached her face yet?

I'm working on it.



I think...

- Al.
- What?

I think I gotta do

a... a photo shoot
tomorrow. I think.

Yeah, I wish it was for Playboy.


- All right, all right, Sam.
- Come on.

I mean, a man's
gotta have his dreams.

Ah, let's see,
your name is Karl Granson.

I know that.

Yeah. And you're
a very popular high...

fashion photographer
in New York City.

You... you work for Vogue,
Harper's Bazaar, Life.

You shoot for all the biggies.

Yeah, they're gonna want to shoot
me after they see these photos.

Relax, Sam.

High fashion, that stuff,
it's... it's pure attitude.

All you do is you act so important
that you don't have to do anything.

And your assistant
sets everything up.

Well, maybe I should just
let my assistant shoot it.

And pass up a chance to work with
all the girls? Are you crazy?

Al, I can't believe I'm here

to do a summer
high-fashion spread

or whatever they call it.

Hey, maybe...

Maybe you're here
to get Sports Illustrated

to shoot the first
swimsuit issue.

Oh, that would be great,
let's... No.

Damn it.
That happened in 1964

and here we are, June 15, 1965.

Soon to be '66.

If you don't start telling me...

Oh, okay all right.


have you met a model
named Edie Lansdale?

I met an Edie.

Yeah, well, she... she works
for a modeling agency

run by a woman
named Helen Le Baron.

A woman, uh, yeah, yeah,
right. A shark in nylons.

Well, she must be a hungry shark

because, apparently, her agency is
teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Anyway, this Helen
was a big model in her time...


- Edie.
- Edie?

- Yeah.
- Oh.



In, uh, three
and a half days, uh,

Edie overdoses on a combination
of pills and alcohol.

Sam, you don't want
that, uh, thing in there.

Karl Granson would never
have schlock in his shoot.

I... It's got terminal uglies.
I think you want to get rid of it.

You know this isn't
gonna work. Thanks.

Don't make up your minds or anything,
Karl, you might start a precedent.

I don't know anything about
being a fashion photographer.

That's all right. I used to
visit New York in the '60s.

I had some buddies
who were photographers.

I used to visit the shoots.

That's great, Al. But I got
to shoot this today, now.

I mean, I've been stalling around
here moving furniture and stuff

for three hours. They're
getting nervous, getting angry.

Anytime, Karl.

Just remember, that it's
90% attitude, 10% talent.

Just... just do whatever
I say, and listen...

Oh, wow.

Karl, do you like
the pink better or the blue?

Uh, the blue.

It brings out your eyes more.

Like, um, periwinkles.


I love periwinkles.

We used to have them
all over the farm.

I can't believe
she dies from an overdose.

Well, Ziggy says it's 78%.

Just keep an eye on her,
and in the meantime,

Granson is the name
and photography...

is the game.

Sam, you got to make things
come alive there.

You got to tell them
how beautiful they look.

Use "super" and "fabulous"
and words like that.

- "Fabulous"?
- Yeah, go ahead.

That's what they expect,
that's what they respond to.

It's a disaster, a disaster.


- That looks great.
- Great.

- And fabulous.
- Fabulous.

Okay, hang... hang in there,
hang in there.

Can you try it
with a little conviction?

Yeah, that's great.
That's terrific. Super. Super.

Here we go, right here.

Yeah, fantastic, fabulous.

Ooh, right there,
right there, right there.


Yeah, here we go. Bueno!


Have Edie move
a bit to her right.

Edie, uh, move a smidge
to your right.

Yeah, great.

Tell Velvet to move
a smidge to her right.

Velvet, move a smidge
to your right, too.

That's terrific.
That's excellent.

Now I wanna see
a little more bazongas.

And a lot more...

Give me some more teeth,
a lot more teeth.

Yeah, that's great.

Okay, that's looking
really, really great.

Velvet, just lean
out a little bit more.


Like that. Push your chin
back just a little bit.

Yeah, that is great, that
is great. Edie, you with me?

No, she doesn't look right, Sam.

Stay with me, now,
we're almost done.

Uh, Edie, try turning
this way. Look over here.

Come on, give me a little smile.
There we go.

All right, here we go.
We're almost near the end.

Tuck your chin back in.
That's good, that's good.

I think we should take a break.

All right, Edie, uh,
turn to the left

and... and just look
over your shoulder at me.

Drop your chin a little bit.

You should take a break, Sam.

What do you say
we all take five? Reload.


Hello, sweetie.

Close your eyes, open your hand.

Helen, you promised.

I know, but I had
my fingers crossed.

- No.
- Edie.

You don't want to quit now,
not while you're ahead.

Honey, Byron's ecstatic about
everything that you're doing.

You don't want
to blow it, do you?

- No.
- No.

Besides, we have to take the
clients out for dinner tonight.

You want to look your best for
them, don't you? Doesn't she, Karl?

Uh, Y-Yeah.

And if things get boring,
Karl can always tell

one of his wonderful stories.

Don't worry, I've got
a million of them.

Oh, boy.

You don't sound
exactly thrilled.

Uh, well...

Look, it won't be a total
loss, as long as you're there.

Why, fiddle-dee-dee.

Beautiful. All right, one more. Now, Edie,

keep your chin down just a
little bit. Yeah, that's great.

Great. Okay one more. I lied.
Here we go, and beautiful.

That's wonderful.

This is great, Al. It's
like painting with people.

Yeah, that's right, Sam, and to be
really great, you gotta get inspired

and find a way to do
the unexpected, like,

making lightning strike
at your command.

- Hey, Mike.
- Yeah.

When I count to three,
I want you and Geza

to let all the birds
out of the cage.

Wait. Do you know
what kind of mess...

Just do it.

All right, you're the boss.

Excellent attitude, Sam.
Excellent attitude.

When the birds come out,
try and catch them, all right?

Okay. Just reach up, try and
catch a bird in your hand.

I know it sounds weird.
Just try it, all right?

Ready? One, two,
get ready, three.

Reach up high, that's beautiful.

Excellent. Excellent.

Then I said:

- "Oh.
- "Oh.

- You said 'snapshot. "'
- You said 'snapshot. "'

Hennie Youngman,
eat your heart out.

Didn't I tell you, Sam?
You should double your fee.

And what would we like
for dessert?

More champagne, two bottles.

You want something else?

No, I'm just not hungry.

Are you sure? You didn't
eat anything at the shoot.

I said I'm not hungry.

Excuse me...

for a moment.

You know, Sam, when you
do a lot of amphetamines,

you lose your appetite.

You can't eat,
and you get irritable.

You know, maybe...

maybe we should call it a
night. It's been a long day.

Why? It's just
a little past midnight.

Hours yet before
we turn into pumpkins.

Mr. Granson,
you have a telephone call.

Uh, thank you.

Excuse me.



You just step into my office.

W- W-What...

W- W-What are you doing?

No wonder you didn't
come over last night.

You're dumping me for Edie.

No, no, no, no. I... I wasn't
even with Edie last night.

I... I w-was really tired after
the shoot, and I went home.

Yeah, then why
didn't you call me?

I was going to c-call you, but then
I just, uh, fell asleep on the couch.

You don't sleep on the couch.

Uh, the bed. It was, uh, it
was my bed. I fell asleep on...

I know whose bed it was.

Look, I'm telling you the truth.

I went home alone
and fell asleep.

All right, then prove it.
Prove it.

Let's do it right here.
Right now.

Let's go catch Dylan

down in the Village
after dinner.

I used to love...
I... I used to... Aye... aye... aye.

This was always my favorite
part of modeling, actually.

You snake.

You two-timing, double-faced...

Look, Helen, believe me.

Well, enjoy it while you can.

What do you mean by that?

She might be younger and prettier,
but she won't be for long.

No, not at the rate
that she's going.

You know about her habit?

That's really quaint, Karl.

The concerned lover. Ha!

Drugs are nothing
to laugh about.

Look who's talking.

Careful, Sam.

Karl Granson was known
to pop a few pills himself.

Oh, great.


I've given it up. I...

No, if you're giving up
anything, it's going to be her.

Or what?

Or I will turn off the spigot

and we will see how young and
pretty she is without her pills.

Or maybe... Or, you know,
just maybe, she might

accidentally take
one too many one day.

Don't even think about it.

Well! My, I...

How melodramatic.

Have you been practicing that
in front of the mirror?

- I'm not kidding.
- Well, neither am I!

Excuse us. Uh, I really
think we should be leaving.

Leave her alone, Karl.

Well, I mean... Well, she
can take care of herself.

She is over 18.

Well, I don't want her
to look over 80

and she will if she doesn't
get some rest this weekend.

So, um, excuse us.

Thank you.

It's been a real pleasure.

Oh, entirely ours, I assure you.

Good night.

Happy nightmares.

Would you, uh,
like something to drink?

I don't think
that's such a good idea.

What are you talking about?

Edie, I know about the pills.

Anybody can tell.
You're glowing like a light bulb.

I've never taken pills
in my life.

Well, that's not
what Helen says.


I want to quit.
I really do.

Two days ago I flushed all the
pills I had down the toilet.

But, I'm so tired when
I wake up in the morning,

I tell myself I'll just have
one or two to get me going.

But then it's three or four.

And then I need more
to put me to sleep.

And then I...

I wake up tired again,
and I have a job

and Helen says I have to get
up for it or I'll lose it.

And I can't lose this job because
then I have to go back and...



Now listen... listen... Easy,
easy. Listen to me for a second.

I know you think
that Helen is your friend,

and that she's trying
to help you with your job.

But that's all she cares about.

The job, not you.

But I need this job.

It's the only way that I can
help my dad and my sister.

I know. I know, but you
can do it without the pills.

- No, I can't.
- Yes, you can.

You can beat this.

And I'll help you. But
you've got to really want to.

I do.

Morning, sleepyhead.

- Want some breakfast?
- I... I couldn't eat a thing.

Oh, come on, you got to
keep your strength up.

Where did you get the bacon?

The doorman. Plus the
promise of a big tip.

It's f-freezing in here.

Aren't you cold?

Maybe this'll help.

Oh, it's too scratchy.

Want me to turn up the heat?

Yeah, and we'll
turn into lobsters.

Okay, uh, suit yourself.

He's rejecting your claim.

He's sitting back with his mouth
watering, waiting for you to sue.

He wants you to sue, but...

Who's that you're talking to?

You must have
heard t-the TV. I...

No, I heard you
talking to someone.

She's having
hallucinations, Sam.

That's usually accompanied
by paranoia.


Edie, there's
nobody here but us.

No. I heard him
talking to you.

You were talking about me.

Yoo-hoo, Edie, you hear me?

Uh, did you hear him just now?


No, he's gone now.

Oh, God, I'm hot.

Sam, I... I had Ziggy do
some more digging on Helen

and, boy, did he come up
with a truckload.

Three years ago...
Now, this was in the papers,

The Times, the
Herald-Tribune, everything.

Her top model, Yvonne Moncrief,

almost died from an overdose of pills.

And when she recovered,
she left Helen

and went to work
for Eileen Ford.

Now, I bet we can guess where
those pills came from, Sam.

That woman should be put away.

Why is it so cold in here?

Keep her warm, Sam.

I'm gonna go check with Ziggy,

see if we can find out
the exact time that she OD'd.

I'll get you a blanket.

- Give me the pills.
- I don't have any.

Give me the pills.
Edie, Edie.

No, let me go!
Let go!

Give me the pills.
Come on, stop it!

Stop it! Stop it!

I want kiss. Kiss.

No. No, you don't
want this.

Oh, yes, I do.

No, you don't.

What's the matter?
Don't you want to do it?

Or can't you?

Maybe you don't like girls.

Go to sleep.


How's my favorite veterinarian?


Ready for a big day of shooting?

What are you talking about?

It's Monday.
We got to shoot today.

No, it's not, it's Sunday.

No. It's Monday.
You slept through Sunday.

Could somebody please bring
me some coffee with two sugars?


I hear and obey, O Great One.

Yeah, but not
in a Styrofoam cup.

That stuff doesn't break
down for a billion years,

- it's turning the planet into a...
- In a paper cup.

...Styrofoam junk yard
come straight from hell.

I got that.
I got one coming.


She looks like she's
getting tired, Al.

Yeah, the pussycat doesn't
look so good, either.


How many more locations you got?

Plus the waterfall.


I pray for rain.

We're ready whenever you are.

Ow! Here.

I'll do it.

Helen, can I speak to you
for a minute, please?

Is Edie feeling okay?

- She's fine. Why?
- Because she doesn't look fine.

Maybe we should call Eileen
Ford, get one of her models.

Doesn't she handle Cheryl Tiegs?

- Stuart Cowley.
- Whoever.

Either of them would
appreciate the business.

Frank, Frank, now, Edie is fine.

She's probably just hungry.

You know how us models starve
ourselves so we can look good for you.

Yeah, looking good is
the operative phrase, Helen.

Oh, would you relax, Frank?

Now I'll just... I'll go have a
little pep talk with her, okay? Okay?

All right.

She'll take care of her.

I know that you think I'm doing
this out of spite over Karl.

But right now
I'm telling you the truth.

As one professional to
another, you look like crap.

Now, I need you to get out
there and pull yourself together.

I just need some new makeup.

I am not going to let you take everything
that I have worked for down the drain.

Take these.

Helen, no.

Karl, could I have
some more coffee, please?

Uh, yeah, yeah.
Coming up.

Okay, fine.

Forget about your job. Forget about
helping your father and your sister.

Forget about me.

Just throw it all away.
Be selfish.

Think only about Edie.

Nobody else matters.
We're just nothing.

Helen, I can't take
those pills. I can't.

I just need some coffee
and I'll be fine.

Karl, where's the coffee?

One coffee coming up.

Just remember two words:
Cheryl Tiegs.

Here, oh...
Two, uh, two sugars.

Here we go.

Everything okay?

Oh, yeah. Everything's fine, just fine.

Are you all right?

Everything's great.



We got a hard eight.

If that was an inch closer,
you'd be calling him Lefty.


Is it okay to shoot? Is
everything okay with Snowball?

He's okay, just
doesn't like the water.

Good, Edie,
that's great. That's great.

Yeah, yeah, that's beautiful.

Yeah. Go pour
the champagne.

Yeah, that's right.

Enjoy yourself, darling.

That's beautiful.

Karl, would you hurry up?

That's a girl.

Edie, be careful.

That's wonderful, Edie.

Edie, splash him some more.

Continue shooting.
Give me the camera.

Edie, get out of there!

Somebody help!


Run, Edie, run!

Sam, it's happening now!

Somebody must've slipped
something into her coffee.



Stay, stay, easy. Easy.

Sam, where'd you learn
to do that?

Circus movies.

I shouldn't have asked.

I got his chain, Karl.

Stay, Snowball.

Stay. Come,
come, Snowball.


You put something
in her coffee, didn't you?

No, I didn't give her anything.

Like you didn't give anything
to Yvonne Moncrief?

If Edie dies, that's murder.

And I'll make sure that it
sticks. Now, what did you give her?


Come on!

I g-gave her some black beauties
and some doors and fours.

Black beauties are uppers.
Doors and fours are downers.

I want to lie down.

Sam, she's crashing. She'll relax
so much her heart is going to stop.

Come on, Edie.
You've got to walk.

You've got to stay awake.

Where's the nearest hospital?

I don't... I don't know. I...

It's 30 miles from here. It'll
take you 40 minutes on these roads.

Go find a phone, call an
ambulance. Take the truck.


Is there anything we can do?

Go to the equipment truck and look for
a first-aid kit or something. All right?

Come on.

Go on, get out of here!

Come on, talk to me.

Sam, no. Not talk, walk.

Come on.


Edie, listen to me.

Tell me about the farm.

About becoming a vet.

On the farm.

Lots of cows.

Cows, yeah. Well, yeah,
vets, you know, vets...

Vets would see lots of cows.

Edie, Edie, come on,
come on, come on.

L- Look at that.
Look at that.

Where would you like
to go to become a vet?

Where would you like to go?


Yeah. In... I'm from...

My cousin is from Indiana.

He grew up in Elk Ridge.

Near Coopertown.

You know Indiana?

Yeah, Sam, her family's been in
Coopertown for three generations.

You remember the County Fair,

the Tri-County Fair
at Wittsburg?

Remember that? Wouldn't
you like to go there now?


Pumpkins, yeah, big pumpkins,
and pumpkin pie.

Wouldn't you love a piece of
pumpkin pie right now? Huh?


Al, she's getting cold.

Cold pie.

Oh, cold pie.

Edie, Edie. Al!

Come on, come on, come on.

Sam, Ziggy says
she's got a 42%...

Wait! It's going up! 43%.

Sam, keep her going!


Uh, he is my dog, Al.
On the farm.

Your dog?

All right, it's up to 46%,
but I'm still insulted.

What kind of dog?

A great dog.

The best friend
a guy could ever have.

Sounds nice.

He is.

- 52%. You did it, Sam.
- Yeah?

- She's over the hump.
- Yes!

You'll be fine, sweetie,
don't worry.

Frank, don't worry about this.
Everything's gonna be fine.

I got so many other models
that are better than Edie.

They're so much more
exciting than Edie.

You know that I've got...

Irv, you know that I could
put this together.

I know that you know...

Look at these girls.
These girls...

You want to do it, don't you?

I know you want to do it.
Look at...

Look, I can make you such a...


Byron, everything
is okay, isn't it?

You know we can make things all
right again. We put this together.

That's right. I knew
you wouldn't leave me, Byron.

I knew you...


Oh, I don't care!
I don't need you!

I don't need any of you!

I created her.

And I can create somebody else,
because I did it. I did it all!

And I'll do it again.
I'll just do it all again.

That's all right.

There's plenty
of girls out there.

I'll do it.

I'll do it again.

What're you doing here?
You're gonna miss your plane.

No, no, I'm on my way.

I just wanted to stop by
and thank you for everything.

What are photographers for if they
can't help their favorite models?

I was just so stupid...

No, no.
You weren't stupid.

You just got tired and made
some bad choices. We all do that.

Oh, thank you.

Well, I should go.


S... So do you ever go back to
Indiana to visit your cousin?

Uh, n-not as often
as I'd like to.

Well, if I ever run
into him, I'll say hello.

- Okay.
- What's his name?


Sam Beckett.

It's a good name.

Tell me something.

How come you didn't...

you know, that night
in my bedroom?

Was I supposed to?

I don't know.

Well, I, um...

I certainly wanted to.



You take care.

Uh, Sam.

I... I think you'll be
happy to know

that everything
worked out just fine.

I already know that.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

She's going home.

She's going home.

"Witchcraft in America,

by the Reverend
John T. Emendor of Boston."



Oh, boy.