Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 3 - Leap of Faith - August 19, 1963 - full transcript

Sam leaps into the body of Father Frank Pistano, a Catholic priest. He's there to help his colleague, Father McRoberts who is bitter over the death of a young parishioner and is drinking heavily. Al tells Sam there is a high probability that Father Mac, as he is known, will be killed. Both Father Mac and the dead boy were the only witnesses to a killing by young hoodlum Tony Pronti and it is clear that Tony is out to get rid of him. When Father Mac reaches the end of his tether, Sam has to keep him from committing murder.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide on
this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time,

in the form of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.


- Well, can I?
- Can you, what?

Kiss her.


Oh, boy.

Leaping into other people's lives can
be an incredibly emotional experience.

In fact, sometimes it can be
downright spiritual.


You call that
a religious ceremony?

Uh, uh...

Well, I, uh...

We been to 27 wedding
in this church.

Twice that many funerals.

Is that right?

Don't worry, I seen worse.

The first time is
always the hardest.

The first time is...

We hardly
noticed the shaky legs.

Or your heavy breathing.

- And the sweaty palms.
- Or the crack in your voice.

Anything else?

You forgot to
introduce the newlyweds.

A... a good priest always
introduces the newlyweds.

Well, I... I just figured that
everybody knew 'em and...

Or maybe not.

- Ladies.
- Uh, Padre.

It was a lovely service,
wasn't it?


Father Pistano did heck of
a job, don't you think?

Uh, Frank, could I see you
for a minute in my office?


Frank. Yes, yes... yes, sure,
I'll see you.


Well, ladies, uh,
it was nice meeting you.

Meet us?

We come to Mass everyday.

I mean meeting you again.

It was very nice to
meet you both again.

No, no, no, I don't like
the looks of that one.

Lost, hopelessly lost. Hmm!


Looks like you experienced
two milestones today.

Your first wedding,

and your first encounter
with the Montocelli sisters.

I hope they didn't
rough you up too much.

Well, I guess I let my nerves
show a little, uh...

- Thanks for saving me.
- Forget it.

I was here 10 years before
they quit reviewing my sermons.

Now they just shoot me dirty
looks from the front row.

At least you're Italian.

They consider being
Irish a birth defect.

You want some of this?
It'll help your nerves.

No, thanks. I'm, uh...

I'm... I'm fine now.

Liquid courage.


I'm afraid I'm gonna need
all of that I can get today.

I baptized that boy, Frank.

And I watched him grow up.

Now I gotta bury him.

12 years old.

I don't know.

I guess I should've
seen it coming.

It was...
it was an accident.

How... how could you
see it coming?

Oh, come on, Frank, we both
know it wasn't an accident.

The kid's been walkin'
those tracks all his life.

He didn't fall
in front of that train.

Well, you know,

accidents, uh...

This kind of thing
is hard to accept,

especially when it happens
to someone so young.

Did you learn that
in the seminary?

Uh, no.


I mean, well,
yes... yes, uh...

It just helps you

kind of make
sense out of things.

I don't know what
makes sense anymore.

Blessed be the Lord God,

for he hath visited
and redeemed his children.

To bring light to
those who sit in darkness,

and in the shadow of death.

I... I don't know why
we had to come here.

Just keep your eyes open.

You don't need that thing.

I'm not taking it
'cause I need it,

I'm taking it 'cause I want it.

Pop's buried here somewhere, isn't he?

How the hell should I know?

We should go see him.

Seeing him won't change
nothin', Joey. He's dead.

You ever think about him?

You ever stop asking questions?

Come here and give me a hand.

Ready? Go.

You know, you gotta stop worryin'
about other people so much.

It's every man for himself,
and the sooner you realize that,

the better off you'll be.

Come on.

We... we don't have
to do this, Tony.

You don't wanna be rude, do you?

Let's go.
We're gonna be late.

I still think
we should go see Pop.

...to lead his children
into the kingdom of heaven

to guide his feet
on the path of peace.

That he would
grant that we be...

That he would grant that

we be delivered out of
the hands of our enemies,

so that we might serve him

without fear,
all the days of our life.


We all loved Sonny.

He was the best
part of what we are.

He was a loving son,

and he was a dear friend.

But above all, he was a boy.

He was a child who
loved unconditionally,

who trusted without question.

If we failed him,

then we must live
with the hope of forgiveness.

I will miss him
with all of my heart,

and I will remember him
for the rest of my life.

I, uh, just want to express
my sympathy, uh, to you

on this tragic day,
Mrs. Dellisio.

Murderer! Murderer!

Don't. Don't.

Don't make a circus out of this.

Let this woman
grieve for her son.

Come on, Tony, let's go.

You said he was my paisan.
Why should I leave, huh?

Because he's asking you to.

I'll see you around,
huh, Father?

My baby's gone.

See you.

- You coming inside, Frank?
- No, I'm gonna, uh...

I... I think I'll just stay out
here and get some air.

It's a long way from where
you started, isn't it?

Yeah, you could say that.

Well, I know
it's hard to believe,

but this job does
have some rewards.

I didn't realize Nehru jackets
were in style in '63.

That's a real long one.

I saw you earlier.
Where did you go?

Hey, you priests drive around
in limos all the time?

Only when we have
to bury somebody.


Who died?

A kid.

A 12-year-old kid.


What am I doing here?

Uh, your name is
Francis Giuseppe Pistano.

Uh, everybody calls you Frank.

You've been two years
out of the seminary,

and St. Dorothy's here
is your first assignment.

Now, prior to that...

Would you just get to the point?

Is it to prevent a murder?

Uh, yeah.

How did you know that?

I think the kid that Father
Mac buried today was murdered.

So, if I'm here to stop that,
I'm a little late.

No, it wasn't him, I...
I... it was this Father Mac.

Ziggy says there's
an 86.2 percent chance

that this Father Mac is gonna
be murdered in the next 36 hours.

Why would anyone want
to kill a priest, Al?

Well, in Pennsylvania in 1963,

it was probably fear of death
by electrocution,

or even hanging.

See, a month ago,

Father Mac was one of
two witnesses to a robbery,

and a store clerk got killed.

This case goes
to trial in two days,

and the killer,
one Tony Pronti...

He was at the funeral.

Oh, well, he... he
probably killed Father Mac

to keep him from testifying.

What about the other witness?

That's the kid you buried.

Look, do we know exactly when

this Tony Pronti
tries to kill Father Mac?

Well, uh, Ziggy's havin'
problems getting the details,

but, uh, I'll get back to you
as soon as he gets 'em.

It truly is a sanctuary,
isn't it?

I'd forgotten how
beautiful it could be.

Uh, you want to talk about
what happened today?

No, but I get
the feeling you do.

One thing you have to remember
about this business, Frank.

Things are never as bad
or as good as they appear to be.

You all right?


There's a lot of
disturbed people out there.

We're talking about one
particular disturbed person.

- Tony Pronti.
- Well, he certainly has a motive.

You can see for yourself
that's been tampered with.

Now why don't you go
out and arrest him?

Can you make
a positive ID, Father?

Well, no.
It was dark.

Father, look,
there's nothing I'd enjoy more

than gettin' that
nutcase off the streets.

But unless you saw somebody,
there's not much I can do.

Oh, come on.

He's right, Frank.

We don't have any
proof that it was Tony.

I'll have Jackson and Little cruise close
to the church until the trial's over.

I'm sorry, I can't do more.

Listen, Mac, I know it's
not my place to say anything

but don't you think that your
drinking is getting to be...

You're right.
It's not your place.

Are you sure you want to
get out around here?

I mean, this ain't
exactly Vatican City.

You sure this is
where Tony hangs out?

This is the place.

- How much do I owe you?
- Forget it, Father.

I feel guilty enough
just bringing you here.

Okay. Thanks.

You... you take
care of yourself.

It's a little bit late to be out

spreadin' the good word,
isn't it, Father?

I need to talk to you.

I'm sorry, I can't hear
a word you're saying. What?

Excuse me.

Can you hear me now?

That was pretty rude, wasn't it?

Wait a second.
I know why you're here.

I lost my head...

You're here collecting for
the poor, aren't you, Father?

Excuse me.

Sweetheart, you got anything

you'd like to uh, give to,
the good Father here?

- Tony.
- No?

Sorry, she already gave today.

A couple of times.

Would you excuse us, please?

Hey, you got somethin' to say
to me, you better say it, okay?

'Cause this ain't no church,
and I ain't no altar boy.

Although I understand
there's an opening.

You were at the church tonight.

Somethin' happen
at the church, Father?

Father Mac was almost killed.

I always said churches
was dangerous places.

I'm not gonna let you kill him.

Don't push me, Father.

What, are you gonna
push him back, punk?

Like you pushed that little 12-year-old
kid underneath the train, huh?

Did you sneak up behind him and
push him, you little loud-mouth punk?

That's the way you'd do it.

Come on!

Kid, get out of the way.

How'd you know where to find me?

I saw you taking the cab.

I had a funny feeling,
and I followed you.

Frank, where'd you learn
to use your feet like that?

Uh, well, uh,
old Chinese movies.

Old Chinese movies?

Well, you sure made
an impression on Joey.

I think I made
a bigger one on Tony.

Yes, you did that.

That's a strange duo.

I mean, how does
a little guy like Joey

end up hanging out
with trash like Tony?

They're brothers, Frank.

After the father died...

Well, the mother
started drinking.

Last I heard,
she was out on the streets.

Tony's the only family
the kid's got left.

It's a shame.
Joey's a good kid.

He's a good fighter, too.
I'd hate to lose him.

You know, maybe, you know, if
you can get him away from Tony,

uh, you might
just have a chance.

This is where Sonny was killed.

Right under this bridge.

They called me that night to
come down and identify the body.

What was left of it.

It's ironic,

somebody that small

leaves such a big gap
inside you when they go.

I gotta get a drink, Frank.

I thought you said one drink.

A friend wouldn't
make me drink alone.

This isn't gonna help.

Well, it's not
gonna hurt much, either.

It's the Purple Heart.

Silver Star.

You got a trunk full
of commendations.

You want 'em, take 'em.

They're all yours.
Take them all, Frank.

You're a war hero.

This guy, here, he was no hero,

just... just a survivor.

There's 431 men
in that picture, Frank.

Out in the Pacific?


And you were the chaplain.

No, no, I was just a gyrene.

First Marine Division.

The Battle of Bloody Ridge.

The enemy ran suicide squads
at us all day long.

All day.

I don't know how many men
I killed that day.

50, 100...

I just can't remember anymore.

But I swore if I lived,

I'd spend the rest of my life
making up for it.

So you became a priest.

It seemed like
a good start at the time.

Now, I don't know.

See, Frank, when I look around,

I... I don't see that
I've done anybody any good.

We all, uh,

wonder sometimes

if we're doing the right thing.

And I guess all
you can do is just believe

that you'll make
a difference in the long run.

Do you think you will?

Well, I wouldn't be
here if I didn't.

I wish I could be so sure.

Listen, uh, you know, Mac,

I think maybe
we should call it a day, huh?

I was thinkin' that tomorrow

maybe, you know,
if you wanted to,

we could, well,
think about maybe...

It's a little past
your bedtime, isn't it?

Not if you don't know
where your bed is.

You got a point there.

How's, uh, Father Mac?

Oh, he's still alive.

Physically, at least.
I don't know about his soul.

I think he's losing his faith
as fast as his bottles.

Yeah, that happens.

It happens to priests
more than you'd think.

What's goin' on, Al?

I mean, ever since
we started this leap,

you... you've been acting
like you hate being here.

What, is something wrong with
Tina or the project? What?

Tina's... She's fine.


I think that collar
is goin' to your head.

It doesn't have anything
to do with the collar.

Would you at least
just talk to me?

What... what is it,
this place?

The... the... the church?
Is that it? What?

You remember how
I told you about

how my dad put my sister
and me in an orphanage

because he couldn't
take care of us?


Well, I was 10 years old
when he came back.

And he was all
excited about this money

that he'd earned in the oil
fields in Saudi Arabia.

He said it was going to
give us a great new start,

and nothing could
ever separate us again.

He even bought a house.
It was not a big one,

but it was the greatest house
I remember seein'.


Well, then he got sick.

He got sick,
and it got worse, and worse,

and worse until
he had to go to the hospital,

and it turns out he had cancer.

Well, I go to see him
and he says to me:

"Don't worry, everything will be all
right so long as you pray for me."

So I did.

Every day I went to church
and I prayed and I prayed

and I prayed my heart out
until the day he died.

I'm sorry.

- I... I forgot.
- Oh, you didn't forget.

You didn't know.
I never told you.


Who's there?

What are you doing here?

I wanted to talk to you.

But I could wait outside until
you're finished talking to yourself.

- Father?
- What?

You think you could put me down?

Just let me, uh,
turn on a light, here.

This is your room, isn't it?

Of course it is.

Got a light?

Aren't you a little
young to be smoking?

Besides, I don't think you came
over here in the middle of the night

to, uh, ask me
for a match, did you?

I want you to
talk to Father Mac.

Tell him not to rat on Tony.

Telling the truth isn't ratting.

If he takes the stand,
Tony's gonna hang.

Your brother's young.
If he confesses,

he's got a good chance of
beating the death penalty.

But if it goes to trial,

and the jury finds him guilty...

He ain't guilty of nothin'
but tryin' to stay alive.

Is that what Tony
told you to say?

Are you kiddin'?

He'd kill me if he knew
I was talkin' to you.

You won't tell him, will you?

I mean, priests
can't tell things, right?

- That's right.
- Good.

He's, uh, trying to stop Father Mac
from testifying, though, isn't he?

- I don't know.
- I think you do.

Look, I just want things to be
like they used to be, before.

Before what?

You don't understand.

Tony wasn't
always like he is now.

We used to do things.

We used to go see
the Phillies at Shibe Park.

Pop worked there selling
hot dogs on the weekend.

Tony loved baseball.

Then Pop died.

We never went back.

He got mean.
Like he was mad at the whole world.

I shouldn't have come here.

Tell Father Mac I'm
sorry about Sonny.

Why don't you tell him?

I've already
done enough, Father.

I really gotta go.

No, no, no, don't shut them.

Keep them open.
Bret, Bret, look at me.

How do you expect to hit
somebody you can't see?

Now, you gotta keep
your eyes open, okay?

Now, stick and move.
Stick! Now, stick!

Good! Now here. Now, move...
move... move around. That's it!

Stick! Stick! And move.
Another one! That's it.

Keep it going!
Now shoot one. Good!

Another one.
Another one. Stick it!

Stinger, sting!

That's it. Good goin'.

That's the way to do it, Bret.

Okay, guys, now you gotta remember
to keep movin', keep movin'.

Somebody's gonna knock your
head off if you don't. Okay?

Nice going, Bret.


That sounds like
good advice to me.

Yeah, well, if I could
just get him to take it.

Maybe get him to leave town,
until the trial starts, anyway.

Do you have any idea
when Tony tries to kill him?

No. Ziggy's, uh, having
problems getting the details.

He'll have it straightened
out in a couple of hours.

What if we don't
have a couple of hours?

How come sometimes he knows stuff,
and other times, he, you know...

I don't know.
Want to ask him?

All right, guys, one more time.
What'd we learn today?

Eyes open!

Hands up!

And keep movin',
or you're gonna get your...

Heads knocked off!

Nice workout, guys.
Go on, get out of here.

Listen, drink a lot of water.
I don't want anybody gettin' dehydrated.

Listen, Father, I won't be
able to make it this afternoon.

You need a lot of work
on that heavy bag.

I'd like to but I gotta work
part-time over at Fazio's butcher shop.

We sort of need the money.

Okay, I understand.
Maybe tomorrow, huh?

You know, uh,
I saw this movie once

where this guy used
the beef hanging up

in a meat freezer
as a punching bag.

You might give it a try.

Beef? Yo.


Frank, I'm glad you came down.
Come on, let's go a few rounds.

Break the sweat.
Do you some good, huh?

Me? No. I mean, no... no.
I... I don't...

I don't think so.

Uh, listen, Mac...

Is this going to be another one
of those Father Frank sermons?

I'm afraid so.

Well, listen, If you're gonna preach
to me, come on, get in the ring.

Let's go a few rounds, huh?
Come on.

Oh, what the heck, huh?

It's not like we're gonna hurt
each other or anything, right?

You want to keep
your right hand up, Frank.

You know, opponents, they'll sneak up
and sucker you, man, just lay it on you.

That's kind of what I've been
wanting to talk to you about.

I mean, it's been a long time since
you've had any time off, hasn't it?



I was thinkin' maybe you
should take a couple of days.

Yeah? What do you want
me to do, dry out?

For starters. It might also keep
you alive until you have to testify.

I'll tell you what, Frank, okay?

I'll stay away from that kid
until after the trial.

I think it would just be
easier if you left town.

You want me to run, Frank.
I can't run.

Who said anything about runnin'?

Priests take vacations every
once in a while, don't they?

I've never run from anything in my
life, Frank, and I fight my own fights.

I do it my own way. Get up.

If I didn't know better,
I'd think you wanted to die.

Okay, Frank, sermon's over.

I gotta go hear confession.

I'll take it for you.

You don't have to
do it this way, Tony.

Yeah, what do you know about it?

You're not the one
that's gonna hang.

We could take off.
Go to Canada.

I heard it's nice up there.

Oh, you heard
it's nice up there.

What, one of your good
friends has been there?

There's only one
way to handle this.

You're wrong, Tony.

Yeah, what do you know?

I know you wouldn't be
doin' this if Pop was here.

You don't know nothin'.

You didn't even
come to his funeral.

Pop was a loser, and he never
cared for any of us, okay.

He loved us.

Then how come he killed himself?

- That's a lie.
- No, that's the truth,

and you're old enough to
know it! You're a liar.

Pop had a heart attack.
Mama told me!

Yeah, she didn't
want you to know!

I don't believe you.
Pop was a great man.

He was a coward!

I don't believe you!

Yeah? He hanged himself!

How do you know, huh?

'Cause I was the one
who found him.

Sam, why would you want to volunteer
to do his confessions for him?

I was angry. I wanted him to sit
there and think about staying alive.

Well, do you think
you can handle it?

Well, I don't know.

What choice do I have?

Well, you know, confessions are
kind of a sacred kind of thing.


I thought you didn't
believe in this anymore.

Uh, well, uh,
I... I... I sort of don't, uh,

but old habits, you know,
they're hard to get rid of.

Then why don't you come
and give me a hand?

No, you can handle it.

Just, uh, forgive everybody.

And don't talk too much.

Forgive everybody, and don't...

Yeah, forgive
everybody everything.

I heard you.

Bless me,
Father, for I have sinned.

It's been 10 years
since my last confession.

Since then
I've killed two people.

Make that three.

He killed Father Pistano!

Oh, God, don't do this.

I swore I would never have
anything to do with you again,

but you can't do this.

He's done too much,
he's helped too many people.

You can't take him like this.

Frank! God, Frank.

Where am I?


You'll be all right, Frank.
Now just lie still.

Did anybody see who did this?

Who did this?

Uh, it was Tony, Tony Pronti.

Stay with him
till the ambulance comes.

What happened, Al?
I gotta stop him.

Ziggy had it all wrong.

You weren't here to stop
someone from killing Father Mac,

you're here to stop
Father Mac from killing Tony!

- Killing Tony?
- Yeah.

He must be delirious.

You gotta stop Father Mac.

He's... he's gone
to find Tony.

- I gotta stop him.
- Yes.

- Al.
- Al?

Al... Albert,
he wants to talk to you.

W- w-why does he
want to talk to me?

What do I look like,
a mind reader?

Ziggy says you're just stunned.

It's... it's nothing serious,
so get up.

Get up, get up.
Try and get up. Come on.

Attaboy! Get up!

No, Father, you really mustn't
move till the ambulance gets here.

That's it, Sam, get up.

Uh, Al, what happened?

Well, Tony thought
you were Father Mac.

Uh, it looks like Pronti
was trying to kill you.

Where is he?

- Where's who?
- He's talkin' to me!

Father Mac, he...

he's on his way to
the railroad tracks with Tony.

Railroad tracks?
Why would he...

Sam, he's got a gun.

Look out! Look out!
Hey, watch yourself, huh?

Oh, Father, what happened?

Watch out,
you're gonna get killed!

Only a little accident...

Listen, I... I need to
borrow your car.

Oh, God, why?

We're running out of time, Sam!

Look, I don't have
time to explain.

Here, here.

Bless you.

All right, go, go, go!
Put the pedal to the metal!

Oh, boy!

This is stupid, man.

You're never gonna get away with it.
You know that, don't you?

That's far enough.

Remember this spot, punk?
Turn around.

Turn around!

- What're you gonna do now?
- It's confession time, kid.

Get on your knees!

Huh? Huh?


Now, talk to me, kid.

If you move,
I'll kill you right here.

You got that, huh?

Now, you talk to me, punk.

Go on, punk,
tell me how it happened.

Talk to me now.

You're crazy, man.

You're a priest!
You... you can't do this!

I was a man first, kid.


Around this way.
Go, go, go!

All right, just tell me
what you want, and I'll do it!

I want... I want you
to bring Sonny back.

I want you
to bring back the clerk.

I can't bring 'em back.

I'm not God,
and neither are you, man!

Then may he
forgive us both, son.


No, don't do this.

I'm not gonna
let him walk, Frank.

We're runnin' out
of track here, Sam!

He can't walk,
you're an eyewitness.

I didn't see the murder happen.

Sonny was afraid.

Yeah, he was afraid, so I said
I'd tell them that I saw it happen.

I was gonna tell them the truth right
after he testified, but I didn't see it.

You never saw it happen?

No, Mac.
We'll find another way.

For God's sake,
let him off the track.

Sam, get off of the track!

Frank, get off the track.

He's scum, he's not worth it!

I'm not doin' it for him,
I'm doin' it for you.

They'll never
convict him, Frank.

Not without witnesses,
and there aren't any!

They're all dead!

I did it, all right?
I did it!


Hi, Frank.

You're up early.

I thought I'd get in
a little work before Mass.

You okay?

A little shaky.

I've been reachin'
for that crutch for 10 years.

It's a little hard to stop.

One day at a time.

One day at a time.

I'll have to remember that.

Frank, the other night
on the track, I... I was wrong.

If you hadn't been there, I...

Well, I... I'm pretty
sure I would have...

- I might have...
- Mac.

You better hurry up.
You're gonna be late for Mass.


Thanks, Father.

He's gonna be just fine, Sam.

He's here for the next 20 years.

Even had two
Golden Glove champs.

What about Tony?

Well, uh, he doesn't hang.

Did some serious time,
but when he got out,

he... he made something
out of his life.


I think he's in good hands.

You did a great job, Sam.

Well, so did you.

Yeah. Me, what?
Uh, what did I do?

I didn't do anything.

You prayed for me.


Snowball, good boy.

Don't worry, Carl.
Lions never eat photographers.

They give them indigestion.

Though I understand they nibble
at the slow ones now and again.


Oh, boy.