Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 20 - Heart of a Champion - July 23, 1955 - full transcript

It's 1955 and the middle of the cold war when Sam leaps into the body of Terry Sammis, a professional wrestler who, along with his brother Ronnie, form a tag team. They're from Arkansas but their ring persona is that of Soviets and they taunt the crowd with their pro-Russian rants. Al tells Sam that Terry is new to the wrestling game having just replaced an older brother who died in a car crash. He also tells him Ronnie will die in the big title match they have scheduled for the next day. Sam tries to convince Ronnie to pass upon the big match but wrestling is in their blood and Ronnie has no intention of giving up their big chance. There's only one thing Sam can do: fight the entire match by himself and make sure Ronnie never enters the ring.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide
on this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time,

who appears in the form
of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.

This should be
one heck of a match.

The Executioners have
devastated everybody they faced

and tonight doesn't look like
it's going to be any different.

Tag me.
What are you doing? Tag me!

Executioner 1 isn't even waiting for
the young Soviet to get in the ring.

Let's go.

Okay. Whoa.

Prepare to die, Rooskie!


Oh, boy!

The Executioner has the kid
in the airplane spin.

I guess this is what they call
learning things the hard way.

Get up. Get up. Get up!

The big man is going for
the flying guillotine.

This could be all she wrote
for the kid from Moscow.

Oh, I sure hope this youngster

has a few more tricks
up his sleeve,

'cause he's definitely
gonna need 'em.


Looky here!

Why did you do that for?

Come on, Joe, get up!

I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to hurt him.

Get to your corner.

It's all right, folks.

You're out!

I'll make my way into the
ring for the decision.


Get his doctor in here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the winners in a time of

one minute and eight seconds,

Ivan and Nikoli,

the Battling Rooskies!

As you folks at home can see,
this is really not a very popular...

Shut up, you capitalist pig!

Did you people
see my brother? Huh?

We are the two finest acts
in the world.

We are the fastest,

we are the smartest,

and we are the strongest!

We are champions!

These two are impostors!

My bother Nikoli and I,
we ask a question.

Why do the famous
Shiloh Boys avoid us, huh?

Why do you think
this is so, my brother?

'Cause they...
they're afraid of us?


That's right.
They are afraid to lose

their championship belts, huh?

Tell them, brother, what we'll do
if we ever get them in the ring.

We will treat them like the
capitalist pigs that they are?


That's right.
We shall eat them,

eat them like the pigs
that they are.

Give me that mic.

Ladies and gentlemen,
don't touch that dial,

we'll be back
with another terrific match

on the Georgia Wrestle-a-thon

after these messages.

From our local sponsors.

What are you lookin' at?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Boy, we made some
people mad out there.

Mad? Hell, they'd like
to tear our heads off.

Wait a second.

Our next match is a...

You're not Russian.

Well, don't tell me,
tell that bunch out there.

That was one a hell
of a move back there.

Where'd you learn it?

Oh, I just, uh,
kind of invented it.

Oh, oh, you kind of
invented it, huh?

Well, listen, I know
you're new at this,

but next time you're
gonna go invent something,

just let everybody
know first, huh?

Lamar likes the matches to go

a little longer than a minute
and eight seconds.

He knows how long matches
will be before they start?

How long and who's gonna win.

All except the title matches.

Then it's every man for himself.

It just must be
all the excitement.

You're the manager,
you've got to take control.

It... it... it was
a mistake.

Would you, uh, mind tellin' me

what the hell you think
you were doin' out there?

Well, you see, I was...

Look, he was trying
to make a point.

What point?

That we're ready
for a title shot.

Oh, is that what that
poster thing was about?

To try to pressure me into
givin' you a title match?

Well, you saw that move
that Terry made.

It was terrific.

It was incredible,
but it wasn't in the script.

Oh, so he got
a little carried away.

What damage did it do?

How is he?

He has a slight concussion.

Can he wrestle tomorrow?

He should probably rest.

That's not what I asked.

I need him on
the undercard tomorrow.


No damage done, huh?

So he's young.
But i-i-it was still one hell of a move.

Now, look,

I have already signed
with the Shiloh Boys

to meet the Mongolians tomorrow.

Now, you have got
to wait your turn,

and no more
of that kicking stuff.

Well, I guess that's that.

I'm not gonna give up that easy.

He's all right.

Cheer up, little brother.

At least we won this time.

If this was
the thrill of victory,

I didn't want to be around
for the agony of defeat.

The optimistic part
of my brain was saying

that maybe the worst was over.

But the realistic side
kept telling me

that my troubles had just begun.

You know, that was one
hell of a move out there.

Yes, sirree, those kind of moves

will get you a lot of attention.

Carl was really impressed.

He was?

He wasn't too happy about this.

Oh, yeah, well...

I thought it was brave.

Get outta here,
I'm taking a shower!

Hey, come on in.

...but brave.

Look, you know,
I really need to take a shower now.

I'm kind of sweaty, and probably

this would be a good time
for you to, you know, leave.


A little sweat
never hurt anything.

In fact, I insist on it.

I just can't get over how
young and attractive you are.

Not like the rest
of these animals.


Oh, damn!

Sherry, where are you?

Quit your yellin',
I'm right here.

Uh, nice hat, Mr. Shiloh.

Well, looky here.

If it ain't the leapin'
little poster-eater.

How's it goin', boy?

What are you doin' in here?

I was just
congratulating the kid.

We were just talkin', all right?

You got to get
that close to talk?

You ain't trying to rustle my
wife, are you, boy?

Rustle? Oh, no.

As a matter of fact,
we were just about

to do it right here on the
floor when you walked in.

- What?
- What?

She's kiddin'.
She's just a kidder.

She is such a kidder.

Tell him you're kiddin', okay?

Come on, Carl, let's
go get somethin' to eat.

I'm starvin'.

Watch your step, Pee-wee.

I'd hate to have
to break you in half.

You know, that's the
first time I've ever seen

a vending machine
with a head on it.

Who was that?

Carl Shiloh.

And who's the lady in red?

Mrs. Carl Shiloh.
Are you ready for that?

- Really?
- Yeah.

Boy, she'd better
have strong bones.

Well, having strong bones
will be a big plus

around here, Al.
What's going on?


Well, let's see.
It's July 23, 1955.

Your name is Terry Sammis.

You and your brother
are professional wrestlers,

a.k.a. The Battling Rooskies.
Clever name, huh?


Yeah, well, that's your brother and
you're managed by your mother, Lotty.

Where am I?

Uh, Atlanta, Georgia.

It's a live television
wrestling show of some sort.

Everybody acts
like I'm new at this.

Well, you are.

Terry just joined the team
about a week ago

when his oldest brother,
Frank, died in a car crash.

And your father was known as
"Slammin' Sammy Sammis."

You're kidding?

Would I make up
a name like that?

He worked the circuit for 10
years until he passed away.

He never made it
to the big time.

And before Frank died,

he and Ronnie were touted as
legitimate title contenders.

So, that's what
I'm doin' here, right?

Help get them
a shot at the title.


Ronnie! Ronnie!

Where's your brother?

Well, he's in the...

Oh, yeah.

Oh, Ronnie! Get out here!
Comin', Mom.

What's goin' on?

We got it.

- Got what?
- A title match!

As long as Terry doesn't do
anymore of those fancy kicks,

you're wrestling
for the championship.

What... what
about the Mongolians?

Oh, they're in jail.

Uh, seems they got drunk
in Denver

and punched out
a couple of cops.

Lamar's into this
for a lot of money,

so instead of cancelin',
he offered the match to us!


Because he doesn't
have anybody else.

Oh, I wish your father and your
brother were here to see this.

Oh, I'd better go sign those
contracts before he changes his mind.

Well, smile, little brother,

this is what
we've been waitin' for.

Don't tell me that was Mom.

Yeah, yeah, that's Mom.
This is great, I mean, it's incredible.

I leap in here to help get them a
title shot. The way I look at this,

they got it right away.
I should be leaping right...

Sam. Sam! Sam.


Ronnie cannot wrestle
in that title match.

Why not?

Because if he does,
he's gonna die.

How could a guy in that kind
of shape die tomorrow night?

Well, Ziggy's still workin'
on the specifics.

He's got family. Uh, Myra.

That's Ronnie's wife, Myra.

Uh, they've been married
eight years.

They've got a little boy
named Hank.

Oh, no. Al, look, I need to know
exactly what happened to him.

Well, I'll go back and see
if I can't hurry it up.

- Okay.
- But, listen, in the meantime,

you got to think of a way
to keep him out of the ring.

Myra was really excited.

She couldn't believe
it was finally happening.

It's unbelievable, all right.

Hank even got on the phone,

made me promise I'd hang my
championship belt up over his bed.

Um, maybe after we win this
thing, I can get us a house, huh?

It'll sure be nice to get
the family off the road.

Yeah, yeah, that would be nice.

Listen, I... I know you're really
cramped up in that little trailer,

but things will be different after
we win these belts, I promise.

You know what?
Since Lamar won't let you

use any more of
those fancy kick moves,

maybe we should work
on a new hold.

How do you feel
about the sleeper?

- The sleeper?
- Oh, yeah, real crowd-pleaser.

All you got do is get your
arm around the guy's neck,

cut off his oxygen.

What, you just make
the guy pass out?

Yeah. Just an idea.

I mean, if we're gonna be
the main attraction,

we gotta pump this thing
up a little bit.

Yeah, uh, well...

You know, uh, are you sure
we're really ready for this?

What do you mean?

Maybe we're in a little over our
heads, that's all.

Over our heads?

Look, Terry, I,
I know you were just a kid when Pop died,

but you've got to remember how
much he wanted to be champ.

No, I... I remember that.

It's just that sometimes

I think you need to do
what's right for yourself.

For myself?
What about Frankie?

What about his dream?

Ronnie, Frankie's dead.

I know he's dead.

I held him in my arms.

I made him a promise, Terry.

I gave him my word
that I'd get those belts.

Hey, what are we talkin' about?

This is a celebration, right?

Two more comin' up

for the next tag team champions!

Two more beers.

Well, I hope you're not
planning on a hangover

to keep him out of the ring?

It's about as good
as I got right now.

Did Ziggy come up on anything
about how he was killed?

He wasn't.

What do you mean, he wasn't?

He wasn't killed.
He just died.

You told me he was killed
during the match.

I did. Well, I mean,
I was going to.

Well, eyewitnesses
at ringside said

that Ronnie was taggin' out
and he just collapsed.

Which happens
when your heart stops.

He died from heart failure?

According to
the death certificate.

Well, what was the cause of it?

We don't know,
it's not determined.

All right, Al, have Ziggy
run Ronnie's medical history.

I want to know what's happened to
him from the moment he was born.

Okay, but that's gonna take a little time.

Why... why don't you ask him?
You're a doctor.

To you I'm a doctor.

To them I'm a wrestler,

The only thing
I can do right now

is make sure
he doesn't overexert himself.

If what you're
telling me is right,

then any stress
is gonna kill him.

Well, looky here.

How about a bar fight?

Huh? What?

We don't drink
with no Communists.

Why don't we take him outside
and hang him from the flagpole.

- Hey, hey, what's going on, fellas?
- Stay out of it, Terry.

Hey, would you listen to that?

They even talk like Americans.

I've seen Germans do
that once in a war movie.

Well, we sound like Americans
because we are Americans.

Hey, what do we look like,
a couple of idiots?

Hey, we watch television.

We've seen you two struttin'
around in your little red outfits.

Okay, okay. I get what
this is all about.

Look, those are just
characters that we play.

Would you listen to this guy?

Next thing he'll be telling us
is that wrestling ain't real.

These are the kind of guys who keep
those fishing programs on the air.

Don't even try
to explain it to these morons.

Oh, maybe you'd like to
step outside and say that?

Oh, you got it!

Well, look, look, guys,
we don't want to do that.

We don't want
to fight with you guys.

You know what I think?

I think they're chicken.

Is that what you two are?

A couple of Commie chickens?

Yeah, that's what we are,
we are chickens, actually.

Besides, you guys
look pretty tough,

and we really wouldn't
want to mess with you.

What the hell?

So we're just
gonna leave right now

and you guys can get back to
whatever it is you were doin', okay?

Come on, let's go.

Yeah, you fly on out of here
before we have to pluck you.

Ronnie, come on.
It's not worth it.

People let them off
that easy, huh?

Get him out of here, Sam.

Myra, you should have
seen his flying feet.

Too bad we can't do that kind
of stuff in the ring.

I'm sure
it was wonderful. More?

Oh, no, no, no,
I'm getting stuffed here.

But it's really good.

Don't act like it was our fault.

That guy asked for it.

They always ask for it.

One of these times,
you're going to run into the wrong person.

Honey, we can take care
of ourselves

and if you'd ever come to any of
these matches, you would know that.

If I want to see violence,
I'll watch the news.

I just don't understand
why you two

have to pretend to be Russians.

Well, I explained that.

See, there's good guys
and there's bad guys.

And right now we happen to be the bad
guys, right, sport?

- Right.
- Right.

Well, I know one little bad
guy who needs to go to bed.

Mmm-hmm, I think she's talking about
you, little man.

Do I have to?


Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong?
Put him down. Put him down.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I just feel
a little dizzy, that's all.

I just got up
from the table too fast.

Here, I'll take him.

No, it's all right.
I'll do it.

Come on, hero.

Let's go read a bedtime story.

I know he's your brother,
but sometimes...

I'm worried about him, Terry.

This has happened before,
is that right?

At first, it was every so often.

Now it's happenin' all the time.

He wakes up at night
in a cold sweat.

I ask him to see a doctor,
but you know your brother,

he'd rather die
than admit he's sick.


The worst thing is
I think he'd quit

this crazy business if it weren't
for that promise he made to Frank.

That and...

That and what?

Your mother.

I don't want
to offend you, Terry,

but sometimes I think she'd risk
everything just for that stupid title.

- She's...
- What?


I'd better go see
how the boys are doin'.

I don't know why Ronnie
ever married that girl.

She's weak.

She's worried about him.

Who, Ronnie?

Yeah, she's worried
he might be sick.

He doesn't look sick to me.

Maybe a little tired.


has Ronnie ever had any
trouble with his heart?

What are you talkin' about?

Well, I... I just have
this feeling

that he shouldn't
wrestle tomorrow night.

If he does, something bad
is gonna happen.

Not wrestle? But... but, Terry,

Terry, this is our big chance.

I mean, this is what
we have dreamed about,

what we've worked for.

Couldn't we at least have
a doctor check him first?

Oh, look,
I told you before, he's fine.

Oh, I only want
what's best for my boys.

What's best for us or what's
best for Pop and Frankie?

Son, if you're scared,

I can always get someone else
to take your place.

You're gonna thank me later.

When you're world champions.


I could hardly blame Lotty
for thinking I was afraid.

After all, I was
asking her to throw away

the family dream on a feeling.

I had to come up
with something more concrete

if I was going to convince
Ronnie not to wrestle.

I hope these trailers
have name tags.

Hello, anybody home?

Now, this is fun.
Can't find my trailer.

Can't find the lights.

Why doesn't anything good
ever happen to me?

Maybe it just did.

It's just been so hot lately.

What were you doing here?

The air conditioner
in our trailer is busted.

Carl's real good
at wreckin' things,

but when it comes
to fixing them,

he's just all thumbs.


Why don't you come over here
so I can see you better?

I don't think
that's such a good idea.

Why not?

Because you're a married woman.

I just don't think
that it would look good.

To who?

Well, to your husband, for one.

Remember him,
the man you're married to.

The rather large man who
enjoys ripping things apart.

Don't worry about him.

He's busy watching
The Three Stooges.

He won't even know
that I'm gone.

Yeah, right.

What do you think he would do
if he saw you here like this?


or after he kills you?

Yeah, right,
and that is my point.

The thought of you two
fightin' over me,

well, it just makes me
want to quiver.

Yeah, well, me, too.

Relax. Relax.

Come on.

No one is going to
even catch you, silly.



I know you're in there with
that wife-stealin' weasel!

Sherry! I'm gonna
pull his arms off.

Shh, maybe he'll go away.

I'm gonna pull his legs off.

I'm gonna pluck his eyeballs
from his head.

Where is that mug?


He's gonna kill you.

You act like
this happens all the time.

It does.

Open up, you backstabbing

I've been doing some checking

and it turns out Mrs.
Sasquatch, here, gets her jollies

from watching her hubby dismember
other men on her behalf.


Yes, she's left a trail of
broken necks from coast-to-coast.

You set me up?

Well, a girl's got
to have a hobby.

She's got a point.

That's not going to help.

Why not?

Got you!

Does that hurt?

Now I'm gonna tear your head
off and shove it up your...

I tried to warn you.

Warn me?
You tried to kill me.

I'm going to die!

Sam, in here.
The ceiling!

Whoa! Oh.

I think robo-head
is letting himself in.

Come on
up out of there! Up!

Sam. Sam.

You want to stay down there,
or you want to get out? Come on up.

Oh, Carl,

can't you do anything right?

Can you believe it?

Can you believe
how she set me up like that?

Well, you know,
there's women that get

a big thrill out of
watching men suffer.

Trust me on this,
I've been married to most of them.

I got to get out of here, Al.

Any luck on getting Ronnie
to drop the match?

No, no.
He's determined as ever

to keep his promise
to Frank to get those belts.

Uh, uh, well, how about Mom?

She's as wrapped up
in this as he is.

Does Ziggy have anything new
on his medical history?

Uh, it turns out that wrestlers
move around as much as the military.

But don't worry,
we'll get something soon.

We just have to find some way

to let Ronnie know
that he's in danger.

Yeah, well,
how are we going to do that?

Well, maybe if I could get him

examined by a doctor,
you know, or get him...

How are you going to do that?

Oh, no, no, no!

Come on, guys,
pick it up, will you?

I'll go back and try
and hurry Ziggy up

and, uh, good luck!

Hey, move that camera
over here, okay?

...why you're
on the undercard?

You're about as tough
as my grandmother!

Make sure those lights are good.

I don't want burnouts
during the show tomorrow.

Kid, what are you
doin' here so late?

I couldn't sleep.

Slam him, damn it!

You're not dancin'
with your sister.

Could I...
could I talk to you?

I am a little busy right now.

Look, it's really important.

You sure you
don't want anything?

No, no, I'm fine, thanks.

So, what can I do for you?

Well, I wanted to talk to you
about the match tomorrow.

Everything will be okay
if you promise

to keep your feet on the floor.

No. No. That's...
that's not exactly what I meant.

Well, what, then?

Uh, Lamar, I need you
to cancel the match.

You what?

Now, listen, don't get me wrong.

I mean, we really appreciate
the opportunity and everything,

but, see, I just don't think
that right now would be

a really good time
for Ronnie to wrestle.

I, uh, uh,
I really don't understand.

Well, see,
he's... he's... he's very sick.

Well, why didn't he come to me
earlier and tell me about it?

I'm not sure
that he really knows.

Now, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.

You're sayin' he's sick,
and he doesn't know it?

It's kind of hard to explain.

Oh, I can imagine.
Now, come on.

I have got a lot
of money invested

in puttin' this match together

and I am just not
going to blow it off.

I'm not sayin'
you have to do that.

I'm just saying maybe you could
go out and get a new team.


I mean, we... we are
24 hours away

from when the camera
starts to roll.

Son, look, you're just nervous.

Now, you go home,
you get some sleep.

Everything will look better
in the mornin'.

Let me just say this, if I'm
right, and Ronnie does get hurt,

you're gonna be held liable.

And you could lose everything.

Now, all I'm askin' is that
you just bring a doctor in

and do a checkup
on him, that's all.

All right. All right.

Have him in the dressin'
room tomorrow mornin' at 8:00.

He'll be there.

- All right.
- Yes, sir. Thank you.

I don't understand
why they're doing this.

Well, I think they're probably just
worried something might happen.

They want to cover
all the bases, that's all.

If you ask me, it's the Shilohs.

They're afraid they're gonna
lose their belts.

It's not going to happen.
There's no...

Ronnie, how you
feeling today, son?

I don't know
what this is all about,

but you go tell them there ain't
no way it's ever gonna work.


What the hell
are you talkin' about?

I'm talkin' about the Shilohs.

I know who's behind this.

Well, now,

I don't know where you're
gettin' your information,

but this has got absolutely
nothin' to do with the Shilohs.

If you want to blame somebody,

you talk to your brother.

This is your idea?

Now, listen to me,

Myra's been talkin' to me about some
of the problems you've been havin':

The dizzy spells,
shortness of breath.

Well, I've been on the
road for almost a year.

I'm just a little
bit beat, that's all.

No, it's more than that.
You know that.

Then why don't we just let

Dr. Griggs here
finish his exam?

And then we'll all know.

Breath in

And out.

Breath in

And out.

You can put your shirt on now.


He's fit as a fiddle.

There's a little congestion in his
lungs, but nothing to worry about.

Well, there you go.

Wait a minute.
That's all you're gonna do?

What else would you suggest?

Well, I would suggest
starting with chest x-rays,

then maybe an EKG,
an MRI, do a CAT scan.

CAT scan?

Look, if he has a heart defect,

there's no way a simple
examination like this

is ever gonna be able
to figure that out.

- Heart defect?
- Oh, now...

Look, now, excuse me.

There's no way you can tell
from this kind of examination.

Terry, that's enough!

I know what
I'm talking about, here.

Listen to me.

I apologize for my brother.

He's just been
a little jumpy lately.

All right.

We'll see you later.

Yeah, later.

Ronnie, you can't do this.

Now, you know I'm right,
don't you?

You know there's
something wrong with you.

I know that I promised Frankie
that I would get those belts.

I'm not gonna quit
until I get 'em.

Even if it kills you?

Even if it kills me.

So Lamar didn't do anything?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
he had the ring doctor check Ronnie out.

Well, he must have
picked up something?

Uh-huh, he did.

He picked up his medical bag

right after he pronounced
Ronnie "fit as a fiddle."

- Fit?
- Yeah.

This doctor must
walk like a duck.

- What?
- Because he's a quack!

This damn thing
is going nuts here.

Oh, it's... it's Ronnie's
medical history.

- Thank you, Ziggy, finally.
- And?

Well, let's see,
normal childhood illnesses,

a couple broken bones, uh,
rheumatic fever when he was 8.

He was bedridden
a couple of weeks.

No nosebleeds.

No, no, no, wait... wait a second.
That could be it.

- What's that?
- The rheumatic fever,

that could have caused
damage to his heart.

Mitral stenosis.

Michael who?

- No, mitral stenosis.
- Oh, mitral.

It's a narrowing of the
valves around the heart.

That could have been
a result of the fever.

That could cause
his heart to fail?

Yes, it could and it will.

I gotta go talk to him.

Watch out that the door
doesn't fall.

Ronnie, come on,
you need medical attention.

What are you talkin' about?

When you were eight years old,
you contracted rheumatic fever.

I think it damaged your heart.

Damage that could kill you
if you wrestle tomorrow night.

Oh, come on.

You gonna tell me if somethin'
happened 20 years ago...


How did you know
about that fever?

You weren't even born yet.

Uh, well, you know,
Frankie told me about it.

Well, so what?
I was sick, kids get sick.

Not like that.
We were so worried about you.

We weren't even sure
that you were goin' to live.

- Don't do this, Mom.
- What if...

That was a long time ago.

What if Terry is right?

You know, the doctor said there
could be problems later on,

but I never thought that it...

Maybe we should wait.


At least until we can get you checked
out, by... by a specialist.


I have already lost
a husband and a son.

I am not gonna lose you, too.

There'll be other nights.

I'll go tell Lamar.

Wait! Wait!

This is my life
we're talkin' about!

And I'm gonna decide
what I do with it!

What if Terry is right?

What if he's wrong?

I'm not gonna throw this away.

You two do
whatever you have to do.

But I'm gonna get in that ring,

and I'm gonna wrestle for the
title, with or without you.


I don't think
this is a good idea.

I don't have a choice, Al.

Besides, I got a plan.

Oh, yeah, what kind of a plan?

Ronnie dies
because he wrestles, right?


So I make sure that he doesn't.

Well, what are you going to do?

I don't tag out.

What? That's not a plan.
That's suicide.

Look, you got a better idea?

Okay, all right, so you wrestle,
which I think is nuts.

But how does that solve the
problem of getting Ronnie treated?

Well, I have an idea
for that, too.


Listen, about what happened...

Oh, forget it.

No, I... I don't want
to forget it.

I want to make a deal with you.

What kind of deal?

Yeah, what kind of deal?

I want you to give me your word

that if we win
the title tonight,

you'll check into a hospital for
a complete physical examination.

But there's nothin' wrong
with me.

Then it won't matter, will it?


Yeah, it's a deal.

You're both here. We're just
about to get started.

You two got any questions?

You just make sure you get
those belts shined up real nice.

You're kiddin', right?

I mean...
Oh, now, wait a minute.

You don't honestly
think you're gonna win?

You're damn right we do.

Now, what's goin' on here,

Oh, come on, I thought you
boys had that figured out.

- Figured what out?
- You can't win.

Can't win?
What are you talking about?

This is a title match.

Well, you bet
it's a title match.

And you boys are the Russians.

Now, how the hell is it gonna
look to the American public

to have a couple of Communists
be the world champions?

But we're not from Russia.
We're from Arkansas!

I know that, you know that.

But John Q. Public
don't know that.

To him, you represent
the epitome of evil.

Somethin' to be destroyed!

All right, if it will
make you feel better,

the exposure you're gonna get
from this match

is gonna keep you boys
working for years.

This isn't right.
This is a title match.

We ought to have
a chance of winning it.

He's right.

This is the real thing.

Fight to the death.

I'll see you in the ring, boy.

According to Ziggy, there's a 75.3
percent chance he's going to kill you.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen!

And welcome to
Georgia Wrestle-a-thon.

Tonight's program...

Sam, you can't do this.

You don't know anything
about wrestling.

And what chance does
Ronnie have if I don't?

It is time for the main event.

It is a no-time limit
tag team championship bout.

Introducing the challengers.

They are from Moscow

And they weigh in at 510 pounds.

Ivan and Nikoli,

the Battling Rooskies!

And now, ladies and
gentlemen, the champions.

They have a combined weight

of 538 pounds.

They hail from
the great state of Texas.

Introducing Carl and Clem,

the Shiloh Boys!

You're going down, boy!

Uh, Sam, I...
Just checking.

- I'll start.
- No, no, I got it.

All right, listen.

You just be real careful.

And here we go, folks!

The event you've all
been waiting for.

He's probably all talk.

He's probably just all talk.

Well, maybe he's not all talk.

Sam, I think I'll step down.

The champion
isn't wasting any time.

Looks like Nikoli has a
few surprises of his own.

I just don't think he wants
to get the Shilohs angry.

They're feeling each other out.

Stalking each other.

These two teams
never met each other before.

You can't miss him,
he can't see you, brother.

They're gonna kill my boy.

Carl Shiloh looks as ready
as I have ever seen him.

You're gonna be
dead meat, Shiloh.

It could be a long night.

He's got his knees up.

That has got to hurt!

Tag my arm!

Tag my arm.

He's pulling his hair,
that's not fair. No!

I'm not sure
how much more he can take.

Get up! Get up!

I just don't know
how much more punishment

he can take from this big Texan.

I told you, boy!

Sam, are you okay?

Do I look okay?

Well, not really.

Sam, this is insane.
You've been in there for an hour.

I've got to beat him, Al.

Beat him?

You couldn't even slow him
down with a tranquilizer gun.

You stay off of my path.

That's the answer.
You did it, Al.

- What?
- I got to put him to sleep.

Oh, sure.
Sing him a lullaby.

How are you gonna
put him to sleep?

By cutting off
the oxygen to his brain.

You'll what?

Cut off the oxygen...

Brain? What brain?

I think the champ's
ready to finish him.

Looks like Carl Shiloh
is setting Nikoli up

for his famous lariat whip!

Wait, wait a second.

Nikoli's got Carl
in the sleeper.

You got him! You got him, Sam!

He's going,

he's gone.

You did it!
You did it, Sam, all right!

You saw it!

We have new tag team champions.

Nikoli and Ivan,
the Battling Rooskies!


You think you're pretty
smart, don't you?

Tell you what,
I don't feel very smart right now.

You could have
been killed out there.

So could you.

I don't understand
why you did this.

You will after you go
to the hospital.

Oh, will you come off
with that...

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

You want to see
the sleeper again?


All right, I'll go.

All right, a deal is a deal.

You think he'll be okay, Al?

Oh, yeah, he's gonna be okay,

he just gets some medication
for his heart.

He doesn't wrestle again,
does he?

No. No.
But his son does.


His son does,
in the '68 Olympics: Silver medalist.

You're kidding.
That's great.

Bring him in here.

Right over here,
on this nice table.

Honey, honey, sweetheart!

Oh, what did they do to you?

It's your fault.
Look at him.

Look what you did to my baby.

I just wish he'd have caught you
in that trailer and torn you apart!

Oh, honey.

How's my little pumpkin?

Mama's gonna take you home.

Ahem, uh...

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Go ahead. It will
make you feel better. Go.


I would do it,
she wouldn't even feel it.

I really...

I don't think that
I would ever do anything...

Get the kids in their rooms.

Go. Move it.
Move it.


Come on, man, duck and cover.

Get down!

Put your mask on!

The Rooskies just
lobbed a bomb on the U.S.A.


It's World War III.

Get down!

Oh, boy!