Quantum Leap (1989–1993): Season 3, Episode 19 - Last Dance Before an Execution - May 12, 1971 - full transcript

Sam leaps into a death row convict moments before his execution. A last minute stay of execution order gives him 48 hours to determine his innocence in a leap with an unclear mission.

Theorizing that one could
time-travel within his own lifetime,

Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into
the Quantum Leap Accelerator

and vanished.

He woke to find himself
trapped in the past,

facing mirror images
that were not his own,

and driven by an unknown force

to change history
for the better.

His only guide on
this journey is Al,

an observer from his own time,

who appears in
the form of a hologram

that only Sam can see and hear.

And so Dr. Beckett finds himself
leaping from life to life,

striving to put right
what once went wrong,

and hoping each time
that his next leap

will be the leap home.

Wait... wait a minute.

Wait a minute,
there's been some kind of a mistake.

You're the one
who made the mistake, Jesus.

No. Jesus? No.

Just try to think
of someplace far away.

What? What?

Let it be known,

that on the 12th day
of May, 1971,

in the presence of these
witnesses, that Jesus Ortega

was condemned by the state of
Florida to death by electrocution.

Oh, God.

For the murder
of Father Vincent Torelli

on the ninth day of September

- No, wait a minute!
- ...1969

This can't be happening.
Oh, God!

...it is thereby
agreed by all present...

It's the warden.

Yes, sir.

You were just granted a 48-hour
stay of execution by the Governor.

- God.
- And so was Raul Casta.

Mr. Moody, please.
We need some information.

Please. Sir, please.

Sir, please.
We need to know what's going on.

This is why the state of Florida

needs a new governor.

One who is not afraid to bring
a convicted murderer to justice.

Why did the Governor
grant them the stay?

Because he hasn't got the guts
to stand up to the liberal

bleeding-heart pressure groups.

Mr. Moody, are you saying that if
you were elected governor, you could?

You're damned right I could!

You think he'll stay
the executions of the other...

Not if I've got anything to say about it.
I'll tell you... Listen!

I will not allow
murderers and rapists,

convicted criminals, to go free.

And you can quote the hell
out of me on that one.

But, sir, wait a minute.

Moody's gonna fry whoever
pulled this off for you

in the same chair.

Ignore him.

You're alive, at least for the next
48 hours, and that's all that matters.

How the hell did you do it, man?

We're gonna
call you Lazarus, man.


You did it.

We still have a chance.

You're home.
Forget where you live?

Or did Wohorski let
a little current ooze through?

You okay, Ortega?


I said, are you okay?

He's terrific.

For somebody who just
got his chain jerked off

the Grim Reaper's door.
Ain't that right, Ortega?

Sorry about the boxes,
but you weren't expected back.

I wouldn't work
too hard on unpacking.

Two days go by real fast.

Real fast.

You said that...

You said that they...
they would listen to their own laws

And you were right.

Will somebody shut him up?

You were right.

All the time, all the books.

You did it!

Mi amigo.

He wrote an appeal?

What the hell kind of an appeal
could an illiterate Cuban write?

All I get from the Governor's
office is that Ortega's appeal

has them diggin'
through the files

for some kind of evidence that he
says was omitted from his trial.

What kind of evidence?

We don't know, sir.

Come on, Rip. Come on,
come on, come on.

Where in the hell is Tearsa?
She knows all about this case.

Tearsa's out at the prison
doing some paperwork.

What the hell do you think
the appeal was based on?

Maybe that it only took us
six days to get him convicted.


you don't get punished for not
wasting the taxpayers' money.

You know Bowman's only doing this
to get the bleeding-heart vote.

There are a lot of
liberals in this state.

Not as many as there are conservatives!
Now, come on!

What the hell
was in that damn appeal?

We don't know.

What could it have been?

Something that Bowman felt
strong enough to issue a stay on.

Look, Ortega has just spent
the past year and a half

going through a stack
of outdated law books.

Now, all that he could come up
with, possibly, possibly

is a technicality,
and that is all.

But the priest identified Ortega
and Casta on his deathbed.

Two other witnesses put them at the
scene of the crime. What could he have?

That's what you were supposed
to find out. Come on.

Ortega got a stay.
If he gets a mistrial

Bowman will get
the liberal vote.

I will be tied up
in court during the election.

He will have me
right where he wants me.

All right, look, look.

If we did it by the books,
which we did, there's no problem.

Now, we did it
by the books, didn't we?

We have nothing to worry about.

You two have nothing
to worry about.

I have $80,000 sunk into
a gubernatorial campaign

I intend to win.

I'm going back
to the Governor's office

I'm gonna get a copy
of the damn appeal

and I'm gonna find out
what that technicality is.

Don't you worry, Theo,

we're gonna have those two
fried long before election day.

I guarantee it.

You better.

You better.

You writing
the great American novel?

Where the hell have you been?

I almost died
in the electric chair.

Sam, it's... it's not always so easy
to find you right after you leap.

I was in the electric chair!
Where were you?

It's not like
you're lost in a mall.

You're lost in time.

You know, I got here as soon as I could.
I'm sorry, Sam.

Okay, all right.
Did you find anything out from Jesus?

Well, he's... he's out cold in the
waiting room. We can't revive him.


Dr. Beaks thinks that Jesus
thinks that he's already dead,

so he's slipped into a kind of
a comatose coma or whatever.

Well, tell Beeks
to bring him around.

Well, you can't just dump a bucket
of water on his head and say:

"Hey, hey, get up.
You're not dead,

"you're just 25 years
in the future."

These things take time, Sam.

I don't have
a whole lot of time, Al.

Okay, let me just get this
thing in the right mode.

Uh, according to Ziggy, you die

on the 14th of May, 1971.

That's... Oh, that's
in two days.

I got that, Al.


- Why?
- Why?

Well, probably because you can't
live with 2,000 volts of electricity

rushing through your body.

Why was Jesus executed?

Uh, well, you and Raul were
convicted for robbery and murder.

According to Ziggy they
admitted robbing the church,

but they deny
killing the priest.

So, you're probably here
because they're innocent.

Yeah, but they got
three eyewitnesses, Al,

including the dying priest,
who can put us both at the church.

Plus the ballistics tests,
which show that the gun that they found

in Jesus' place matches the
gun that killed the priest.

What if they're telling
the truth?

What if they did rob the church,

but they did not
kill the priest?

Ziggy says there's an 83
percent probability of that.

All I have to do is find out who
murdered the priest and save my life.

- Jesus' life.
- No, my life.

I was the one in that chair
this morning.

And I'm the one who'll be
in it the day after tomorrow,

unless I can figure out whatever
it is that he couldn't...

What are you doing,
rehearsing your press release?

There's a counselor here
to see you, Ortega.

Oh, bingo.

If anyone's got any answers,
it should be your lawyer.

I'm sorry, Ortega,
but rules are rules.

Good luck, amigo.
Good luck.

Jesus, where you going, man?

Oh, look at this, Sam.

If I had had an attorney like that when
I was in court, I'd still be in court.

We did it. We did it.

Oh, Jesus, we have a chance.
We've got a chance to stop Moody

from killing you and Raul.

That's Theodore Wallace Moody.
He's the district attorney.

The guy who was busting a gut
this morning.

Yeah. If he ever found out
I was helping you,

that'd be the end
of little Tearsa Lorrea.

So fast it would
make your head spin.

Tearsa Margaretta Lorrea,
age 28 and single.

Maybe you
shouldn't be here, then.

Oh, I'm being careful.

Uh, no, she isn't, Sam.
Not really.

If Moody finds out, I'll tell him
I'm pumping you for information.

Yeah, but see,
Moody doesn't buy that.

In fact, he has her disbarred
in '72 for immoral conduct.

Besides, I can't be worried about this now.
I can't be worried about me.

Not when we're this close to proving
that you and Raul are innocent.

Come over here!

She doesn't prove anything, Sam.

She ends up doing
life as a social worker

in a Florida
unemployment office,

and you, I mean, Jesus and Raul

still burn in the chair.

This is exactly what
we've been working for.

When Bowman saw Moody's ballistic
tests were inconclusive,

he called for an examination
of all the evidence.

It's just a matter of time before he
sees that you and Raul are innocent.

Raul Casta, a widower,
father of one.

All right, you're not innocent.

You committed a robbery,
but you didn't murder a priest.

Jesus, remember when I told
you that every barrel of a gun

leaves a unique mark
on the bullet?

- Uh-huh.
- Come.

Moody says the bullet they took
from Father Torelli's sternum

matches the ones
fired from your gun.

According to these ballistic
tests, they didn't.

- They lied?
- So then, Moody lied?

Well, Moody presented the ballistic
tests as if they were conclusive

and your incompetent attorney
didn't contest it.

Do you know what this means?

Uh, what?

That Moody's evidence
was inconclusive.

She's got a point there, Sam.

They can't fry somebody
on inconclusive evidence.

I mean, he based your whole
case on these ballistic tests.

Oh, and the witnesses
that placed you and Raul

at the robbery, not the murder.

And he got away with it, though?

No, almost, almost.
But he disregarded the Sixth Amendment.

He did not corroborate
your DD-5.

He intimidated
your court-appointed attorney.

I've watched this guy manipulate
the law and ignore the system

and become everything I've
ever hated about lawyers.

Now, wait a second, Sam.
If she's working for this Moody,

what's she doing here
helping you?

Why are you helping me?

Your letters.

They made me aware that I was
allowing Moody to kill my people

because they were
ignorant of the laws.

You reminded me why my
parents ran away from Cuba.

Yeah, but if Moody finds out
what you're doing here

he's gonna fire you.

Yeah, well, I still have
to live with myself, you know?

I'm not like Moody.

I never knew there
were lawyers with morals.

It's a pity
that Moody breaks her.

Jesus, you and Raul
are innocent.

We are going to prove it.


I'm gonna go check to see how
Ziggy's coming with that interface.

Maybe I can find something new.

That'd be great.

Sam, I like her.


You're different again.

- I'm different?
- Yeah.

The first time
I met you in court,

you were very arrogant
and angry.

Why, you accused me of being
a traitor to our people.

I'm sorry about that. I...

It's all right.

When the trial ended,
you changed.

Well, I guess sitting on death
row has an effect on a person.

Yeah, well,
your letters changed.

And when you wrote that appeal,

I changed, Jesus.

I believed in something again.

We have a lot of work to do.

Listen, I want you to go back
through everything

and make sure
we didn't miss anything.


And tell Raul
we've got a chance.

We've got a good chance.

- I'm ready.
- Tearsa.

Be careful.

Jesus' research had taken him
into every case

that was overturned
on a technicality.

On one hand,

it felt strange
to be doing exactly

what Tearsa
had accused Moody of,

manipulating the fine points
of the law.

On the other,

the thought of being strapped
into that chair again...


What'd she say?

Tearsa says that we have to

go over the whole thing
all over again, okay?

In case we missed anything,

we should just go over
everything one more time.


Because I... I want to see it
like Moody would see it.

My, uh...

My Rosita was sick.

The fever was so high that...

That I knew she was gonna die.

I... I was crazy.

No wife, a sick kid.

I went over to your apartment
about 7:00 to ask for money.

We, uh...

We talked for a long time, and then,
uh, we decided to go to church.

You said, after all the money
we gave at collections,

maybe once the Madonna
could give back to us.

But the, uh, Madonna,
she did not help.

- What about the priest?
- The priest?

He was sorry.

He said he was
sorry my niña was sick,

but that, uh...
But that there was no money for medicine.

What about the money
for the poor?

He said we, uh...
We were gonna use the money for rum.

And then what happened?

I went crazy.

I told him his vestments
were a lie,

that... that... that... that
he was not a man of God

because God would help
a sick child!

Then the... the sisters heard my
screaming, and they came out.

And, uh, then you pulled me
back to the chapel.

You said Torelli was no padre,

that this wasn't a house of God.

And with y-your bare hands y-you
broke the lock on the poor box

and we took the money.


We're gonna die for $6.

Raul, we're not going to die.

What time did we
leave the church?

About 7:45.

I remember because I knew
we had enough time

to get to the pharmacy,
to... to get to Julio.


Antuna. Yeah.

He was a doctor in Cuba.

He couldn't get his license
when he came over,

so, uh, he swept the floors
in the pharmacy.

He, uh, stole the medicine
for my Rosita

when he saw I didn't
have enough money.

That's why I... I... I thought maybe that's
why he... he... he didn't come to the trial.

I swear to you, Jesus,

I was with him when the
priest got murdered.

Me and Rosita, man.

Guard! Hey, guard.

What is your problem, Ortega?

Listen, I need
to make a phone call.

It's after hours, Ortega.
You know the rules.

I don't have hours.

I gonna be dead in less than 32.

It's my tail if we're busted.



- This makes no sense.
- What doesn't?

Julio Antuna moved out of the
area two days after the murder.

Two days.
Something's not right.

Well, Raul thinks it's because Julio
stole medicine for Raul's daughter.

Yeah, well, according
to the police records,

Two officers went to see him
right after Father Torelli died.

But the report they filed
is missing.

The next day,
Mr. Antuna disappeared.

Well, she found out
more than we did.

'Cause Julio Antuna never
registered in the United States.

We searched the whole country.

Wherever he went,
he didn't go as Julio Antuna.

This is crazy.

I mean, the ballistics
test was inconclusive

and there's a discrepancy
between the time the witnesses

put Raul and I at the church.
Plus the fact

that the only friendly witness

vanished 48 hours
after the crime.

We can get 'em, Jesus.

Hey, look,
I better get out of here.

Why, where are you?

I'm in Moody's office.

Moody's office?

Get out of there!
Watch her back!

I'm on it.

He took all the files
and put them in his office.

Oh-oh. Uh, uh.

Tell her
to look out the window, Sam!

Listen, Moody's coming.

Look out the window.

What have you got,
an angel on retainer?

Just get out of there!

He called me in here for a meeting.
The only thing I have to do

is not be on the phone with you.


I'll get word to you as soon
as I hear from Bowman.

This is a happy group.

What'd you find out?

I found out that someone
from this office

has been working with Ortega.

Stay cool,
he doesn't know it's you yet.

And whoever it is,
he's given the Governor's office

enough information
to force a stay of execution.

Maybe even
overturn the conviction.

Bowman has subpoenaed
our records.

And he's talking seriously
about reopening the trial.


How did he find out?

Come on.

Bowman's not gonna tell
us who the Judas is.


Maybe it's not someone
in the office.

Maybe it's someone who's got...

It's definitely internal.
They know too much.

But not everything.

That sounds like
the lawyers I know.

I want everyone
in this office checked.

I want personal call lists,

schedules, meetings,
over the past eight months.

Go back to the trial
if you have to.

Do whatever it takes,
but I want this bastard.

I wouldn't worry
about Ortega and Casta.

I'm not, Herb.

If they can't introduce
any new evidence

they'll reschedule the
execution for tomorrow morning

and it'll be over.

But hear me, people.

I want this Judas.
Now, do it.

Man, he's gonna break you
into a million pieces

and walk away
with the governorship,

and let two innocent men
die in the chair.

I just hope Sam Beckett's
not one of 'em.

They've rescheduled the
execution for tomorrow morning.

Did they set a time?

7:00 a.m.

There's gotta be
something we're missing.

She's checked out everything,

I've hired an investigative
team to find Julio.

She did it
with her own money, too.

But I need more time.
We need more time.

We need a stay
from the Governor.

What about Bowman?

Oh, he's not gonna...

He's not gonna
push for an extension

unless we find
some real hard evidence.

What's... what's
a through-and-through?

Uh, that's a police term.

They use it
to describe a shooting.

It's, uh, when a bullet completely
passes through the body cavity

and comes out the other side.

Well, according to
the coroner's report

Father Torelli was killed
by multiple gunshot wounds,

one of which they found
lodged in the sternum

and another one
which passed through the lung

ripping through the left
ventricle before it left the body.

So, where's the second bullet?


So... so what happened
to the second bullet?

We never found it.

Forensics searched for two days.

Well, maybe modern technology
has a way of finding it now.

Worth a shot.

They searched all the walls,

the heating grates,
the folds in the curtains.

They even pulled down
the statues.

If I can get Ziggy to modify
the sensors on the hand link

and work it
as kind of a metal detector...

Look, I need you to check again.

It has been
almost two years, okay?

If I can center
on her brainwaves

that'll give Ziggy a clearer
sensory base to pull from...

But I gotta have her there.

If we can find that bullet
in one piece

we can prove that it wasn't
my gun that killed the priest.

Get her there, Sam.

You understand what I'm saying?

There is no chance that that
bullet is still in that church.

What else do we have?

I don't know,
but we can spend our time...

What? We can't find Julio.

You can't alter the
statements of a dead priest

or any of the eyewitnesses.
The bullet is our only hope.


Okay. Okay.

All right, now what do you want me to do?
Just look?

Uh, uh, no.

No, no, I... I think you gotta
do more than... than just look.

I think you have
to re-enact the shooting.

This is crazy.

No, it's not crazy.
I came across some transcripts

from the court files,
a-and there was this testimony

from this expert witness, this, uh...
This Dr. Michaels guy.

He gave his medical report based
on where the body was found.

Now, based on Father Torelli's

physical position
at the time of the shooting

you can pinpoint exactly
where the bullet came out!

Right. Okay. Now listen,
we've done that.

You're gonna have
to do it again, then!

It's all right here.
Okay, okay.

Okay, all right.
I'll do it.

It's right here, see?

No, w-w-wait. Here, you
gotta have this. Okay?

All right.
I'll call you.



Oh, good.

Thank God you're still here,
Tearsa. All right.

Had a heck of a time
converting this hand link,

but Ziggy says it's gonna work
to do this detecting but...


You gonna let me
do this all alone?

Well, that's okay.

We know that the priest was
killed up here by the altar

so that's where I'll start.

Turn this on.

This is gonna work.
You just find a little lead

and I'll show you a bullet.

This is useless.

I've got to do something.

Well, you can pray
that we'll find the bullet.

Could help.

Hey, hey, don't move!

You didn't hear me,
did you? No.



Nothing over there.

Nothing over there.

Ah, ahh.

Ah, there's something there.

Something over here.

Ah, that's it. Uh-huh.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh

That's it! We found it!

I know it's been a long time
since I knelt before you...

If I can find a way
to get you to hear me.

And I know that it's sad

that I'm here in your light.

Light! Can you see...
Can you see this light?

- Please.
- Nope.

Show me the answer.

Well, it's right there
in the wall!

Show me a way to help these men.

I'm trying.

I know that they've
done wrong, Madonna.

But it was for the good
of a child. A child.

I beg you to be merciful.

You know, I could use
some help here.

Are you an angel?

No, I'm not.
I wish I were.

Not you. Him.

- Can you see me?
- Yes.

Of course you can,
because you're an innocent child

and all the waves... Wait!

She can't see you.

That's right, she can't.

But would you like to help
the angel a little bit?

Because I have to talk to her.

Come on, help the angel.
We gotta talk to this lady.

Now, all the angel needs
is for you

to go and tell
that lady to stop.

Can you? Go, run, run!

The angel said to stop!


I'm sorry. I told you never
to speak to strangers.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

The angel wants me to tell her!

Enough. I'm sorry.

That's okay.

Say her name is Tearsa.


Just say, the bullet.

The bullet.

Wait. Señora, please, wait.

I'm sorry,
I don't know what's wrong with her.

She never acts like this.

Now, listen to me closely.

Tell her it's behind the frame.

It's behind the frame.

- The bullet.
- The bullet.

She sees too much television.

Señora, wait.

Please, I was praying to the
Madonna to help me find a bullet.

I think she's letting me know
through this child's words.

A miracle.

I think so.

Is the angel still here?

Oh, yeah.

Can he tell you
where the bullet is?

The lower left-hand corner.

The lower left-hand corner.

The picture of the Madonna.

The picture of the Madonna.

Thank you.

Thanks, honey.
You've got an angel that owes you one.

Es un milagro!

You're out of here, son.
You're out of here.

Tearsa found the bullet.

Yes. It was right there
in the wall.

You want to know
why they couldn't find it?

- Do you?
- No.

Let me tell you.

The bullet went
right through the priest

into the wall, and when it did

it hit right on the corner
of this picture frame.

That moved the picture frame
a little bit

and then gravity swung it back
over the hole.

So when the police looked at it,
they looked for a bullet hole

but they never checked
behind it.

Well, that's great.

Yeah. Now all we have to do
is wait for Tearsa

to take the bullet to ballistics

then check it
against Jesus' gun.

It doesn't match, so that proves

that you and Raul are innocent.

And whoopie-dippy-dong,
you're history, son.

And then Moody is forced
to reopen the case.


So why am I still here?

If Tearsa found the bullet,
and everything's okay,

shouldn't I be leaping now?

Well, you got a point.

Maybe it's because, uh,

I'm being given
a chance to say goodbye

to Tearsa before I go.
Something like that?

Yeah, something like that.




Well, uh...


Just that... that

the ballistic report
says that the bullet

Tearsa found
came from Jesus' gun

and proves conclusively

that you murdered Father
Torelli, and you're guilty, Sam.

And Ziggy says you're

gonna die in the chair
in three hours and 17 minutes.

You lied to me!

Look at me!
You look at me!

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

For what? For using me?

For letting me think
you were innocent,

while all the while
you murdered that priest?

I believed Jesus Ortega
was innocent.

And no matter
what crime he committed.

I'm still here
because something isn't right.

Oh, what are you talking about?

I don't belong here, Tearsa.

I'm not the man
who killed that priest.

Oh, no.

I'm not the man who wrote you those
letters or... or wrote that brief.

I'm not that man!

Oh, stop it!
Then who are you?

If I told you,

if I tried to explain to you,
you wouldn't believe me in a million years.

No, you try
and explain it to me!

You try and explain to me
what you were doing

when you were preaching to me
about my dignity.

About my responsibility to all
those Cubans that were repressed

by the American system!

You used me!

I never used you.

I never lied to you.
I never lied to you.


Well, well.

It's so nice to catch
the two of you together.

Let it go, Theo.
It's over.


Yes, for him it's over.
For you, it's just beginning.

For you, I have a special
punishment to fit your disloyalty.

It's hard to be loyal
to the Devil.

Whatever happened to
how much you admired me?

How much you hoped your
career would mirror mine?

I didn't know you then,
and what you were capable of.

Convicting murderers.

I thought they were innocent!

Well, they weren't.

You'll have
to pay for that, Tearsa.

You don't have to destroy her.

She's a traitor.

Because of her, you have
your conclusive evidence

and Raul and I
will be dead in an hour.

Now, isn't that enough?


What is it with you?

You won't be happy until
everybody on deathwatch is dead?

Your impending death has made
you a very brave man, Mr. Ortega.

I don't want to see
Tearsa's life ruined.

You won't. You'll be dead.

You are so cruel.

- I'm cruel?
- Yes.

What about you? I trusted you,

and I gave you my confidence.

I taught you the jewels of
law, and you betrayed me.

How many people
have you betrayed?

There are five men
on deathwatch.

Five men you put there by pushing
their cases through court.

Five convicted criminals.

- Who might be innocent.
- You weren't.

This is not about
guilt or innocence.

This is about
you using their bodies

to pave your way
to the Governor's mansion!

Whatever it takes.

Well, I'm gonna make sure
everybody knows what you are!

I don't think so.

I think that you
will slither away

with your tail
between your legs,

because I'm having you disbarred

for misappropriating information
from my personal files

and using it to aid and
abet a convicted murderer.

- What?
- Tearsa.

See, Tearsa, you made
the ultimate mistake.

You've lost.

And you are a dead man.

Tearsa, listen to me.

Let go.

You... You haven't lost.

Yes, I have.
You made sure of that.

Are you going to dance
before your execution, Jesus?


It's an old prison saying,

that a man on his final
walk to the chair,

the stench of fear chokes him
and he panics,

struggling in the arms
of his captor

for one more moment of freedom.

Some people say
it looks like a dance.

The last dance before death.

Romantic, don't you think?

Would you like
to make a confession, Jesus?

Would you like
to make a confession?

I don't need to confess.

Jesus, God has not forsaken you.

I know that.

But you don't believe it.

You're wondering,
"Has my God abandoned me?"

I can see it
in your eyes, Jesus.

Is that what
you're thinking, son?


Sometimes when I pray,
I have the feeling that

maybe God is too busy to
hear the prayers of a priest.

- Busy?
- Because I'm his servant,

a soldier who works
in His name to make right

what the times have made wrong.


He wouldn't be too busy.

the good are the last to be heard.

But you are like
the prodigal son.


God is not going
to leave me here.

He's calling you home, Jesus.

Look, I haven't
done anything wrong.

That's what you
don't understand.

I've done everything
that has been asked of me.

And I believe

that I am not going
to die in that chair.

What happens in that room
is not important, Jesus.

What's important comes
when you leave this world.

Cleanse your soul, Jesus.

Go with your arms to God.

I have nothing to confess.

Don't you understand?
I have nothing to confess!


You went back and murdered the
priest, didn't you?

I don't know.

Yeah, you know.

Y-you know you went with me
to get my Rosita

and all the time you were saying

blasphemous things
about the priest.

- All right, move on.
- ...and the church!

Let's go.

After I left to Julio's,
you went back and killed the priest!

I don't know.

Lies! You're letting your lies
drag me to my death!

Time to go, Jesus.

Tell them
the truth, Jesus. Jesus.

You were my friend, Jesus.
You were my friend.

Don't let them kill me
and leave my daughter alone!

Be cool, Jesus.

Jesus, tell them the truth!

Jesus, tell them the truth!


Come on, Jesus.
Your fan club's back.

I am not here.

I am not standing in this room
facing these people.

This is not happening.

I don't smell the stench of
death or feel this insane terror

that is choking me a thousand times
more than it did two days ago.

I believe that God
or time or whoever

is testing my faith
has not forgotten me.

I believe... I believe...

Al, why haven't I leaped?

I'm not supposed to be here!

Okay, I'm okay. I'm okay.

I'm not supposed to be here.

Let it be known that on
the 14th day of May, 1971,

in the presence
of these witnesses...

Tell him you want to confess.
Tell him you want to confess.

I want to confess.



I want to make a confession.

Jesus confesses
to the murder of the priest.

I, Jesus Ortega,

confess to the premeditated
murder of Father Torelli.

But Raul was not there.

You were here to save Raul.


I want to admit,
in front of all of these witnesses

that I left Raul Casta

after we robbed the poor box.

Then you went to get your gun.

And I went back to get my gun

and murdered the priest.

Now Raul is part
of the reason you're here.

The other reason is to
take down Theodore Moody.

And there's one more thing.

Tell them that Moody bribed Raul's
witness to leave the state of Florida.

I know that
the District Attorney

bribed a witness
to leave the state.


A witness whose evidence could've
proven that Raul was innocent.

And tell them that Julio Antuna,

the morning after the shooting

left to visit his daughter
in New York.

And Julio Antuna

left Tallahassee the
morning after the shooting

to visit his daughter
in New York.

- And when he returned,
- He was questioned by the police

He was questioned by the police.

...and by Mr. Ripley!

And by Mr. Ripley,
a representative

of the District
Attorney's office.

This is ridiculous.

And then Dr. Antuna,

who had lost his medical status

when he fled Cuba
to come to the U.S.,

was given a chance

to obtain his medical license
in the state of New York

on the condition that he leave
Florida and never return.

Lies! The man is about
to be electrocuted.

Tell Tearsa to call him
in New York.

Tearsa, call Dr. Julio Antuna
in New York.

- 212
- Call him now! 212

- 555-4315.
- 555-4315.

Oh, wait.
No, he changed his name.

It's now Dr. Manuel Vasquez.

And ask for
a Dr. Manuel Vasquez.

He changed his name.

What did he say?
What did he say?


He says he was
given the opportunity

to be a doctor by Theodore Moody

and all he had to do
was give a statement

to the District
Attorney's office

to prove Raul Casta's innocence,

which he's willing to do again.

And you can quote me on that.

Mr. Moody, can we
get a comment?

I have no comment.
I have nothing to say.

Raul gets released, and he's living
with his daughter in Florida.

Ripley and Moody
see their reputations

go right down
the toilet with the bullet,

and Tearsa reopens the four
remaining cases on death row

and gets two of them overturned
for insufficient evidence.

She turns out
to be a good lawyer.

What are you doing?

It's time to go home, Al?

You better leap, Sam.
What are you doing?

I sure hope Al is the name of
your guardian angel, my friend.

Wait a second.
You gotta leap, Sam.

Hey, leap, Sam!
You better leap now!

Come on, leap! Leap!

Don't touch that thing! Sam, leap.
Leap, leap, leap, now! Now!

Leap, Sam, leap!

What are you doing?
Tag me!

Get in there!

Prepare to die, Russkie!

Oh, boy.