Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 21 - RAINBOW - full transcript

With a new light shed on the Collaborators' final plan, the Task Force with help from old friends, put the pieces together before the Collab enacts a terrorist attack.

Previously on "Quantico"...

ENGIN is an avionic startup.

The government just
signed a billion-dollar

contract with them this morning.

I have feelings for you.

Where are you going?

Goodbye, Shelby.

You ruined the operation.

And you ruined my only chance

to get my sister out of who knows where.

How many people die

if the Collaborators
reach their endgame?

- We don't know what their endgame is!
- Exactly.

Now I will, because I'm on the inside.

We transition tomorrow.

Welcome to the team.

I'm not resigning because I
believe I did anything wrong.

As no vice president
has yet been confirmed,

Speaker of the House Henry Roarke

will take the oath of that office.

It's only a matter of time

before someone sends the FBI

to arrest her and us for treason.

Mr. President, you've been in office

for less than a week,
and during that time,

you've signed more executive orders

than any other
administration in history.


Well, we have a great
deal of work to do.

President Haas left us

with a weak and fractured nation.

And it will take sweeping changes

to stem this tide.

But my administration is up to the task.

Let's talk about the first order...

Somewhat controversial.

The "so-called" Muslim registry.

And what's controversial about
keeping this country safe?

What exactly is your
plan for implementation?

Since you brought it before
the House a month ago,

its critics have only
grown more vociferous.

And its supporters, as well.

And I would remind you that it passed

before the President vetoed it.

What we need to do, Cecilia,

is clear out the corrupt establishment.

And I brought in individuals like, uh...

Alice Winter, the
former CEO of Greypool,

to be a part of my
national security team.

And she's putting together a
list of would-be registrants

as we speak.

So, when the Congress...

passes the registry officially,

we can hit the ground running.

Look, it's the first
step in a long road.

Really, I'm just getting started.

You've also passed orders
to strengthen the military,

increase border security,

and you've asked
Defense Secretary Howell

to draft a memo

on how to defeat the Islamic Front.

Can you talk more about that?

We have never been more
vulnerable in this country

than we are today.

We've suffered significant
intelligence failures,

both foreign and domestic,

under the Haas administration.

The CIA failed to prevent

an Islamic Front attack at the G20.

And just a few days ago,
he FBI suffered an attack...

in their own backyard.

You have to stop calling me.

- And you have to get me out of here.
- Not possible.

The FBI is doing random
sweeps on The Farm

looking for you.

You poke your head up for air,

you'll be thrown in a hole so deep,

no one will find you.

How will you govern
differently from President Haas?

President Haas didn't
listen to the people.

I do. It's that simple.

And what are the people
saying to you now?

They're saying, "Protect us.

Make us feel safe."

For too long,

we've put our faith in corrupt leaders

and a rigged system.

So, how do I fix this?

Well, I have a proposal,

and I'm gonna tell it
to you, Cecilia, first,

right here and now.

Really? I'm flattered.

I propose that we follow

the lead of our founding fathers

and amend the heart, mind,
and soul of our country.

Are you talking about calling
a Constitutional convention?

Yes, I am.

For the second time in
this nation's history.

It's time to take our system back,

and be the America I know we can be.

And it will require change,

change today that will lead
us to a greater tomorrow.

Thank you, Mr. President.

No. Thank you, Cecilia.


Hey, listen up!

The cache disappeared.


It's gone. All of it.

Been taken offline, I assume by Roarke.

And you're telling us because...

you think we're just
gonna run in to that bunker

and help you?

I know things have been
fractured between us...

Oh, yeah.

Is that what you call
cutting out your entire team

and trying to do the job yourself?

How'd that work out? Okay.


This team robbed me of a
chance to save my sister.

And y-you didn't trust me then.

How can I help you now?


It's gone?

- All the surveillance information?
- All of it.

What, does that mean that it's over?

It means they got whatever they needed

for the last part of their plan.

And we have no idea what that is.

No. Well, thank you.

Thank you.

Nice to see you. Pleasure.

Not bad for a first sit-down,

- don't you think?
- It's like you've been

planning for it for
years, Mr. President.


Why did you ask me to come here?

Well, just to let you
know you'd be rewarded

for all the hard work you've done.

Due to all your help
in the past few weeks,

I'm finally able to reshape
our intelligence institutions.

And, as someone who's done time in both,

I think the country could benefit

from your insight and your
expertise in that reshaping.

The interview's over, Mr. President.

You can speak directly.

What do you want me to do?

For your own safety,

I think it's best you stay
insulated from the how,

- as long as you know the when.
- And?

Well, I'll just say this...

I wouldn't leave town in
the next couple of days.

It has been hours. Where is she?

SDRs take time.

Especially when you might be
watched by the man who carries

the full weight of the
United States government

behind you.

She's... She's being thorough.

Are we putting her in danger
by asking her to come here?

We need her.

Oh, thank God you're here.

Hey. You lost your tails?

About an hour ago.

But I still changed cars

one more time outside of Ewell.

We couldn't rally the troops?

Okay. What's going on there?

The cache is gone, as
if it was never there.

Any piece of intel, data,
pattern, state secrets...

Because whatever they're about to do

- is ready to go?
- Exactly.

Three of us against who knows how many

for the last stand?

Not sure I like those odds.

She's right. We need help.

Then we get help.

If we can't count on Raina and Ryan,

we find friends that we can count on.

And I was just hours away
from a trip to Mexico.

And if anybody I worked
with knew I was here,

I would've lost the job I
should have lost months ago.

I've just been waiting by the phone.

So this is the bunker?

Only using 24% of the surface space.

Power move.

Miranda Shaw.

We've not formally met.


But I know a lot about you.

Most of it wrong.

Well, I don't know how
I feel about being here.

They gave me no choice.

I know.

To be honest,

I had the first good night's sleep

in about 30 years.

I just had to turn off the television.

All right, Alex, why are we here?

And how much trouble
are we gonna get into?

Because you know I
can't get into trouble.

We're already in trouble, Miranda.

With the cache gone,

it's most likely the
first attack will be today.


That was so much fun the first time.

I've already almost
died twice this year.

I'm not dying today.

How can I help?

Work to see why all of
this has been taken offline.

I think the rest of us

could analyze Roarke's executive orders,

to see if they point to a greater plan.


You asked me to help.

I'm helping.

Thank you.

I may have been wrong about you, too.

What are you waiting
for? Let's get to work.

We should have stayed at the house.

We couldn't. They were
doing random sweeps.

Why do you keep staring at them?

Just watching Alex lead the B-team

down yet another blind alley.

You are a bitter, bitter man.

Yeah, I don't see you out there.

I have a real cause.

Y-You just have a wounded heart.

No. Don't get all The Ancient One on me,

all right.

I don't know what that is,

and I know what you're really mad at.

It's not Alex going off the road.

It's who Alex went off-roading with.

30 executive orders in five days.

And this one freezes
financial regulations

until he can approve them.

I mean, what's the endgame here?

Fewer restrictions on banks.

A hedge fund manager
wouldn't mind less regulation.

- Yeah, but that doesn't relate to terrorism.
- No.

Which means it wasn't
part of Roarke's plan.

It's probably just a favor
for his friend Christian Kelly.

Uh, judging from your
collective expressions,

I'm about to interrupt
an important conversation.

For that I'm sorry,

but I have an equally
important question.

Uh, can you tell me more

about your operation in Cleveland?

You went there because
one of the Collaborators

got a piece of the cache, right?

To threaten a judge and start a riot?

Okay, Will, why don't we focus on

finding who deleted the cache first,

and then we can play
recent history, okay?

Okay, good.

If he keeps getting hung up on details,

we're gonna be here till next week.

What about this memorandum

committing us to defeat
the Islamic Front?

Maybe Roarke wanted to
stir up tensions overseas?

Okay, what about... What about that one?

All right. Let's go back to this one.

Roarke's EO on increasing
border security...

Any chance the Collaborators

have an interest in exploiting
Mexican-American relations?

I-I know, I should be
focusing on the cache.

But I was looking into the plane crash

the Collaborators orchestrated,

the one connected to Christian Kelly?

Uh, The avionics
technology on the plane...

We already know that.

Kelly profited highly from

the technology company's
rise after the crash.

We know that.

But what if the avionics system

has another purpose?

The crash caused avionics stock to rise,

but there are easier ways to make money

than crashing a plane.

Are you saying that the
crash wasn't about the profit,

but about the system itself?

The government signed a contract

with the company who
made it, ENGIN Industries,

the day after the plane crash.

Two commercial airlines followed suit.

It's being added to all their
domestic 737s as we speak.

When I left Roarke's office,

he told me to "not leave town."

Could that be a warning?

Maybe the Collaborators
could use the system

to actually take control of a plane.

Or planes.

If they do,

this would be a terrorist
attack on a national scale

that we haven't seen since 9/11.

We're done with our time
out, if you'll have us back?

Don't ask their permission.

Fine. We're helping.

Good to have you back.

This is the avionics technology,

courtesy of the developers
at ENGIN Industries

and their pitiful firewall.

There's a line of code buried
in the emergency systems

that could give someone

remote control of the entire plane.

That must be how they're
gonna hijack a plane or two.


But commercial avionics don't
communicate with ground-based systems.

For security purposes,

they can only be accessed on board.

What if you're on board

with, like, a cellphone or a laptop?

Could you access this backdoor that way?


But you'd need a system
with exactly the right code.

Peter Theo is one of the biggest
tech developers in the world.

His apps are on millions of cellphones.

Theo's biggest app, FundFriend,

- just released an update last week.
- On it.

What do you want to bet we're
gonna find a line of code

that allows it to control
the avionics system?

Did you ever imagine we'd
be working together someday

back when you thought I was a bad guy?

Who says you're a good guy?

First, what I don't understand is,

why hide the trigger in an app?


If somebody accessed your phone,

they wouldn't discover it.

No, no. Raina's right.

FundFriend is the
biggest app to move money.

Why hide a code in an
app that's used by...

- 197 million people.
- Exactly.

When only a handful of
suicide bombers need it?

Unless they're not suicide bombers.

I've been working trusted
Company sources and assets.

No one's heard chatter

of any terrorist event of any kind.

So, how do you stage a terrorist event

without terrorists?

Who says they have to be terrorists?

They framed me without
me even being there.

Maybe they're going
to use people's phones

without them knowing?

Turn unwitting
passengers into hijackers?

They can use the app

to make anyone they
want to into a terrorist.

If that's true,

we'd never be able to
find every passenger

on a commercial flight today

using FundFriend.

That's... It's impossible.

Excuse me.

Let's re-look at this.

Now, look, I already called Caleb back.

I told him I'm fine,
so no need to worry.

So, can you please stop calling?

Because every time it rings, I
want to throw it out the window.

You can put it on silent.

Hmm. I'm waiting on a pizza.

- Are you smoking?
- No.

You are. You are smoking!

And it isn't tobacco.

Which is legal in D.C.
the last time I checked.

Well, you're not in D.C.

You're at the Hampton Court Motor Lodge

in Springfield, Virginia,

where possession is a misdemeanor.

Are you calling me from 1955?

I'm hanging up.

You already tracked my phone,

and my Sims are arguing in the kitchen.

We need your help

to narrow down the list of targets.

If you were Roarke

and you wanted to frame a passenger

for blowing up a plane,

who would you choose?

Politically, someone
I'd want the country

to think is a threat.

Anyone from his registry.

He tried to push it through again.

It's still not popular.

I don't know.

What better way to frighten
people into getting on board

than a terrorist attack
at the hands of a Muslim?

God, that's what I was afraid of.

Yeah, framing Raina for a mall bombing,

that was a dry run.

This is the main event.

We need you. Your brain.

Come back and help us.


Yeah, uh, my pizza's here, so bye now.

This is what we know so far.

Roarke plans on hijacking
commercial planes,

using unwitting Muslim passengers

carrying Peter Theo's
FundFriend app on their phones.

This way, they can hack into
the avionics system of the plane

and bring them down.

What we don't know

- is which Muslims are being targeted.
- Right.

Even if we knew which
planes needed to be grounded,

we still need specific
names to warn the pilots.

We've got to find out who's
already on the registry.

If the perpetrators are on there,

it serves Roarke's policy.

Who's got access?

Alice Winter.

- And I can get it.
- No way.

- She'd kill you.
- And get yourself killed?

Look, you can't risk blowing your cover.

Your in with the Collaborators

is our best hope of beating them.

What... What if we fail today?

We need them to still believe you.

Okay, this is not up for discussion.

And I know what I'm doing.

And I don't need your permission.

All right, fine.

Miranda, Will and I will go to

the FAA Command Center in Herndon.

They'll have the resources
to ground these planes

once we identify them.

FAA personnel require

an emergency
call-and-response code

to down a plane.

Oh, let me guess...

It's not a code that's given out freely?

The President has it
and a couple of others,

but that's it.

Well, Claire's only been
out of power for a week.

Shelby, does Clay have any connections

he can still use?

He might,

but I don't think he'll
take another call from me.

If I could see him in person,

I might be able to convince him.

You can't leave. Neither can I.

The FBI would grab us on sight.

He's right.

They're on the grounds as we speak.

We have exactly zero minutes to waste.

Look, the rest of you can go.

Just not me, Shelby, or you, Raina.

I know a way you can get out, Shelby.

No one will tell me where my sister is.

But I bet they'll take me to her.

It's the only way.

Stay where you are!

May name is Raina Amin.

My sister, Nimah Amin, was
taken wrongly into custody

for an attack you believe
was perpetrated by me.



Let's go.

Come on. Let's go.

All right, everyone.

I know this isn't your first time,

but we have no room for error here.

We have passengers boarding planes

who don't know their own phones

are gonna turn them into hijackers.

So, we need your best game.

Where are we?

In position at Greypool.

I'll find out which
planes are being targeted

and whose phones are
carrying out the hack.

At Clay's hotel.

I'll push him to lean on
his government contacts

and get the emergency
call-and-response code

we'll need to order
these planes to land.

As soon as everyone
has taken their seats,

we will close the cabin door.

You are free to use
your electronic devices

until that time.

Hey, we're almost at
the FAA Command Center.

Once Alex gets the flight numbers,

we'll radio the pilots.

See if we can disable the hack

and get them to land safely.


We're standing by to relay information

to all the teams.

Happy hunting. Good luck.

I wasn't expecting to see you today.

That's because no one sent for me.

And yet I have a feeling
something's happening

and I'm not a part of it.

No, you're not.

I betrayed everyone I know

for a seat at this table, Alice.

Don't give me a reason
to return the favor.

I'll fill you in. With limits.


Look, time is not on our side, Alex.

Get those flights.

Get those names.

You're worried about her.

I'm worried for her.

There's a difference.

Yeah, well...

it took me years

to trust that my wife
would come home safe.

How long have you been married?

31 years.

And she's...

The best darn operative
you'll never hear of.

The only time she was home

for more than a four-month stretch

was to have our sons.

- It's a good-looking family.
- Thanks.

And you stay here?

Take care of the kids?

Hell, yes, I do.

She's great at what she does,
and I'm great at what I do.

See, when you find the right person,

you don't worry that their
success takes away from you.

You worry that you're not doing enough

to help them be successful.

- Well, respectfully, sir...
- Why don't you screw the respect

and speak your mind.

Okay. I'm you in this narrative,

- and she's...
- Exceptional.

Then why send me to The Farm?

Why would you put me in there

if you knew she was "exceptional"?

Quotes aren't helping your case, son.

You want to know why
I sent you in there?

To make her better.

And you did. You challenged her.

And she, not you, got us here today.

So that's my life?

Challenging her?

Making her better?


My wife was worth the
cosmetic blow to my ego.

Eventually, I realized I
was a better man for it.

Shelby, what's your status?

Clay? Clay?

Hey, wake up.

- Clay!
- Hey.


Oh, of course it would be you.

Listen, hundreds, maybe
thousands, of people

are gonna die

if you don't get us the
call-and-response code

for airborne terror threats.

- There's no such thing.
- Yes, there is.

And we know that you can twist
the right arm and get it for us.

You know, I can see
why people fall for you.

Sorry. Sorry.

Here. Come back here.

All I need you to do
is make one phone call.

And all I need you to do...

Clay! You... You are engaged!

Not anymore.

Oh, no.

No. She left me.

You know, once the bloom was
off the presidential rose,

she got the hell out.

She really left you?


So, now I've got nothing.

You know, except you,
here, in this moment.

Why don't you figure out what you want,

or you can go, too.

I know what I want...

For you to be a man and get us the code.

I'm not leaving without it.

I'm supervisor here.

And this isn't normal
procedure for a terror threat.

This isn't a normal threat.

The FBI and the CIA
have fresh intelligence

about imminent threats
to several flights

that are already in the air.

We need help identifying them.

We need help grounding them.

Wait here.

Second thoughts?

D?jà vu.

I'm breaking the law to save the world.

I just hope it works this time,

and no one gets hurt,

that we can just do it the right way.

Doing what you think
is correct in the moment

is the right way.

Breaking the law can be the right way.

You just have to not get caught.

I've broken more federal laws
than both of you combined,

and I've faced zero consequences.

Special Agent Shaw?

Right this way.

So we cross-referenced
all the Muslim-Americans

against anyone on a flight today

who also had Peter's app on their phone.

Six flights.

One Muslim passenger from each flight

on Roarke's registry.

- Genius, isn't it?
- Wow.

So, which flights? Passengers?

Oh, come on.

Haven't I earned...

I think that's enough for today.

We need those flights and those names.

Whatever you think you should do, do it.

I trust your judgment.

My assistant can validate your...

Getting flights and passengers.


The bad news is, I just lost a bet.

I trusted you.

Peter didn't.

The good news is,

now I get to take it out on you.

Bring it.

We have the flight
numbers. Acknowledged.

They're all in the air. Just
took off not 5 minutes ago.

Once those planes reach 30,000 feet

and the Wi-Fi signal turns on,

the passengers's phones will connect

to whoever's behind this on the ground.

How can we ground those
planes before that happens?

TransWestern six-four-four,
this is FAA Command.

Do you copy?

D.C., this is
six-four-four-kilo-zulu. Copy.

Return and begin emergency
landing procedure,

runway three.


TransWestern six-four-four. Copy.

They're not changing
course. Something's off.

TransWestern six-four-four, I repeat,

return and begin emergency
landing procedure,

runway three.

- Do you copy?
- Copy.

Look. The signal latency is nonexistent.

If we were speaking
to a flight miles away,

there would be a tiny, measurable delay

in our communications, but there isn't.

Because we're not
speaking to the pilots,

we're speaking to someone nearby

who has commandeered the channel.

The pilots think they're speaking to us,

but instead, they're speaking to him.

If we can't find out
who and where they are,

we can't stop all this.

10,000 feet and climbing.

The captain will let you know

when it's safe to move about the cabin.

Will, how's that location coming?

I've calculated a radius
based on the latency

to identify the location of those

spoofing the planes' communications.

Sending a signal at such
a significant distance

would require an antenna and radio mast

- large enough to...
- Skip the story.

Just give us the twenty.

I'll text them to you now.

Just a reminder

to stay in your seats with
your seatbelts fastened

until the captain has
turned off the seatbelt sign.

Shelby, once Miranda
and Owen get that twenty,

we need that code.

I'm trying my best here.

Clay, there is no other
way to ground these flights.

They will go down without it.

Will confirms the first
flight is at 30,000 feet.

Wi-Fi's been switched on.

The captain has indicated
that you are now free

to use your approved electronic devices.

We're all going down
anyway, sooner or later.

Sooner... Sooner and later?

Sooner than later?

Please! Clay?

Reston tower, this is
TransWestern six-four-four.

Our plane has switched to
autopilot on its own. Copy.

TransWestern six-four-four,

we'll look into that and
get back you you, copy.

Get the message to
Theo that it's working.

- The first flight's under control.
- Okay.

The first flight is under our control.

2,000 lives are at stake.

2,000 people are going to
die if you don't help us.

Don't prioritize your
pride over their lives.


I'm so sorry.

Hey, yeah, I need a favor...

Pan Atlantic flight five-five-four,

turn left, heading three-two-zero.

Freeze! FBI! Stand down!

Stay down.

Miranda; TransWestern six-four-four,

your tower communication
has been comprised.

This is Special Agent Miranda Shaw.

Stand by for presidential access code.



I need you to initiate
emergency landing protocol

overriding autopilot,

and confiscate and destroy

the mobile phone of a passenger.

Aasim Samaan, 12-C.

Aasim Samaan, 12-C.

Aasim Samaan, 12-C.

Khan, K. Sunbeam flight one-one-two

- seat 5-A.
- Rashad Radhi,

Southeastern flight three-three-five,

- seat 10-E. Udin Y.,
- CoastWest

- flight four-zero-three, seat 14B.
- Satara G.,

Pan Atlantic flight
five-five-four, seat 35-B.

Next plane is Southeastern sixteen.

Southeastern sixteen, this
is CIA operative Owen Hall.

Initiate emergency landing response

- on the following code.
- Southeastern sixteen...

All targeted flights

are beginning emergency
landing procedure.



Bad news.

All six of those planes

are on their way to landing safely.

No one lost their lives,

including all those
innocent Muslim men and women

you tried to frame.

So, it's over, Alice.

For you.

Once President Roarke and the others

find out that you were
working against us,

I'll ask for the privilege

of being the one to take you out myself.

I look forward to it.

This isn't over. You
only think you've won.


What looks like a
travel headache for some

is in reality a thwarted massacre

for the entire country.

Countless people are alive

because of everyone in this room.

And, like always, no
one will know that truth.

The sacrifice heroes make.

That's the secret you learn

when you do it enough times, right?

What, is that what we are? Heroes?

I don't feel any different.

Well, that's the other secret you learn.

It's still always just a Tuesday.

Hey, this doesn't mean it's over.

Roarke is still President.

The Collaborators are alive,

and the world is none the wiser.

And they will most certainly find a way

to retaliate against us
for foiling their plans.


But, until then,

let's take a moment
to bask in the victory.

Okay, moment's over.

There's still work to be done.

You've got a presidency to topple.

And we still don't know how.

You can't leave.

Nimah and Raina are both in custody.

Alice Winter... She
knows I turned on them.

I feel like this is the part

where I need to give a rousing speech.

But all I can think of is... thank you.

We would not have been
able to do this without you.

And we wouldn't be here without you.

Thanks. I'll let him know.

- What happened?
- All the flights landed.

The FAA hasn't made a statement yet,

but everyone is safe.

Well, glad I could help.

You want to really help?

Take off those pity pants,

come back to the bunker with me,

and do your job.

Pity pants?

My mom used to say that.

My mom used to say,

"Get your head out of your ass, Clay.

I can't give a speech about
gun control at the NRA."


I might still be a little bit drunk.

Come back.

Do what you were meant to do.

How is it you know what's best for me?

Oh, it's because I'm smarter than you.

I know more words than you.

I have more emotions than you.

I have them.

I just don't let you know I have them.

I'm having one right now.

It's a complicated one.

It's like 10 at once.

She really left you?

She was gonna leave me anyway.


Don't come any closer.

FBI! Open up!

A spy drinking Scotch?

- That's a little clich?, Owen.
- Yeah.

I know you didn't come
here to insult me, did you?

No, I can do that
plenty behind your back.

I came here because
of something you said

about doing the right
thing in the moment.

You know, I often forget how much faith

the Bureau and the Agency put in us.

They choose us,

they put us through all these tests,

evaluating not just
our bodies, our minds,

but our morality,

our decisiveness, our judgment.

I have to stop

trying to make up for my past.

I made choices.

I can't undo them.
There's no real penance.

I just have to adapt and move forward.

I see that now.

And I think...

I think that you should see that, too.

If you're talking about my daughter,

about choices I made as a father,

then sure, maybe there's
no penance to be had.

But it doesn't mean I stop trying to...

make up for my failures,

stop trying to do better.

I'm not saying you stop trying.

I'm saying you stop hating yourself

when you fail sometimes.

That's how you stay in it.

You have to move on.

What? What's wrong?


You hear the one about the
operative who went undercover

inside the most dangerous
and powerful conspiracy

in this nation's history?

No, I haven't.

How does it end?

Well, no one's heard
it, so I don't know.

We beat them today.


What about tomorrow?

Or tonight...

when they come for me?


We're all behind you, Alex.

We're not going anywhere.

You're still sexy when you lie.

Uh, I'm not lying.

This time.

- I'm not.
- You're still sexy.

Yeah, well...

You know...

you're a great leader, Alex.

You... You see the big picture.

And me? I'm...

I'm a great soldier.

You send me into battle,
and I focus on that.

I mean, I...

I get lost in it.

But you, you...

You see everything.

And I did the same thing
in our relationship.

Every choice that you
made, I felt in the moment,

whereas you...

You were thinking long-term.

I mean, maybe if I wasn't
so shortsighted, we Ryan.


This is where we are.

This is where we are.

Alex? Ryan?

They're here. We've been made.

How long do we have?

FBI! Come out! FBI!

We got them.

Special Agent Shaw?
What are you doing here?

I'm with them.

I thought there was no
such thing as penance.

I felt it in the moment.

Okay, this doesn't have to be a scene.

We will go with you quietly.

I think you're confused.

We're not here to arrest you.

You're not?

You're coming with us.

The President wants to see you.

All of you.

Too often, when a President

has to talk to Americans
about acts of terrorism,

it's with a heavy heart.

But, today, I stand before
you without that heavy heart.

And while the threat of radicals

is never far from our front door,

today, it didn't make it.

There was almost a
terrorist attack today.

But it was stopped by a
group of FBI and CIA agents

working on an off-book mission

to protect our country
from its greatest threat...

Those who hate us for our freedoms.

The world is safer

because of the acts of
this group of brave souls.

And while they work in the shadows,

I believe you should know their faces

and applaud them for their heroism.

Now, these are the
very same men and women

that helped bring an end
to the G20 hostage crisis

last September,

which, recent intelligence revealed,

was not an act of outside force,

but an internal battle
between our own agencies.

We live in divided times.

But the time for that divide is over.

Today the FBI and the CIA

worked together to help
keep our country safe.

Now, this was your mother's legacy.

And I commend her for
blazing this trail...

Seeing that we work stronger together,

instead of against one another.

So, we will not only rebuild

both our intelligence
agencies from scratch,

we will combine them to help rebuild

the faith and trust
of the American people.

It's time our country unites,

and the Constitutional convention

in 100 days

will be a bold step in that process.

We not only can be safe and free,

we will be.

We are the United States of America,

and we hold our freedoms close.

We protect them.

We must always be the
land of opportunity

and the land of peace.

Mr. President, how long...

Instead of silencing us,
he's using us as an example,

to dismantle the FBI and the CIA.

Give himself all the power.

It's from crashing?

Well, he'd have torn
down the CIA and the FBI

because we failed.

This was always the plan.

He was covered either way.

We're heroes, we're villains.

He still wins.

He spins our success into his victory.

The perfect politician.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.



You have a nice smile,
you know that, Alex?

Nice trick, Mr. President.

You use us and then you own us.

Well, if your team wants
to stay employed and alive,

then I guess I do own you.

I'm sure Alice has told you
which side I'm really on.

Well, you don't need
to worry about Alice.

She knew that the work we were doing

might result in a sacrifice
for the greater good.

- You had her killed?
- Hmm.

You want to make me into a monster.

But, you know, really, we're the same.

You don't like to be bound by rules.

You trust your moral
compass, I trust mine.

I enjoy having you on my team, Alex.

I'll see you soon.

What are you doing?

I don't work here anymore.


Tell that to the New York Post.


President Roarke unites the states."

They talk all about

how the former President's
own son and strategist

helped him.

POLITICO even thinks it was your idea.

What's gonna happen?

Yeah, that's usually what I ask.

I used to have the answer.

We're gonna get him.

He's unimpeachable.


He's been in the game so long,

he sees every play.

There's no way to get
ahead of him enough

to see him coming.

What was all this for?

Because it... It can't just be about

getting rid of the FBI and the CIA.



Let your mind rest.

We won't see anything
if you're all wound up.

I'm not wound up.

I'm just sober, finally.

Yeah, well, you still
need to take a moment.

And if I'm being honest,

I kind of need one, too.

Thank you.

I'm sorry I made a pass at you.

I'm sorry Maxine left you.

Do you maybe want to
grab a burger somewhere?

What, now?

It'd be nice get out from underground.

If Rome's gonna burn around us,

I'd like to see it one last time.

And I'd like to see it with you.

Hey, I think you all
may want to see this.

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

And I was gonna say yes.

President Roarke's proposal

of combining and
re-branding the FBI and CIA

will apparently require

a new amendment to the
United States Constitution.

This idea has emboldened many delegates

to support the Constitutional convention

Roarke's been calling for.

Though an official vote
of state legislatures

is scheduled to commence
tomorrow morning,

we have numerous reports

of various states, once resistant,

now showing their full
support for a convention.

Among them...

Florida, Texas, Georgia,

Wisconsin, Ohio,
Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

And we also have varying reports

that up to 18 more

will announce their
intent to participate

well ahead of the required deadline.

This is an unprecedented
display of national unity

in a country that just a few weeks ago

was considered by most

to be more divided than it ever had been

under the administration

of former President Claire
Haas and Ronald Todd.

I can't watch this.

Unnamed sources do confirm

that the state legislature of Virginia

was going to come out
against the convention,

but we've been told that
Senator Lewis Baynard

acted as an intermediary

in persuading his home
state to agree to take part.

Baynard was singled out and
thanked by President Roarke

in a st...

Well, at least we have the answer

as to the role Senator
Baynard played in this.

The Collaborators must've
called in their favor

from his fake news incident
to get Virginia onboard.

Will was right.

They were the perfect machine.

Every move they made,
every calculated step,

it all fit together
and resulted in this...

What it's been about the entire time.

A Constitutional
convention is an invitation

to rewrite the law wholesale

and change the face of this country.

And America is welcoming
it with open arms.

What are we gonna do about it?

Well, there's no running from this.

That's for sure.

When Roarke exposed us on TV,

you all joined my ranks.

Burned as operatives to every

foreign intelligence
service in the world.

None of us are safe anywhere.

Including here.

Which is why we fight back. We resist.

No. No, you heard Miranda.

The people want this.

This was a... a feeling

that's been lying
dormant in this country.

A dying spark that now
has gasoline poured on it,

turning it into a burning flame,

lighting the way towards an America

no one in this room
would even recognize.

No. If we resist, then
we become the villains.

We can't win that way.

Owen's right.

We have to be patient.

We have to make Roarke
believe that we're on his side.

He's always played the long game.

We never did.

This is our last
chance, our only chance.

We have to strike
when the time is right.

When is the convention, Clay?

100 days from now.

That's when we attack.

So, who wants to be a terrorist?