Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 20 - GLOBALREACH - full transcript

Alex works with Owen to infiltrate the Collaborators, when she realizes she is just a pawn to their game taking down the President and the task force.

Previously on "Quantico"...

My mother is gonna be impeached.

We're all gonna be exposed.

This operation is over.

We get briefing memos, too...

People in custody who
look like the right person,

but don't match fingerprints on file.

Make me hate you again.

I thought that I had feelings for you.

But the person I really care about...

Was my brother.

There's still a way we can win,

but it's a big risk.

It's gone, all of it.

Someone erased everything we have.

This is everything President
Haas' task force has

on your team.

They won't be a problem for us.

You're watching a live broadcast

of the House of
Representatives' debate...

The House voted to impeach
Johnson and Clinton.

I'm not going anywhere.

You're 47 votes away from being served

with articles of impeachment.

Special Agent Mike Lowery at the FBI

has been tasked with leading
the criminal investigation

into the task force
and who knows what else.

And as of this morning,
72% of the American public

is ready to grab their pitchforks

and drive you out of this house.

Polls only exist so that the media

has something to talk about.

They're not real.

You're quoting me to me?

Yes, and you were
right when you said it,

just like I'm right now.

You need to get your team out there

and figure out what to do next.

What team? I-I mean...

I've got two members, Ryan
Booth and Shelby Wyatt,

who are too radioactive
to leave The Farm

because they've been named in the press

as potential lieutenants of yours.

Raina Amin is still
pretending to be her sister,

who, I remind you, is being held

at an undisclosed location
they won't even tell you about.

And Alex Parrish and Owen
Hall have disappeared.

Who knows what they're up to?

I f-feel like all I've
been saying for the last day

is "no comment,"

because for the first time in my life,

I don't know what's happening.

That's because you're
trying too hard to save me.

Look, it might be inevitable

that the Collaborators
take the presidency,

but they cannot take away
our freedom or our rights.

I won't let them, and you can't, either.

Now stop protecting me

and start protecting this country.

Get your team back together

and figure out how to fight back.

Yes, Madam President.

Fletcher was supposed
to call an hour ago.

Well, considering he's in the middle

of a presidential coup d'tat,

he's earned the right
to be a little tardy.

Or he's got what he wanted
and he's done with me.

Don't worry. Here.

- Do you remember what I told you?
- Yeah.

If they put a gun in
your hand and say shoot...

I shoot.


I can't wear this when I meet them.

You know that, right?

Or any of the other gadgets
that you managed to steal

before we left The Farm.

How will you know where I am?

I'll know. I've done this before.

When can we tell the team?

We can't.

For this op, strength isn't in numbers.

It's just in you and me.

The deeper I go in this,

I'm afraid you won't
be able to pull me out.

So, when I first briefed Helen Sharp

about life undercover,

she was a wreck.

We were at a caf
in Haidhausen, Munich,

and I didn't know what to say,

so I gave her a coin

and told her a story about
how it was the lucky charm

of an old spy in World War II.

It was... It was basically...

Complete B.S.

The point is, Helen knew
that the Deutschemark

meant I was with her.

She wasn't alone.

It's a coin, Owen.

That no one, not Maxwell Fletcher

or Alice Winter, would notice.

And it will remind you you're not alone

until the day you won't need it anymore.

Because I'll be dead.

Okay, here we go.


Meet us at the Greypool Headquarters

in an hour.

Of course. I'll be there.

Give me that quarter.

Okay, you're three hours away
from anyone who knows you.

Are you gonna help me or not?

Help you what?

I'm not a lawyer.

And my sister doesn't need one

since she didn't do anything.

She hasn't even been charged.

- Why?
- I don't know.

Your boss does.

Well, he must have a
reason not to tell me.

You're a smart man.

Why do you believe in him so much?

He does many good things for
the Hispanic people of America.

And he does terrible
things for everyone else.

You agree with his Muslim registry

and rounding up other immigrants?

Or do you not care

because you're not in danger yourself?

I have a green card.

Which can be taken away.


You're privileged.

You've probably never been in a room

where your family's
reputation didn't precede you.

You've never known what it's like

to have someone look at you

like whatever comes
out of your mouth next

better prove you belong.

So what can I do?

I just want to know where
my sister is being held

and what the charges will
be when they're filed.

You have access to Roarke's office.

I don't have access to everything.

But I will find out what I can.

For you.

Thank you.

Now will you admit that "13 Hours"

is a better movie than "Notting Hill"?

I lived "13 Hours," okay?

"Notting Hill" is an escape.

And if you tell anybody
that I said that,

just remember... I know
how to disappear people.

My God.

If this is how we're acting

after being cooped up for a day,

we're gonna go insane by Monday.

Yeah. The press mob looking for a story

will have moved on by then.

Hopefully to better news.

When was the last time you texted her?

Hugh was interviewing
Julia for "Horse & Hound."

How about we talk to each other?

Like a conversation about our feelings?

Scary feelings.

You can do it.

You go first.

I am worried about Clay.

Worry is not a feeling.

It's more of a thought.


Why are you worried about him?

Well, because everything he cares about

is a mess right now.

His mother's career is in jeopardy,

the country is at risk,

and he thinks that I slept with Caleb.

Well, that last one was not quite on par

with the other two.

To him it might be.

Clay doesn't open up to a lot of people,

and I just slammed the door
on him when he needs me most.

Well, you can help him and
300 million other people

by doing what's right for the mission.

What's right for Clay, it's up to him.

You know, when I talk to Alex,

she's a lot less judgmental.

Yeah, she doesn't judge you

'cause you might turn around
and tell her the truth.

Which is what, in your estimation?

That she probably sabotaged...


Fine. Possibly sabotaged everything

that we've worked for in the bunker

and then left us with nothing

and then ran off to work alone

with probably... Possibly... Owen.

Okay, fine.

You want to talk about feelings?

I feel angry.

I feel...

You were gonna say worried.

I was.

Look, my best guess... She's safe.

And she and Owen are up to something.

Clay wants us in the bunker.

The House voted.

They're serving the president
with articles of impeachment.

The White House believes
that the impeachment process

will ultimately vindicate the president

of all wrongdoing.


The next 24 hours are crucial.

Now that this is passed in the House,

the Senate will start the
impeachment trial tomorrow.

That could take weeks or months.

And the longer it takes, the
more the momentum will shift

into Roarke's favor.

Right now we still have
a chance to do something

to make sure the
Collaborators don't win.

Do you have any ideas?

To be honest, no.

But I figure if I get
the smartest people I know

in a room, maybe we'd
come up with something.

Still no Alex or Owen.

I have you three.

I think that's enough.


So I'm asking one
thing, Madam President.

You answer for your crimes.

You own up to your sins,

and you tell the truth
to the American people

for once in your life.

Roarke calling for the truth?

As much as it pains me
to say this publicly,

I have seen evidence that
Claire Haas covered up

what truly happened in
the G20 hostage crisis.

She knew the threat was imminent,

and yet she turned a blind eye.

And when it was over, she covered it up,

and all for one reason.

She financed the attack.


It's not true.

We all know that.

But the country doesn't.

He can say any fiction and
the people will believe him.

How can we change that?

Destroy his credibility.

Break the trust they have in him.

Do exactly to Roarke what
he has done to my mother.

That man cannot take power.

He cannot become our president.

This entire room is a Faraday cage.

No signals of any kind.

Your iPhone is a $700 paperweight.

I guess I won't be able to live-tweet

this meeting, then.

Claire Haas will be out of
the White House in 24 hours,

which means we have to prepare
the intelligence agencies

for the transition.

And that's where you come in.

You'll be going, along with Alice,

to your former employers
to, usher in the message

of Henry Roarke's new America.

And what exactly is this new America?

We have some reading
material for you to study.

Call it a sales manual.

Was it easy turning on them like this?

They can still be my
friends and be wrong

about the right path for our country.

Fair point.

Perhaps the course of
today will enlighten them

to what you so clearly understand.

You're one of us now, Alex Parrish.

It's time to convince
everyone you used to work with,

starting with the CIA.

Do you think they'll believe me?

We're about to make sure of it.

No tracking devices, no
viruses on the tablet,

no hidden messages in these dossiers,

no poison on the papers,
no malware on the tablet.

Everything is clean.

Okay, so now what?

Well, they want you to be
the face of their operation.

You do exactly that.

What they have me doing
to Matthew Keyes, I...

It's more than just peddling an agenda.

It's the price for admission.

Crossing another line
to prove your worth.

You having access to the
Collaborators' ongoing plan

is all that matters.


Roarke wants my mother gone
so he can take her place.

But if we get Roarke gone,

the Senate pro tem, Victor
Rollins, is next in line.

He may be a Republican, but
he's one of the good ones.

He'll make a better
leader if it comes to that.

We've spent weeks trying to tie Roarke

to everything that's happened,
and we've come up empty.

Not to mention that Alex deleted

every bit of evidence
we did have on him.

Yeah, we... we know we can't
tie him to the Collaborators,

but every politician
has a personal secret

that can bring them down.

We need to find something
so damaging to his reputation

that it removes him
from the seat of power.

Let's start digging.

When it comes to sex, something
salacious can be deadly.

Eliot Spitzer, Anthony
Weiner, John Edwards...

I mean, even the most
promising politicians

can compromise themselves.

Roarke is widowed, so
affairs are off the table.

He dates age appropriate.

His porn search history is vanilla.

And there are no Tinder,
Grindr, or Whiplr accounts

matching his age, weight, and
body type in the D.C. area.

Even adjusting for ego.

And there are no
suspicious cash withdrawals

from any of his accounts,

no mysterious activity
in his pattern of life

that points to prostitution.

Raina, your research turn anything up?

Earth to Raina.

- Anything on Roarke?
- Nothing yet.

Excuse me.

You are not doing a
financial deep-dive, are you?

I'm trying to track down Alex.

I'm looking for a digital footprint

she might have left
since she disappeared.

She didn't disappear, Ryan.

She's just working on her own.

And when she goes rogue,
everybody around her gets hurt.

I want to figure out what she's doing

before we have to go clean it up later.

Financial corruption
is another poison pill

when it comes to bringing
down the powerful.

Bribes, embezzlement.

What's Roarke hiding?

His tax returns have been
public record every year

since he was a 16-year-old
intern for a federal judge.

And those returns are immaculate.

I don't think this is the right plan.

No, this is the right plan.

You just have to keep digging.

But, to her point, there's no evidence

of any offshore accounts, either.

He is earning and spending

well within his government salary.

If he's hiding money,

it's sitting untouched under a mattress.

Keep going.

We'll find something.

You got any new angles to play?

'Cause I'm running out of ideas.

Why are you asking me?

I respect your work.

I was worried you might not respect me

after the other night.

For a second, I forgot about that.

How is he?

He's great.

We... We talked on the
phone all last night,

made plans to spend the summer together.


That's good.


We got nothing on Roarke.

It's like he spent his whole life

preparing for this moment.

Not a single ounce of dirt on him.

Even if there were,

new polls suggest
that he is untouchable.

He's the great white male
hope against Claire Haas.

Polls don't mean anything.

What about Felix?

I mean, he warned you the Collaborators

were gonna burn us, and they did.

Maybe we can use him to
get something big enough

to take Roarke down.

I can't involve him.

I don't know where he stands anyway.

He's gone silent since
the engagement party.

Not exactly.

You spoke to him?

Well, he reached out to me.

He said he can maybe help
use Roarke's influence

to find Nimah and tell
us that she's safe.

And you believed him?

Raina, that was a complete manipulation.

What did he ask for in return?


He seemed genuine.

He works in politics.

If he seemed genuine,
he's definitely lying.

I believe he's on our side.

I know I'm new at this.

I just...

I trust my instinct.

And I have to trust mine.

It's a no go on Felix.

Great. So we're back to square one.

Felix wants to meet.

Do you know anything about this, Raina?


I'd say it's... It's a sign.

Maybe you're right.

Hopefully I come back
with good news and a plan.

At least I can get some Intel on him.

Just keep working.

I need coffee.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna find Alex,

figure out what the hell
she and Owen are up to.

When you called an urgent
meeting, Ms. Parrish,

I wasn't expecting company.

Yet it seems you have managed
to succeed where Ryan failed.

Thank you, Ms. Winter,
for doing the right thing

by joining us.

Mr. Keyes, I'm afraid
you're very confused

about the nature of this conversation.

I'm not Ms. Parrish's asset.

I'm her partner.

We fought the good fight, Matthew...

and we lost.

The administration is about to crumble.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes

to fix this country
once the dust settles.

Are you?

Is this some sort of test?

Where are the others?

There are two options the way we see it.

One, you resign as the DDO of the CIA

and allow peaceful transition of power

to a party of our choosing.

Or two, you retain your position,

and we expose your role in the forming

and authorizing of Claire
Haas' illegal task force.

I'm beginning to wonder
if I'm the only one

under duress right now.

I'm sorry, Matthew.

You're on your own on this.

I trust that you'll
make the right decision.

And for the record, it's number one.

No, I'm the one who should be sorry.

Working with you was the
biggest mistake of my career.

And to think I'd had
my doubts about you.

Is he back there?


I'm looking for Felix.

And I'm looking for you.

Did you ask him to bring me here?

Not at all. It was his idea.

So this is an ambush.

Or an olive branch,
depending on how it goes.

Sit, sit, sit, sit.


Right now I am burning
your mother to the ground,

but you and your team
don't have to be singed.

Speak out against her.

Help me expedite the
impeachment process.

And when I take office,

you will all be pardoned for your role

in the illegal task
force you've been running.

As if I could ever
believe a word you say.

See, that's the problem with your side.

You think that the
truth matters to anyone,

but this is a post-truth world.

Nobody wants a boring fact.
They want a good story.

And the better the story,

the more faith they have
in the person who tells it.

And the American people
never trusted your mother.

But they trust me

because they like what I have to say.

And you told me this was
about more than the presidency.

It is. And don't twist my words.

Because you'll find, Mr. Haas,

the America I want and you
want are not that dissimilar.

I think I've heard you
speak enough for my lifetime.

Cut to the chase.

Why am I here?

To play your part,
which you already did,

because when you walk out of here,

you'll be spotted by a
reporter from the Journal

who was conveniently tipped
off about our meeting.

And when they ask me,
I'll tell them that

the president's son is working with me,

the opposition,

on the case against his mother.

And the part you'll like

is that you being here
will help her hang.

Wait! I need to talk to you.

Felix played me, and I fell for it.

- We need to use him.
- Raina still thinks

Felix is the key to Nimah's freedom.

Well, then, we'll need to
keep this between you and me.

I have a plan.

You can't surveil me
in the Hoover Building.

I can on your way into and out of it.

You holding up okay?

My first day as a Collaborator,

I walked into Langley

and forced a man I
deeply respect to resign.

He was nothing but good to me,

and that's how I repay him?

Just be thankful that's all they wanted.

How do you know?

How can you be so sure?

Maybe that was just to lower my guard.

I am about to walk into the FBI.

But you are one of them now.

There are no alternate plans.

No tricks, no secrets.

There's just you doing what it takes

to stay on the inside

and stop whatever their real endgame is.


You're right.


I thought you were
taking care of the team.

He's still calling?

What do you want me to do?

He's not gonna stop.

He won't, or you don't want him to?

Did you ever question Helen
Sharp's loyalty like this?

She didn't have an
ex-boyfriend calling her

every five minutes.

Alex, in this van right now,

you can acknowledge weakness,

because you sure as
hell can't out there.

I let go of Ryan,

and he hasn't let go of me.

And I hate that he's hurting so much.

Thank you.


Time to be bad.

You sure she can be manipulated?


We use Raina to bring down Felix,

and Felix to bring down Roarke.


Raina likes Felix.

She won't willingly lie
to him or set him up.

And you like Raina. Are you
sure you want to do this?

I don't want to, but I
don't see another option.

Raina will never get her
hands dirty if we ask.

Hopefully we can get
her to manipulate Felix

without knowing that's what she's doing.

What about your part?

Roarke chairs the
Cyberterrorism Committee.

Those reports are highly
coveted by Russian intelligence.

And I'm gonna talk Ryan
into giving me access

to Sasha Barinov's computer,
get her contacts in Russia.

I'll send an e-mail to one of them

convincing them Felix wants to meet.

Offer them intelligence
only Roarke will have.

Felix will be arrested
for selling secrets,

and everyone will assume
it's on Roarke's behalf.

Roarke will go home.

Your mother will stay president.


Thanks for the coffee.

It's actually espresso.

And you're welcome.

When I started working with the team,

it was hard for me, too.

But the more I've done with them,

the more I understand

this is for the good of the country.

I made the right choice.

And I promise... so did you.

Your ex-fianc.

He hasn't stopped
calling since I left The Farm.

I'll deal with it later.

No, now is better.

I don't want you distracted in there.

Of course.

You've got to stop calling me.

Where the hell did you go?!

And what the hell are you doing?!

I left, Ryan.

Yeah, I got that, Alex.

Look, if you're in trouble...

I'm not. I'm in control
for the first time

since we started this
whole thing with Clay.

I'm not interested in
sitting in the bunker

and debating endlessly
about what we should do

and then fail when we do it.

I want to win.

So you decided to join the winners?

Have you conveniently
forgotten that they hate you

and everybody that looks like you?

Yeah, look, every time
you have second-guessed me,

you got hurt. Don't make the
same mistake a third time.

I'm done letting your
doubts affect my decisions.

- Hey.
- Good day.

What are you doing at the FBI, Alex?

Ma'am, no liquids past security.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know I had a water.

This article is old.
I don't think it'll work.

We need something more
recent, something undeniable.

If you want more, I can ask Felix.

No, I don't want to go around Clay.

And I definitely don't
want to risk ruining

whatever it is Felix is doing for you

regarding Nimah.

But it's not sabotage.

It's a chance for Felix to show us

what I believe is truly inside of him.

I can arrange a meeting.

He'll come through.

Tell him we need to
meet somewhere private

so Clay doesn't know.

Okay, I'm calling him right now.

You really do know how to play someone.

You just need to know
the song they like to sing.

I can speak very personally

about the failings of the FBI,

the struggles within the Bureau

to do what's best for our country.

I became an agent to find out

what happened to my father,

but during my time at Quantico,

it became clear to me that
it was you that failed him.

And as I worked as an agent,

it became even clearer to me that...

What I'm trying to say
is that you're failing us

as agents, but...

You're failing this...

What's worse is that
you're failing us...

Jack, she's talking about you.

Roarke is going to be president,

and your legacy is one of
hiding inconvenient truths.

This new administration
is about transparency.

Come clean or resign.

Um, I'm sorry.

It must be an emergency.

It's Miranda Shaw.

She heard I'm here, wants to know why.

What should I do?

Go. Say hello to her.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

- Hello?
- I think Alice Winter put

a bottle of water in my bag.

I thought it was from the
CIA and I put it there,

but I don't remember that at all.

I keep flashing back
to this exercise we did

at Quantico, where I ended up

with a chemical agent in my backpack.

And the bottle was
confiscated at security.

I-I know it sounds crazy
when I say it out loud.

Maybe I'm just panicking for no reason,

but it's the same type of
water that they give out here.

- Hold on.
- I'm probably just being paranoid.

I should get back.

Alex, stop. Paranoid is a good thing.

Now, they could have used
you to bring in anything,

Plastic degrades over time.

Hours, minutes, and...

a deadly agent goes airborne.

It's what happened in Tokyo.

12 people died.

Yeah, but that was a subway.

Small space, mass panic.

This is a bottle that's
heading down to recycling.

If it's a weapon and
I carried it in here,

- what's the goal?
- Hold on, hold on.

Got a floor plan here.

Ground floor waste
disposal has air connections

to the second floor east wing.

Do any of these agents'
names mean anything to you?

Maulik Patel, Paula Reyes,

Mike Lowery, Donald... Wait, wait, wait.

What? What happened?

Mike Lowery is the special agent

leading the investigation
against President Haas

and the task force for the FBI.

The air vent from the waste room

goes right under his office.

They're not waiting
for her to be impeached.

They want to make it look
like Claire killed her enemy,

and I'm their Trojan horse.

If that's their plan,
you have to let it happen.

- Hey, Chris.
- Sorry, Mr. Booth.

We don't have you in the
system for a visit today.

How about looking the other
way for a six-year Bureau vet?

Go ahead.

I owe you one.

You have to help me.

Now I have to help you.

You want to fight or
you want to save people?

I hate it when you say that.

Come on.

All I have to do is keep Felix busy

and no more than three feet away from me

while my phone transfers
the files to his phone.

Along with the e-mails I
wrote between Felix and Sasha

that I put on her computer.

You seem more into
this than I expected.

All Roarke does is tell
lies, and people believe him.

So now it's time we do
some lying of our own.

Time to go.

All right, we're synced up.

You have to keep him talking.

Thank you for meeting me.

I'm surprised you left The Farm.

This was worth it.

Raina wants to talk to you,

but she thinks you may have been

spotted yesterday at the Gold Leaf.

So we had to find a private spot...

A coffee shop around the corner.

You're at 44%. Keep talking.

I don't know why she trusts you.

I don't know, either.

It's not like I've been kind to her,

but maybe she likes
that at least I'm honest.

Well, I love Raina,

so if you plan on hurting
her, you should know

I will come for you.

Are you threatening me?

Just warning you.

I should warn Clay about you, then.


I'm not going anywhere near Clay.

Good, because I don't want
him to lose anything else.

He's lost enough, more
than he should have.

We done here?

100%. Send him in.

It's a block north.

Dudley's, corner booth.

She'll be there.


He's getting a call.

Use the van's parabolic Mic.

Make sure he's still on target.

Accessing it now.


It's Raina.

Are you running late?

I'm just calling you to
tell you to call me later

after you talk to Shelby.

I-I just spoke to her.

She told me where to meet you.

Just up the road, right?

- Damn it.
- Meet me?

Raina's blowing the op!



You're looking for one water bottle?

Needle, meet poisonous haystack.

Yeah. Phone a friend.

You shouldn't be calling.

Owen, I don't know what to do.

There's too many bottles.

How do I find the right one?

You're still in the building?

Go to Alice. Leave.

You're not listening to me.

How do I stop this?

Pull a fire alarm,
evacuate the building?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Call in a bomb threat!

- Is that Ryan?
- Here. I'll do it.

I'm probably going to jail anyway.

No, just hold on!

Why is he with you?

You can't do anything now.

We can't let them kill more people.

Yes, we can.

More than that, we have to.

Whatever they brought
you into the FBI to do

needs to happen.

And if you meddle, your cover's blown,

we're out in the cold,
and we have no fight left

to stop what's coming!

But if we let them win now,

we have a chance to win later.

- Where are you going?
- To pull a fire alarm, tell security!

Alex, walk away right now.

We're not letting that thing go off!

- Alex! Alex!
- Okay, you're right.

We're not, okay?

I am.

Owen, pull around to
9 between E and D fast.

I can't find Felix.

The Russians are waiting.

I'll go look for him.

Your spy van is cute.

Probably not a good idea
to use it against friends.

Or ex-friends.

You really have no
idea who you work for.

What was waiting inside that caf?

A Russian, the FBI?

No, you came after me first.

Don't pretend like you
don't know how this works.

I just called Roarke. I
gave him my resignation.

I told him I accidentally
have spoken to the Russians,

and I will fully cooperate
with any investigation.

Why would you do that?

You gave me no choice.

We just needed to get
Roarke out of the way.

I would have found a way
to have you exonerated.

And I will be

once they investigate me.

But at least I won't
have been taken down

by someone else's
misinformation and lies.

You of all people should know
what that can do to someone.

All right, so it's okay
for your boss to do it,

but it's not okay for me to?

15 years I trusted you.

Even when we didn't agree,

I knew it was never personal

because I knew who you were inside.

If Roarke is the man you say he is,

then you are now no better than him,

which is why I resigned.

So I never have to see
either of you again.

I'm so sorry.

You know, Miranda's
so suspicious by nature

that I had to talk with
her until she let it go,

but I handled it.

I keep waiting to hear an explanation,

but you know what? There is none.

You can't just explain
away what you did!

Actually, you can.

You're insane.

That's the only explanation.

Calm down, Ryan.

Don't you ever tell me to calm down.

What you made her do
goes against everything

- that I know about her!
- Okay, you may disagree with my decisions,

but they were my decisions, Ryan!

No one made me do them!

Maybe you don't know her very well.

She made the right call.

And you... can you stop talking about me

as if I'm not here?

Well, I don't know that you are here.

The Alex that I know would
have pulled the fire alarm.

She would have saved people!

I did everything I could to make sure

everyone in that building was safe,

and I saved you.

So that evens the score?

The Collaborators are
operating outside morality.

That is the field of battle.

You either fight or get run over.

Why would you warn Felix
about what we were doing?

What were you thinking?

You ruined the operation.

And you ruined my only chance

to get my sister out of who knows where.

Our plan was for the greater good.

The greater good is
what we're doing here.

Is this just a motto that you cling to,

to justify what you do?

This is real, Shelby.

They have my sister.

So that gives you the right
to stop us from preventing

a truly dangerous man
from becoming president?

When he stops all the Muslims
from entering this country,

how is that helping you or your sister?

And selling yourself out

by framing an innocent man
to take out a guilty one,

how is that a greater good?

So you're both out of
your minds. That's...

Okay, how many people die

if the Collaborators
reach their endgame?

We don't know what their endgame is!


Now I will, because I'm on the inside.

I'll make sure I tell
that to the families

of the people that might get hurt today.

How are you able to sleep at night?

Because they are able to sleep at night,

because they fight dirty.

I am done pretending

that we have to be
better than them to win.

You want to beat the bad
guys with folk songs and hugs.

That has never worked.

No wonder you ran away with Owen.

You're ashamed to let me
see what you've become.


Thanks for the beer.

You want to take a minute?

Stop handling me.

I can't.




Thank you for helping to
ensure a better tomorrow.

I did what I could.

You've done well.

Maybe next time you'll trust me enough

to tell me the full plan.

Well, I'm calling you now, aren't I?

Okay, then.

What's next?

We transition tomorrow.

Welcome to the team.

Well, that didn't go well.

I took on this job

'cause I thought it was the high ground.

It doesn't exist anymore.

And we made sure of it.

We did what was needed.

I stand by our choice.

After what happened at the FBI today,

my mother will be forced to resign.

Her and Nixon.

That's a great legacy.

I lost a friend.

Maybe my relationship
with Maxine will survive,

- but...
- Clay, the fight isn't over.

I had feelings for you.

I couldn't go an hour
without thinking about you.

But that's not your fault.

It's only mine.

Where are you going?

Goodbye, Shelby.

We've completed our destiny.

Thank you all for coming.

These are the facts.

We are no longer under
my mother's protection.

She is being framed for the
terror attack at the FBI,

and it's only a matter of time

before someone sends the FBI

to arrest her and us for treason.

But it's none of your faults.

Only mine. I did this.

Completely sure that I
knew what I was doing,

but I didn't.

I am why this did not work.

This should have been your task force.

You knew what needed to be done.

You wouldn't have flinched
or hedged your bets.

You are the right man for a
job that I just made obsolete.

If you think there's a move left to make

and you can make it,

this task force is yours.

Clay, don't.

Good luck.

Terrifying news out of the
Hoover Building in D.C.,

also known as the
headquarters for the FBI.

We have unconfirmed
reports that there has been

a terrorist attack.

All federal office
buildings are in the process

of being evacuated as a precaution.

A source at the White
House has confirmed

that President Haas has been
briefed on the situation...

If I had a husband, they'd...

hang his portrait in here.

Of course, they don't hang portraits

for presidents who are impeached.

Did you write it?

I did.


It's good.

You ready?

Not quite.

The, the families

of the six people who were poisoned,

including Special Agent Mike Lowery.

The doctors at Bethesda are hopeful

there won't be any casualties,

but still, I feel like
taking responsibility

and giving these families some peace

is the very least I can do.

Give me a minute.


Well, that's gonna end soon.

Madam President.

And that.

You shouldn't be here.

I'm the reason this is happening.

You were just the last piece
of an inevitable outcome.

I came into this job

because of violence
you were trying to stop,

and I'm leaving because of
violence you're trying to stop.

This is not your fault.

If you want to keep fighting,

you have all of us at your back.

People got hurt today.

And if I don't give
Roarke the White House,

he will kill to get it.

Promise me that no innocents
get killed on your watch.

You know I can't do that.

Well, then promise me that
we will win in the end.

That I stake my life on.

That's my cue.

Don't stay for this. Don't listen.

You stay focused.

Madam President.

When I took this office,
it was during a period

of great crisis in our country.

One hopes never to see America

plunged into the violence and chaos

that we saw in downtown
Manhattan three months ago.

I'm not resigning because I
believe I did anything wrong.

I'm resigning because this
country is simply too fragile

to handle yet another scandal

when we're already in the
middle of a real crisis.

Holding a president accountable

is one of the most
patriotic things you can do,

so I ask each of you to
hold our next president

to the same high account.

There is no perfect America.

I spent my time in this
office trying every day

to make this country the
best version of itself.

I know in my heart that
the mistakes I've made

were not because I wanted power
but because I wanted peace.

You okay?

I don't know.

I just got confirmation
a few minutes ago.

No casualties.

They're gonna be okay.

Effective at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow,

I will resign my post

as president of these United States.

As no vice president
has yet been confirmed,

Speaker of the House Henry Roarke

will take the oath of office.

I thank you for the
trust you placed in me.

God bless you, and God bless
the United States of America.